Field-tested and battle-proven, Aeryon small UAS set the

standard for immediate aerial intelligence gathering by ANYONE,

Intuitive touchscreen interface and advanced features, minimal user training
Single operator transport and deployment, no launch or recovery equipment
Reliable flight performance even in the most demanding weather conditions,
when other systems cannot fly

The Aeryon SkyRanger™ introduces a new airframe and integrated
system design to the Aeryon sUAS platform, based on thousands of
hours of flight time and successful customer exercises and missions
around the world.

Intuitive interface and autonomous Pre-assembled deployment –
capabilities – no joysticks required airborne in seconds
Point-and-click touchscreen Folding design protects payload &
navigation and camera control includes battery for powered standby
Dynamic flight plans including Follow-Me™ Payload, battery, arms and legs are
protection and AutoGrid™ mapping modes easily replaced in the field without tools

Advanced optics and networking – smart Rugged, reliable and capable –
imagery and seamless integration dependable in extreme environments
Stabilized, simultaneously-streaming Up to 50-minute endurance,
dual EO/IR high resolution cameras continuous operation model
- EO: 1080p24 HD H.264 video, High wind tolerance
15MP still images - 40 mph (65 kph) sustained
- IR: 640x480 H.264 video and still images, - 55 mph (90 kph) gusts
white-hot and black-hot modes Ruggedized and weather-sealed
Low-latency all-digital network – 256bit AES Environmental temperature range
encrypted streaming video to multiple devices, -22oF to 122oF (-30oC to 50oC)
embedded geotags and metadata
Beyond line-of-sight range – 1.9 mi (3 km) integrated capability,
extensible beyond 3.1 mi (5 km)

(25 cm) width low-risk launch and retrieval without peripheral | @aeryonlabs Printed in Canada Copyright © 2016 Aeryon Labs Inc. .All rights reserved. SkyRanger is ideally suited for both land and maritime military use including covert ISR. . (50 cm) length. custom and Reconnaissance (ISR) HAZMAT/CBRNE management CONTROL AND DATA LINK: • Low-latency all-digital network For information about Aeryon sUAS solutions. 10 in. convoy and compound security. Aeryon Labs and SkyRanger are trademarks of Aeryon Labs Inc. small size. operations in confined environments. (4500 m) MSL awareness to ground forces and remote command.4 GHz. squad. Aeryon.4 kg) boarding operations.3 in. and ship WEIGHT (WITHOUT PAYLOAD): • 5. tactical ship boarding • Red/Green and Red/NIR Perimeter & convoy security De-mining RADIO FREQUENCIES: Covert Intelligence. quiet operation and specialized imaging payloads • Aeryon SR-3SHD make SkyRanger the ideal platform for a wide range of missions in any conditions. The Aeryon SkyRanger is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) sUAS – ideal for providing 9. (24 cm) height continuous eyes-on-target for situational awareness. (450 m) AGL. including: • Keii MC-1 • Custom payload development NAVIGATION LEDS: Tactical situational awareness & targeting Anti-piracy. MILITARY & GOVERNMENT APPLICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ENDURANCE: • Up to 50-minute flight time WIND TOLERANCE: • 40 mph (65 kph) sustained • 55 mph (90 kph) gusts ENVIRONMENTAL TEMPERATURE RANGE: • -22oF to 122oF (-30oC to 50oC) BEYOND LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE: • AES 256 bit encryption www. Call +1-519-489-6726 ext: 320 or email sales@aeryon. contact your Aeryon Sales Representative: SECURITY: • Secure network pairing. Surveillance Emergency & disaster response • 900 mhz. real-time and simultaneous tactical situational • 1500 ft. ADDITIONAL PAYLOADS: • Aeryon HDZoom30 Immediate deployment. DIMENSIONS: • Deployed: 40 in.9 mi (3 km) integrated capability • Extensible beyond 3. or • Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) platoon-level deployment.aeryon.1 mi (5 km) ALTITUDE: The Aeryon sUAS platform brings secure. Advanced autonomous capabilities LAUNCH & RECOVERY METHOD: and simple touchscreen controls require minimal training for soldier. and • Folded: 20 in. (102 cm) diameter.3 lbs (2. 15000 ft. 2.