Why Iran and Saudi Arabia are rival of each other?

Is this rivalry are
because of ideology or more than that?

Before we going to original debate that why and Saudi are rival of each other.
First I’m going to explain a little historical background of Saudi Arabia and
Iranian. Saudi Arabia independent in 1932 Saudi is the first country that has
mad by the name of a ruling King Al-Saud, on the other hand, Iran has in old
historical background and civilization. The ideology confrontation between
Muslim Sunni and Shia are started after the death of Prophet(P.B.U.H) when
the grandson of a prophet are martyred in Karbala the Muslim splatted in
different groups they accuse each other of martyring the beloved grandson of
Prophet PBUH. But if we link the recent confrontation between Saudi Arabia
and Iran to that old ideological factor it is wrong because before Iranian
revolution Sunni and Shia are live peacefully with each other. After 1979
Iranian revolution Iran and Saudi Arabia cash the sectarian ideology. And they
use it for their own interest before Iranian revolution Iranian the close ally of
America but after the Iranian revolution, Iran can no longer accept the
legitimacy of American policy in the region. And America needs a new ally in
the region to control the middle east that’s why they support Saudi monarch
regime. Saudi Arabia wants the presence of America in the region to protect
their interest and control the growing role of Iran in the region the situation
become more tense in a decade of 1980 when the major events take place
between these two rivalries. First, in Iran-Iraq war Saudi Arabia supported Iraq.
Second, in Soviet-Afghan war, Saudi Arabia supported Taliban which is the
enemy of Iran. The greater role of Saudi in Afghanistan can further escalate the
situation amongst Saudi and Iran. The situation became more complex when in
unknown people siege Makka and Saudi government blame Iran for it. And Iran
claims it conspiracy against Iranian government. Further, move onto 21st
century at the start of the 21st century when the USA invaded in Afghanistan
and Iraq the region become more complex. Saudi Arabia thinks that invasion of
the USA in Iraq in Afghanistan can change the region in favor of Iran they think
that the USA can actually overthrow Iran rival government in the region. And
Iran can take more effect from it and Iran can also control the region actually
Saudi and Iran both want to control the region that’s why they make an alliance
with different countries on the basis of their ideology. In 2011 in Arab spring
both Iran and Saudi indirectly confront each other.

on the other hand is a reaction Iran masses of burn Saudi embassy in Iran and both countries cut diplomatic ties with each other these are all the factors from 1979 till 2017 which strain the relation between Iran and Saudi Arabia. the last but not least events which took place in 2016 when Saudi Arabia executed Iranian religion leader in Saudi Arabia this become further escalated the relation between Saudi and Iran. Ideology or not the only factor but there are other factors which constrain the relation among Saudi and Iran. . Religion differences are just a tool which is used by both these two countries to achieve there political interest in the middle east.In Syria Iran support Assad Shia regime and Saudi supported different Sunni groups also in yemen Saudi Arabia supported Sunni government and Iran supported shia rebellion in Yemen.