Design Presentation

Outdoor Kitchen
Designed by:
Iker Garcia, Selena Rivera, Sophia Iniguez,
David Holding
Mission Statement
Team 20/20 vision believes in hands on projects. We create beautiful spaces that inspire and help
communities. As a team, we have opportunities that no other high school has and strive to exceed
people’s expectations.
Overview and Goals
● Outdoor Kitchen
● Appliances
● Location and purpose for Moveable
● Community Together
● Maintenance
● On January 21, 2017 we will have a fundraiser
● National Endowment for the Arts
● Talent/performances
Site and Physical Planning

● Southwest of Amphitheatre

Birdseye View of SketchUp

North Elevation View
South Elevation View
West Elevation View
East Elevation View
Detail View - Handle on west side of moveable space
Unique Design Element

Unique Design Element
Unique Design Element
Architectural Model

Thank you for listening to our presentation, we
will now take questions about:
● Overview, Goals and Funding
● Floorplan
● Architectural Model
● SketchUP

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