Coos Bay Boat Building Center

Annual Report
The Coos Bay Boat Building Center
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
established in 2009

An annual report for year ending
December 31, 2016

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Coos Bay Boat Building Center
100 Newmark Avenue / P O Box 3580, Coos Bay OR 97420
Phone 541-808-2211 www.coosboats.org

February 1, 2017


The past year was an exciting time for the boat building center. Classes were held,
membership increased, grant funding was received, renovation of the Irene was
completed, and an agreement entered into for the 2017 Festival of Sail.
Participating in this festival would not have been possible without grants from the
City of Coos Bay and Coos County Commissioners, a loan/grant from local
businessman Dennis Beetham, and support and sponsors from local businesses
and civic organizations. It is anticipated five to seven ships will make Coos Bay
their first port of call on their way to Tacoma for the International Festival of Sail.
These sails happen every three years and attract ships and people from all over the
world. The festival is a huge undertaking and there is still a lot of work to be done
before the festival in June 2017.

The center experienced more visits and activity this year than in past years. In part
this was due to participating in the Coos Art Museum’s Cultural Charm Rally and
the Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours and Leadership Coos program.
These events brought many new visitors to the boat building center. The Center
assisted the Coos History Museum in moving the Welcome to the museum site and
plans are being discussed on refurbishing the vessel for display purposes. Working
with our area partners is a vital component of the center’s goals and sustainability.

The Coos Bay Boat Building Center board of directors is comprised of seven
dedicated local citizens who volunteer many hours of service and provide financial
support to the center. We invite you to visit the facility, take a tour, participate in a
class, and support the center in preserving our community’s wooden boat and ship
building history.

Smooth sailing,

Thomas J. Leahy, President

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Coos Bay Boat Building Center is to honor and extend the maritime
heritage of Coos Bay established by all of our ancestors by perpetuating the craft of
building wooden boats.


 To obtain, preserve and disseminate knowledge of traditional small watercraft.
 To offer hands-on educational displays and services related to traditional
wooden boats.
 To build, restore and preserve traditional small watercraft, particularly wooden
boats unique to the Coos Bay and the Pacific Northwest.
 To make available information, traditional boat plans, small-craft history and
woodcraft skills to others.
 To develop and enhance the Festival of Sails/Tall Ship Days event in Coos Bay.
 To operate for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

Board of Directors

Tom Leahy, President
Jim Berg, Vice President
Joyce Jansen, Secretary
Nick Jansen, Treasurer
Gary Hansen
Tom Harvey
Ralph Mohr

General Membership

The Coos Bay Boat Building Center has 112 paid members. Annual dues range from $35
for individual up to $500 for sustaining membership. Membership is based on the
calendar year and entitles members to a 10% discount on classes and boat building
center merchandise, invitations to special programs and events, and the quarterly

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Projects / Events / Classes of 2016

Montana Pram Class

A Montana Pram was built at the center
during the months of January – March. John
Blackwell purchased the plans and materials
and was joined by Pete Perrin, Mike Leigh,
and Jim Kingsley to construct the boat.

John exhibited his pram at the McKenzie boat
show in April. The small craft is ideal for recreation
and fishing in lakes and rivers.

Pete and John took the pram on a test run in bay
waters next to the center.

Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours

The boat building center hosted Business After Hours on February 25th. An estimated 55
to 60 people attended the event and enjoyed refreshments, tours of the facility, and
viewing displays of boats and projects constructed at the center.

Taking the Welcome Home

A piece of local wooden boat
history is on its way to being
preserved. Tuesday, April 19,
2016 was a momentous day for
the 100 year old milk boat
Welcome. The boat had been
stored for several years by Sause
Bros. in a nearby building on
Front Street. The project to preserve the Welcome was spearheaded by Mike Vaughan

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 4
and under the leadership of board president Tom Leahy the boat building center
assisted with relocating the Welcome. The move was successfully completed with the
help of West Coast Heavy Hauling. Board members Nick Jansen and Mike Leigh also
helped with the move.

During her service the Welcome not only picked up and delivered cans of milk, she also
picked up students along Coos River and brought them into Marshfield for school. The
Welcome attracted considerable attention this past summer. Museum staff observed
many times folks stopping by to take pictures of the vessel. Discussions have taken
place regarding a partnership between the museum and center to refurbish the
Welcome for display purposes.

Scrimshaw Class

A popular class for all ages, scrimshaw classes are offered
at the center. Local artist, Bob Hergert of Port Orford,
taught a class on Saturday, March 12th at the boat building
center. Bob also participated in the Festival of Sail in May
with scrimming demonstrations. A scrimshaw class is held
once a year at the center and additional classes will be
held when interest is indicated.

Coos Art Museum Charm Rally

The center participated in the Coos Art Museum’s Charm Rally celebrating the
museum’s 50th anniversary. The rally began April 29th and went through December 31st.
The rally brought a huge number of visitors to the center. Staff was on hand to sell
charms, answer questions, give out information and tours of the facility. The center also
sold a special tall ship charm to help fund the annual tall ship festival.

Festival of Sail

The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain arrived a couple of days early and stayed
two extra days due to weather conditions. The tall ships visit Coos Bay annually in May
and this year they were in port from May 5th through 15th. The center partners with the
Coos Bay Downtown Association on organizing a festival which includes a free movie at
the historic Egyptian Theatre, displays on the boardwalk, a pub crawl, treasure hunt,
and 5k run.

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 5
The Lady Washington sailing
past the Coos Bay Boat
Building Center on her way to
the downtown city dock.

One of the most popular events during the festival is the
Reconciliation Ceremony. Members of the Coquille Tribe
and the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua,
and Coos Tribes greet the Lady Washington and Hawaiian
Chieftain and exchange gifts and peace offerings.

While in port the tall ships provide tours of the
vessels, excursion and battle sails, and education
programs for students.

The center sponsors an annual community BBQ dinner for
the crews of the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain.
This year’s event went above and beyond our
expectations. Attendance was up, everyone enjoyed a
good time, and the food, company, and entertainment
was awesome. The evening was topped off with a special
surprise. Captain Johann Steinke of the
Lady Washington proposed to Megan.
An already great evening now made

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Open House During the Clamboree

The center participated in the Empire Clamboree and held an open house during the
festival. The event was held Saturday, June 25th and brought a good sized crowd to the
Empire District of Coos Bay. The past two years the center has also held a garage sale at
this time. Tours of the facility were given and wooden boats were on display.

Coquille Carousel Medallion Wood Carving Class

A class to carve rosettes for the Coquille Carousel was held
August 6th, 13th and 20th taught by wood carver Bruce
Sturtevant. The Coquille Carousel Association was formed on
March 28, 2013 for the purpose of building, operating and maintaining a handcrafted,
wood carved carousel in Coquille. Additional carving classes will be held at the Coos Bay
Boat Building center in 2017.

Mason Bee House Class

A class to build a Mason bee house was held at the center
August 20th. Several folks from the Master Gardening group
attended the class. Additional garden related classes will be
held in the spring 2017.

Tim Gibbons taught the class and shared
information about the habits and
importance of Mason bees.

Irene Restoration Project

The boat building center contracted with the City of Coos Bay
to rehabilitate the tug Irene in August. Board member Tom
Harvey is a shipwright and provided the expertise to address
the tug’s deteriorated condition. The tug looks great with
new wood and fresh paint. The Irene is located on the
waterfront between North Hwy 101 and Front Street. The
Irene was donated to the city in 2002 by Margie Sause in
memory of her husband Curtis Sause.

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Leadership Coos Tour

The Chamber of Commerce’s 2016/2017 Leadership Coos class stopped by the boat
building center November 8th. Approximately 40 people toured the facility and received
information before continuing on their day’s itinerary. It was a good opportunity to
bring folks into the center, many of whom had not visited the facility previously. A short
visit, but enjoyable for board members and visitors alike. It looks like the center will be
on the schedule for next year.

Annual Membership Meeting / Open House / Santa’s Workshop

The annual membership meeting and open house was held
Saturday, November 26th. President Leahy reported on the
center’s accomplishments in 2016 and coming events for
2017. Members offered comments and suggestions for
future classes.

The meeting was followed by tours of the facility and Santa’s
Workshop. An estimated 50 people attended throughout the
day and enjoyed coffee, hot cider and chocolate, chili and
hotdogs, and choice of dessert.

Students enjoyed making paddle wheel boat models. The workshop provides young
people an opportunity to learn beginning woodworking skills. More youth classes are
planned for 2017.

Empire City

Restoration of the Empire City is an
ongoing project. A portion of the grant
funds received from Windermere will go
towards repairs and finish work of the
vessel. The Empire City is a 35’ classic
schooner and was donated to the boat
building center for completion. Once
completed, the vessel will be used to
teach sailing and boater safety skills. Before she can sail, two masts must be
constructed and installed, and sails made and rigged.

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Festival of Sail 2017

An idea born from a dream has become a reality. Several tall ships will make Coos Bay
their first port of call June 1st – 4th on their way to Tacoma WA for the International
Festival of Sail. Board president Tom Leahy and board members have been working
diligently on funding and plans for Coos Bay Festival of Sail 2017. Participating in the
festival would not have been possible without grant funds received from the City of
Coos Bay, City of North Bend, and from the Coos County
Commissioners, a loan-grant from local businessman Dennis
Beetham, support from civic organizations, volunteers, and
sponsorships from local business owners.

Information about the event and ticket purchases may be are
available at the festival website www.festofsail.com

Area History
The center is located on the bay adjacent to the historic Hollering Place. Before the first
Europeans sailed into the Coos Bay estuary, the Hollering Place was the center for
transportation, commerce and without a doubt, communication. By establishing the
village named Hanisitch (place of the Hanis) the area’s original inhabitants recognized
the value of this location for anyone traveling along the coast. Southbound travelers
would holler across to the village and someone would paddle over to provide passage.

The Hollering Place became the site of the first European settlement and Empire City
was the first Coos County seat. Rich in natural resources the area prospered in the
timber and fishing industries and the Coos Bay region developed as a major shipbuilding

Establishment of the Boat Building Center

The idea for a boat building school occurred during
meetings held in 2008 to take public input on the
development of a concept plan for the Hollering
Place. Vicki Dugger, director of the Oregon
Downtown Development Association, and her team
were hired by the City of Coos Bay to facilitate
several community meetings. During discussion of
the area’s history, citizens expressed a strong interest

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 9
in preserving the community’s history of wooden boat building. The boat building school
was included as a cultural component of the Hollering Place Concept Plan which was
adopted by the city in December 2008. A boat building summit was held on April 9, 2009
and a plan outlined for establishing the school.

The Urban Renewal Agency appointed the Coos Bay Boat Building Center Board August
4, 2009. Dick Wagner, Director for the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle WA, met with
the board several times over a 12-month period giving instruction on the formation,
funding, and operation of a wooden boat center. The board of directors worked many
hours completing requirements for the application for non-profit status. The application
was submitted and the center received its official non-profit status November 3, 2009.

The city negotiated a lease of
the facility known as the
Hallmark Fisheries property
with property owner Doug
Devine. In lieu of lease
payments, the city agreed to
fund improvements to the
building and dock to convert
the facility for use as the boat
building center. The city also
provided staff support to the
board and for the project.

100 Newmark Avenue

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 6,
2009. Wielding shovels are Tom Greaves, president of
the Empire Citizens Group, Dick Wagner, director of the
Center for Wooden Boats, and Doug Devine, property
owner. Approximately 50 people attended the event.

It is through the generosity of the City of Coos Bay and Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency
and their commitment to preserving our area’s heritage that the center was developed
and continues to operate today.

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Tall Ship Port of Oregon

The City Council approved a proclamation on April 15, 2014
to designate Coos Bay as Tall Ship Port of Oregon.

The proclamation serves to preserve the importance of
Coos Bay’s historical and maritime contributions as well as
a geographical place in Oregon’s proud history.


The board of directors has a number of resources for funding the operations of the Coos
Bay Boat Building Center. These include annual membership dues, donations, tuition
from workshops for boat and canoe building, fees from various hands-on woodworking
projects, Downtown Wine Walk, silent auctions at events, garage sales, sale of donated
boats, and banner advertising.

The City of Coos Bay has provided a grant to support tall ship events and operation costs
such as insurance and utilities for the past several years.

The center will continue to apply for grants for special projects and educational
programs in the coming year and as funding is available, hire a grant writer to assist with
the preparation of grant applications.

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 11
Community Partners

Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
Charleston Marine Life Center
City of Coos Bay
City of North Bend
Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw
Coos Art Museum
Coos Bay Downtown Association
Coos Bay School District
Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency
Coos History Museum
Coquille Carousel Association
Coquille Tribe
Egyptian Theatre
Empire Citizens Group
Local Woodcrafters
Marshfield Sun Printing Museum
North Bend School District
Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
Pacific NW Maritime Heritage Counsel
South Slough Estuary
Southwestern Oregon Community College
US Coast Guard

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 12
Coos Bay Boat Building Center 2017 Budget

Actual Actual Adopted Actual Adopted
INCOME 2014 2015 2016 2016 2017

Membership Dues 5,833 3,560 3,800 4,185 4,350
Donations 1,265 1,800 700 1,400 1,500
Other Income & Fundraisers
Festival of Sail 2017 0 0 0 0 10,000
Boat Sales 650 4,239 1,000 875 500
Open Houses/Tall Ship Dinner 0 1,632 1,500 505 1,300
Banner Ads 0 0 1,500 0 500
Wine Walk 1,274 0 1,000 1,100 1,000
Fred Meyer Community Awards 0 0 0 92 150
Used tool and lumber sales 1,000 464 300 151 200
Gift Shop (t-shirts, caps, patches, charms) 125 180 300 1,487 1,000
Inventory & Garage sales 4,933 2,499 1,500 1,630 1,500
Custom Handcraft Projects 0 0 3,000 0 2,000
Benches (Downtown Association) 0 0 500 0 0
Free Little Libraries project 0 0 500 0 300
Tiara Boat Use Fees 0 125 200 0 100
Boat Space Rent 0 0 0 150 150
Tug Irene Restoration Project 0 0 0 18,500 0
City of Coos Bay Grant 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000
Tourism Promotion Committee Grant 2,500 0 0 0 0
Windermere Grant 0 0 0 5,000 500
Workshop/Class Tuition 365 680 1,000 845 1,200

TOTAL INCOME 22,945 20,179 21,800 40,920 31,250

EXPENSES Actual Actual Adopted Actual Adopted
2014 2015 2016 2016 2017
Training, Meetings, and Travel 250 0 100 129 150
Tax Preparation Accountant’s Fee 250 315 320 365 400
Dept. of Justice/business regis fee 50 60 60 60 60
Post Office Box Rental 272 362 170 170 170
Postage (combined with rental 2014 & 2015) 0 0 500 192 200
Bank Charges/Check Orders 110 0 0 342 50
Membership/Chamber of Commerce 75 87 90 87 100
Membership/Coos Bay Downtown Assn 50 97 50 50 75
Advertising & Marketing 2,476 356 500 164 300
Fundraising Expenses & Gift Shop 0 1,274 1,500 3,524 1,300
Grant Writing fees 0 0 0 0 5,000
Webpage hosting/design/maintenance 100 31 0 0 1,200
Office Supplies/Printer/Computer 1,828 614 620 812 810
Total Administration 5,431 3,196 3,910 5,895 9,815

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 13
Expenses Continued Actual Actual Adopted Actual Adopted
2014 2015 2016 2016 2017
Insurance/General Liability 1,217 1,265 1,300 1,278 1,300
Insurance/Directors and Officers 1,080 1,081 1,100 1,081 1,100
Backflow Preventer Test 70 70 70 189 70
Building Addition Project 4,345 1,784 0 0 0
Building Maintenance 1,206 351 500 898 500
Boat and Trailer license and registration 30 272 300 212 250
Instructor’s fee 0 195 200 100 200
Office Equipment Replacement/Repair 35 195 300 30 600
Oregon State Waterway Lease 784 0 810 1,639 850
Rent/Lease 1,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
Scholarship Match/Tall ships 393 1,444 800 841 841

Total Operations 10,160 8,657 7,380 8,267 7,711

Electric 1,641 1,773 1,800 1,533 1,700
Phone and Internet 1,046 1,146 1,200 1,102 1,100
Water and Sewer 622 528 550 469 500
Garbage 224 465 470 507 470
Propane 301 149 150 206 170

Total Utilities 3,834 4,061 4,170 3,817 3,940

Shop and Project Supplies
Supplies (lumber, sealers, safety equip, etc) 700 300 500 607 650
Equipment Purchases 454 0 0 1,014 1,000
Tool Replacement and Repair 414 0 100 193 1,000
Empire City Project 1,712 676 0 44 2,000
Tug Irene Restoration (labor & materials) 0 0 0 9,342 0
AYA Classes 190 0 0 0 0
Coos Bay Skiff Project 1,044 304 500 281 0
Drift Boat Project 52 0 0 0 0
Little Free Library Project 0 130 130 0 100
Tables & Benches 0 0 0 135 100
Tiara Project 0 3,413 0 0 0
Other Boat Projects and Repairs 360 0 1,000 0 500

Total Shop and Project Supplies 4,976 4,823 2,230 11,616 5,350

Festival of Sail 2017
Support for June 1-4 Festival 0 0 2,500 0 0

Total Festival Support 0 0 2,500 0 0

TOTAL EXPENSES 24,401 20,737 20,190 29,595 26,816

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 14
General Operating Budget Summary

Actual Actual Adopted Actual Adopted
2014 2015 2016 2016 2017

General Operating Income 22,945 20,179 21,800 40,920 31,250

TOTAL INCOME 22,945 20,179 21,800 40,920 31,250

Administration 5,431 3,196 3,910 5,895 9,815
Operations 10,160 8,657 7,380 8,267 7,711
Utilities 3,834 4,061 4,170 3,817 3,940
Shop & Project Supplies 4,976 4,823 2,230 11,616 5,350
Festival of Sail 2017 Support 0 0 2,500 0 0

TOTAL EXPENSES 24,401 20,737 20,190 29,595 26,816

Net Income - 1,456 - 558 1,610 11,325 4,434

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 15

Adopted Actual Adopted
2016 2016 2017

City of Coos Bay Grant 15,000 15,000 0
Coos County Economic Dev. Grant 7,000 7,000 0
City of North Bend 0 0 10,000
Beetham Loan 100,000 100,000 0
Grants 0 0 30,000
Revenue Share with Draw Events 0 0 97,000
Sponsorships 5,000 0 30,000

TOTAL INCOME 127,000 122,000 167,000


Draw Events Management Agreement 132,500 75,985 56,515
Beetham Loan Repayment 0 0 100,000
Transfer to CBBBC Operating Budget 0 0 10,000
Merchandise (volunteer t-shirts, pins, etc) 0 195 2,000
Publicity 0 0 1,000
Travel Expenses 0 500 700
Accounting / Consulting 0 464 400

TOTAL EXPENSES 132,500 77,144 170,615

2016 Actual Income 122,000
2016 Actual Expenses - 77,144

2016 Net 44,856

2017 Estimated Income 167,000
2016 Carryover + 44,856

Estimated Total 2017 Income 211,856

2017 Estimated Expenses - 170,615

2017 Estimated Net 41,241

Coos Bay Boat Building Center Page 16

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