McKayla Eddy Homework 2: Question 6 9/11/16


Global warming is the overall temperature of the surface of the Earth rising. It
occurs when carbon dioxide as well as other toxins collects sunlight and solar radiation
that have based off of Earth’s surface (NRDC, 2016). The radiation that is collected is
something that would normally escape into space but with the addition of pollutants the
radiation remains trapped and causes the Earth to get hotter. In the United States there
are different fossil fuels that are being burned and used as energy source. Although the
energy gained from them is being put to good use, pollutants are also produced
contributing to global warming.

Over the past 50 years the temperature of the Earth has most definitely been
increasing. It has also caused the weather to become more erratic and extreme. In
general it has caused there to be long periods of heat, rain, or drought. Another scientific
fact that global warming is occurring can be seen in the warm up of the ocean water. An
extreme warm up has caused glaciers in Antarctica to begin melting, causing further

Natural Gas
Nuclear Power
Wind Power
Solar Power

The electric power in the United States is generated by various sources but the
biggest contributor is fossil fuels. On average 67% of the 4 trillion kilowatthours of
electricity generated was by fossil fuels. The breakdown is as follows, and shown in the
figure on the right: coal-33%, natural gas-33%, oil-1%, biomass-1.6%, nuclear power-
20%, wind power-4.7%, solar power-0.6% and 6.1% otherwise (EIA, 2016).

Coal is one of the most popular fossil fuels that is burned causing global warming.
For example, coal and natural gas produce 1.7 times as much carbon dioxide. Oil can be
attributed for 1.25 times as much CO2 (Conserve Energy Future, 2015). Some sources of
relief may be found in different sources of power produced more naturally. Solar and
wind power are the most efficient way of reducing global warming. Nuclear power is
better than burning fossil fuels but not a solution to the problem. As shown on the chart
biomass is also a good alternative and can at least slow the global warming down.

Global warming is an issue that cannot be ignored. Although the factors we are
seeing may be minor the fact is it is only getting worse. The hotter the surface gets the
more we endanger our future. Our children may be living in a world where California
doesn’t see rain for years instead of the measly weeks were living without it. Changing
the source of our energy would be the most beneficial way to decrease the effects of

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