Marketing Plan for KIA

Introduction to KIA Motors

From its humble beginning in 1944 at Seoul, South Korea (,
2016), KIA Motors Corporation has grown into a leading motor vehicle
manufacturing in Korea (MarketLine, 2015) and now has a place in the
world market. It now ranks 74 in Interbrand (, 2016)
together with winning Best Value in America Award for its
electric/hybrid car. KIA is derived from Chinese characters meaning ‘to
come out of Asia’ (Ki meaning arise or come out and a referring to


KIA believes in corporate vision of ‘together for a better future’. It
strives to maximise value creation and maintain a balance by the growth
of shares for its shareholders by believing in respecting people and
processing the environment management. The key value of KIA is
‘Building a new future and realizing humanity’s dreams by thinking
creatively and tackling challenges head on’ (, 2016).

Range of Motors

KIA manufactures a whole range of cars to suit all age and budget
groups. For example: KIA manufactures Picanto with a starting price of
£8,545 (, 2016) to New KIA Sorento at £28,795 (,
2016). The car ranges from Estates to SUV, sports and luxury models.


My report is based on KIA’s new product ‘Absolutica’. I shall draw the
situational analysis (comprising of 5 C’s, SWOT analysis and PESTLE
analysis to launch Absolutica in the American market) and the
Marketing plan (detailing the market segmentation, positioning,
marketing mix and competitive advantage).

Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis (, 2016) is the first step
towards the marketing plan and helps to understand the internal and
external environment of the market, the political and economic factors
surrounding the market, the strengths, weakness, opportunities and
threats related to the product. It further provides a better understanding
of the customer, their needs and demands and helps to create a long term

The 5 C’s of Absolutica

The knowledge of the company’s own capability, customer’s needs and
demands, prices and products laid by the competitors, the availability of
supplies of goods (for example: mechanical parts, body parts, software),
market share, shall help to launch the product successfully. This leads us

to the 5 C’s of marketing; Company, Collaborators, Customers,
Competitors and Climate.


Product line: Absolutica will be KIA’s own manufacturing brand
(Jobber & Chadwick, 2013). Absolutica will be a high end product and
will fall in luxury car (Businesstoday, 2016) range.

Image in the Market: With a best value award in hand, I shall consider
Absolutica to be in a leading position when launched in the American

Goals: The goal would be to create a market for Absolutica in leading
cities of America, thereby expanding nationally and global market.


KIA has a manufacturing plant in Georgia, US. The market for
Absolutica is USA and a national plant will enable easy of delivery and
access of parts and services as and when needed between dealers and the
company. Considering the success of KIA, I consider the dealers will be
proud to stock Absolutica.


The target customers are Americans. Customers have benefited in the
past from KIA motors and now have the benefit to have a luxury car
being manufactured from their favourite and award winning company.

Absolutica will strive to exceed the customer satisfaction as compared to its competitors (Jobber & Chadwick. social and cultural part of the market. It takes into account the political. weakness and threats. Ford and General Motors. opportunities. The SWOT analysis for Absolutica are. economic.Competitors To survive in a competitive market. 2013). I have discussed briefly the macro-environment for Absolutica in the PESTLE analysis.  One of the biggest strength of KIA motors is the 7-year SWOT Analysis for Absolutica Jobber et al (2013) define SWOT analysis as a structured approach to understand the current position of the business by analysing its strengths.  It now appears in top 100 Interbrand listed companies (interbrand. . Strengths  KIA motors has presence over 150 countries and has strong hold in the US and South Korea market. it is not only important to understand the customers but also the competitors. Absolutica will face direct competition from Chrysler. Climate The Climate of 5 C’s cover the macro-environment factor.

Hyundai is planning to  share its new plant with KIA in  KIA is more popular among middle class customers and has yet to meet the high end  With the crumbling car market in Weakness  KIA Motors went bankrupt in 1997 due to Asian financial crisis and has been bought over by Hyundai Motor Company which is still fresh in customer’s  Constant Recall of car every year either due to exterior lighting. sustainable operations and business giving KIA the opportunity to enter the India market (business-standard. It has topped 6% market share overtaking Nissan ( KIA intends to introduce luxury cars by 2017 (content. KIA has opportunities to tap into the luxury car market. .  KIA fulfils CSR in three fronts – social contributions. Opportunities  KIA has reported increased sales in US with 14. steering fault or other.  KIA has come a long way from being bankrupt to top 100 in Interbrand and increased market share. KIA has used the advantage of low prices to become the third largest car maker in the country (Reuteurs. under the leadership of the enterprise-wide Social Responsibility council (pr.9% in 2012 and increasing steadily since (kiamedia.

Honda Motor. 168 countries. the company is always exposed to foreign currency exchange risk with the high proportion of export sales. SAIC Motor and Suzuki Motor (Kia Motor Corporation SWOT Analysis).Threats  Although KIA has emerged into international market. Toyota Motor. KIA has presence in 168 countries and any change in the demand. 2015) regard the internal audit department can better articulate that value through the development of a value proposition. refinancing conditions. Mazda Motor. General Motor. crosses the strength and threats cell. the strength is now a threat from fierce competition. (Wimoonard et al.  With its Global operations. SsangYang Motor. KIA has managed to have a global operation. PSA Peugeot Citroen.  The market is very competitive and KIA has continuous threats from Ford Motor. The SWOT analysis forms an internal part of audit. Volkswagen. it lacks innovation and technology as compared to German and Japanese car makers. 2015) have discussed internal audit as an operational control tool. . I feel the SWOT analysis for Absolutica. Daimler. (Jacka. fluctuating in currency rates can have major impact in company’s earnings (Kia Motor Corporation SWOT Analysis). Fiat Group Automobiles.

The after sales-service and low prices are the major strong points of KIA. . economic growth and foreign investments. I shall discuss the PESTLE to launch in American market. government regulations towards car industry. PESTLE Analysis for Absolutica PESTLE analysis gives a product a better insight to launch in a new and existing market. Chrysler and Ford. Political: The Presidential elections in USA is due in few months. it will be looking forward for all help and support possible from the newly elected President to keep thriving the industry. interest rate. It will be cautious of economic factors of inflation rate. but by doing so. It remains to see what opportunities the new President might bring in. Economic: The economic factor of PESTLE plays an important role for Absolutica. KIA has seen growth in the American market and with its launch of luxury cars. President Obama did everything possible to save the industry and get back on its feet. I am considering to launch Absolutica in few countries. With the poor performance by GM. exchange rate. the demand for cars and the impact of export and import. Automotive industry is one of the largest industry in the world and is responsible for half of the consumption of world oil. it has deterred the high end customers and can turn this into an opportunity as soon as possible. while taking into consideration the current environment of the market.

Technological: After immense research and innovation. Due consideration will be taken towards the taxation system of the country avoiding money laundering and cars will be manufactured as per industry specific regulations. Absolutica is being created. It will play an important role towards CSR and intends to start a charity ‘Absolute Environment’ with the intention of planting 1000 trees from first year onwards. Legal: Absolutica will comply with all the current. national. Absolutica intends to mature in technology with time and will try and be ahead in the design and innovation. KIA has developed car bearing in mind the budget related consumers. international and future legislations as laid down by the government. Environment: Absolutica is very conscious of reducing carbon footprints. Absolutica is a stepping stone towards luxury cars and capping the high end market. It falls in line with its competitors and will be one of the most sophisticated car in the industry. Marketing Research .Social: Absolutica is created keeping in mind of the latest social trend and fashion. It will work parallel with environment and ecological regulations and has plans to manufacture electric cars in future. It will ensure employees are given their rights and consumers rights are not affected.

i. 2015). It felt the necessity of expanding its wings and through ad hoc research. there will be brand extensions based on models and specifications. consumer panel and website analysis by asking customers preferences and intentions. distribution and promotion (Jobber & Chadwick. increasing brand equity. brand positioning. At this stage. marketing mix. The marketing audit was done by understanding the customer. KIA has been targeting budget customers with its outstanding service and quality. recognise and deal with the competitors and adding value to the product (jacka. Absolutica is considering only one market. one brand. marketing communication and competitive advantage. retail audits. 2013). for the success of Absolutica. it felt the need to expand into the luxury car market. Marketing Plan Marketing Planning is corporate strategy planning and takes into consideration all the aspects of business functions (Jobber & Chadwick. understanding the outcome and utilising the results (Pettit. This research helped shape market strategy. Although. Segmentation of Absolutica . 2015). price. understand the potential of the market by putting it into action. Absolutica is at entry market stage and after careful marketing audit (Jacka. making the right product. I suggest to read further the segmentation. 2013).Marketing research takes the immediate condition of the market and provides information of customers likes and reaction to the product. 2008).e. one market.

Behavioural: . 2013) definition of market segmentation is that of identifying individuals and organizations with similar characteristics with significant implications for the determination of marketing strategy. This would help ease of help with brand loyal customers. Based on the research I would propose to divide the market into three segments. I would propose to launch the product where Kia already holds the market. Profile: . The key is to target customers who look out for innovative products and want to be the first ones to get their hands on the product. Although.This segment would form the base of the Absolutica. KIA is new in the luxury car market. actionable and substantial. the demographic variable will be 40 plus age customers ranging from managing directors to professionals of higher level. in our case Absolutica car.There are customers who prefer luxury cars and it is part of their life.As it is luxury car. it can target and segment those customers who have always sought high end cars. Apart from this. Psychographic: . We then have customers who make purchases for the pleasure and comfort and to be able to show their hands on the latest model.Press & Simms (2010) define market segmentation as accessible. measureable. Geographically. . (Jobber & Chadwick. we can also segment to the customers who already have KIA models and want to upgrade to the latest model.

heated leather seats.The target market of Absolutica will be countries with high Kia users. clarity. Cities like New York. The quality and specially after sales service will not be compromised. 2013). California. Absolutica will maintain its consistency. The target markets are currently countries with high Kia sales. Although ‘The Power to Surprise’ slogan will be replaced by the current slogan to go with the brand. Kia has a 7-year warranty and will continue to provide this to Absolutica brand. The brand Absolutica will stand out and differentiate with other brands. USA and South Korea. Strategies for Creating / Increasing Brand Equity Absolutica will be known as the car with outstanding luxury features. Macro Segmentation will be used in this to categorise the main customers based on Behaviour. Clarity as in the brand will go with the slogan of Drive with Comfort and Luxury. Crisp metallic finish. That would be USA to start with followed by South Korea. It shall bear the 4-cs of successful positioning. state of art technology will be the main features which will make Absolutica an absolute luxury car. consistent. Psychographic and Profile. Dallas and New Jersey will form the main cities in US market. . polish wooden interior. The slogan ‘Drive with Comfort and Luxury’ is to target the high end customers. credibility and competitive (Jobber & Chadwick.

2. 5. Establish the position of competitors. It is important to know the competitors. It will be important to understand their approach to the market. Hyundai. The credibility of the brand will grow over time as customers will realise it is indeed a car for comfort and luxury. Absolutica has everything to offer in terms of modern cars. Position – Select.000 to $35. This will help Absolutica stand out.Monitor. yet with good price and 7- year warranty. Know your competitors. I would recommend to follow six stages. 4. Absolutica is priced at the range of $ 25. Establish how the competitors are perceived and evaluated.The brand will be competitive in terms of pricing. Analyse the customers. Positioning of Absolutica Positioning in a nutshell is a way of standing out from the competitors and appealing to the public by putting emphasis on its distinctive features and characteristics (Akpoyomare et al. One of the first steps to position strategy for Absolutica is to get the credibility and make an impact on customer’s memory. 6. Position . 3. their current . 2013).000 and is ready to compete with the leading brands in USA including Audi. 1. Saab and Volkswagen.

Once we have managed to step in the market. Auto / Trade Shows: . target markets and Differentiation as the key tasks of Positioning which we have discussed earlier.Advertisements will highlight the importance of the car being environmental friendly and the way the car is manufactured to get the customers a feel of how there is manufactured and how it impacts the environment. I would propose Absolutica to stay in limelight by regular advertisements in TV. As it intends to launch the brand. for smart cities and will plant 1000 trees a year at different locations round the world. analyse their customers to be able to target our customers accordingly and then select and monitor Absolutica position. it will . auto shows. have recommended as Market Segmentation. Advertisements: .Special Guest passes will be sent to current KIA customers. The aim of Absolute Environment will be cleaner and greener environment. social media. customers who express interest in Absolutica and other high end users to get a look and test drive the car. hoardings. Jobber & Chadwick (2013). To ensure Absolutica gives back to the community.positioning. It will position itself at the workplace and ensure it is LGBT friendly. An inclusion programme will be placed effectively. Diversity will be a work culture. namely ‘Absolute Environment’. Absolutica as a brand will also have work policies and not make any discrimination. a charity will be established.

the charity work of Absolute environment will also make customers feel proud of the brand. yet competitive with the price and able to provide the comfort. Customers will be able to link Absolutica as a Functional and Representative needs. stakeholders. trade internally with all the employees and business partners to ensure it understands the brand and manufactures accordingly. I shall recommend to use internal marketing. digital marketing and content marketing. regulators form part of internal marketing. Members of Staff. Representative in terms of able to understand the impact to the environment and taking measures to work for the global environment. Exhibitions. Internal recognition of the brand is essential as it expects employees and B2B employees to speak about the brand with their friends and family and create a propaganda in social networking sites. The advertisements featuring the car being manufactured. face-to-face. suppliers. dealers. expo day. A special night can be organised or internal memo can be distributed to inform about Absolutica. . opening days would give Absolutica opportunities to meet potential customers face-to- face. Functional in terms of the actual brand as being able to match with other luxury brands. special invitations. Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing of Absolutica To market Absolutica.

2015) will be used extensively to give customers a chance to know more about Absolutica. Content marketing (Baltes.In the electronic age. Marketing Mix . For example: using sponsored ad in Facebook to pass the information and creating a topic of conversation in Twitter.Absolutica . It is believed that digital technology will surpass all areas of marketing communications and traditional marketing (Jobber & Chadwick. 2015). This will be done by giving options in printed magazines and providing links while e- marketing and using social media. For example: change the colours of car or add a specification such as choice of fabric or leather of the interior of the car.  360degree marketing giving customers to customise their cars online. 2013) The promotional tools used to launch Absolutica  Search engines and advertising in the net.  Profile targeting customers through social media.  Mobile marketing and e-mails by sending regular updates and offers to subscribed customers.  Use of e-WOM (word of mouth) (LEVY & Gvili. For example: portraying Absolutica in animation as more comfortable than the living room. Absolutica will not be left behind and will take advantage of digital marketing and social media.

Customers have become less responsive towards traditional marketing approach and with the advent of social media. speed and balance. globalisation. Absolutica is an intelligent car. 3 more P’s were later added. 2013). James McCarthy formulated the 4 P’s of marketing mix (Sava & Trif. Neil H. . Absolutica will provide the superior. changes in geographical locations and economic influences. Constantinides (2006). It will be extremely agile to sudden road conditions of potholes and ramps to minimise the damage to suspension and body.Customers tastes. quality driving experience. Borden had coined marketing mix with 13 related aspects from product planning to personal selling and marketing research and analysis (Wood. being. At KIA we have created ‘Absolutica’ a high end luxury car for comfort and style. People. it is necessary and important to have a proper blend of marketing mix for ‘Absolutica’. interests and behaviour have changed with the advent of technology. that understands the adverse weather conditions and adjusts itself with brakes. 1963). 2013). It will be available in both petrol and diesel fuel providing maximum mileage per gallon (60 miles’ / gallon city drive) starting from 2 litre to 4 litre engine size. Product A product is anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs (Jobber & Chadwick. preferences. Process and Physical evidence.

I would consider market-oriented pricing for ‘Absolutica’. the first step would be to consider the positioning strategies taking the 6 stages as discussed in the previous individual assignment and use the new launch product strategy. place and promotion. how K900 product failed as customers not willing to pay high price. I would not suggest to charge high prices. auto door lock. Effect on dealers and cost. explicability. I would consider are. Absolutica is designed for comfort and take away the tiredness. glass holds. despite being a good product (autoblog. We have already witnessed. price- quality relationship. The conditions to use the low price strategy is to penetrate the market and mark the dominance over time.Leather seats. built in sat-nav and Bluetooth. product and place. Price As compared to other P’s of marketing mix. KIA has built a reputation of more budget cars targeting middle-class customers. Price is not set in isolation and needs to blend in with product. high promotion. I shall consider ‘Rapid Penetration’ with a combination of low price. The factors.As it is a new product. Jobber & Chadwick (2013). arm rest. so as not to overcharge or Marketing Strategy: . Price is the only P which generates revenue. Marketing Strategy. bose speakers. wood carved interior. as customers will not favour the . cruise control. Based on this fact. Competition. sun-roof. spacious boot. Value to the Customer.

Value to the Customer: Customer must definitely get value for the price paid for the product. With right training. This can be added with low cost on fuel. thereby gaining market confidence. sales of Absolutica should not be hard. high end features at low cost. run competitions to allow customers to drive and experience the product. the sales person can certainly bring out the best of the product and convert it to the best prices as compared to competitors. However.product and will compare Absolutica with its high end successful competitors. Absolutica will stand out in this regard and as discussed earlier in rapid penetration low price and high quality will be promoted. For example: Absolutica can start by charging low prices for first 50 customers in a particular region or sponsor a car for a reputed charity. Low prices will also increase the sales output. Customers interpret high price with good quality. I would propose experimentation and economic value to the customer analysis. Price-Quality Relationships: The price-quality relationship has always had an effect on customers psychological buying perspective. etc. lift the barrier to entry the market and KIA can work with the idea of making money later. KIA with its headquarters in South Korea and years of experience can produce economic value to the customer thereby giving customers more benefit from the product. Explicability: While selling Absolutica. KIA already has a 7-year warranty in place. strong body. .

It will compete positively and comfortably with its outstanding product. this can be dealt by maintaining good relations with the dealers. customers will be targeted with the message accordingly. The above should enable to Absolutica to penetrate US and South Korea market. Promotion Promotion is a way of informing the customers of the product through various tools. Effect on dealers: This is very crucial part of the orientation. special offers can be done at festive periods and ethics will always be maintained so as not to predate or mislead the market. . To increase sales. sophistication. 2012). the dealers might have to compromise with low margin profit. technology. knowledge. Hence. Absolutica will be sold mostly through dealers and with its low price to penetrate the market. Good promotions are the lifeblood of successful market- oriented companies and their brands (Jobber & Chadwick. comfort. However.Competition: Absolutica will keep a close a track of its competitors. luxury and value as compared with its immediate and linked competitors. and giving out higher margin on other models. Absolutica will implement a successful integrated marketing communication with its customers by understanding the opportunities in the market and capturing the market accordingly. the comfort and luxury of Absolutica will be analysed and based on the product positioning. The price can be increased depending on the response and market research and experimentation and economic value to the customer analysis can be considered for price change.

get their queries answered and make the purchase. This will help the customers to approach the dealer. test drive the car. Jobber & Chadwick (2013). Twitter chats. Tools: Tools used to promote Absolutica will be mass. Digital Communication is the newest and most effective way of communicating with customers. creative and effective message. For example: Billboards. . exclusive distribution and Franchising. The agency will provide and come out with simple. Direct communication can be done at exhibitions. improve efficiency and accessibility. Place Ensuring the channel of distribution and reaching the customer. direct and digital. I believe this channel will reconcile the need of dealer and consumer. Facebook sponsored advertisement and pages. sending invitations to current KIA customers. emails form part of digital communication. advertisements. informing customers about launch of Absolutica when passing through showroom. The Channel strategy would be on market factors. This can be done through creative agency and other similar providers. sales promotions at launch are some of the mass communications that will be used.For example: A campaign will be drawn to achieve the communication objective by linking the comfort of bedroom to that of driving the car. websites. is the Place of Marketing Mix. Absolutica will use the Manufacturer – Dealer – Consumer channel.

This however depends on the population on per square mile / kilometre and the demand for other models of KIA. regular periodicals. The slogan ‘Drive with comfort and luxury’ does go with the product. motivation and evaluation from time to time and conflicts resolved swiftly. buyer will prefer to get the best knowledge and information through their dealer. Franchising: Channel integration will take place through Franchising. KIA to Dealers. Care is taken with the price to be able to penetrate the market and providing value to the customers. customer requirement and in competition with other brands. Conclusion of Marketing Mix Absolutica is made after careful research. The Franchises will be managed by careful selection. training. All help and support including training.Market Factor: As Absolutica is a KIA brand. which gives the flexibility of distribution. information and knowledge will be provided to the dealers as per the manufacturer and dealer agreement and terms and conditions. USA. Different tools to reach the customer. spare parts and after sales service will also be provided to the customers. The manufacturing plant of KIA is in Georgia. Exclusive Distribution: One dealer will be established in a given city and town. For example: New York city. including use of social media and . As the dealer will specialise on KIA models and exclusively on Absolutica.

2012). the showroom and interior. is a new type of high end product and shall make entry into the market. The critics and reviews will also form a good source to measure the success of the product. I believe Absolutica brand may have a stronger effect on consumer behaviour when they are anthropomorphized and specific relations that consumer develop with brand uniquely influence the subsequent behaviour effects (Agarwal & McGill. the whole experience of buying ‘Absolutica’ is designed to be exceptional. Absolutica. 2013). KIA has been in the market. All this definitely creates effectiveness of the product. After stressful meetings. The success can be measured through social media. purchase and demand of the product. . The communication objective and marketing and brand management will form a Absolutica and customer relationship. Absolutica will add. that extra value to establish competitive advantage (Jobber et al. Customers while relaxing in their homes will compare to the drive of Absolutica. enquiries for the product. customer will prefer a drive in Absolutica rather than a cup of coffee. The People involved with the Absolutica. It is also ensured that products are available on demand and customers are able to test drive Absolutica before the purchase. Competitive Advantage Absolutica Competitive Advantage Although.promotions are given utmost importance.

hold and harvest. Competitor analysis: for Absolutica will be done by identifying the competitors. technical knowledge. reliability. stylish yet low price. Some of the strengths being. Bargaining Power with Suppliers and buyers: Absolutica will use KIA’s years of reputation to bargain with its suppliers. state of art luxury car at an affordable price and after sales service. 7-year warranty. environment friendly. managerial.  With the hands on experience. It will differentiate in terms of quality. 2011). . understanding the competitors in terms of their finance. use the competitor strategy of differentiation and cost leadership and finally understanding the competitor’s response to retaliate or continue with the strategy. by developing competitor’s analysis and using the hands on experience. winner of best value in America award. Absolutica shall bargain with its customers based on its strengths. Absolutica will focus mainly on cost leadership and differentiation aspect. the threats of substitutes and new entrants (Prasad. In terms of cost leadership:  KIA has a manufacturing plant in Georgia and this will benefit by the economies of scale. it will benefit from less faults and outstanding after sales service. their strengths and weaknesses. using the strategic objective of built. Absolutica will be facing many competitors in the luxury car market.It will outperform its competitors by ensuring the bargaining power over suppliers and buyers.

Critical Review of Current Debate in Marketing and Brand Management Does Innovation lead to Ethical Increased Sales? Oxford dictionaries define Innovation as crucial to the continuing success of any spent annually on R & D and working parallel with Silicon Valley and ‘Codaholics’ (autoalliance. although innovation is . Absolutica benefits from the knowledge by manufacturing motors and with the sales experience.  KIA can develop interpersonal relationship with Hyundai. I believe. With a staggering $102 billion (autoalliance. Hands on Experience: Another way of developing competitive advantage would by based on the compatibility within the organisation. its parent innovation is definitely encouraging growth. development and profits for business. acknowledge technological innovation playing a critical role in the economic development of the world and improving the standard of living of the world. it can benefit to transfer such knowledge from the senior member of staff to the current staff working on Absolutica. 2000).  Absolutica will benefit in location with manufacturing plant within the country. Baskaran et al (2016). knowledge transfer (Argote and Ingram.

nl. Innovation in car industry has led to high performance in the mechanism of the cars. (Richter et al. young drivers are lured by the speed innovation and the marketing and sales approaches used to lure 2016) have highlighted of how over-taking leads to serious accidents. such claims are impressive and does create a desire to possess high speed cars. Other car companies have made similar claims (thesupercars. 2014) have portrayed the behaviour of young driver leading to accidents.compulsive. Toyota. The author has discussed of speed playing an important role in crashes as compared to other factors. (swov. I believe. it should also lead to ethical means of sales rather than just revenue increase for the business. 2016).3 seconds (auto-facts. it is also leading to increased accidents. Lamborghini has claimed to reaching maximum speed in 3. Volkswagen. drivers usually have the urge to feel the power of the car. . Car manufacturers now boast of their cars being equipped with 6 gear stick and reaching maximum miles in seconds. Although. (Curry et al. Young drivers contribute towards the increased statistics of accidents. Why do drivers speed? Being on the driver speed with high performance car. Golf and many other car manufacturing companies are catching up with the speed of the car. Drivers over-take as they have the speed in the car. 2012) have discussed the relation between speed and 2016). It is easy to get tempted to check the performance and capability of the vehicle.

1-9. Kia Motors Corporation SWOT Analysis. Government round the globe have taken the responsibility and run campaigns and speed awareness courses to tackle the issue. Business Source Complete. Although. car manufacturers should be more responsible in creating awareness among drivers.My argument is although. 2016) gives tips on driving safely and other things related to traffic and weather Care has to be taken not to take the innovation for granted. Further. pp. . viewed on 1 July Kia Worldwide. arguments can be developed on innovation of software. 2014) run campaign to educate. http://www. viewed 1 July 2016. Kia Motors UK. Manufacturers should take the responsibility of being ethical with business practice and create awareness along with ethical sales. innovation was software was a good thing.aspx ‘Kia Motors Corporation’ 2015. 2015) was recently involved in such scandal of cheating with EBSCOhost .net. Greater Manchester (drivesafe. References KIA Worldwide 2016. innovation is good and leads to growth. Volkswagen mis-used for their profits thereby harming the environment. Volkswagen (Lancaster. but consider it as a boom. train. which permits manufacturers to cheat and increase their publicise and enforce the people to drive safely. (

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uk) . p. Sanjay Ghosh (s. R 2015. EBSCOhost. My report is on KIA Motors. 1425. 92. viewed 6 July 2016 __________________________________________________________ ____ I am a student of Business Source Complete.ghosh@hotmail. All comments and feedback are welcome. The above original work is a 'Strategic Marketing Plan' consisting of Situational Analysis. ‘Volkswagen bonds knocked wider by pollution cheating’. Globalcapital. University of Roehampton. Marketing Plan and a Critical Review of Current Debate in Marketing and Brand Management. KIA Motors made in Interbrand list and has won other awards in the industry.