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From Page 1 PHOTOCOPIABLE Page 2 PHOTOCOPIABLE . ! Is there any fruit in the picture? !! ! How many bananas are there in the picture? !! ! Is person C standing or sitting? !! ! What are persons A and C doing? !! ! What is the weather like? !! ! What time is it? !! ! Ask me three questions about the picture. !! ! !! ! !! Comments on Student's Skills Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Fluency Confidence Other Comments ! From www. !! ! Is this a living room? !! ! Is this a café? !! ! How many people are there in the picture? ! ! What is person D doing? !! ! Does person D like coffee? !! ! Is he wearing glasses? !! ! Does person D have a pet? ! Suggested ! What kind of pet does he have? ! questions based on ! Where is the dog? !! the © Handouts Online ! Student Name: Date: Suggested Picture Questions! ! ! ! Tell me about the picture.handoutsonline.From www.

making as many sentences as possible. • The interviewer can repeat a question once.) • Ask questions about the © Handouts Online ! © Handouts Online. One sentence is enough. • Please do not give very long answers. !From www. • The student's pronunciation must be intelligible. (Generally 'False Beginners') This test is an oral check of English. you might want to write brief notes on the question sheet regarding errors the student makes with a particular target structure. • While performing the test. Think about what you would say if talking about the picture in a foreign language. • You could begin by asking the student to tell you about the picture. All Rights Reserved. This might be best provided in the student's native language. can I tell the student the answers or show the questions? A) It's best not to. Q) What should I do if the student doesn't use the specified target language? A) Say: Please use [have to] in your answer. The student needs a copy of the picture to refer to throughout the picture level check. Explain that it's a short test. (e. This test can be combined with the first few blocks of questions from the main spoken level check. You might also want to retest the student in the future using the ! same test in order to gauge the student's progress. • Stop the test when it is clear that the questions have become too difficult for the student.g. Say 'Could you repeat that?'. ! Using the Picture • Make sure the student knows the instructions and format of the test. • The student must answer within a reasonable time. This should demonstrate the areas of language about which the student is most confident. • Repeat a question once. Grading a Student's Answers • There are no fixed answers for the test. Before the Picture Level Check Familiarise yourself with the picture. It is sunny. It won't help improve the student's English. The student also needs to know the format of the check. FAQs about the Level Check Q) What should I do if the student gives a one-word answer? A) Say: Please use a sentence. Q) After the test. Q) What should I do if a student becomes unable to answer the questions? A) Tell the student that the check has finished. Be positive if the test finishes quickly.handoutsonline. Instructions for the student • Please answer in full sentences. You may wish to speak a little more slowly than your natural pace. if requested by the Page 3 PHOTOCOPIABLE . From www. A number of suggestions are given on the mark-off sheet.handoutsonline. Introduction This level check is for low-level students. Give a demonstration sentence. The student should not see the examiner's cues. • The answer can be marked correct if it is grammatically correct and makes logical sense to the question.

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