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Ghost Ship Octavius (Seattle/NYC) Tetrarch (U.S.)

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— act Striker, there couldn’t be a better moment
Metal Bulletin Zine to get to know such distinct band and their
classic mix of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and
P.O. Box 1339
80’s Hair Metal ... After listening to this
Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA flammable metal album, I’m sure Striker will
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NEWS: Striker
Surprisingly, in 2017 the traditional, melodic
heavy metal band Striker (Canada) has
already released the album that follows up
last year's wonderful Stand in the Fire. The new
work is self-titled and the Canadians sound as
energized and skilled as ever. As publications
have observed, Striker represents the best
qualities of the young generation of traditional
heavy metal bands. The fans love the hooks,
the rocking riffs, the great songs and the ear-
friendly singing. Below you will find information
about the album, along with excerpts of how
reviewers have reacted to the new title.

Striker Metal Assault: "It only seems like yesterday
Striker when Canadian metal group Striker released
release date: February 24th, 2017 their fourth full-length album ‘Stand in the
label: Record Breaking Records Fire’, not only because the release date was
less than a year ago, but more so because
discography that album is still on the minds and playlists of
Demo 2008 those that were wise and fortunate enough to
Road Warrior EP 2009 feast their ears upon it ... While ‘Stand in the
Eyes in the Night 2010 Fire’ is an extremely dynamic record
Armed to the Teeth 2012 showcasing great variety and Striker’s full
City of Gold 2014 repertoire, the new one seems more focused
Stand in the Fire 2016 and straightforward, yet they end up with an
Striker 2017 almost equally dynamic album anyway,
because that’s just what comes naturally to
Metal Archives: "'Striker' returns with a non-stop these musicians, and their music shines
arsenal of songs and then it is back to back because they do not curb their natural
party time, so much that you can smell the songwriting instincts. This is probably the most
beer, denim and leather emanating from the quintessential Striker album till date, and
record as it burns through tracks such as 'Rock rightly self-titled."
the Night', 'Freedom’s Call' and the final track
with its fist in the air chorus, 'Curse of the Find out more about the 2017 album:
Dead'." striker-metal.com
The Headbanging Moose: "In case you’ve Twitter: @StrikerMetal
never heard of Canadian Heavy/Power Metal
Zix (Lebanon) with Maya Khairallah in 2012 after meeting the
Tides of the Final War guitarist Juan Carrizo in Germany and they
decided to record a debut ep. In December
release date: October 28th, 2016
2015 two new members joined the band,
label: Pure Steel Records Walid Awar on the guitars and Ziad Al Alam
on the drums.”
As you can see by looking at the release
date, I totally missed the boat on this band, “Formed in 2010 in Beirut, Zix’s goal is to
but maybe it’s not too late for the diehards illuminate the oppression of metal heads and
who live and breathe for traditional heavy lift the ban on heavy metal in this part of the
metal with the tunes for banging your head. world. For years, metal music lovers, aka metal
Zix goes for direct, no-nonsense riffs and heads, have been oppressed by various
heroic guitar solos, with a drumming style that religious and political institutions here, resulting
is the heartbeat of a song. The heritage of Zix in cancelled concerts and unjust arrests. With
is Judas Priest, the New Wave of British Heavy this project, Zix hopes to break down these
Metal, the grit of traditional/classic American barriers for good." About being on the label
metal (“U.S. metal,” as some call it in Europe) Pure Steel Records, they said: “The band is
and today’s true metal, which is often very excited to be part of the Pure Steel
associated with the label Pure Steel Records Records roster specially that some of the
(Germany). major influences of Zix are part of the Pure
Steel family such as Omen, Exxxplorer, David
With songs like “Metal Strike,” “A Thousand Shankle, to name a few and we are looking
Wars at Sea,” “Dark Days of Babylon” and forward to working with them.”
other such subject matter, they focus on
history, oppression, violence, the struggle for
freedom, and of course, heavy metal music.
Zix is all about having a strong sound of guitar
work that you can hear and guitar skills that
you can feel, in the hooks and melodies.
Heavy metal lifers will immediately recognize
what they have here. Zix does not try to fool
anyone; Zix is not posing, posturing and
pretending to be some “new” innovation. The
objective is heavy metal music, not fashions
and trends.

The band apparently formed in 2010 and they
have already done an EP in 2012, but this right
here is the full-length album. In order to give puresteel-records.com/bands/view/367/ZiX
you more of a context here is some official soundcloud.com/puresteelrecords/zix-
information that you might take an interest in: heavens-eyes
“ZiX is a heavy metal band which was formed facebook.com/Zixband
in Beirut in 2010 by composer/bassist Ziad
Bardawil who had already been working on
his own projects since 1998. Ziad joined forces
NEWS: Skinflint The Ghosts" by the Heavy Metal Band
The traditional heavy metal act Skinflint SKINFLINT from Botswana on CD is July 7th,
(Botswana) will have its new album out on 2017. SKINFLINT from Botswana, a country that
Pure Steel Records in July. For now, here is is not well known for traditional Metal or Rock
some information. There will be more about in general, already can be considered to one
Skinflint in this publication. of the old guards on our label. Very rightly,
albums like „Iklwa“ (2010) and „Dipoko“ (2012)
Skinflint are small classics nowadays in the
Chief of the Ghosts underground. A perfect combination
release date: July 7th, 2017 between traditional Heavy/Epic Metal and
label: Pure Steel Records decent African folk music. The trio around
Giuseppe „Juice“ Sbrana continues with their
old tradition also on the fifth long player
„Chief Of The Ghosts“. Rough and simple, yet
with much sensitivity for the decent exotic
touch, there are nine new songs, again partly
sung in their native language Setswana. Those
who already love the predecessors won’t be
disappointed with „Chief Of The Ghosts“ at all.

Total Playing Time: 37:14 min

Skinflint is a three piece Heavy Metal band LINE-UP:
from Gaborone, Botswana. They have Giuseppe Sbrana - vocals, guitars
incorporated elements from African culture Kebonye Nkoloso - bass
with Heavy Metal music, attracting the Sandra Sbrana - drums
attention of international media. Their releases
Iklwa, Gauna, Dipoko and Nyemba pay www.facebook.com/SKINFLINTMETAL
homage to ancestral beliefs and African
spirituality, while still playing in the vein of
Traditional Heavy Metal. The band has
headlined shows across Africa, and enjoyed
successful tours as far as Sweden.

The release date of the new album „Chief Of
The following is a review by Dee of the latest
work by Nornír (Germany). Below you can find
more about Dee’s metal music and her other
writings. At the end of the review you will also
find a link to listen to Nornír’s music.

release date: March 3rd, 2017
label: Northern Silence Productions

Germany’s Nornír have a new EP out, and it’s
called “Urd.” It’s promising up-and-coming
black metal that’s decked with a
Scandinavian design. I get the feeling we’ll be
hearing more from Nornír in the future. Here
are the members: Angrist is on guitar. Søvn
plays bass. Drums are handled by Farliath. Even though “Above the mountains” begins
Front-woman and guitarist, Lethian, gives us with a sallow vibe, the rest of the song stirs up
viciously powerful vocals. a hurricane of drums and thorny guitars.
We’re given a farewell through “På denne
I invite you to explore the workings of “Urd.” siden,” where heightened melodies give
What will become of us after this harsh, voice to revelations of humanity’s mysteries.
brewing storm? Let’s begin:
“Urd” seems to have reached through ages to
The EP opens its door with “På den andre bring these zesty four numbers forth. Frosty riffs,
siden,” and a blast of intense instrumentation rabid percussion and raw vocals are what
instantly crashes into us. Meet the fiery tremolo have made the EP so attractive. Walk “Urd”‘s
picking and the heated, tormented screams. charred valleys and look to its ominous skies,
It’s the perfect delivery of disaster, and the and be renewed.
woeful melody makes it even more charming.
What other presence could be lurking Dee online:
nearby? It’s “Winterthrone.” Stripped and @metalmellowdee
magnetic, this track seems to sweep through metalmellowdee.wordpress.com
and draw onlookers into the pits of an eternal
suffering; the guitar-work feels blunt and Nornír online:
commanding—traits that make black metal nornirmetal.bandcamp.com
the addictive concoction that it is. facebook.com/NornirMetal

Ghost Ship Octavius Ship Octavius was formed in 2012 and this
The lucky fans of the state of Washington this impressive record is their debut. Mind you, the
summer of 2017 will find the critically quality of this album is hardly a surprise given
acclaimed traditional/melodic progressive the clientele involved. As a huge fan of
metal music act Ghost Ship Octavius Nevermore, my attention was initially drawn to
performing concerts in a good effort to get to the fact that the beast that is Van Williams sits
the audiences right here in this state. They also behind the kit. Conducting a little further
have a show for the proudly weird people of research has led me to understand that God
Portland, Oregon. Here are the dates for the Forbid guitarist Matthew Wicklund is also
Northwest so far. involved, as is Dagna Silesia who has worked
with another member of the Nevermore
Jun 07 The Pin, Spokane, WA alumni, Warrel Dane, on his solo material
Jun 08 The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA alongside Wicklund. Completing the line-up is
Jun 09 Tony V's Garage, Everett, WA vocalist Adon Fanion, a relative unknown but
Jun 10 Louie G's Pizza, Fife, WA as it transpires, the owner of one hell of a set
Jun 11 Rock Hard PDX, Portland, OR of pipes.

This is a great opportunity to catch some On paper then, the prospect of this band is
quality music and now Washingtonians will very exciting. The reality is equally so. No
have several chances to hear it for damp squibs present, no deflated
themselves. The band says that they have expectations. ‘Ghost Ship Octavius’ is a
been working on the second album, which is melodic progressive metal monster that’s not
definitely good news for fans of progressive afraid to dip its toe into the realms of other
metal. Some people have already started metal subgenres.
speculating about the artwork for the new
album because of a particular image that Before I dissect a few of the tracks in more
they have on Facebook, but it’s certainly too detail, there are a few more general aspects
early at this point to get into that topic. to this album that need to be mentioned. First,
there are the performances of each member
At any rate, the band’s debut album was self- of the band which, as you might expect are
titled and it came out in 2015. In case you highly professional throughout. But, intrinsically
have not heard this work, our friend and prog linked to this is the song writing. Well-executed
expert Matt Spall (U.K.) doing his review of the instrumentalism only goes so far and will
album. Due to space limitations in this paper ultimately fail if it is not used to create strong
issue of the zine, this is a shortened version of compositions. Ghost Ship Octavius do not
the review. have this problem, as the music is incredibly
review by Matt Spall
Being a melodic metal band, you’d expect
Artist: Ghost Ship Octavius
there to be plenty of big choruses and hooks
Album Title: Ghost Ship Octavius to pull you in. There are. Just about every one
Label: Independent Release of the eleven tracks on this record provides
Date Of Release: 2015 some satisfying and addictive ear candy, be it
For those poor, unfortunate souls like me who overt or more subtly-placed.
are in need of a bit of background, Ghost
Being a band with progressive leanings as vocals immediately come to the fore,
well, you’d also expect the songs to have a displaying a huge range but also impressing
fair amount of variety to them and for the thanks to his ability to convey emotion with
music to offer something a little bit different. genuine power and conviction.
They do. There is more than enough virtuosity
and technicality from each corner of Ghost
Ship Octavius to supplement the melodies
and the more immediate aspects of the
music. Furthermore, there are several
eyebrow-raising moments where the band
goes all-out to intrigue and test the listener,
something I really enjoy and fully welcome.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a more
intangible aspect to ‘Ghost Ship Octavius’
that has an effect on me, and that’s the vibe
of the record. Melodic and progressive it ‘Alive’ has a sinister edge to it, driven by the
certainly is but it is also extremely heavy and monstrously powerful rhythm section of
quite dark. As befits a moniker like Ghost Ship Williams and Silesia. Wicklund indulges in
Octavius, there’s a slightly menacing and several wailing solos but they are as melodic
brooding underbelly to the album that I find and emotive as they are dextrous and
compelling and refreshing for a melodic technical, meaning that they genuinely add
metal band. The lyrics, the atmospheres, the to the song. A mix of all-out blastbeat-led
vocal delivery and a million other minute power and quiet, contemplative sections,
ingredients lend the music on this debut a complete with string and piano
morose and haunting aspect. I love it. embellishments adds to the sense of drama
and theatrical grandiosity that permeates the
Throw in a robust production that also allows entirety of this record.
sufficient clarity and space for everything to
be heard, even Silesia’s impressive bass work, I could go on because truth be told, ‘Ghost
and it becomes evident pretty quickly that Ship Octavius’ doesn’t contain any filler
we’re on to a real winner here. Everything material at all. This is a brilliant example of
about Ghost Ship Octavius screams quality, how wonderful melodic metal with a
focus and purpose. It only serves to heighten progressive edge can sound when done
my embarrassment for missing out on this properly with care and skill, not to mention a
album when it was released. clear vision and clarity of purpose from every
member of the band. Become familiar with
The album opens with ‘Saturn and Skies’. It the name of Ghost Ship Octavius because if
isn’t a long track but it immediately throws this is how good they sound on their debut
down the Ghost Ship Octavius gauntlet. It has album, just imagine what they might produce
a vague Nevermore feel to it in the riff in the future. The mind boggles but I can’t
department, but this is a theatrical, dynamic wait.
and ambitious composition that has its own
strong identity, changing tack frequently The Score Of Much Metal: 9.25
within its relatively short existence. Fanion’s Find Matt Spall at:
@ManOfMuchMetal (Twitter) 7/8 - Norfolk, VA @ Norfolk Taphouse
manofmuchmetal.wordpress.com 7/9 - Annapolis, MD @ Metropolitan
7/11 - Cincinnati, OH @ Q’s Dungeon (House
Ghost Ship Octavius on Facebook Show)
www.facebook.com/GhostShipOctavius 7/12 - Detroit, MI @ The Ritz
Twitter: @gsoctavius *w/ A Light Divided

** Biography: Tetrarch is a Nu-Metalcore band
NEWS: Tetrarch out of Atlanta, GA. The band currently resides
The U.S. metalcore group Tetrarch has began in Los Angeles and are slated to release new
the process of letting its fans know that they music in the Summer of 2017. Their debut
have a new recording coming up. They have album was recorded with producer Dave
a new track called "Break the Trend," and Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Khemmis,
they have a tour that will start in the middle of Allegeon), and blends the modern metal core
June. sound with the energy and dark vibes of
2000's Nu Metal. With their influences being
OFFICIAL: We are extremely stoked to share bands that have topped the metal world for
with you our new single "Break the Trend"! years such as Slipknot, Korn and Metallica -
Please do us a solid and check it out, let us Tetrarch are not shy about wanting to reach
know what you think and share it with your the top of the genre and are taking no
friends! This is only a small fraction of the nu prisoners in their fight to do so. Metal Mark
things to come. from Skulls n Bones writes, "Their sound is
catchy, yet heavy as hell, and their live
ALSO: Come sing the words loud with us this energy is just undeniable." The band will be
summer on the "Scream Out Loud" Tour: taking their high octane show on the road,
touring extensively through the US in 2017.
“Scream Out Loud” Summer Tour Dates: Catch the band on tour this summer in a city
near you.
6/15 - San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick w/ Ded
6/22 - Dallas, TX @ Reno’s Chop Shop facebook.com/tetrarchmusic/
6/23 - Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street
6/24 - Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
6/25 - Louisville, KY @ Brewskee’s —
6/27 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon metal programs in Washington (Pacific Times)
6/28 - Albany, GA @ Oglethorpe Lounge* Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday
6/29 - Tallahassee, FL @ 926 Bar* night 10pm-1am www.kaosradio.org
6/30 - Tampa, FL @ The Brass Mug
7/1 - Orlando, FL @ The Haven* Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 10pm-
7/2 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (Hell)* 3am KISW 99.9fm www.kisw.com
7/3 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero* —
7/4 - Greensboro, NC @ Shiners* This zine is also available at:
7/5 - Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club www.issuu.com/metalbulletinzine
7/6 - Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar & Grill
7/7 - New York, NY @ DROM (Late Show)