Rev (02/2016)


This end user license agreement (“EULA”) is a legal contract between You (either an individual or a single entity) and
Rockwell Automation, Inc.
(“Rockwell Automation”) for the Software product(s) and Documentation that Rockwell Automation licenses to You.

1. DEFINITIONS Software installation, but are provided as an
accommodation to You.
1.1. Activation Certificate: means a document included
1.7. Confidential Information means: (i) the Software
with the Software that may provide, among other
and Documentation; (ii) the technology, ideas,
things, Your Software Activation Key and specific
know-how, documentation, processes, algorithms
information regarding the License Type and
and trade secrets embodied in the Software; (iii)
License Term.
any software keys related to the Software; and (vi)
any other information in written or electronic media
1.2. Activation Key: means the alphanumeric code that that is identified as “confidential,” “proprietary” or
enables You to activate and use the Software. with a similar legend at the time of such disclosure.

1.3. Affiliates: means an entity that is directly or 1.8. Data: means information or data obtained, received
indirectly controlled by or is under common control or collected from Your usage of the Software.
with such party, where “control” means an
ownership, voting or similar interest representing
1.9. Designated Location: Means the site, Equipment
fifty percent (50%) or more of the total interests
and/or application owned and operated by You as
then outstanding of the relevant entity.
designated by Rockwell Automation in the
Activation Certificate or other agreement between
1.4. Capacity: means a specific licensed size criteria as the parties.
described on the Activation Certificate and
includes, among other measurements, equipment 1.10. Device: means any physical or virtual environment,
count, I/O count, platform counts, session count, node, server, computer, or other digital
tag counts, screen counts, Equipment counts and workstation, electronic, cellular, or computing
processor counts. equipment that runs, accesses, or utilizes the
services of the Software.
1.5. Client: means a Device running, accessing or
utilizing, directly or indirectly, the Server Software. 1.11. Documentation: means the then-current
documentation regarding the Software that is
1.6. Complementary Software: means samples, generally provided or made available to You by
utilities, plug-ins, user interface components and/or Rockwell Automation either in print or electronic,
reports that are generally not included in a default and which may include end user manuals,
operation instructions, installation guides, release
1 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev

Any use of the Software by authorized contractors shall be solely for Your internal business purposes. Third Party Software: means third party software Type(s) that You purchased. exclusive license during the License Term to Complementary Software.17. 1.1. Device License: means a license to use the Software on any Device that hosts Software that 1. can be run. a Delaware corporation. Server: means any Device that hosts Server 3. or portions thereof. 2. accessed. GRANT OF LICENSE manufacturer has integrated the Software. directly or indirectly. License Type: means user.2. having a principal place of business at Term are detailed in Rockwell Automation’s 1201 South 2nd Street. 3. 1. Inc. nontransferable. purposes on a Device and at the Designated Location if specified. The rights granted to You with respect to the 1. Concurrent License: means a license to use the to only use such Microsoft SQL Server in Software by a specified number of users. breach by You. or used by conditions of this EULA.22. upgrades or Documentation for Your own internal business enhancements thereto.21. Feature: means an add-on functionality and 2.2.4. a limited. If the Software includes limited license rights for Microsoft SQL Server. and its License Term. pursuant to the License 1.3. or used by another Device. 1. Your timely payment of another Device. services. Wisconsin Activation Certificate supplied to You at the time 53204. Reseller/OEM Product: means a product into which a system integrator or original equipment 3. and You will provided the number of users accessing or using acquire from Microsoft any licenses to Microsoft 2 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . for ensuring your personnel and authorized contractors comply with all relevant terms of this 1. EULA: means this end user license agreement. and on-line help files regarding the use of the Software at the same time do not exceed the the Software. Rockwell Automation: means Rockwell Software are based on the License Type and the Automation. The License Type and the License Affiliates. Milwaukee. Capacity Based or Named Software license. LICENSE TYPE 3. You: means the purchaser of the Software and/or EULA and any failure to comply will constitute a the user of the Software.20. firmware and download.3. Capacity Based License: means a license to use the Software based upon a Capacity. accesses or with other License Types.18. 2. personal. of Your purchase confirmation. notes. during installation. Named License: means a license to use the be provided with a Microsoft SQL Server license Software only by the identified individual person. any applicable license fee.15.5. The License 2. number of valid software activations You have purchased. non- technology.12. If the Software You have acquired is used in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server.6. Rockwell 1. utilizes. Software license as specified in the Activation Certificate or other agreement between the parties. Subject to Your compliance with all the terms and Software and can be run. Site License: means a license to use the Software libraries to the Software. 2. Software: includes any of the following: Rockwell Automation and its third party licensors grant You Automation’s computer software. install and/or use the Software and associated media and any updates. You agree 2.14.. Server. Equipment: means any physical asset. License Term: means the time duration of the Location. and Your compliance with the activation process if applicable. Capability License: means a usage license Types may be used individually or in combination required for each Feature that runs. conjunction with the Software. You are responsible furnished with or as part of the Software. subcomponent or grouping thereof.16. accessed. programs.1. 1. cloud application. the Software.19. 1. by an unlimited number of Your employees or Your authorized contractors at a Designated 1. You may 2.13.

If You are a system integrator or original equipment manufacturer and You have integrated the ii. as well as all make Software training materials to be sold. block or modify Software or any modification to the Software to any logs.6. a. You may not provide. 3. RESTRICTIONS You are solely responsible and liable for any such training materials You produce. except for Your internal use of Documentation copied in its entirety. hardware and software on Your site. You may make a copy of the Software provided You under this Software.4. purpose of making derivative works. You foregoing as permitted by applicable law. (iii) per this section 4. 4. You acknowledge and agree that (i) You have accepted and are bound by this EULA. Rockwell Automation’s sole obligations with regard to the Software are as set forth in this EULA. SQL Server that exceeds the rights provided to i. 3 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . or incompatibilities with and only to the extent that such restrictions may be the Software. (ii) licensing of any Software for the address Your needs. You may make a copy of the Software for Software into a Reseller/OEM Product for purposes of installation of the Software within purposes of resale to Your end customer. utilize. that any such copy is only for archival purposes to internally back up the Software. trademarks. copyrights or other notices become subject to the terms of the GPL. You may not Software with any software licensed under any transfer the prior edition or prior version to another version of or derivative for the GNU General Public user. and screen captures of Your Software application. or commercially host the Software as an application service provider or the like for other third parties. You are responsible for all telecommunication or Internet connections and associated fees required e. For c. Use Restrictions: except to the extent stated in this section. If You upgraded or updated the Software to a the avoidance of 3. translate or create derivative works original equipment manufacturer for any defects in based on the Software or Documentation. licensed. You may not combine newer version of the Software. except the Reseller/OEM Product. or (iii) redistribution of any Software at no charge. licenses for such Software image copies. You may not reverse assemble. or could be interpreted or asserted to cause. You may copy the Software image with prior Software transfer registration notice at written consent by Rockwell Automation activate. (ii) the iv. 4. If You use any third party software not supplied by any technical restrictions or limitations in the Rockwell Automation. reverse engineer. Copy/Design Restrictions: a.1. or distributed. the d. (iv) You will look solely to the system integrator or decompile.5. If You intend to undertake any of the software. their acceptance of this EULA and Your completion of the iii. You may not copy the Software or Documentation 4. You will retain and reproduce all copyright or system integrator or original equipment proprietary notices in their exact form on all manufacturer is not authorized to modify or amend copies (including partial copies) of the Software this EULA or to offer any warranties or or Documentation made by You as permitted representations regarding the Software. You may not use the Software or Documentation to to access or use the Software. permitted by applicable law.2. You will must ensure that such use does not require (i) give Rockwell Automation advance notice and an disclosure or distribution of any Software in source opportunity to provide alternative means to code form. and b. minimize. You may Your organization provided You have transfer the Software to Your end customer upon purchased licenses for such Software copies. of Rockwell Automation or its licensors that are included in the Software or Documentation. or as set forth in Section 14.1. You may not remove. License (“GPL”) in any manner that could cause. used. including open source Software. in conjunction with any Software. If You are an provided you have purchased the required end customer receiving a Reseller/OEM Product. You may not work around or bypass 3.

You may not use any Confidential Information to or error free. You are not granted a license to use the FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR automation interface or other programmatic ANY WARRANTY UNDER UCITA. if You have acquired a Rockwell Software was delivered will be replaced without Automation product from an unauthorized source. AND ROCKWELL AUTOMATION c. Rockwell Automation makes no such materials is prohibited. The Software is warranted for ninety (90) days after number of valid software activations You have its initial delivery to You that it will substantially purchased. You may only use the Software at the Designated Location if a Designated Location has been e.3. that the operation of the Software will be uninterrupted h.b. programing techniques to pool connections. and any use of of this EULA. software or of vulnerability to intrusion or attack. Rockwell Automation will use Rockwell Automation product only if such product commercially reasonable efforts designed to has been legitimately acquired directly from an identify and remove any viruses or other similar authorized Rockwell Automation source. All other intentionally harmful code from the Software prior downloads and use thereof is strictly prohibited. but not limited to. You may only install the Software for use with one e. In addition. You may only use the Software on the Designated platforms without our written consent. You assume complete responsibility for decisions made or actions taken based on 4. to delivery to You. reroute information. MERCHANTABILITY OR d. programing AND ITS LICENSORS DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL techniques or command lines to provide enhanced IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS. express or implied. LIMITED WARRANTY f. This e. NO ORAL OR 4 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . rent. Defective media on which the For example. Except as expressly stated herein. Any application created by use of the Software is specified.. WARRANTY OF TITLE. utilities. due to the continual development of new a. requirements. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.2. c. You may not use the Software beyond the License architecture Type or and one operating system at any given time. including. system or network on which the Software is used will be free b. including Software in any way or use the Software in breach Software and firmware updates.g. change management systems. NONINFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS. conform with its Documentation supplied by Rockwell Automation at the time of initial delivery g. or reduce the number of 5. lease. written consent. f. charge if returned during the warranty period. Device if a Designated Device has been specified. License Term You have purchased in your Activation Certificate. Other Restrictions: information obtained using the Software.1. representation or warranty. an unauthorized online reseller. Rockwell Automation does not warrant independent use. interfacing to the Software beyond authorized INCLUDING (WITHOUT LIMITATION) ANY Rockwell Automation available interfaces. The number of users accessing or using the Software at the same time may not exceed the 5. You are not warranty shall be void if You attempt to modify the permitted to download any materials. You may not interfaces contained within the Software in sublicense. You may not separate component parts of the techniques for intruding upon and attacking Software for networks. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW required licenses that directly access or use the THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN Software. You may download and use Software for a of the Software. 5. that the Software or any equipment. You may not use any tool. You may not use hardware. or that the functions contained in the contest the validity of any intellectual property of Software will meet or satisfy Your intended use or Rockwell Automation or its licensors. LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES. resell. prohibited from being translated into instructions that run on third party Software or hardware d. or transfer the conjunction with any third party software not Software without Rockwell Automation’s prior authorized by Rockwell Automation in writing.

Rockwell Automation offers multiple software support services. INDEMNIFICATION: Rockwell Automation will THAT ARE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. not GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. copyright. The foregoing states the sole and exclusive reasonable efforts to deliver replacement obligations of Rockwell Automation for intellectual Software which meets the Limited Warranty property infringement. any Software is determined or believed by Rockwell Automation to infringe the rights of a third party.G. THE SOFTWARE MAY BE USED TO ACCESS contact your local distributor or Rockwell AND TRANSFER INFORMATION OVER THE Automation representative. agreement. Rockwell Automation the exclusive right to defend COMPUTERS. AND supplied by Rockwell Automation. and purchase during the warranty period. provided that You: (i) UNAUTHORIZED USERS (E. or (d) if none of the foregoing can be achieved despite the a. For more information 5. SO THE ABOVE Software in Your or a third-party process. WRITTEN INFORMATION. Limited Warranty specified above which is terminate the license for the infringing Software. OR ADVICE GIVEN 7. or (d) Your YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH failure to implement any update to the Software VARY FROM JURISDICTION TO furnished by Rockwell Automation. Rockwell Automation’s entire liability and Your functionally equivalent or superior in performance. Rockwell Automation shall have no liability for any infringement that is based upon or 5. Rockwell Automation may. upgrades or enhancements to the ANY WAY INCREASE THE SCOPE OF THE Software unless you separately purchase a EXPRESS WARRANTIES PROVIDED IN THIS Rockwell Automation software support service SECTION. TROJAN HORSES. The replacement of the Software not meeting the reasonable efforts of Rockwell Automation. at Rockwell Automation’s AUTOMATION AND ITS LICENSORS WILL NOT expense.4.. or trademark granted or WORMS. INTERNET OR BE USED IN CONNECTION WITH HARDWARE AND OTHER PRODUCTS 8. 5 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . and Rockwell Automation or its reseller will refund Your purchase price. THIS WARRANTY materials. specifications or designs.3. (ii) provide DAMAGE YOUR DATA. and (iii) provide all reasonable BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE information and assistance requested for the ACTIVITIES. OR OTHER registered in the country of Rockwell Automation’s UNDESIRABLE DATA OR SOFTWARE. WEB-SITES. model. (c) EXCLUSION combinations with other equipment. ROCKWELL and settle the suit. returned with proof of have You return or destroy such Software. OR (II) shipping destination. MARKETING OR PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. SUPPORT SERVICES: Rockwell Automation BY ROCKWELL AUTOMATION OR ITS does not provide any support services for the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES SHALL Software under this EULA. software or MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. including Reseller/OEM Products. defense. LIMITATION OF REMEDIES option and expense. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE arises out of: (a) compliance with Your EXCLUSION instructions. elect to: (a) modify the Software so that it is non-infringing. You have no rights to CREATE ANY ADDITIONAL WARRANTIES OR IN any updates. exclusive remedy for breach of the Limited (c) obtain a license for You to continue to use the Warranty shall be: Software as provided hereunder. utility THE INTERNET AND THAT: (I) VIRUSES. In the event JURISDICTION. You may terminate this EULA by returning or destroying the Software as provided herein.1. (b) replace the Software with noninfringing Software that is 6. If Rockwell Automation is unable through basis. HACKERS) promptly inform Rockwell Automation of the MAY ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN ACCESS TO AND alleged infringement in writing. or refund to You the license fees paid by Customer for such Software. pay costs and damages finally awarded in any YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT suit against You to the extent based on a finding ROCKWELL AUTOMATION AND ITS that the design of Software licensed hereunder by LICENSORS DO NOT OPERATE OR CONTROL Rockwell Automation infringes any patent. at its sole 6. specified above. OR NETWORKS. prorated over sixty (60) months from the date of this Agreement on a straight-line b. (b) use of OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES.

2. You may terminate it at any time by destroying all copies of the Software and 9. product features 6 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . environmental damage (“High Risk Activities”). reason.1. During the grace period. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR 11. costs. INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. personal injury. USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE attorneys’ fees and other expenses relating to SOFTWARE. plan. the License excludes any High Risk FOR LOST SAVINGS.2. or whenever the AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND ROCKWELL Software is unable to locate a Factorytalk® AUTOMATION AND REGARDLESS OF THE Activation. protections in this EULA relating to intellectual property protection. IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE FIRST EVENT Termination of this EULA will automatically GIVING terminate all licenses granted herein. APPOINTED licenses or resolving your Factorytalk® Activation DISTRIBUTORS AND OTHER AUTHORIZED issue. The RISE TO LIABILITY. FOR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION. and (ii) LOSS WHATSOEVER) ARISING OUT OF OR IN shall indemnify Rockwell Automation and its ANY WAY RELATED TO THIS EULA OR THE licensors from all losses. installing. This Software will cease to operate at the PROVISION OF THIS EULA OR ANY OTHER expiration of your License Term. You agree upon termination of this EULA to cease INCLUDING using the Software and either return to Rockwell THAT WITH RESPECT TO DIRECT DAMAGES Automation or destroy all copies of the Software AND OBLIGATIONS UNDER ANY INDEMNITY. If this WHETHER OR NOT INSURED. This EULA takes effect upon Your downloading. confidentiality. INCIDENTAL.1. claims. AND FURTHER WILL without a Factorytalk® Activation to provide users EXTEND TO THE BENEFIT OF ROCKWELL with a grace period for renewing applicable AUTOMATION’S VENDORS. system set-up and Software support OR DATA. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY RESELLERS AS THIRD-PARTY BENEFICIARIES. PUNITIVE.4. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY 10. FOR LOSS OF PRIVACY. 9. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION'S AND ITS THIRD Documentation in Your possession. and You (i) shall not use the Software AND FOR ANY OTHER PECUNIARY OR OTHER with respect to any High Risk Activities. WILL NOT Software has been licensed to You as part of a EXCEED THE LICENSE FEES PAID FOR THE subscription service or limited License Term. NO HIGH RISK USE: The Software is not fault- APPLICABLE LAW. EVEN IF ROCKWELL such High Risk Activities. copying or otherwise using the Software SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY and remains effective until terminated for any TO YOU. AUTOMATION OR ITS RESELLER HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. IN NO EVENT SHALL tolerant and is not designed. DAMAGES FOR LOSS Unless Rockwell Automation gives its prior written OF PROFITS consent and is consulted regarding the specific OR CONFIDENTIAL OR OTHER INFORMATION deployment.9. This EULA PARTY LICENSORS’ MAXIMUM CUMULATIVE will also automatically terminate if You fail to LIABILITY comply with any term or condition of this EULA. which the failure of the Software could lead to OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES death. period will continue to operate for seven (7) days TORT OR OTHERWISE. or severe physical or WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING. BUT NOT LIMITED TO. Software that is enabled with a grace FORM OF ACTION. TERM AND TERMINATION 9. WHETHER IN CONTRACT. Activities. and Documentation in Your possession. damages. 11.3. disclaimers. THROUGHOUT THIS EULA WILL APPLY REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER CONTRARY 11. RELATIVE TO ALL CLAIMS AND LIABILITIES. manufactured or ROCKWELL AUTOMATION OR ITS THIRD intended for use or resale in hazardous PARTY LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY environments requiring fail-safe performance in SPECIAL. 9. ALL OF THE DISCLAIMERS AND LIMITATIONS and liability limitations shall survive any OF REMEDIES AND/OR LIABILITY termination or expiration of this Agreement. this SOFTWARE GIVING RISE TO THE CLAIM OR EULA shall terminate after the period of the LIABILITY DURING THE TWELVE (12) MONTHS subscription or Licensed Term has lapsed. INDIRECT.

ACADEMIC USE: If this Software was purchased for Government. 12. consistent with the copies of the Software (the media excluding policies set forth in 48 C. You and Rockwell Automation each agree to provide 13. 12. All such expenses related to such audit in addition to any Complementary Software is provided "as is". Rockwell 18. If this Software is Arena acquisition by or on behalf of units of the simulation software. Licensee title and noninfringement.7202-1 (JUN activation) solely for academic. You shall Complementary Software that is in the form of reimburse Rockwell Automation for all reasonable samples or reusable application code. In the event that such audit reveals Software and related Documentation. upon reasonable notice. As an accommodation to You.7202-3 (JUN 1995). Only the instructor/professor provided to the Government (i) for acquisition by or registered to the Software is eligible to contact on behalf of civilian agencies.") and any other 13. The Software and Documentation are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and 7 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . governing export. use of Rockwell Automation Software and You agree to comply with the beta form Documentation and will obtain all required U. licenses. authorized agents in any such audit to assist in Documentation (electronic or printed) or accurately determining Your compliance with the downloaded from the Rockwell Automation terms and conditions of this EULA. accompanying such Software. Rockwell Automation and its third party Automation and its authorized agents will comply licensors make no representations or warranties with Your reasonable security regulations while on regarding Your use of the Complementary Your premises. 16.F.S.212.F. EXPORT CONTROLS: The Software and Documentation supplied by Rockwell Automation 13. The Complementary cooperate fully with Rockwell Automation and its Software may be contained in the Software. fitness for a particular purpose.1. 15. You may any use of the Software by You other than in full modify and create derivative works of compliance with the terms of this EULA. the following provision applies.1. You agree to complementary features.R. and IS” BASIS. teaching and 1995) and 227. AUDIT: You agree that Rockwell Automation may Complementary Software is intended to be used audit Your use of the Software for compliance with for example purposes or to provide additional these terms. USE OF BETA RELEASES IS AT YOUR other in connection with securing authorizations or SOLE RISK. SUCH RELEASES ARE PROVIDED ON AN “AS the other information. Rockwell website. GOVERNMENT RESTRICTED RIGHTS: If You are a branch or agency of the United States 12. or (ii) for product updates. research purposes. in excess of that originally licensed may be merchantability.212 (SEPT 1995) and are for educational use. accessible. OWNERSHIP Automation disclaims all warranties with regard to this information. support documents. COMPLEMENTARY SOFTWARE: 17. Commercial use of the computer software documentation" as such terms Software is prohibited if the software was intended are used in 48 C. You may provide You with a preproduction release of shall comply with such laws and regulations the Software (often labeled a “beta release”). The academic or research use by an educational Software and Documentation are comprised of institution. it may be used for teaching and "commercial computer software" and "commercial research purposes only.S. and local authorizations. WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY assistance as may reasonably be required by the KIND.F. 14. import. You have the right to make Department of Defense.R.2. and other liabilities You may incur as a result of such technical support for and future enhancement of non-compliance. PREPRODUCTION RELEASES under this EULA are subject to export controls under the laws and regulations of the United States ("U.R. including all implied warranties and conditions of 18. such Complementary Software is not guaranteed nor included as part of Rockwell Automation’s standard software support services. or licenses. Rockwell Automation applicable countries' laws and regulations. permits. re-export. is not authorized to use features in excess of those originally licensed. 227. transfer and These releases are not suitable for production use. consistent with the Rockwell Automation for technical support and policy set forth in 48 C.

You do not acquire any Rockwell Automation and its Affiliates may also rights. or collect data or information. The Software and which does not personally identify You. but in no event with safeguards less software which requires You to accept and be than a reasonably prudent business would bound by notices and/or additional terms and exercise under similar circumstances. is the (including. relating to the Software provided and the Software and services. ation/supp ort/pcdc. facilitate or improve Your use of the products. the "Data"). Automation’s marketing and sales activities. or be bundled with third party information. THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE: The Software may respect to Your own similarly valuable proprietary incorporate. or international copyright law or any other law. In addition. MISCELLANEOUS compile. prior written consent. process. and supersede all diagnostics and prognostics. but not limited to. Such required third party notices and/or take prompt and appropriate action to prevent additional terms and conditions are identified in the unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential help or about screens and license. purpose. ASSIGNMENT: You may not assign this EULA. and any amendment or addendum to services by Rockwell Automation and its Affiliates this EULA that accompanies the Software. The damages would not be an adequate remedy. embed. receive. party suppliers and service providers. GOVERNING LAW: This EULA shall be governed intellectual property rights may cause irreparable by the laws of the State of Wisconsin. to improve Documentation are licensed. forth therein. not sold. energy. and You further agree to the 19. or create derivative works of the Data solely to facilitate the performance of sales and 24. You shall conditions. quality. and Your use of the Software installation. No additional or different terms in 8 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . royalty- free. including permitted copies.S. By accepting this EULA. Nothing in our products. other than those use this information in the aggregate. without Rockwell Automation’s respect to the Software. 18. This EULA. Wisconsin for any action that Rockwell Automation except as expressly authorized by this EULA. and other intellectual use and aggregate the Data in support of Rockwell property rights in the Software and Documentation. 24. treaties. will be deemed to be Your acceptance Software. Rockwell Automation may obtain. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: You shall not jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of use or disclose any Confidential Information.2. You agree to bring equitable relief in addition to any remedies it may any action in connection with this EULA or the have hereunder or at law. whether written or oral. and reporting). Any attempt to assign this Rockwell Automation may use feedback for any EULA without such consent will be null and void. and United Nations Convention on the International Rockwell Automation shall be entitled to seek Sale of Goods will not apply. text files of the Software and are made a part of and incorporated by reference into this EULA. DATA: In Rockwell Automation’s performance of as provided in the Product Compatibility download services.rockwellautomation. in suggestions. without injury to Rockwell Automation for which monetary regard to any conflict of laws provisions. comments or other feedback with whole or in part.3. or in connection with Your Center located at use of Rockwell Automation products and http://www. Software exclusively in the state or federal courts of Wisconsin. Feedback is voluntary. this EULA will bind and without obligation or restriction of any and to prior agreements. non-revocable license to use. You grant Documentation. and brings against You. complete and exclusive agreement between and security analytics. or 20. reproduce. product and service Rockwell Automation and You. distribute. including improvement of the Software. or usage specific data (collectively. display. worldwide. In such cases.txt or readme Information. You grant Rockwell Automation a non-exclusive. sales activities. store. copyright. shall protect all such Confidential Information using the same degree of care which You use with 23. Software and services and we may this EULA constitutes a waiver of our rights under share anonymous aggregate data with our third U. inure to the benefits of each party’s permitted successors and assigns. if any. You agree that a material breach of this EULA adversely affecting Rockwell Automation’s 22. Rockwell Automation or its licensors Rockwell Automation and its Affiliates a license to retain the title. You may provide Rockwell Automation with 21. Subject to the foregoing. express or implied. 18. perpetual. safety. including You agree to review such terms and conditions set Your contact information. in a form expressly granted in this EULA. computer system.

any purchase order or other similar document furnished by You will be binding on Rockwell Automation and all such terms are deemed rejected. 9 Rockwell Automation End User License Agreement (Rev 2/2016) . Les parties reconnaissent avoir exigé la rédaction en anglais du Contrat. The parties acknowledge that they have required the EULA to be drafted in English.2. In the event of a conflict between the English and other language versions. the English version will prevail. This EULA may not be changed or modified except by an instrument in writing signed by a duly authorized representative of Rockwell Automation. and the remainder of this EULA shall continue in full force and effect. 24. to be unenforceable. that provision of the EULA shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to affect the intent of the parties. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this EULA or portion thereof.