June 2017

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord
has granted me what I asked of him.
So now I give him to the Lord.
Praying for Guatemala
For his whole life he will be given
Our ministries in Guatemala
over to the Lord.” 1 Samuel 1:27-28 depend on our Lord’s guidance
and protection every day.
We ask for favorable court
hearings and for court officials
to be more child-sensitive.
Empower our staff and girls
to show healthy boundaries,
and motivate each other to
grow in Christian faith and trust.
Help our missionaries, staff,
and service teams to live with
love and compassion.
Remember our families.
Bless new believers in
Big changes at Casa Ester!
Christ and those who are still The new second floor of
Seven girls live in the new on the street or in the dark.
apartments and tías are working La Arquilla expands our program
alongside four girls who will Thank you! just in time for five new moms
transition in from Oasis by next and their babies. Our newest
year. The Casa Ester main baby boy was just born on May
house has been renovated, with 27. Now we have 14 moms and
a new roof, electrical wiring, and 14 babies in our pregnant girls
a remodeled interior. and young moms program. We
Construction just started on a welcome new staff in the house
new building with living space and guardería.
for tías and a meeting area.

Please join us in prayer for Kids Alive International in Guatemala
Monday mornings: all-tías devotions ~ Wednesday mornings: all-staff devotions
Wednesday evenings: all-campus worship

1 Kids Alive Guatemala
Joshua Ma Memorial Prayer Garden
will be dedicated on June 16 at Oasis.
Our dear friend and missionary Joshua Ma
designed this prayer garden as a quiet
place for the Oasis girls to pray.
The center of the peaceful alcove is a
beautiful native stone fountain set against
a bamboo background surrounded by
flowers and trees.
We thank God for Josh’s life and service.

KAG missionary Meaghen Burge reports that
students are doing well at Fuente de Esperanza.
“Praises for a recent pajama party with my middle
school-age small group of nine girls. Awesome
worship! God moved in mighty ways in our
hearts,” she said. “The girls loved sleeping in the
service team bunkbeds. It was the first time they’d
ever had their own beds!”
Our economic empowerment project is growing
corn in Zapote. KAG leased and subleased land
to 22 families. We supplied seed, fertilizer, and we
Oasis girls by the numbers make a busy year
consult with producers regularly. After harvest, the
already. Four girls returned to family with visits by
families will reimburse KAG for 50% of the rent
our Families Together Program staff. Two girls
and all of the inputs.
moved to Casa Ester and four more will move in
❖ Pray for peace and health in Zapote. later. Four young women are in work-study
❖ Meaghen asks for prayer to end anxiety programs. Seven girls moved into Oasis. Plus 10
attacks and a circulating stomach bug. new moms with babies moved into La Arquilla.
❖ Pray for a safe and successful harvest. Ask
New kids of all ages, new tías, new missionaries,
God to reveal his plans for more diverse
and new staff make Oasis a dynamic place where
community development projects.
God’s presence is vital.
❖ Pray that each person can feel His vision
come to life in their work, play, school,
worship, court, and community time.
❖ May God restore our courage, strength, and
hope for the challenges we face together.

“It’s amazing to think of ten years from now,
what God is doing here at Kids Alive, the
potential impact of it. Thinking back to what was
happening here ten years ago gives an idea.”
Dave M., MN, service team

2 Kids Alive Guatemala