He had left the place because he didn't wish to intermingle with Her anymore

apparently for a reason he had not yet comprehended.

He was standing majestically on a top of the highest building in sight as he
continued his rampaging, or rarther it was his minions who carried out evil
atrocities which had rooted deep within his mind. He stood there smiling as his
myrmidon obsequiously wreaking havoc like a red hot steam of death devouring every
thing is sight.

This scene - which he had yearned for a long eon of time - galvanized him in most
charming ways.

"This is what I want. This is my desire, my long lost companion." He said to
himself as a hint of soft - but menacing smile played viciously at the corner of
his lips. He let this blood-drenched and soothing scene burn deep within his
memories. He was so absolutely tranqulized by the comfortable scene - for him, that
he didn't notice the faintest of oppresion to his majestic but dark-dyed aura. He
continued gazing down over and his eyes represnted a childlike fire, which was soon
vanquished when his unholy aura was cramped by a rather defying power, like being
pierced by a tiny lance, shooting slightest of pain through his body. A minute
but shrieking sound resonated through-out his mind. " I knew it! I should've put an
end to her miserable so-called life myself." He confidently said to himself.

"Aamon!" The subjugator shouted. His words rumbled like a thunder. A tall, well-
built demon with stygian horns and long jet-black tail solified within fraction of
a second, only to bow humbly before his master. " My lord." Aamon was the right-
hand and most trusted existence Jake had ever had. Perhaps this was the reason why
Jake had allowed him the access to his most omni-potent powers and avant-garded
merits. " Keep a watch here. I am sure "He" must've already noticed and a army of
angels will soon come flooding down from heaven. I want you to completely crush
their futile resistance." Jake said, soaring high into the sky, a wall of dust
accompanied the heavy squall of wind shook the ground to it's ver core as this on-
par-with-god being took off.

Within a blink of an eye Jake was already standing where he was few moments ago.

" So we meet again, huh? " Jake said as the same defying holiness continued
intesifying - which however, was still not close to the level to affect him at all.
He eyed her momentarily and started his unpretentious march towards her, with cold
eye and never-ending darkness which was concealed before by his curtain of
affection for her.