Guía Nº4 Inglés

(Valor 30%)

Utilizando como ejemplo el CV de la página 70, realiza tu propio CV en

Personal details Ivan Rangel

Date of Birth: 10/5/1999
Address: 60th Street, Andres Bello Building “A”, 4 Floor,
Apt. 42, Montalban II
Telephone: (+58) 424-1610301

Employment 2017 to present
Domino’s Cashier: Domino’s Pizza Delivery, 4-12 hours
a week. Duties include: Attending customers, answering
delivery calls.
Street Entertainer: Spinning knifes in the air on whichever
street I got on.

Education 2007-2017 San Luis School
Grade A in Biology, P.E., geography, chemistry, English,
math; Grade B in Spanish, French.

Skills and Achivements Handling with troublesome customers 4 hours straight.
Good at throwing knifes at the air for no reason.
Never had a tooth decay.
Competent at gossiping about annoying bosses.

Interests Knife throwing championships
Janitor jobs

Reference Random person that complimented me on the street
Domino’s Pizza Delivery
My mom