RVACG Board of Directors

Saturday, May 13, 2017.
The May 13, 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President McVay at 10:18
am in the library at Spring Green Community Church.

Present: McVay; D. Miller; McCarville; Schneider, B. Miller, D. Koller
Absent: Anderson
Guests: None
D. Miller made the motion to establish a quorum. Second by McCarville. Motion carried.
McCarville made the motion to approve the minutes from the April board meeting. Koller Second.
Motion carried.
No public comment
President’s Report.
McVay reported that the Village Board was happy with the addition of trees on the Gardens site as
discussed at their April 26 meeting. He further reported that American Players Theatre would take all
trees that would not be planted at the Garden.
McVay reported that 23 people attended the Dr. Erin Silva’s seminar held on Friday, May 12, 2017.
Vice President’s Report.
D. Miller reported that he needed to know what tasks needed to be done in the Gardens and the
approximate time required for each so that he could schedule volunteers. He would like a list of
substitutes if volunteers couldn’t meet their commitment.
Miller reported that the shed is ready to install.
Parts for the irrigation system was discussed and a list of parts was submitted for ordering.
There was a discussion of buying a lawn mower after the pre-meeting discussion of mowing the Gardens.
Secretary’s Report.
Schneider reported that she discussed the Bike Path proposed to go through the Gardens with the Village
Clerk. It was suggested that McVay go back to the Village Board for a decision on their commitment to
the Path. Schneider was directed to contact Tim Lins to determine the path of the snowmobile trail
through the gardens.
Treasurer’s Report.
McCarville reported that she had received correspondence from the IRS saying the Gardens had qualified
for the 501C4 status. Anderson has agreed to continue working on the switch to 501C3 by rewriting the
application to “individual gardeners may donate to the Food Pantry” not that the Gardens donates to the
Food Pantry.
McCarville reported that Cheryl Wittman’s Firm Wagner, LLC paid our taxes of $450 for the 2016 season
without the 501C in place. She further reported that Wagner paid the IRS $299 for filing Form 990M
which is due by May 15. The Gardens owe Wagner LLC $745 to be paid in 6 payments of $124.17.
RVACG Board of Directors
Saturday, May 13, 2017.
McCarville reported that checkbook balance was currently $466.16. which included $140 for plot fees
and $6.01 for expenses. McCarville reported that the Gardens insurance payment of $475 was due to
State Farm.
McCarville reported that she is currently working on an application for the Kettle Moraine Garden Club
grant for the 2018 gardening season
Next fund raising opportunity is a Brat Stand at Prems on Saturday June 24. Cardinal Glass may be
donating $500 to the Gardens.
Old Business. No old business to discuss
New Business.
Schneider made the motion to appoint Doug Rouse, Ph.D., as the RVACG’s Plant Disease Advisor.
Second by McVay. Motion carried.
D. Miller made the motion to hold recurring “Disease Walks” on-site with Dr. Rouse, from June through
September, to instruct gardeners on the identification, biology, and control of various plant pathogens,
pests, and physiological disorders encountered while gardening with the dates to be established later by
Rouse. B. Miller second. Motion carried.
B. Miller made the motion to approve the planting of grapevines on the northern edge of the SWOFVT
Garden in the spring of 2018, and for any trellising system and supplies to be procured and installed in the
meantime. Motion passed.
B,Miller made the motion to approve the draft tree placement based on the Village Board decision on
April 26. D. Miller second. Motion passed.
Open Forum.
The Blooming Buddies are sponsoring a workshop on earthworms and how to take a census of the worms
on a property on June 12 at 7 pm. B. Miller made the motion to invite the Buddies to use the Gardens for
their worm count. Koller second. Motion passed.
Schneider reported that the Spring Green Garden Tour is Saturday July 22 and that the Gardens are on the
Discussed sending Erin Silva a note of appreciation.
Schneider made motion to adjourn until the next scheduled meeting on Saturday, June 10, 2017, starting
at 10:00 a.m. in the library at Spring Green Community Church. Second by D. Miller.. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30.

Respectfully submitted
Rose Ellen Schneider