LEA0-1 The Simple Present Tense - Review _________4. Are you musicians?

a. Yes, they are. b. Yes, I am. c. Yes, we are.
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________
_________5. What do you do?
1. Complete the sentences with A, AN or X (singular or plural).
a. She’s a doctor. b. I’m a student. c. Fine
a. __a__ chef e. ______ engineer i. ______ dentist
b. _____ secretaries f. ______ nurse j. ______ artist 5. Rewrite the sentences. Capitalize the proper nouns.
c. _____ manager g. ______ lawyers k. ______ musicians a. he is mario vargas llosa. __________________________________________________________
d. _____ accountant h. ______ waiter l. ______ athletes b. denzel washington is an actor. __________________________________________________________
c. they are my friends ana, susi and patty. ________________________________________________
2. Look at the pictures and write the occupations in singular or plural
6. Write the questions for the following answers.
a. ___________________________________________________? I’m fine, thanks.
b. ___________________________________________________? I’m a student.
c. ___________________________________________________? Yes, she is. She’s a nurse.
d. ___________________________________________________? M – a – r – c – u - s.
e. ___________________________________________________? Yes, I am. I’m a flight attendant.
1________________________ 2_____________________ 3________________________ f. ___________________________________________________? No, we’re not. We’re lawyers.
g. _________________________________________________? Yes, they are. They’re Paul and Tomas.

7. Complete the conversation with a sentence from the box below.

A: Hi. I’m Sara.
4_______________________ 5______________________ 6________________________ B: _______________________________. a. What do you do?
A: Thomas? ____________________. b. Take care.
B: T - h - o - m - a – s. c. Nice to meet you, Sara. I’m Thomas.
A: _______________________________. d. And you?
e. I’m fine.
B: I’m a mechanic.
f. How do you spell that?
7_______________________ 8______________________ A: _______________________________.
9 _______________________
B: I’m a waiter.
3. Write answers for the following yes/no questions. A: _______________________________.
a. Is she a nurse? Yes, ____________________________________________ B: Ok, see you.
b. Are they teachers? No, _____________________________________________
c. Are you flight attendants? Yes, ____________________________________________ 8. Read the conversation and check T (true) or F (false).
d. Is he a doctor? No, _____________________________________________
e. Are they writers? Yes, ____________________________________________ ANA: Hi. I’m Ana.
f. Are you an architect? No, _____________________________________________ LUIS: Hi, Ana. I’m Luis. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
ANA: Nice to meet you too.
4. Write the answer next to the number. a. Ana is a flight attendant. T F
LUIS: How’s it going? b. Ana and Luis are not friends. T F
_________1.- How’s it going? ANA: Great! Thanks. And you? c. Luis is fine. T F
a. So-so b. Bye c. Yes, I am.
LUIS: Not bad. What do you do? d. They are not nurses. T F
_________2.- Glad to meet you. ANA: I’m a nurse. And you?
a. See you later. b. Nice to meet you, too. C. I’m fine. LUIS: I’m a flight attendant and a nurse, too.
_________3. Are you an architect? ANA: Take care.
a. No, I am. b. Yes, I’m. c. Yes, I am. LUIS: Bye.