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ABOUT ME: I am a blogger + photographer who ADORES creating content for
creative business owners, bloggers and freelancers. I want to help you create a
life + business that you LOVE! Also, I’m a crazy cat lady.

! So let’s get started on this fun journey together shall we? hOW TO USE THIS WORKBOOK 1 KNOW YOURSELF 2 your voice 3 Your STYLE 4 YOUR QUIRKS 5 YOUR STORY 6 your passions 7 ! .Oh HEY there! So you wanna make your brand stand out by making it one-of-a-kind. eh? I’m SO glad that you’re here! I made this little workbook of awesomeness to show you how to infuse your kick-ass personality into your brand to make it truly unique — truly you.

! 1 ! ! How to use this workbook .

yo! . HOW TO USE THIS WORKBOOK I designed this little workbook as a fun way to teach you how to incorporate different aspects of your personality into your brand. one-of-a-kind and inline with who you really are! ! Branding is so much fun. but I highly recommend that you schedule a little bit of time each day to read and work through these pages. “super awesome fun time.” Hehehe. it’s up to you! Work at your own pace. Doing so will make your brand original. I promise! ! Print these pages and put pen to paper or work through it online. feel free to pet that cutie and lavish it with kisses for at least 5 minutes!) ! Let me know how fun working through this workbook and putting YOU into your brand is ! ! Okay you ready? Let’s go. ! Grab a cup of your favorite beverage (I happen to be a coffee freak!) ! Get comfortable (pajamas or your favorite sweats recommended) ! Turn on your favorite motivating music (or if you prefer the quiet that’s totally cool too!) ! Have fun with it ! Take it seriously but not so seriously that you start freaking out ! Take breaks if you’re feeling stuck (if you have a pet. Feel free to schedule it in as.

! 2 ! ! Know yourself .

then the first order of business is knowing who you are! Don’t try to be some one you’re not.there’s a bazillion words that describe personality traits! Take a moment to write 3 words that describe you: 1.! ! 2. Now let’s see what others think! Ask 10-15 people to give you three words to describe your best personality traits. So. Your personality should permeate throughout all the aspects of your brand to make it consistent and strong. (Or you can do what I did and ask people through a Facebook status update. Write down the 3 most common responses: 1. look at them for any similarities. that’s no fun! Plus it’s not original.KNOW YOURSELF If you’re going to infuse yourself with your brand.! ! 3. how’d it go? Embrace your top 3 personality traits and use them to your advantage. Take a moment to think about what makes you truly unique! What makes you tick? What do you love doing? What are your personality characteristics? Creative. funny. after all. passionate. Wondering how to incorporate them into different aspects of your brand? I’m so glad you asked! Let me show you … ! . ! So let’s think about this for a minute.I got a ton of answers!) Once you’ve gotten enough responses.! ! 3.! ! 2. And the whole point of being your brand is to make your brand truly unique. baby! Use those 3 words to filter future brand decisions. After all.

! 3 ! ! your voice .

social media.from how you communicate with others to the tone you use. etc. I want people to feel ______________________. Are you wanting your vibe to be formal? Funny? Friendly? Super-extra professional? I have found that the best way to figure out your voice when it comes to your brand (ie writing on your blog. So let’s do a fun little exercise. shall we? This might seem a bit silly. Okay. I would ___________________. humor me just a wee bit more! Take a moment to write down: At least 3 instances where you were at your best. silly is AWESOME!) but just humor me.your ideal client! And to BE YOURSELF. embarrassing life stories. write down at least 5 statements: When I write. ! It’s important to practice using your voice in writing as much as possible. ! 3 of your most face-reddening. decide on how you want your readers/clients to perceive you. and get detailed! ! .is a vital component in not only creating a cohesive brand.) is to pretend like you are talking to just one person. okay? Grab a paper and pen and for each of these categories. ! What you would do on your most ideal day ever. ! If money were no object. (eh who cares. but also in connecting on a deeper level with your readers/clients! ! First. ! I enjoy talking about ________________ way too much! ! I would love you insane amounts if you would ________________.YOUR VOICE You know what gets overlooked so often when it comes to the branding process? Your voice! Your voice. ! I like to _____________________________.

Note cards . Literally pretend that you are talking to ONE person (your ideal reader!) Act like it’s some one you are really comfortable with.Thank-you cards .Tweets .Instagram .Facebook updates .Pinterest descriptions .Blog posts .E-mails .Y Now that you are getting comfortable writing in your own voice.Anything else where you talk Before you hit “publish” on any of these fabulous items. Y . make sure that you have worded it in your voice. it’s time to start using it as a part of your brand! Here’s a list of items that you should take a look at/revise/start using your voice in: .Website .Letters .Business cards .

! 4 ! ! your style .

If I see some one wearing yoga pants.) If I see some one wearing bold pieces like bright pink leggings and colorful shoes I might assume that they are artsy. don’t judge me. running shoes and an athletic tee. ! I DO actually love picking out outfits that express my personality and quirky sense of style … even if I prefer to do the majority of my jewelry shopping in the kids section! (Hey. sleek and professional then you probably don’t want to show up in said yoga pants and a tee! IF however you are a personal trainer and your brand is personal and athletic. ! Get mah drift? (Yes that’s “my” but it’s spelled the way I say it!) ! Your personal style is another form of self-expression and should definitely be considered when thinking about your brand! You want your brand to be reflected in your fashion when doing things like meeting with clients. if your brand is modern. then that would be the perfect apparel! Remember those 3 words that you wrote down earlier in the “Know Yourself” section? You want to make sure they are reflected in your wardrobe. etc. confident. (At least to a degree. . Let’s be honest. attending networking events and taking photos for your blog/social media accounts. Hell. like color. people do and WILL make judgements about you based off the way you are dressed. I’m gonna assume that they are the sporty- athletic type.YOUR STYLE Ok so … I’m no fashionista. if I’m home alone there’s a 90% chance that I’m wearing the same dumpy sweats and tee shirt! ! However. whether you like to admit it or not. For example.) Speaking of judging.

Jot down the names of your favorite style icons and do a bit of research via Google. I get really overwhelmed when it comes to picking out clothing some times. But when it comes to actually getting dressed. celebrities.thrift stores are awesome and so are less expensive places like Target and Forever 21!) Just make sure that the items you put on your list are consistent with your 3 personality/brand words. grab a pen and write down all the elements that they have in common. Pinterest and Instagram! (I know I know.s. time to create an inspiration board! (Oh for the love of all things holy I love creating inspiration boards!) ! Go ahead. types of clothing and styles that you think you might like and pin the ones that really resonate with you. ! Now the next time you meet a client. ! So if you get overwhelmed like me and/or you’re just not sure what looks good. put them on your shopping list and get them when you can! (And you don’t have to break the bank. Like. If you don’t have any of these items in your closet.Fun Fashion “home work” I’m not gonna lie. attend a networking event. I’ll bet you my last cup of coffee that the characteristics you write down the most frequently are the ones you most relate to and that capture your vibe the best! ! Create a list of of a few staple pieces that you see yourself pinning the most. . ! I just included SHOPPING as a part of your homework. take photos of yourself for your blog/other materials etc make sure that you’re wearing your swanky new brand- appropriate clothes. ! You’re welcome. I LOVE going shopping and buying new clothes. ! Once you’ve pinned a decent amount of fashion inspiration. you can totally make this board private!) ! Now the fun part: Start pinning! Search for bloggers. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed the second I open my closet! And that overwhelm leads me to grab the same tee and pants c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y. slightly stalkerish but who cares!) Make a board on Pinterest and title it “My Fashion Inspiration” (p.

! 5 ! ! your QUIRKS .

! You might not think you are. but I bet on my cat’s fluffy tail that you have some little personality quirks lurking within! Maybe you like to pretend like you’re on a cooking show when you’re preparing meals and give a full out narrative as you cook? Perhaps you love talking in a particular accent just for the heck of it? Maybe you’re the type of person that just HAS to eat all the french fries before you can touch your burger? ! Take a few minutes to just jot down some of your quirks. past or present! .YOUR QUIRKS You’re quirky and you knoooooow it! ! Seriously.

Y .Blog posts . Seriously. Weird is rad.Blog features .Y Now that you’ve gotten real with yourself and jotted down a few of your charming quirks (LOVE IT!) it’s time to incorporate them into your brand. Here are some areas where you can sneak them in: .Social media bios Embrace your quirks.The “about” page on your blog .Your photos & selfies (hehe) .Any videos that you make .

! 6 ! ! your STORY ! .

! Now list 5-10 turning points in your life that are relatable to your ideal customer/reader. ! Those “turning points” that you just listed? Welp. but it also helps you connect with people on a deeper level! So how can you use it to your advantage? ! What’s your story? Why do you do what you do? Take a few minutes to write it out. your first job. losing some one important to you.Your about page . Things to ponder include. overcoming a huge obstacle etc. why you started your business.Service ideas .Product ideas .Blog posts . those are your connection points! (Aka bits and pieces of your story that you can use to better connect with your ideal customer/reader.YOUR STORY Your story is one-of-a-kind and sharing it not only helps to differentiate you from other brands.) Find ways to incorporate these connection points in: ! .

! 7 ! ! your PASSIONS ! .

just kidding. list out your passions with PASSION! I wanna see you feverishly scribbling out your deepest. but if you’re unsure of what you’re passionate about. Can you find some one else whose equally passionate about something in particular? Team up on a creative project! ! Community awareness (Is there a cause you could bring awareness to using your brand? ! Unexpected gifts to readers/clients (I’m passionate about coffee and that’s why I have a habit of giving out coffee re-lated gift cards!) . then answer these questions first! (Hell. truest passions in a passion-infused FRENZY!!!! Ehem.) Now here’s WHERE you can incorporate them into your kick-ass brand: ! Your overall brand mission statement. Your business should be something that you are passionate about. Make sure your mission statement reflects this! Or else.YOUR PASSIONS What are you passionate about? What gets you reeeeally excited? Have you thought about it lately? Are you unsure of WHAT you’re passionate about? (Sorry I’m just pummeling you with questions!) I’ve got some ideas of where you can infuse your passions into your brand. Are there any services that you could add to your business that are related to any of the passions that you listed? ! Blog content. I’m not scary I promise!) ! Your services. Make sure you’ve listed at least 3 passions! (Go crazy and list way more if you’re truly passionate about lots of things. answer them anyway even if you think you ARE sure!) ! What did you love doing as a child that you maybe no longer do now? How would you spend your time if money were no object? ! What gets you so excited that you forget to eat? ! Yes. Things that you’re passionate about might make excellent content for your blog. as long as it’s fitting for your ideal reader! ! Collaborations with other creatives. (Hehe. ! Alright.

you just completed the entire workbook! Thanks so much for using this little #BeYourBrandWorkbook. ! I love stories. unique and kick-ass than ever before! Please feel free to drop me a line on Instagram to share any insights or hilarious moments that you had while completing this. ! And Sour Patch Kids. YOU REACHED THE END! Daaaaaaang look at you.WOAH. ! xoxo Allison ! . ! I hope your brand is feeling more personal. I hope you enjoyed it! I had so much fun spending 13 hours straight on a Saturday creating it while wearing my Hello Kitty pajama pants and eating an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids! ! Seriously.