"The reason our revolutionary struggle was especially difficult was that the occupier used the very

same means, only more insidiously than the previous non-people's regime, to introduce discord
between our peoples.

He favoured Pavelić, Pavelić the butcher of people, who murdered people by the hundreds and by
the thousands. Pavelić the beast, Pavelić the traitor, who sold away piece by piece of our country,
who gave Dalmatia to Italy, who even wanted to bring some duke of Spoletto to be king of Croatia. A

So, we had to fight the Germans and also to explain gradually and persistently to the people what it
was all about.

That it was about an attempt to prevent our country from becoming united ever again; that it was
about an attempt to create a part of Europe which will have perpetual tension and infighting until
extermination, which all suited the Fascist ideology. It was an attempt to use traitors, like Pavelić in
Croatia, Nedić in Serbia, or Rupnik in Slovenia to destroy all progressive elements.

Numerous camps in our country, like Jasenovac or Gradiška, stand bloody witnesses of the
bloodshed, of all kinds of methods of murder. There died, side by side, Serbs and Croats. It was not
just about the national extermination of other peoples. It was about wiping out Communists, and
progressive people, who strove towards something better than what was present.

We never spread national hatred. Where we found seduced Muslims, or Croats, or Serbs or whoever,
we explained and said:

'Brothers, don't do that!'

'It will be a great evil for the future of our peoples!'

You cannot blame an entire nation for having a small number of traitors among them. Place guilt in
the clique in power, and not in the whole nation.

They were without perspective. Their goal was to exterminate whoever they disliked! Physically
exterminate! They knew not of love of man for fellow man! Their model was murder, to find means
by which to murder the greatest number of people!

Could such men, who butchered, under bridges and in churches, innocent children and men, could
such men really expect victory in this great struggle?!

NO! They were mistaken, and let that be a lesson to everyone in the whole world!

Let that be a lesson, that our people has roots, and that once a people becomes aware of its might,
no power could ever obliterate it!

Everyone who tries shall fail!

There are still individuals today, who are looking back - encouraged from abroad, or by those we
deposed - there are people who are trying to plant discord in our ranks.

common for every Serb. Slovene. we created a new society. Macedonian. a socialist society! We have great tasks before us. then you must understand That ours is a path of suffering But all our roads will lead to a single goal Working class victory . Bosnian or Montenegrin! They all have in their mind and in their heart the intention to create a more beautiful and a happier future for the present generation and the generations to come. to plant chauvinism. so our country would never again face disaster. socialist country! We must always bare in mind that the greatest achievement of our Revolution is the brotherhood and unity of our peoples. With streams of our blood.That is. 1952 They tried many times in every possible way To disperse our ranks everywhere But we never slept. There is no more ethnic hatred. Croat. their efforts were all in vain For we have been always prepared If you join our ranks. Banish such people from your midst! We are a firm. and there mustn't be any!" -. We must guard this achievement.Tito's speech in the town of Glino.