List of Workshops and Professional Development

 King's Landing Field Trip

o Tour of kings landing seeing the applicability of future class trips

 Duck's Unlimited

o Toured the ducks unlimited land looking at some activities we could do with our
future classes.

 Science East

o Shown a variety of hands on science experiments for all levels of elementary

 Indigenizing Education by Jennifer Brant (Brock University)

 Planting Stories, Feeding Communities: Knowledge, Indigenous Peoples and Film by Dr.
Paul Chaput (Queen's University)

 "Opening Minds and Choice Words" by Dr. Peter Johnston (SUNY at Albany)

 Information on the districts of New Brunswick

o The different districts of New Brunswick discussed the application process for each.
They provided valuable interview information, and some things they look for when
hiring a new teacher.

 The Elephant in the Classroom: Mental Health

o A variety of guest speakers discussed and informed us about mental health in the

 Personal Learning Communities

 Camelia Airheart Workshop

o Exploring the book ‘Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart’ with author and
illustrator. Discussing and creating different classroom implications.

 Creating a Writing Continuum

o Working with a team of teachers, administrators, writing leads, and other
professionals to create a writing continuum for grades k - 5
 Google Drive

o On second practicum we spent a day with a teacher in the school who organized her
life on google drive. Many examples of use for teachers were given and support was

 Speaking and Listening Workshop

o On second practicum the literacy lead provided activities to improve speaking and
listening in the classroom. Implementation methods were discussed and planned.

 Teaching children with oppositional defiant disorder

o On second practicum we met and discussed solutions to k-2 children with severe
oppositional defiant disorder

 National Council Day

o Building and maintaining a passion for teaching, Technology in the classroom

 Teacher Application Process

o Provided information on the application process, and what is to be included

 National symbols

o Receiving information on the reasoning behind Canada’s national symbols, along
with a history on their development.