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Dharmshala is a beautiful
place we visited there in march
Vivek 2015. It was like a heaven the area
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The hill station of Dharamshala is covered by thick woods of oak and coniferous trees and it is enfolded on its three sides by the Dhauladhar ranges. garments. nunneries and learning centres) and ancient Hindu and Jain temples. churches and monasteries to museums and ancient towns. 322 km from Shimla and 514 km from New Delhi. etc. tea gardens and beautiful hills has become a popular activity. royal attire. Dharamshala is the principal township of Kangra District. Lower Dharamsala is a bustling civil and commercial centre whereas Upper Dharamshala retains a colonial lifestyle with its British – modeled suburbs of McLeodganj and Forsythganj. Dharamshala consists of two distinct parts – Lower Dharamsala and Upper Dharamshala. In the year 1960. the Church of St. Kangra Art Museum and the shopping centre of Kotwali Bazar are some of the prime tourist attractions.About Dharamshala Dharamshala is a hill station located about 17 km north-east of Kangra town in Himachal Pradesh. Page 2/14 . Dharamshala is internationally acclaimed as ‘The Little Lhasa in India’. jewelry. the gateway to the Kangra valley. is also the headquarters of the Kangra district. McLeodganj has become the hub of traditional Tibetan handicrafts. Now. thangkas. Dharamshala became a temporary headquarters to the Noble Laureate His Holiness the 'Dalai Lama'. McLeodganj of Dharamshala has become the educational and religious centre of Tibetan Buddhism. The peculiar geographical location of Dharamshala offers views of the snow capped Dhauladhar range above and the Kangra valley below. 252 km from Manali. McLeodganj consists of scores of Buddhist Gompas (monasteries. deodar and pine forests. The rich cultural. Famous for the Tibetan culture and crafts. Dharamshala. A trek through the landscaped township of Dharamshala with views of snowy peaks. The best time to visit Dharamshala is from September to October and again from March to June. Dharamshala is located at a distance of 239 km from Chandigarh. War Memorial. The city succumbed to a massive earthquake in the year 1905 and was reconstructed to become a health resort and a popular tourist destination. sculptures. Located in the backdrop of the snow clad Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas. Brijeshwari and Chamunda. The ancient temples of Jawalamukhi. coins. Miniature paintings. Things to do in Dharamshala Dharamshala has a lot to offer ranging from ancient temples. are on display here. manuscripts. which can be dated back to the 5th century. John in the Wilderness. carpets. pottery. Dharamshala has truly become ‘the land of the lamas’. etc. artistic and historical past of Kangra valley is evident from the galleries of Kangra Art Museum where various artifacts are displayed. With a number of Tibetan settlements and the residence of the 'Dalai Lama'.

Some things you should not forget to see are Bhagsu Nag temple and fall. Taxis are available from the Kangra valley airport to reach Dharamshala. ups and down but its quite fun! Momo's are something Page 3/14 . Accommodation options in Dharamshala Accommodation options in Dharamsala can be classified into budget. Tourits can avail hotels suiting their budget. The nearest railhead is 22 km away at Kangra Mandir.The summer months are best suited for activities like sightseeing and trekking. Those who love snow can visit the region in December/January when there is heavy snowfall and the Himalayas are covered in snow. If you have strong legs you can go walking to see this place. road and railways. We stayed at boutique hotel which was overlooking the great Himalayas (very very far though) but its shining golden peaks in rising sun was worth watching in the early morning. This place needs lot of walking to get real feel of the place. However. Information State: Himachal Pradesh Famous for/as: Hill Altitude: 1457 M Pincode: 176201 District: Kangra Language: Hindi STD code: 01892 Weather: Summer 8 To 34°C. one of the famous and interesting thing to see. mid-range and luxury hotels. By bus. However. the nearest major railhead with connections across the country is Pathankot. Another good time to visit is during the festival of Drukpa Teshi. The roads are hill. The nearest airport is at Kangra valley. which is held in August/September. Winter -1 To 15°C Featured review about Dharamshala A wonderful place on earth "Soon after our friends marriage at Jalandhar we left for Dharamshala keeping very high expectations about the place and to be very genuine the place fulfilled all of those expectation. at a distance of 15 km and has connections to Delhi Airport which is well connected domestically and internationally. After that we took cab to reach our hotel in Upper Macloedganj and the super serene way took all the tiredness away. it is reachable from Delhi and other nearby cities. temperatures go well below 0⁰ Celsius. A Himachali town with lots of things to offer if you are keen to walk and just enjoy the serenity of the beautiful place. Of course you can't miss out on Tibetan monastery and museum. so adequate protection should be taken. The breeze in the month of November was chilled but very welcoming. We took the luxury bus from Jalandhar to reach to Kangra which took around 5/6 hours. 85 km away. It's amazing. Travelling to Dharamshala Dharamshala is connected by air.

Dal lake. Pune. 7. Visit this place in the evening you will really like this place. with various Tibetan settlements and the living arrangement of Page 4/14 . Go few kms further for naddi view point. John in the wilderness for its peaceful atmosphere. Jwalaji temple and Chintpurni temple. Caution : Don't stay in Dharamshala as it is just like a city you must be living in: polluted. If you like trekking and have ample time you can go to triund trek it's around 16 kms(2 way distance) trek. The snow line is maybe more effortlessly available at Dharamshala than some other slope station in India." . 4. 6. Moreover. I recommend you to go there by walking because it is just about 2 kms from Mcleodganj so that you can enjoy the scenery(valley) on the way and can also visit another monastery which is at the top of a hillock on the left side of the road. wide range of restaurants "Dharamshala or I should say McLeodganj is known as Mini-Lhasa because it is the Indian headquarter for TIbetan community. 8. you will definitely enjoy your break. Try local momos which are sold on the streets. Dalai Lama so one should definitely have a visit to this place. 5. Dharamshala Cricket stadium. One thing I didn't like was overcrowding of the tourists during vacation so you should come here during off-season or just before the peak season is going to start so that you will really get to know this place. Dharamshala now truly has ended up universal. it's a must visit because of the view it offers.Shraddha Manish." . Dont forget to have langara at Jwalaji it was free. tea patio nurseries and wonderful slopes. Apart from that. healthy and delicious. hot and there's nothing to see. you can arrange a one day trip to religious places like Chamunda devi temple. It is not that much nice but if you have not seen lakes in you life you will like it. american. We bought some shawls from the market near Tibetan monastery and found them real good and with quality material. there you will get to see glaciers through binoculars. Navsari. Kangra devi temple. Main Tibetan monastery and museum. 1 month ago Highly recommended for its monasteries. Its the most beautiful sporting venue in the world. They are really great but little bit expensive. They were delicious! 9. Carry 1 jacket per person and umbrellas as it can rain anytime without any warning. instead move 10 kms uphill to Mcleodganj for a real hill station climate. tibetian to conventional punjabi. You should definitely try the restaurants serving variety of cuisines from italian. 2 months ago Rally A Mini Heaven on Earth If visited in December-January "Dharamshala remains at the foot of Dhauladhar and has a grand perspective of frigid crests.everybody should try here and they are delicious. deodar and pine woodlands. 2. It is the residence of the present Lama.Jay Gandhi. Kangra fort. there are many things to do/see in McLeodganj about which I'm going to elaborate now. Bhagsu nag temple and falls. Advice : I would recommend you to visit places in Mcleodganj by walking as the weather is pleasant and you enjoy it. Places to visit : 1. St. 3.

.Thangka paintings and variety of continental foods.dalai lama teachings.great cereal (Oatmeal. Open Sandwiches with Cheese not heard of in Delhi: if you like the food and dont care about the ambience. While there..this was great.Noble Laureate the 'Dalai Lama. great tea with good books and magazines but crappy croissants.Mounatin. Travel tips. Then on the way back I saw this place for coffee.something I had not read about. Chandigarh.wollen shawls. Authentic Italian Pizzas. Activities & things to do: On the way though we came across a smaller bakery called the Tibetian Bakery which looked like it had more fresh items ! Equally good service.Nitin Verma..and than two and a half hour drive. i walked into the local 'canteen' and to my surprise: the menu was mind blowing. travel warnings etc: A few steps further is the German restaurant: Page 5/14 . to your left is a very nondescript place with Israeli script: well sit on the steps and have some of the most authentic Falafel and Zattar here.Cleaning programmes. PreWeather conditions should be taken. 2012 The Foodies' paradise in the hills ! "Well on day one we were done with the visit to the Dalai Lama's place. Really I am planning to visit Dharmshala again soon.. Food.paragliding.Yoga ." .Tibetan art and crafts.Volunteers around Dharasmala. travel warnings etc: Reaching Dharamsala 1 By air: Fly to gaggal airport and than take a half an huyr drive in Cab to Mcleodganj 2..By train:To Chakki bank railways station. We had to wait for an hour to get some place to sit.meditation. Doesnt matter.. Travel tips.they get the ingredients from Israel (or palestine I dont know). How to reach. 3 months ago Spiritual and adventure tourism "Dharasmala a place with variety of cultures which itself means a 'sanctuary' is a filled with incredible experiences. sight-seeing and shopping: Next morning was at the Tenyang Coffee House.Deepak Kumar. This sort of awakened me to the nature of the place.. .Horse riding. sight-seeing and shopping: Himachali traditional caps.The MoonPeak Coffee shop. How to reach. I visited Mcleod Ganj and Dalai Lama that time and the feeling was awesome. Apr 19.. nuts) or some of best pancakes better then the IHOP !! A walk towards the Bhagsu Temple brought forth the opportunity to visit the Lhama Croissants: excellent view from first floor. If you do go to Bhagsu Temple: when you come out. Travel warning: No use of plastics allowed. No smoking zone. Activities & things to do: Trekking .. Food. brown sugar." .

.07:00 To 19:00 . Folks seem to be enjoying the Indian food here too ! Finally dinner at Pema Thang brought us close to authentic Tibetian food...07:00 To 19:00 "Hats off to HPCA. Saturday .07:00 To 19:00 ..Sayantan Roy.. It has just the mosquitoes & dirty water. There are better places to visit. Jul 4. The stadium closes at 5 pm Top attractions in Dharamshala recommended by HolidayIQ.people from all around the world use to come here.... The vibrant colours of the stadium just fill you with energy. phone is not allowed inside the hall. What a beautiful stadium!! It's a place one must visit in Dharmshala." ..07/7 (34 Reviews) Timings: Monday .Piyush Kawatra.the fun of discovering these new places !" . Pasta and the Salads. it was just like Yamuna in Delhi.a worth to visit place.Prashant travellers 1 Dharamshala Cricket Stadium Type: Cricket Stadium Entry: Free Ranked: 1 Of 63 Ratings: 6. Chandigarh. " . Public Holidays ." . 3 months ago 3Dalai Lama Temple Complex Type: Temple Entry: Free Ranked: 3 Of 63 Ratings: 6..33/7 (25 Reviews) "Visited the lake.. 4 weeks ago 2 Dal Lake Type: Lake Entry: Free Ranked: 2 Of 63 Ratings: 4. 3 months ago 4 Bhagsu Falls Type: Water Fall Entry: Free Ranked: 4 Of 63 Ratings: 5.07:00 To 19:00 .. Also some of the novel Pizzas (pineapple included) ! Foodies enjoy.85/7 (16 Reviews) Page 6/14 . 2006 Read 139 Dharamshala reviews on HolidayIQ.Friday . No one cleans the lake & there is no point going there.Vikas Kohli. Kolkata. Sunday . No point visiting this place & wasting your time. The snow capped mountains in the background are just awesome. Delhi...sounds like fancy place but has palm leaf (dried) roof with pebble stones as floor: enjoy the Pizza.28/7 (21 Reviews) "many things about buddhist culture can explore here...

Gurgaon. Delhi. I make it a point to go there on my each visit to Dhamrashala" - Zoobie Sidhu. an experience to die."The climb to the waterfall is a bit tiresome but once you get there it is just amazing.07:00 To 19:00 .07:00 To 19:00 .06:00 To 19:00 . good food. visit the place in winter. specifically the last one km of stretch.The church is not maintained inspite of the historical importance attached with it. Saturday .40/7 (8 Reviews) Timings: Monday .Though it is located in gud Location it cud have maintained well for memorable visit.07:00 To 19:00 "Amazing experience.. Saturday . 2015 6 Norbulingka Institute Type: Heritage Site Entry: Free Ranked: 6 Of 63 Ratings: 6. wood carvings.Friday .06:00 To Page 7/14 .09:30 To 18:00 . John Church Type: Church Entry: Free Ranked: 5 Of 63 Ratings: 5.57/7 (7 Reviews) Timings: Monday .. Public Holidays . Public Holidays . Public Holidays . 2 months ago 5 St.09:30 To 18:00 . Jammu. Overall.07:00 To 19:00 .Sagar Gupta..Rakesh Razdan.Friday .07:00 To 19:00 .07:00 To 19:00 .Friday . Gurgaon.06:00 To 19:00 . Aug 15. Sunday ." .09:30 To 18:00 "Thankgka paintings. Sunday .07:00 To 19:00 "Our visit to the church was average visit. There is a cafe located about 500 steps from the waterfall wich is a great. accompanied other slippery snow." . shopping heaven..09:30 To 18:00 . It was a bit crowded on long weekend though but nonetheless amazing place to visit. this is what Norbulingka is for me." .06/7 (15 Reviews) Timings: Monday .07:00 To 19:00 . The trek could be challenging. Sunday . monastery. Saturday . Saturday . Tibetan dresses.. To have an out of the world experience.28/7 (9 Reviews) Timings: Monday . Sunday .Friday . 2 weeks ago 8 Bhagsu Nag Temple Type: Temple Entry: Free Ranked: 8 Of 63 Ratings: 4. 2 months ago 7 Triund Type: Picnic Spot Entry: Free Ranked: 7 Of 63 Ratings: 6.Udit Sawhney. with extreme steepness..

06:00 To 19:00 "Overall nice experience to visit i goes there for some devotional touch to my himachal pradesh tour.09:00 To 19:00 .09:00 To 19:00 "This mamorial is very beautiful there location is very good and atmospher is very good. The road to the temple is very scenic with a few points where the whole McLeod Ganj is visible.Jignesh .06:00 To 19:00 . It's beautiful at the time of. I would suggest a walk in early morning or late afternoon.21/7 (6 Reviews) Timings: Monday .7. Sunday . Aug 13.06:00 To 19:00 "The temple is about 2km from McLeod Ganj's main street area. Public Holidays ...01/7 (18 Reviews) Address: Civil Lines Dharamshala Phone: 1892-227777 Website: Inf. Mohali. Saturday .06:00 To 19:00 .. 2015 9Chamunda Devi Type: Temple Entry: Free Ranked: 9 Of 63 Ratings: 6. it is situated near to buus stand ane. 3 weeks ago Read 18 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ. Public Holidays . " .com travellers 1 Hotel GK Conifer Price: Rs.o@Gkconifer. it is very good knowleg of kids. " .64/7 (6 Reviews) Timings: Monday ." .Friday . 3. the hotel is located at a very good place near to the stadium with avery good location.Neeraj bhandari .Friday . when i enter in temple my mind forgot the all things and tensions about life. Jul 25. Jul 7. Public Holidays . Baroda.09:00 To 19:00 . 19:00 . Delhi..Pritesh Mehta.09:00 To 19:00 .500 .Siddharth "amazing visit as i decided my trip to maclo i just stayed at this hotel a big hotel with avery big swimming pool. 2015 Popular hotels in Dharamshala recommended by HolidayIQ.06:00 To 19:00 . 2015 10 War Memorial Type: Monument Entry: Free Ranked: 10 Of 63 Ratings: 5. there old there dalai lamba and other fighter information and there time fight things 2 Club Mahindra Dharmshala Price: Page 8/14 .000 Ranked: 1 Of 162 Ratings: 6. Sunday . Saturday ." . Ujjain. I feel very peaceful in temple.

81/7 (67 Reviews) Address: Sheela Chowk Sidhpur Dharmshala Phone: 1892223333 Website: Www. Had a problem with hot water but apart from that my stay was 3 Udechee Huts Price: Rs.Kangra Phone: 1892-221781 Website: Www. 3 weeks ago Page 9/14 .8. ..udecheehuts.62/7 (27 Reviews) Address: Village.51/7 (20 Reviews) Address: Temple Road McLeod Ganj Near H.850 .com 4 Hotel Deodar Villa Price: Rs. Price: Rs. New Delhi. If i visit again.." "The location is very good to visit.deodarvilla." . will definitely try to stay "Be warned Access to Hotel is not easy . Friendly helpful staff.. Though not much sightseeing is there but a place for relaxing. Decent room and great views from all rooms A basic.500 . Naddi PO Dal Lake Dharamshala Cantt Distt.4.Manoj Kumar. 2.It's a steep 10 min uphill climb from Temple Road Personal cars can't reach but pick up & drop provided by Hotel on demand . Hotel is 5km away from main market and roads are. The food is also good over there..Milan aggarwal .clubmahindra." . 1. Not much to shop there. Travellers must carry warm clothes and umbrella. Mumbai. 6. 4 weeks ago Read 27 hotel reviews on "Absolutely value for money and the view from the room was fantastic.000 Ranked: 4 Of 162 Ratings: 5. 3 weeks ago Read 67 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ.Vritant Gupta.000 Ranked: 2 Of 162 Ratings: 5.H Dalai Lama Temple Phone: 8679868457 Website: Www. The main place to visit is Mc leod ganj.000 .000 Ranked: 3 Of 162 Ratings: 5.

staff is good.77/7 (32 Reviews) Address: Near International Cricket Stadium Civil Lines Dharamshala Phone: 1892-229599 Website: 7 Pong View Hotel Price: Rs." .com "very easy to reach. "The hotel location and facilities was so good Really i was very pleased to stay in this hotel. just lack in food service. . rooms and facilities are good." Page 10/14 .000 Ranked: 6 Of 162 Ratings: 5.300 ..760 . Road Dharamshala Distt Kangra Phone: 1892-222271 Website: Www.21/7 (96 Reviews) Address: 6 Vatika Hotel Price: Rs.hotel is very clean location is superve but only name is center point but a little far from market ..3/7 (76 Reviews) Address: Chamunda Devi Dharamsala Phone: 01894-252347 Website: Www.overall great exeriance with this. 1 month ago Read 32 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ.Prem K.. Upto 2. Hospitality was so good. Hotel is good.hotelpongview. over all a good hotel to stay "Hotel is very nice i feel good to stay there staff is good . services whatever i avail it was really very. but a nice place." . Read 20 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ..500 Ranked: 5 Of 162 Ratings: 5. for cottage rooms you have to walk downstairs. 1 week ago Read 76 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ.hotelvatika. Friendly environment and hospitality was also nice. Varanasi. relaxing and quiet.Mohit chand tiwari .com 5 Centre Point Hotel Price: Rs.3. 1.1. but food was average. food service is very.300 Ranked: 7 Of 162 Ratings: 5.

Bangalore. 4.during travelling time i can see amazing "i am going to temple for dhrmashala in before 3 9 Villa Santushti Price: Rs. Specially thx to to Mr... 6 days ago Read 11 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ. .400 . 2 weeks ago Read 96 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ. Kangra Valley. Madan ji. Mcleodganj.sahiwahotel.500 .only one reputed hotel avaiable in roadside for villa santushti resident and hotel.Dharamshala-Palampur.500 Ranked: 9 Of 162 Ratings: 6.5. Every day different breakfast provided.64/7 (3 Reviews) Address: Village Kandi Khanyara Phone: 1892-246861 Website: 8 The Citadel Resort Price: Rs. 1.santushtiindia.Village Jiya Tehsil-Palampur Dharamshala Phone: 1894-256100 "We stayed here for 3 nights in mid Jan." - Venka Tesan.Bharat arora . View from resort is really very beautiful.Rupesh kumar . 1.2.800 Ranked: 8 Of 162 Ratings: 5. 3 months ago Read 3 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ.. Phone: 01892-220331 Website: 10 Sahiwa Hotel Price: Rs.but there is no suitable food hotel aviable here. . I got the super deluxe room with free upgrade from deluxe room." .600 Ranked: 10 Of 162 Ratings: 5. .96/7 (11 Reviews) Address: Midway.01/7 (182 Reviews) Address: Buddha Temple Road.500 ..1.Hotel. & Mrs Bhardwaj(the owner). This is near Dalali lama Temple in McLeod Ganj. The view form window is awesome because there is no Page 11/14 .com "The most prominent thing about this hotel is its location. Dharamsala.

Dharamshala. Dalhousie. Dalhousie. Shimla. Manali. Manali. Shimla. Chandigarh. Dharamshala. Dharamshala. Chandigarh. Shimla. Manali. Dharamshala. Dalhousie. Shimla. Dalhousie. Dalhousie. Shimla. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Dalhousie. Shimla. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Manali.10D Rs: 14575 No of days: 10 Days & 9 Nights Destination: Amritsar. Shimla Travel Purple Voyages Agent: 2Himachal Full & Complete Rs: 14135 No of days: 10 Days & 9 Nights Destination: Chandigarh. Shimla. Dalhousie. Manali. Dalhousie. Chandigarh. Shimla. Dalhousie. Manali. Amritsar. Manali. Chandigarh. Dalhousie. Shimla. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Manali. Chandigarh. Shimla. Dharamshala. Manali. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Amritsar. Shimla. Dharamshala. Cleanliness was also good. Shimla. Dalhousie. Shimla. 2 weeks ago Read 182 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ. Shimla. Manali. Chandigarh. Manali. Manali. Dalhousie. Shimla. Dalhousie. Manali. Shimla. Manali. Manali. Dalhousie. Manali. Dharamshala. Dharamshala. Shimla. Dalhousie. Shimla. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Amritsar. Dharamshala. Manali. Manali. I want to thank MMT.. Shimla. Dalhousie. Chandigarh. Manali. View all Dharamshala hotels Popular Dharamshala packages 1 Amazing Himachal & Amritsar Rs: 15675 No of days: 11 Days & 10 Nights Destination: Amritsar. Dalhousie. Chandigarh. Manali. Dharamshala. Manali. Manali. Amritsar. Manali. Dalhousie. Chandigarh. Manali. Manali. Dharamshala. The behavior of staff is good. Dalhousie. . Shimla. Shimla. Shimla. Dalhousie. Shimla Travel Purple Voyages Agent: 3 Himachal with Amritsar . Chandigarh. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Shimla. Shimla. Dharamshala.Veera ravi kumar . Shimla. Amritsar. Shimla. Shimla Travel Purple Voyages Agent: Page 12/14 . Manali. obstacle. Shimla. Dalhousie. Dharamshala. Dalhousie." . Dharamshala. Dalhousie. Chandigarh. Manali. Dharamshala.. Manali. Dharamshala. Shimla. Dharamshala. Amritsar. Shimla. Manali. Shimla. Dalhousie. Manali.

Winter in Dharamshala Winter lasts from December to February and it is extremely cold during this season. a trip to Tibetan Children's Village is a must. which sells Tibetan clothes. Thekchen Choling Temple and Dalai Lama's private residence are joined by a single footpath. The city receives heavy rainfall in July and August . autumn and winter and the best time to visit Dharamshala is from September to October and then again from March to June. enabling travellers to first discover numerous vacation choices. Autumn in Dharamshala The autumn season continues from mid-September until November and is a good time for adventure activities and sightseeing. This institute is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan arts and craft skills. formerly known as Bhagsu. Dharamshala. The temperature drops to -1° C and below in the month of January. About HolidayIQ. Things to Do During Winter At this time of year. Also. travellers will find Sidhpur where the Norbulinka Institute for Tibetan culture is situated. Things to Do During Summer This is a good time to go trekking into the countryside. is a city known as 'Heaven on Earth' located in Himachal Pradesh. Travellers can even drive down to McLeodGanj to buy Tibetan styled jewellery and crafts and then to Tibetan Gallery located near the bus stand. Monsoon in Dharamshala July to the mid-September is when the city experiences monsoon. 43D/2N at Dharamshala Rs: 6000 No of days: 3 Days & 2 Nights Destination: Dharamshala Travel Agent: Green Getaway Dharamshala weather Best Season / Best Time to Visit Dharamshala JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Best Time to Visit Dharamshala Dharamshala experiences four climates in a year: summer. On the east side of this is a premier holiday information portal powered by India's first & biggest travel community. 40 minutes away from here. Do not miss visiting the waterfall near Shiva temple at Bhagsunag and Dal Lake 3 km away. one must check out the Himalayan Festival hosted by the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts or TIPA in December. Another popular attraction is the Temple HolidayIQ. then plan holiday trips in full detail Page 13/14 . monsoon. Summer in Dharamshala Summers go on from March to June and the temperature at this time ranges from 22° C to 38° C.

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