Lego Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Season 1
Character Descriptions
Bruce Wayne (Batman) [Taken]:
Bruce Wayne aka Batman doesn’t need an introduction. You know who he is.

Dick Grayson (Robin) [Open]:
Dick Grayson aka Robin is Batman’s first sidekick who becomes Nightwing. Dick is only a
young adult, about the age of 20. He has a high voice and is usually excited. He’s in every single
episode of Season 1 and will be making small appearances in other seasons.

Mugger [Open]:
The mugger can be seen in the first episode, only for a short time. He has about 3 lines of
dialogue while he is forcing the girl to give him her purse. He also has a small confrontation with
Batman before getting beaten up. He has sort of a high / deep voice, cocky attitude. Basic
mugger material.

Selina Kyle (Catwomen) [Open]:
Selina Kyle is the women who is getting mugged in the start. She has a soft spoken voice, and is
in her 20’s as well. She only has a couple lines of dialogue, however she does make an
appearance in the final episode and will eventually become a main character, as she is the women
behind Catwomen, one of Batman’s allies.

Alfred [Taken]:
Alfred is the butler of Batman. He is a main character who is around the age of 60. He has an old
man voice and is very smart and wise.

Two Face / Black Mask Henchmen [Open]:
Two Face / Black Mask henchmen are only in the first season of the series. Most of them have
little dialogue. Their voices differ in range. Some have high voices and some low and deep,
however most of them have deeper voices. There are multiple henchmen and any voice is
suitable, nothing too specific.
Harvey Dent (Two Face) [Open]:
Harvey Dent is the man behind the Season 1 villain “Two Face”. There isn’t really much of a
certain voice that is needed. Any male can be fine. His normal voice is medium, not too high and
not too low, however once he becomes Two Face and gets more evil he makes his voice deeper at
times and more demonic. It can get raspy and groggy. He is in 4/5 episodes of Season 1.

Roman Simons (Black Mask) [Open]:
Roman Simons aka Black Mask is a mafia boss in Gotham. He is a crime master and a mixed
martial artist. His fighting skills are on par with Batman’s. Black Mask is in 3/5 episodes of
Season 1 and most likely will be making a return after a breakout in Gotham happens in the
future. There is no particular range of voice needed for this character, however mildly deep
would be preferred.

Gotham City Police Officers [Always open]:
The GCPD is the police department in Gotham. Their voices range from deep, medium, and
high. These spots are always open and are always appreciated as police officers are involved in
every season, however they have small rolls.

Gotham City Swat Team [Always open]:
The GCST is the swat team in Gotham. They are used only when riots occur or there is a major
breakout. These voices can differ in range and are always appreciated.

Lady at the front desk in the hospital [Open]:
In season 1 Harvey’s face gets burnt, turning him into Two Face. When Batman feels responsible
for this he goes with Robin to the hospital. They are greeted with the lady who is at the front
desk. Her voice can differ in range and she has a very small roll. Is only in one episode.

Nurse 1 [Open]:
The nurse can be seen in the second episode. She has a very small roll and is quickly killed off
by Two Face. Her voice can differ in range.

Nurse 2 [Open]:
The nurse can be seen in the second episode. She has a very small roll and is quickly killed off
by Two Face. Her voice can differ in range.

Man in the alley [Open]:
The man in the alley can be seen at the end of episode 2. He is only in one episode and has a very
small roll. He is quickly killed off by Two Face, marking the start of his rampage. His voice can
differ from any range and he has very little dialogue.

Gotham Citizens [Always open]:
You know the civilians. People of Gotham. Anyone can play this part. Voices differ in range, as
well as gender and age.

Commissioner Gordon [Open]:
Commissioner Gordon is head of the GCPD. He is an older man and can be considered a main
character. His voice can differ in range, however he usually has a medium voice, more deep than

Clerk [Open]:
The clerk can be seen in one episode and scene of season 1. He is in charge of a store similar to a
7/11. He has little dialogue and is quickly killed by one of Two Face’s henchmen. His voice can
differ in range and nothing is needed in particular.

Comedic Man [Open]:
The comedic man can be seen in only one episode. Episode 4. He is in one scene with minimal
dialogue. His voice is high pitched and exciting, joyful even.

Small Child [Open]:
The small child can be seen in the 4th episode. She has a small roll and talk with Bruce Wayne.
She is around the age of 6-7 so her voice is high pitched.