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Corporate social responsibility <http://books.google.com.my/books?id=2ppzhuJyyPgC&printsec=frontcover&dq=inautho r:%22David+Chandler%22> Philip Kotler, Nancy Lee 2005 - 307 pages - Limited preview Learning about corporate social responsibility <http://books.google.com.my/books?id=Yx9ICrbg8mwC&printsec=frontcover&dq=inautho r:%22David+Chandler%22> Jacqueline Cramer, Fred Bergmans 2003 - 153 pages - Limited preview Corporate social responsibility across Europe <http://books.google.com.my/books?id=zNMgqJijZUUC&printsec=frontcover&dq=inautho r:%22David+Chandler%22> André Habisch 2005 - 397 pages - Limited preview Page 9 Figure 1.3 The Hierarchy of Corporate Social *Responsibility* Discretionary Responsibilities *Ethical* Responsibilities Legal Responsibilities Economic *...* Page 328 *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, http://www.ethicalcorp.com/ *Ethical* Corporation Magazine is an independent business publication for corporate *responsibility*, *...* Page 229 *...* sustainabil- ity, and corporate *responsibility* as the core around which the *...* "All management courses adopt implicit or explicit *ethical* positions, *...* Page 319 The Council identifies and responds to issues important for *ethical* economic *...* and by applying the principles of Corporate Social *Responsibility*. *...*

Page 10 Clearly, adhering to the law is an important component of any *ethical* organization. *...* which sets it apart from other social *responsibility* areas. *...* Page 228 an *ethical* predisposition but only build on one that already exists. *...* in the UK has launched an International Center for Corporate Social *Responsibility*. *...* Page 82 'Comment: Buttering Parsnips,' *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, October 5, 2004, *...* Gap's 2003 Social *Responsibility* Report,' *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, *...* Page 28 With this power comes monumental *responsibility*. *...* a better world.5 A growing awareness and acceptance of CSR and related *ethical* issues is significant. *...* Page 316 Business for Social *Responsibility* (BSR). http://www.bsr.org/ Business for *...* in ways that respect *ethical* values, people, communities and the environment. *...* Page 149 Quoted by an officer from the Investor *Responsibility* Research Center on The NewsHour *...* Alex Blyth, 'GSK Wins Battle Over Chief Executive's Pay,' *Ethical* *...* Page 22 Archie B. Carroll, 'The Pyramid of Corporate Social *Responsibility*: Toward the *...* of Corporate Social *Responsibility* (CSR),' *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, *...* Page 8 It refers to a company linking itself with *ethical* values, transparency, *...* ( The Institute of Directors, UK, 2002)9 The social *responsibility* of business *...* Page 92 *...* what extent are a company's efforts at social *responsibility* window dressing ? *...* highest professional and *ethical* standards.6 Employees of Enron Corp., *...* Page 146 Robert Hinkley, 'How Corporate Law Inhibits Social *Responsibility*," Business Ethics Magazine, *...* *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, October 5, 2004, *...* Page 81 Seven Steps to Make Corporate Social *Responsibility* Work for Your Business,' *...* Reports Recycling 97% of Solid Waste,' *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, *...* Page 96 *...* and expert in corporate *responsibility* and sustainable development, *...* The Institute of Social and *Ethical* Resources AccountAbility â

AccountAbility, *...* Page 317 *...* economic security, and disaster management/economic recovery. Centre for Corporate Social *Responsibility*, *...* Center for *Ethical* Leadership, Seattle, *...* Page 338 Simon, John G., 'The *Ethical* Investor: Universities and Corporate *Responsibility* ,' Yale University Press, 1972. Sims, Ronald R., 'Ethics and Corporate *...* Page 187 *...* in companies with good records of corporate social *responsibility*. *...* enable persons of conscience to invest in keeping with their *ethical* values and *...* Page 179 *...* are committed to business ethics and corporate *responsibility*, promotion of worker rights and human rights in general. In employment, *ethical* business *...* Page 311 111. http://www.naag.org/issues/issue-tobacco.php 112. Mallen Baker, 'Analysis: A Year in Corporate Social *Responsibility*,' *Ethical* 2002 â Corporation, *...* Page 322 *...* http://www.globalethics.org/ Mission: To promote *ethical* behavior in individuals, *...* International Centre for Corporate Social *Responsibility*, *...* Page 39 *...* the increasing prominence of corporate *responsibility* for a wide range of stakeholders, *...* community involvement, *ethical* and environmental issues). *...* Page 6 *...* we have seen CSR referred to in many ways: "Corporate *responsibility*" *...* Business ethics: The application of ethics and *ethical* theory to the decisions *...* Page xviii *...* to *ethical* standards and prove they are living up to those commitments. *...* Strategic Corporate Social *Responsibility* provides a framework within which *...* Page 233 *...* Act." *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, http://www.ethicalcorp.com/content.asp? *...* http://www.unocal.com/*responsibility*/index.htm Our Vision: To be the *...* Page 329 EurActiv.com (Corporate Social *Responsibility* page), *...* of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning *ethical* issues related to business. *...* Page 185 *...* however, how good a measure of social *responsibility* these funds

really are. *...* leading a backlash against *ethical* or environmental investment funds. *...* Page 76 *...* especially in otherwise well-run, *ethical*, and socially responsible firms, *...* health, and environment and "an advocate for social *responsibility*," more *...* Page 327 *...* The mission of Business Ethics is to promote *ethical* business practices, *...* Business Ethics Magazine's Corporate Social *Responsibility* Report, *...* Page 330 *...* of Corporate Social *Responsibility*, Sustainability, Leadership and Ethics. *...* all existing green and *ethical* retail funds and indices in Europe. *...* Page 18 *...* argument for CSR is summarized by the iron law of social *responsibility*, *...* laws and rulings that move previously discretionary and *ethical* issues into *...* Page 54 Transparency is on the rise, not just for legal or purely *ethical* reasons but *...* A Google search of the term corporate social *responsibility* (in quotation *...* Page 26 *...* the Co-op Bank estimated "that 2002 '*ethical*' consumption in the UK reached *...* however, stakeholders also carry a *responsibility* to educate themselves *...* Page 351 consumer response to, 35-36 corporate social *responsibility* and, 37-38 investor *...* 94-98 compliance, *ethical* issues and, 99-101 compliance, voluntary vs. *...* Page 334 Buono, Anthony F., 'Corporate Policy, Values, and Social *Responsibility*,' *...* Shari, ed., '*Ethical* Challenges to Business As Usual,' Pearson Prentice Hall, *...* Page 349 *...* 220-222 diamond trade, 225 environmental context and, 50 *ethical* lapses and, xx, *...* See Corporate social *responsibility* implementation: Failed *...* Page 352 *...* 223-226 *ethical* practices and, 227-229 globalization and, 231-233 human rights *...* reactionary policy and, 64, 66 corporate social *responsibility* and, *...* Page 274 47. http://www.jewelers.org:8080/3.consumers/ethics/index.shtml 48. Lisa Roner, 'Jewelers of America Launch Corporate *Responsibility* Initiative,' *Ethical* *...*

Page 209 Alex Blyth, 'Swedish Government Considers Tax on SUVs,' *Ethical* Corporation *...* Devastating for Corporate *Responsibility* Reporting and SRI Funds Worldwide. *...* Page 276 'Euro MPs Approve "Social *Responsibility*" Code for Firms,' Ananova, *...* See: Lisa Roner, 'Unocal Settles Landmark Human Rights Suits,' *Ethical* Corporation *...* Page 184 Should it share *responsibility* for the way its funds are used? 2. *...* to companies deemed to be operating in an *ethical* and socially responsible manner? *...* Page 230 *...* corporate social *responsibility*, and business ethics, you've come to the right *...* The mission of the Ethics Resource Center is to strengthen *ethical* *...* Page 194 Business for Social *Responsibility*, *...* helps member companies achieve success in ways that respect *ethical* values, people, communities and the environment. *...* Page 275 *Ethical* Corporation Magazine, December 20, *...* 'Corporate Social *Responsibility*: loD Member Opinion Survey,' The Institute of Directors, UK, November, 2002, *...*