Next CVHS meeting Saturday June 17th at 7:00pm.

Manteca Branch Library
Use Center Street Entrance
320 W. Center St. Manteca CA 95336
Topic: Field Herping Basics- what you need, where to go, & how to be
successful (find lots of critters!) with Chris Sharp!
Bring your pet to show off! Have a tasty treat and visit with other reptile fans.

Chris Sharp is a native of Fresno CA, California. His
first Reptile was a side blotched lizard at age 10. He
has Herped all over the US, but mostly here in CA.
Chris has worked at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo for 10
years and is a part of the “Winged Wonders” Bird
show. Chris really enjoys teaching people new things,
but his favorite part is being on stage! He does
everything from cleaning up after them to training
He keeps breeds several species of snakes,
amphibians, and insects. Chris has been keeping
reptiles for 20 years and began breeding them about
14 years.
Chris’s main focus is herpetology, but he also enjoys
entomology, botany and geology.

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