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Advocacy Letter
Rebecca Cohoon


Principal Schuler,

I am writing this letter to share with you a situation regarding one of our students about a subject that
affects many in the student body. Teasing and bullying.

The specific student I refer to is Julia R. She is in Mrs. Winters 2nd grade class. I have been her reading
leader since the beginning of the school year. She is a perky little 7yo girl, kind to her classmates and
likes to read. In my reading group she is always the first to volunteer to read out loud.

Lately I have noticed a change in her behavior. She is moody and is staying away from the girls she
usually chats with and plays with at recess. I have also noticed that she is not so quick to volunteer to
read, her perky smile is weak and she often seems on the verge of tears, especially after coming from
recess. I started observing during recess and discovered that her friends are teasing her. Julie will not
tell me why but one of the girls piped up and said something about Julia having a unibrow.

Her eyebrows are quite thick and do tend to grow together. I talked with the girls and let them know
that teasing others because of their looks was not a very kind thing to do and encouraged them to treat
others the way they would want to be treated, reminding them of the school rules about being kind to
each other.

It was only the other day at a local spa that I realized the extent this teasing is having on Julia. Her
mother brought her in to get her brows waxed! Julia is only 7 years old and already they are waxing her
brows because of the overwhelming teasing she is getting. Her mother and I spoke privately about it
and she informed me that the teasing has been going on for a while and that this seemed be the best
option to deal with it.

It seems a shame to me that this little girl has to go to this extent to stop all the teasing. I am hoping
that you/we can do something on a grander scale to help bring to light the effects teasing and bullying
can have on students. Perhaps an all school assembly or even a classroom to classroom approach would
be helpful. I think the girls that are doing the teasing should be address more directly. Perhaps there is
some activity we can get them involved with that would show them people with differences have
feelings too.

I don’t want to humiliate anyone I just think we need to address perhaps a bit more pro-actively.

Thank you for listening to my concerns

Becca Cohoon

Paraeducator, FGSD

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