Chapter 11-19-Pride and Prejudice: Part III

Chapter 11
-Elizabeth and Wickham stop talking
-Bingley returns to Netherfield and Mrs. Bennet is happy about this; she wants Mr.
Bennet to visit him, 3 days later he shows up with Darcy
-Mrs. Bennet brags about Lydia’s engagement and no one cares
-Mrs. Bennet invites all of them to dinner at Longbourn and they accept
Chapter 12
-At dinner Bingly sits by Jane and Darcy sits away from Lizzy; this convinces her that
Darcy won’t love her again
-They find out Bingley likes Jane
-Darcy ends up sitting next to Mrs. Bennet, as Lizzy hopes to get the chance to talk
to him
Chapter 13
-Bingley comes over again but alone because he was busy on the first offer, but
came on the next
-Mrs. Bennet leaves Jane and Bingley alone in hopes he will propose (this doesn’t
-Bingley goes with Mr. Bennet shooting and stays for dinner
-Mrs. Bennet leaves Jane and Bingley alone again and Bingley proposes (but he asks
Mr. Bennet first)
-Bingley visits often, but Jane is focused on Lizzy and making her happy, Elizabeth
ironically syas that if she has good luck she will find another Mr. Collins (symbolic bc
he was persistent and she was Darcy to propose again)
Chapter 14
-Lady Catherine visits and convinces Elizabeth that Darcy proposed to her daughter,
but there were rumors that Darcy was going to propose to Lizzy again
-But not actually engaged the two mothers are just planning on it, rather than Darcy
doing so
-Lizzy says she can’t promise Lady C that she won’t end up with Darcy, but Lady C
says “bound with honour”
-Lady C criticizes Lizzy for being ungrateful after all the work she put into Mr.
Collins’s proposal
Chapter 15
-A letter is received from Mr. Collins and it talks about engagement between Lizzy
and Darcy and how Lady C is very upset
-Mr. Bennet thinks it is a joke because he thinks Lizzy and Darcy hate each other
Chapter 16
-Mr. Bingley returns from London and stays with Darcy at Netherfield
-Both of them go on a walk with Mr. Bennet to talk
-While Darcy and Lizzy are alone, Lizzy thanks him for what he’s done for Lydia
-Darcy explains that he did it all just for Lizzy and asks her if she’s felt the same way
she did last April
-Lizzy and Darcy exchange I love yous
-Lady C talked to him while he was in London to convince him not to marry
Elizabeth, but convinced him Lizzy still loves him instead
-Lizzy now says she’s willing to marry
Chapter 17
-The family is together and Lizzy thinks of ways to tell her family

Bennet still is oblivious and thinks Lizzy and Darcy hate each other too. but finally agrees). but claims it for Jane and Bingley -Lizzy talks to her mother. Bennet writes a letter to Collins to tell them Darcy and Lizzy are engaged. Mr. but far away from the Bennets -Kitty spends time with Jane and Lizzy. but never visits -Lady C and Miss Bingley get over themselves -Gardiners can visit anytime because they brought Darcy and Lizzy together . this reminds C to suck up to Darcy because he’s very rich.-Jane is confused because she thought Lizzy hated him. Bennet visits Lizzy at Pemberly -Bingley and Jane live close to Darcy. Bennet says kids that Wickham’s fav son in law but he really likes Bingley and Darcy Chapter 18 -Lizzy is not shy anymore and instead is very flirty -She asks how Darcy fell in love with her and this annoys the family -Lizzy thinks it’s because she wasn’t drawn to him right away -Mr. Darcy. charming. then Lizzy tells about Lydia -Lizzy’s mom at first morning and then loves the idea of him being “tall. and her father (skeptical that he just wants money. Darcy writes to Lady C Chapter 19 -Jane Austen emphasizes that even though the three daughters are married Mrs. and rich” and she is so proud that not a lot is said the next day -Mr. but she explains she doesn’t and Jane is happy for her sister -Liz also tells Jane of Darcy’s helpful role in Lydia’s marriage -Darcy and Lazy take another long walk -Mrs. Bennet is still not satisfied -Mr. Bennet wants her to go visit Lydia and Darcy helps Wickham with a job.

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