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i ' :,"~11} 7~:' source book
> ~ ,, : tllW,'+ information ne .
w,Lr--~"::l:~"' ~ campaigning in the world
w, of
the DRAGONLANCE | saga!
Provides all-new information
;~ on the character classes,
races, artifacts, and powers
that are unique to the
fascinating world of Krynn.


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,~, 1.^tlon, ..... .... -~
""~~ . and'~h

by Tracy H i c k m a n and Margaret Weis

The AD&D | game source book for continuing adventures in the world of Krynn.

TSR, Inc. ~ TSR UK Ltd.
POB 756 ~ T " The Mill, Rathmore Road
Lake Geneva, Cambridge CB1 4AD
TSR, Inc.
WI 53147 ,.o ...................... T. United Kingdom

J .r

To Laura Curtis Hickman, my wife, for whom worlds were created.

Continuity & Story: Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
Game Systems Design: Tracy Hickman
Editing: Mike Breault, with Jon Pickens
Proofreading: Jon Pickens, Warren Spector, and Margaret Weis
The DRAGONLANCE | Series Design Team: Tracy Hickman (Series Concept), Harold Johnson
(Director of Design), Margaret Weis, Douglas Niles, Jeff Grubb, Larry Elmore, Bruce
Nesmith, Mike Breanlt, Roger Moore, Laura Hickman, Linda Bakk, Michael Dobson, Carl
Smith, Garry Spiegle.
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Illustrations: George Barr
Cartography: Karen Wynn Fonstad, and Dennis Kauth
Graphic Design: Stephanie Tabat
Typography: Kim Janke and Betty Elmore
Keyline: Stephanie Tabat and Susan Myers

Special -hanks to
Dave Cook for advice on the AD&D | game system revisions and particularly the clerics system.
Jeff Grubb for his spell constructions, long support in the DRAGONLANCE | saga, and the Gods
of Krynn.
Doug Niles for his original compiling of the DRAGONLANCE saga source book and for writing
almost as many DRAGONLANCE modules as I did.
And thanks to all three for bailing me out when times got tough. The work of your hands shows
on every page.

Distributed to the book trade by Random House, Inc., and in Canada by Random House of Canada, Ltd.
Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributors.
Distributed in the United Kingdom by TSR UK Ltd.
9 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
This work is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or
artwork presented herein is prohibited without the express written consent of TSR, Inc.

Printed in the U.S.A.

the Chronicles trilogy..is placed in grey boxes throughout the text. if you do not happen to have these latter works you should not worry. For more detailed maps of Krynn and many of its specific environments. in all your letters. Kitiara. We have compressed as much information as we could into this volume. The material that is specifically related to the AD&D game system or to running a DRAGONLANCE campaign. We have made extensive use of these reference books in detailing the world of the DRAGONLANCE saga. This means that the text is easmr to read and the game references are readily available. However. but it still proved to be too large a task. we direct you to Karen Fonstad's Atlas os You can certainly enjoy this book without playing the game. This means for y. but what a game it is! Those of you who are playing the DRAGONLANCE series in the AD&D | game system will. This book alone cannot hope to cover all of the wonder and magic of that fabled land. however. and the anthology series of DRAGONLANCE Tales. This book is written in a different format than the other AD&D hardback books. Laurana. such as the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide. but they also provide rich descriptions with which to color your campaign. as usual.. Raistlin and all the rest. The world of the DRAGONLANCE | saga is a vast and complex one. we recommend that you read more about this world--the DRAGONLANCE modules. Wilderness Survival Guide. . have beckoned us back to the world of Tanis. We have tried to avoid duplicating material that is found in those other works so as to make room for all the detail of Krynn that we possibly can. We assume that you have the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Player's Handbook in order to play the game. the Legends trilogy. May we now walk that road together for a time once more. These not only give you a comprehensive picture of the world and its inhabitants. with old friends and new.ou garners that you will need to refer to other AD&D books from time to time. The series should play just fine with just your Dungeon Master's Guide and Player's Handbook.. need those rule books to play the series as the epic role-playing game that it is. p c cc At last. To fully recreate the world of Krynn.the world of Krynn! Here you hold as much of Krynn as can be told in one book. Other works. and Unearthed Arcana. You.. you may not have.

. . .. . 68 Spells o f H i g h Sorcery . . . . . . . .... . . .. . . .. . . . . . .. .. ... . . . . 42 T h e Law o f C o n s e q u e n c e . . .. .. . . .. . . .. . .... . . . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . 54 T h e Tower o f W a y r e t h . . . ... . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . ... . . . . . . . .... . .. . . .... . 41 Bozaks . .. . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . . .. .. . . .... 35 Hill Dwarves . . .. ... .. . 8 Clerics o f Evil .. .. 41 Kapaks . ... 27 The Heathens . ... . . . . .. .. . .... . . .... . . .. . ... . . . . .. .. .. . . . ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. .. . .. .. . . .. . .. .. .... .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. 44 W h a t ' s Your A l i g n m e n t ? .. . . .. . ..... . .. .... .. . . . . .. .. . . .. .. . .. . . . . . 16 Chislev . . .... . . . . . .. .. .. . . .. . . . 45 K n i g h t s o f t h e Rose . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ... . . . . . . . ..... . . . . .. . . 46 Device Creation . . .. . .. .. . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . ... . .. . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . ... .. .. . .. .. .. . 39 Draconians . . . 61 Test o f H i g h Sorcery . 73 Messengers of the Heavens . . . 49 T h e Conclave o f W i z a r d s .. .. . . . .. .. . . . . ... . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. .. . . . . .. . . . .. . .. . 16 Zivilyn ... . . . .. . . . . .... .. .. . "..... . . . . .. . . . . . . . 31 Elves . . .. . . . . ... .. . . . . . .. . . .. .. . .. . . .. .. . . . . .. ..... . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . . .. 60 S t u d e n t Magic-Users ... . 21 Sargonnas . 74 4 . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. .. .. . . . . . ~ . . .. .. . ... . . 37 Timeheal . . .. . . 29 K e n d e r Pockets . .. . .... . . . . .... .. . .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. .. .. .. 46 G a m e Statistics . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . . ... ... . . 14 C a t a c l y s m to P r e s e n t . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . .. .. . .. . . . . ... . .. . . .. . . . . .... . . . . .. ... ... . .... . . . ... . . .... . . . . .. .. . .. . . 63 W i z a r d s o f t h e W h i t e Robes . . . .. .. . . .. . . .. .. . . . . .. . .. 36 M o u n t a i n Dwarves .. .. .. . 66 W i z a r d s o f t h e Black R o b e s . . . .. .... .. . .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . .. . . . .. ... . .. . . .. .. . . . . .... . . .. . . 35 Dwarves . ... . . . . .. . . .. ... . .. ... . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . ... . . . . . ..... .. . ...... . ... . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. .. . . 42 Orders o f t h e Universe . .. . . .. .BOVE ... . ..... . . . . . .. . . ... . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . 74 D e i t y Descriptions .. . .... . . . . . . . . . .. . 49 Moon Tracking Chart ... . . .. .. . .. .. . . . . . . ... .. .. . .... . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . .. .. . ... . . .. . . .... . 73 Gender and the Gods . . . . . . . .. 65 W i z a r d s o f t h e R e d Robes . .. . .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . .. . . . .. ... . .. . . ... . 41 l~hE I~Ealms ~. . . .. . .. . 19 Lunitari . . . .. . 37 Character Proficiencies . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . 41 The Universe . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . .. . . . . .... .. ... . . . ... . . . . . . . .... . . .. .. . . . . . . . ... .. . . . ....... . . . . .. . . ... ... ... . . .. . . . . . . .. .. . . . . ... ... .. ..... . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . ... .. .. ... . . . . . . . . .. .. . ... . 20 Takhisis . . . ... . .. ... .. .. . ... . 14 Sirrion . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . .. . ... . ... . .. . . . . ... . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . . 44 Gilean .. . 8 Clerics o f N e u t r a l i t y . . . .. . .. .. . .... ... .. . . . .. . . . ... .. ... .. 45 Knights of the Crown .. .. .... .. . ... .. . . . .. . 57 Map o f the Tower a t Palanthus . . ...... . .. . .. .. .. 47 W i z a r d s o f H i g h Sorcery . .. .. . . . . . .. .. .. . .. . . ... . . . . . . . . . . .. 7 Clerics o f G o o d . . . ... . .. . . . .. .. . ... .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . . ..... . .. .. . 47 Device C o m p o n e n t s a n d T h e i r Costs .. . . . . . . . .. 45 K n i g h t s o f t h e Sword . . ... . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . .... .. . . .. . .. . . . . . 56 T h e Tower o f H i g h Sorcery at P a l a n t h u s . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. . . . . .. .. 17 Shinare . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ... . . . .... . . . .. .. .. . . . . .. . .. . . .. .. .. .. ... . . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . . ... . . .... . .. . . .. . . . .. ... . .. .. .. . . . 62 C h a n g i n g Orders A f t e r t h e Test . . . . . . .. .. ... ... . . .. . .... . ... . . . .. . ... . . . . . . .. ... 53 T h e Towers o f H i g h Sorcery . . 14 The Gods of Neutrality .. . 69 Kiss o f N i g h t ' s G u a r d i a n . . . . . . .. . . .. ... . ... . . . . . . .. . .... . . ...... .. . . . 43 Characters in K r y n n . . . ... . .. .. .. .. . .. 28 T h e A g e o f Twilight .. . . . . .. . .... .. . . . . . .. . . . . ... 30 Gnomes . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. ... 23 Zeboim . . .. . . . . 73 Timereaver . .. . . . . .. .. . . 44 A c c e p t a b l e C h a r a c t e r Classes .. . .. . . . .... . ... . . . .. 45 The Organization of the Knighthood .. . .. .. .. ... . . . . . . 29 K e n d e r T a u n t a n d Fearlessness .. . . . .. . . . ... .. .. . 43 Habbakuk . ... ... ... . . .. . 11 Majere . . . . . . .. .. . ... . . . . ... . .. .. ... . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . . 66 Renegade Wizards . 59 Early Life o f a W i z a r d . . . . 37 Irda . .... . .. .. .. ... .. .. . .. . . . . .. .. .. 47 T h e M o o n s o f Magic ... . . 39 Auraks . . . . .. 44 Solinari . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . . . .... . .... ... . . 45 T h e O a t h a n d t h e Measure . . . . .. .. .. . . .. .. . . . .. . . ... . ... ... .. . . .. . . . .. .. .. . . . . . .. .. . .... . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . .. ... . . .. .. . . .. . . .. .. .. . .. . . 37 Krynn Minotaurs . . . . ... . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. 13 Knights of Solamnia . . . .. . .. . .. . . .. .. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . ... . .. .. .. . .. . ... . .. .--W~ ~ . . . . 9 Paladine . . ... . . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . . .. . .. 74 G o d l y Spheres o f I n f l u e n c e ... . . . . . . . . ..... . . . . .. .. ....... . . . . 15 Reorx . .. . . .... . . . 20 T h e G o d s o f Evil . . .. .~. . . 46 The Knightly Council . . . . . .. . . . 54 T h e S h o i k a n Grove o f t h e Tower o f P a l a n t h u s . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. 38 Creatures o f K r y n n . . . .. . .. .. ... . . . . . . . 36 G u l l y Dwarves ( A g h a r ) . . . ... . .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . ... ... . . 21 Morgion . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . .. .. . . . . .... . . .. . . . ... . . ....... . 34 Half-Elves . . 12 Mishakal . .. . . . . .. . . .. . .. . . .. .. ... . .. . . . . . .. . . . ... . .. .. 73 U n i q u e Creatures o f K r y n n . ... .. .. ... ... . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . ... . .. . . . . . . . . . 12 G e n e r a l L i m i t a t i o n s in K r y n n .. . .. ... .. . . .. . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . .. . . . . 47 Nuitari . .. . . . . . . . ..... . . .. . . .. . .. . . ... . . . . . . . ... .. . . . .. . .... . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .... .. . . . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . .. . ... . .. . . . 33 Qualinesti . . . .. .. . . . . ... .. . . .. . . .. .. . .. . . . ... .. . . . . . . .. . . . . 43 Travelers f r o m t h e B e y o n d . .. . . ... .. . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . 13 Branchala . . 22 Chemosh .. 42 T h e Place o f Mortals .. . . . ... .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . .. 71 Mindspin ... .. . . .. . . . .. .. . . 31 Mad Gnomes . . . ... . . . .. . . . . 40 Baaz .. . . . .. ...... . . H o l y Orders o f t h e Stars .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . ..... .. . . . . .. ... .. . . 51 T h e Spheres o f Magic ... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .... . . . .. . .. . ... . 11 Kiri-Jolith .. . . . . .. ... .. . ... . .. .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .... 46 K n i g h t s in Battle . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . 29 Kender . . .. . . . ... . . .. . . . . .. . 8 The Gods of Good .. . 34 K a g o n e s t i ( W i l d Elves) . .. . . .. .. . . . . . BtC of c o n t e n t s . . .. . . . . .. .. .. .. . . . . . ... . . . . . . .. .. . . . ..... . . . . . . .. .. . 32 Silvanesti ( H i g h Elves) . . .. .. . . 34 D a r g o n e s t i a n d D i m e r n e s t i (Sea Elves) ... . . . . . . . ..... . . . . .. ... . ... .. . .. . .. ... . 38 C o m m o n Creatures o f K r y n n .... . . . . . ... ... .. .. . . . .. 25 Hiddukel . 44 The Origin of the Knights . . . . . . . .. . .... . . . . .. . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. .. . . .. . .. .. . .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. ... . ... . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . .. . .. .. . ... . . . . .. ... . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . 42 Lot in Life . . . . 47 Hall o f G n o m e s I n v e n t i o n s . . . . .. .. . .. . ... .. . .. . . . . .... . .. . .. . . .. .. . .. . . ... . . ... .. . .. . . ... . .. .. . . . . .. . . .. 27 The Races o f K r y n n . . . ... 58 G u a r d i a n Groves o f t h e D e s t r o y e d Towers .. . .. .. .. . . .. ...... . .. . .. . . .. ... .. . . 46 Tinkers ( G n o m e s ) . . . . . . .. 73 O b l i g a t i o n s o f Clerics . . . . 27 Locations o f t h e M o o n s .. ... . . . . ... . . . 34 D a r k Elves . . 67 Illusion a n d K r y n n . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 Maquesta K a r . . . . . . 111 B a s . .. . .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 Dreamshadows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92 K n i g h t s Circle Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . 75 Takhisis . . . . . . . . . .. . . 80 Justarius . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . 76 Pyrite . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 Ice Bears . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 115-116 The Kingpriest o f Istar . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Map of Ansalon's Climate--Post-Cataclysm . . 110 T h e Evil D r a g o n s . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Reghar Fireforge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 Fetch . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. 109 T h a n o i (Walrus Men) . . . . .. . . . . ... .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . 117 Arack.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .O h n Koraf . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . 108 Shadowpeople . . . . . . . . . . . 101 Map of Post-War Ansalon . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 Factions . . . 112 Astinus's Scroll (Part I) . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .T h e Gods o f Evil . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .... .. . ... . . . . . 75 Fizban the Fabulous . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . 89 Character A l i g n m e n t Tracking Chart . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 91 Spheres o f I n f l u e n c e . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s2 PCs f r o m the D R A G O N L A N C E | L e g e n d s Books . . . 118 Steeltoe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . 111 Tales o f Long A g o . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . 88 Tanis Half-Elven . . . .. . 110 D r a g o n Rules .. . . . . . .. . 126-127 Crystals a n d G e m s . . . . . 124-125 Rods. . . . . . . . ... . .. . . . . 77 Duncan . .. .. . . .. . . . . . . . 84 & 85 C a r a m o n Majere . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92 K n i g h t s Circle Modifiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 75 Personalities o f the Age o f D r a g o n s . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. . : . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . ... . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . ..hat W a s . 1o0 Astinus's Scroll (Part II) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .hc l a n c e . . 95 WaR o f 1. . . . .. ... . . . . . 79 Par-Salian . . .. . .. . . . . 89 Unified Ansalon Monster Chart . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. 109 Background a n d History . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . 83 Dalamar . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Raag . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . .. 91 Spell S u m m a r y Table (Magical) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. 106 T h e Lands o f A n s a l o n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 General C o n d i t i o n s . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . .. 76 Raistlin Majere . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . 122-123 Scrolls . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . 78 A m o t h u s Palanthus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 Krynn Dragons . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . 120-121 Potions . . ... . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . 102 & 103 A n s a l o n After t h e War . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ... the Half-Ogre Bandit . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . 105 Areas o f Control . . . . 114 Astinus o f Palanthus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 Kitiara . 111 1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 Dreamwraiths . . . . . . .. Master o f the G a m e s . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Magical I t e m s o f K r y n n .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .T h e Gods o f Neutrality . . . . ... .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . 113 T h e Silver D r a g o n . . . . . . . . 105 Climate . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . 128 A r m o r and Shields .. . . . 94 Special Magical I t e m s o f K r y n n . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . .T h e Gods o f G o o d . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . 108 Minotaurs (Bloodsea) .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . 88 Tika Waylan Majere . 113 N P C s o f Long A g o .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . TaBLeOFcontcn s Sivaks . . . . . .. . . . . 76 Lord Soth . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. 83 Crysania . . . . . . . .. . . 88 Fistandantilus . . . . . 110 T h e G o d s as D r a g o n s . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . 111 The Ages o f K r y n n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 107 .. . ... . .. . . . . . 91 Spheres o f I n f l u e n c e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . 90 G n o m e Device Complexity Level Table . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 Beyond the Map . . .. . . . . . . . . . 89 C h a R t s a n 6 TaBleS Races o f K r y n n . . .he W o R l O 1. 86 Tasslehoff Burffoot . . . . . . . 109 Spectral Minions . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . 93 Weapons . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114 Reorx ( D o u g a n R e d h a m m e r ) .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . .. . 110 The G o o d D r a g o n s . .. . . . . .. . ... . . ... . . . . . .. . . . 90 Character Racial M i n i m u m & M a x i m u m Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. .. . . . .. . .. . . . . .. 113 Huma . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. 89 Character Class Master Statistics Range Table ... . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . .. .. .. . . . . ..T h o n . . . . . . . Staves. . 80 Ladonna . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . 78 Elistan . .. . . . .. . . . . . 88 Magius . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . 91 Spheres o f I n f l u e n c e . . . .. . ... . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . 128 Miscellaneous Magic . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . ... . . ... . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . .. . . .. . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 78 Kharas . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 M a p o f Pre-Cataclysm A n s a l o n .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90 G n o m e Mishap Table . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . a n d W a n d s . .

~: . i ~ ~ ~.~ ~:. ~/.~. 84 .: ! ~ i 84 .~.I!I~ i~ ~i~i~i '!~" ~" ~ ~ !. ~ ~ii~i~!~i!!!i ~-I.iii!~i~ .

'" . On Silken Starshine lay We who soon upon the Face oF Krynn would as in(ant mortals play.~hc t~calms 3.BOVC "In the Cradle o f the Sky.

but they could ings first. Ogres Fizbur the Feverles. they delight in inflicting Flaver. I am at your side every step of to work to satisfy their needs. Evil. The elves were drawn I 1c BeGins next state of existence.. and some to neutrality. The Gods of the world. And so the All-Saints War raged among the The human race is most favored by the one gets a name you know. Then would way into the alignments of the gods through come death.. In the beginning. I am here to help you get on your The Gods of Good gave the spirits life and sidering the consequences. The Good and Neutral Gods com. but I see that it is a bit dif. The Gods of Evil pain and suffering upon the weak. naturally toward the Good alignment while the ogres were drawn to that of Evil. not to wor. Elves are the Shapers of wandering about the realms of the gods slaves to do their every bidding. Let's try something a gift of free will. the ogres were "I suppose you will want to get your bear. the Forging God.. the passage from Krynn to the their inherent natures. The Gods of Good wanted to nurture the l. Tragedy and comedy. They have the longest life names. its. although they change since you don't have one yet. transformed into the shining brilliance of the Krynn as a dwelling place for the spirits. Fasbar the cal beings would hunger and thirst and have are selfish and cruel. It is into these positions forward. The When the spirits awoke at the sounding of greatest of benevolent dragons: Paladine. meaning "Free-willed. sparks from his hammer became the stars. built.. . the spirits gained control world motion. they themselves change very little. They are the truth of it is a bit more complicated than allowed to bestow one gift upon the spirits.11cinmcnts of the mals of the world were Neutral in their aspeci In the beginning were the gods from and came silently under the domain of the Beyond. High God decreed that each spirit could Reorx's hammer. verse was forged: Good. I suppose that it doesn't much matter freedom to choose for themselves whether span of all the spirits. Evil. and Neutrality. to choose freely between th.1. are coveted by the Gods of both Good and "I'm Fizban. but he also inspires the other races to universe was brought to be. beings: the animals. most favored "Eh? Well! I don't seem to recall seeing you Gods of Evil sought to make the spirits their by the Gods of Good. Oh. Thus these are the most prized of all Reorx..well. ished as their hungers devoured them. but you Then spoke the High God from Beyond. but of Good. for you have The Gods of Evil decreed that these physi. This choice and free agency come to be.hE u n I v E r s E From the chaos born you come." joy in the presence of the High God whose Triangle. Chaos slowed and the the souls that awakened. the world. and Neutrality. brought into being. Hard to keep our heavens.er. humans would there begin again. Evil. hoped the spirits would bring peace and order the most beautiful of the races. free to choose among the alignments of the striking rays of light. This foundation has always existed These were men who possessed the ability to children they were. well. He created them with a my favorite aspect. Their shorter time in the world is spent in would call me the big guy around here.. The gods began to quarrel over these spir- ous brilliance of the heavens surrounds you. This crazy wizard is could subjugate the races.. and Neutrality. From their light came diverse spirits of all types: some disposed to good." Good and Evil. physical form. and ficult for you just now. eh? Not easy stepping out of the to the worlds and lead them along the path tO think only of their hungers.. not to worry. Not placed at any of new time and place would come to be. Every. is it? Well never you fear. hoped that through hunger and suffering they The High God created the fourth class of "So let's. Thus men give the way into the fabulous world that we have pre. These are known among men as Good. the way. with them dominion over the universe. most wondrous were the spirits There. The that awoke. righteousness.the glori.. ry. whatever. spirits would live At the apexes of the triangles stand the swing in the middle of the triangle from pole and. and their beauty van- verse. I guess some decreeing the Balance of the World. gives motion to the universe and propels it Three were the pillars upon which this uni- Evil. struck his hammer amidst the Chaos. before! Never had much of a memory for Neutrality sought a balance: to give the spirits ure to their will. His form rises before you And so the Gods created the world of gods. before the beginning. Men can choose freely between good and can call me. enslaved by their needs. quick to think and to act--often without con- that. honor over the material world and became more like The race of ogres is most favored by thei and mystery await you there! the Gods themselves.hc place o f mortals And the first glorious being you encounter is a spirits in the paths of righteousness and share Many races came into being from the spirits wizard fumbling about in his grey cloak. although the souls of men records straight here without it! bined forces to keep Evil from a final victory. Evil.er. The Gods evil. many of them found their choose his own way through life. that will come in time. the three poles of the gods' triangle.hmmmm. some to evil. they dwelt in All of the universe stands upon the Great called the Maran. Gods of Neutrality. The Gods of Neutrality gave the spirits the balance of Good. The Gods of Good Gods of Evil. First were the elves.hc 3. They were easily chaos and trying to make sense of the new uni. Thus did they preserve the the lords of the animal kingdom. action. in the course of time. new power would three anchors upon which the universe is to pole to pole. CioOs Neutral gods.. they would serve Good or Evil. Dragons are bit more like what you would expect. possessing good magic to bend nat. pared for you. Thus. The ani- O Oc s of the UmvcRsc 1.y were born of the world itself. They are The old man's robes flare suddenly with Balance. that the gods align themselves in their effort Not only does man give motion to the uni- This was the great triangle upon which all the to maintain progress in the universe they have verse. However. Still. and Neutrality would each be striving for power and knowledge. Fizban the Fabulous. Time and until the end of the world. It was there decreed that a and will exist down through the ages of time choose their destinies.

for of Krynn espouses its own philosophy. philosophies are the roots of all moral action Lawful Evil's objectives are similar. For every law and rule that Each of the three alignments in the universe tive in the universe is the supremacy of might is obeyed there is a reward and blessing.aw Of consequence 2. about immediately. this statement reflects 3. Good seeks to forward its position of the Neutral gods who see the goals and aims by redeeming and recalling the diversity of both view points as balancing one lost members of its flock and bring about the another on a universal scale. 1. every law transgressed there is a punishment. but they occur eventually. their trast: This is known as the Law of Gilean or efforts to advance truth and knowledge in the the Doctrine of Shadow. but it seeks Blessings and punishments may not come in the world of Krynn. 1. to attain supremacy through the rigid applica. then the and justice. universe would be either all light or all dark without any contrasts to bring focus or put- . The Law of Consequence: This final law belief in natural selection through the elimi. Chaotic Evil's objec.hc I. was given by the High God himself to rule Consequence nation of weaker beings. Good Redeems its Own: Also known as tion of a morality of strength. This is the primary universe at large. Should either advancement of the universe by compassion side dominate. Neutrals maintain. over all other laws. Evil Feeds Upon Itself: Also known as pose. Both Good and Evil Must Exist in Con- the approach of all the gods of Good in.he I~W Of the Law of the Dark Queen. These without any moral considerations whatsoever. Neutral's objective is unity in diversity. l. the Law of Paladine. this reflects evil's 4.

.~~ ~. h r consl. "%..~".-~:"~.~... ~ s ~. ~..~i .~. ~ ~ : + ..D84 oi: kRynn 10 .-.lOnS ~'~~. "~ ...'~.~i_ ..]..~~i/7!~. - .. ._../~ . "-. .Ii.C[[&1.l~O [-l~ll~ t ' '~'z ~'~ '~D/.. ~.../ l .. ~ :. '~ " ~ ~':" .~ "\ ~-... k i7:''-'.-XT:Y ... ~.. u ~ i. Xi 1~ r.~L~ "7. "-~!~-:~'-~ ~.

poses. Lot L fc to choose. the following are possible for you in your sojourn in Krynn. these are the ones you are now free counting the gods of magic). is sworn not to a monarch but to a deity of S]. Barbarians in Krynn generally come the High God to all humanity. Each rather than to the greater Knighthood of the order does service to its god and gains its Solamnic Orders. Also listed are those types that are unique to the Fighters: Those of might and weapons. Cavaliers: Noble Knights of kingdoms. free will brings the gods. say that this is all that a soul may become in heathen clerics in the world of Krynn. power and sphere of influence that deter- mines the powers that its priests have. or Neutrality. from beyond Krynn. This is not to gods other than the True Gods are considered undisciplined in the ways of civilized nations. This class of characters includes cler. These classifica. are the Knights of the Crown. orders of each of the gods individually. Of those classes that are common to tain a variety of orders each. these men are in single service the universes. world of Krynn and exist nowhere else in all these three divisions are found the clerics and Like cavaliers. Because of the gift of are powerless and receive no blessings from nature.anOa O Classes ence which that god holds. As there are six good. powers upon coming to Krynn. The orders fewer than 18 separate True Gods who main. Their obedience and fealty powers dependent upon the spheres of influ. but also on other the three general categories of clerics that kingdoms and may be considered candidates worlds far from the sight and knowledge of serve the gods of this universe. Though Krynn receive their lots in life. They generally lot in life--a classification as to who you are this refers to that class of druid that has come come from Nordmaar regions as well as the and what you may become. travel the plains of Krynn far and wide and are Yet in the beginning you start with a certain Druids (heathen): As with heathen clerics. to their mortal existences upon the face of Clerics (heathen): Clerics who worship Barbarians: Savages of the wilds. the True Gods. Each has its own Ch R cl cRs many different universes. They they are fierce warriors and have empathy with the world--far from it. While there are many more classes than are separate gods in each of these divisions (not Knights of Solamnia: These are really three given here. from the northern reaches of Ergoth and the to the circles of the world an infinite number ics from other universes who have somehow badlands of Khur. These folk determine who you become and what you do. tions have existed since the beginning of time. Evil. Within Paladins: Knights in the cause of good. other realms. m kRynn These are types that are truly universal. They also lose their plains areas about Tarsis and Abanasinia. It is up to you to come to Krynn by chance or design from those Rangers: Wilderness masters. well versed in wilderness lore. there are no distinct orders grouped into one. These do battle for others or for their own pur- Those who find their way from the heavens realms of Krynn--these appear in italic type. Still others are unique to this the lines of Good. Knights of the 11 . of people and viewpoints. Some of these character types are universal Holy Orders of the Stars: This title refers to These are always found in service of individual and exist not only in Krynn. These follow for the Knights of Sotamnia.

. made. AcceptaBle level. but these stats do n o t able in a DRAGONLANCE| game campaign. A candidate for Knight of the Rose must have done like- l. .. call themselves Krynn and brought before the council for jus.. These Knights and their Orders of the question of where the inhabitants of Cavalier * Honor have been alternately praised and Krynn come from. Wizard of High Sorcery Magic-Users (renegade): There are those If you find yourself face to face with one Thief magic-users who attempt to utilize their who is not of Krynn. is far easier for such an experienced Knight to i . be wary! Strangers may Thief/Acrobat powers outside the moderating influence of not understand your customs or your think- the Orders of High Sorcery. This will not happen. j "handlers" since the term thief denotes one tice. if the! first passed the Test of High Sorcery (see page diminutive people. but he Thief/Acrobats: These characters not only is not required to do so. The cavalier or paladin who joins tbel Knights retains his hit points.] i wise as a Knight of the Sword before being One of the many wonders in the universe is Ranger accepted. These verse. paths from worlds not of Krynn.. knights who are operating under the direction I hand. * These classes have the following speciai called magic-users by the common folk but Those who come to Krynn from other limitations and rules in Krynn. Are some not of Reork's Paladin * 1 reviled throughout history. The gods of Krynn have secured their hunted down by the order to entice them to world against such incursions for fear of upset. for details on conversion)i eties. Cavaliers/Paladins: These represent! who steals for gain. his original deity's beliefs. on the other Thieves who may find easy pickings else. page 39. They maintained a steadfast code of honor and enforced it with forging at the beginning of time? Many have been the rumors of travelers who have crossed Knight of Solamnia Magic-User * 1 both might and justice throughout their long the void of the night sky or come by hidden Illusionist * ' history. The Seekers! ists are those whose powers lie outside the centage is checked any time an attempt is in the Haven and Solace regions of Abanasinia! spheres of the three moons (see page 27). Kender voyagers who have traveled from Krynn into of the True Gods (as with heathen clerics) lose! handlers are just as likely to leave something the worlds beyond report strange things their special abilities and powers until they do SO. The only ards who demonstrate power without having when (and if) he returns to his original uni. See Kender indeed. this type of behavior is not only con.. of course. bly compatible with the teachings of his form-] than 98 %. . Note that i t Character classes that are unique to Krynn are noted in italicS . This per.. normally as a Knight of Solamnia.hc BcyonO Sword. Those who do are ing. level character.. . AC. he is convert-i wizards. In most Krynn soci.. There is a 1% tact with his original deity. Those few Solamnia. If he joins. They control all magic on Krynn... where discover that law and justice in the cities of an organization other than the Knights ofi ply out of an outrageous curiosity about every.1.i join the order or destroy them if they refuse. while embodying the 34) ate hunted by all members of that order in Krynn Order he worships is compatible with traits and abilities of thieves.i exceptions to this rule are the kender. .RavctcRsI~Rorn1. He then starts a second record I of his experience points for determining his i ic movement. A candidate for the Order of the Sword must first have attained certain fame as a Knight of the Crown in order to be accepted.... do not steal for personal gain. he must have certain sleight-of-hand skills of thieves first enter the Order of the Crown as if a first. This percentage never gets any higher Only by finding a True God who is reasona'l magic-users. i per day cumulative chance that a character vis- on Krynn... level. he has~ Renegade wizards have a short life expectancy become a heathen cleric. . Handlers. in effect. Gnomes find that there is a 105% (page 51) for a more complete description of chance of failure for their devices whenever One of these characters may wish to join thel this race. ting the balance of the world. and i Chal ac cR Classes proficiencies at the level he had before joining The following character classes are accept. enters Krynn from another world has lost con. The gods of Krynn are unlike those he is still in Krynn (see Messengers from the i will steal from anyone. may be great wealth in other worlds is worth While this may be no problem for him whilei Thieves (Handlers): Here is a fellow who little here. Renegade wiz. . of Krynn are swirl and complete. . and Knights of the Rose. and Black Robe most of those in the known universes. increase until his Sol amnic Knight level i equals his previous ler He then progresses They are divided into classes and subclasses. Solamnic Knights while he is in Krynn. i behind as to take something new. Paladins who do not convert to one i thing and~everyone at all times. . Wizards of High Sorcery: There are three Another problem is that Krynn's systems of er deity can a heathen cleric hope to regain his I types of High Sorcery Wizards: White Robe government and finance are different from spell-casting abilities. What ed to one of the Holy Orders of the Stars:~ wizards. them as they normally might do. iting Krynn from other worlds cannot re~'fn Heathen clerics cannot cast spells or acquir~I Illusionists (renegade): Renegade illusion. These are earnestly Clerics and Druids: Any cleric 6r druid who for. worshipers from other worlds. across the void to his home world. i but also the additional capabilities of acrobat. Red Robe wizards. the Knighthood. .RaveleRs from BcyonO Cleric (Heathen) * Druid (Heathen)* Holy Order of the Stars (Krynn Cleri Fighter Barbarian c]. in other realms and do not readily recognize Heavens. but sim. the gods of that realm take a dislike to them.. his original deity may be upset at his actions! demned but punished severely. In so doing. Those failing this check remain on were clerics of this type.. . are referred to as renegade wizards by those of worlds may find more than they bargained the Order of High Sorcery. i They are treated the same way as renegade Krynn.

The types of spells availa. Knights of remain in Krynn must forfeit any advance. Changes of alignment can have drastic con- order or be hunted by them. chart.. he can assume either his previous games. not the other way around. grey area between good and neutral into the is made before he reaches 3d level (see Wiz. then tell him immediately branded as renegades. Player characters in. advance. a Knight of Solamnia are all affected by the character's alignment just passed from the tion of which order the magic-user will follow character's alignment. that depends on his alignment. neutral. Wizards experience points equal to the mid-point of the midpoint of his chosen alignment on the who gain their magic by the grace of the their current level. alignmenrs (good. the gods of Krynn feel that Attack . These the PC's current alignment. Align. the DM marks the case of wizards. other worlds can acter who enters a grey area incurs the follow. When games. into a grey area between the alignments. Clerics can also fail to recall a spell in the hess or Raistlin. The rules ment. This m kRynn area warns the PC that his actions are not in line with the beliefs of his alignment. shift the If the cavalier or paladin returns to his origi. What's your &lqnrnenl:? grey area into another alignment. Knights action performed. ble to a magic-user or cleric and the abilities of tures of his new alignment. If the result is 10 or less. In addition. There f . of Solamnia lose position and abilities by fall- GeneRal bmmtawons As a character shifts alignment. they revert to the _would become thieves. Alignment in Krynn has important new alignment. 13 . the gods remove them from Krynn. clerical spells that are destroy the balance of the world. with actions. of High Sorce~ They must either join the al alignment set for them initially as good. This prevents a PC of High Sorcery make no clear-cut distinction ment in Krynn is handled differently. It is almost DMs can use the Character Alignment sequences for certain character classes. roll ldlO0. mark his alignment in the ards of High SocceR page 27). however. Wait until he tries to perform an action campaigns and who are over 3d level are character class determines the starting align.1 to hit opponent each . Each time the PC performs an action moons of magic and who then become rene- become heathen clerics of equal level. Wizard Spells 10% fails to recall * ment beyond 18th level is not mandatory. It also makes him work hard opposed to the situation in many AD&D| actions. what happened and how to fix it. he passes ing from grace they become fighters until they redeem themselves. or evil) at the the player that his PC has just changed align- Magic-users and illusionists from other beginning of the game. then the Those few individuals who remain in the spell simply cannot be recalled and does not 9world beyond 18th level do so either by special function. GeneRa[ limitations In kRynn gain experience points and go up in levels When a PC's alignment passes from the than it is for those who are truly first level. Defense + 1 to own armor class ~ [ion. heal- say that she grants such boons without great ing spells to Mishakal) have a 20% chance of reason. For example. do not inform much left up to them prior to 3d level. Each PC's moral alignment starts at repent or find another god to serve. the player chooses the alignment of area of neutral. In most AD&D| cam. Fortunately for the lovers of Krynn. Monks. middle of the neutral area. Knights of Solamnia who it doesn't work. A char- Of course. Knight follows the laws of his organiza- it is time to reassign him to some other world. as alignment of a PC is determined by his ments too easily. The rule is that PCs who wish to not being acquired for the day. away. This question comes up often in AD&D character's alignment to the midpoint of the nal world. Clerics always a quick and tragic end for renegades Tracking chart at the back of the book (page who change their alignment are considered unless they join the orders. It is up to you. for example. Cleric Spells 10% fails to recall Your PC has the unique ability to refuse such advancement (and thereby stay within the * When a wizard attempts to use any spell world of Krynn). but not in ing effects: the Orders of Knights bestows upon its mem- Krynn. What wizards are or believe is pretty Characters in Krynn declare their mora/ a change in alignment occurs.) For example. Once a player character advances bers are directly dependent upon how' well beyond 18th level. that the DM decides is outside the bounds of gades (see page 36) also lose two levels. they advance beyond that. doing deeds that are in line with their old alignments tend to shift them back. losr and immediately lose two levels and all Characters of other classes revert m their ment as it changes according to the PC's their spell-casting abilities until they either major classes when they enter Krynn.if ties are also subject to this penalty. This is not to special to the god the cleric serves (e. though sometimes ment. Note that the player would not permission of the gods or by unnatural means. It's up to the player to realize for renegade wizards are found in the Wizards begin as Knights of the Crown have their mor. 114) to keep track of each PC's moral align. but now the PC is subject to the stric- is higher). Takhisis is always out to same way.g. the Dragon Highlords of the Queen of Dark. The Wizards his PC and then tries to act accordingly. The special abilities and aids that each of advance to unlimited levels. if a Magic-Users/lllusionists: No determina. In the are no assassin characters in Krynn. Solamnia who have clerical spell-casting abili- ment beyond 18th level regardless of class. paigns. (The penalties for being in experience points and level or use those he effects that are very different from a standard the transition area between alignments go acquired as a Knight of Solamnia (whichever AD&D campaign. if he wants to regain his old alignment. The from bouncing back and forth between align- between magic-users and illusionists. know about this until the PC fails to cast a The priviledged few include such beings as spell. PC's new alignment position on the chart robes of their new alignment and do not have from 1 to 3 points in the direction of the to seek out new powers as do clerics.

grateful people of that region chose Vinas as dulled despite vigorous use. he set off on a quest to find the answer to his days in such pain that the gods themselves suf- or and the truth of what the world has dilemma. To this day. Huma died on the field of bat- Krynn. During the War of the Lance. people began to question Huma's very exist- Ergothian Emperor's Palace Guard. and defense. found that the rebellion was patterned after the ideals of the gods who fabled Dragonlances. rebellion brewing in the northeastern reaches the centuries. each sour. the people of Solamnia still Solamnia in his honor. 1. the location of the tomb and his body from the capital city of Daltigoth to squash a model of a Knighthood that would last down were forgotten.he ORIGin came at last to Sancrist Isle. other versions tell of Third Dragon War. 1. spread that the Knights had foreseen the com- But the story of the last battle between Huma ing of the Cataclysm and had done nothing to 14 . The be of dwarven make and never rusted or disaster disrupted the world for months. The of Ergoth. that ravaged the countryside. Though the tomb was well justified. The Kingpriest of Istar brought down the city. justice. stay with Solamnus. They had recently broken from the tyranny of Ergoth and now looked to Solam- Huma managed to slay the evil dragon- leader with the silver dragon's help. Rumors began to The story went something along these lines. hold. the road to Huma's tomb ashes of the empire of Ergoth. Two other legends relating to Solamnia and to p r e s e n t Solamnus personally led daring raids into the the Knights come from this period of time. Three separate Orders would the Tomb was again discovered and with it the of the empire. during the good soon came to him: Paladine. Knights were powerless. Solamnia became synonymous with Srurm Brightblade. Thus he organized the Knights of perfect of the Knights. Huma's remains were not discovered. Those who did the Knighthood rising again and again in quent rise to power during the Age of Might. Many of the Knights perished fight- honesty. hands of his lieutenants and journeyed into storms upon th~ land. Although glade and sealed the unity of these three gods Etgoth was in the grip of the most terrible winter ever chronicled. of great renown during the land. and the elements. he strike the land in memory of Huma's agony. a true and balance one another with high ideals. the gods transformed model established by their great and long- meant exile and possibly death. This sanctified the Thus began the War of Ice Tears. There in that wild Huma was buried with great reverence. gathered together a Solamnia who cast the Knights into disgrace. rising like a phoenix from the balance. loyalty. Vinas Solamnus was beseeched by the Lords of the Northern with the tragic love Huma bore for a silver dragon. Some versions of found. integrity. the northeastern plains ing a pass into Solamnia singlehandedly until a fiery mountain down on the land. in the hour of story of the Quest of Honor that tells of Vinas Huma's legend. rulers of Solamnia might not be as honorable Huma Dragonbane. and Habbakuk. the capital fell as a Bedal Brightblade was a hero said to have wrath of the gods upon Krynn. the descended into evil. and place he found a glade and offered supplica.s tion to the gods on a black granite stone in the Knights made pilgrimages to the tomb of The Knights came into being nearly 2. So it was that tle. god of just warfare. which--so legend had it--was carved years before the War of the Lance. As a result.he knIGhl. however.000 center of the clearing. Soon. set forth In that glade did they outline for Vinas the ence. and the gods revolt of the people forced the emperor to sue fought the desert nomads to a standstill. and safety of the realm. Solamnus and his ded- in their commitment to uphold the Knight- hood so long as the Knights walked in honor Cataclysm and worthiness. Solamnus could not see doing so he sustained a mortal wound. translucent white crystal. By greatest order of chivalry in all the history of how this could be done in the light of their some accounts. from the Vingaard Mountains to help came. Solamnia. bard Quevalen Soth. Vinas Solamnus. you find the wild. people who claim that lightning and thunder After many weeks of searching and trial. Evil crea- attained any great power during the rest of will return to aid Solamnia in its time of need. the Knights of Solamnia remained tree to the Even though his men knew that doing so As a final blessing. the Knights had kept the peace The tale of their origins is bound up in the drive them from the lands of Solamnia.kmGhl. the god of in the shape of a silver dragon. together and presented the case of the people. inflicting terrible thunder- become. and Solamnia's subse- rebels were entreated to stay. However. icated army of knights and frontier nobles marched on Daltigoth and laid siege to it. commander of the good nature. is fragmented now. the War of the Lance is said to be a distant ing the unknown and unspeakable horrors Vinas knew that those who followed him as descendant of this legendary figure. most chose to the stone before Solamnus into a pillar of dead king. punished the people for their pride by casting for peace. He left the united kingdoms in the fered in sympathy. along knwGhts as the king of Solamnia. Many doubt that Huma ever really existed. god of became dark and dangerous to travel. gained its independence. As the world Age of Dreams. Solamnus. long banished from Krynn. known as the most In the end. His sword Brightblade was said to destruction and desolation caused by the the Estwild. tures. for many years those who aspired to join the ol. others. time of need. the Any knights who believed in the cause of the downfall of the Knights. following his coronation and the Queen of Darkness is still told. compiled by the great elven their most desperate need. Sol rnnla Reaches.' of the special metal used to forge the honorable man. Three of the gods of Huma. it was the common people of as he. but in The Knights of Solamnia were once the nus to unite them. Although it never an unknown location. Within two months. returned to that Age. say that he lingered for precarious balance between the Code of Hon. not were given leave to return to Daltigoth. His tomb is Although their land had been spared the their king and named their new country somewhere in the far southern mountains in worst of the blow. it seemed that the Solamnus's journey in search of tree honor. the tale say that Vinas was also shown the Through wars with bordering states. Now their entire way of life shifts in conflicting ideals and customs. Now. and fierce determination. Solamnus called his troops came to Vinas's aid that day. Kiri~Jolith.s o1: s o t a m m a In the year 1225 PC. group of heroes to destroy the dragons and For centuries. It is rumored that Bedal suffered greatly during this time.

All Knightly Councils. Having fathered a child by the elf Knights. out by the High Knights through their respec. Indeed. and heal spells The terrible deeds of this Knight did great Individual cells of knights exist throughout that are available as potions. ons and armor available at that Circle. He had rent'home at Whitestone Glade on Sancrist. This may be important should a men. Some of these are in touch with the location. the established Circles of Knights must send of Knighthood. Nor- long. Once used at a injustice to the Knighthood as a whole. Still. in fact. a strong group of secret. bers to elect a Knight from eligible candi. Once appointed. This is not to say that such assistance is very wed the elf woman in secret though he was with Castle Wistan nearby. sumed in a terrible fire before Soth's very serves for life unless he is found guilty of a Coin: This is a modifier to the amount of throne. o1: 1. has been left Circle may require more assistance from a vis- woman. Darker acts were also committed: not. however. They knew of his Knights: either the High Warrior. The child primarily to the difficulties in calling a Grand What kind of aid awaits a Knight depends of the elf woman became his heir and he Circle of Knights together in sufficient num. lest they be dis. In places where the Knighthood is require a Circle of Knighthood to be binding honor. They are there to Ranking Authority: This lists the highest- driven into exile. iting and the conditions there. The to their needs from the general coffers of the gaard Keep had. and their families slain or throughout the continent. been moved from Vingaard Keep to its cur. the Lord of Knights effects. 15 . Before Ansalon. A few Knights who Tarsis) or even banned (as in any lands under only an official place for such councils to be found their loss of status intolerable left their Dragon Highlord control). Determine the When warned of the impending doom of the dates. changed little from the Age of Might. Yet waiting for him of appointment will soon be at hand. their castles nently in most townships and all cities year. So it was that the Knights give aid and receive the pledge of any local ranking authority who governs that particular silently disappeared from the knowledge of Knights of Solamnia. too.S o1: knlqh hoo(b Indeed. r'he elven of their own Orders without influence from Equipment: This gives the types of weap- clerics reside there as well--banshees who sing the other two orders. they are gone until replaced. Such Circles Knightly Council have to be called. he is able to draw No rug would cover it without being con. telling of his fallen and never-ending punish. the High page 128 to determine the amount and type dark deeds and persuaded Soth to turn back in Clerist. The elf woman and his child were con. The Circles of Knighthood provide growing evil in the world. Some Knights. he then murdered his first wife and vacant since the time of the Cataclysm due iting Knight than it can offer him in retum. As a image of their bodies burned into the stone. No brush would remove its stain. greatly upon the size of the town that he is vis- claimed the elf woman as his lawful wife. Some of these Circles Circle. Add these ~to the roll of ldlO. But Soth had dark secrets to keep. while only covert organi- zations survive within Solamnia. The High Warrior commands the Knighthood for the purposes of furthering the Thus did Soth sit on his throne until he. and did what they could to fight the still viewed suspiciously (such as Nordmaar or or official. The results of this roll have the following place. and homes invaded. they kept their ideals and their welcome. His Knights. places where the Knighthood has always been anywhere. Lord Soth rode forth with his loyal throughout the continent of Ansalon. more and more from the coffers of the sumed. The on page 128. of Knighthood. mums at the rate of one perweek. coinage a Knight is entitled to draw. these Circles exist homeland and settled across the waters on clandestinely and their meetings are held in Sancrist Isle. The Knights who remained found exist openly and are easy to find. one from each of the Orders These represent the number of cure light ment. This position. Palanthus. The will of the Lord of Knights is carried Knight grows in power. This is done at any of elven wife of the calamity that was coming. the Measure is cause for questioning the honor blind in their obedience to his will. [. but many still are mally these are replaced up to these maxi- ly reviled. each night to the fallen Knight of Solamnia. respectively. Order of the Rose. actually intended to profit by!the disaster and increase their land holdings.s sot mma stop it. the royalty. in the case of a Circle that is in already married to a barren woman of human The Knighthood is ruled by the Lord of the stiff grasp of t h e Dragon Highlords. S knlohl. the established Circles of Knighthood. the day tions using the Knights' Circle Modifiers table Knights behind him. Knights were jeered in public and open. These groups of Knights exist perma. themselves forced to roam the countryside in are found in Sancrist. wounds. claimed that she died in childbirth. and the High purposes counter to the ideals of honor and him relief from his torment. been warned by his Great Circle of the Knighthood has long since Knights of Solamnia. cum serious wounds.) with him still as skeleton warriors. ranking knights. Knights exists there. must be led by a contingent of three Healing: There are three numbers listed. tive Orders. Guardian commands the Order of the Crown. Soth turned back and the Cataclysm took two representatives to vote at the Grand Cir. To this day.IOn ORc|e. however. With the reestablishment of order modifiers for size of the town and other condi- world.he kmqh hooO Most Knights of Solamnia are required to forfeit much of their monetary gains to the Lord Soth. (But using such funds for died but even then the gods would not grant mands the Order of the Sword. and Knights were foully murdered. the High Clerist com. including the wild. or the High Justice. along the way was a troop of elven clerical position must be filled by one of the High Then refer to the Knights' Circle table on women who stopped him. a Knight of the Rose who ruled in The organization of the Knighthood has greater Knighthood and then draw according the far northeast reaches of Solamnia at Dar. there was some truth to these tales but it was not the Solamnic Order's doing. goals of the Orders. cle. and does not covered. month. He returned to the keep to find the breach of honor by a Knightly Council. it was said. Grand Circle in Sanctist.he. ORG&nlZ&l. great. remain These are nominated and elected by members of a knight. and other Note that a Knightly Council can be held secret and under false na/nes. At least 75 % of of aid that is available at that particular Circle exchange for their silence.

service to the kingdoms on ficed in vain. training in the virtue of loyalty. it is the well from which knights life itself. Loyalty is the unquestion. service and aid to any fellow Knight Knighthood. abstain forever from the use of be removed from the group of candidates and 16 . Any question of honor The Order of the Crown exemplifies the protect the weak and the defenseless wherever of an individual requires that the individual ideals of Loyalty and Obedience in all that a the need arises. sacrific- War of the Lance was that the spirit of the Responsibilities of a Knight of the Crown: ing one's life for the sake of others. The Knight. the entire group of candidates is presented. protecting the lives of fellow Knights learned that honor does not lie in the who is about the business of his order and Knights. umes. the falsely imprisoned. Acts befitting a Knight of the Crown applied in the service of just causes. must be presented to a Knightly Council and "No Knight found wanting in the Measure or of the Knighthood. The following are some excerpts from The Order of the Sword combines the pur- the Measure. forfeiture of all wealth accrued as a Knight ly. those oppressed by evil. dedication to All beings regardless of their stations. then all are accepted into the bat regardless of the strength of the enemy. Knight. It is important to remem. to sacrifice all in ally consisted of thirty-seven 300-page vol- anO lShctR m suRe the name of honor. eventually serve. that is good. and The Knights subscribe to two codes: the Oath those monarchs who by decree and common anO l. Knightly powers for unrighteous reasons. Loyalty is a treasure valued only measuRE when it is justly given. ChE OM. This is among the Knights. all wealth save that required for upkeep. accepting the challenge of combat for the Candidates for the Solamnic Knighthood dience. or beliefs have equal claim to compas- ber that exact and unquestioned adherence to Knights of all orders. protecting from any of the Orders of Knighthood. to honor the gods of good at all The Oath and the Measure were compiled times and in all acts. Wisdom is the strength of honor and ability The Measure is an extensive set of laws. suRe with an evil opponent nor flee from such com. The following: the weak and the oppressed. The Measure of the Crown ing evil without concern for personal suffer.hctR m e . never decline combat no question of honor regarding the candidates anO I. Courage is sacrifice to the. once in a quartermonth is If there is no dissent from the Knights. pay All swear allegiance to the Order and the l. that defines what include these: unquestioned obedience to the heart of the Measure and the soul of a Rose honor actually means. It is his life's blood. My Life"). ing comz dssion on the less fortunate. the ideals of the Measure.s homage to the gods each day (though in times ideals of the Knights of Solamnia. of great hardship. est ideals of heroism and courage with the "The Oath governs all a Knight is and does. l. to fight for justice with- from the writings of Vinas Solamnus and his of the SwoRO out regard to personal safety or comfort.800 years. only a brief summary of its tained in the Knightly Councils. Circle of Knights. those whose authority is righteously main.he kntqhl.s Knighthood. forfeiture of 10% of all wealth accrued by the thought to one's own safety in defense of the ing shell of the Measure remained. the Knights must first enter into the Knighthood Measure of the Rose deals with holy wisdom enslaved. defending the hon." Responsibilities of a Knight of the Sword: the group swears an oath to the honor of the forfeiture to the coffers of the Knighthood of Knighthood and to the causes of the Crown. Only the rigid. Though this les. true regardless of what Knighthood they will Sword deals with the discipline of Honor Acts befitting a Knight of the Sword: fac. Knighthood as squires.s of sotamnwa Knight is and does. deals with the disciplines of Loyalty and Obe. and of the CRown still a seemly practice). repented of his unknightly deeds. Justice is many volumes in length. kntcjhl." honor of the Knighthood. and the defenseless. to successors. Heroism includes acts of might in defense of sacrifice and honor. Deeds befitting a the law is the goal of the Knight. the heart of the true Knight. seeing that no life is wasted or sacri- aged and dusty codes of the Measure. posi- 9laws are given here.he kntqhts Those to whom loyalty is due includes the The organization of the Knights has not following: the just before Habbakuk and all of the l ose changed substantially in the last 1.hc kntqhl. of its honorable loyalty and protection." "The Measure of a Knight is taken by how true honor draws its life. and all other acts that sion under the Measure. is brought forth. cated and exacting. The greatest cause the strengthening of loyalty among the Knight of the Rose include the following: tak- problem facing the Knights at the time of the Knights. After field of battle nor council with them until the defenseless and weak. The whole of the Measure eventu.-hetRm suRe and the Measure. The Measure is compli. loyalty to brother tions. "My Honor is standing with the Knighthood and deserving guided by wisdom and justice. The Measure of the fellow Knights in need. it eventually promises to make the save for that needed for the upkeep of any Knighthood a shining example and power in principalities under the protection of the the world again. 1. but in requires assistance. The Oath is simply: "Est consent of the Knightly Councils are in good The Order of the Rose exemplifies honor Sularus oth Mithas" (literally. the poor. of the CRown well he upholds the Oath.hE ed promise of a Knight to a higher power and authority. defending the honor of be sponsored by a Knight in good standing of any Order shall command Knights on the a fellow Knight in good standing. giving no Oath had left them. never submit to any evil foe. We judge a Knight Those to whom heroism is due include the All those who wish to become Solamnic against the Measure and by the Measure. as squires of the Knights of the Crown. more sacred to him than power of the gods of good.h an0 r. unbend.ideals of honor. All Knights begin here with among Knights. ing. the List of Loyalty as compiled by the Grand Responsibilities of a Knight of the Rose: son was hard and costly and learned only slow.

700. 12 1. dedication to the ideals of ranking Knight of the Sword can adjudicate so time as they are elected to take the position of long as it is a lawful council of Knights.000 8 ambitious Knight who wishes some day to special powers are quite limited Lord of Crown 8 220. experience is not awarded simply ship of the True Gods. Shield of Crown 6 85.000 10+8 plete a quest. and give aid to any kingdom on the List Lord Warrior 10 600. lawful council can be convened.000 10+16 When such a deed is done. 17 2. Any Knight who performs his Knight who espouses anything but the virtues Crown Knight Minimum Scores duties to the ends defined by the Code and of good over evil or chaos is ever accepted into the Measure will be rewarded with a 10% these ranks.000 Order of the Crown (reaching 2d level). The can- * There is only one High Warrior in each didate is accepted as a Knight of the Order if its High Councils and commanders. If the question of honor is dismissed.000 join the Order of the Sword must first com- The Knights are not requited to follow the 13 1. the Knight must The Order of the Crown takes its Measure 18 3. partly Scepter Knight 4 18.200. Examples Order and he is chosen according to the Mea. all the Knighthoods. If no the Measure. Solamnia. According to the Measure. then the highest- authority is righteously maintained in the but retain the title of Lord Warrior until such Knightly Councils. Strength 10 experience point bonus above any other Intelligence 7 Although Knights of the Sword do not bonuses he normally receives. then the mat- Orders. loyalty to brother Knights of all High Warrior. well their deeds exemplify the creed of the the requirements of the gods of good.000 10+ 14 honor and good. they now begin their liers as described in Unea~hed Arcana.000 10 through the Order of the Sword before apply- serve. While Experience Points: As for all Knights of studies in the basics of heroic honor and wor- their experience point advancement is identi. ter is to be set aside until such council can be Proficiencies Weapon / Nonweapon convened.000 4 Knight candidate has the option of either more quickly than the other Knights. Game Oata While Knights of this order have previously paladin. ization.000 10+12 valor that upholds the virtues of Knightly Measure. it is also true that their Lord of Shields 7 140. the tale and deed are acceptable to the presid- of acts befitting the Measure of the Crown: sure. the stricture about royal blood has been generally ignored (see Knights of the Rose). This rule holds true for members of 16 2. This list is maintained by the three 11 900. If the question is found valid in the Council. The first duties and cal to that class.800. Read the following section carefully These Knights are rewarded according to how learning the basic disciplines of the clerics and to be sure you understand those differences. of Loyalty. Knights of the Sword.000 10+10 test must be a witnessed deed of heroism and they be out of harmony with the Code or the 15 2.000 6 giance to that group and its ideals or of enter- ing than the others. every candidate who wishes to High Knights and is updated periodically. tasks of the accepted Knight candidate are ferences. While this benefit is cer. kmcihts of soLamma be questioned separately after the rest of the Crown Knight Level Table candidates are accepted.500 5 entering that Order and continuing his alle- due to the fact that their order is less demand.000 7 ing into the Order of the Sword. this character can use weapon special. this commands or laws of these kingdoms should 14 1. Master Warrior 9 300. and all other acts that cause the strengthening of loyalty among the Knights. All other Knights who have sufficient unquestioned obedience to those whose ing Lord Knight from the Order of the Sword.000. there are many important dif. or position in the world Wisdom 10 Dexterity 8 as quickly as those of the Order of the Crown. The tainly a good one. Constitution 10 they achieve these things faster than the Charisma Non6 Knights of the Rose. wealth. experience points to attain this level may do so If no Lord Knight is present. then the candidate is Hit kmcihts of Experience Dice accepted normally. each Knights of the Crown advance in power Knight of Crown 3 10. for killing monsters and taking treasure. attain power.500. After taking their initial training and dem- onstrating abilities and commitments to the gods of good and their ideals.000 In addition. Shield Knight 5 37. 3 Defender of Crown 2 5.400. No Knighthood. a Knight of the Sword who is of royal blood may elect to enter into the Order of the Rose. in addition to their 17 .100. learned their skills during their training with Knights of the Crown are variants of cava.000 9 enter the Order of the Rose must first rise Knights of the Crown are sworn to protect. Any Knight candidate who feels Initial 3/ 2 that he has been unjustly found wanting in his Added 1/ 1 per 2 levels deed and tale may take the matter up before knights o f the CRown Special Abilities: Unlike the cavalier or the presiding council of the Knights.000 10+2 ing to the Order of the Rose. the Order of the Crown.000 10+18 then be presented before a Knightly Council from matters of loyalty and obedience to authority of the greater Knighthood through and there the tale of his deed is told. then the candidate is dis- Level Points (dl0s] Title SwoR(b 1 2.500 2 Squire of Crown Upon completing his squire duties in the missed until the question of honor is satisfied. In later times.

nent of at least the same level as the candi- form all his other duties as on any other day.000 10+4 MasterClerist to-week basis as a result of a day of fasting and level there. Examples 18 . defending the hon- the abilities of foresight and prophesy. this is nec.05•. The candidate must also have 15 2. training period in the Order of the Sword. as with clerics.j powers. their mira- cles where ascribed to witchcraft and sorcery-. While the Knights 3 12. who gain their miraculous can only attempt to enter this class after first 9 700. starts out as a Knight of the Sword. week. however. but it musti the gods in certain limited ways. the restoration of something that only required to offer up one hour of medita. regardless of the Sword.000 4 Novice of Swords still functioned as limited clerics. the Knights of the rising to 2d level as a Knight of the Crown and 10 1. During the Cataclysm. sotamnla normal duties as warriors in the defense of of acts befitting the Measure of the Sword: ther the cause of evil). then the obtained.kn Gh :s ol. These the listed minimums in all the following sta.3 2. protecting the defenseless Hit the Order of the Sword lost its High Clerist and weak. Rose Knight Minimum Scores * The High Clerist is a position that is held the power goes away once used and can only by only one Knight at a time. so date. or utter harsh words to another Charisma None Clerist until the High Clerist position is l person..000 7 Knight Clerist usually punished by death if the Knight was Minimum Requirements: No character 7 175.850.000 10 + 10 during which he supplicates the gods of good than 7th level. Characters 8 350.000 10+6 Lord Clerist prayer.000 8 Abott of Swords caught. Sword. ~ done in silence and at least three hours of the The petitioning knight must then be day are spent in solitude for meditation. The Knights ing.000 10+ 18 amount of time that passes between the day of prayer and their use. knights of the SwooO 4 24. He can then per.100.150. he t the Knight cannot take part in combat.000 10+16 until they are expended. The Knight cannot travel unless it is vacant. he must be and supplication on the appointed day of the Intelligence 9 elected during a proper Knightly Council.450. three tests of the Knight's wis- On those occasions when the Sword Knight is dom. remain with the Knight tistics in order to qualify for the Order of the 17 3. Those who break their vows on a day Added 2 / 1 per 2 levels i name is then brought up before the Knight- of fasting. the Measure decrees that Dexterity 9 points to rise to the level of High Clerist. If there is no question of honor brought * The initial proficiencies listed here are in~ chance for evil encounters on that day. was lost. he i must be spent in meditation to receive the thiness and his dedication to the Order of the acquires three additional weapon proficien-il blessing from the gods. one test of his not in need of any great powers. It is brought before a Knightly Council at which a Proficiencies Weapon / Nonweapon 1 said that no beast will attack the Knight on his Sword Knight of no less than 7th level is one Initial * " 3/ 2 ~] day of meditation so long as he remains true to of tlYe three presiding Knights.400. The knight as those who break their fast when praying for can enlist the aid of anyone he wishes to com- great powers. At that point. the more powerful the cil in which his petition is heard.000 10+8 HighClerist* designates a day of worship and meditation Sword to a Knight of that order who is no less 14 2. the character must 12 1.800.000 9 Elder of Swords Unlike clerics. he speak of his intent to become a Knight of the _t. The exact form of th~ truth and justice. addition to those proficiencies already t As a general rule. When a Knight joins this order. The knight combat while demonstrating the ideals of who does not meditate for an hour some time honor and courage (note that this does not between dawn and dusk incurs the same wrath necessarily mean killing the foe). defending the honor of Sword Knight Advancement Table was not always tree. ments: a journey of no less than 500 miles ciencies on t o p o f any already received ~ a i Knight of the Crown.e.500. The candidate must be victorious in this long as he performs this ceremony. of the Sword acquire some healing powers and honor of the Knighthood. In other words. However.000 5 6 Knight of Swords Blade Knight an offense against the people which was Game Oata 6 95.000 10 + 2 Lord of Swords Sword can only acquire their spells on a week- having sufficient experience points to gain 3d 11 1. reap Constitution 10 may do so but still retains the title of Lord I financial gain. and 30 days. Experience Dice and with him went the miracles which this LevelPoints {dl0s) Title Order once performed. once gained.000 5 45. 18 3. up about the Knight during a Knightly Coun. Wisdom 13 Should any Knight attain enough experience ] During that day. during the Knight's i miracle desired. and single combat with an evil oppo- tion on the appointed day. have twice the normal hood. cies and two additional non-weapon profi-~ The Sword Knight does not have to observe The quest must include the following ele- each appointed day with a full fast.000 10+14 .000 10 Master of Swords powers on a daily basis. one test of his generosity. 16 3. does not fur- from affairs of courage and heroics.000 10+12 for his powers for the following week. quest is ultimately up to the DM. When the need be regained through another day of prayer Strength 12 arises to choose a new High Clerist. a fellow Knight. This or of the Knighthood. the greater the time that character is assigned a quest to show his wor. plete the quest so long as he maintains the The Order of the Sword takes its Measure ideals of the Knighthood (i. often represent the power of facing evil without regard to personal suffer. The Knight's his vow. accepting the challenge of combat for the include these elements.750. essary only when his need for power is great. then he is compassion.

I ose Game Oata 9 800. Thi~ is primarily due to the origins of the ricing one's life for the sake of others. If there was sufficient 18 6. LevelPoints (dlOs) Title 4 27. per spell level to gain a spell. take their powers from Kiri-Jolith and lives of fellow Knights. has changed tests of the Knight's compassion. tion of something that was lost. protecting the Hit less. Others may attain 15th level. Once or and courage and without killing the foes. The 12 3 1 1 . for the Measure was strict about the require- 19 . a Sword Knight can little.000 8 425.000 10+4 Archknight of the Sword. .500.500. then the Knight is t7 8 4 3 3 2 1 logical records of the past. ideals of the Knighthood and does not further The Order of the Rose takes its Measure the cause of evil. Knightly councils. .000 7 Knight of Mind kmqhts of kn c4h s oI: Rose 7 200. sacn- dine.500.000 10 Keeper of Roses Minimum Requirements: As with Knights 10 1. The details of how a Knight is accepted into three tests of the Knight's generosity. are not ments: a journey of no less than 500 miles that a Knight of the Sword can have at any one accepted into the order. one test of the Knight's wisdom. . ing minimum characteristics: This was not something that was done often. seeing that no life is Experience Dice honor him as well.000. revered of the gods for the Knights is Pala. 17 5. If no 15 6 3 2 1 1 1 practically everyone is somehow related to roy. the Knights of this order were tak. 15 4. The Knight can enlist the aid of anyone to sion to discuss the Knight's application in complete the quest so long as he maintains the itation to gain. The exact form of the quest is The Knights of the Sword use the spells of a from deeds of wisdom and justice Examples cleric of Kiri-Jolith even though the most up to the DM. quesuon of honor is brought up before the 16 7 3 2 2 1 1 alty. For instance. more than six hours during this day. . but their of the Rose. . The Knight must be brought before a only acquire his spells during his one appoint. of the Rose without extraordinary evidence. 12 2. The quest must include the following ele- * These are the maximum number of spells (Beings from off-world. Knighthood at that time.000 10+18 hit points to become 4th level. kntc4hl:s oi: sotamma Sword Knight Spells Table * ments for accepting a house into the Roster of Rose Knight Minimum Scores Loyalty.000 10+2 Master of Roses The Knights of the Rose are the epitome of 11 2. giving Knightkood. neverthe. . taking compassion on the less fortunate.000 10+14 they can be considered for the Order of the would convene and hear the history and lin. With the Cataclysm obscuring the genea. the restora- As mentioned earlier. a Rose Knight of no less than 6th level. A Sword Knight requires one half hour torious while demonstrating the ideals of hon- or tempered with leniency and wisdom. ment has been made that over the course of candidate must then be presented by that 13 4 I 1 1 the centuries there have been so many mar. 14 3. until they are exemplify the ideals of Knighthood and Hon- used. tune. then the * There is only one High Justice at any given body. Strength 15 Knight Clerical Spell Level Since this stricture of accepting only those Intelligence 10 Levd 2 3 4 5 6 of royal descent was said to have been added Wisdom 13 6 well after the time of Vinas Solamnus and Dexterity 12 7 was. characters do not start out as all that is good and honorable in Knighthood. time. he can petition proof that the house was a ruling house and the Order of the Rose to be accepted into that that its history was an honorable one.000. invalid as a part of the Constitution 15 8 1 . A Knight relate the tale of his family and his deeds that than the Knight. Once a character has earned sufficient eage of that house. . titles remain Lords of Justice. a more acceptable argument before the 10 2 .000 10+8 Master of Justice have gained two levels as Knights of the en only from the royal houses of the land. however.000 10+ 10 Lord of Justice Crown. in some minds. and the defeat Knightly Council of the Rose.000 5 Novice of Roses 5 60.000 10+6 Lord of Roses Knights of the Rose.500. most acceptable assigned a quest to prove his worthiness to the 18 9 5 4 3 2 1 candidates are not denied access to the Order Knighthood.000. Characters must first Initially. there has arisen in more recent times Charisma None 9 2 " . three the ranks of the Rose. a this tale is told. they do.000 8 9 Knight of Heart Knight of Roses . the Knight must have the follow- sure and those of that house were accepted.000 10+12 High Justice * Sword and earned two additional levels before mined by the ruling council of Knights who 16 4. the council holds a closed ses- 6th-level spell would take three hours of med.000 10+16 Rose. once learned. A Knight can never meditate light of his merits and shortcomings. Measure. but it must include the preced- of deeds befitting the Measure of the Rose: ing elements. wasted or sacrificed in vain. The candidate must be vic- keeps his spells. Knight to a Knightly Council at which sits a 14 5 2 1 1 I nages between royal and common houses that Rose Knight of no less than 9th level. then been accepted as Knights of the What constituted a royal house was deter. There he must of an evil opponent of equal or higher level ed day of meditation each week. While the Knights of the Sword Rose Knight Advancement Table no thought to one's own safety in defense of are followers of Paladine.) and 30 days.000. Rather than represent that The candidate must present his petition to 11 2 l the Measure was in error or flawed. the Measure and its Honor. 13 3. In order to be considered for the Order crest of that house was included in the Mea.000 6 Knight of Tears 6 125. the argu. however.000.

attention of all the Knighthood for recogni- Knights who take the field in defense of ter of the area is a cleared space where those tion. ask aid of the Knights. Recognition of the * News of the greater Knighthood is often general mobilization of the Knighthood. by the three ranking Knights in unison and council act at once in the defense of honor and one of the three Lord Knights commanding then given in turn by each of the three orders good. First the accused.1. honor prior to the others returning. if from one of the three Orders of Knights. * When the ranking Knights feel that busi- * The specific petitions that are to be dis. the base upon which all the prol~er action for the Knight to regain his Sword. one from each of the Orders of and petitioner. petitions may be waived. In the cen. to of their Knight sponsors. Any dispatches or proclama. then each tions regarding the Knights are read at this help clear a road of brush. Should their news warrant a prolonged * Time permitting. Upon receiving word that the Added 2/1 per 2 levels Knights. hood protects. to select the Petition for a Question o f Honor: This hap- Warrior Lord prior to a battle. then the brought by either Knights or outsiders who manders. each commanded by a Lord Knight stances of the petition are considered and. ness has been finished. Should a Lord Knight fall in battle. to the right of the ranking Knights and thus is the accused released from any obtained. The circum- brigades. to hear charges pens when a Knight is called into question for 20 . he acquires three additional weapons Knights of the Rose take their places to either Knights. and its application to their adventures. The Knights of the Knights return to the hall. they also the pattern set forth by the measure. eral mobilization is called for.knIGhl.s Of so[amnla "-------~. The Warrior Lord is chosen by the of Knights present and then finally by all in Petition for Aid: These are petitions majority vote of the three Lord Knight com. They must include three Lord named by cause.Ic their places opposite the entrance. then the hearing of engage in discussions of parts of the Measure called. search for a kidnapped heir to a local kingdom another must step forward and take his place. gh6 knlqhtly Council of battle and all stratagems to be employed. If the occasion is a joyful one. Often witnesses from outside the Knighthoods. of unknightly conduct. In other words. during the Knight's and thus signifying their place as the arm of question of their honor. The present on the table upon the return of the Rose. then the Knight is held guilty and proficiencies and two additional nonweapon side of the entrance and opposite the ranking punishable for his acts. Ques- * When the Knighthood finds itself in the tions on points of the Measure are brought up throes of battle. places in the appointed area. before any in the hall sit. to honor those who breaking the Oath or the Measure. life and death for many whom the Knight. (because of the great amount of training and The conduct of a Knightly Council follows All are allowed to speak for and against the skill required by their proficiencies). then a Knight of that order can stand Acceptance to an Order: Those who wish in his stead so long as there is at least one Lord to enter into an order of the Knighthood are Knight presiding. so as to signify their position as the Council has completed its deliberations. Warrior Lord is made openly in Knightly not only of interest but potentially a matter of These range from situations as serious as the Council. White roses on * The Initial Proficiencies listed here are in the Sword take their places to the left of the the table are a symbol of purging of any guilt addition to those proficiencies already entrance. else is built. While they have performed valiantly. A table with order are brought in to testify. In the meanwhile. brigades. those mentioned (if any). Those ciencies in weapons and combat. This does not require a ideals of the Knighthood. This phrase is given tion. the Knights may brigade until a Knightly Council can be and important discussion. Then the three ranking Knights who will Special Honors: An act of exceptional brav- conduct the meeting enter the hall and take ery or exemplary honor is brought to the kn qh s m B&I. ~ ~ The Knights of the Rose gain special p r o f i . The Council hears all arguments and then dis- Profidendes Weapon/Nonweapon Knights of the Crown take their places to the misses the rest of the Knights as it considers Initial * 3/2 right of the entrance. The petitioner must be present in can advance farther than any of the other Knights of each order enter and take their these cases. The ranking Knights proficiencies on top of any already received as Knights so as to signify that they are the heart in their claliberations will have decided upon a Knight of the Crown and as a Knight of the of the Knighthood. to the left of the ranking arguments. assign orders for war and battle. honor and the realm follow the order set forth who are brought before the ranking Knights Petition for War: This occurs when a gen- by the Measure. to things as mundane as a few extra men to Should the Warrior Lord be lost. Knights. All A Knightly Council is Conducted as Follows: the Knights present give consent. to settle questions mentioned in the petition and the accused advance more slowly than other Knights concerning the Measure. the council disbands Councils shall be convened as required by cussed among the Knights at this meeting are until the need for another session arises. all shield and defender of honor. they now discuss their orders at this time. Armies are made up of three are heard and questioned. If any order cannot provide a Lord eral purposes: Knight. Petitions can have one of sev- Knights. the Knights of that The army is commanded by a Warrior Lord. the Measure. then mes- armed persons operating under the protection * The code of the Knights of Solamnia sengers are dispatched to the Grand Circle to and command of the Knights are part of one ("Est Sularus oth Mithas") is recited by all notify the greater Knighthood of the situa- of these three brigades. unison. The candidates' names are Councils shall convene for the following read to the ranking Knights as are the names purposes: to determine strategies of war. Should black roses be inkial training period in the Order of the might and mover of the Knighthood. The Knightly three chairs is set opposite the entrance. and the petitioner is the accuser. he must exemplify the highest Knights' Hymn is sung at this time as well. brought forward. Lord Knight separately commands his own time.

The minimum 18 10. Simple mecha- are constantly designing.. Clockwork mechanisms are a this book. It driven by basic mechanical devices: gears. Profidendes Weapon / Nonwcapon Few gnomes l~ve ever attained this goal. tinkers (Gnomes) attaining that total knowledge of their gains a 10% bonus to all experience points 1.500.000 7 Mate 2d nisms are scoffed at by tinkers ("Nothing so ir~g devices for a variety of applications.").000 10+8 Aerodynamics Thermodynamics nkcR Class ... They 5 20. That 3 5. Tinkers are the engineers of Krynn.000. In addition to any regular duties that a Dexterity 12 but he does not gain the title of~Master gnome . tinkers improve. but are not limited to.. These committees also oversee the Strength time. In a colony that already has a Master required duties of a gnome within the struc.. 2 2. of technology (depending upon whom you ask) Gnomes have done elementary work in steam Gnome Advancement Table in a world where magic is the ruling force.000.500.000 9 Tinker cy is the tinker watchword (". each Constitution Craftsgnome.000 10+14 Minimum Requirements: Only gnome char. 17 4.. gnome has a Lifequest..000 5 Aide 2d often does them a disservice. and test. waterwheels. 8 100. 21 .000 10+ 16 acters may be of the tinker class. and chemical combustion (usually with cata- You will find their story and how they came Experience Hit Dice strophic results)... 10 270. and screws..inkeRs (Gnomes) devices.. the following: 11 450. any gnome who has the experi- ture of gnomish society. 14 1.. never a gnome with an Intelligence of 15 or higher Added F . Thus * The n u m b e r after the slash indicates that Initial tinkers are the perpetually unfulfilled.has to his guild or committee... Each guild statistics for the gnome tinker are as follows: has innumerable committees that oversee individual accomplishments (seldom) and * There can be only one Master Crafts- Tinker Minimum Scores gnome in any colony of gnomes at a given seek to discover the cause of a system failure (often).500 3 Aide 4th society.000 4 Aide 3d Moreover.000 10+18 All gnomes belong to a guild. Intelligence 10 / 15 * Crafts gnome. is their gift and curse to be the masters or pawns windmills.000 6 Aide 1st technological devices to death. but know next to nothing into being under the race descriptions later in Level Points (d4s) Title about electricity. That 4 10.000 10 + 6 Head Tinker Hydraulics Hydrodynamics 13 800. ** This is a maximum score--the character Tinkers are gnomes and gnomes are tinkers...000 10 Master Tinker uates its own peculiar branch of technology. Wisdom (12) ** ence points to become 15th level may do so.and here we 9 140..000 10+4 Craft Master 12 600. their sheer love for technology which has not been built.000 10+2 Craftsgnome tem trouble gong has just gone off. Gnomish inventions are almost exclusively earned. see the bell that informs us that the alarm sys- These guilds include. 6 40.000 8 Mate 1st simple could possibly work! ") and redundan- Each gnome belongs to a guild that perpet. cannot have a Wisdom higher than 12. 7 60.000 I0+12 Master Communication Appliances GAm~ S~gIS~lCS Craftsgnome * Kinetics Architecture 16 2.. pulleys.000. Here we wilt address ourselves to 1 1. This Lifequest is to Charisma attain perfect understanding of one device. building.000 10+10 Chemistry Transportation 15 1. tinkers build.250 2 Aide 5th relatively recent development of gnomish the profession of tinker.. for they improve which has been built.

his PC gnome would make it distance or distance per round. is the 1-3 Turns +6 +7 -2 +3 beyond their thrill of seeing it work. can do. designing a gnomish device: 1 Day N / A +16 -6 . as in all things. however. Restraining an 8-hit die creature is a "Move Vertical. 9 Will it do damage.) inside the device. The Minimum Size: Compare the size of the feet altered including the first 1.000 cubic DM is. for example. 1Week N/A N/A -7 +14 !<i faster.. they are abnormally poor at using them. feet. how to build a simple. If altering material steam driven. then chart to determine ground movement com- ent character flaw. Subtract 5 from a gnome's nonweapon profi. effective telegraph sys. The technol. must first determine its level of complexity..) minimum size for vertical movement apply run free.) Add all the complexities for all the 1-3Rounds +1 +1 N/A N/A effect upon the cultures of Krynn. machine). marvels with which to aid their party. This is Horizontal:' the major reason to join this class and the play. then the size and complexity of the than the environments they alter.tlnkeos (Gnomes) L~ Spedal Abilities: While gnomes invariably 1. Duration Modifiers Chart * Gnome Devices: Many referees view the ity values for many of the effects that gnomes D~d introduction of technology into their fantasy commonly like to see on their devices. itY of the device. Minimum size: The same restrictions o n ers' creative thoughts should be allowed to (If the answer is "no" go to the next question.) though a player could describe with the straight up unless some horizontal movement utmost precision how to make a telegraph effect is also included. favorable aspects of the device. . then no modifier is needed. protect from damage Permanent +15 +20 N / A +20 ' When a gnome sets out to invent some. make any modifications he deems necessary. .000 cubic himself with the following procedure. it's a good bet that the invention will (If the answer is "no" go to the next question. Complexity Level table to determine Combat and wilt fail miserably (if not disastrously). here except that the difference must be twice But . of course. will make 10 times the noise it should. duration..) protection desired.000 cubic feet altered after the first 100 Whenever a player wishes to create a tech. add 1 to Complexity per of a pile driver. tance along the ground? Complexity from the amount of damage or Some tinkering will gradually reduce the less (If the answer is "no:' go to the next question. or restrain another being? thing. from damage. ment. goblins final arbiter of just which effects are needed to 4-5 Turns +8 +I1 -3 +4 and gully dwarves are too stupid to use it con. ity Level table that shows the various complex. Refer to the Gnome Device 9 Does it move something or itself any d i s will have many totally redundant features. little for such innovation. a gnome with an inher. 7-9 Rounds +4 +5 . whichever is factor into the equation. add 4 to Complexity per 1. magic can usually do cheaper. his gnome player character then check the column labeled "Move Hori- area of effect? would not build it the same way. operating on the basic principle most appropriate. and more efficiently. Count it as one complexity level the c~e of a catapult. 9 Does it move something or itself?." If the device moves with the wish to create any number of technological victim... Gnomes have technology--but they Ask all of the following questions when 3-6Hours +11 +15 -5 +8 are so incompetent that anything their technol. has little overall device. after all.. elves are repelled by the device. you ment complexity modifiers for the desired cies. Environ. Thus even zontal. If altering an external environ- nological device. . Horiz. then check the column under "Move Complexity 4 task. Size modifier: This assumes that the object 1. Determine if it moves another object or less~ It is important to remember that a PC of (throws victim) or moves itself (flying Duration: Use the Duration Modifiers! this class is. Dwarves care device's effects to get the total complexity of 4-6 Rounds +2 +3 0 +1 . If the device throws things. he is required to design it size of a small sack). DETERMINE DEVICE COMPLEXITY Modifiers chart to determine vertical move~ have an abundance of nonweapon proficien. free to check the work and object to be moved with the size of the device. then consult the column under Players who run tinker PCs will no doubt creature. make a device function. being. 9 Does it alter the environment or have a n tem. If the device merely shoves or. follow these steps: the object. throws the victim over a impractical and dangerous mechanisms. You must remember that consult the column labeled "Move Vertical" plexity modifiers for duration.i-. If the device is designed to restrain another Determine if it moves another object The gnomes are a race o f cursed engineers.) 9 These modifiers affect only the complex~! initially be at least 30 times larger than neces. 1-2 Hours +10 +13 -4 +6 sistently. kender cannot appreciate its use The DM of the game. Duration: Use the following Duration 22 . these movement columns can be either a total er the affected region is inside the device also ry batteries. then determine the complexity/size of (shoves a victim) or moves itself (mobile They have all of the tools to create wonderful the object by the HD of the creature being machine). campaigns with great misgivings.1 +2 technology. for every two hit dice or levels of the target distance. (The Duration Drag Vert. not its size. If the device merely moves itself across the ground. being moved is size I or smaller (roughly the cubic feet..-12 ogy. in technological devices but all they turn out are restrained. device equal the size of the object plus 3. (The numbers given in The amount of material altered and whetb~ with some thinly wound wire and rudimenta. while the player may be able to describe just on the Gnome Device Complexity Level table.. On page 118 is the Gnome Device Complex- ciency when making a Proficiency Check." Note that this vertical movement is (If the answer is "no" go to next question. If the device moves objects and itself (flies).. If the device is less than three sizes larger than Note that gnomish devices are often larger To create a gnomish device. complexity rating also gives the size of the Momentary N / A N / A N/A N/A ~j~ ogy of the gnomes. (SIZE): To create a technological device. Determine if it does damage or protects sary.

144+ 3-8 %12 13-14 15 16-18 ** Rods (Steel) 20 sarily how large the device must be. In the case of the Number of Shafts 10 vehicle mentioneA above. it has a . the larger the device. complexity of 15. The column that this complexities and size ratings for both horizon- result falls into gives the complexity modifier anO l. How well a device is made depends largely on #3 but may never have three parts from group D e t e r m i n e the complexity difference who made it. Add 1 to the com. so makes it into finished lenses (complexity 1) made a rockpitcher with a complexity of 8. ** At least one gnome whose level is no less Counterweights 30 Generally speaking.1 to the complexity of the device. the gnome may elect to make a present in the group. Part Group #3: Drive Sources plexity of the device. This means that a complexity level 20 device 46-144 3-6 7-10 11-14 15-16 17-18" Fins (Vanes) 10 always starts as a size 20 device. must then determine if the items mentioned original object. Thus a 12th-level size of the device to determine the cost of the machine has a complexity of 19. DETERMINE FINAL MODIFIERS: #1 and group #2 and three parts from group then the device has this effect. Mul- plexl'ty 20 and makes it into an object of com- every complexity level of the device higher tiply the total costs of all components by the plexity 1. The components used are determined by This is done by subtracting the complexity of ifiers. but this device must be present in this group in order Pumps 1. the result of the dice roll (a number between 3 For example: a machine to move along the ground and fire flaming metallic rocks has and 18) on the tow corresponding to the num. 3-6 3 4-8 9-16 17-18 N/A Blades 1. This is often as harmful as it is materials (cut wood from trees for frames. it do not lose heart if your first few designs are has a complexity of 7. It must also The size of the design can now be altered: Iron Frames 20 fit the following basic criteria: 23 . A machine to craft raw quartz plexity the device is below the level of the are obtainable in the quantities required.. Add 1 to that complexity for each Pulleys 5 effect beyond the one listed. C) vJcc Components ber of gnomes present. than five below the device must be present in Coiled or Wound Springs 60 the less complicated it is (i.000 rials are available to build it. Just as magical swords have plus #1 and only one part from groups #2 and #3.000 9gnomish philosophy of engineering.) larger the object is built. would be a rockpitcher +4. If the device has a final plexity for each size smaller the object is built. Each effect has a complexity rating.000 other hand. This means that than its gnome maker. them build devices (a frightening thought to large device must also pay for the materials 2. This reflects the Sun Mirror 2. that is one addition.hem Costs tal movement and damage.). Steam Pipes & Boiler 1. The gnome Glass Rods & Panes 40 * At least one gnome of a level equal to the Bellows 200 may elect to make the device smaller. II. however. equal to its complexity. then it must have 15 sepa- Gnomes commonly build devices to help Note that a gnome who attempts to build a rate parts. Gnomes" +2 +1 Even -1 -2 Gears 20 al effect so i is added to its complexity. Wood Frames 10 ponent groups in order to function. 15-45 3-5 6-9 10-15 16-17 18" Part Group #2: Other Transmissions hag. it has a better order to obtain this result. two parts from group and changes it into a more finished object. beyond your means. modifiers and cursed swords have minus mod. On the to obtain this result. etc.e. bles the construction time of the device. Remem- lB.3 .. a difference of 19. The DM the finished object from the complexity of the modifier to the device for every level of com. DETERMINE AVAILABILITYOF MATE- ber. 1 3 4-7 8-17 18 N/A Belts 100 The size of the device greatly affects its com. A gnome who makes a level 15 netflinger would building the mechanism.000 increases the complexity of the device. They often work Also it must be noted that a gnome can con- the first column in the complexity table) and on devices in groups when there are enough struct any of these items from elementary add that to the device's complexity raging. for example. gnomes about. gears from sheets of metal. of parts from the three part groups. There must be a balance in the number those familiar with gnomes).000 worse chance of working). It must have a number of components (If the answer is " n o " go to next question. Find gnome will build a device with several effects. Often a roll 3d6 and consult the following table. between the original object and its final state. If the same gnome up items that are far too expensive to build. Take the size of the object being refined (from Gnomes love committees. To determine the (see the column heading). Give it a . in stl) final complexity rating for a device. 2 3 4-7 8-16 17-18 N / A Screws 500 plexity and determines whether sufficient mate. cut helpful. The into finished lenses takes an object of com- gnome who made it. the more complicated it is (i. linkers (Gnomes) 9 Does it alter an existing object? Subtract 1 from the complexity for each size 1. larger devices require more Group #4: Basic Frames RIALS: Every gnomish device must include at materials to build (more expensive) and are Stonework 5 least one selection from the five following com- harder to move. first find the highest complexity rating among the Part Group # 1: Mechanical Transmissions Gnome Crew Modifiers effects listed. Gnomes often think machine that takes glass (complexity 8) and make a netflinger . If no such gnome is Waterwheel 100 chance of working). Add a + 1 the desires of the gnome designer. The base size of any 7-14 3-4 5-8 %15 16-18 N/A device is equal to its unmodified complexity rat. If the device with which to build that device.1 modifier for size of the device also affects availability. (Cost is per size. but this dou- 9 Final design modifiers For every new gnome working on the device. while the smaller the present in the group then treat the result as a Windmill/Coal Fire 200 device.e. A device takes an unfinished or partially finished object may have.1 to the complexity of the device. This is not neces. then treat the result as a device bigger and thereby reduce the final com- . If no such gnome is Tuning Forks 2. so too do gnomish devices.

The repair time is two hours Having additional gnomes does not 7 17 + 11-16 10 or less times the complexity of the device.EAS~NC. of working Gnomish Device Construction Times suit the following table.E~C. ot ing table. ~ V=C. 16 19+ 3-18 2 or less sequence.5 I X ~OCK ALSo ART. heat food.PU~T VAI~.~RIVI OF UP-Co~M6 "RE'L. BUILD THE DEVICE: The t i m e vious work. Also. Time m Construct Gnomish Invention Results Table the way the designejriginally intended. size and complexity.~. They never produce a device the same 18 20+ 3-19 2 or less way twice and thus they cannot duplicate pre- IV..N/cru1~ 24 .HIM~5 1"o L_evc=-P. but there as intended.ttnk s (qnomCs) ~.P. whatever it was created to do. 10 18+ 8-17 7 or less table: ished. ish device is used. but not Complex. but generally consult the 4-10 2d20 turns Complex Success UnpredictableFailure Gnome Mishap table on page 119. 51-100 ld4 weeks -3 16+ 13-15 12 or less Failure: The device totally fails to func- 101. make light.FoR ~l.-. Multiple the size of the device by its did before.lP o. .TP. device works. you know why).ST~ ~ic.mup #5: Mechanical Components Mass Production: Gnomes never under.E. and con..~(F "9.~JRV~'DLOG ~ ~ W~NX>C_...~. 11 18 + 7-17 6 or less -PEDDL& T b L.~NK.TiM OF CA'TA~ULT iNVENTORS c/~T~#O L'f-" "I~OTATIONAL. or has anything to do with informa- ately..5 '~LI.r _ CATAI~X-'F A R M ~ K ~ C~.. (If it work- any modifiers listed for the device. a + 1 modifier is added to the chart. 12 18 + 6-17 5 or less Clockworks * 50 stood the human drive for producing things in 13 19 + 6-18 5 or less vast quantities. again!) Size x Unpredictable: The device works. It will move. inflict damage. ArD I~ LI~Di:>E~ C.~I. ed once. Thus gnomish devices are always 17 20+ 3-19 2 or less tion storage or communication. It can be repaired by any gnome whose 401 + 4dl 2 months 5 17 + 12-16 11 or less level is equal to or greater than the complexity 6 17+ 12-16 11 or less of the device. unique. according to the follow- is no guarantee that it will work as well as it send messages._.. add or subtract device for its next roll on this table.C. TO ~ 0 f. the device is fin. Each time the complexity and then refer to the following Using Gnome Devices: Every time a gnom.~. roll ld20. The 1-3 ld10 turns precise effects vary. it has a better chance.oe To ~eveN_. Roll Id20 11-25 2d20 hours 1 16 + 15 14 or less on the table and interpret the results as 26-50 2d6 days 2 16 + 14-15 13 or less humorously as the situation allows.IC)u. They believe that one learns 14 19 + 5-18 4 or less 9 A clockwork is required for any device from previous mistakes and that these lessons 15 19+ 4-18 3 or less that has a delayed action.1 modifier is subtract- worked with gnomes. 9 18+ 9-17 8 or less ed from subsequent rolls on the preceding At the end of this time..=r. ~J "R.400 2d20 months 4 17 + 13-16 12 or less tion.~ CAu. an automatic should be incorporated into design immedi.C>P~'.I~NI<. They may attempt a "new and Success: This means that the device works required to build the device depends upon its improved" version of an old design. Note its statistics for future use.n"tk)Utki (.5 AND LONG C..~ C.~p~ tu(. a .Te:CTION Cf~aS. each decrease the construction time (if you have 8 18+ 10-17 9 or less time a device fails.

.2 +2 Totals 9 14 20 Netflinger Needless to say. when it operates successfully. Resizing -. +I This is the gnomish answer to stairs: an automated way to get from Resizing -. ~~' one place to another quickly and with relative safety. Flapestry Type Effect Compl~t.~ 16 unharmed. The device uses a Totals 10 9 10 combination of catapults of various sizes and principles as well as nets. . Move Horiz 400' 9 . of course.fa Type Effect time machine. netflmGeR Sound Talking 4 This gnomish invention was the end result of a long-term arms Light Candlelight Communicate Direct Picture 16 research proiect funded by the Knights of Solamnia. It can do this Type Effect Complex. +1 IRonqnomc Resizing . A fla- pestry is a device the sizc . entangles any creature with 8 or less Hit Dice for a period of three melee rounds. Unfortunately the ultimate effect was all too often felt by Additional effects 2 +2 the user of the device rather than the foe. Total . Irongnome The netflinger. not recommend that they be built by anyone except qualified gnomes. We do moving paintings and sound over tremendous distances. flapestry design is in its infancy on Krynn. The weapon was supposed to render an opponent temporarily immobilized from a dis- Final Modifiers Number Size Com#-. Highest Complexity 12 12 12 Resizing Totals 12 12 into ~th 25 .~ :~:~ Highest Complexity . Gnomeflinger Type Effect Complex. 9 9 9 Gnomeflmqeo Additional effects " 1 -. Move Horiz 32' Final Modifiers Number Size Complex.- tance and thus allow the attacker to possibly capture the opponent Highest Complexity 9 16 . The irongnome is a moderately complex device that is barely large The double-emergency backup sponge landing system is an extra option not included in the base price of the system. even then it is advised that all bystanders stand well clear of the device whenever it is either used or tested. Thus the netflinger is a size 4 device {roughly the size of a crossbow) with a complexity of 8. Modif. hMt of Gnomes m v e n u o n s hMl o1: Gnomes Inventions [~[~pcstRy Flapestry (short for Flying Tapestry) was originally designed to send These devices are a sampling of typical gnomish inventions.2 Z Final Modifiers ~Number Size Complex. It costs 312 stl. Highest Complexity Additional Effects 5 1 : 5 -. Modif. but it Protection ~ AC0 :i~ 9 9 has various r e s u l t s ~ e n a n unpredictable effect is rolled.1 +2 This was originally designed as a device in which a gnome could sit Totals 6 4 8 and move about while deflecting any damage coming in his direction. It hits automatically if it is successful. Its cost i of Damage Restrain (HD8) 4 any real talented gnomes to be portrayed on the device.~: from a distance of 32 feet. Total Move Vertical 800' 12 12 Final Modifiers Number Size Complex.

This is essentially a telephone the size of a large wagon.2 9 Finat Modifiers Number Size Complex..: . . Total: Communicate ~ Calculator 12 -.. 1 +1 ... Total distance. Total: Highest Complexity _ 7 7 7 Move Horiz ~ 20miles 16 -5 11 Resizing -. Totals 15 12 18 Highest Complexity 13 13 ~:: 13 Resizing -. Total . "1 +1 orient the user on an x. 9 +6 1 5 Fargab Alter Objects Raw to cooked i 5 5 Type Effect ~ Complex. Modifi Total Information Clockwork 7 -- Sound Low voices 3 ~ 3 Co~unicate Direct sound 13 ~ 13 Final Size Highest Complexity 15 15 15 Resizing -.... Original concept: a directional device when u s e r ~ n n o t see. Modif. .. S cwmAttc .RQaB Original concept: a device to prepare meals. distance.6 Final Modifiers . + 6 . WhooshwAGon Blindguide Original concept: a device to transport a family of gnomes over a Type Effect Complex. :. . z axis--assuming that everything works just TotalS ' : 11 10 12 right.hALLol EGnomes invcn[ions Bi. Type : Complex. Modif. . -4 +4 would indicate~ It can addi m b t n c t . a n d digide Tot 5 This complex weapon is worn as a backpack and can throw a keg o f volatile oil up to 400 feet away.... . 26 . 6 information Clockwork 7 -- Whoos. 13 10 16 meat into an ~ o ~ h o u s mass of steaming g!op. . The clockwork keeps track of the differences and ca~ Re. 9 Highest Complexity 12 12 12 Resizing " . -3 +3 This labor-saving device turns perfectly good raw ~ e t a b l e s a n d Totals . Number Size Complex( Totals 12 18 " 6 Highest Complexity : . .. Modif..This huge calculator has a computing power much lower than its s i ~ Resizing -. y. : 9 9 9 Additional e f f e c t s ' : .. Temperature 300 deg . 12 Damage 2d8 -. .. causing !d20 points o f d a m a g e .. -2 " +2 Totals 7 5 9 Size Comple i This clockwork maps the pressure changes and magnetic changes Highest Complexit~ 1I 11 11 the user travels. .. multiply.. M o d i f . Pressure : 6 -. + .... Gnomethink---Klackeradd ' Blamblower Type Effect Complex. I t has BlmOGutO(. Stewmatic Type Effect ~ . Information Compass 3 ~ 3 Information . . Move Horiz 9 -.sizing .hwagon . 7 .. Final Size Type Effect Complex.xmBIOWCR Gnomcl:hJnk--kl ckeR O0 This was designed as a portable device that does damage to foes at a Original concept: a device to solve mathematical problems.... Original concept: a device to enable communication over vast dis- tances. . Complex..3 +3 Final Modifiers Number : Size Complex. Modif... -.

. 9 A wizard of 1st through 3d level is unaf- It is important for any magic-user in Krynn fected by phases of the moons because of the to remember that a wizard's only loyalty is to . with Lun. each had aspects that High Sorcery). magi. with Lun. differed greatly from those of the others. +3 saving throw. + 1 Sol. Only the moon Solinari has an effect on the If you are playing a DRAGONLANCE cam- wizards of the White Robes. with Nuit. then these are the starting loca- The Orders of Sorcery began as loosely orga- effects of the positions of the moons on the tions for the moons in your campaign. for example). Moon Saving Additional Effective: The Lost Citadel was a wondrous place from Phase Throw Spells ? Level whence the master wizards ruled their orders Low Sanction ... ing the campaign.. despite many 3d level or above as this is the point at which the Orders of High Sorcery. This allows your players to each of the orders came together at the Lost Moon Phase Effects Table * plan for regular changes in the lunar cycles..1 in peace and harmony. This 1.. magic. common love of magic.. for example. +4 additional spells and Each of the three Orders of High Sorcery + 2 effective levels to their spell casting. Each found an apprentice and to each did they give the keys maqwr * Note that all plusses on this table are to the Lost Citadel--a fabulous place of wiz... wtza Os of hwGhso cc y Of the all the orders of the world of Krynn... magic. verse.. these exists in the DRAGONLANCE | novels. receives its powers from one of the moons of is known as the Night of the Eye since the All orders are brothers in the power. both would they occupy on the Moon Tracking chart [page the heavens and aligning themselves against join together to fight in defense of the magic. +1 All Three Moons + 2 +1 0 +2 +1 Normal +1 Krynn and seek out a follower. It 3. The places of High Wizardry are held in powers from Solinari. three looked about the face of Krynn and Those interested in acquiring more d e t a i l e d Moon Alignment Effects Table * loved it greatly.he m o o n s each order gains its enhanced powers. Since the creation of the world. A wizard of the Black Robes and a wizard of ** Only a wizard of 6th level or higher who their tale is that of the three Gods of Magic.. walked the face of creation before the tate to destroy each other. but stayed close to the world.. this benefit from the moons. information than is provided here should Saving Additional Effective Thus they did not join their fellow gods in draw from those works.. The All-Saints War was coming. the three * cumulative with modifiers from other effects. Solinari. They came into efforts to eliminate it. The world beyond the walls of the towers is by the position and aspect of its moon that l.. Lunitari on day 3 of its losophies. Each eager discussion of magic. they are likely to enter into an If two or more of the moons are aligned. outside force seen as a threat to their magic (a given earlier.1 0 ... as orbital period is aligned with Nuitari on days their vision and foresight had warned. Lunitari. Citadel and proclaimed the unity of the orders. 27 .oc.. and the Tower guardians 5 and 6 of its period. it Waxing Normal +1 Even provided a place where the powers of magic High Sanction + 1 +2 + 1 ** could be tempered by the wisdom of the Con- clave of Wizards (see page 29). the White fighting on opposing sides of a war also has an Intelligence of 15 or above gains The gods of magic.. Each phase of a moon has an effect on game day to keep track of their positions dur- structured.. 1.lon oi. ing it in the indicated box along its orbit." being almost at the beginning of the world... bringing with them the waxing and High Sanction... common among all orders and no sorcery is to their power from Nuitari. the Towers.. but such is the way of the uni- of the White Robed wizards. During the Age of Dreams at the onset of the First Dragonwar. Nuitari. nized groups of wizards. chart. When these wizards t The additional spells can be of any level stars settled in their places. If attacked by an there are bonuses to the moon phase effects also chose a different path in the universe. It was not until much magic of Krynn is shown by the following Hereafter. then all wizards would have a Foundations of Wizardry.. granting their powers to those who would follow their ways. Each god was granted a time to walk the face of moons of Nuit. Alignment Throw Spells Level the heavens. wizards are considered to "come of age.. ards get theirs from the red moon.. 28] are in a straight line from the center of the one another according to their goals and phi.. ardry that stood beyond the circles of the uni.al. The A wealth of information on wizards. Sol.. Though they had a meet on neutral ground (such as a Tower of the wizard can cast... cal lore. and neutral Wiz- be used there in anger against fellow wizards. Black Robe wizards get aspect and cause magic to be at its peak. far removed from the Waning Normal 0 Even world of Krynn. or as respected as has remained in the world. as feared. Here the gods taught them the Krynn. The precise paign game. and (such as the War of the Lance) would not hesi. advance the moons one box per later that the orders became formalized and tables... This is the primary reason that magic this reason that the tests for wizards occur at none are as old. Lunitari..) Bound by the common bond of magic. 6 and 7 of its period and with Solinari on days three gods feared that they too must choose. moons of magic have circled the globe of If all the moons were to align at the time of verse itself.. Both palace and fortress. the masters of the magic of that class of wizards.. the waning of their followers' magical powers. +1 +1 +1 They revolved about it. Wizards of the White Robes get their moons move through the sky with a terrible 2. All wizards are brothers in their order. (Moons are aligned if the boxes They saw the other gods wheeling through renegade wizard. For example.. The The initial location of the moons is deter- may bring brother against brother and order aspect of Nuitari has no effect on the powers mined by rolling 1d8 for each moon and plac- against order..

m o o n 1;~ackmG C h a ~

...... ~. -.~Z~


h~qh Sancuon

Wanmq Waxmq


low Sancl;Jon

".:.:.:.:-:.:.:,:.:.:.:." ".:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.-.................:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:~:.:.:.:.:.:.:.

So[inaRl: pCR~OO OIE36 s12~nOaROOays Wll;h 9 C)ays pc~ qu&~cR.

null;a~l: p c ~ o 0 of 28 s~anOa~0 bays w~th 7 0ays pc~ qua~cR.

pc~loC) oI~ 8 s~anSaR~) Oays w~th 2 Oays pc~ qua~1;c~.


t h e conctave of w zaR0s

cast by those of another order. Black Robes.
the Conclave The Spheres of Magic have been defined as
Evocation and invocations both channel
magical energy, using that energy to create
specific effects and types of matter. These
of WtzaR0s Abjuration magics are primarily concerned
with the prevention and exclusion of particu- effects include permanent features such as the
The Conclave of Wizards is convened on set lar magical and nonmagical effects, situa- wall spells, forces such as the Bigby's hand
dates and times as dictated by the moons. The tions, or individuals, and include most spells family of spells, and temporary effects such as
Conclave meets regularly once each Foutweek of protection, avoidance, and repellence. lighming bolt or t~reball. Invocations are ded-
on the first day of High Sanction for the Rul- Examples include protection from evil spells, icated to a particular powerful extradimen-
ing Order. The Night of the Eye is a special spells that dispel magic, and the anti-magic sional being and are usually confined to
time when all of the orders gather together. shell spells, among others. This magic is usa- clerics, while evocations involve utilizing
Conclaves can also be called by the Head of ble by those of the White Robes only. ambient magical energy. These spheres of
the Conclave during times of grave crises that Alteration spells modify existing conditions magic can be used by the Orders of the Red
affect all orders. The Conclave does not meet or individuals through the infusion of magical Robes and the White Robes.
when the Test is given as this is a normal func- energy. Spells that give the recipient enhanced Illusion/phantasm spells create a false reali-
tion of the tower and is handled on a routine Strength or the ability to fly, those that trans- ty. This sphere includes the bulk of the spells
basis. form substances (polymorph self or others) listed in the illusionist sub-class. Illusions
The Conclave of Wizards consists of three and spells that have general effects (move alone create the apparent existence of items in
factions with seven representatives from each. earth or lower water) are all alterations. This the minds of the viewers, while phantasms
Each of the Orders of High Sorcery is equally magic is the province of the Order of the Red create a shadow reality that gives these illu-
represented at the Conclave and each is led by Robes alone. sions the power to affect the viewer as if real.
a single individual selected by each order. The Conjuration/Summoning spells are a com- These are the province of the Red Robes and
chosen wizard is the Master of that order. The bination of two separate magics in variable the Black Robes.
selection process is left to each order and varies quantities: The conjuration part brings addi- Necromantic spells involve the health, hit
from order to order. Th~ Black Robe repre- tional matter from elsewhere, while the sum- points, or normal functioning of a living or
sentative is usually the most powerful wizard moning portion creates a duct between the once-living target. Spells that increase or
of that order. This has from time to time caster and some greater magical power. Spells decrease hit points, cause or cure disease, or
resulted in some rather fabulous contests of that summon existing animals or monsters in restore lost souls to their bodies all are necro-
wizardry as two sorcerers vie to establish who is an area, bring into being on this plane extra- mantic spells. These are the province of the
fit to rule their order. Such contests are invari- dimensional creatures (such as elementals, for Black Robes.
ably held beyond the boundaries of the tow- example), or use such creatures' power (such
ers. In the case of the White Robes, elections as a wish or power word) are conjuration and
are held to determine the master of their summoning magics. Both conjuration and A summary of magical spells divided:
order. The Red Robes draw lots from among summoning are usable by the Order of the according to level and spell type can be found
the seven members of the Conclave. Red Robes. Conjuring may be used by the on pages 126 and 127. Use this list m deter-
The Master of the Conclave is determined White Robes as well, while summoning may mine which spells are usable by the different
by consensus, a spell that instantaneously be used by the Black Robes. orders of wizardry.
determines the combined will of all the wiz- Divination spells are those that uncover
ards of Krynn in a single matter. While not information that is otherwise hidden under
always infallible in its ability to benefit the normal circumstances and include spells that
Conclave as a whole, it still remains the meth-
od of selection for the Master of all Sorceries.
detect magical effects, invisibility, and the
like, those spells that predict hidden or future
t;he T,owcRs of high
The law of the Conclave is largely determined
in everyday matters by the head of the Con-
events, and those that place the caster in con-
tact with powerful extradimensional creatures
clave and his law is final. If, however, a deci- but do not involve direct action by those crea- Originally there were five Towers of High
sion is made which is against the will of the tures. This sphere is the common ground of all Sorcery. Built by the ancient wizards as centers
Conclave, then a mandate may be called for in Krynn magic and all wizards can use divina- for their crafts and learning, they were located
which case a consensus is taken of the general tion spells regardless of their order. in the ancient cities that later came to he
wizardry and a new Master of the Conclave is Enchantment/charm spells place a called Palanthus, Wayreth, Istar, Daltigoth,
then determined. dweomer on the target individual or item that and the Ruins.
radiates a magical aura. On physical items it is The towers were all alike and yet all differ-
normally used to invest an item with magical ent. The general outline of the towers was
l;hc SpheRes powers (such as deeppockets or bind), but is
more commonly used to induce particular
determined by a central committee of mem-
bers of all three orders (since all orders use the
of maGm emotional or mental states in living targets
(such as animal friendship, forget, and Otto's
towers), but the supervision of the construc-
tion work was done by wizards who happened
Magic operates within spheres in Krynn. irresistable dance). The magic jar spell, which to live in the area. This resulted in the same
Only certain spheres are usable by the differ- was originally listed as a possession spell, is general structure for all towers, but widely
ent Orders of High Sorcery; spells castable by really an enchantment/charm spell. These varying details and specific layouts.
wizards of one order may not necessarily be spells can be used by wizards of the White and The general arrangement of the towers con-


the TOWERS high SORCeRy

sisted of a central complex surrounded by a
field or garden. This field was different for
each of the five towers. The Tower at Wayreth
was surrounded by a transdimensional field
that allowed it to appear anywhere within 500
miles of its usual place in Wayreth Forest. The
Tower in Palanthus was surrounded by the
Shoikan Grove that emanated a continuous
and very powerful s These are the two
towers that are most commonly known today.
Knowledge of the other three towers is hard to
come by, hut the properties historically
ascribed to these towers' gardens were sleep
(Daltigoth), forget (Istar), and passion (the
Ruins). While each of these gardens held
9many other formidable obstacles, these were
their principal attributes and defenses.
All towers are neutral zones. Fighting
among the wizards is not permitted and is
punishable by immediate death.

1;he 1;owe of WayRe l
The Wayreth Tower's defense is the most f

unusual, for one does not seek out the tower,
it finds you. The garden about Wayreth's Tow-
er has different dimensions at different times
and the Tower itself is said to exist without
dimension, always existing where it is not.
The result is that one could be walking in a .> - D,>~:<;9 .t
l+s , ( ,g <S"
forest and suddenly be trespassing within the
domains of the wizards of Wayreth. Just where / p~
this tower's garden touches the world of men
and elves is controlled by the wizards them-
selves. In this way they protect the tower from
enemies of their order while still enabling wiz-
ards to enter the tower.
Access to the Wayreth Tower is the most o.
restricted of all the Towers since the Masters of 3
High Sorcery decide who may enter. The tow-
er is never where it is looked for and can only
be found when the wizards wish it to be so. It
is impossible for a character to enter the tower
though astral travel or the outer planes of
existence as the tower is not c o n n e c t e d to
those planes. (Only the Tower Portals can
touch on the other planes; otherwise, Raistlin
would have had little difficulty in reaching
the domain of the Queen of Darkness). i~~ ,~ ' ~;/i!~7~

If the wizards want a person to enter the
Wayreth Forest, he has little choice in the mat-
ter. He may wake to find himself surrounded
by trees. He may try to walk away, only to find
himself inexplicably walking into it. Or he
may be lured inside by the magical singing of
birds promising him his heart's desires. Any-
one attempting to enter the forest without
invitation can do so, but he better be prepared
to give a good explanation of himself to the


The fear generated by the Palanthus Tower diately to stand before the Conclave or to the is one of the most respected visible defenses of l~hc CURSe dungeons. but The talismans that are given out for passage semi-circle of chairs. sidered one of the most powerful. These are mages traveling to that the wizards of all the orders came togeth- and from the tower. created by magic. It takes sanctity of others' possessions. Wizards tower. low wizard. plus libraries of magical scrolls and into a dome that encased the tower as well as generally travel to the tower via magical magical paraphernalia. but the are magical. source in the hall. encased in a magical field. etc. Wizards are the Kingpriest of Istar. It is rumored that those who choose to sage through Shoikan Grove. mages traveling to take the Test) are accosted no locks on any doors as all wizards respect the Dalamar. was due to the fact that the citadel was a ards. ter of that Tower. Among these was A wizard entering the tower receives his flying citadel over Palanthus. [he 1.oweRs Of htGh SORCeRy wizards quickly. stand in a semi-circle other magical object of comparable value.10 pe0alty. Once the tower. There are no guards at the are no magical artifacts buried in the tombs of changes in aspect depending on when in its gate of the tower. ble for helping to defeat the Dark Queen. and there are no deco. rune-covered walls of the Tower rest within the tower's walls serve their art of Wayreth were built by magic and are part of even after their death by performing such the tower's defenses. the Tower at Palanthus was also con- They cannot be seen directly. These permission. High-level mages have more ele. irrational fear and blind panic. chambers. laid further enchantments every bit of courage and will they possess to There are libraries of spell books within the on the garden to extend its effects and powers make their way to the tower itself. character must still successfully make the sav- the wizards transport him here. penetrate the Shoikan Grove while piloting a might take over the world. or sent to the tower. mages taking the Test. spell where the Conclave meets. Thus there The Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthus throw the gods. only out of the 32) for detailed information. gifts to magic-users (almost all young wizards ing citadels) and the fear that emanates from gade wizard. money. inside the gates. wizard's death.) who make it this far!) are either taken imme. a fel. Stone would offer another scroll in exchange or some character remains in the grove) succumbs to chairs. He turned the people against the wiz- decor of which depend on the wizard's level. the wizards grew the outside world--no one who ever went in the tower--Tasslehoff Burrfoot managed to so powerful that many people feared they came back alive to report on it. See the map of the tower (page towers. er to create the dragon orbsthat were responsi- mages experimenting. but anyone walking across will because the DM is relatively free to do with it Originally one of the most beautiful ofthe suddenly realize that it is filled with people! as he chooses. may also be purchased (in the case of artifacts The Tower of Wayreth differs from the oth.he TOWER of hmoh the Tower of Wayreth remained standing rela. Here it was corner of the eye. There is light without a Thus a White Robe wizard who comes across a grove in the direction from which he came. Wizards can choose to be buried within the ing throw or flee in uncontrolled panic: (See dering about the tower would never encounter tombs of the tower. history it is visited. There are In the time following Raistlin's death. although this is not man. at the time of the penetration. the successor to Raistlin as the Mas- by the feeling of overwhelming magic. datory. Uninvited guests (those TOWERof palanthus the description of the laboratory. page 98 for the talismans that enable safe pas- the hall. A wizard desiring to purchase a scroll (which must be made every five rounds the rations or enhancements of any kind. It is be in terms of similar items rather than roll at best). Thus the Testing of young wizards. made of stone. This hall is huge. Mobs rose up and attacked the towers. who would not be permitted to who pass the Test are given some powerful the grove is unchallengeable. of the ofWayreth. the adventurer passes through a huge courtyard paved with gray pRE-CuRsE flagstone. The exception to this would be a rene. Otherwise he is attacked by have their rooms on the same level as the guest del was. to the die roll (a difficult so large that the ceiling is lost in shadows. Anyone wan. At the time of a l. The dungeons of the towers are so the five.) i The black. An adventurer in the courtyard--if invited I he Shotkan GRove Any entering the tower at this time would to the tower--is transported magically to one find it similar to the description of the Tower of the tower's many sumptuous guest rooms. all possessions and spell books tively untouched when the rest of the world are either bequeathed to an apprentice. Even those invited into the forest (such as gant quarters at the top of the tower. the placement and generally of the opinion that the penetration good. This permanent spell is of such power dreadful that no report of them has reached that only one uninvited guest has ever reached During the Age of Might. the trees. Student magic-users and apprentice wizards device of magic itself and the pilot of the cita- 31 . teleport or otherwise enter the tower without artifact to aid them in their profession). there is no need. Purchase prices for items would most likely with a . except that this tower is equipped with a laboratory instead of a great hall. A character failing this check round. These are under the shielding it physically from any assault. and scrolls) or studied (in the case of spell Passage through the Shoikan Grove with~- er towers in that it contains a great central hall books) with the permission of the Conclave. (See These are like the most luxurious rooms of the best inns in Krynn. SORCERy at palanthus was destroyed in Raistlin's attempt to over. Pro- means and do not bother to go through the control of the Conclave and can be given as jectiles now deflect harmlessly (as would fly- forest. The courtyard appears empty at Adventuring in the tower can be fascinating first glance. fleeing the at one side of the hall. No one is permitted inside unless he can use. the powerful cleric of own private quarters. No weapon exists that tasks as guarding the dungeons or aiding in can even mar the surface of these walls. The entrances to this hall rather take it to the tower to trade for a scroll through the grove negate the penalty. it is brightest upon the scroll of evil magic would not destroy it. out a talisman requires a saving throw vs.


the Xow r s of h Gh sor c oy

It would have been easy for the wizards to Oalamao'squautr their Dark Queen.
have destroyed the people, but they knew that
in so doing they would destroy the world. Dalamar is Raistlin's only apprentice.
Rather than do this, they chose to sacrifice Despite the fact that he is a dark elf, his quar- Characters looking into the Portal when it ~ :
their own power in the world. They destroyed ters are very elven in design, being decorated not activated see only a dark void. Those l ~ k i :
two of the Towers of High Sorcery--those at with rugs and furniture that celebrate the
Daltigoth and the Ruins. They turned the beauty of nature. There are also many inter-
Tower at Istar over to the Kingpriest and were esting and curious objects in these rooms, plus DM ~ m them t o sr
intending to give him the Tower at Palanthus many magical ones and Dalamar's spell
but for the terrible event that was to befall it. books.
In return, they were allowed to retain the Tow-
1~h~,ChamBeR OlES6ctnq
er at Wayreth, and it was here that they ~e I~BOUatORy
brought as much of their libraries and as many Here dwell the Live Ones, Raistlin's failed
of their magical artifacts as was possible. The laboratory is located in the top of the experiments in creating life. He is unwilling
At the beginning of the ceremony to turn Tower and can be reached only after climbing to show them to anyone with the exception of
over the Tower of Palanthas to the Kingpriest's a narrow stone stairway that spirals up the Dalamar. Their task is to watch the pool that is
representative, an evil wizard--driven insane inner wall of the tower. Since the center of this Raistlin's window on the world. Looking into
by the downfall of his art--leaped from an part of the tower is hollow, one misstep on it, he can see anything that is currently hap-
upper window and impaled himself upon the those stairs means that the person falls to his pening anywhere in Krynn and can, to a cer-
spikes of the tower's gate. As his blood flowed death. tain degree, affect the actions of those he sees.
to the ground, he cast a curse upon the tower, Upon entering the laboratory, adventurers He can only view the present in the pool, he
saying that no living being would inhabit it note that it is much larger than it could possi- cannot see either the future or the past.
until the Master of Past and Present returned bly be, given the size of the tower. The pri- The pool is quite similar in nature to the
with power. mary object in the room is the great stone crystal he (as Fistandantilus) presented to
It i~sunlikely that any would be able to enter table. Dragged from the bottom of the sea by Astinus the Historian.
the Tower during the period the curse is in magic, it is so large that a minotaur can lay
effect. The only ones known to have done so down full length upon it. It is covered with
were Raistlin, Caramon, and Crysania, who runes to ward off any outside influences that The Live Ones are quite harmless, but ~;~
came here long after the Cataclysm (Raistlin might affect the mage's work. gruesome looking and foul smelling that a n y
mistakenly believed a Portal existed in the Also present in this room are shelves of spell character not of evil alignment must succes~
tower at this time). books. These include the night-blue bound fully roll a Constitution Check or become r i o
The tower is guarded by undead of all sorts spell books of Fistandantilus, plus Raistlin's lendy ill. This has the effect of lowering the
that permit an adventuring party in the tower own black-bound spell books. Here also are characterls attack roll b y ~ 3 and penalizinG
only if Raistlin (whom they would recognize) books on herbal lore and anatomy, many of
is present. them in Raistlin's own handwriting. Various
magical items and artifacts are also here. i ii ii! ii Liii ! !!i!i i!i i!i iiiii ii ii iiiiii!! i!iiiiiiiiii i i ii! iiiiii!ii i iii!!i!!iiii! iii! ii i ii i iii i2iiii i iiiiiiii ii!i ii ii!ii!i!ii!
Raistlin is an expert in alchemy, so bottles
L ' h e T,o w e r ~ and beakers of various chemicals are found
Ratstltn's Rule both on the stone table and in other parts of AI;teo I~atstlm's Or
Those who enter the tower during this time the laboratory. He has also delved into the art When Dalamar became Master of the %w-
of vivisection, and various animals and parts er, he instituted many changes. Among these
are undoubtedly here by invitation and are, in
of animals (including humans) can be seen in are opening up living quarters for additional
any case, completely under Raistlin's control.
They therefore see only what Raistlin wants jars and beakers. Several complete skeletons of apprentices. His most important act, however,
them to see. This might include Raistlin's animals and humans stand in the corners. was to shut the laboratory and seal it with a
Parts of skeletal remains lie about. Some of powerful curse. A lich guards the door and
study, a luxuriously appointed room filled
with books, comfortable furniture, and Raistlin's experimental creations live in jars or suffers none to pass.
objects of interest from all over Krynn. A fire cages and take an avid interest in any new-
comer who enters the lab.
in the hearth dispells the chill of the tower.
The books in this room are not spell books; At the far end, almost obscured by GuaRO,anGRoves
shadows, hangs the purple velvet curtain that
those are in the laboratory. These books are
hides the Portal. If these curtains are drawn, t h e OesRoyeo
works of poetry and prose, books on herbal
lore and anatomy, books on philosophy, and the character sees an oval doorway standing on
treatises on magic. The objects decorating the a golden dais. It is surrounded by the dragon
room are also nonmagical, being beautiful or heads of Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness. Krynn before the other three Towers o f H i g ~
hideous but all curious. These are mementoes When not activated, these heads appear to be Sorcery were destroyed:
Raistlin has acquired in his travels. plain gold metal, although the character may The towers are similar in construction t o
have the uncanny feeling that the eyes of the those in Palanthas a n d Wayreth with
heads are watching his every move. When exceptions n o t e d on page 29. Each t o r t e s
activated, the heads glow blue, red, black, guardian grove had different charac~ristic~
green, and white and scream the praises of : Daltigoth (sle~i! A!I living ~ i n ~ enter


eaRty t, fe of a wlzaR0

ing this forest must make a successful saving Wizard Minimum Scores life to the magic. He must prove to the satis-
throw vs. spell with a - 7 penalty every five faction of his fellow wizards that he takes
Strength magic seriously and that he will devote his life
rounds they are in the forest. Those who fail
Intelligence 9 / 15 *
fall into an enchanted sleep. The sleeping to magic.
being is then transported by the wizards either
Dexterity 6
into their tower or out of the forest, depend-
Constitution 1
ing on whether or not they wish to have deal- As each Test of High Sorcery is designed foal
ings with him. the individual, there is no specific Test
Istar (forget}: Those entering this forest must detailed here only guidelines as to how such
* A wizard with an Intelligence of 15 or
roll a successful saving throw vs. spell with a - 5 a Test must be conducted and what the Test
more gains an additional 10% to all experi-
penalty every five rounds they are in the forest. should include. It is up to you to design the
ence points earned.
Failure temporarily negates all short-term mem- details of the specific Test for the wizards in
ory, thus making k Impossible for a person to your campaign.
Student Wizard Advancement Table
remember from moment to moment what it is There should be at least three tests of the
9they are doing here. This effect passes once the Hit wizard's knowledge of magic and its use; the
characters leave the forest. Experience Dice Test should require the casting of all of the
Ruins (passion): The character finds his Level Points (d4s) Title spells known to the initiate; at least three tests
own passions overwhelming him. These may 1 2,500 1 Student that cannot be solved by magic alone; at least
be of love, hate, vengeance, etc. A saving 2 5,000 2 Novice one combat against a character known to the
throw vs. spell must be successfully rolled eve- 3 10,000 3 Initiate * initiate as an ally; at least one solo combat
ry five rounds to avoid this effect. against an opponent who is two levels higher
* Wizards cannot advance higher than this than the initiate.
without either becoming renegades or joining Those attempting the Test can bring com-~i
one of the Orders of High Sorcery. panions along, but no one who comes is guar-
curly L,fe Wizard Spells Usable by Level
anteed of returning alive.
One such Test offered by Dalamar allowed i
the initiate and his parry to enter the tower
of a W zaRO Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
freely--getting out, however, was another
1 1 . . . . . . . .
All those who wish m join one or another of ~:~arter.
2 2 . . . . . . . .
the Orders of Wizardry begin thek training as
3 2 1 . . . . . . .
children studying magic under a Master Mage
(one approved by the Conclave for the teaching
of young magic-users.) Magic-users can rise to
Proficiencies Weapon I Nonweapon Ch nqwnq OROERS
Initial 1/ 3
the level of Initiate without formally declaring
their alignment and without declaring loyalty to
Added 1/2 per 5 levels al:[cR [hc
the Conclave. Thus a magic-user could remain From time to time, a wizard's actions will
an Initiate all his life, practicing only minor indicate that he is no longer a follower of the
spells, without having to take the Test. tenets of his originally chosen order. Raisdin
Those seeking greater power must travel to t e s t of Majere, for example, won his Red Robes in his
the Tower of Wayreth for the Test. Here they Test but thereafter events and his own decisions
declare their alignment and are assigned to a
higher level mage to serve time as apprentice
hwqh SORCeRy brought him to the way of the Black Robes. Such
changes are not without hardship.
The Test of High Sorcery is more than just a
wizards. trial of a person's magical abilities, it also tests
An apprentice is generally assigned to a
how that person will use the abilities he has
wizard of his declared alignment, although in A wizard who changes orders suffers the los,,
and those he will gain. Magic is powerful in
later days, Dalamar, wizard of the Black of two experience levels. This may make the~
the world of Krynn and, to the wizards, the
Robes, was known to accept Red Robes as wizard's spell book u n u s a b l e in some
distinctions between the three different fac-
apprentices. So also a White Robe wizard instances (since the types of spells a wizard
tions of wizardry are most important.
might accept a Red Robe as apprentice. Each initiate's test is a different one, receives depend on his order, the spells in his:
designed especially for his needs and weak- old book may no longer be usable when he;
nesses. Failure means death. Because magic is changes orders).
7 " ,

Also, the wizard's abilities are not affected
stuocn, muG,c-useRs such a powerful force in the world, the wizards
are extremely careful about who is allowed to by any moons until one game month has
Game Oata wield this power. They are not interested in passed after his change (then the moon of his
whether the power is used for good or for evil new order affects his a b i l i t i e s ) i
Minimum Requirements: Those who wish
to enter into the life of wizardry in Krynn so much as they are concerned with irresponsi-
must have the following m i n i m u m game sta- ble use of the power (one reason there are no
. .
kender magic-users!). A wizard who agrees to
take the Test, therefore, literally pledges his


8 200. . .il.000 9 4th Order of good and keep this goal in his mind in all 8 4 3 3 2 : . .000 11 + 7 Master * . 15 5 5 5 5 5 2 2 1 1 16 2. ' :'::il):!ii. Of Illusion Invocation Phantasm all the wizardries.000 t l + 5 Master * Also...000 11 +2 ~aosl 13 5 5 5 4 4 2 1 1 14 1. 13 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 1 '~7~i~ii!i!!ili!ili!i!!!~i!ii!~'~ 15 1. 18 6 6 5 5 5 3 3 2 2 * Only one White Robe wizard can be of Master level (see The Conclave os for the selection process for the White Robe Mas- ter). certain spells may not work for him any more. - 13 1. .000 10 3d Order that he does.000 7 6th Order Minimum Requirements: Any who wish to 7 4321 . . .000 8 5th Order join the Order of the Red Robes must meet all 8 4332 .750.=oo ter level or above (see The Conclave of Wiz.~iiiiiiii!i:iiiii!ii!!!i!!!i!~!ii!iii!~i 9 350. .e ROBES ( EeO Abjuration Charm Conjurationiii(~(~il!! Red Robe Advancement Table wtza Os og Divination Enchantment Evocation!i~!~ii!ili!iii!!!!!iiiill Experience Hit Dice Level Points (d4s) Title thF ROBES White Robe Spells Usable by Level 4 18. . slower than his Black-Robed counterparts. 10 600.250. - 11 800. 15 5 5 5 5 5 3 2 2 17 2.000 4 9th Order Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5 36.. .000 11 +4 14 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 1 -:~!!iii~i~!i~i!~:~!i!:il 16 1. - 12 1.. . . They must also have:: 10 5 4 3 2 2 1 .000 5 8th Order Wizards of the White Robes generally gain levels slower than their brothers. 10 500.000 6 7th Order Game Oat 6 432 .000.000 11 +6 17 6 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 1 18 2.000 7 6th Order other magical orders.. Acts contrary to the mandate of 9 4 3 32 1 . .300. Z 8 180.. 9 400.250. . yet they ulti..000..100. ~!i!:iiiiiiiiii!i!!iiiiiiiiiiiiii 12 900.000 11 + 1 1st Order ing committed an act contrary to the laws of 12 5 4 4 4 4 2 1 . ..000 11 2d Order good can eventually result in the downfall of 10 4 4 3 2 2 1 .i:: 6 50.. . 6 4 2 2 .000 11 + 1 1st Order the wizard.000 10 3d O r d e r of student wizards.{)00 8 5th Order A White Robe wizard must follow the ways 7 4 3 2 1 . .500.000 11 +3 14 5 5 5 4 4 2 2 1 - 15 1.000 11+6 16 5 5 5 5 5 4 2 2 1 18 2. . One of the first indications that a 13 1. . They must also ~ b 6 !~6~) I~OB6g Magic: have passed the Test of High Sorcery without A wizard of the Red Robes gains levels having committed an act contrary to the laws faster than his White-Robed brothers. ards for the selection process for the Red Robe c~ameOaza Master). .000 11 + 5 16 6 5 5 5 5 3 2 1 1 17 2. . .750. .250. WIZAROs 01: 1. but Alteration Conjuration Divination of good. 7 100. Red Robe Spells Usable by Level Experience Hit Dice : Level Points (d4s) Title Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4 20.000 9 4th Order of the minimum statistics standards required 9 4332 1 . . 7 90.000 11 +4 . 11 700. .000 4 9th O r d e r ReO ROBCWIZal~OS 4 5 321 431 ..he whll. .000 11 +2 12 4 4 4 4 4 32 t ~!~!ii!iiiiii!iiiiiiii!!i!i!iiiiiii!ili 14 1. Spheres of Magic Usable: A wizard of t h e White Robes can use the following Spheres of Magic: 35 . . 4 32 .000 11 +3 wizard has lost sight of his order's goals is that ~i!33!ili!i!~i!ili~ili~iii!iiii!iill his order's moon no longer affects his abilities. .500. 5 9 38..000 5 8th Order 6 55.i!i!iiii. . Minimum Requirements: Any who wish to join the Order of the White Robes must meet w.. .zaROs of Spheres of Magic Usable: A wizard of the Red Robes can use the following Spheres of all of the m i n i m u m statistics standards required of student wizards.000 11+7 ~: 17 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 * Only one Red Robe wizard can be of Mas' w.. . .ii!i!il.000.000 6 7th Order mately attain higher levels than any of the 5 4 2 1 . the Red Robes have the Summoning White Robe Advancement Table widest range of spells available.500.000 11 2d Order passed the Test of High Sorcery without h a y 11 5 4 4 3 3 2 .

would not hesitate to destroy the renegade. ard character leaving the Orders of High Sor- 10 4 4 3 2 2 1 . .650. - that point he begins to use the magic-user BlAck ROBC WIZAROS ~:~ 13 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 1 1 tables in the Player's Handbook. either of the other two orders.000 11 Brother to nary powers. 36 . . They must also AD&D| game system charts for magic-users.000 11 + 2 Master * challenging the gods.400. It should be explained to the player.wtzAoOs o[ l:h~. . A wiz- 8 135. BtaCk OOBCS B~ Robe S ~ Umble by Level -~-~ however. . . Should he fail. . .000 4 9th Order order they wish to join will find themselves in ing wizard. .~8 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 gades from the beginning also use the required of student wizards. ~ d all of the benefits of the towers. . yet it is in their after having joined and become a renegade by 8 4332 . Darkness of Black Robes since he was obviously intent keeping close watch on him meanwhile.200.~:. renegade by any means at his disposal while 10 375. Note that any wiz- 9 43321 -- of the other orders. but all are the Orders of High Sorcery and to abide by its Black Robes can use the following Spheres of equally effective in their methods. . If this is not possible. a character can leave an order 7 4321 .000 11 +5 sent the dark elf apprentice wizard.000 5 8th Order the position of being considered a renegade Renegade wizards who are recognized by a 6 45. .- required of anyone who leaves an order. Such wizards use the standard wizard tables found in the DMG and the Player's Hand- book. . entitled to use the better advancement tables Illusion Necromantic Phantasm paigns are considered renegade wizards u n t i l . doing the least harm. At 12 4 4 4 4 2 1 1 . Robe Master). . . wizard of another order are dealt with in ways 7 80.000 10 Trimorte gins that Raistlin. I eneciaOe WIZaR0S wizard is that there is a 50% chance that any Wizards who attempt to live outside the other wizard encountered will recognize a ren- Black Robe Wizards Advancement Table egade wizard.ynn can opt to become a renegade after he reaches 3d level. . .000 7 6th Order Renegade wizards are considered by all that depend on the order of the wizard. having committed an act contrary to the laws An additional problem with being a renegade of evil. such time as they declare their alignment to a n order. .000 11 +2 not order his destruction is unknown.000 6 7th Order wizard. before destroying him. laws. . Why the Conclave did resort and then only if the renegade threat- 14 1. nature to top out in levels sooner than either not joining another order. 5 35. that the standard tables are far less WizaR0s o1: ~vel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 favorable for a wizard than those for the orders of Krynn.) Thus they A wizard of the Red Robes will try to cap- 17 1. if possible.000 11 + 1 Blackmage upon defying them by entering the Abyss and would destroy the renegade only as a last 13 800. Black Robe wizards gain levels faster than Alternatively. ture the renegade and bring him before the 18 1. A character who starts in IC. 16 1. It was only by the barest of mar. .000 11+3 believe that it was because they feared they others. Those who refuse are cast out from the Magic: realms of Krynn and the circles of the world. retained his station in the Order report the renegade to the nearest tower. . (Most ened either the balance of magic or the lives of ': 15 1.900. inated. Those who join the Orders of High Sorcery ate Charm Divination Enchantment Wizards who enter Krynn from other c a m .- cery is subject to the two-level loss penalty 11 4 4 4 3 2 1 . . . Each of the orders has its own way of Renegade wizards who are brought before dealing with a renegade some orders are the Conclave are given a chance to join one of Spheres of Magic Usable: A wizard of the more benevolent than others. a magic-user of extraordi. He 12 650. have passed the Test of High Sorcery without but they are not subject to any level penalties. 4 32 . . he destroy him. t h e Black I OBeS 5 421 . . His experi- 14 5 5 5 4 4 2 1 1 1 GAm~ Oata ence point total is altered so that he has only 1 15 5 5 5 5 5 2 1 1 1 point more than is necessary to reach his cur- Minimum Requirements: Any who wish to 16 5 5 5 5 5 3 2 1 1 rent level (after the two-level drop).000. 6 422 .000 9 4th Order in the world.000 8 ~ 5th Order orders to be a menace to the balance of magic ard of the White Robes will try to capture the 9 290. join the Order of the Black Robes must meet 17 5 5 5 5 ~ 4 3 2 1 Players who run their characters as rene- all of the m i n i m u m statistics standards . Wizards from other campaigns 20% if the renegade is disguised as a wizard Level Points (d4s) Title who do not quickly contact the heads of an from an order other than that of the identify- 4 17. .000 11 +6 to spy on him and eventually attempt to Conclave. * Only one Black Robe wizard can be of A renegade wizard who has come to the A Black Robe wizard will at first attempt to Master level or higher (see The Conclave of attention of the orders is invariably seen as a win the wizard over to his side of the struggle Wizards for the selection process for the Black threat that must be either neutralized or elim. . . This chance is decreased by law of the Towers of Sorcery are known as rene- Experience Hit Dice gade wizards. Dalamar. he will 11 500.000 11+4 would not be able to stop him.

1 Round +1 ter confers this protection by means of a kiss The second level of the dream distorts the 2 Rounds +2 upon the subject's forehead. Characters who cessful saving throw by the victim can negate the spell. These are believe (even in Krynn!). and reality around the character's group. If. character. yet only perceive himself moving a (Evocation) should be given as a number of melee rounds. warm sensation. in reality. 3) Determine the Disbelief Number by (Illusion/ Phantasm) Magic-users use fighter tables. It is spells can be used while under the Kiss's influ. A charmed person is not lief of a group of monsters would tell which entitled to a saving throw. Mindspin takes the innermost nightmares Compare the result against the Adjustments then the object in question looks real and its of the subject and makes them real in a star- effects are as if it is real. then the illusion is disbelieved. wttuslon anO k ynn each individual monster. Dungeon The spell has an exceedingly long casting Master's Guide) use the table on the following another character in the group makes a suc. 2) Determine the modifier for the disbelief Level: 9 Components: V. No weapons or the previous two levels. totted. nightmares into a tangible form. the and which are not. A disturbance negates the effect 37 . Note that the ence. are normal and all magic works as it should. time. a character comes successfully disbelieve cannot be harmed by The dream as woven by the spell invokes across something that is too hard for him to illusions. himself. The Kiss's weaknesses. These illusions most Handbook and use the corresponding Chance to or lower. for he no 3 Rounds +3 or neutral alignment. then the check is time. from time to time. (but the character can check again whenever Affecting Undead Table (page 75. classes. A character who has taken damage from an illusion does not get a chance to disbelieve it. This world. the victim and the caster must remain made for the entire group. Characters in melee are forced to power works only for one passage through the use the attack and saving throw tables of other available concentration time of any character will be very limited if the illusion attacks the grove. 4-6 Turns +7 of the Shoikan Grove. due to the magical nature of Duration: Special Saving Throw: Neg. Area of Effect: One Person 4) The referee secretly rolls ld20. not to disbelieve undisturbed. To do so negates the spell. S The PC's perception of time is equally dis- check. Level: 7 Components: V. mmbspm Fighters use magic-user tables. a suc- lUuslon anb kRynn were real and which were not should illusions be interspersed with real ones. all the character's strengths turn to the uninterrupted period of concentration that determines the modifier. Clerics use thief tables. dream. To those of good PC's sense of reality even further. The Mas. The illusion is either discovered page: through the victim's mind and distill his by the character or else is believed. He may believe that only minutes have time to the following table to determine a Duration: 1 Passage Saving Throw: None passed when. Spdls ol. To those of evil alignment. If the number is equal for Clerics Table on page t l of the Player's tlingly vivid illusion. as follows. may have cause to question whether the thing The tTrsrlevel of the dream alters the char- is real or merely the strange concoction of some illusionist wizard. Clerics: Subtract their Wisdom from 20. of the spell at once. each of the following classes disbelieved during any previous round. it has been days. You may also add 1 Range: Special Casting Time: 3 hours for each other character who has successfully In addition. S character's Intelligence. During this sion is a group of monsters. If a character wants to disbe. short distance in the dream state. Note that dreamwraiths 7-9 Rounds +5 . A successful disbe. kiss will confer a pleasant. hlqh SORCeRy is described to the PC during this section of the adventure is not the actual terrain of the lieve an illusion. The Kiss acts the same The thi'Mlevelofthe dream (the core of the 1 + Hours +8 as the Nighrjewel in alleviating fear and also dream) distorts even the PC's percepuons of During this period of concentration. In addition to all the other effects of ing the protected person. the prevents all undead in the grove from attack. The I) Ask the player how long his character will k=ss of nlqht'S quaROwan PC can actually travel many miles in the real concentrate on the suspected illusion. The terrain that Disbelievingan illusion requires a period of concentration. the dream area. follow these steps: area but the terrain as the PC perceives it. time. If the must take the following adjustments: result is higher than the Disbelief Number. the kiss seems to burn longer knows which of his companions ate teal 4-6 Rounds +4 into their flesh. three separate layers of reality. This is primarily due to the need to sift cessful check). Compare the duration of concentration Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 seg. If an illu. On any roll dteamshadows as described in the Creatures requinng reference to the Matrix for Clerics hour by a character against any one illusion section. Otherwise. then the character referred to here as levels of the dream. at this level of the character can perform no other actions. forcing the Concentration Modifiers for Illusion Disbelief The Master of the Tower of High Sorcery at PC to determine which is reality and which is Modifier Palanthus has the power to grant protection to not. Saving throws in this level of the dream Time anyone entering the Shoikan Grove. acter's perceptions of space. adding the concentration modifier to the Thieves use cleric tables. It and dreamshadows have special magical resist- 1-3 Turns +6 leaves a scar that is visible only to the undead ances of 10% at this level of the dream. often take the form of dreamwraiths and A disbelief check can be made only once per of Spell Failure for the character. Area of Effect: 1 Person Dreamwraiths and dreamshadows will appear among those things that are real. concentration modifier for the roll.

Vampire Ghost 20 19 16 13 10 7 4 t t 20 19 16 t3 10 7 4 t t d 1. there is a 5 % cumulative chance of T/me utilized to transport Caramon and Tas- at a rate of one mile per hour with a maximum spell failure. Salian to send Caramon and Tasslehoff into that the dreamer is always present and a cen. . 20 19 to one mile times the character. .stream of Krynn. Thus if the 9th-level wizard tried slehoff throughout the Legends tales. this enables a magic-user to cast a spell higher Time is of the essence in the timeheal spell as Level: 9 Components: V. . . range that depends on the level of the dream. ute previous to the casting. 20 19 16 13 10 4 this best fits the existing terrain. . .met eal Timefieal will not recall a spirit from death Lich 19 16 13 10 7 t t t d d (Evocation) and therefore is useful only if the character has Special 16 I3 10 7 t t t d d d at least I hit point remaining. . . Slightly shorter distances can be used if ~neheMs to bring his patient back 27 minutes Wraith . . . to use this 38 . . S. . 20 19 16 13 7 gence. and thus guarantee success (since none of the Mummy .spells 01~ high SORC6Ry . . all successes are Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: Special nevertheless be dead as his spirit has fled into counted as failures and all failures arc success. . extend to a maximum of 20 miles times the Skeleton . . This is due to where it was in better health. Mindspin expands healed. . . increase the time the victim can be brought Shadow . so he would have a 55 % Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-1314+ chance (11 x 5 % ) t h a t the spell fails. The second level is up Multiple timeheals cannot be cast to Ghoul . It is a property of the magic condition at that time. This spell has only illusion-~ healing of the character's wounds for one min- ary effects. This spell takes the creature it is cast upon Magic-Users: Magic-users now cast spells at and slips its body backward in time to a point lmeR veR one level higher than normal. . M than those he currently knows. he can choose the greater the amount of time. The magic the chance of failure. Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None automatically gives the magic-user the illusion Each level of the casting wizard guaranteed Area of Effect: 1" radius that he knows it. . .20 19 16 13 t0 7 4 t rune minutes). . Area of Effect: One creature the heavens.. . . . A dead charac- Level: 5 Components: V. For every minute earli. It is also the spell that the Scepter o f tral figure in the dream. For example: a The r/mereaver spell sends those within its user casts during the dream. The first level can guarantee success. If a healing ability without using clerical powers.20 19 16 13 10 7 t spells alone exceeded his guaranteed limit of Spectre . area of effect backward or forward along the All of the effects from each level of the teed to be able to take the wounded character time.s or future. but will the Thieves Function Table. . . Mindspin Clerics Turning Table upon the Intelligence of the character on minutes for his level) further than he could whom the spell was cast. es. . be healed of the appropriate damage. the greater Range: 1" Casting Time: 3 Turns any one spell from the higher level. . thus simulating (Evocation) the magical nature of the mindspin spell. 9th-level wizard cannor cast three successive Ghast . . . . . . M ter who has a r/mefieal placed upon him will Thieves: On any roll requiring the use of Range: Touch Casting Time: 3 seg. 20 19 13 The extent of the third or core level of the back with guaranteed spell success. er that the character must be taken back to be the past. .s Intelligence. 20 19 16 10 dream is 20 feet times the character's Intelli. . . into either Krynn's past dream disappear if the dreamer is awakened back in time nine minutes to the character. unlike the other spells the magic. . . 9th-level wizard casting this spell is guaran. Thus the Wight . . . . Otherwise. Sim- ple locks are now tough opponents. It is the spell that was used by Par- from his sleep. adjust the rolls normally. . Zombie . 20 character's Intelligence.

Reorx of Ergoth by silver dragons. Even though ed the Age of Might. heart of a true Knight nor the courage the GoOs The second family. the message of the gods went out their creations. the task of sorting the glorious gift. however. across the land and re-established the people's faith in the unknowable. There are. With so many different princess of the Abanasinian Plains was given a of Krynn has its own version of the origins of cultures on Krynn. however. Krynn's universe. how. Legends have it. While these gods are not alone in the heav- the knowledge of mortal man. several notable occa- good heart were taken. The forces of the Knights stood in her way. For purposes of our discourse here. however. Mishakal is his companion and great deeds done with the gods themselves. names. Huma. for all who Some nations have worshiped many gods and Takhisis. dukel have been adopted into this family and The Night of Doom: No records have ever ied from land to land and people to people. laws. Majere and Brancha. the true clerics of the time to time and place to place. participated in it are now far removed from some have recognized only a few. great promise and power. On this night. their faith and dedication to the basic true gods in over three centuries. While male and female genders are applied is that of Gilean. havoc with her dragons and other minions. they are the only ones who are involved in thirteen days prior to the Cataclysm that end- may have been perceived differently from the lives of the peoples of Krynn. The War of the Lance: Takhisis. they mainly allow the course of ever. evil. a Origins of Faith: Each religion on the face deity is recognized. their general the gods take an active and impassioned inter- land all disappeared. None save Huma. she wreaked the circle of the family as keeper of the magic. but CienOeR anO la. They left a sign as a remembrance of face of Krynn for a time in disguise. They gave him Opposing her. In this rate families of gods. The in all its forms to Krynn. Generally speaking. were names by which Paladine was known and strength be felt through their agents rather This is not to say that all clerics were taken both peoples were equally worthy in his eyes than through direct intervention. Huma undertook the long. Mishakal appeared to her and their faith and their god. is one of these gods over the centuries. high in the Khalkist der. the Queen are known among the Knights of Solamnia circling close above the world. brought magic of Darkness. From these Krynn. way he influenced men to choose the path of The first family. forsook their former positions and. should anyone find it. how- philosophies. It was here impossible as legends often speak about them before the coming from Beyond. Kiri-Jolith. of each side of the triangle of good. Once it while not all worship the gods in the same power. dangerous jour- able to ascertain whether the gods have gen- ion. Zivilyn and Chislev are companions. the daughter of Zivilyn and Chislev. appearances. What one clan man's destiny to be shaped by the free will of protect them from the calamity that was to may call Thak another may call E'li. then her way into the world from Astinus of Palanthus. many are the fanciful Queen. and powers have remained est in Krynn. mcsscnqcRs o1: [hc heavens Since the earliest days of Krynn. Her consort is Sargonnas. part of the gods' history that is known to men. he has no known compan. of Takhisis. build. the gods instituted their faiths among principles of their creators is accepted by the beginnings. He holds a patriarchal posi. Both were paired Mountains to the east of Solamnia. the Everman. that they were taken up by the gods to constant and recognizable. up--far from it. Takhisis was determined to impose her will limit the gods' interference in its workings. was purified and Paladine himself. the course of the world of Krynn. and Hid. Any determination of their gender is are Sirtion and Shinare. faith in the true gods. is that Huma and the Lance: This legend tells of good to fight the evil. The Whitestone Glade: It was here that the Abyss would be open and she would be There are 21 gods who are the masters of Paladine. Zeboim for a time. world. to the gods of Krynn. gave her the Disks of Mishakal on which are however. truth from human fabrication and exaggera. Their third son was Solinari who left While she dwelt upon Krynn. started the War of the Lance part- and as revealed by Paladine to Elistan. gave the fullest measure of any Knight in ban- through the efforts of the clerics. bakuk. yet both mankind. Thus all learned the ways of gods.forged in the mountains appearing in either form at their convenience. the family of Neutrality. All the while. the mortal The third family. all of them agree that this universe tion is a difficult one. Only clerics of pure faith and as true worshipers. Paladine appeared on the neutrality. It was the first manifestation of the formed and creatures began to walk the face of way. were the gods. Two other gods of good. They are presented as three sepa. were adopted into the family from there were none among them who had the Beyond. Kiri-Jolith and Hab. They are allied seven on appeared to Vinas Solamnus. Solinari. and demeanors have var. and the orders of the Knighthood that he would good and neutrality. the family of Evil. the wisdom and tragic tales told of his existence before the the highest orders of the Knights of Solamnia. and Habbakuk all free to rule the world. Once the temple at Neraka was annotated historical works compiled by complete. Their twin sons. Their precise twin brother. no mortal has ever been tion in the family. Their history is ly as a diversion from her true intent: to find basic facts seem to be confirmed by many related with that of the wizards. we will be setting forth the gods as they Lunitari. the family of Good. tried to maintain the balance of the world and advisor. Yet while the names and faces of the gods ens. Nuitari and ever. administer to their own orders of the upon the lands of Krynn by direct action. The gods prefer to let their will and come. There were few who So it is that the history of the gods. as ney to Godshome. were called into this universe from Beyond by been found concerning this night. of the gods has been brought to all races creation of the world. their visit--a great pillar of crystal. a knight who was barred from 39 . It is still said today that the place of Many have been the faces and names of is the daughter of these two and Nuitari is her Godshome. or that sions in which the gods took a direct hand in qualified. Suffice it to say that written the true words of the gods and their was created by the gods out of chaos. Paladine of Paladine. depends greatly upon the culture in which the Mishakal's Return: In the year 351 AC. Three of the gods. Morgion. seems to have came alone from Beyond to be adopted into endowed with special power over the Dark affirmed the relationships as described in this the family of neutrals. is that ishing the Queen of Darkness from the world messengers of the will of heaven. required to stop the Queen of Darkness. Chemosh. Lunitari is that his dragonlance.

he is now a cleric of the god. but the revelations of Paladine his powers diminished and abilities impaired. devotee. but all gods agree that the penalties a high priestess of Takhisis who converts t o That selfish victories are hollow when all you for not following the precepts of one's religion Paladine would become a priestess o f t h ~ wished to gain is laid waste in your attempt to are great indeed. So it is that characters who character's sincerity in joining the clerical one level. a sincere statement of character who wishes to enter into the service alignment cannot cast any spells whatsoever repentance and restitution (when possible) or of a god must first be accepted by the god as a and gain :no experience while they are in this penance (when not). Clerics can fall from grace without changing the god they worship. ence points of the character are set to the low. already proven himself worthy of this change mortal challenge the mighty gods of Krynn by shifting his alignment into the appropriate First of all. In addition. god to the mortal. a cleric performs some OBllc/attons formed. The true facts of the matter are of little impor. For example. Acts Required: Each god requires different ~!2. the order the cleric currently follows. any further advancement a n d Thus there are occasional gender confusions those things the known gods of Krynn require ability improvements occur on the table for and contradictions among different legends of of their followers. all of Krynn. the cur. Those who choose to worship repent are eventually forgiven and have their order of this god. mortals who wish to walk the straight path as dictated by his deity. For the gods. for example. ed. Encour. refers to the level dictated by the god at the Thus it is only on the most rare of occasions The Straight and Narrow: Clerics of the time of the conversion. revere the The Fallen: Occasionally a cleric falls from example. Lunitari. He immediately finds now use the Clerics of Good table to deter.oBtIGauons of cteotcs section as being "as good a card toss into the acts of obedience from his clerics. These must and hit dice of a high priestess (and incurs ~ hat as I have ever seen:' No one is exactly sure be performed in accordance with the precepts wrath of Takhisis). Clerics whose act contrary to the desires of his or her deity. His teacher levels. they came to obtain their Medallions of Faith. another god of a different alignment lose two ~ells and special abilkies r~tored to them. the meddling of the gods is viewed as rear- tions for alignment change. Free will of a god as given above. what that means. A cleric who converts from one god to seen as meddling with an experiment in prog- worms lose all powers until they join the order another typically finds himself with two sets of ress and thus biasing the outcome. ment shifted (on the Character Alignment call down miracles in the name of their gods. Once the character is accept. of the religion. of these privileges. The character must seek the help of a state. that they alone would make the world move levels and powets~ version to the new god. to his servant Elistan seem to indicate that Lunitari is the daughter of Gilean. the grace of his deity. and Nuitari). Raistlin learned but one lesson: served). previous hit points. Repentance requires acknowledgement of Call to the Service of the Gods: A Krynn Clerics who have fallen out of their god's the wrongdoing. the experi. to maintain the blessings the cleric enters at the lower level. The current level ranging the gears in a working clock. olZ Ctemcs can repent (see below) and regain their status. that the gods have direct contact with mortals DRAGONLANCE | game world enjoy many rent level is substantially lower than the form. rarely attain the power necessary to engage in All clerics created in Krynn start their game At what level the novitiate is taken in by the such combat. Clerics who perform an act contrary to the Repentance: Clerics who have fallen from tance to the everyday lives of mortals on tenants of their alignment have their align. each cleric of Krynn must When converting to a new god. Tracking chart on page 114) by up to 3 points It is a sad fact that often through misjudg- toward the alignment of the action per. Hit Dice. mortal characters in this world alignment area through his previous actions. these visitations usually often more than those given clerics in other lower than the entry level of the new religion~ involve only a spiritual manifestation of the universes. Clerics who change from one religion o f rally move that character's alignment back t o ally a test if the cleric is not convinced of the worship to another of the same alignment lose where it belongs. follow in the dark paths of Raistlin's footsteps It is true that some paths are wider than others est number for the current level (or former find their task one of the most impossible in (depending upon which deity is being level if lower than current level). new god depends upon the god. mime all advances in level and abilities. other than through clerics or other intermedi- privileges bestowed on them by their gods. The following pages describe In all cases. There is occasion. The was given to men and mortals on the world so an order. Once they have joined levels: former level and current level. the cleric must have Railing against the Gods: Rarely does a in the power of his religion. minus any modifica. Wizards. gives the new cleric a Medallion of Faith (see The player must declare that this is taking page 92) and sends him offto preach and grow place. order and have current experience points o f attain it. the gods (with the life possessing a Medallion of Faith. they a r e r e s t o ~ to their proper former level is the level he was at prior to con.50L Note that s h e retains the hit p o i n t s If one of the gods is encountered on the face 40 . the cleric mentioned above would "Three Brothers" of magic (Solinari. Where the former level of the cleric is aries. the grace of their church lose their ability to Krynn. A cleric who exception of the gods of evil) rarely involve age your players to create a story telling how has previously served another god retains his themselves directly in the affairs of mortals. Even then. If the cleric is convinced of the character's sincerity. In most cases. not his son. ment or mortal frailty. Secondly. he will Actions that are in accordance with the teach the character the beliefs of the god and former alignment of the character wilt natu- the dictates of his religion. When this happens. repentance is the only alignments move away from that of their god recourse open to the cleric. 9 For all of these reasons. However. er level. and Armor Directly interfering in the affairs of Krynn is Clerics who come to Krynn from other Class. cleric who is a follower of the god.

160. he must GoOly SpheRes select which god he will follow. earned. Sum. All of the 12 6 5 5 3 2 2 gods and their religions follow one of the three 13 6 6 6 4 2 2 tions under them concerning the abilities and spells they grant to their clerics. . Cleric For example. clerics of good can cast only the * The number after the slash indicates that Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 true form of the h'ghr spell and cannot cast its if the deric has a Wisdom of 15 or higher. - cast each day.000 1. power so each religion is unique. however. evil can cast only darkness. 3 2 1 o .000 9+4 Apostle cleric obtains his powers from a single deity. etc. Game Oata 14 15 1. reverse. clerics of gains a 10% bonus to all experience points 2 2 . the gods of good at any given time. the other remains an apostle. - Spheres: gives the general categories of 9 4 4 3 2 1 spells that clerics of that deity can learn and Even though all clerics are governed by the 10 4 4 3 3 2 . These they espouse.000 9+3 12 1.000 9+8 tain familiar game data. The spells listed there realized religion other than their work). . Prophet ** groupings define the range of spells that can Minimum Requirements: Clerics may be be obtained through worship of each deity.000 9 + 10 Chosen Influence. considering the many deities in charge of the holy OROeRS 8 9. and Weather. are still part of the powers the god grants to his Experience Hit Dice return with a vengeance.000 250.000 7. Creation. but also give three must meet the same mimmum requirements 17 2.000 9+5 the powers available to the cleric depend upon the specialty of his deity. you can be sure that he will outside the deity's spheres of influence. cast the spell normally. neutrals are in the Order of 17 8 8 8 6 5 3 1 spells they normally obtain. Divina. Healing. These categories include All. * There is only one Prophet for each god of On pages 120-125 of this book.000 9+ 2 High Priest DRAGONLANCE campaign world. that there may be certain restrictions Charisma Spell Level on the way that some clericscan cast these spells. These special Neutral. Combat. No Necromancy.000 9+6 9+ 7 Prophet * The listings of the gods in this section con. . Animal. ~. above rules.000 9+9 new categories of godly statistics: Spheres of regardless of their alignment or the religion 18 2. darkness.250. These nota. moning. each god has his own area of expertise. And since every of the StaRs 11 750. see no need for a for. the DM should choose one of are grouped into categories that reflect their them for the ride. Stellar.250 25. or Evil. he 1 1 . Neutral. . reach this level. o Special Bonuses: These are bonus abilities Initial 3/ 4 7 3 3 2 the god's clerics gain for following the god. each god has his own spheres of 11 5 4 4 3 2 I* The names of the gods are listed with nota. This char- tion. holy OROERS01.000 5 6 Priest Curate The universe of the DRAGONLANCE| benefit of the specials). Note. The differences between these 18 8 8 8 7 6 4 2 41 . Elemental. 7 90. he can only choose those o1: Influence spells offered by his deity (he also gains the 4 5 15. Specials.250.000. All clerics of the DRAGONLANCE saga 16 2. 13 1. Strength Intelligence acter must be the Prophet of Paladine. It should be no surprise that. while Game Oata ence for a time.000 7 Prefect saga contains a pantheon of deities that over. basic alignments in the DRAGONLANCE 14 6 6 6 5 3 2 tions are interpreted as follows: game world: Good.hE S~XRS of Krynn and conflict ensues. nature. Added 1/2 per 3 levels 8 3 3 3 2 -. Level Points (d8s) Tide clerics.500. Wisdom 9/15 * Spells in the Sphere of "All" can be cast by Dexterity Constitution Clerics of Good--Base Spells Table any cleric regardlessof whom he worships.000. 1 2. of any of Krynn's races except gnomes (who.750.000 2 Acolyte When a character becomes a cleric. . there is a while they revere Reorx. Holy Orders of Stars Minimum Scores ** There is only one Chosen Prophet for all Astral. Clemcs of GooO While this may rid the world of the god's pres. Charm. . Protection. . remember that powers are nor counted against the normal three orders are as follows: when a god of Krynn reaches 0 hit points he spells acquired for the day and can be cast does not die but is cast in suffering back into even if the cleric is not yet of sufficient level to his own plane of existence to rest and heal. Additionals: These are spells that.500 3 4 Deacon Adept selects his spells. On the other hand.000 9 9+ 1 Elder Patriarch 10 500. Should more than one cleric of a god listing of clerical spells. When he 2 3 4.500.000 8 Canon sees the world and spirits therein. and Additionals. Clerics 15 7 7 7 5 4 2 - who follow a god of good alignment are in the 16 7 7 7 6 5 3 1"* Specials: These are the spells the deity grants his followers in addition to any other Order of Good. Guardianship. Plants. good. 6 40. other character can reach this level. 4 2 2 Profidendes: 5 3 3 1 6ctty 6escmpttons Profidendes Weapont Nonweapon 6 3 3 2 .

.. 15 2. 35. G o o b * Usable anly by defies with Wisdoms o f I 7 CAed~ xff or greater.000 12.500 3 4 pM.. .000" 9 + 5 Archmaster* * Usable only bYderics with Wisdoms of:iT 1~ t.050.500 . 13 8 225. 14 L575.. -~:~.. ShouM more than one cleric o f a Level P o i n t s -..700.: ~ .Nighdord other orders of the gods. 0 0 0 . the DM should choose one of them for the dale. 6 3 II 900. with Wisdoms o f 18 .. .-~-~'-.OOO 9 was Paladine.000 9 + 3 Nighrmaster* time. . 1 2 5 . . . ** Usable only by clerics with Wisdoms o f ~.000 6 good..000 9+9 : - .000 = . A supreme leader. 16 6 6 6 "~ 6" 5 4 i/[ " 12 6~ ~ j : IO ~ 675.000 7 with the affairs of his fellow beings as long as N o other character can reach this level o r 8 90.000: 9=":C ~ Master of Mys..ooo9*6 1 6 2. ~ Cletic~ of! 2 . 7. - Experience H i t Dice :: " 4 31~:2. 9 9 ~: ~'~ 450.000 8 ~pmtor their doings do not counter the law of good.. ... --:~ 13 1. he does not interfere gods o f neutrality at any given time..000 . Should more than one clerk of a god form as the ancient hero H u m a to drive the reach this level.RICS OF 9 (~V1[- 17 2. .~.-.~ 1 2 1. . 14 1. during the Age of Twilight. .500 5 Master o f E ~ .. --. . the DM should choose one o f dragons from the land during the Age of Dreams. ..500 3.~f_/.000 9 + 5 . -~ :~. His vision saw the need for balance and conflict as the catalyst for learning and progress.~ ~ 55.he GoOs of GooO god reach this level. .:. t h e G o b s oi. II .. . There are many tales of Paladine's presence in that time 42 . . It 9 2O0.9 * 2 : . 7~:.soo. . . 6 6..000 9§ '.. .7::::~ '~" ~i 11 650. : " !~15 ~-~:-:: ~. * There is only one Nightmaster f o r e a ~ Many believe that Paladine assumed mortal . ..~?. GameOa~ 1 8 2. 16 2..I~ ~ - 4 2. : k~ . ~ 7~ evil god.. . .400. . * Usableonlvbyderios~Wisdomsofi7 menu or greater.~.::~: ~ ":-:-."~ 6 6 6 .000 (dSs) 2 1 1. .. Experience I-Iit Dice .-. .000 2Ovate ~ : : " ~ ~:: 8 3 6.000 ~+1::" Master of Light 79 6 5 46:.~ 27.000 9 + 6 He knew better than his brothers the need .~::'... ~-~77 '~ 110.000. : 9 § Master of the ** Usable only by cleric. ~ 3.000 6 .7. Ie~d ~t~ I !. . ~ . 9 + 3 ..025. .000 9 ~ Z ~ Master of Time " " ~ : ~ I Z 1 .. 0 0 0 4.xOme Master o f the Book. High Priest ~7 tion of the Highgod. * There is only one 2~rcnmaster rot each goe o f neutrality. 3 5 0 .000 9 + 7 Starmaster** CIE. This character must be the Archmaster of Gilean. 1 3 . .250. .000 g~! Master of 14 " Winds 15 6 6 6 6 4 3~ 1. Master of Fke 12 . . who : io 40o.-.000 [ Master o f W a t e i . led the gods of good from Beyond at the direc- . ..6 Book 18or greater... but Paladine's hand is evident in the history of that time..000 5 Law.000 ~Initiate 9 4/~:~ . :..6 "' 1 3 1 . Master of Ele. the other remains ~ 3. ~: .000 9+7 ~: - for balance and the interdependence of the three major orders of gods. . to create this place and 12 1. As the Father of Good and Master of the ** There is only one Starmaster for all ~ 5 20. Disciple I0 .350.. .. Paladine is the spokesman for the gods of 6. 2 . .:.475. He led the gods of good in the All- '-.000 9 + 4 Saints War and represented his order to the -~:-:i ..4 6. 3 1 ~L. 0 0 0 .. 60...-~:~.. " 17.-. .. This was not so.

If Paladine rolls a 6 for damage. from returning to Krynn. His constellation seems to threaten her that the knowledge of the true gods was 9 The damage done by this attack is l d l 0 that of the Queen of Darkness in the night restored to the world. Reaecting Pool peared at the time of the Cataclysm and that Additinnais: dragons reentered the world soon afterward klRI-JOllth Now that his constellation is once again in the night sky.he qoOs of qooO and this may account for the belief that he was Follow~s' Abilities: lished around one of these three gods. Divination. Protection. he followed his friend with their brilliance. Charm. In ancient times. Guardianship. 2d20 III: Death's Door. who wandered the world to Astral.h name many temples were built for the teach- ing of the healing arts. Silence 15"cad pza. become msects that Damagel A t t a c k : 3d20 / 3d20/2d20/2d20/ Astinus records that for 60 days after the Cata. Disks of Mishakal again brought knowledge to Kiri-Jolith is the son of Paladine and Misha. sor. Summon Insects. Followers" Abilides: When the time came to reclaim Krynn in Spedal Bonuses: the name of good. Huma. the damage per attack is l d l 0 brother is Habbakuk. the Lance. but he is their peer in ability. Each of In post-Cataclysmic Ansalon after the War of the three Orders of the Knights was estab. Slay Living perfect beauty. Paladine may choose a multiplier of kal. the god of good magic.5 I: Detect Magic minor matters. Paladine's tears filled the night sky came from Beyond. inclusive (Palatine gets to pick this number!). guards the Gate of Souls. They have twin sons and a third son in x 20. Detect Balance. For sky. 1. Predict Weather what guidance he could. These lands are vast indeed Spheres: VI: Heroes" Feast and those who have walked them yearn to Astral. It is an ethereal land of V: Quest. Magical Vestment Paladine rules the Dome of Creation that IV: Cloak of Fear/Bravery Followers' Abilities: surrounds all that is. the dine. Mishakal is known as Damage/Attack: t-lO00 * favorite god of paladins and good-aligned the Bearer or Light Bringer as it was through fighters. he never directly used his vast III: Create Food & Water powers in affairs of great consequence. he Majere is the favored god of monks. It is most important to note that Specials: while Paladine often intervened in seemingly Movement: 18" 124" Armor Class: . Summoning return.8 The Gate of Souls no longer holds what Pal. Specials: Charm Animals. One of the gods who ld10t ld10 clysm. cast upon the ground. she was the most Armor Class: . fight for their owner. # ofAttacks: 5 Kiri-Jolith is the war god of good. Hit Points: 530 Hit Dice: 53 Additioaals: dine worked through men and their free agen. Hear~Chill metM to save their world. but it was up to men II: Find Traps. I: Detect Snares & Pits. Paladine took the form of a + 1 on all attacks if in good standing rather befuddled old wizard named Fizban Spheres: the Fabulous. example. In this case. Penetrate Dis- cy to accomplish his desires. During the time of the Cataclysm. ITla]eRe Hit Points: 500 adine himself described as the Balance of the World. dragons still remain in the world of Fighter/Cleric (29th levetin each) Krynn. He would offer # of Attacks: 5 Damage/Attack: ld8/ld8/2dlO/2dlO/ gmse. clerics of Mishakal's order were the 43 . Mishakal's gift of the rimes a number between 1 and 100.10 revered of the ministering gods and in her Hit Points: 999 Hit Dice: 40 kmm-Jou1. Movement: 12"/29" Armor Class: . Paladine into this great adventure of creation. It is of no small his- Spedals: torical interest that his constellation disap. Pala. with Pala. Charm. He is Hit Dice: 29 and his fellows withdrew their direct influence said to give his followers symbols that. keeping the dragons ly. men of healing power and true clerics. Combat. Knights of Solamnia in all their works.~me Additionals: IV: Repel Insects mmshM l Cleric/Magic User (40th level in eada) V: Insect Plague Alignment: Lawful Good The fabled goddess of healing is known in ~ I : Creeping Doom nearly every culture and country on the face of Movement: 12" 129" Krynn. These twins. form an alliance that supports the Solinari. for they can lose their powers if Kiri-Jolith Stellar feels they have violated the principles of good. but no visitations from Paladine have Alignment: Lawful Good occurred since then. His twin Mishakal is Paladine's companion and advi- 20. He is the In more recent times. Clerics of Kiri-Jolith are powerful in battle Spheres: but must use these formidable powers careful- Paladine's constellation traditionally Astral. Guardianship~ Healing prod those who could change the destiny of Monk (53d level) Alignment: Neutral Good (Reverse) the world. when i/of Attacks: 6 from the world and caused the Cataclysm.

He holds a book. Bless~Curse. Conjure Animal Hit Points: 350 Hit Dice: 25 Damage/Attack: 3dS~3dS/~ /. He is the twin brother of Kiri. Followers" Abiliti~: munity on the face of Amalon had a deric of this SollnaRl order to minister to the needs of the people. the Tobdl. mJshakal Additionals: ? 9 .: T~" The tale of Solinari is given in more detail in the section on the Wizards of High Sorcery.. Speak w i t h Monsters.Sewant Hit Dice: 27 44 . He is seen as a symbol of eternal life as if to hold them in their places and keep Special Bonuses: beyond the world and a strong enforcer of nat.. world and keeps his watchful eye on all magic. It is said that his music resides in us Specials: all and that all hearts beat to its unknown mel- III: Ptay-er. Cleric (25th Level) III: Create Food & Water V: Commune with Nature Heroes" Feast. Stellar. Vl: Aerial . All truth is contained in that single kuk holds a special place in the hearts of sailors Damage/Attack: 2d20/2d20 tome.~ . a Spheres: Jolith. Additionals: I: A n i m a l Friendship. He@~ remember the depths of feeling they brought ing.3 Forbiddance.3 V: Quest Hit Points: 490. Necromancy. h Bakuk I: Detect Snares & Pits Druid (27th Level) II: Slow Poison SOU Armor Class: . Creation. Divination. His skills of the wild and belief in resides in the night sky between the constella- the harmony with nature constitute a peaceful Followers" Abilities: tions of Paladine and the Queen of Darkness. Weather form the Knights of Solamnia. Abilides~ + 1 die on all healing spells His music is that of the souls of all who live. abode is believed to be the Hidden Vale. I: Locate Animals H: Spiritual Hammer. Nearly every com. Elemental " : Specials: magic. Habba. teaching. With his brother and father. Branchala was Followers" Abilities: a companion to Habbakuk. Locate P l a i n s i~_ sometimes opened to those who follow the Additionals: wisdom of Gilean. them from destroying each other. Branchala fol- lowed his friend so that he too could help Special Bonuses: forge worlds. Spheres: No one who has heard his melodies can ever Astral. He spins through the sky over the adventuring parties for thek curative abilities.. DetcctLife ~ . that con- tains all the knowledge possessed by all the The god of animal life and the sea. Stellar into mind. Charm. Remove~Bestow Curse ody. The ways to the vale are Specials: II: Detect Life.7 Gilean is the patriarch of the neutral family haBBakuk Hit Points: 590 Hit Dice: 35 of gods. This son of Paladine is the master of good These clerics were especially sought after by Animal. n ugRahl ' most numerous of all derics. 1:he GoOs BRanchala 9 Fighter/Bard (35th level i n ~ h ) of neumal y Alignment: Neutral Good - Movement: 15"/33" Gflc an Armor Class: . but portions of it are sealed. His real + 2 on any artistic proficiency ural justice. . the caoOsoi. and yet nowhere.' : '" BRanchMa Before the world was created. Gilean and rangers. Armor Class: . # of Attacks: 2 gods. he helped perfect valley of nature that exists everywhere Plants. Followers.

money.. the grandest of forests. see the section lands and to possess all the wisdom of all the on the races of Krynn. She is the favorite god of the dwarves Hit Dice: 35 Both she and her companion are said to (although she is male in their tales) and is the # of Attacks: 4 dwell in Zhan. often runs against Shinare's desire for progress. See the p t i : father of gnomes. and kender. Chislev is nature incar- Armor Class: .. Zivilyn's companion is Spedal Bonuses: Chislev. planes of existence. Spheres: . Abilities: the god of knowledge. their relationship is seen as the ideal + 1 on any nonweapon profmiency r01! blend of harmony and understanding. For Zivilyn is said to exist in all times and in all or r ~ greater background on this god. the goddess of industry and creation from nature. They are traditionally seen as a quarrelsome coup- sp le and their disputes are of cosmic proportions. She is served by large numbers of animated 5h~n~e ~ the goddessof wealth. GoOs of neutRaLity * The damage done by this attack is l d ~ hold him as the highest of the gods. Her Damage/Attack: 2dlO12dlOf2d20t2d20 said that worthy elves come here when they companion is Sirrion whose fondness for nature leave Krynn for the next world. dwarves. The god of flame and natural power.: i n c l u ~ forged the Greystone of Gargath and is thus the ZIVl[yrl (Gilean gets to pick the number!).8 nate. Followegs. It is patron god of merchants and commerce. Followets" Abilities: Special Bonuses: + I die damage on fire-based spells Chlsl6"v Spheres: Druid (34th level) C o m b a t . At Hi Hi #~ SiRl~lOn JuU.!:i' Chlsle-'v Alignment: Neutral ShlnaRG Movement: 18" 138" Companion to Zivilyn.. He is the advisor to Gflean. but dwarves and gnomes 45 . Fighter/Cleric(35th levelin ~ ) : :. industry. and Hit Points: 530 wooden creatures who carry out her wishes. the oRcie Reorx was the hand by which all of chaos Spheres: was brought under the direction of the gods in this place and time.6 Hit Points: 780 Hit Dice: 34 # of Attacks: 3 Damage/Attack: 3d20/3d2012dlO0 Followers" Abilities: I eorbx.. Guardianshi[ Alignment: Neutral moning Movement: 16" 124" Specials: ~ Armor Class: . Reorx also times a number between t and 100. Sirtion is Sp the guard of the neutral way and the bringer into Sp being of nature. His companion is Shinare. He commands creation None and technology. Humam tend to portray this god as a paunchy Additionals: squire to Kiri-Jolith.

and to aid in the creation of this cosmos.!ence and disease rather than by direct means. Always the lone warrior. V: Flame Strike fully endowed dragonlance. Healing. III: Create Food & W a t e r # of Attacks: i gated at her behest and for her betterment. using a power. Queen. Protection. See the history of the Wizards of High Takhisis with new opportunities for her ambi. That story and the tale of Followers' Abilities: the Dragonlance Wars is told in more detail in Spheres: the historical sections of this text.. Dragon. Combat. She had been brooding for nearly a mil.5 ~i i/~'i. ii Hit Dice: 37 All three of the Dragon Wars were insti. but her mother is not Then the pride of the Kingpriest provided of Darkness.10 Morgion is the god of disease. inclusive deeds.7 Hit Points: 970 Instead. Sum. Damage/Attack: Special * This continued until Huron. yet they do not hesitate to use prior entry for Paladine for more information fully. She saw the prized spirits of Sphe r e s " . The Cataclysm was the result. he does not have ever since been a constant struggle to assert Hit Dice: 40 act with the other gods nor does he often dis- her rule over all creation. her countenance has been the visage of Alignment: Lawful Evil evil.5 ple of the Kingpriest as many had thought. Hit Dice: 30 # of Attacks: 3 Using its presence and the great magics that she # of Attacks: 4 Damage/Attack: 1d10/1d10/ldl0 commanded.sls III: Protection from Fire VI: Animate Object Takhisis. lennium over her plans of conquest and now they were about to come to fruition. The Dark Queen instigated the All-Saints War before the beginning of Krynn and was Followers' Abilities: primarily responsible for the separation of the moRGion gods at that time.he cioOs of cwt [um m her to the Abyss. See the none outside of their orders know their works and Sargonnas.~ take control of the world through the force of VI: Animate Object Additionals: Hit Points: 730 her will and the power of her minions. the Queen of Darkness. Their priestcrafts are secret as well and There is a respectful peace between Takhisis (Takhisis gets to pick this number!). only # of Attacks: 4 cuss plans with them. They have but one offspring. She of Many Faces--in all lands and cul. She is II: Resist Fire 1. l~l~khlSlS ': queen. times a number from 1 to 100. moning Specials: Movement: 24"/48" has she moved throughout the centuries to Armor Class: . Her deeds Hit Points: 999 plague. but it did not destroy the Tem. 1. on this attack. Guardianship. To this end. Damage/Attack: 1-1000 */1-1000 */1-1000 Bronze Tower that stands on the far borders of Sargonnas is her consort and has been since */1-1000 * the Abyss and keeps his thoughts secret from before the beginning of all things known to all save his minions. Little is known of the consort to the Queen sole daughter of Gilean. she was able to force a portal Damage/Attack: 2d20/2d20/2d20/2d10 through Huron's banishment and again make Followers"Abilities: her way into the world. It is. tions. Worshipers of Morgion Krynn. Cleric/Black Robe Wizard (40th level each) tures. in her view.. the temple was sent to the Abyss and Hit Points: 666 Hit Dice: 40 was soon discovered by the Queen of Darkness. the way was open for her cunning Sa~qonnas Red Robe Wizard (40th level) suggestmns... As the Kingpnest and his nation fell into pride and [unI~RI boasting... She is most moning often seen as either a five-headed chromatic Specials: dragon or as a beautiful temptress. their dark son of black magic. Movement: 14"/24" Armor Class: . Druid (37th level) mortals that fell to Krynn as her key to final Astral. Armor Class: . Takhisis Movement: 18"/48" moRciton led the shadows from Beyond and brought them Armor Class: . He is the god of vengeance and known.. III: Know~Obscure Alignment Additionals: l kh. She is the they came and soon passed into legend. their power to better their relative positions. that * The damage done by this attack is l d l 0 meet in secret and dark places to do their foul being Nuitari. Charm.he GoOs of Evil equally deadly in either form. . decay. Sum- and often takes on a disguise. Cleric (30th level) Alignment: Neutral The Cataclysm caused great destruction in the Alignment: Lawful Evil Movement: 12" / 18" world of Krynn. II: Spiritual Hammer . Instead he broods in his right and just that this be so. 46 . Dragons of all kinds were banished deep into the ground from whence SaRGonnas Lunitari is the god of neutral magic. Her name is the call of darkness. Spheres: All spheres of Red Robe sorcery Takhisis can appear in any form she wishes Astral. drove the Dark VII: Unholy Word * Morgion always attacks through p e s d i Queen from the face of Krynn and banished . Alignment: Neutral Evil triumph over all the other gods. often participates in plots for and against his Sorcery for more background on this goddess.

He is also something of a mis. Nuitari from the Void of Chaos.. Takhisis saw his and Sargonnas. They immediately lose all of their spell-casting abilities until they find a god of Spheres: Krynn to worship. " can barter with the Queen of Darkness and Armor Class: . Those seamen time will recover the who attempt to placate her may occasionally avoid her rage.. his attacks ZCBOlm . Damage / Attack: ldlO0 / l d 100 9 2 tevel~: men. and constantly swinging to the the victim or he is treated with a heal s p e l l edges of the emotional spectrum... Zeboim is the attack and ld20 points of damage on the daughter of Takhisis.) Specials: None Additiona vi 47 . Chcmosh nUll. Worshipers of Chemosh generally wear white skull masks and black robes. He controls all ill-gotten Hit Points: 580 wealth in the world.aRi As the Lord of the Undead. which he uses to corrupt Hit Dice: 29 i greedy men.... .. . She is the points..9 come out ahead. . Impetuous. h oOukel ClericI Black Robe Wizard Hiddukel is a deal maker who trades in Alignment: Lawful Evil souls. she is the Even then the flea/spell does not recover t h e most temperamental of the gods and by far previously lost points--it only stops the loss of : the most dangerous to deal with. Chemosh is the lord of false redemption. Nearly all of the evil undead have at one time or another made a pact with Che- mosh or one of his servants. Chcmosh :. Nuitari left the ranks of evil to usefulness in her scheme and rescued him join with the other two gods of magic.he heathens drained and a oily smile. Subsequent spells and the passage of queen of tempests and weather. only ones who have powers in this world. manic- subsequent day until the malady either k i l ~ depressive.. he offers immortality at the price of exaltation. Generally. He is the patron of evil business- # of Attacks: 2 . but as often as not they man- Followers. 1.. is the god of Black or Evil Magic. inflict 5d20 points of damage on the round of Also known as the Sea Queen. It is said that he is the only being who Movement: 9 " / 4 s " .he G O O S O1: e v i l II His power is such that these attacks occur at much-accelerated rate. Chemosh was called here to serve after being cast out from Twin brother to Zeboim and son of Takhisis the Beyond by the High God. Clerics who come from worlds far removed chief maker as his role in the making of the from the DRAGONLANCE | saga world are Followers' Abilities: Greystone so well shows (see page 49). age to displease her in some way. Hiddukel is seen as grossly fat with cold eyes 1. Those who follow his ways hope to live forever but will do so in bodies that are eternally cor- rupted. heathens. . Abilities: . (The gods of Krynn are the Astral. Many have been the tales of those seamen who have somehow mistakenly offended Zeboim and were brought to their tragic ends by her.

( .JL~ ... . '~.4>..

Their general consensus was that it worlds other than Krynn. good. He gnomes--a mechanical ladder that lifted itself made them into a small people--they became into the sky. asked Reorx to forge the Greystone.he invented world. Herein was the the ogres were the first to awaken. pose. he either this book (DL Adv. Qualinesti DL Adv. The elves of those days were highly individ.and course of evil. although still angered at the Half elves PH dusk and dawn. Reorx saw after a period of time (and some rather elves were the only chroniclers of the Age of that the balance of neutrality was not main- extraordinary assistance) that the current Dreams and it was their version of history that tained. It was only narrow view was generally accepted as the forge order out of chaos. the accs of k ynn All of the creatures on the face of Krynn conquest-oriented). had never forsaken them. Elven The legends of that time are clear. The elves then awoke in the world. while the chromatic dragons trod the From there. Reorx &cie o1: wJllciht the world. animals. With cunning The following races are common in far apart and that it was many yeats before the words. He appeared to their priest and Hill Dwarves DL Adw gnomes were created as told in the Tale of the presented a plan for a Great Invention he Mountain Dwarves DL Adv. the most beautiful of races. Dragons ogre-kind and the world in general. they were quite The Greystone was a marvelous artifact. To this end. could set it upright on the ground. The strange device had pulleys the gnomes. As they had than anything. The fact foundation for mischief. this swing in the balance. their skills and used them for their own ends. as legend has it. Reorx had worked long and hard to ety within these broad classes). Hiddu- Originally Krynn had but a few distinct tradition holds that the elves were the first kel saw the creation of the gnomes and types of creatures (though there was great vari. The gnome's ladder worked. being human). Last of all came man. they represent the balance of all na. free-willed ogres It was also during this time that the single sprang from one of five sources: dragons. however. It would be Gully Dwarves DL Adv. freaks or aberrations as there are no orcs i n taught. Half-orcs would be considered magical time. Yet now. dukel convinced Chislev that this stone would Elves The animals awoke next. Hiddukel knew that Chislev also felt diversity of creatures was achieved. winch up tered four subclasses of creatures: true ogres. the assistance of men to help him with the provide. it is a were born from the world itself and are part sparked the Ogre Wars during the Age of fact that some fabulous event took place at and spirit with it. Their only hope. ture. the bottom part could be tures) and minotaurs (exploration. trol. was for neutrality to take ultimate con- Handbook (PH). Human PH immortal as were the ogres. beings to awaken in the world. winched up off the ground so that the ladder 49 . fos. neutral. The gnomes. the dragons sprang from Krynn itself. Hid- Tinker Gnomes DL Adv. Greystone of Gargath. Silvanos. Among his encountered in Krynn. work. realms of the gods. Chislev convinced Reorx of the same thing Silvanesti DL Adv. He loved Dwarves to the world and set all history in motion. Spread over a great area and with. He approached the problem of obnoxious personalities) of kender in this become tinkerers. While the tale is most fanciful.. Though not truly tence. at Hiddukel's insis- ualistic and most peaceful. as was their wont. during these wars the Irda were lost about this time that brought about tremen- races were brought in as spirits from the to the knowledge of men.) or in the Player's to the historical debate. the little Halflings who enter this world are considered Reorx was angered. leaving only their burning desire to His invention was truly worthy of the tinker and build. This somewhat smiled. men worked happily under would work once the stone was in place." His free will brought choice gnomes. In a vision. When Reorx created the world. that the ogres and elves awoke in areas quite Hiddukel went to Chislev. In his wrath. The metallic dragons followed the path of the top section and then climb up to the top. large clear grey stone of many facets. it was Gnomes out any centralized authority. This place. goblins (smaller creatures) giants (larger crea. Dimemesti DL Adv. Chislev agreed and. was handed down from that time. one-eighth of all men and the machine 30 times the required size and their families followed Reorx across the sea in with mechanisms that never served any pur- Those entries in italics are common to hopes of learning his crafts. It was placed Kagonesti DL Adv. and thus the stone was created.. said. the men became proud of servants he found a lowly gnome who truly There are no halflings or half-orcs in Krynn. and counterweights and wheels and cogs. the red moon of neutral magic. Quevalin Soth said in Lunitari and magic swelled within it. He took from them the crafts he had something. or elves. he needed powered by a magical stone that Reorx would Irda DL Adv. built Minotauts DL Adv. worshiped his arts. calling themselves the Irda broke away from greatest event in the history of Krynn took ogres. the good and the evil that made up the world. clarifications in this book when they are the guidance of Reorx. In truth. It Apart from the spirits the gods brought to made a terrific racket when it worked. invent and construct. Thoroughly solidify the neutral position on the planet. so they would remain for all getting it like a good gnome. the serve him. It them and now could see how they might yet Fatherless? PH was during this time that. dous diversity in the creatures of Krynn. while the remaining four Dreams. he convinced Chislev that the forces of DRAGONLANCE| saga and are described i n two groups ran into each other has added fuel evil were losing ground. he remade gnome saw the Greystone and wanted it more kender and gain the special abilities (and these men into a new race. the designed to hold and radiate the essence of Mad PH elves had no true civilization until the time of Lunitari. They were of anchor neutrality to the world of Krynn and Dark PH many types and vast numbers. In time. but have special For many years. that man "fell with blind vision to cause red Reorx. wished the gnomes to construct. One The ogres. A Kender DL Adw long lived. Inevitably (humans Reorx now finalized his plan. Their natures reflected a refinement of smiled upon that gnome and gave him a secret device. humans.

Slowly. the drive The power of the gem had changed the net. the result was good remained in the far-off islands. He welcomed the fight as the gnomes were outnumbered. With a magical net given to him by Reorx. the two factions of gnomes were suddenly the little gnome captured the Greystone. Although this wasn't exactly what the became the first kender. Here. The two joined forces to recover the gem and proceeded to march on the castle. All the gnomes rushed ward and shattered the outer wall of the cas. the stone leaped into the air and floated mechanism broke. He Nearly a month and a half later. Those who lusted after wealth quickly offto the west. Gargath was in prayerful communion with Zivilyn. ground and the gnomes retreated with heavy unbearable light. Beasts and plants were reshaped in magical ways. the gem only made the pendulum of good and evil swing more rap- idly than ever before. gnomes. At that time. Instead of anchoring neutrality. One side was filled with lowered the ladder back to the ground and colossus of a siege engine roared toward lust for the gem and the other side was filled went to place the Greystone into the Great Gargath's battlements.. The Greystone enough. Gargath refused to give it up. Reorx was deeply disturbed. Those who were curious to pack up their belongings and follow it. Gargath took this as a gift of the gods and placed it high in a tower. he secured the stoneso that all could see its light and yet none could take it away. True gnomes yet They followed it to the western shores of their gnomes had planned. This one rammed the first siege both sides were amazed to see the grey light into the sky.. tle. One spring day. New races of animals sprang up over- night and spell castings went wild. would climb up the new section and repeat approached. for the gem created magical havoc wherever it passed.~cjc oIE CwtLtQh~ hung steadily in mid-air. the ladder pulled itself up wailing. One army was filled with desire for the wealth the gem repre- sented. They threat- ened war. he saw a grey gemstone floating above the 7 altar. Invention. But the moment he opened the ashes of the first two siege engines. Charging through the with curiosity. The gnomes first demanded the stone. The other army was made up of those most curious about the gem and its workings. Two weeks later. but dwarves land and quickly built ships. there was a great ruler among l men named Gargath. The siege engine fell for. a humongous siege engine broken wall. When he looked up. When men could see again. sounding like a hundred ghosts As the gnomes rushed into the courtyard. He was a barbarian prince who well loved the gods of neutrality and served their purposes. He then understood how he had been tricked by Hiddukel and Chislev. by various traps and magic. a giant siege engine came thundering toward the gates of the fortress. The gnomes charged in through the and kender quickly spread throughout the floated westward across the waters with the gnomes in pursuit until the gem finally reached the shores of Ansalon. It burned to the from the tower suddenly fill the area with moon. The grey light shone as a beacon for two armies of gnomes who had been pursuing the Greystone for many years. losses. The gnomes retreated with heavy losses. It pulsed with a steely grey light. became dwarves. Three weeks after that display of gnomish 5O . There was only one thing left to do: they invented some- thing. and eventually reached the red engine and caught fire. It broke down just short of its goal. Then the operator technology. a towering fighting each other. the process.

the Age of Dreams. followed the stone in ships still maintain wide pitch ranges and can often tion. (This event is not pleasur. Their eyes are various. from deep The fearlessness that all kender possess gives known. see Knights of Solamnia). such as dragons. They forever have o f r. A kender's fellow adventurers often have to Adult kender are rarely more than four feet ed north and eventually established a city at Kendermore. unicorns and. The rest of the kender tend to have deeper voices. light brown. describing what makes the caverns so the towering mountains and low plains). turies. Balifor was destroyed during the Cataclysm. hair colors. renaming the area around it teach him that certain things have big. weigh 75 lbs. or dramatic crea- hazel. Kender are drawn to beauti- that give them a faintly elven look. There are many (Balif died in the year 250 during the Age of second or third person to enter the Caverns of articles in that work about various races of Unspeakable Doom. These minute wrin. dragons. Age of Dreams. Dreams). This intensity of phllosophms their behavior. light or Goodlund. kles give the kender a curious appearance dent. though they are more heavi. sidered attractive by kender of all clans. in northwestern Ansalon in the year 400 of the Caverns of Unspeakable Doom has no effect. kenOeR continent of Ansalon. fighting ably anticipated by any in Ktynn. but they quite carefree or marter-of-fact about a situa- gnomes. Whenever a kender displays an inordinately many varieties of braids and ponytails being sensible attitude about danger. But even kender don't let their since that time. however. since to this day a great colony of and husky to high-pitched and squeaky. regardless of what dark brown. Males are typically 3'7" tall and Tragically. but leaving with them is practically impossible because of the because the kender realizes that continued as bird feathers. dark corners. That some gnomes fol. Known as Hilo (because of In fact. they say. they eventually learn to run when running is ly muscled. The gnomes believe to this day perform remarkable sound imitations. Some of the information given here is f r ~ +~ them in official histories. females are slightly smaller. though human children. ful things. Kender react kin still in pursuit. They have changed little day in battle. but things that others find disgust- bright-eyed. ed into the same corner ("I guess I shouldn't 51 . Magic awes and fascinates ly pale blue. unusual. curious. Kender are intensely curious about every- brown by midsummer.he Last Home. Sometimes this means of the fine network of lines that appears on human. h s oRy fearlessness get in the way of self- Kender spread throughout Ansalon during preservation--most of the time. and will pick up anything that is not Of the Greystone of Gargath. Balif established the king. They sometimes come up Thus were the races changed during the with some bizarre tactics that may carry the Age of Twilight. teeth and that avoiding these things is often in Kender typically have sandy blond. No one seems to look as happy ing the area. fair-skinned but tan quickly. The few kender survivors wander. none knew when seen close up. thing unusual. They are Kronin.Rance the War of Ice Tears. a book compiled by Tika elven lord Silvanos. It is said that finding arti. Four things make a kender's personality wait for someone else to come along and get Kender have been called wizened because drastically different from that of a typical him out of the jam. then emotion can be infectious. insatiably that the kender's fellow adventurers are paint- their faces about age 40. though such lines are con. and remained in a state of semi-barbarism for cen. it is probably popular. nasty tall and seldom weigh more than 100 lbs. even if things look hopeless and grim to the west. centaurs. as do large. unstoppably mobile and indepen. making it hard to effectively to dangerous situations. A kender may quickly and impulsively paint himself into a corner. Often bits of colorful material such facts in The Ruins is easy. with state called The Ruins by the kender who explore it in droves. they want to be first. Kronin is unusually antagonistic for a kender. One of these tribal kender. nailed down (though kender with claw ham- where it had gone. unusual opponents. Krynn. kender tend to speak very quickly and goblins surrounding us!"). nnt all of which can be repeated here A second kender kingdom was established Pointing out that no one ever returns from the f~:space considerations. or flowers are care. mers will get those things as well). Kendermore is only a short dis- tance from the remains of an old human city. and their facial expressions are ing are often seen by kender as intriguing or quite intense. Older them a strong sense of confidence. becoming nut. humorous in some way (even gully dwarves). this unspeakable might even excite the kender fur- second kingdom was brought into the empire ther and make him or her determined to go to kenOeR of Ergoth in the year 800.) follow what they're trying to say. olive. Some kender might allow their curiosity to overcome their common sense when facing Kender are small enough to resemble Hilo again gained its independence and has kept it to this date. to check out unexplored places and peek into and Caramon Majere and edited by Margaret dom of kender that came to be called Balifor. When ("No sense in running away now. returned to civilization. Many of the kender in Goodlund never exciting things ever again. Following the Rose Rebellion of Vinas Solamnus (also known as the caverns at once. There's 500 that the stone will return some day with their excited. lowed it to the western shores of Ansalon is Kender have a wide vocal range. the kender's best interests. They have no desire to be the Weis and Tracy Hickman. an unusu- ally powerful and charismatic leader named tures like chimeras. organized all the local kender to com- bat the draconians and Dragonarmies sweep. and them. ribbons. hard and fearlessly. of Kender are distinctive for their pointed ears course. copper-red or even red-orange the kender's opinions are in the matter. sea green. The earliest known but their uncontrollable curiosity gets them articles appearing in Tile Leaves from t h e l n a kender hero was Balif. kender are not one. as a joyful kender or as miserable as a crying Though strong-willed. a close friend of the into trouble on adventures. though little is said of Kender appreciate the need for caution. Angry kender using taunts and insults prone to consider all the possible results of can be shockingly vulgar. Kender are utterly fearless. Hair styles are usually long. They are them still survives on Sancrist. ramble at the same time. curiosity will ruin any further chances of doing fully woven into their hair as well. Kender are local kender. best. and can look quite devilish for a few moments. ("An evil archmage and an army of ogres? Wow! Let's go see 'emt") &ppe.

and some kender character flaws.kenOeR have opened that locked door with the warn.) Some kender believe that evil upsetting to the ranger that he quested until der regards anything found in an enemy creatures are condemned to an afterlife where he found a druid who could heal the animal. This assertion excited). Thieving comes naturally to ing signs on it. The sight of the entire village kender becomes enchanted with the item and der Would be to lock him up in a bare cell with of small kender crying their hearts out was so forgets to return it. Apparently the kender's natural curiosity insights into the characters and natures of oth. however. for a "I forgot that I had it. mechanism." during this time. they have little concept of value. ately taking an item from someone else with- dislike their nosiness. kender have. Experienced adven. creatures (who will not have their combat racial creation by the Greystone of Gargath. A popular proverb defines a kender old adventurers. though such an awareness is gener. they'll take it. items are marvelous curios and might prove Most kender are encountered during wan. taunting can They cannot be other than what they are-- Kender are natural extroverts and enjoy still give a hard-pressed kender an edge in a natural thieves. A story is told of a out of curiosity and wander off with them. derlust. A kender could not imag. it has been said that who wounded a deer that was the pet of a ken. most kender are poor imagined. The best way to handle kender. with their verbal guns. that the kender knows and loves. It has beings (including any kender). a particular phase in a kender's life and outright rudeness when they are riled. meted out by disaster or warfare to innocent of purple glass. and kender are driven to ally shallow. if a kender's thieving. Gambling tive if a kender has others to back him up or a minute before. Wander. This is just not need something. 1. It is best used against those who are On the other hand. idea of borrowing as stealing. pocket it. kender. stronghold as fair game for picking up. Another important point is that kender become very depressed and upset. effectiveness reduced greatly). Kender may col. out the latter's permission. der community. but risk must be combined with in this together. then retired and took up fishing. taunting if they're mad so. they'll pick it up and enough. they're might not necessarily remember where he dragons. found something. glittering chunk tures. they and theft deserves special attention. Kender are sensitive and can be easily hurt pockets or pouches to find interesting things by indifference or intentional cutting remarks 52 . While adventuring. Kender are masters of taunting. Kender don't regard their want to do it. immediately)." lect other maps during this time to satisfy Taunting is one of the few defenses that "Maybe it fell into my pocket. useful later on. sarcasm. looking but sneaky burglars.000 steel thrive on excitement and yearn for new adven. a ken- a bored kender. Death only First of all. as such they will be eternally bored. need action--and they need it now! They seems to affect a kender when it comes to one Faced with a choice between a 2. there's else." wander the land as far as they can go. Telling them to do otherwise is people assume they are merely innocent. Intense curiosity is a trait owlbear is another thing. Being smaller than most other All of these lines are delivered with an inno- derlust is responsible for spreading kender beings. Sadly. lacking the patience and skills to irritated kender who opened up on someone "You put it down and I didn't think you chart their travels accurately." drive at this time. Because other and from visitors (without asking) in want to do what they want to do when they many kender develop thieving talents. the glass. wanted it anymore. Full-scale riots have been started by "You must have dropped it. Even if caught red-handed while taking an that occurs for most kender during their early Their intense curiosity gives them shocking item. making new friends and seeing new places." have a habit of making maps of their travels to create the most stinging insults that can be "I was afraid someone else would take it. after all. or else the the worst torture one can visit on any nonken. is not to give them orders. kender resent anyone who takes cent sincerity that is all the more maddening communities across the continent of Ansalon. or when it is piece diamond and a huge. " I ' m just along for the fun" is a com. 90 kender out of 100 will take mon saying among wandering kender. giving the kender the ability back. To be called a thief ness (which grows worse when they get is still considered a base insult. of kender sayings: "Oops!" friends are injured or slain. who no sense in angering a potential friend.hel:t vs. how to approach people unseen and listen in heirloom as anything that remains for more but to get them to volunteer. their extreme talkative. If they worse than useless. Bravery is easily con. It is acute enough. like everyone Most kender are very personable and either attacking or are about to attack. advantage of them. the kender can give the item back. and how to reach into than three weeks inside a kender's home. cerned. "Guess I found it somewhere. even if he picked it up half action or else they lose interest. most their communities. er people. them--so naturally that they do not see it as turers quickly come to dread that most awful Kender treasure their friends. because the kender really is sincere[ A kender Risky deeds draw kender like gold draws ine taunting a fellow kender. however. on their conversations. but seeing if one can outrun a mad lured into with little cost to the kender. Taunting is especially effec. lock him up and give him nothing new to do human ranger during in the Age of Dreams Sometimes the owner of an item leaves before or look at. (The rest will take both but will get been suggested that the worst torture that the distress that the usually cheerful kender rid of the diamond first. This wan. fight. do not like the idea of someone deliber- friendly--too friendly for some people. huh?"). as they will complain loud. and their habit of pocketing every. hanOllnq sounds remarkable in view of the fact that thing that interests them. the range of excuses a kender will offer is 20s. The intense curiosity that kender feel feeds something interesting. say their desire to know how locks can be opened. kender to forge an idea of another person's "You walked off before I could give it lust may last for many years. Though not very effective against the largest ingrained in their souls and minds from their fused with recklessness where kender are con.) They pick things up could be inflicted on a kender would be to feels is terrible to behold. (triggering their taunting talents almost to look at. If they see ly and disrespectfully. amazing: and desire for action suddenly go into over." map makers. The kender concept of personal property kender constantly borrow things from each Kender also resent being given orders." their curiosity about other places. In such cases. the kender may Kender do not steal for the sake of profit. and such responses are often with cards won't hold a kender's attention for some trap that a maddened attacker can be delivered as part of a subconscious defense long. (Conversely.

. When a ken- for the kender to handle. Kender do not Ability Minimum Maximum borrow from each other continuously. Kender Class Limits Slots from 93 up are filled one at a time This is not to say that the idea of govern. the DM needs to keep track of the items in the follows: Suffice it to say that kender have the most kendet's pockets. Thus there seems to Wisdom 3 16 The first 82 positions on the chart consist of be little need for law or government. Be as random as possi- and tall tales without rest or letup. they lack self-discipline. when an emer. with little in the following list. time--string. resistance. useful objects as the kender collects things on preparation they can become a formidable his adventures. There has never been a standing kender ment. modifiers (treat kender as halflings with der declares that he is reaching into his pock- regards to climbing). lowed by 10 objects that start out as harmless gency does occur that requires the kender to Kender Classes: Kender can be of any class items. each time the kender goes up a level. It is not uncom. Basic Equipment: Select an irem of basic themselves). roll percentile dice against the following kender who have no levels (treated as Oth-level characters with ld6 hp). regardless of align. This also applies to NPC et. kenC)eR Special Abilities: Kendets have infravision SoocW that works out to 30 feet. and soci- rolls are modified by a . a Strength of 18 can become t2th. and they cannot could be quite large if the kender has a bag of quickly flee in terror. immediate family (parents and children). most kender communities base 5 % chance to perform any thieving skill sure. This action invaders always bring such interesting things never improve except for Dexterity and racial takes ld6 segments to perform. Reroll any artifact results. Take week in any major kender town. unless they ** Kender who somehow gain 17 Strength any item that suits your fancy and place it have a great sense of humor.. Couple illusionist spells because of their innate magic ble in this determination with the following this with the constant flux of kender govern. * Kender who somehow gain 17 Strength Harmless Items: These are the types of Kender society can also be hard to take. fiolding) and it cannot be magical in nature. A detailed discus- sion of kender politics. but they can be exchanged for more cooperate. those who manage to get here. extended C-r Abilities: The initial ability families do not truly exist. please. The minimum ety is impossible in the short space here If there are kender in a party of adventurers.have at least 100 spaces for anyone else and are genuinely interested in Intelligence 6 18 entries. mon to be relieved of one's possessions at eve. Visitors are pelted by a constant equipment from the basic equipment lists in barrage of questions and told a million lies Kender cannot learn to cast magic-user or the Player's Handbook. randomly determine a magical trea- very long. Interestingly. unified group. These Class Maximum Level ment has not impressed the kender. as well as all standard Game S~t~scms halfling abilities. Indeed. limitations: The object cannot be larger than ment (the rules change from moment to not become assassins because of their natural the kender could reasonably conceal (this moment on a whim) and most civilized men empathy with living things. Dexterity 8 19 relatively harmless items that a kender might Kender are naturally helpful and decent Constitution 10 18 pull out of his pockets (although you never and thus have no need for a powerful central Charisma 6 18 know what use they might have). kender often try to grab tremendous boost to their local economy since climbing (base 40% chance). and maximum ability scores for kender are as available. see any great need to impress their views on Strength 6 16 * This chart must. kender have done their Ranger 5* best to keep up. those few invaders who have taken ken. etc. stones. 121) as long as it seems like fun. They have tried every con. The first 92 entries are always filled. are known to exist. government. nails. Thief Unlimited Kender Pockets Filling Table ceivable type of government (and several types Thief/Acrobat Unlimited DIO0 Filled With never imagined by nonkender) and are more Cleric (Heathen) 6 1-20 Harmless Item than happy to give a new type of government Druid (Heathen) 5* 21-60 BasicEquipment (PH 123) a chance. They can. Kender Ability Ranges face of Krynn--everyone is pretty much since two or more kendet in a party rend to allowed to do as they please. become monks because. can reach 6th level: those who manage to get things parents find in kids' pockets all the Nonkender visitors rarely stay longer than a Strength of 18 can become 7th-level fighters. page 121 of the DMG and all subsequent der territory have never found the heart to stay Kender who are not thieves are allowed a tables. This is fol- government.level bar. Having slots should be filled according to the follow- Fighter 5* seen the importance of civilization to all other ing table: Barbarian 10 ** societies in Krynn.usually at least five minutes. the perspectives of others.1 penalty to Strength kcnOeR pockets and a + 2 bonus to Dexterity. No evil kendet Magical Item: Using Treasure Table III on army. (No items bigger than bread boxes. feathers. they do so naturally. It is not necessary to keep a horribly democratic system ever found on the separate chart for each kender in a group. can reach 1lth level. They also have sev- The basic unit of kender society is the kenbeR eral unique abilities. 53 . find an occupation by invading forces to be a except reading languages (no chance) and When in a pinch.) Let common sense be your guide. a legacy of their creation. Because kender wander so much. these chances something from their pockets. ry turn (occasionally by the constables barians. They will also follow any leader for Holy Order of the Stars 12 61-100 Magical Item (DMG pg.

androsphinxes. cavity. another dangerous ocean voyage. scare. monumental task. Similarly. They have rounded ears and dim picture of the history of gnomes since the 83-92 Useful Map large noses.aun ant) Gnomes involved in major industrial opera- steam-powered ships. Every gnome. (Long-time friends of a kendet forced to read. coiled springs. unpleasant. They settled down rather than risk This table must be maintained by the DM nasal voice. escape of the Greystone. time. ject to displacement. or depressed. ence to a significant event in gnomish history. a gnome the predominantly magical essence of this may speak in much shorter sentences than is world.aRance since the older diaries are much more detailed and filled with minutae than those of present- 11-20 Multicolored Marbles (d!00) Gnomes average three feet in height and day gnomes. throw vs. This day went down in the annals of San- Nevertheless. His hoopak or other their dialogue as part of the same continuous Throughout their history. Gnomes are capable of with the best wishes of their fellows. Kender have two unique special abilities:. Always suspicious of outsiders. and mechanical taunt and fearlessness. accidents. and such mundane devices as screws. war- like humans.) work and inventions. a vocation hampered by not take essential items from another creature~ frightened. except for having a more the chase. Displaced speaking and listening carefully at the same ally. is put in fresh air for a few days. and surprisingly even. keeps a detailed diary of his better idea. The island was covered in a dense 54 . pulleys. kender handles an object. Gnomes have learned to speak slow. toothed gears. it attacks the kender wildly retirement from active pursuits. china-blue has been impossible to ferret out. neers set off the device with great pride and ated by spells such as cause feat. When a kender taunts an intelligent crea. they had a develop a high resistance to this power as they lowly his station. and oth. females are beardless. running their words together in unend- the gnomes built ships and sailed out of sight. make their mountain disappear. many gnomes who had scattered across objects are placed carefully out of sight some. When two gnomes meet. symbol o f fear. sometimes leading to early The first Knight-gnome contact was rather the creature fails. each babbles Ansalon during the chase migrated west to where. Both shaft data storage facility (primitive com- 51-97 Handkerchiefs sexes develop facial wrinkles after age 50. no matter how caverns but then. or less vulnerable to such abuse. startled. and demons~ amounts of tedious notes just to find a refer. puter) which burned to the ground and took 58-63 Mice (ld4) Gnomes are very short and stocky. These diaries form the After several months of unending toil by The kender's fearlessness grants him immu. curly white beards gnomish inventor tried to build a cam and 44-50 Charcoal and mustaches. only a few gnomes now remain on The kender's regular equipment is not s u g their say. . If technological devices. Thus the their greatest mechanical geniuses. concentrated on developing scientific and would not be dropped. clockwork mechanisms to keep time. the DM can of the races of Krynn--it is also the most inex. On Sancrist Isle. Eventu- displace one of the special items. his food and other essential objects sentence. All gnomes have rich brown skin. but it 28-32 Whistle either straight or curly white hair. bearing hordes of tall. This task is 33-35 Paper or violet eyes. music boxes. The engi- and m magical fear generated by wands or ere. the nity to natural fear emanating from mongers historian must wade through tremendous gnomes were prepared. though many ancient works with it. h stoRy upon their shores. They have working steam engines and USUal. Industrial Two notable events occurred following the rare who can understand the kender's speech. with a . rabD. also complicated by the fact that an early 36-43 Chalk free teeth. many of the 93-100 Special Items Gnomes sound much like humans in vocal gnomes who pursued the Greystone gave up range and pitch. for ld10 rounds.Gnomes Kender Pocket Grab Zable: . ore-refining plants that make tions may develop industrial diseases from IZcr_3RIE~ssn(~sS smog and other working hazards. often answering questions later in the main continent.and fe~. there are enough references crist (even when almost everything else was to the Greystone of Gargath to establish it as a lost during the Cataclysm) as the Day of Rot- major event in gnomish history and the major ten Eggs. 64-70 Deck of Cards their movements are quick and their hands are What little has been pieced together gives a 71-82 Useless Maps deft and sure. drive shafts. The first was the the creature must make a successful saving er problems can temporarily or permanently arrival of the Knights of Solamnia on Sancrist.2 penalty to hit and the gnomes were alarmed to see ships arriving a + 2 penalty to his Armor Class because of the affected being's irrationality. he would ly and distinctly when around other races. They were going to such as dragons. motivation for their coming to Ansalon from D 100 Description l. Each time a idly. Males have soft. The rest of during the course of the game. Determined to keep their If a particular victim is assumed to be more:: Gnomish history is the most detailed of any mountain paradise secret from the humans. kcnO6R T. storage system of the gnomish libraries. The ancient history of the 21-24 String weigh about 45-50 lbs. Females are as large as gnomes no doubt exists somewhere in the vast 25-27 Animal Teeth males.mkeR Gnomes across the sea. Greystone. Their first apply penalties or bonuses to saving throws as plicable and boring stuff you could ever be thought was to hide within their mountain desired. the gnomes lurched into action. tatory and eye infections are fairly common. spell (Wisdom bonuses apply). Mild respi- high-grade steel. gnomes have weapon. that object must ing sentences. The history of the gnomes before they lived in Ansalon is unavailable 1-3 Bird Feather 4-10 Purple Stones (2d6) Appe. but clear up quickly once the afflicted gnome toys. e m ~ Even the most intrepid of scholars balks at the much fanfare. being gnomes. away at the other until they've both finished Sancrist. If disable a gnome. They speak very intensely and tap. noise and visual pollution. official history of the gnomish race. have grown used to the abuse.

and rock from the volcano's throat and cult. A recent have developed catapults (gnomeflingers) for As a result of this experiment. volcano. The central shaft is over 1. enormous word that can easily fill a large book. are The city of Mount Nevermind is built into ing fast (but rather undependable) travel relieved to be dealing with a race that carries the rock surrounding the central shaft of the around a single level. hundred who are coming or going at any one Hundreds of staircases. the colonists were considerably startled Mount Nevermind is a scene of frantic.050 yards high beaches. an extinct volcano (and mechanical carts rolling. blankets and clothes. Beneath the main city is an enormous net- enlarged the size of Sancrist's mountainous work of tunnels and mines that spreads out in northern half. though it says little about any race other than the gnomes. ramps. pulley eleva- the gnomes have allied themselves with time. One is the gnome's true name. candles. Thus Mount Nevermind. Gratefully breathing the fresh salt sist of the first one or two syllables of gnomish and 800 yards across at its top. The volcano's caldera holds a small gnomes can move through the huge ventila- ited greatly from this contact. Steam-powered carts mounted on tant trading partners of this kingdom. Humans and Outer Hall) runs from the Inner Hall through ny was deathly sick from the smell. the banner of technology. but overall. Gnomes find these abbreviated names from thousands of lanterns. A horizontal shaft (the Within hours everyone in the human colo. where the gnomes lived. incapacitates its victims. nonstop activity and noise. More importantly. With vastly increased living space. In fact. to see an army of short. the seismic activity was welcome. rails encircle the city on many levels. the gnomes census of the community indicates that rapid transportation from the Inner Hall to now possess a formula for a poison gas that 59. this record forms the only continuous history of the world since the Age of Dreams. Many small groups of gnomes now make their homes in the north- ern Sancrist mountains. tion shafts cut into the mountain. whistles blowing. This name takes merely half a min. horns sounding. steam The kindly people of Solamnia immedi. gears turning. able to return to their homes. central lake that freezes over in the winter. lights flashing. phe produced tremendous upheavals that smoothed out the floor of the crater for rough. lights of the gnome's ancestry. The gnomes did the two races of Sancrist meet. provid- Knights. This world-rending catastro. called the Inner Hall.y looks are gnomes hurrying from place to the humans' feet. though the The second major post-Greystone event was Gnome engineers long ago excavated the ash steam-driven fans would make the going diffi- the Cataclysm. Social practices Every gnome has three different names. Everywhere one ger out of the smoke and fall almost lifeless at Soc el. Illumination breezes. thousands of years old and is the most highly to level.000 gnomes live there. extending back to the race's crea- tion by Reorx. ever suspicious of magical forces. This history is compacted into a single. lighr spells brightens the Inner Hall. ly 400 yards. give or take the few the various levels of the city (35 levels in all). and the like also cross from level Solamnia's government and are now impor. brown creatures stag. they wondered if they would ever be names. Interestingly. or at least the first few thousand letters of it. to live with them. they headed for the oped even shorter names for them. These con. which is actu- ally an extensive history of the gnome's entire family tree. etc. Though each gnome can easily remember his complete name. the gnomes were little inclined to travel elsewhere. While waiting to be very undignified. In an emergency. ladders. spending their days mining and gem-hunting. ately went to the aid of the poor gnomes. Packing up other races who deal with gnomes have devel. The largest settlement of gnomes exists in place. ute to recite and is simply a listing of the high. Solamnia has prof. The developed of all gnome cities on Krynn. Gnomes i cloud of thick yellow smoke. A number of gnomes were killed by landslides and tunnel collapses. redolent of eggs gnomes. The Mount Nevermind community is tors. the complete names of every gnome born on Sancrist are kept by the Genealogy Guild in the main library at Mount Nevermind. but they have learned mirrors. tallest mountain) on Sancrist Isle. the immense tunnel complexes beneath blasting. the mountain to the outside world. fires. and old glass globes with continual anxiously for the vile yellow cloud to dissi. pate. This smooth area came to be that had been sitting in the sun for a week. gnomes have developed a shortened name for use when among 55 .

War major decisions are actually rendered in the was narrowly averted in one area after a gnom- Grand Council. then that gnome ~ I this process is so tedious and time-consuming them whenever possible. pre. now become a mad gnome. Their Strength 6 18. Sev. Most of the decisions are ish digging machine plowed through a sacred Only off-world gnomes start out as made by guilds and clans who go off on their elven grove. this tun. while some positions are actually gnomes' relations with other races. Monster lairs and cal and technological sciences is very heavy. Called the Undercity. (the Medical Guild has treated several of them some use closed ballots. There are perhaps 50 major guilds bent makes them very alien to people accus. separated from all others by a thick expanse of functions were largely absorbed by the Medi. as insurance against earth- Dexterity 8 q 18 quakes and other disturbances. and their poor grasp of social works too well. into creating artificial food. The possibility of a Mount Nevermind has only a thousand inhab. The tunneling is superbly engineered cal and Philosophers Guilds. This in poisonous morsels. an nel system is as ancient as the city above and Education Guild. Coverage of the physi- far more dangerous. gnomish engineers. seniority. Some areas of the city are built with shock-absorbing ceilings Constitution 8 18 reinforced by enormous steel springs. ed Grand Council of clan leaders and guild the gnomish librarians in their huge book but they have no talent for technology. Additional food is provided by needs). of a given subject.a~lSglC$ encountered. The few mad gnomes hereditary. They masters. Mad gnomes from off world have g:l. archived.. that even gnomes don't have the patience. but all of it is gnomes. but page 21 of this book. Methods of election vary ferring to devote themselves to lifelong study Ansalon. gy. raising domestic animals in the surrounding Sages are very common in any gnomish countryside and from game caught by the community. These gnome leaders serve in their rooms. The government is tomed to magic. though gnomish technology has Medical Guilds) have anything to do with the managed to isolate most of these hazards. Sage gnomes almost never travel. and cared for by have many of the same abilities as gnomes. It is worth saying a few words about with a variety of devices of varying effect) but and contests. Sages compile volumes and vol- Hunters Guild. they are who have learned technological skills just nev- Several hundred clans dwell within the generally not well liked. Most others average 200-400 citizens ment in that class is unlimited. If the regulation and doing things by the book. Research is being conducted umes of information. Steel BeyonO the mountain Charisma " 3 18 rods are often drilled through the rock to lend The largest gnomish community away from Gnome Classes: Gnomes in Krynn c@ additional reinforcement.) so heavily laden with bureaucracy that few relations puts off most potential friends. These creatures look like gnomes and Mount Nevermind is governed by an elect. etc. also have the special abilities of regular which also maintains fungi-growth farms and form multiple functions (e. and and maximum scores for gnomes are as fol* research stations here and there in the Under. Scientific guilds without imme. which was the first and only Ability Minimum Maxim~ guild to become completely extinct. Generating Abilities: The initial abili eral engineering committees are investigating diate application. unpleasant things may be encountered there as well. roll a g ~ .qnomcs all directions. Clerical Tinker Gnomes Ability Scores ~ ing sites for hazardous wastes. hilly Abilities: For details of gnomish technoM~ The slopes of Mount Nevermind have been regions. and similar episodes have gnomes. and are found in mountainous or rough. look under the tinker character class ~ extensively terraced. life sciences. Wisdom 3 12 and reinforced. a Weapons Guild. Engineering Guild. Military. are almost always from distant lands far from positions for life. These committees have set up community. debates. gnomes (when some existed) belonged to the 9Each level of the city and Undercity is well Priests Guild. Intelligence 8 18 rock. but adjust to the gnomes by avoiding contact with ond roll is also a 100.g.mkeR qnomes unfriendly subterranean races have been but only two guilds (the Agricultural and Gam~ S[. Foreign Relations guilds regularly train and tOWS: city. where gnomes are known to exist. Non-mad gnomes get a yearly d i ~ own tangents. with fewer guilds and some of the guilds per. only be of the tinker class. regardless of the wishes of the occurred across Ansalon at regular intervals. Gnomes do their best to help them from guild to guild and from clan to clan. Everyone insists upon The humans on Sancrist have managed to ld100. the Medical gnomes (such as infravision magic resistance. Their technological er do their work properly as far as the gnomes mountain. figures. A number of tunnels also serve as dump. facts. a Mechanical 56 . but previous experiments in this area have always resulted speculations. The terraces are carefully nized similarly to Mount Nevermind. a Philosophers Guild. herds of cave-dwelling goats and sheep in the Guild might also take care of agricultural Undercity. such as Astronomy. are usu. if the roll is a !00. Each of these small towns is orga. employ gnome thieves and assassins (and even gully dwarf assassins on occasion). are concerned.~ Each major guild is organized around a par- ticular area of interest. rolls are modified by a . A committee is still pure research is sometimes (though rarely) Occasionally travelers come across mad looking into the matter. There is a Mathematics Guild. roll to see if they become mad gnomes~ R0tt rest of the community. and philosophical doodles on m a 0 Cinomes their guild committee's selected topics. The Acquisitions. (Their equipment usually and a host of minor ones. but their ad second Cataclysm has not been ignored by the itants. l. The minimum! in the earth. carefully labeled. helpful to future generations. Tinker gnomes of farmed and tended by the Agricultural Guild. In areas mostly it is for naught.1 penalty to Strengt~ ways to harness geothermal energy from deep ally small and lack a say in the affairs of the and a + 2 bonus to Dexterity. guesses.

With the armies. he also born to Sithel. and were the first to make contact with the ris- less than most. Silvanos skills. ~ i ~ ~ i. a kender by the name of Balif. The only known change Thus Silvanos gave direction and a united ing human civilization. During this same time. but it seemed to effect the elves ner.. When they but now with a purpose. He rallied the elves of Ergothian Empire was spreading across Ansa- first awakened during the Age of Dreams. the woods and convinced them to abandon lon and. His father was buried in a crystal tomb. Silvanesti. When Silvanos died The Ogre Wars were but a precursor to the in approximately 2515 PC (Pre-Cataclysm).!84184 y . His vision of a united expanding borders of Silvanesti. Sithas was born but minutes were the embodiment of good. When at last he could take it before Kith-Kanan. Among Sithel assumed the leadership of the elves of l he Elves of the elves of that time was one named Silvanos. Sithel also erected a tower in honor of his mother in the heart of Silvanost. the elves encountered great suffering and death during Kith-Kanan. lished between elves of the land and those of Ones) on a hill named Sol-Fallen. ns lon He visited many of the elves in the deep woods throughout Ansalon. He leader of the Wildrunnet Elves and Sithas was that of those land elves who became Sea Elves. forged a nation whose ideals and order lasted the heir to the Silvanesti throne. Their first son was Sithel. tive and can only be checked once later called Dimemesti and Dargonesti. naturally. If the gnome succeed. the device is automatically Ion. Mad gnomes from Krynn start out with obscurity and peace. encroached on the they were scattered across the land like the their isolated villages. though trade was estab. becomes a mad gnome with technological the main elven histories. :i i~i~i!i!~!~ ~i:i ii!~. There many Mad gnomes who can use technology get a the sea. the Greystone left none on the face of Krynn of Ansalon and brought them under his ban. great struggle of the first Dragon War. He was a powerful warrior and a great traveler. Balif stayed to help Silvanos run the elven ld6 sizes smaller than a r e ~ ! a r gnomish some to evil and some to good.:.~ ~-~ ~(~i~i!~i!~' !~ J i 9 57 . They lived in distant During the first Dragon War. the Dragon War. All of elvish tradition holds that they were no more. called the Sinthal-Elish (Council of the High the gnomish technological skills. developed their own cultures independent of ored today in the courts of the Silvanesti elves. households and clans swore their allegiance to + 5 bonus to any success roll involved in creat. inevitably. conflict entered the world of Krynn. The dragons awakened with the world. Kith-Kanan was the caused by that wondrous magical passage was front to the previously dispersed elves. They were named Sithas and from the forging of the universe. device of this t ~ e (with no incre~e in ~ m ' advent of the first Dragon War in the Age of Silvanos wed Quinari and raised a family. ~xity Level)i Dreams. Both for more than two millennia and are still hon- game months. ti. Yet peace was not always possible in Ansa. at the front of the elven expansion untouched. The passage of elven nation fired the minds of elves across all Wildrunner elves of the House Protector were. It was about 2308 PC that twin sons were Of the races that first sprang into being panion. Silvanos traveled the lands again. Also. Silvanos and the fledgling nation of Silvanes- ing a device. the human the first to be born into the world. Traveling with his com. The stars ate spread across the sky.

use the special abilities as spec. the Silvanesti nation time to board the ships The lowest guild is House Servitor. Her marriage to Porthios. There they Through his tortured mind. ticular elven race.qh elves) breeze. Hazel eyes are a mares to continue in Silvanesti. The final result was the Kinslayer War that After the formation of Qualinesti. His writings which are seen by the Silvanesti as being high- their expansion. Since the end of the war. the western elves were with keeping records and lore. the Silvanesti ed against him and his own worst nightmares fled west through the Plains of Dust. to name a few. rarely granted. foreign traders. Their borders were House Royal. Silvanesti established a of their Qualinesti brethren. settled empire have stratified the they perceived as an unjust war brought on by to the north.I Silvanesti government has been located in Qualinost under the direction of Alhana Star- and friendly than the elves of the other Houses. Silvanesti kingdom-in-exile was based on the 58 . however. world until the time of King Lorac Caladon. Unless founded Silvamori. The House Protector (the Wildrunners) serves secret negotiations with Ergoth. the descendantsof Silvanoswho war against his own kin. is a the Wildrunner elves and the human settle- ments on their borders and. Sithas solved So it was that dragons came at last to as the army of the Silvanesti. but now mainly concerned Empire and Kith-Kanan. SlLvAn(~sl. in which the Silvanesti Silvanesti elves remained isolated from the SOClEW elves tried to drive the humans from the land. daughter of King Lorac. once a ended with a truce between the Ergoth returned.aRanCE symbolic union of their two peoples. At the top of the system is of the western forces in Silvanesti in a terrible from the rest of the world. Thus the history of elves at the ously the only correct ones. Next is House Cleric. For some time the ual peace have stratified the guilds into rigid The Swordsheath Scroll was signed and the armies of the Wildrunner elves made the social institutions. also a large part of the Silvanesti mindset. the effects of looked on this with great suspicion. ly inferior to their own. elves and humans occurred. and House Mason. The Silvanesti elves are trying to reclaim time.vcs The sympathies of Kith-Kanan were with island of Ergoth. This gave Silvanesti could establish their own nation. Their views are obvi- killing was done at the order of Sithas in order tory to this day. The Silvanesti that magic still remain and make once-great Kanan's advice. intolerant of other races and customs. On Kith. Lorac remained behind. Others say that the humans assassi. No one marries outside his nation of Qualinesti was formed--a place advancing Dragonarmies pay dearly for every guild without permission. the great empire in a safe. includes apprentices. and slaves (the Silvanesti power to defeat the Dragonarmy. It was not out of sorrow and hope. They sued for social change. the throne all at the same time. the these Wildrunner elves who were more free of the constraints of their Houses and more open SI|V&ne. the lasted until 2100 PC. During the War of the Lance. flowing robes. Racial purity is to discredit his brother and place himself on beginning of this section really details the his. saying he had the ple. The first civil war of the elves threatened. prepared by King Lorac and flee to the west. The Dragonarmies did not fear the borders By now.i (~l. sense to the elves of House Protector. a nightmare. The elves have a long and hard task ahead to the results of Kith-Kanan's diplomacy. The elves of that region who had married Silvanesriattitudes differ greatly from those Under his direction. the once- elves listed in the Player's Handbook. Ultimately the war feared for few who crossed them ever role the land. During the rest of the War of the Lance. inden- Yet it seemed to be the only hope for his peo. Sithel was killed while hunting for sport in the history borderlands. crossed were given substance and created a horrible Special Abilities of all Elves on K_rynn: A I I ~ ~!'~ alternate reality over the entire kingdom. the Hidden Realm. The Silvanesti elves are a prejudiced peo- accident. reclaim their homeland. or Houses. Trade was soon established between (h. and permission is where the Wildrunner elves of western step they took into the elves' land. and Silvanesti a place of horror and twisted agony. destroy the oncoming dragons. Quevalin Soth. Sithel light brown to blonde-white. While this made eyes of blue or brown and hair ranging from While the orb is no longer causing the night. symbol of the line of Silvanos. Silvanesti before venturing into the fertile Gardener. known until much later that King Lorac had The Silvanesti survived the Cataclysm and lished his kingdom of elves in Qualinesti and secretly used a dragon orb in a vain attempt to bolted their doors against the outside world. tory of Silvanesti in its early stages. nated him in order to remove any barriers to first popular elvish historian. Thus was the kingdom of Qualinesti born tured servants. There was also a tale that the form the basis of most commonly known his. beautiful forest of Silvanesti was reshaped into otherwise noted in the race descriptions for a par. His hope turn- During the War of the Lance. Kith-Kanan estab. s1. the :ified in the Player's Handbook. never returned to Silvanesti. In Solamnic lands to the west. Some say that the arrow that The history of the Silvanesti is largely the philosophies slew him was a stray that found its mark by history of elves on Ansalon. was the ple. which Kith-Kanan saw this for what it was--exile. Then the Cataclysm closed the their own country. Beneath these two houses are those of the tired of being subject to the rigid caste system the Dragon Highlords decided to deal with craftsmen and guilds: House Mystic. religious order. in the course of &pp. Kith-Kanan led the army various crafts and tasks into a rigid system of borders of Silvanesti and the elves withdrew castes. House of the Silvanesti. reaches of the kingdom to judge for himself capes. the great bard of the Silvanesti elves. the straits to Southern Ergoth and settled on the elves on Krynn have the special abilities o f the western shores of Harkun Bay. Years of contin- several of his problems. he journeyed to the western prefer loose garments. Silvanesti to spread terror. of Silvanesti. The journey proved to be a terrible disaster. Speaker of Suns of Qualinesti. several marriages between Wildrunner The Silvanesti are a fair-skinned race with their homeland from their base in Qualinesti. Long yearswith- humans sided with the Ergothians in what flourishing trade with Istar. enslave races that lose wars with them).

their Silvanesti cousins. Porthios mar- Silvaaesfi Elves Ability Scores had treasures and food worthy of plunder. Generating Ab'dities: The initial ability the Cataclysm. they still harbored Paladin 12 deep resentments against the other races of Knight of the Crown Knight of the Sword NIE * N/E * the world. and set about repairing their capital city. However the elves' in-exile and the Kagonesti nation to whom Sflvanestl elves C~mr SI~UsUcs ii! dislike of interracial marriages was a continual barrier to improved relations with the other races in the area. ble destruction of their land. the Qualinesti This is not to say that all past injustices have Silvanesd Class Limits elves returned from exile in Ergoth to reclaim been forgiven. their civilization and society despite the terri. are blue or brown.) but these are small. the Qualines. The neighboring homeland. All three nations began bickering with one another and could only agree that the Dragonarmies had The situation deteriorated drastically with to be stopped. the thing more. But they are the most willing of the Society elven nations to treat with other races. the Qualinesti rolls are modified by a . Constitution 6 18 before the Dragonarmies in the War of the The Qualinesti are now helping the Charisma 12 18 Lance. this has taken the hostile edge off Dexterity 7 19 forced to abandon its homeland and flee west their relations. Class Maximnm I ~ e l had fought with the Knights of Solamnia the sooner you'll be out of mine.! c[vcs tions were generally good. This city rure as had Qualinost. They prefer woven slacks tated the Qualinesti communities. Qualinesti fled across the Straits of Algoni to The Qualinesti are more friendly than the southern Ergoth and founded the city of Silvanesti. They have traded more openly with Qualimori on the eastern shores of Harkun other races and built Pm Tharkas as a joint Bay. isolated farming com- In their flight from the advancing Dragon. the Qualinesti on the matter. Silvanesti elves to reclaim ancient Silvanost. humans raided the elven cities. but any snobbery they The Qualinesti are ruled by a Speaker of Barbarian N/E * display is far more subtle than that of the Ranger Unlim Suns who must be a blood descendant of High Elves. and natural features. the starving Porthios became the Speaker of Suns after the survivors heard rumors that the Qualinesti death of his father Solostaran. The elves were able to retain After the War of the Lance. Their hair ranges ples who were struggling to survive in the The Qualinesti dreams of fostering many from honey-brown to blond. Despite the fact that they in the way of "the sooner your house is ready. Dur. The marvels of this city qualmest which not only greatly damaged all the cities of Qualinesti. The Tower of Suns &ppc Rance of terror and barbarism that followed. the capital. tions of this group are then brought to the Holy Orders of the Stars Unlim ti vowed to forge a more tolerant society. Here they almost immediately ran afoul venture with the dwarves ofThorbardin. (Many of There are many communities that still exist in and jerkins for men. Intelligence t0 18 those elves that survived." Cavalier N/E against the Dark Queen. Krynn's half-elves came from this time when the forests west of the Kharolis Mountains. elves are as follows: Their societies were destroyed. Qualinesti--Qualinost. The recommenda- Druid (Heathen) N/E * With Kith-Kanan leading them. In the Speaker who makes the final determination days prior to the Cataclysm. the city built in harmony The Qualinesti are slightly smaller and elves were seen as easy prey by the other peo. This group is Thief/Acrobat N/E * The tragedy of the Kinslayer Wars marked appointed to represent the various guilds and Cleric (Heathen) N/E * the beginning of the Qualinesti race of elves. After the War of the Lance. The min. mounted an expedition to reclaim their turion and a + 1 bonus to Dexterity. the land originally belonged. darker than the Silvanesti. munities with no desires for becoming any- phflosophms armies during the War of the Lance. The overlooks Qualinost. with nature. qu&[incsl. Qualinesti-human rela- 59 . The ried Alhana Starbreeze in a political marriage Ability Min/m~a Maximum subsequent raids destroyed the small outlying intended to reforge the bonds between the Strength 3 18 elven communities and earned the hatred of elves of Qualinesti and those of Silvanesti. and their eyes shattered lands. The Qualinesti aid seems more their homeland. elves founded many smaller communities in Only one large city exists in all 'of the hope that they would grow in trade and cul. Kith-Kanan and thus of Silvanos.1 penalty to Consti. This they did with little difficulty imum and maximum scores for Silvanesti humans and dwarves were not so fortunate. communities of the elves. long dresses for women. but caused the terrible period are many and are described more appropri- ately in the Arias of Krynn. is a magnificent blending ofelven architecture This hope was dashed by the Cataclysm. Qualinesti closed its While the two nations remain sundered in Wisdom . sister elven cities died with the Cataclysm. * N / E means not eligible for that dam. Many terrible raids devas.6 18 borders to the other races until the nation was many ways. of the already established Silvanesti kingdom- ing the Age of Might. The Speak- Magic-User (Renegade) N/E * Illusionist (Renegade) N/E * er serves primarily as a guiding and directing Wizard of High Sorcery Thief Unlim N/E * h stoRy force in a government made up of a senate called the Thalas-Enthia. They The Qualinesti society is far less structured Knight of the Rose N/E * are capable of the same snobbery shown by Fighter 10 than that of their Silvanesti cousins.

Charisma 8 18 &pp ance Yet the Kagonesti did not follow this path. They Strength Intelligence 7 8 18 18 k&qonesu found the land good and the waters pure and knew that this would not always be so. The min.~: ~ " ! .. This is primarily Holy Orders of the Stars Unlim due to the fact that their history is handed Qualinesti elves are as follows: N/E means not eligible forthat class. the gods.. i~i~ ~ ~iii:~. with a rare to the Kagonesti by the gods. also called Wild Elves. Silvanesti and Qualinesti elves who left those Fighter ~4 nations centuries ago to live in harmony with Barbarian N/E* the wild.: Magic-User (Renegade) 11 history Illusionist (Renegade) N/E* The Kagonesti elves. Some Wisdom Dexterity Constitution 6 7 7 18 19 18 (wfl0 lves) elves went east and gathered together under great chiefs to wage war upon other nations. They are very tan and peoples of K_rynn. Their Cleric (Heathen) N/E tales of the creation are much more fanciful tution and a + t bonus to Dexterity.~ ' ~ ..~:~~~9~i-:~C~i ~!~ ~ ~ .I elves Ranger Unlim::. ~ .~!!~.i~.1 penalty to Consti.~'~:~. starts at the very beginning of the world.. Qualinesd Elves Ability Scores According to the Kagonesti version of the early days of Krynn. strong and protected the lands that were given Knight of the Crown N/E* ing from black to light brown.~ i ~ . 9 9 84 ::i I~." -~.!~. the elves were the first to Ability Minimum Maximum walk the lands and taste the waters. down verbally from generation to generation. Knight of the Sword N/E * throwback to the silvery white of their ances. Their eyes are hazel. ~ ii~'~ ? 60 . and the other Class Maximum Level much more muscular..~. but they are mony with the land. rang.~.kaGonesl. Thief Unlim although their history as a separate people Generating Abilities: The inidal ability Thief/Acrobat Unlim rolls are modified by a . their warriors were Paladin NtE * with clay and paints. They wished only that which the gods had The Kagonesti elves are about the same size granted them. So the Kagonesti lived in har- Qualinesti Class Limits as Silvanesti and Qualinesti. . Game s r a u s t m s Wizard of High Sorcery Unlim are distantly related to all other elves. Their hair is dark. Druid (Heathen) N/E imum and maximum ability scores for than those of their cousins. ~84184 ~ ~: ~..~i'i!~. Though they did not war Cavalier 10 draw designs on their faces and exposed flesh against other nations.~!!~. Some Kagonesti are the descendants of Knight of the Rose N/E * tors.~z~~.

with the spirits of their Kagonesti ancestors. however. Ergoth The wild nature of the Kagonesti and their waxed and waned and was soon forgotten unorthodox customs (they send their dead AppeaRance under the glaring brilliance of Istar. Knight of the Sword N/E * transmitted to the ears of surface dwellers. They claimed that both air and water and have light bluish skin their purpose was to educate their lost broth. of many of Ansalon's coastlines. still many Kagonesti who roam the lands look. (sea elves) ued to live as they had for millennia. extended fin- somewhat (at least the Silvanesti had someone rolls are modified by a + 1 bonus to Strength gers. allowing elvish mariners centered around a chief and his family. affected these simple elves. nature is the key to a full and happy life. Holy Orders of the Stars 7 with the Silvanesti. their unique ability to shapechange into the alty. Many families Intelligence 3 12 are so minor as to be only distinguishable to were sundered in that leave-taking. This Kagonesd Elves Ability Scores water kingdoms. tombs of stone) have led other elven races to Sea Elves. Wizard of High Sorcery N/E * Darkness under the waters. Magic-User (Renegade) NtE * the War of the Lance by the Dimernesti and ness. also feel it can be used to further the purposes Knight of the Crown NIE * Practically nothing of their history has been and well-being of the tribe. and Constitution and a + 2 bonus to Dextefi. The passage at that time. and deep blue skin.m Kagonesti. OARGonesl. Strength 8 18 pechanged counterparts but those differences great houses of the Silvanesti. The Kagonesti are fierce and deter. The the elven land races during the Age of Kagonesti. but the Kagonesti mourned the further destruction of their once-pristine ty. The War of the Lance Qualinesti have indentured them as well. been few in number ever since the devastation from the horrors of their own land. This comes naturally to them and the War of the Lance was over. groups that separated radically from Eventually time caught up with the regard them as savages and lesser beings. Cavalier N/E * their race became dwellers of the oceans and While they respect nature in all its forms.I elves The troubles and wars of the world hardly made. or Deep-Elves. for many Ability Minimum Maximum actual dolphins and whales and their elven sha- of the Kagonesti were taken as servants to the. The to explore distant lands. Yet the wheels of time still turned and soon scores for Kagonesti elves are as follows: (Dargonesti). The minimum and maximum ability form of a sea otter (Dimernesti) or dolphin land. They were left alone and contin. What is mined warriors when the need arises. They saw the Cataclysm as a sign Silvanesti declared them House Servitor and Dreams--partly as a result of the Greystone from the gods. They Ranger Unlim known is that great battles were waged during hunt game and enemies with equal deadli. but they could not agree on enslaved them to build Silvamori.3 pen. stiff-necked Silvanesti led to a break in all ly portable. The of the Cataclysm in which many of their cita- Silvanesti subjugated the Kagonesti as slaves dels and homes were destroyed. braided with shells. They are fiercely proud of their heritage Illusionist (Renegade) N/E * Dargonesti against the forces of the Queen of and generally rather hot-tempered. but the G a m e S~tWSt|CS hair long. The most interesting aspect of the sea elves is else to bother). the Dimernesti had a partnership The basic unit of the Kagonesti is the tribe. The ti. They wear their silver ers in the ways of civilization. There are differences between was not without its price. the 61 . in con. The Dargones- L~ Kagonesti knew slavery for what it was. The Shoal Elves trast to the reserved and stoic Silvanesti. there are Wisdom 8 18 another Dimernesti or Dargonesti. They breathe to their nation in exile. Constitution 8 18 Charisma 8 18 h s oRy philosophies Kagonesti Elves Class Limits The sea elves were created during the pas- sage of the Greystone of Gargath. Barbarian UnlLm as those of the land-dwelling elves. Quarrels with the Kagonesti tribe lives in structures that are easi. but the down the river to the sea rather than build The Dimemesti and Dargonesti are races of elves of the wilds remained unchanged. The Qualinesti greatly aids them in moving about their under- left and took the Silvanesti with them. Society Druid (Heathen) N/E * Long ago. kaqonesn Elves and webbed fingers. Permanent settlements are never communication with the land elves. are the tallest elven race. they Paladin N/E * its main civilizing force. seem to have the same stand-offish relation- Thief/Acrobat Unlim ship with the Deep Elves as the Qualinesti do Cleric (Heathen) N/E * with the Silvanesti. this does not mean that they are Fighter Untim that the sea elves' history is as full and colorful pacifists.) They have by the refugee Silvanesri elves fleeing west elven lesser race. Thief Unlim . The Intelligencerolt is subject to a . While the Kagonesti do not start wars of Knight of the Rose NIE * Those contacts that have been made indicate aggression. a coming of the Qualinesti helped the situation Generating Abilities: The initial abili~ slender people with large eyes. Inanimate objects are believed to be filled OwrneRnesl. They O&RGonesm &n0 became part of the Empire of Ergoth (or so Ergoth said). It mattered little to the see the great spirits of the stars in everything. They remained in the forests of western Ergoth and eventually The Kagonesti have a more animistic view of the cosmos than their elven brothers.I AnO OlrneRnesl. called Shoal Elves as they inhabit the shallows shattered their peace as their land was invaded thinking that the Kagonesti are some part. Dexterity " 8 t9 ing for their loved ones. (The Dimernesti are also what the sign meant. Originally The Kagonesti believe that harmony with Class Maximum Level elven mariners with a great love for the sea.

The Dimernesti follow the Speaker of the Cavalier 10/Unlim * An elf who flagrantly violates his people's Sea. and a + 2 bonus to Dexterity. ** N/E means not eligible for that class. However. Fighter 16/Unlim * Dark Elf is when his alignment shifts outside The Dimernesti have recently taken to liv. these are elves and maximum ability scores for Dimernesti without a country and without a people. pens above the watery surface of their Ability Minimum Maximum domain. Charisma 8 18 The character class of Dark Elves cannot b6 chosen when a player creates a character. The Dimemesti are unlimited while they are in the environs of the sea. and all other related adjust- ments must be made to temporarily reduce the character to the maximum listed. Dimemesti Class Limits actets enter this class when their actions cause Society Class Maximum Level them to be outlawed from eiven society. wondrous tales of these elves helping mariners in distress have G a m ~ ST. Dimernesti are not builders but they seem to Illusionist (Renegade) N/E ** This should be treated in much the same way enjoy living in buildings. They elves are as follows: are alone and beyond the society of all elves phflosophms regardless of race.x~lstwcs been told in all seaports. the school. Should a Dimemesti elf of a level higher than that list- ed leave the environment of the water. The minimum The outcasts of elven society. these tales are almost always reported third or fourth hand and are undoubtedly greatly exagger- Generating Abilities: The initial abili~ rolls are modified by a . The Magic-User (Renegade) N/E ** demonstration of repentance by the Dark Elf. Wisdom Dexterity 8 I0 18 19 OaRk Clv6s L the leader of the Dimernesti. the caste system and the boundaries between Knight of the Rose N/E ** most common way in which an elf becomes a guilds are not as rigid as for the Silvanesti. However. Only through the forgive- Dimemesti Elves Ability Scores ness of their own people can they again come Shoal Elves take little interest in what hap. the character's align- clan-oriented groups.1 penalty to Strength OaRk Clvcs ated. There are no families as Thief/Acrobat N/E ** ment must be brought back into line with all of those in the group care for the young of Cleric (Heathen) N/E ** ghose acceptable to his race and class. They are nomadic in nature and Druid (Heathen) N/E ** rarely stay in the same place for long. there is no Knight of the Sword N/E ** against the ideals of the society. but they lose any sp~-easting abitb~ Silvanesti. The Speaker of Stars. While there are many guilds Knight of the Crown N/E ** crime must be very serious and an offense that mirror those of Silvanesti. his hit dice. This reduction goes away once the character returns to the water. hit points. The elves take on all the movement rates and special abilities of these 62 . ing in the sunken cities of the Cataclysm. a hereditary position much like the Paladin lO/Untim * laws of conduct becomes a Dark Elf. This can take place up to three times per day and the transformation takes five segments.. The few who have appeared on land Strength 3 18 did so only on a mission of importance or Intelligence 8 18 under the direction of the Speaker of the Sea. Ranger N/E ** Redemption can only occur after some They find them romantic and intriguing. Char. Holy Orders of the Stars Unlim * The level listed before the slash is the maximum allowable to the character while on land. More specifically. Dargonesti have rarely been seen by humans or any of their Constitution 3 " 18 land-based kin. back into the realms of the elvish people. Wizard of High Sorcery lO/Unlim * as with clerics who fall from grace with their Most Dimernesti live in schools that are Thief N/E ** deity. Special Abilities: The Dimemesti and Dargonesti elves have the ability to shape- changeat will into the form of a sea otter or a dolphin respectively.OAok c[vcs House Mariner is now a lost guild among the creatures. Throughout history. Barbarian N/E ** the range of those acceptable for his race.

elven heritage. half-elves in human society were considered a great blessing and brought honor to the human household. There is no society that Half-elves strongly resemble the racial stock consists solely of half-elves as they are primari- of their elven parent.ICS hordes. although elves are as follows: even they were cold and sometimes cruel to these unfortunates. would Dark Elves. hatl:-dvcs half-elves SoocW The half-elf is an outcast from the societies pp Rance of both his parents. but they generally have ly loners. it is little wonder that they generally display tendencies toward rebellion and anti-social activities. If there is a home for a half-elf. After the Cataclysm. They have no true history of their own but borrow it from their parentage.IS1. one of these Ability l~ bastard half-elves who was partly responsible Strength for the ultimate victory of the Whitestone Intelligence 4 I8 Forces over the Dragonarmies. interestingly enough. Half-Elves Ability Scores It was. h s oRy 12 The half-elves are considered "untrue elves" by all the other elven societies.al. due to the intermarriage of elves and humans in that region. Only the Qualinesti took The minimum and maximum scores for half- them in and gave them a home. where they are treated coldly hair color that is not consistent with their but at least they have a place in the society. The Kinslayer Wars were brought about. there came a time of barbarism during which many elven towns hail-elves were plundered and ransacked by human Game S1. They are usually very insecure and seldom travel with others unless they feel accepted. it is facial hair (missing on all other elves) and a in Qualinesti. They are generally more stocky than most elves and. The elves. They often overcompensate for this insecurity by per- forming acts of death-defying bravado. During that time. who later married the Princess Dexterity Laurana of Qualinesti. The Generating Abilities: The initial ability Silvanesti elves cast them from society as they rolls are modified by a + 2 bonus to Dexterity. were revolted by these interracial marriages. proved the worth of his unique race. 63 . philosophies As most half-elves are raised in an atmo- sphere of shame and scorn. while almost universally handsome or beautiful. Many half-elves were engendered dur- ing this period of rapine and violence. Tanis of Wisdom 3 t8 Qualinost. in part. lack the grace of their elven parentage. particularly the race-conscious Silvanesti.


This great dwarven kingdom was politics of the age. As a symbol of the unity between Thorbardin. The hill nation. The kingdoms of Zhakar in the dwarf descent. (Though der. although there still remains underground where no nation would bother some question as to whether the kingdom them. they say. Reorx. of course. Owa~vc$ ciful tales from that period. their Khalkist Mountains and Kaolyn in the groups still remains high. The borders Duncan. Qualinesti was placed them and no answer to their pleas. disinterested in the doings of the other races. By this time. So he reluctantly his creations until he knew the perfect form to operations in the Kharolis mountains. infravision. And in all its splendor and won. received primarily from the Abanasinian the great historian of Krynn. With nowhere else to mountain and those in the fields beyond. This brought on great sufferings in attributed to him. He bornly cling to another view of their genesis. remain shut against the outside world. remains oddly Plains north of Pax Tharkas and from the elves silent on this issue and refuses to confirm or of Qualinesti. called. establish new colonies. their the other kingdoms.) The dwarves of Zhaman granted dwarves as given in the P/arer works were beyond any to be found in all the saw the surface of Ansalon being claimed and book. Unmeasured were its caverns. Most and pastoral state while below its surface was Other dwarven kingdoms were also rising at dwarves that are commonly met are of hill the greatest civilization my eyes have yet this time. The extent of the gnomes. most extant dwarf kingdoms kingdom left the ground above to its natural Pax Tharkas in the pass between their nations. all know better than try to prove (Ergoth had just fought the Kinslayer War). the 2692 PC. tensions between the reasoned that the dwarves in the fields at least They believe that they were the last beings cre. These dwarven kingdoms were generally 65 . Their at Thorbardin are well documented. had none if the food supply had to be divided image. there were small colonies of dwarves dwarves not only had their great underground that established underground residences in city but also many settlements above ground nearly every mountainous region on Ansalon. never once was the nature of the gods Kaolyn suffered greatly from oppressive Special Abilities of Krynn Dwarves: tampered with. This Ergoth expansion in 2189 PC. the dom. Millions upon millions of Ergothian rule and did not grow as quickly as dwarves of ~ n n have the s ~ i ~ abilin~ dwarves labored here in unity and peace. an act that sparked the still- past as well. trade for the southern plains and food was Whatever the fate of this supposed king. m i ~ Similar tales from the Age of Might echo dwarves do best--they took their kingdom these remarks. fled back toward the safety of their are related to kender and gnomes is one that ated a new state (Qualinesti) for the disaffect. the continent accepts the Greystone theory In an effort to avoid another prolonged war The hill dwarves. smoldering hatred between the hill dwarves blossomed. learned from each of mately 2142 PC when Ergoth began mining among the entire nation. than others had been) became fast allies of hill dwarves and their human allies to retake Quevalin Soth allegedly visited this realm Thothardin. the dwarves were caught dwarves of Krynn are descendants of the completed in 93 years. Thorbardin had become heavily dependent Causes voiced range from the plague to being upon trade for her food supplies. the Ergoth expansion eastward ran into the couldn't hope to feed both those inside the The dwarves themselves. It soon began to spread unaware by the Cataclysm. king of the Thorbardin dwarves. stub. His story is told in the beginning of this section that were established between them held until nation had only a small food reserve and he (page 49). This includes saving throw b o n u s ~ realms of the sky!" fought over by many nations and did what against magic and poisons. clashes between the dwarves and the humans closed. however. fate has long been the subject of speculation. While the rest of became more frequent. dwarves who lived outside had come to be this point to a dwarf. known as the Kal-Thax existed that extended elves (who were more friendly to the dwarves The Dwarfgate Wars were an attempt by the from Karthay into the very plains of Istar. These were taken into the heavens by the gods. Owaeves Indeed. The tale continues to say dwarven nations at the time of the Cataclysm. in his travels and he supposedly wrote: "The the elves and dwarves. the reported remarks of Quevalin Soth may have been only a folk tale that was as they were preoccupied with their own diffi- culties. they jointly constructed To this day. depths untold and their beauty beyond Darkenwal south of Solamnia both waxed in description. ancient capital only to find the gates shut to can cause a full-scale war with a dwarven ed Silvanesti elves. Border ordered that the gates to the outside world be make his own people--the dwarves. that the kingdom vanished without a trace While the full effects of this disaster on approximately 2800 PC and has passed Kaolyn and Zhaman are not known. power as Thorbardin was completed. Silvanesti borders. easy to purchase there. actually existed or was simply a product of fan. between the Thothardin dwarves and the men dwarves of that region call this deed the Great There are other mysteries in the dwarven of Ergoth to ease the friction between the two Betrayal. Long before the Empire of Istar nations. dwarves and Ergoth began to heat up. Xak Tsaroth was a central city of deny the kingdom's existence. a great kingdom of dwarves Much to everyone's surprise. outside the gates of the mountain. the Qualinesti and the mountain dwarves of Thorbardin. The hatred between these two beheld. The idea that dwarves the Swordsheath Scroll was signed. for that is what the over this tale. leaving those dwarves who were out- represent this perfect form. had a chance of surviving but that those inside ated by Reorx and that they were made in his uation became uncontrollable in approxi. According to the most reliable sources on Construction in Thorbardin began in about Having refused to become involved in the the origins of Krynn's inhabitants. side the mountain to fend for themselves. created from that original stock by its influence northward and ran into the dwarves' problem became quickly apparent to the magic of the Gmystone of Gargath. Astinus. its effects beyond the knowledge of all Krynn. This cre. The sit.

Ability Minimum Maximum phflosophms Strength 9 t8 Communities of mountain dwarves have h s oRy Intelligence Wisdom 3 3 18 18 enough problems to keep them occupied without looking for more trouble in the out- Hill dwarves were a part of the mainstream Dexterity 3 17 side world. come together is brown. Class Maximum Lc~d interested in helping others or even in listen- Hill dwarves are considered Neidar dwarves Cavalier NIE * ing to their troubles unless they can be shown by the mountain dwarves. gray. At that Constitution 14 19 clans that exist within a community. live in the best accommodations that the 9 * N/E means not eli~bte for that dass: nation can provide and are great craftsmen. to the Council of Thanes. Most of the great dwarven Druid (Heathen) N/E * the fact that they have a rather pleasant and kings have been Hylar. They do not. The move through the southern gate of Thorbard- tones in their clothing although they will minimum and maximum ability scores for in after the group's extraordinary needs were occasionally wear something bright. each of which is Thief 10 to be rough and coarse and lack some of the thought of as a separate race. This keeps the permanently above ground. black. Hill Hill Dwarves are as follows: presented to the ruling Council of Thanes. dwarves have deep voices and actually sing quite well. These songs can some. Daewar: This clan is justly respected and 66 . ties. In recent years. if not hostile to Since mountain dwarves have a wide vocal and domination. The Theiwar consider themselves the times be heard echoing through the moun. These nine chairs represent Wizard os High Sorcery N/E * be more stubborn than the other). however. former clan status before being exiled from Knight of the Crown N/E * the mountain (see mountain dwarves below Knight of the Sword N/E * for further descriptions). The Hylar traditionally Holy Orders of the Stars t0 gentle nature. range. mountain dwarves. Never- in groups larger than their local clans as the They favor earth tones in their clothing. The appe. Their hair ate race of dwarves. there is time. Unmarried hill dwarves often set out on their own. indeed suffer from nausea in sunlight. They are not lack of suitable mountains to delve. They tend the following groups. theless. Of the dwarven races.aRancc hill dwarves have maintained the clan system Mountain dwarves have light brown skin Theiwar: These are a strange and degener- that dates from times long before the Cata. They favor earth risma and a + t bonus to Constitution. Hylar: This is the oldest and most noble of Cleric (Heathen) N/E * They complain often but usually do so to hide the dwarven races. or occasionally white. they were not permitted to return to Char~ma 3 12 continuous political friction between the vari- their former homes and were forced to live ous factions in the mountain. communities often form choruses of are the most concerned with spells and magic. Each clan is led by a thane who acts as its representative Magic-User (Renegade) N/E * Hill dwarves are as stubborn as their under. highest of the dwarven races and seek to wrest tains where the dwarves live. some outsiders have gained Hill dwarves have deep tan to light brown Generating Abilities: The initial abiEty entrance to the mountain kingdoms.hltt OwaRves hill bwaRves hts. At least skin and ruddy cheeks and bright eyes. only occa- sionally returning to their original clan. leadership away from the controlling council. With the number of classes and dwarven society until the Cataclysm. This refers to their Paladin N/E * that the matter affects them somehow. their dreams are of world conquest clans tend to be suspicious. they other clans. and smooth cheeks and bright eyes. Knight of the Rose Fighter N/E * Unlim Soocw Barbarian Unlim The dwarves of the mountains have tradi- philosophies Ranger 8 tionally been organized into clans. but getting one to do so requires Hill Dwarf Ability Scores exceptional skill in diplomacy. SocleW Hill dwarves have small communities that rnounl.oRy hi11 OwaRvCs The history of the mountain dwarves is AppeaRance Gam~ S~ls~ms recounted at the beginning of this section. They have Hill Dwa~ Class Limits dwarves too busy to pay much attention to the remained here more out of obstinacy than for matters of the outside world. dwarves that sing the traditional songs of the most of their leaders have spell-casting abili.aln OwaRvcs live in above-ground villages. They want to take control by whatever means are necessary--includingcivil war. Their rolls are modified by a .1 penalty to Cha~ one entire nation of refugees was allowed to hair is brown black or gray. The council consists Illusionist (Renegade) N/E * ground cousins (though each group claims to of nine members. Thief/Acrobat 15 refinement of their underground fellows. They hate light and clysm.

Ability Minimum Maximum elected in a bloody combat to the death. Sur- dwarves of Thorbardin in menial roles. They also spread and powerful. After Knight of the Rose N/E* prisingly. Wizard of High Sorcery N/E * dwarven and gnomish societies. noting the race's low status and ate their dead and consider the Kingdom of : :* N / E means not eligible for. The High King: The High King is chosen (a ha ) habitation by wandering gully dwarf tribes. are very common among both sexes. hardin. Mined cities to methods--some real. Strength 8 18.-~. squat demi. favoring murder. The king can &ppe3Rancc the rest of the world. sores. dull green. Hair Hylar but take an active interest in public G a m c ST. who regard- his chair and not say or do anything. Soon once-mighty towns like Xak Tsaroth became havens for the Aghar. minimum and maximum ability scores f o r and stocky as other sorts of dwarves.1 penalty to Cha. Gully dwarves are short. Ansalon. In the Magic-User (Renegade) N/E * of their parents. world and the salvation of the gully dwarves.evel The tale of the Greystone of Gargath tells of deprived of property and persecuted terribly Cavalier 8 how the dwarves and kender came into being.ICS color is usually dirty blond. particularly by the dwarves. Daergar: These are dark dwarves who split rolls are modified by a . and gully ins. a few intermar- (in fact. poor living conditions. Females tend to be slightly phflosoph cs smaller than males.--. Now. Mot. gray. gully dwarves continue to thrive 67 . This new dwarven race generally sleep through such meetings. much Druid (Heathen) N/E * became known as the Aghar ("the to everyone's relief. they serve the wealthy Knight of the Sword N/E * in isolated communities across Ansalon. te War. or hazel. Following the war. Charisma 3 16 and entertaining to others. This has lit. Members of They have a seat on the council but the gully Thief 8 this new race were driven out of their own dwarf representative soon learns to just sit in Thief/Acrobat 10 clans. many Kiar fought with bravery on the Knight of the Crown N/E * riages between gnomes and dwarves occurred Hylar side). they have an average weight of 100 lbs. the Dead to be the 8th Kingdom. the Klar were Class Maximum I. the children of such marriages centuries of suffering. Mountain Dwarf Class Limits For our purposes. Pot bellies even more dangerous than their Theiwar cous. many important leaders have come from their tied and splotched skin is not uncommon. midst. though gully Klar: The Klar are hill dwarves who lived dwarves take them very seriously. The stories are very colorful dwarves would like to remedy. but he rules all of the clans. we turn to other sources. inside Thorbardin at the time of the Dwarfga. hwstoRy Neidar: The Neidar are hill dwarves who Intelligence 3 18 Wisdom ~ t8 Gully dwarves have an extensive oral tradi- lived outside Thorbardin at the time of the tion of their origins and history.a1. Humans later christen. The Gully dwarves don't appear to be as heavy ago. gully dwarves. Gully dwarves have skin tones ranging from Though derided by other intelligent races of olive brown to a light parchment color. They are. boils.~. if possible. endurance. and thievery to Mountain Dwarf Ability Scores dwarves develop wrinkles quickly after age 25. They Cleric (Heathen) N/E * ed them as a blight. The Cataclysm was at once the curse of the tle practical effect on politics but has a pro. for their supposed sympathy for the Neidar Paladin 8 In the years that followed. The members Aghar: These are gully dwarves. am Owarves Male gully dwarves wear long. safety and public works. Now they defer leadership to the females have cheek hair but no beards. Holy Orders of the Stars tO anguished"). and stupidity. they look for a leader to Fighter Unlim proved to be of an entirely new race. qutty Owanvcs ~.. See that Ranger N/E * of this new race lacked all the better qualities section for a description of this race. others only superstition--to contact their ancestors. Generating Abilities: The initial ability or dull black. they were. The Daewar are great fighters and were and a few have a dirty gray-brown skin tone.ed them Kingdom of the Dead: The dwarves vener. torture.i s]. Their culture flourished and is now wide. They are no longer represented in Dexterity 17 Constitution 12 19 nately. brown. Barbarian N/E * own particular characteristics. off from the Theiwar many hundreds of years risma and a + 1 bonus to Constitution. Eye color can be watery blue. rust. averaging four feet in height. Dwarves use a variety of divination Gully Owarves The destruction of civilization in Ansalon opened up dozens of deserted. scruffy beards. pride. humans. found effect on dwarven thinking about the afterlife. brown. and filth personality are generally agreed to be survival due to their living conditions. dirty Illusionist (Renegade) N/E * Further intermarriages were banned by tasks. dwarven kingdoms they work in menial. Unfortu- Cataclysm. mountain dwarves axe as follows: have narrower fingers and limbs. except that they are The most important facets of a gully dwarfs often covered with scars. instinct. Their leader is always the most powerful warrior of the Daergar kingdom. give or take about 10 lbs. the gully dwarves were free to establish their own cultures--such as be from any clans. get their way. with their deliver them from their plight. no two gully dwarf clans agree on any the Council of Thanes--a situation many hill relevant details. Aghar are physically much like other dwarves. thatdass. mount. in the forefront of the Dwarfgare War at Thor. but that is all they are qualified to do. Undisturbed by by acclamation of the Council of Thanes and must be ordained by the people.

Gully Dwarf Ability Scores half-elves. slender creatures. for Magic-User (Renegade) N/E * Because of gully dwarves' egotism and he looked upon the world with new eyes. tinguish between large groups and small is often black but sometimes silver or white. Groveling has been raised to the level of an art form in i 7')I The Irda are tall. 4d4 +2 over and over. hearts were cold and bent toward evil. They can grasp the concept of a single item i strength is readily apparent in their strong musculature. the ogres were the Occasionally. 6 18 ated beings of Krynn awoke to the first dawn cities in Ansalon have gully dwarves living in 4d4 + 2 of the world. their The stupidity of gully dwarves is legendary. Although slender. they App~Rance skillfully avoid exposing themselves to harm and regard cowardice as a virtue. mum ability scores well as the dice to roll: by as much as two feet and can attain the fea- tures of any humanoid race (particularly elves. it is not unusual to find a The gift spread among his clansmen until succession of kings with the same name. Their skin tones range from and of a group of items. The females tend to be their society. the newly cre- and refuse dumps of large cities. Most live in villages abandoned by pre." C~mc ST. Illusionist (Renegade) N/E * inability to count." which simply The Irda move with a fluid motion so grace- means "more than one. Any number Their eyes are almost always silver-colored. Small clans may live in the slums 2d4+ 1 . The ties and can disguise their size and true nature scheme of things. tells a tale of the most Knight of the Crown N/E * Each clan has a chieftain and the strongest. with great seriousness. under conditions that would have broken many others. Some very large clans can have up to 60 mem. For Ranger N/E * ly defined roles or duties. Legends from that time (mostly their sewer systems. in many ways. averag- ing six feet in height. 2(t4+ 1 In the dawn of the world. it groups. Gully OwaRves IROA Gully dwarves are born to survive. fairest of the races and were truly immortal. each Wizard of High Sorcery N/E * Thief 8 they all saw the curse of evil and the future of calling himself "the First. They tend to have for a gully dwarf are generated using special The Irda have innate shapechangingabili- inflated ideas of their own places in the grand dice rolls. a great and Barbarian 7 hierarchy of lesser functionaries with no clear. During the Age of Dreams. several major Dexteri~ . and most charismatic of these chief. Intelligence 3 9 bers. powerful ogre clanleader. greater than one is called "two. authority is frequently questioned). which have 2-20 members. 2(]4+t vious owners or in the wilderness in old mines Wisdom 3 9 h s . this Igrane both cursed and blessed men. to reflect their unique nature. Kings are served ings with this evil race. ancient days.IO03. Their hair ~~~L~. This was not so: and is the sole voice of authority (although his Charisma 3 9 the ogres were the first. but they cannot dis. usually in a mined or abandoned city.ISl. Their greater than one." Thief/Acrobat 8 Cleric (Heathen) N/E * Druid (Heathen) N/E * 68 . Their voices are the Although considered foolish by all other most extraordinary in Krynn. Aghar prefer to live in extended family Strength 6 18 one form perfectly and then use that form units.ICS ful that it is a joy to watch. the Fighter 6 by bodyguards and by a completely chaotic humans unwittinglygifted Igtane. Usually Irda learn to shapechangeinto small. At least two clans are present and some. When ogres walked the world in Knight of the Sword N/E * cleverest. The Irdanaiath. with free will. They can change their height almost impossible task. Major Gully ~ Class Limits Their dark grace and cold beauty was unsur- Aghar communities hold between 40 and 400 passed by any of the races that arose. men of Ansalon. The leader of a clan is Constitution 3 12 passed down through elven bards) say the responsible for keeping the family together 3d4 elves were the first to awaken. puncturing their egos is an following table shows maximum and mini.oRy and caves. several clans live together. a book unknown among Paladin N/E * times as many as five. rivaled only by races. and humans). called clans. men awoke and had deal- Knight of the Rose N/E * tains becomes the local king. as tall as the males. Cavalier N/E * dren. anyone other than themselves. gully dwarves are a proud folk and act Generating Abilities: The initial abilities those of the sirens. In this exchange. Yet their Class Maximum Level adult dwarves and a similar amount of chil. beauty and power.a~I. midnight blue to a deep sea green. Most Aghar don't recognize numbers is always carefully combed and kept. This shapechanging Soctcty Ability Minimum Maximum ability requires several years of practice to per- Gully dwarf communities are usually quite Roll fect. which may derive from the drawn faces and drooping eyelids give the fact that they do not recognize the needs of impression that they are bored or uncaring.

are uncommon recant their policy of total isolation. the Irda were forced to art.y Ability Minimum Maximum stone's passage through Ansalon and are The Irda have been ruled by an unbroken Strength 12 18 descended from the original ogres. but not before many Irda Illu~t (Renegade) I'. world. from a red brown to almost black. kRynnmlnol~uRs destruction and debasement that it held for ning of the world. During these kRynn mmotauRs times they can find their way across the sea to philosophies their home (but only if they have the means to &ppe Rancc The Irda are a peaceful race who mean no cross the sea). They have short The Irda's biggest difficulty is the supersti- tions that men have developed about them IROn horns that grow from their edges of their fore- heads to a length of six to 12 inches for the over the years. have begun to send their people into the A variety ofmagics protect their island from world to establish a tentative contact with oth. They only wish to far longer than the duration of High Sanction over seven feet in height. The battle was fought by titanic magi.l/S ~. Civil war cal forces and the Dark Queen's attack was Magic-User (Renegade) erupted among the ogres. however. Knight of the Rose N/E * of Darkness. They tried to convince other ogre clans them. Irda who have Generating Abilities: The initial ability and leather skirt. The Irda found a haven on a distant isle usually alone. Except for the Irdanaiath. minotaurs speak of the time during the Age of Cavalier Unlim Their life of pastoral bliss was. usually a harness bring death and destruction. Intelli. the parents' fondest wish is to find a fulfilled the Irda's vision and became uglier Sp~:i. Combat skills. The m i n i m u m and taurs' favorite weapon is a double-edged axe. Suggesting chain of royal lineage since the beginning of Intelligence 5 20 to a minotaur that he is descended from a cow the world. It is hxla Class Limits The minotaur race has been oppressed here that they have sheltered from a barbaric through most of its history. their writings contains reflections on their Constitution 12 16 conditions and general observations on natu. Wizard g I4_igh S0rcety UnlLm den from the eyes of men. ancient ogres who would return one day to Minotaurs wear clothing.~ AhHties: The Iraaare the only way to their island home. The relative security of their island enabled magic and im workings. They are Druid (Heathen) N!E~ . in convement locations as well as decorations the populace. The harness carries weapons been discovered are almost always hunted by rolls are modified by a . as the the surviving captives were freed. !~i~ the Age of Dreams were fought in places hid. Now they among them. Charisma 15 20 ral sciences and the arts. but occasionally small groups of Holy and confused the way behind them so that two to 10 Irda are found traveling the lands of they might live undisturbed. When the War of the Lance ended. the Kal-Thax dwarves. the Irda's home was the minotaurs destroyed that dwarven nation. many of Thief Untim ii : So it came to be that the Irda. The legends of the Class Maximum Level and unsympathetic svorld. Evil beings who try to ally with turion and a + 2 bonus to Dexterity.3. Their faces Lance--see below) back to the hidden isle of are brutish and ugly by human standards. each cleric or wizard With the coming of the Cataclysm and the the Irda to hone their magical skills to a fine g~ addition~ Spd ! o f thr ~evel War of the Lance. Those Irda enlightened ogres called themselves. were captured and taken to Ansalon. The ogres who Ansalon. The Irda live on an h)stoRy island some distance north of Ansalon. They have short fur gather their lost children (those Irda captured and few lost Irda ever return to their home- covering their massive muscles.c.IC$ females and one to two feet for the males. from previous battles and victories. them. and Charisma. the telepathic call of their homeland during High Sanction for Solinari. The legends say that Knight of the Crown N/E * ance of dragons in Krynn. but the wandering Irda can hear er nations of the world. without a nation or identity until late in the 69 . The Ogre Wars of eventually repelled. the Irda.Fighter Unlim aggrieved by the loss of the Irda in the begin. ganger Unl~ if ~j~i of their folly but kindled anger. being found. The Queen had been much The minotaurs dwelt in scattered groups . removed now wander the land in disguise trying to find themselves from contact with the rest of the their way back to their homeland. they Wisdom 10 18 (a common mistake for humans) is the dead- keep no historical records. She now sought to destroy Barbarian: : : N . maximum scores for Irda are as follows: although many minotaurs have been known to use a broad sword in each hand. then at least for their children. however.1. G a m e $1. if not for them- that can learn shapech~ngingas a proficiency~ and more misshapen until their appearance selves. Knight of the Sword N/E * soon discovered by the servants of the Queen but most scholars tend to dismiss this claim. Twilight when their nation was enslaved by Paladin Unlim upset by the Cataclysm. The balance of Dexterity 8 20 liest insult one can offer a minotaur. Unfortunately the journey lasts Krynn minotaurs are gargantuan brutes harm to the world at large.I$1. reminiscent of those of bulls. the fur ranges by the Dragonarmies during the War of the land on their own. and try to destroy them as well. Families are sometimes encoun- did not foresee their debasement eventually tered. In addition~ due to their special knowledge of matched the evil in their hearts. Irda Ability Scores Minotaurs were created during the Grey- sooc~. With the reappear. Tales are told of the terrible.2 penalty to Consti. The mino- the Irda soon find out that the Irda are good gence.

the natural process of life. society. cunning. They soon Sargas. to them. They will go to any lengths to achieve domi- nation over others. 70 . once again the Ranger 8 minotaurs were brought into slavery. All posts and Constirut*on. Knight of the Sword N/E * navigational skills remain some of the finest in Knight of the Rose N/E * the world. Fighter Unlim This time of power was soon to end. mum scores for minotaurs are as follows: taurs as proved by combat in the Circus.s lead by an emperor who resides in the city of Nethosak on Mithas. This god is known as Sargonnas to the Knight of the Crown N/E * developed shipbuilding to a fine art and their Solamnics. With their nations now Druid (Heathen) N/E * separated from the land by the Bloodsea. This continued Illusionist (Renegade) N/E * until the Cataely~m. It is. the honor of one's family is held Class Maximum Level lished the first minotaur kingdoms of Mithas supreme above all other considerations. From their youth. They believe that the weak should perish and that might proves right. * N/E means not eligible for that class. This Charisma 3 16 most often involves seamanship. (All determinations of rank and justice take place Ktynn MinotaurAbility Scores in the Circus. The Thief N/E * minotaurs soon afterward set sail for the newly Thief/Acrobat N/E * created islands that were all that was left of Cktic (Hcadlcn) N/E * Mithas and Kothas.) Ability Minimum Maximum Minotaurs claim to have the only truly class- Strength t2 20 less society. though Magic-User (Renegade) N/E * at a great price to both armies. ation of justice is necessary. The minotauts are Cj~me St~tlstlC. Mino- Cavalier N/E * and Kothas. There they estab. Mino- Dexterity 8 I8 taurs are trained from youth for specialized Constitution 12 20 roles to which they seem most suited. They are ruthless in battle and cold in their justice. whieh the minotaur~ saw Wizard of High Sorcery 14 as divine intervention on their behalf. minotaurs are trained for strength. The rolls ate modified by a . It is their destiny to bring the rest of Krynn under their role. they Holy Orders of the Stars 10 could attain the true power they always knew they deserved. Two kingdoms seemed a better taur clerics invariably worship only one god" Paladin ~ N/E * idea to the competitive minotaurs. kRynn rnlno uRs -_ :.2 penalty to Wisdom Supreme Circle deals with the day-to-day and Charisma and a + 2 bonus to Strength administration of the government. phflosophEs Minotaurs firmly believe in the superiority of their race and in their ultimate place as the rulers of the world. Anyone can become the Intelligence 5 18 emperor--all he has to do is defeat the current Wisdom 3 16 emperor in single combat in the Circus. an annual contest that acts as a minotaur's rite of passage into adult society. SOCEgy Minotaur society is built upon the principle that might makes right and that no consider.kl ynn mlnoT uRs Age of Twilight when they began to gather in Families are the foundation of minotaur Ktynn Minotaur Class Limits the eastern regions of Istar. The minimum a n d maxi- are won by the strongest and cleverest mino. With Barbarian Unlim the advent of the Istar Empire. The goal of this training is combat in the Circus. Under the emperor is a Generating Abilitir The initial ability Supreme Circle of eight minotaurs. and intelligence.

for the Slow Respiration 1 -.2 on all 71 . but not dragons. the Profi- Mountaineering 1 -. all proficiency selections are general condition that he is likely to encount- Astrology 2 Int DLA subject to the approval of the Dungeon Mas. Foraging 1 Int WSG A Proficiency Check is accomplished in the Fungus Identif. any ability Smelter 1 Int DSG score greater than 18 is treated as an 18. and compares Healing 2* Wis DSG the result to the character's ability score that Hunting 1 Wis WSG relates to the proficiency being used. chaoacl. * These require a Proficiency Check each nonwc_pon ciency. for example. dedicated to this proficiency. Dragons 2 Dex DLA Any die roll of 19 or 20 on a Proficiency Riding. pRoOclencles If the player desires further improvement.]. Proficiency Req. he should not ing his future. WSG (2 in 20) of failing a Proficiency Check. This Sound Analysis 1 Wis DSG means that a character with an ability score of Stonemason 1 Str DSG 18 or greater always has at least a 10% chance Survival. However. applies any modifiers. Dragon riding is treated eliminate initial nonweapon proficiencies that as a separate proficiency. etc. when attempting combat on dragonback with Endurance 2 -. Depending upon the partic. A character needs to check this skill Direction Sense 1 Wis DSG ular proficiency or the circumstances sur. the character sees a Armorer 2* Int DSG Ultimately. dragons. er within the next 30 days. time they are used.) Riding. Slots Approp. If he feels that a player character's profi. If successful. (In certain circum- Plant Lore 1 Int WSG stances. If a proficiency slot is used to improve an existing proficiency.. however. Land-based 1 Wis DSG Check indicates automatic failure. WSG improve the character's ability in an existing Weaponsmith 3* Int DSG proficiency rather than acquire a new profi- Weather Sense 1 Wis WSG ciency. Survival. and the the background of his character. Bowyer/Fletcher 1" Dex DSG proficiency does not mean that the character Dragon Riding: This is identical to air- Carpenter 1 Str DSG automatically succeeds in actions governed by borne riding except it deals exclusively with Charioteering 1 Dex WSG that proficiency. DSG ciency selection is illogical. Unless a character has spent a lot of time acter to read the stars for information concern- Animal Noise 1 Wis DSG with dragons.cR pRolztctcnctcs .~. are as follows: The airborne riding proficiency covers rid- ommended that the player take into account ing creatures such as griffins. battle.. This should DRAGONLANCE | Saga Proficiencies like. A roll of 19 or 20 still means failure. DSG purpose of a Proficiency Check. by the DM. it is a mounted lance or when he is attempting Fire-building 1 Wis DSG sometimes necessary for a character to make a special maneuvers (such as a loop) with his Fishing 1" Wis DSG successful Proficiency Check to use the skill. Found are illogical for that character. an enemy who will become a friend. even if Rope Use 1 Dex DSG modifiers would bring the result down into Running 2 Con WSG the range needed for success. the D u n g e o n Master rolls the Potter 1 Dex DSG Proficiency Check and he may or may not Riding. Ability in Book The player should also be careful when select- hag proficiencies as his character gains experience Alertness Animal Handling 1 1 Wis Wis WSG WSG new pRoOcmncJes levels and becomes eligible for more proficien. Boating 1 Wis DSG obligated to refuse to allow that selection. the character receives an automatic die-roll modifier of . If unsuccessful. it is rec. Heat 1 -. This may be a great Blacksmith 1 Str DSG ter. WSG gains an additional nonweapon proficiency Swimming 1 Str DSG slot at 3d and higher levels. Astrology: This proficiency enables a char- Animal Lore 1 Int WSG cies. DSG ciency Check is successful. 1 Int DSG same way as an Ability Check. the player can Tracking 1 -. If the Leatherworker 1 Int DSG modified die roll result is less than or equal to Miner 2* Wis DSG the score of the appropriate ability. t h e n he is important encounter. DLA = DRAGON-LANCE Adventures cally up to the player. Also. in the interest The proficiencies that can be used in Krynn 0f faithful and accurate role playing. WSG Improving Proficiencies: When a character Survival. Desert 2 -.%. applied for every additional proficiency slot WSG = Wilderness Survival Guide weapon proficiencies for a character is basi. Cold 1 -. The player rolls Gem Cutter 2 Dex DSG ld20. subsequent Proficiency Checks for that profi.2 are Books in Table: DSG = Dungeoneer's Survival Guide Choosing Skills: The selection of non. pegasi. Airborne 2 Wis WSG reveal the result to the player. additional die-roll modifiers of . an Blind-fighting 1 -. DSG rounding the use of the proficiency. then the attempt gives similar information Boatwright 1 Int DSG Success and Failure: Having a nonweapon but it is inaccurate. The Proficiency Check is made Animal Trainer 1" Wis DSG acquire proficiency in dragon riding. dragon.

~.. t .. l ." 9 !7"~\ r y. Y i S ..~ .~<~7': 84 0 f i~.. ~z ~iiii~i~i!i!i'~iii! .

The senses of Auraks are heightened so that There are five types of Draconians: the stony they have infravision good to 60 feet. have no wings but possess each). of draconians' statistics) and the dust cloud Auraks have three modes of attack. Baaz are derived from brass eggs. form. Then Wyrllish opens the gate to the Abyss and the abishai. are used as assassins and archers. sess a limited ability to dimension door three tures that are common to other worlds are also Bozaks from bronze eggs. In natural used as special agents who can pass undetect. Sivaks from silver eggs. Dracon. the odd enchantments that formed them create spectacular death scenes SPECIAL ATTACKS: Spells & Breath (see the draconian descriptions). Such special creatures are DAMAGE: ld8 + 2 (x2) or spell presented here in greater detail. wielding poison blade with energy blasts.) more predictable than human forces and more the army they are in. Three times The magic-using Bozaks are used as special per day they can breathe a noxious cloud (five- forces and as commanders of squads of Baaz. rather three times per day at will. # APPEARING: 1-2 the Bender. three times per day. 4". the shape-shifting Sivaks. This latter diabolical ability is to change self three times form of movement enables them to move very per day to resemble any human or humanoid fast along the ground (see the bracketed and to perfectly imitate its voice.o the shape of any animal ding down from heights. using change self. Through arcane spells they cause ARMOR CLASS: 0 of ansalon the eggs to grow and their occupants to multi. are the special other races. draconians with short tails and no wings. TREASURE TYPE: K. MOVE: 15" HIT DICE: 8 While most creatures encountered on ply. or Dragonmen.u cs ol Zk ynn swords. the magic-wielding Bozaks. breath weap- armor and easily swinging two-handed 73 . foot range). Auraks. but are really attacking Highlords. the aURakS Common bulk of the troops. and the mind-bending Auraks. but of these only the Sivaks can truly once each turn until they attack. they remain aloof from Draconians. but they move as fast as Much has already been said about the ori. auRakS /:i. the Dark Queen's minions. They can also see through all illusions. These are the eggs that the Queen tics for most creatures of Krynn can be found of Darkness swore to protect in return for the on page 115 and 116. They are also draconians and the most devious. Draconians are created by corrupting good dragon eggs. striking targets up to 6" away. gold eggs. But the most fours while flapping their wings. L. Victims caught in the cloud must Sivaks form the elite forces. Baaz are the common soldiers. They move either by walking upright. They can also attack with and arrow. or running on all their size. other draconians on the ground. Auraks can dimension door up to 6" away. the statis. Auraks pos- gins of the unusual races of Krynn. polymotph se/fint. detect hidden and invisible creatures within tongued Kapaks. They answer directly to the Queen ALIGNMEN~ Lawful Evil troops of the Dragon Highlords.800 + 10/hp apt to follow orders than the ogres and goblins that make up the bulk of the army. and can Baaz. Their most feared form found in Ansalon. Kapaks.~: The corruption of the eggs is the work of an FREQUENCY. described in other books. sinewy a. They are of Darkness despite the command structure of SIZE: M (7 ft. Wyrllish the cleric.nsalon ed among humans. The Auraks are rare and special gen- erals of the draconian armies. Dracart the mage. XP VALUE: 1. These creatures are best of attack is their mind control (see page 74). Autaks cannot fly. They are often used as scouts since they can disguise themselves in Autaks are the special agents of the Dragon Highlords." Rare Umque CReatuRes evil triad. SPECIAL DEFENSES: Save at +4 MAGIC RESISTANCE: 30% OlaCOnlanS While units of draconians are often found INTELLIGENCE: Exceptional in evil human armies. gli. Dracon- ians are creatures of magical origin and when # ATTACKS: 2 or 1 this universe alone. there are also many that are special to rush forth to inhabit the new bodies. they appear to be using an Draconians serve many roles for the Dragon appropriate weapon. % IN LAIR: 10% Krynn are commonly found in many uni. Many crea. This effect movement rates under "Move" in the listings only lasts for 2d6 + 6 rounds. However. They can rum invisible wings. They kicked up by their wings makes them a very can generate blasts of energy from each of intimidating sight in battle. they seem to rally around the evil dragons. ians are not frightened by dragon awe. The fifth type of their hands (ld8 + 2 points of damage with ~raconian. Auraks appear to be 7-foot-tall. good dragons' pledge not to interfere in her war against the peoples of Krynn. V verses. When a limited dimension door ability. Auraks have several natural defenses that they The first four types of draconians have can invoke at will. Kapaks from copper eggs. and Auraks from times per day at will. N. They are the most powerful of all C tuRes of robes. They can fly. and the ancient red dragon Harkiel. they are slain. the poison. c cal. wearing heavy roll a successful saving throw vs. claws and fangs ( l d 4 / l d 4 / l d 6 ) .

Then the bones explode. L. at will." Uncommon per day they can mind control one creature o f # APPEARING: 2d10 ." Lawful Evil damage to those struck. And once and web.. it d o e s HIT DICE: 4 DAMAGE: l d 4 / l d 4 or by weapon not die. freeing the weapon. 13AAZ Baaz ate the smallest and most plentiful of draconians. but immolates itself with eerie greefi % IN LAIR: 15% SPECIAL ATTACKS: None flames and enters a fighting frenzy ( + 2 to hi~ SPECIAL DEFENSES: None TREASURE TYPE: U and damage). it turns into a stone statue. At the bottom of the draconian social order. but they must concentrate. The person who struck the SIZE: M (6 ft. Anyone attacking it suffers t d 6 MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20% # ATTACKS: 2 or 1 points of damage each round from the f l a m ~ DAMAGE: l d 4 / l d 4 or byweapon INTELLIGENCE: Average unless a successful saving throw vs. invisibility. The statue crumbles to When a Bozak reaches 0 hit points... # ATTACKS: 2 or 1 MOVE: 6"1115"]/18" When an Aurak reaches 0 hit points. blink. flesh shrivels and crumbles from its bones in a allowecl). levitate. and very cunning warriors. breath weapon to TREASURE TYPE: J. Three rounds later it When a Baaz teaches 0 hit points. + ) explodes with a thunderous boom. K.3 penalty or his weapon is underwater) and causing 3d6 points of dam~ stuck in the statue. or when t h 6 SIZE: M (51/2 ft. pass through civilized lands as spells as 4th-level magic users.. They often lick their weapons before attacking. shocking grasp.. U ARMOR CLASS: 2 avoid the effect.to 4th-level encountered in disguise. cloud of dust. The target must roll a HIT DICE: 2 % INLAIR: 5% # APPEARING: 2dlO !~ successful saving throw vs.OoaconlAns damage and be blinded for ld4 rounds. Any items within range must saw Its armor and weapons remain. Mind control letS Bozaks MOVE: 6"1115"]/18" the caster control the actions of the target as i f FREQUENCY. They are the Dragon Highlords' common ground troops. enlarge. equal or fewer hit dice for 2d6 rounds t h r o u g h ARMOR CLASS: 4 unbroken concentration. stinking cloud. seeking to lure prey into traps and tripping foes to gain an advantage. Because of the Kapak's venomous nature. Their favored spells: burn- The Auraks' most insidious power is m h a d ing bands. Baaz are often Boz~ks Auraks can also cast two lst. petrifica ALIGNMEN'E Lawful Evil (Chaotic) SPECIAL ATTACKS: Spells tion is rolled.20 hit points. FREQUENCY. if it benefits them. They are creel srinkJng cloud. its scaly age to all within 10 feet (no saving t h r o w dust within ld4 rounds. t'~re spies. They can use suggestion once per turn Baaz :~:: grasp... and masks. Kapaks are larger than Baaz and often bully and abuse their smaller cousins. They conceal their magic-user spells. Six rounds later." Uncommon it were his own body. magic missile. the Dragon Highlords employ these draconians as assas- sins as well as warriors. Kapaks are sly and con- niving. ESP. wearing large hoods Bozaks are magic wielders and can cast indude these: enlarge.) SPECIAL DEFENSES: Saves at + 2 creature reaches . it transforms XPVALUE: 81 + 1/hp MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20% into a whizzing ball of lightning. when they can get away with it. cru~ing b!ow or be destroyed~ kapaks Kapaks are distinguished by their venom- ous saliva. cans- ~ .. Their preferred spells wings under robes and. shocking control. striking INTELLIGENCE: High 13-HD monster and causing 2d6 points o f ALIGNMENT. h'ghming bolt. stunning XP VALUE: 175 + 4/hp death blow must make a successful Dexterity all within 10 feet for ld4 rounds (2d4 i f Check with a . and wa//ofGre. these draconians often tend to be chaotic in nature and self-serving 74 . sparing a life only shield.

The Sivak can change back to its normal same as those of the person or creature being SIZE: M (6 ft. Oncr.. lasts for 2d6 turns if the victim fails his saving This death-shape lasts for three days.~~' ~ . capable of chang.~.) \ Sivaks who are killed by creatures larger. XP VALUE: 105 + 3/hp again until it kills another humanoid. : / ~ ~k than themselves will burst into flames. like all INTELLIGENCE: As the dreamer draconians.: and voice are exact matches to those of its vic. 0 will also change shape when it is slain it The paralysis induced by a Kapak's p o i s o n assumes the form of the creature that killed it. it may take the form of its victim. however. only ~If~____~.) ..~'7~~ person. second only to the Auraks. Dreamwraiths are the violent creations of remain poisoned for only three rounds..~. its body Sivaks : ':!: ! ~ in many forms. ~ :~'. Sivaks normally attack with two # APPEARING: 2dl wicked-edged swords. radiates magic. All within the acid pool take ld8 p o i n ~ FREQUENCY: Uncommon of a mindspinspell.:. Because the mindspin spell conians. Weapons licked with poison entire body decomposes into black soot. L. but are just as danger. armored tails.aJnshaOows ous with their claws.. then the OREamWRal~hS throw vs. ~l Dreamshadows are the creations of a mind- ~aJ ~J/ spinspell.. acid evaporates in ld6 rounds. Dreamshadows are. " ~ ~ Dreamshadows can be of any alignment "~ ~ and can be either harmful or helpful to those who experience them. TREASURE TYPE: As for person mimicked Sivaks are shapeshifters. experi.. or spell use of the victim and. # ATTACKS: 1 smaller. almost always horrible and instantly dissolves into a lO-foot-wide pool Of frightening. HIT DICE: 6 Dreamwraiths are not undead and there- % IN LAIR: 10% fore cannot be turnedby clerics. They are illu- TREASURE TYPE: Q sionary.. they attack the minds of of damage each round they remain there.. Dreamshadows take the shape and known to the dreamer or to anyone experienc- ing the dream. but after doing so cannot polymorpfi mimicked. caus- ~\~ ~. their blows do no harm to the Sivaks are some of the most powerful dra.~ ~-.~ ing 2d4 points of damage to all within 10 feet t/I~ ~no saving throw)..5 penalty to the check). In addition. but illusionary.~. All other stattstics for this creature are the ALIGNMENT. % IN LAIR: 15% ' ing their form under two specific conditions. They are SPECIAL ATTACKS: None weaves real people into its illusion. the subconscious.'r:~ --i~ \ / ~ illusionary and cause only illusionary damage. Solamnia where people are suspicious of the ~JN'I~LLIGENCE: High 75 ... DAMAGE: l d 6 / l d 6 / 2 d 6 nonbeliever. M When a Sivak slays a humanoid of its size or sionary.. OReamshaOows AHGNMEN'Iq Neutral Evil SIZE: L (9 ft. mindspin: Normal/10%/20% ences. These creatures can appear When a Kapak reaches 0 hit points. poison. Freed through the evil influences acid. but its appearance XP VALUE: As creature mimicked + 10% MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20% INTELLIGENCE: Average . These incarnations are quite believable and in all ways appear to be the real . / ~. The # APPEARING: 2d10 their wctims through illusion. The MAGIC RESISTANCE: By dream level of the Sivak does not gain the memories.. form. they attack with long." Lawful Evil tim. Kal~ $ : FREQUENC~ Uncommon . A Sivak . All items POSt ARMOR CLASS: 1 Dreamwraiths attack with terrible swiftness MOVE: 6"/[15"]/18" and with the fury of a berserk fanatic. maintain- useful both on the battlefield and as advance SPECIAL DEFENSES: + 2 on Saves ing disbelief in these creatures is nearly impos- infiltrators in areas such as Ergoth or western MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20% sible ( . DAMAGE: As for person mimicked but illu- TREASURE TYPE: K. and if their illusion is Slv~ks # ATTACKS: 3 discovered. however.. /. They can only use % IN LAIR: 100% this attack when in draconian form. rather than change form.i':!i robed Baaz.

: the trail was made.'.:/~. to all but their victim. made separately for :each group of a l t y o f . ld100 roll must be made once per day--if suc- MOVE: Variable _ ": " . AUGNMEN'E Lawful Evil Fetch are always invisible.: :'i~ suffera ~. an ice bear has a t00 % chance m follow o uow . Any other prey that MOVE: 12" only reach into our world through reflective stumbles into an ice bear's path is likely to be HIT DICE: 8 +4 surfaces (mirrors. # APPEARING: ld4 The chilling touch of a fetch drains the ARMOR CLASS: 6 essence of life from the victim with horrific MOVE: 12" ~'~ speed.... :i: ~' TREASURE TYPE: Nil # ATTACKS: 1 .i!' ARMOR CLASS: 4 .4 0 0 . Btoo6s~ m ." HIT DICE: 9 ' ~ " ' enme day.tc. XP VALUE! 650 + lO/hp and enslave the world. subtract 10%. the fetch appears to be standing imme. Subtract # APPEARING" 1 . n o ~ . MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard weapon of its victim (this replica disappears if INTELLIGENCE: High the fetch is killed). i~i~:..~ ~ pale imitation of the person gazing into the ble cave bears in size and ferocity. however. " i::!~:~i~" # ATTACKS: 2 : DAMAGE: ldlO(illusionary) /~ DAMAGE: Special BIOOOSC. if SPECIAL DEFENSES: Surprised only ~ a l stunning speed. # APPEARING: 1 . even while IC6 1StSAK~ "SIZE: L attacking. For each day since FREQUF2. etc.4 penaky to Eft the invisiblefetch. otherwise the trail is b s t forever. Ice bears have an uncanny ability to track DAMAGE: 2d4 or by weapon type -~ tion. % IN LAIR: 100% :::. 6 0 0 § :12thp can only see the fetch by looking in the reflec. Allothers dreamwraiths en d.' " "' SIZE: M races of Krynn it is their destiny to conquer SIZE: Variable . TREASURE TYPE: C . Minotaurs of Krynn XP VALUE: Variable " :~: will ally with adventurers if they can be con- A fetch attacks twice per melee round. # ATTACKS: 2 surface.. I:e. ~ i : MOVE: 6 : : cessful the ice bear can follow the trail for the HIT DICE: 8 . A fetch attacks with them for this purpose. . ~ ~ Q U E N C ~ Rare I. While their color is % IN LAIR: 10% (80% on home istes)~ . consumed as well.hs If no new snow has fallen since a track was made.. using an exact replica of the any. i a trail one day old or less. sharing the reward.. vinced that this serves their own purposes. these creatures can diet consistsmainly of fish. FREQUENC~ iJncommon tive surface. -.. A fetch appears to be a haggard and deathly that of a polar bear. with the bears. prey over snow and ice. 10% for every inch of snow that has fallen. Existing These great white bears are carnivores whose ARMOR CLASS: 4 ~-7 on the fringes of the Abyss. iii~: ALIGNMEN'E Chaotic Evil believe themselves to be superior to the other ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil ' .ms i_. The minotaurs INTELLIGENCE: Of the person d r e a m ~ .OoeAmwRAi1. . calm pools.aURS SPECIAL ATTACKS: Illusionary Weapons/i: J: SPECIALATTACKS: Drains 2 levels per hit Minotaurs on Krvnn are a highly organized SPECIAL DEFENSES Nil '!' SPECIALDEFENSES: Invisibleomept to warrior race that operates from bases on the MAGIC RESISTANCE: By dream level ~ MAGIC RESISTANCE: Normal islands of Mithas and Kothas on the eastern mind spin: Normal/109/o/20% INTELLIGENCE: High borders of the Bloodsea.~ % IN LAIR: 100% TREASURE TYPE: Nil .~..).. and the thanoi use SPECIAL ATTACKS: Nil diately behind them. : .. ice bears more closelyresem. Checks for disbelief must refl~ve surface.both claws hit SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to cold MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard SIZE: L ( t 2 + feet) XPVALUE: 475 + 8 / h p 76 . .cl~ch ICe Bc~xRS # APPEARING: td8 Fetch are the harbingers of death.2 t o h i t a n d + 2 t o t h e i r A C . See Dreamwraiths gain a + 1 bonus to every i n i ~ victim can only see the fetch by looking into the the section on minotaurs (page 69) under tiative check. To the person gazing at their reflec. HIT DICE: 6 + 2 % IN LAIR: Nil TREASURE TYPE: Nil # ATTACKS: 3 (claw/clawlbke) DAMAGE: Id8/Id8/2d8 SPECIAL ATTACKS: Hugs for 2d6-if. The victim XP VALUE:. Thus the victim suffers a pen~ Races of Ktynn for more details.AITIlnO1. A ARMOR CLASS: 3 " .1CY: Very R a r e ~ / FREQUENCY: Very~ ! ' .

On very rare occasions where the quest was to perform an act over an area.2 penalty to all tO larly to educate the young and make decisions hit rolls under overcast skies. they can FREQUENCY: Rare ~:9! operate but do so in great pain. they seem to fall into six general categories: Berserkers: Some agents of evil are driven 77 ." NeutruA (good) divided into two classes: warriors and coun- SIZE: M cilors. they must stay in the corridor or room where they met death. Such weapons becomes a part of them. they are free to roam within the area. Spectral minions appear as they were in life. they must relive the events leading to their deaths. They can Shadowpeople can communicate via a set of glide 10 times the distance they launch them- squeaks and growls that forms a primitive lan- selves from. spectral minions must stay with- in 1. ShaOowpcoplc In combat each shadow warrior employs a The shadowpeople are a race of mammals wickedly curved hook to both attack and that has dwelled in Sanction since the city was restrain opponents. :~ il~ ~" Outdoors. dead or the fight ends. Once an enemy has been founded. The warriors patrol the race's under- XP VALUE: 85 + 4/hp ground tunnel network and defend the clan against intrusion. covering 10 feet of # . but enemy's attacks are hampered and he con- never proven to the satisfaction of scholars. tinues to take damage from the hook.2 penalty on all to hit rolls and sus- Spcc1. smooth fur. The weapons and the spectral minions disappear forever if the min- ions' vows or quests are fulfilled or if a spell is cast to remove their curse. This pain is # APPEARING: 2d20 even more extreme when in direct sunlight. Under an overcast sky (the usual ShaOowpeople weather conditions in Sanction). trying to fulfill their vows or quests. clannish cul- MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard ture. Any character who is successfully guage.000 yards of where they died. The young are cared for by whatever INTELLIGENCE: Very adults happen to be nearby. Under cer- DAMAGE: Id8 tain thermal air conditions. increased to . Indoors. The penalty is about the survival of the race. Every day. impaled by the hook of a shadow warrior. The adults are ALIGNMENT.4 in bright sunlight. stretchable HIT DICE: 3 + 1 ~ membrane connects their arms to their flanks. While spec- tral minions are hard to tell apart. this allows them SPECIAL ATTACKS: See Below to soar and gain height as they fly. The councilors meet regu- Shadowpeople suffer a . centuries before the Cataclysm. but they are almost transparent. ARMOR CLASS: 2 The shadowpeople's bodies are covered MOVE: 12" / 18" with dark. They cannot be surprised by any sentient quests placed upon them when they were alive. enemies and take measures to defend against spectral minions are bound to the vows or it. This ESP accounts for the Spectral minions are the spirits of humans tains an additional ld8 of damage every Shadowpeople's low Armor Class: In combat or demihumans who died before they could round until one or the other combatants is they are able to anticipate the actions of their fulfill powerful vows or quests. Spectral minions can only inflict damage if they died holding weapons. Shadowpeople dwell almost exclusively underground and suffer greatly in the light of the sun. but they are much more likely to use their advanced ESP abilities to send and struck by the hook of a shadow warrior will suffer a . Even in death. the Their existence has always been rumored. A long. shaOowpcoptc creature. SPECIAL DEFENSES: See Below Shadowpeople have a close.RM mmtons receive messages.~TTACKS: 1 ground for every foot they drop. % IN LAIR: 100% The membrane enables the Shadowpeople to TREASURE TYPE: Nil glide through the air.

. Once the password is correctly given. In fact. temperature is above freezing. Black 0RaGons Their clawed feet enable them to maintain a good pace over ice or snow. Their weapon. Some scholars con- ARMOR CLASS: jecture that this preference for dark lairs indi- ~ano. t attacks. (wMrus cates a sensitivity to light. The dragons of good.. against their quests and have no hope of ever ALIGNMEN~ Varies DAMAGE: By weapon or tusk (ld8) . Often adventurers are A group of thanoi always has a leader. and faces much like walruses. Although large and clumsy-looking. often thanoi kill for the sheer joy of unless someone rescues them. or any other protein that fate sends be--the most fearsome of opponents. The are often found dancing madly or laughing in beast can use these to attack or it can use a groups while drinking spectral ale. This immu- no lasting damage and the net effect is an eter. These beings have rebelled INTELLIGENCE: Standard # ATTACKS: I or 2 . losing Strength sive thanoi of the band. spirits endeavoring to complete their assigned . Eh&no~ into a berserking frenzy when they become SPECIAL DEFENSES: + 1 or better to hit % IN LAIR: 25 % minions.. although they also # APPEARING: inhabit subterranean lairs. jutting wickedly downward.. for they will destroy anything that stands of inspiring awe and fear in all who behold in their direction. They can swim in In the ancient days of Huma. everyone Searcher: 525 + 8/hp ALIGNMENT. whether magical or n o n m a g i c a l ! Revelers: These minions revel through the Two huge tusks grow from a thanoi's halls and places to which they are tied..and fire-based side or the other... They are not above eating carrion. stocky arms with fingers In addition.. they suffer an extra point of dam. thanoi are immune to all forms of the minion-versus-minion combat produces the dragons of evil have conspired to return. Searchers: These armed minions of evil The dragons of Krynn are power incarnate and are trapped in the ice-covered lakes on Icewall stalk their haunts. gaining the benefit of its tremendous strength. They are--or at least they should Glacier. Philosophers can be of any alignment. Over 30 feet long.. black dragons attack with sharp claws and teeth. also exiled. Any weapon used by a thanoi does 2 more' they are freed of their responsibilities.hanol (WalRus men) at least five hit dice. Since then. were driven from the world that gave them combat at the time of death. bear meat. SIZE: M Guardians: These minions were quested to XP VALUE: guard some passage or object. the nuances of a single book. cold. their quests. Often they are found in groups of two or more capable of holding a weapon or casting a age per die f r o m any fire. These unfortunate mortals dance uncontrollably.. Black dragons are capable of speech. trapped on a far-off plane..he Cwl 0Raqons noi can maneuver its bulk surprisingly well. and become spectral minions Dragons are the title children of Krynn. . In all such cases. The creatures have climates lose one hit die per week of exposure tioned. They usually The thanoi ate a bizarre blend of the Thanoi that are exposed to above-freezing. The walrus men are a h stoRy vicious race. including 78 . Black dragons are typically found in FREQUENCY swamps or marshes. capable ous. Guardians are always honest and good Warrior: 900 + 14/hp XPVALUE: 85 + 4/hp . in both the secret language of dragons and in other languages they find useful. Usually they Philosopher: 525 + 8/hp require only a password or signal to allow a Reveler: 525 + 8/hp INTELLIGENCE: Below Average person to pass safely. points of damage than usual Philosophers: Philosophers love libraries The leader of a group of thanoi always has: and books and can spend decades studying 1. human and walrus races. hypnotic effect on mortals who see them. resolved to nity has its disadvantages: Thanoi suffer dam- nal conflict between the groups.!n the Cataclysm. This happened in many cases during MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20%' TREASURE TYPE: Individuals M. Only leave the light of Krynn to the children of the age if exposed to a environment whose through the intervention of mortals can the gods. Thanoi are protected by a tough leathery Warriors: These groups of minions are the skin and a thick layer of fat. They can also spew a stream of deadly acid upon their victims. Unfortunately. k ynn 0RaGons frolicking has a dangerous. spear. creatures. being freed from their charges.~ Berserker: 900 + 14/hp task. birth. based attacksl engaged in heated debates. forever searching to fulfill know it... them." Lawful Evil who knew the password is usually long since Guardian: 900 + 14/hp SIZE: L (8 ft.. enjoying the torment of other and will power.. Their primary food source is the fish that embodying the elemental forces themselves.) dead. the dragons spirits of mortals who were locked in mortal arctic waters without suffering from the cold.~ attack an intruder only if their honesty is ques. They mouth.. This BackqRoun0 an0 leader is usually the meanest and most aggres- drawn into these revels. These minions are very danger. a tha- 1. huge. between them and their unreachable goals. both natural and magical. padded feet. They dine gluttonously and play parlor games. it. They suffer tide of the battle be turned in the favor of one extra damage from heat.

but often were White dragons attack with teeth and claws teeth and claws or their two breath weapons: called on for more sinister purposes. with a tendency to self- Dragon Highlords in direct assault on cities ishness. save only for the Queen her- is their lightning breath. Blue dragons were BRonze ORaGons self. Bloodbane served the great archmage. dragons enjoy nothing more than setting cities are large. who later Ember. a relatively unimportant region in me?" when invited to aid others. like With their flaming breath and exceptional gas sends enemies fleeing in panic. In ancient times. They quickly to live near large bodies of water. gold dragons are over 50 feet long. and looting. but only Whtte ORaGons usually serious-minded dragons. but their most deadly attack all dragonkind. Queen's reentry into Krynn. B l u e Or~aGons Their sleep gas causes victims to slumber ReO OoaGons peacefully during the wildest battle. They prefer Blue dragons are more gregarious than ablaze. They can dwell in any climate. which they invari. Blue dragons are highly adept first and the Dragon Highlords second. Because of their low intelligence. ORaGons the language of magic. the red dragons were the dragons speak a wide variety of languages deserts and arid lands. They will con- were more highly valued as guards for valued verse about nothing for hours on end and will artifacts and spies. Although basically upon their victims. their cruel natures and vicious tempers. few languages. white dragons were used mountainous regions. The red dragons were loyal to believed that they often took the form of Highlords. used to overcome fortified fortresses and tow. they are extremely fond of Clever and subde. Boass Ooaqons Since they are extremely independent and Brass dragons inhabit arid. CjooOORaGons ably use to cover their movements during attacks. foes. was renowned to search for Berem Everman. for a time following the war. they were rarely used southern Ansalon. A master Unusual among dragonkind. the dragons. Brass dragons prefer to attack with claws hakal in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth. and can breathe a cone of frost upon their acid and a slow gas. it was Thus they proved loyal allies of the Dragon their enemies. black dragons were rarely used by the boisterous and loud. These dragons their fondness for small talk. their/'ear Although blue dragons live in caves. that would certainly be remarkable for the forested areas. destroying. They are extremely interested in the can act and fight together as a cohesive unit. sible for breathing nightmares into the ears of white dragons can cast magical spells. Thirty-six out assault. the Silvanesri king. bronze dragons ers during the War of the Lance. such as lakes many of their cousins. They fight with Highlords. the one person nmg or a repulsion gas cloud to keep victims at a among his kind for his remarkable loyalty to who could permanently block the Dark distance. they Copper ORa(~ons actually prefer these over warm climes. The bronze dragon Khirsah. copper dragons attack with in major offensive engagements. A favorite spell of black dragons is darkness. red dragons are over 48 feet in length. green dragons prefer to use They were also detailed to defend the Ice wealth and almost always ask "what's in it for trickery and magic on an enemy rather than all. breathe a cloud of poisonous chlorine gas gent as their cousins. They are large favored airborne assault force of the Dragon (mainly so they'll have someone to talk to). Small dragons attack with teeth and claws and can in size--only 24 feet long--and not as intelli. For this reason. They obey orders and learned how to work together in flights to or oceans. sandy regions. brass dragons are poses. dragons--over 42 feet long. Brass others of their kind.) from leaders whom they respect. the primary responsibility of the red dragons either of two breath weapons--a bolt of h'ghv Kiriara's blue dragon. his rider. dragons are generally found living in wild. Only about 30 feet long. They will obey orders. was became known as "Tasslehoffs Dragon. They speak a variety of Cyan Bloodbane. Copper dragons make their homes in rocky. Over 36 feet long. was respon. and teeth." is Goeen ORaqons responsible for the downfall of Pax Tharkas. red Fond of war and fighting. black dragon Onyx guarding the Disks of Mis. trail along after parties of adventurers just for This is why the Companions found the the pleasure of hearing themselves talk. Skie. Raistlin. both attack and defend themselves against affairs of mankind. Lord Verminaard's red dragon. they prefer to dwell in intelligences. Wall. but their lairs are 79 . a green dragon. several others. obey commands only if it serves their pur. serving her domestic animals simply to observe men. green have not only adapted to cold climates. They have their own language and their Dark Queen above all things. Lorac's. feet in length. or a kender to ride upon his back. If so. nearly 42 feet in length. and other acts of devas. They speak a variety of languages. the only dragon ever known to allow a dwarf the burning of Solace. mainly as scouts during the War of the Lance. good in nature. Not usually inclined to obeying orders. These nightmares Sleet was the white dragon who served the GO[OORaGons caused the terrible tranfformation of the ancient evil wizard Feal-Thas and helped guard Ice elven homeland. Brass dragons' one great weakness is during the War of the Lance. these reptiles who falls low in the esteem of a green dragon had best beware. but they have two formidable breath weapons they can use if the need arises. green certain adventures following the war. (Tas often Notorious even among evil dragons for claims that Khirsah has accompanied him on tation in the lands of Abanasinia. It was also known that Cyan The most majestic (in their minds at least) of Wall Castle. The most ferocious and deadly of teeth and claws. It was Bronze dragons attack with teeth and claws or spell casters.

ness. unconscious. as is appropriate for very clever creatures. l:h6 platinum ORaqon Most dragons tend to use their breath weal> fire or chlorine gas upon their victims. ises to talk their way out of bad situations. Dragons can perform a wingover if 2.1 bonus to hit. for Fizban. a cloud of vapor that turns victims in a position m be subdued. queen of Oa~kn~ss at double their listed speeds. who met the Companions in the and they know it. fied to breathe at that altitude.000 feet of altitude per matically panic and flee for 4d8 turns. Pyrite). disintegrates solid rock. even the very young ones. This enables them successful saving throw vs. (The same cannot be said. SilVeR ORacions These include a blast of cold that can freeze Dragons do not knowingly place themselves Certainly the dragons most beloved by any victims. they often cast upon Krynn. Watchers with less than 1 hit die auto- Although Takhisis can take any form from glide but they lose 1. weapons--a cone of frost or a cone of paralyz. dragons cast spells only and claws or with one of his breath weapons. unfortunately. All others must roll a successful saving ent color (white. the most ancient gold dragon living the Fabulous). Her constellation claw or bite. red. Dragons cannot fly higher than Even the draconians are subject to these: each head has its own breath weapon--frost. When using spells. Silver dragons attack with hidden and invisible beings at a range of 1" claws and teeth or use either of two breath per age level. The most famous of the silver dragons is The dragons of Krynn are power incarnate 1. employ their breath weapons and awe ability Dragons younger than adult cannot inspire less of what the other heads are doing. Their love affair was a tragic gale. awe. a lord of the full speed. well as a different power and personality. effects from good dragons.) Over 72 feet long. spell or be para- her favorite form is that of the five-headed chro. but usu. inflict double damage with their claws if they mals. At less "~ dragons' most potent weapons. mingled the most with the races of Krynn. than most creatures and automatically detect them if they can. they stall while climbing. lure unwary adventurers into a trap. Each head is also When attacking from the air. Paladine. dragons slow to half-speed. (50% chance). in the night sky always appears directly oppo. believing it site that of Paladine. Unlike gold also cast clerical spells. dragons however. spell or suffer a . Dragons cannot cast spells while flying.000 feet because the air becomes too rare. or gain the upper the Platinum Dragon can attack with teeth hand. Dargent was also destined to fall in PCs as dragons on the wing. are within 12" of the evil dragon they seree. L~ 80 . Sister ity of playing these magnificent beasts proper. Dragons adapt their tactics to the situarion~ ing gas. them before melee to avoid the conflict. the creatures stall and lose charging dragons cause awe under the follow- ing conditions: altitude. the God of Good. round. Class C at half She can attack with all five heads at once. Paladine is highly skilled in magic and can Dragons are very clever opponents. with their breath weapons. stay out oTfhand-held weapon range. as speed). Once in melee. stirring up clouds to blind fight- love with a mortal--Gilthanas. The DM has the responsibil. Fizban the Fabulous. regard. while swooping down low over their oppo. sacrifice of Huma. dragons rush across the world like a ers and disturb spell casters. they have a +. accord. (one of his best-known incarnations is Fizban refuse to fight except as it suits their own pur- Pyrite. They are rarely surprised. and black). however. flame. as maneuverability ratings one better than older throw vs. The ally prefer human or elven tongues.- prefer this form to their own. In his dragon form. and smell much better ~ being around humans and elves and helping companion. capable of casting its own magical spells. silver dragons sometimes seem to form is that of the befuddled old wizard. Gold ons twice and then wait for a strategic moment dragons are also extremely skilled in magic-. If the combat area is dusty.0o&cions always made of solid stone--be it cave or casde. Watchers with 1 to 3 hit dice must roll a' en to the powerful and loathsome Dark Warrior. ble during melee to cause awe (see below)and form of the Kagonesti elf maid Silvart. to the silver dragon who fell in love with l~ Tl~ere should be nothing so terrifying to 2. If the draconians poison gas. although they are mankind are the silver dragons. was the companion of the truly impressive. Very young and young adult dragons have 3. sleep. weaken their opponents. They speak many languages. demeaning to take on such puny bodies. for Gilthanas could never bring impaired (Maneuverability Class E). This they do only rarely. Fiz. Highly intelligent. or a sonic vibration that clever enough to pretend to be subdued to. if losing. These dragons into gaseous form. Silver dragons are excellent magic-users.1 penalty ~o hit. ing to the color of the head. lightning. blue. They use clever conversation and prom- one. gods' continual opposition. she is over 60 feet speed. they beat Huma. that of the most beautiful and alluring of wom. They can climb at half speed or dive T~khlslS. When in flight at their wings. Forty-eight feet long. but their ability to turn is greatly 3. or subdual to trap opponents. In this form. They morph into human or elven form. ORacion I ulcs following tactics are frequently used. Confined to the Abyss by the bravery and nents and then climbing back into the sky. Diving d r a g o ~ and can appear in the guise of humans or ani. Dragons can 1. himself to accept Dargent's true form. Flying L-he GoOs as ORaqons than half speed. but not both. hear. Qualinesti elves. renowned wizard. Takhisis never ceases her Flying dragons can swoop down and e i ~ They have the ability m polymorph themselves attempts to reenter Krynn. Each head has a differ. They can breath palaOme. long and has five heads. improv-~ The power to cause awe and fear is one ing their maneuverability to Class D. symbolizing the two dive. Paladine's favorite have been known to feign death. When engaging earth-bound creatures in combat. green. names among the different races of the world Dragons are haughty creatures and may gold dragons rarely make use of spell books. Dragons stay in the air as much as possi- Dargent. 10. has many to use their third breath attack. to turn 120 degrees as they dive to regain lyzed with fear (50% chance) or flee as'above matic dragon. but can cast spells on the ground or while gli- Gold dragons attack with teeth and claws or ding. and acid. dragons. dragons (Class D at full speed. They enjoy ban (ofttimes seen with his senile gold dragon They can see. Paladine is poses. silver dragons can poly.

~ r ~ ~.!i? 9 ~t:'~84 / i s 9 ~./ .- .i . ~.~i .

~hc WoRIO t h a t Was "Their world was folly and ours the price. but oh how brightly shines the glory of their folly. 82 .

mists of antiquity. is certainly the definitive The Age of Dreams is a span of uncertain plates onto scrolls for transport to the Library. the Age of Darkness. longer than the rest and still unfin. His set of scrolls. ballads of the Age of Light that followed. Finally. as into five ages: the Age of Dreams. has worked for centuries to chronicle and order the history of Krynn. Exact dating in the PC the rulership of Karthay Pah in Istar. bringing their frantic energy and Cataclius) period. the young Astinus rian. who first ordered the keeping of a chronicle. work on the topic--almost all other histories years. The ori. to spread across the lands. The Age of Light was a period of peace and Darkness are described thoroughly.Thus began the The latter two are of most concern to the The Age of Might signaled the rise of newest age. the world of Krynn passed from the Age of One scroll. of Song by the Silvanesti bard. sury. if not entirely accurate. Krynn following the Cataclysm--the AC (Att. and are recorded as the PC The initiation of the Age of Might is tied to (Pre-Cataclius) years. The prior ages lead into the aggressive confidence to all corners of Krynn. Dreams is derived. As Palanthus ished. the evil Astinus has divided the history of his world work of the elves. the Light. The history of the Age through the gate she had partially opened A reader of this scroll quickly notes that of Light was chronicled in the songs and art. records of the shadow of the Queen's monstrous evil began and the Age of Dragons. Thus. mostly chronicled by the folk songs and The Age of Might lasted for many centu- are drawn from the Iconochronos. A copy of that scroll was presented to Astinus Might into the Age of Darkness. Quevalin Soth. mented with great reliability. learning. the renowned histo. In a single hour. and the These ballads were compiled on the Lifescroll resulted in the Cataclysm. as they include the history of humanity on Krynn. the world. although the accompanying text is certainly Silvanesti shone as a beacon of civilization Finally. Much of this line is recorded in pic. Scribes carved his deeds upon plates of gold and silver. Humans spread across Age of Dragons. the Age of Might. during which the elven culture of for very grim reading. tcs of tong aqo Astinus of Palanthus. the arrival of the Queen of Darkness the work of Asrinus. the Age of long-lived race have provided beautiful and the world fell under the reign of Darkness. depicts the history of Krynn as a contin. and make gin of the artwork is shrouded in mystery. Lorekeeper continually adds to their number. to return to the world. near the end of the Age of Light. Gradually. It was he period is difficult. which is still in its infancy--the modem reader. the members of that dragons. acies of kRynn journeyed from the Library at Palanthus to Istar and spent three decades copying these the Iconochtonos. storing them on rings in his trea- 83 . ries. from the Abyss allowed her minions. the recording of history continued timeline. the energy and arrogance of man The scrolls now fill a huge library. fanciful. throughout the world. During this period. whereas AC history is docu. and it is from was one of the few cities spared by the Cata- ually unfolding series of events along a this work that our knowledge of the Age of clysm. uninterrupted. The black years of the Age of tures of exquisite beauty and detail. age.

. !~<ii<~!~! !!~i!~ <i<i~!i!!< !i~i~?~i<ill!<~!!...9< <~ ~' 9 ~i ~!ii<i~ . ~<i~ii!~i!!i: <i <i<!ii~.......... . ~: ....~i84 I" /('eep k r Caerg o % i ~b .

~ ~i!~ ?~!~ ~!! ~!!~~~ ~i~ ~!!~"i~i~~'!~'iiii~!~!~.~ ~iI~ILi!!lI ~!ii~!. ~ .~ii!~i!i~Ir~i~i !~!i~ kIi-I!i~!i~I r J x ~ i'~i~ ~ !~ ~"!.~~ ~'~i~!~i ~ ~ ! ~ ~i~~.~~!i~j ~ i ~ i ~ i ~ . 9~ ~i~ ~ ~ii~i~~ii~ i~" i~ i ~ ~ . ~ ~.

becomes Silvanos's lieu. 86 . and it and humans intermarry. and are held as heroes of the western elves are again the heroes o f the then ignore them. Elves from the western prov. creating the kender and 2192 Sithel Slain: Sithel leads a hunting hammer strokes and left to cool. With their High Ones) is formed by Silvanos. leaving disruption and chaos in its wake. The philosophies of the western covers the Dragonlance and uses it to elves have strayed from the rigidly circa 4000 PC Rise of the House of Silvanos: structured order determined by the The first Synthal-Elish (Council of the drive the dragons to a negative plane. choose good or evil. The spirits of dwarven races. creating stars in the sky. sons are born to Sithel. Skirmishes between dwarves and man. households of the elves swear allegiance 2600 Thorbardin Completed: The dwarves Ergoth/Thorbardin Clash: A series to each other through Silvanos. Elven clans again 2500 to 2200 Ergoth Dominant: The to a speci~c year. are forced to fight against their human physical world. The dwarves of Kal-Thax commence the building of their mighty fortress as ern elves in war. borders of their land. The Kinslayer War begins. Ergoth expands B/rrh o f the Gnomes: Reorx. to be Gargath. swear allegiance to the house of expanding nation of Ergoth reaches the ble that the measuring of time during this Silvanos. claims leads to renewed skirmishing tenant. 2515 Death of Silvanos: The venerable Ergoth. Taking realms of chaos unto circa 3100 Greystone Released: The gnomes begin to trade with humans. The with an alliance between the good and neutral inces save the capital from destruction. arrive to aid their side in the war. finally ends with a truce. mistake. turning of disputes over borders and mineral the general. sealed against all intrusion. while Sithas solidifies dragons.Astwnus's ScRoll: 1. Evil. The gods of good press to give the dark horror emerge from the land.he l tveu of 1. in which the spirits gain power in the forcing the dragons onto the defensive. Huma of the Lance. Lands are granted immedi. while the humans to their own desires. Now united. however. and humans are given the world of his hold upon the the throne. defend fiercely. withdraw into their fortress. called the Palace of Quinari. expedition into the western reaches of the races dance among the stars. the elves look to Rise of Ergoth: The humans of between dwarves and humans. acie oi: mmiht Elves Triumph: The dragons are driv- The events of the Age of Dreams are not dared en from Silvanesti. claiming regions as 2645 Second Dragon War Ends: The elves their own. where they are ordered to sleep for the high elven caste system. into eastern Silvanesti.tme :0 L-he aqe of 0R ms cal essences of the grey moon. elves. nurturing messengers are forbidden entry. His party accidentally meets The AH-Saints War Begins: The three Ansalon inhabited by the dwarves is a human hunting party that is stalking realms of the gods vie for control of the senti. Rumors of prey. unknown upon Krynn. leader of the elven nation dies and is dwarves of Thorbardin. Many more humans End of the All-Saints War: The war ends aided by potent magic. The Kingdom of Silvanesti is northern border of Thorbardin to the period occurred at a scale incomprehensible to decreed. dis. The evil gods 2692 Second Dragon War of Silvanesti 2192 to 2140 Kinslayer War: The elves desire to subjugate the spirits as servile beings. The elves rally and resist. on army still intact. are ashamed of dragons from the face of Krynn. --Astinus Synthal-Elish. Some gnomes are changed minutes before Kith-Kanan. the god Silvanesti. A the bloodshed wrought by the Kinslay- age of hc ht mighty hero. some elves themselves. The the menace of dragons encroaching Ergoth exert their influence beyond the threat of all-out war looms. the western elves sue the hill called Sol-Fallan. Reorx. for freedom of self-determination. In it is concentrated the magi. sheath Scroll solves the most pressing circa 3500 Greystone Created: Magic is Sithel. His son. and Neutrality. Begins: Dragons again strike south. The western elves emerge the gods. land. Chaos pull the Greygem from the skies. Sithas is born The Stars are Born: The universe is forged Through the gem. yet retain the freedom to Construction of Thorbardin Begins: kin in a war of great savagery. Lunitari. They. ogres. establish outposts on the edge of the The Gods Awaken: From swirling chaos Silvanesti forest. Sparks fly from the anvil. The Sword- buried in the Crystal Tomb. or even centu~ It is proba. attempt to drive the human outposts The gods of neutrality wish to free the spirits ward from central Ansalon. south. and the He turns them into gnomes. assumes the leadership of problems of the age. they establish the Balance. Humans join in the war to banish land. desolate comers o f the world. who rapidly to the east and south. A central government The humans also expand eastward and overlooks independent states. ately to the major families of the men eventually lead to an uneasy trace. the elves of Silvanesri. creates the Greystone of a tower in honor of his father. The other races force the humans of the west drive the dragons from 2140 to 2100 Sundering of Silvanesti: The into small. The elf is concealed by thick brash ent spirits. Balif. 2073 Swordsheath Scroll Signed: A pact of forged the world. spread across the world. Sithel orders construction of of the forge. slows and is subdued by the triumvirate of floats across the face of Krynn. becomes displeased peace is signed by the emperor of with a group of his human worshipers. circa 2800 Kal-Thax Closed: The region of Silvanesti. er War. their backs upon the rest of the world. 2308 Sithas and Kith-Kanan Born: Twin Good. Worlds are wrought by the by the gem. The many rest of eternity. The races quickly a defense against the world. elves who married into human society gods. magic is brought to the world. this time from Silvanesti. from chaos. but and a human hunter shoots him by spirits power in physical worlds. The war Krynn as their domain. and Silvanesti. them toward the greater good. Kith-Kanan skillfully leads the west- Ktynn is Populated: Gnomes.

212 Temple Completed: Widely proclaimed loyal to the crown. journey founded by Vinas Solamnus is extended the empire begin to revolt. The rise of the clerics is accompanied fied: The two great human nations grow by a corresponding loss of magic-user out a massacre. achieving quasi-independence. and bounty hunters the Swordsheath Scroll. Krynn is an affront to the existence of 1400 to 1250 Rebellions in the East: Grad. called 260 Construction of the Temple of the the Ergothian army and lays siege to the Qualinesti. and the emperor to grant each of his subject world and the gods alike the glory of dwarves agree to relax trading restrictions states the right of self-determination. the world. High boun- persuade Istar to add its signature to eral rebellions. The report any evil acts or individuals. the ests. Clerics of good. astlnus's ScRoll: I. Solamnia and Istar crush the rebellion. Solamnia Prospers: The dynasty the provinces in the eastern corners of appointed by the Kingpriest. Istarian life across the plains of Solamnia and the es east with a huge army to once again falls increasingly under the influence of fertile fields of Istar. Although the nations of Ergoth remain All hostilities cease. After of committing any of these acts are to begins to trade with Solamnia. This land. those found guilty abuse and exploit their subjects.--are inherently evil With the aid of Solamnia. highest military post in the empire. eventually driving the ogres back 1250 YearofWairing: Solamnus studies the into the mountains. 1249 to 1242 Union of the Plains States: The acts. Guard: This skilled commander. join the rebel 6 Edict of Thought Control: The Kingpriest throughout the continent. 2050to2030 The Great March: Theelvesof become independent or join the new the temple is blessed by the Kingpriest. The anointment of the first 87 . the of knights. Lemish. Istar of evil acts are listed. march west. A rigidly defined set gradually unite.he I lveR of 1. between their peoples and the humans. These wars throughout Krynn. who goblins. military expeditions. ingly disgusted by the frantic pace of 2000 to 1400 Peace: Krynn prospers. approval of the Kingpriest. Solamnus march. the nation of Istar. and visitors are prohibited from the states of Palanthus. be put to death. the military might of Solamnia and the 1241 FallofErgoth: Solamnus and his army land north ofThorbardin. adds 1262 Vinas Solamnus Commands Imperial a clause stating that certain races-- ti again threaten the elven homeland. emperors are forced to use their troops regularly. me The elves of westem Silvanesti are Padendy. Clerical approval is required unite. seeking to find and by his descendants. Solamnia prospers.Solidi- determined to end the rebellion with. lstar gradually cause at the end of the year. Kith-Kanan. of far eastern Ansalon. Ergoth depends on are usually brief. the gods and men. is formed by dwarves of Thorbardin. Caergoth join the new nation voluntarily. human life and the arrogance of man 1225 Km'ghrs of Solanmia Formed: An order Kanan strengthens the bonds of peace about his own accomplishments. immediately set about to eliminate 700 to 600 Ogre Wars: Pillaging armies of 1251 Great Rising in Vingaard: The largest these creatures. not satisfied with the expanding Istarian nation and Silvanes. and each rebellion is larger 773 to 760 Israr and Silvanesd Clash: A 94 Extermination of Evil Races Sanctioned: than the last one. under their leader nation of Solamnia. Solamnus trains a mighty army. the clergy. The general outmaneuvers live as they wish. to rid the world of evil. Gradually he comes to more and more interdependent. Kingpriest solidifies the bond between granted a huge tract of enchanted wood. who immediately takes up residence. The realize that the empire has incited the influence. much repression and heavy taxation. They bar commerce with the outside Vinas Solamnus. where they can spiritual guidance of Istar. western Silvanesti. as races erect the fortress of Pax Tharkas as a world. 80-20 Rise of Clerical Power: With the full Mountains of central Ansalon. ogres. and farther underground. outlying states as the freest example of archkecmre ever. Proclamation of Manifest Virtue. migrate to Qualinesti and Solamnus assures the elves and begin to colonize their homeland. Solamnus accepts the emper- the dwarves of Thorbardin and the artisans of Krynn are brought to Istar to or's surrender in the spring of 1240. The Council of Istar ually the Ergothian rulers begin to establishes a unified government. Solamnus. business contracts. Ergoth agrees to stop build a temple that will proclaim to the The surrender terms require the mining the Kharolis Mountains. 600 m 280 Union of Solamrdallstar . mages are driven farther strength of both nations. Hounded as an unrepentant Knights of Solamnia become the military rebellions through vile and repressive source of evil. Kith. dedicated to the causes of between the elves of Qualinesti and the Silvanesti elves withdraw into their for- goodness and freedom. and educational talents of Istar are spread and most of his army. and monument to their lasting peace. for marriage. while the artistic treatment of its citizens. passes through a succession of emperors of the Quevalin line. and grievances of the eastern peoples. asserts that evil thoughts constitute evil becomes the dominant partner. but very violent. dwarves that he will abide by the terms 250 m 100 E]vesShun Other Races: Increas- of the Swordsheath Scroll. the elves has been instrumental in crushing sev. until now a Kingpriest declares that evil upon bickering collection of barbarians. Solamnia for protection and trade. humans of Ergoth. also serves as a buffer between Kingpriesr Commences: The finest capital. raiding gaard and Solanthus. Erguth entering. and must be exterminated. the majority of 1100 to 800 Foundation oflstar: The tribes 118 Proclamation of Manifest Virtue: The whom rule with just and benign hands. Together. ogres emerge from the Khalkhist rebellion yet shakes the plains of Vin. and declares that his clerics are to 280 First Kingpriest Declared: The capital employ ESP spells in an increased effort nations of eastern Ergoth rally to Solam- city of Istar is proclaimed the center of nus. series of border skirmishes between the The Kingpriest. is appointed to the ties are offered. etc.

she other weapon. she is extraordinarily beautiful. Paladine disrespectfully as far as the other Knights are might meet. the following are capsule sum. tle his enemies. The Dark did not have the requisite pure blood line to are devoted to eact/other. u : to maq us A powerful wizard of the Red Robes.~. for example. the down. leader and even higher ranking Knights follow much the same way as Huma. O t h e r statistics are as a ve~r old silver!ii ~!: s~ dragon m : the MonsrerManuaL 9 . of the battles near the end of the war. She and they cannot understand Huma's affection NPC characters come alive for his players. centered and cynical.. ~ . Although he His eyes are deep brown and appear to be able Huma would certainly know her. form. though he is wise enough to admit that the ~~1584i:i~/i!iii:iiiCi!iil. Magius was a childhood friend of Huma's. often making jokes about the Knights that they don't usu- 88 . kn=c/ht of she and Huma could find happiness for a allowed to carry any weapons other than their time. love. His eyes are blue and piercing. He is the soul of honor and chivalry. t0 huma (ripc) Abilitt~: Changg ~ a P e ~ human . remembered. A wizard was expected to be protected Solamma the world. THACOi Their friendship was very unusual since most Knights disliked and distrusted magic-users. Those campaigning with ever. allowed to carry daggers in remembrance of If his spirit is met after his death. allow her to become a mortal woman so that cize Huma and often teases him. A good DM can make the when she was in the form of a woman. wizards were not huma. chestnut brown hair. If she remained a concerned. fought until his magic gave out. DRAGONLANCE | saga is in meeting and L-he Silver Ooaqon Most Knights do not like Magius. Magius.npcs of tong ago The best part of role playing the ally find amusing. The DM can devise moustache. She and Huma both chose to fight by warriors and to get out of any battle if he Huma is a tall. from that day. she and Huma would be given the best counselor and advisor. ~ i n f t L . It was also unusual because the two men were so different: Huma was noble and self- sacrificing. particularly if A . Carried back to His rare smiles are warm and caring. But the practical Magius is Huma's play them effectively. His men love him and would Silver Dragon might fight at the side of any prayed to Paladine that Magius's sacrifice be gladly lay down their fives for him. bringing the over- dtagonlance and the power of defeating the ly romantic Knight back to harsh reality. evil dragons. mately thirty years. The sight of her fills all who see the Dark Queen as a prize. Queen sent the mage's battered body back to become a Knight of the Rose). the evil. wears silver armor that appears to be made of ly overwhelmed and captured. In appearance. well-built man of approxi. believing interacting with the people and creatures of Huma fell in love with the Silver Dragon he should take himself and life more seriously. In battle. During Huma's time. Magius is acter couM meet Huma. even though it meant sacrificing their felt himself becoming weak. (14th-Levei H u m a n R e d R o ~ W i z a M ) that Knight calls upon Paladine to aid him. but the evil dragons would remain in magic. with sil. Because of this stricture. Magius does not hesitate to criti- help the DM. all wizards have been dine. His~spirit ~ u l d a very handsome 30-year-old man. To loved the Knight and prayed to Paladine to for the mage. He is sarcastic and even irreverent. streaked The spirit of the Silver Dragon might well fought side-by-side with Huma. appear to a Knight fighting during the War ~ with long blonde hair and a blonde beard and the Lance. plus information to help role showed them the future. dragonscales. Magius was tortur- Although only a Knight of the Crown (Hmna her with awe and reverence. the weakened mage was quick- seen the evil in the world and grieves over it.. Huma is a woman battling the forces of evil. She and Huma ed and died after days of torment. and. Magius stayed and to see a man's strengths and weaknesses. this fantasy realm. fall of the Knights will grieve Huma deeply. how- tache of the knights. : . also streaked with gray. In woman had a chance to escape. well-built.fo~:i~ i~ . During one with gray. the spirit of the Huma grieved deeply over his friend and him willingly. dragon. while Magius seemed to be self- There are many ways m which a player c h a r . hoping to demoralize the Knight. appear with Huma to help a true Knight bat. His spirit will HP: 76 ~ ~ fight beside any true Knight. Paladine answered his prayers devout Knight and a faithful follower of Pala. He wears the traditional long mous. treating him maries of various NPCs the player characters she could remain with Huma. Having no Huma's face is weary and sorrowful. he is a natural Besides appearing to any true Knight in Huma. Magius always He has long. the two were separated. for he has ver hair and silvery grey eyes. If she became mortal woman.!ilJ!iiii:ii!ii~iiii~!i~ i:: ~ii~ Knighthood has problems that must be reme- died or it will be lost forever. although he looks older.

he may be annoyed dwarves. he invariably drags his companions the characters meet him prior to his battle larly known as the Ageless One. Fistandantilus will attempt to wrest his to write even as the player characters are talk. councils or other important meetings that take awe. If is actually the god Gilean. Fistan. AL: Lawful ever. Astinus is neutral in all things. everything that is happening in the Kingpriest ever see what he truly looks like. He knows. which HP: 980 Kingpriest. however. is a malor undertaking. black-bearded dwarf STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR who has a taste for dwarven drink and a weak. lad. depends on when the characters meet him. He always loses The appearance of this great. they are in the presence of someone very beau- 12 17 12 18 13 Var* mation. when he is willing to offer council. npcs of tonq aqo Unfortunately. He generally Dougan.n~hus . I eonx (Ooucian 1. ~ h c e in Palanthus. who hold no one and nothing in and Armor Class. middle-aged. from which paw a cat will lick next to which house a dragon is most likely to burn down. They experience a tre- since he refuses to do or say anything that mendous sense of peace and well-being. Only those evil beings of allowed him to steal the life essences of others. Getting him to part with this infor. Once he has the young at the interruption. He does not or Red Robe male magic-user present. 12 13 12 17 9 18 ness for gambling. whose face is handsome and ageless. he is an extremely frail old man it that he has been on Krynn forever. Astinus is popu. 89 . See Bloodstone in the Magi. Few who come into the presence of the (17th-Level Human Black Robe Wizard) however. find themselves in the presence of a man a sure thing[") He takes an interest in any adventuring par. balding human with pale blue eyes that have a hunted look to them. he often restates the obvious. thought of leaving this man's presence fills AL: Chaotic Evil them with sadness. aware. The dwarf can drink anyone man or minotaur under the table. HP: 75 Reorx--or Dougan Redhammer. Astinus cannot see into the future. The eyes Since Dougan is a god. Those equipment (often without their permission) with wrinkled hands and face and long white fortunate enough to receive admittance to the as stakes in his games. particularly if there is a young Black Robe of the man are intense dark. Astinus interfere in anyone's free will to make a deci- dantilus will either attempt to lure the young speaks politely yet is always somewhat distant. he assumes that victim's hit points Players can also meet Astinus during war Kender. evil wizard Rumors abound that Astinus of Palanthus whatever money and equipment he has. He will probably continue Krynn searching for the Greystone of mage. stantly moving. THACO: 12 His gambling skills are not as refined. present and everything that has happened in Most characters of good alignment feel that STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR the past.h~ kmcapm~st of Is~R i eOhammeR) (15th-Level Human Cleric of Paladine~ When this neutral god comes to Krynn. He has a special interest in mage away from his companions or will If disturbed at his studies.4 ~'- They want only to stay and bask in his light. for legend has into trouble by offering their money or their with Raistlin.10 _ extremely strong will can remain long in his When Fistandantilus takes the essence of presence. how. con. ("I'm sorry I lost yer hair and beard. AL: Neutral look into the blinding light surrounding the stone o f Fistandantilus (page 97). AC: . Impetuous and quick-tempered. there is usually an ty. seeing everything. the name he AC: . another. but it was power and of evil radiates from this old man. Worse. tiful and truly good. see the Kingpriest in his true aspect--a cal Items section for more details. refuses to give advice. See page 45 for the statistics of Reorx/ dam. ing to him. kmqpmcst of Istar I~lstanOanutus(npc) letting the players draw their own conclusions. however. life from him by using the bloodstone pen. The THACO: 13 might affect the future. Gargath. ulterior motive to all he does.lluS as mus of palanthus dice or betting is very bad. It is rumored that Dougan is on abduct the mage. They would not think of HP: Variable * doing or saying anything that might upset or AC: Variable * disturb this truly good and wonderful man.3 uses in his dwarf form will stop whatever he's doing (including fighting) to bet on any- thing. sion. Astmus of p~. A tremendous feeling of Great Library and an audience with Astinus magic sword in that card game. * Fistandantilus maintained his existence THACO~ 2 "" Those of evil alignment are hardly able to throughout the ages by the use of the Blood. Dougan's luck at cards or [lStanOanl. it is in the form of a huge.

~x c o n !5 14 ..-OqRe BanOlt is Arack's devoted bodyguard and the dwarfs Arack's past is unknown. ~2 ~7 s THACO: 12 AL: Chaotic Evil HP: 50 AC: 3 ~ 9O . 9 . flat nose. Steeltoe was abandoned by his mother at of the wealthy of Istar. Steeltoe the Games. i~ii/~:!:i~ Solamnia. who otherwise would that the Games have become a means of set. I~aaci Steeltoe. ogre escaped easily into the wilderness of lent care of his athletes. He appears human in all other aspects. A child.o) when the half-ogre reached maturity.i~:!:i S T R INT WIS DEX CON CHR ::~(-ii~!i liP: 73 ""i: ~. No slave is ever tortured.. (13th?Level Dwarf Fighter) :/!~:i ~ sax: I w r 18/53 13 ~s 9 r.~i~. m a s t e r of the Games A gigantic and not overly bright ogre. The nobleman provided for his educa- cially sinister when he is smiling. athletes and the nobleman who owns a popu. The half-ogre proved unusually intelli- gives him a perpetual scowl that appears espe.. Because of his educa- are well fed and their quarters are comfortable tion. tion and made Steeltoe master of his estates Arack has two major interests: money and ~og. continually remind- no reason why he shouldn't make a profit out . Steeltoe tling accounts among the wealthy and he sees ~ is a clever speech maker. He knows Knights of Solamnia.. great pride in his Games and works extremely Crimes of this sort were not unusual in the hard to make them a success. The half-ogre is skilled in wrestling tech- niques and swordsmanship. The half-ogre is about seven feet tall. particularly reviled But Arack is a political realist.. long time. He hires the best bitter days following the Cataclysm. The dwarf is one of the have been together a long. _ . missing lower left leg (lost in a battle with a The only person Arack is truly loyal to (and griffon). -':.:?!~. :~ii ~.: ~ . AL: ChaoticEvil : . erfully built. took pity on him. and gave him a long scar that runs vertically across his face home. ~ ing his men that the world owes them a living of it. ogre. He takes nobleman and stealing his money. birth. despite the fact that c~c ~v~ ~. Raag is extremely fond of Arack The product of a loathsome alliance in the Games when they were real. Once a gladiator only friend. ~ . Arack now and would unhesitantly lay down his life for between an ogre and a wretched human wom- runs the fake Games for the vicarious delight the dwarf. Raag the hMI. He is a brutish- looking man with a yellowish cast to his complexion and a large.8. Arack is also fond of Raag--the two an. gent. A nobleman of Solamnia found the strongest of his race and extremely ugly. Steeltoe found it easy to attract many if not luxurious. The half- trainers in all areas of fighting and takes excel.npcs of [onq a g o aRack. Raag the a round toe and is a formidable weapon. with a steel peg leg in place of his tune. pow- lar fighter generally makes a considerable for. steettoe (9t9-Level Half-Ogre F i g h t e r / T h i ~ /:i ii//~ J ~ACO: 8 " :. ~ \ have had nothing to do with bandits. He is a born showman and knows repaid his master's kindness by murdering the exactly what will please an audience. disillusioned young men. They living outside the law. Attached at the knee. Large sums of money are wagered on the ~ ~ and it is their right to take what they want. the peg leg has will not betray) is his bodyguard. gathering around him other men they are slaves.

the life force questions requiring yes or no answers a n d ld4 to the level dictated by the true positions of (hit points) of that being registers as a bright questions requiring longer responses. Since the magical powers of the hour has passed for each double-damage blow wizards of Krynn wax and wane depending struck. The DM can use this opportunity t o Common among the clerics of the Age of their wondrous devices. powerful force and many fabulous items were crafted. It can only perform this additional power to a wizard during a time of function six times in a single 24-hour period disadvantage. Staves. upon the position of the moons in the sky. If the staff administers this potion can ask the victim 2d4 lasts for 48 hours and then his powers are back then touches any living being. that conjunction has its usual effect This magical object is a four-foot-long rod. Many magical items on Krynn also .+ exist in other planes of existence. This does not actually Often called a baton. maGicaL ttcms ol: knynn In the early days of Krynn. After first finding his at its most advantageous position. individual. If reading this scroll causes a conjunction of one or more of the moons. Many of the The length of the answer to a question is u p centers for magical research were sealed or destroyed and wizards disappeared from the to the victim so long as it is absolutely truthful and answers all the stated parts of the q u e s Staff. magic came under the displeasure of the church of Istar not cause him to lose control of his will. impart important information to the PCs. magic was a victim is allowed a saving throw with a . The person who The enhancement of the wizard's powers ken. gold and steel. this fog clears completely. as well as a few items that come cleric in Istar of at least 5th level The formula as a means of furthering the wills of their dei- from the Age of Dragons. the staff transport. near the end of the Age of Might. There seems to be a swirling white fog with- This potion forces its recipient to t r u ~ i nent of the spell. troop's top condition during a long rest. in the glass section. for alty m the die roll. used during the Age of Might by commanders but rather creates a magical condition in who wished to determine the general condi- which the wizard's powers are as if the moon is uon of their troops. it strikes as a + 3 Stdl. the staff drains two only rearrangement of the cosmos can bring charges for each cure. of StR kmG/Cumnci general knowledge of men.~ 91 . one inch long per 10 hit points. It A powerful magic on the scroll of the Stellar inflicts double this damage if two charges are Path confers the favor of the gods of magic used. With them went tion. but the This staff combines the functions of a staff devices described here are unique to Krynn. an0 WanOs and was persecuted relentlessly. As a staff of striking. But those days were short lived. If the glass breaks. green line. The rod has a three-foot-long This is a potion used in the courts of Istar to Once the scroll is read. IstaR's 1. pouons moons of other orders. When the keyword is spo- answer a number of questions. T h e Might.s OlvmeR of bfe natural position.m path weapon. these devices were most often' used as We list here many of those items for your formula for this potion is known to any good both protection for the cleric on journeys and consideration.') The . but the spell can only be cast from is useless. the How advantageous this position is will general could get a good view of his troop's depend upon the natural locations of the degree of readiness by referring to this baton. The runes of the spell the middle (it withstands 20 points of damage the Kingpriest or his appointed ministers. page 27). If the save is made. This is but a sam. ScRolls o f striking and a staff os with the f01- lowing limitations. This is the purpose of this pow- and no more than once per day on a given erful scroll. pling of the magical items that can be found on Krynn. It recharges itself at a rate of five charges per day when in sunlight. it disintegrates in section of what appears to be clear crystal in ascertain the truth in matters brought before the hands of the reader. It inflicts 4-9 points of damage with each blow without draining a charge. ties. the diviner of life was change the position of the moon in the sky. which is the physical compo. the scroll itself. to a ScRoll ol.5 p e n . can be copied down into spell books for safe before breaking). then th~ potion simply makes the victim sleepy but d ~ l oOs. but it cannot be used for curing until an upon the user. Reading the scroll makes the moon of the wizard's order appear at its most advantageous position in the sky. ple of a question requiring a longer response: (~What happened to you three days ago?. is lost i n post-Cataclysm Ansalon. tim can then give false answers. (An exam- ~ e moons. The vic.Ruth upon the wizard's powers (see The Moons o f Each end is capped by a six-inch-wide band of Magic. maximum of 50 charges. As a staff of curing. regardless of that moon.

these artifacts are highly prized b y t h e maoc Cataclysm. The glasses enable their wearer to royal family (mainly to prove the end of a lost read all writings. it ca. Once per turn.he meOalllon o1. Magical [. grants magical abilities. [ ail. The winds created start at the player and mov~ This thin gold band. thestatue begins t o hum a v a r i e d a t d m a 30# are~ blowing ~pdust and ! e a ~ e " " guarded most carefully. the user c a ~ toward slavery than service. after three rounds.cmso[. they This item appears to be a hollow statue of:~ create a zephyr. the wearer BRooch o1: ImoG can command up to 8 H i t Dice of crearures This traditional reward is given to mages Also once per turn. the use~ were designed to guide the people into aiding the church. rendering a perfect transla. are unknown. Each of the members of that household had a key. Many of the Healer. several members of the royal household disappeared. but they also had This flute can only be used by a characte~ The golden circlets were created in Istar additional powers to aid the clerics of the who knows how to play a flute or other w i n d toward the end of the Age of Might. I t ~ symbol of the new cleric's god. At the time of the Cataclysm. Even so. when worn on head of a cleric of good alignment. and those of their keys. 92 . as long as the user c o n c e n trares. instrument: While playing this flute. all tree clerics have received medal- Hons offa/~ as outward signs of their inner com- These are elven keys. The frames are so narrow that inal owner must still be alive. It can grant the blessing of magical protection to the owner. Istar's priests. Since the retum of the gods during the War of the Lance. the flutes often found scrolls with no chance of failure. however. The dust devt~[~: CRystals anO Gems will dissipate gas and mist in the area of effect I. one creature of up to 4 Hit Dice can who serve the elven realms.~nbe used o n c ~ Created for the royal family of Silvanost. Much prized. It is about 6 inches long and t h e The medallions o f fMth have no powers other than creating more medallions. often used to protect temple complexes. sea. Not only did they open doors that were magically Goloen cmclet locked against unbelievers.lute of WmO OancJnG scrolls and spell books can also be read using Constructed by sirens in the depths of the these glasses. relative) and those w h o r e t u m a k e y o f tion of any topic in any language. All cler- ics of the tree gods wear their medallions at all Glasses o6 aocantst These keys c a n be reset to another person times. These magical lenses are set in solid plati.h Their fates. tended more After two rounds of playing. They Healer. they do enable a low. None have been forged since the Cataclysm. k~ynn and acting as an obscure spell. These medallions can create other the life forces of ~cheirdesignated users: medallions offMrfi for clericswho profess faith in Each key appears to be an ordinary key w i t h the true gods. regardless of the made of fine crystal twined with strands o f symbol on the original medallion. However. If water is poured into the hole at: spent playing the flutei a dust devilcan be cre these survived the Cataclysm though they are the top. the current owner wills it reassigned. 1. The Glasses of Arcanisr were designed by reset and will not open the tower doors. SmOnG Statue great service for the siren kingdoms below the level caster to cast higher level spells from Created during the most powerful days of seas. This beautiful piece of jewelry is made: ~ gold leaf mad shaped like a circlet of m i s d e t ~ When worn by a magic-user who knows keys o1: qumaRost brooch's command word. Keys whose owners have died cannot b~ mtsccllancous the glasses will only fit on a kender or an elf. Their use. The o r i g - num frames. however. How- the mage Arcanist several centuries before the ever. rnaciEM wl. to d 6 this. (The new medallion bears the extraordinarily delicate workmanship. these flutes were given long ago to The glasses do not enable a non-spell caster favored mariners who had performed some to cast spells. these relics of Mishakal were their way into the royal courts of the land. magically linked to! mitment. formed ha the shape of Mishakal w/ad can be summoned: If an entire t u r n ~ so their abuse was somewhat limited.) platinum. these ancient keys provided the only known way to enter the tower at the center of the city. a g u s t ~ could only be used by one of good desires and beaten gold.

and helm. The Order of the Rose is prominent on ing battles against dragons before the the breastplate. His shield. As delicate and beautiful hair ed. Dragonatmot is equivalent to scale +21 Additionally. are known only to wizards. . dragons.cms kRynn properties when singing: it acts as a chLme plates. Additional plates for the thighs and received while wearing this armor: It is impor. If the character is far e n o u g h This armor has been used by the forces of away. WEBnC1. Folk tales about the locations of these suits of ShlelO huma armor abound throughout Solamnia and Huma is most famed for his use of the origi- &RmoR anb Sh dbs Ergoth. Others may find that k fits too loosely o r ornaments. The plate of Solamnus consists of plate nal dragonlances to banish the Queen of Darkness back to her own domain. . and the DM is advised of the Crown.1 penalty on a l l human women on land. When worn by a mage who knows the c o m - mand word. Subtract one b o n u s save results in o~!y haft damage~ ~ point for every point the character's alignment is away from the left edge of the good a l i g n ORacionaRmo ment section. ~iii~iiii!iiiiii!! Knighthood was formed. to take great care with them in his campaign. or directly at a foe~ tt There were several Knights whose armor instantly grows t o a l ~ f o o t . . breastplate. Consult the character's a l i g n m e n t breath weapon causes no damage and a failed chart (see page 114). i t . the webner can be cast to t h e prate oi: Solamnus ground before a foe. benefit. The design allows freedom of movement. they are most sought after by too tightly. . protection in combat. although the targeted creatures: was not accepted as a Knight of the Rose. shoulder 93 . actually making the the Queen of Darkness throughout the many The traditional armor of the Knights of character's Armor Class worse! ages of Krynn. dragonlance was employed. . shins are attached separately. The helm is a tarlt to note that t~his~ n o t the ~ that is prevents undead from approaching within 20 two-piece affair that protects the back of the feet of its wielder. they suffer a . the net can be spun in a g i l t finest in all the land and the deeds of their tering circle. One suchsuit could be the goat of a p r o l o n g e d quest. Dimemesti. . the armor's bonus may become a p e n a l : Sol&runic &RmoR ty (maximum of . arm fittings.mag~ : / : though any character can wear it as an attrac. figures quite prominently in many leggings. including the one worn by Vinas Solamnus. have disappeared into legend. It was said that it never with the markings of all three Solamnic failed him and that it often saved his life dur- orders.5 ) . with a plate mail breastplate and shoulder ~ i o ~ p ~ i ~ of damage from: any damag~ : The armor consists of breastplate. and warmth while riding dragons at high alti- tudes. affecting up to 12 Hit Dice o f wearers are legendary. These suits were the Alternatively. Huma's shield is considered a m e d i ~ The armor is equivalent of plate +5. creatures as if a hypnerize spell had been cast Huma had one such suit even though he upon them. those who wear the p a d d e d tunic and leggings subtract Id6 points f r o m This item is only useful to a magic. shoulder guards. d i a m e t e r n e r ~ was designed specifically for them when the entrapment. All are beautifully tooled of his lesser talcs. but their true powers attacks while wearing the ill-fitting armor. The shield appears to be a medium shield carved with intricate symbols of the Knights These suits are rare. Oth- er suits. tive hair ornament.us6s :~my cold b ~ e d attacks or da. Its shielding m a g - is an important catch: the user must be o f ically protects its wielder against breath weap- unbesmirched good alignment to get this full on attacks so that a successful saving throw vs. maciwca[n. however. T h e r e shield + 3 / + 5 vs. opening against any locked or held door. Solamnia is granted to a Knight when he first Evil or neutral characters suffer I d l 0 a d d [ It consists of a padded tunic and leggings attains the title of Lord. Dragonarmor is custom fitted and does not The webnets are spun by wizards of the encumber the person for whom it was intend. it heals td6 points of dana neck as well as the face.

although it has been among the Silvanesti elves for ages untold. exerted for centuries. and spurs. There are two types of dragonlances: mounted and footman's. 94 . normal lance damage. It is also known by the names can be cast as a spear with some difficulty--it Spelldeaver. and Magefool. A dragonlance forged with only one of t}'~ I two artifacts mentioned above (either the Sil- : iiiii!iil vet Arm or the Hammer o f Khatas) receives only a + 2 bonus to hit and damage. This ice can only be gathered from a fighter causes 14 points of damage) The secret location on Icewall Glacier where tre- weapon is always § I t o hit unless throwni ~ mendous pressure. There were 20 surviv. Against a dragon it inflicts damage equB addition. The weakness of the blade is its nature. damage versus man-sized foes and 3d6 points: ing dragonlances hidden inside the Stone requires only Id6 hours. In a warm environment. ice to melt and the axe to become worthless. a 14-hit of ice. It long sword. The mounted dragonlance rearer. equaltoACO *i penalro created ice of extraordinary density.sized targets. In gets. The cleric that enables swift turning of the lance around must work an entire month to create a frost- its balance point. This weapon always h ~ trade from the sides. . any dragon it inflicts damage equal to t h e h i t A frostreaver is a heavy battle axe made out Knighthoods held previously by the Knight. in larger. Its history is unknown. points of the wielder (e. It is buttressed by a harness mount ten a sheet of the compressed ice. and small barbs pro. The mounted lance is 16 feet long and is The blades are formed by using the oil of the most often wielded while mounted on a thanoi and other ingredients to hone and flat- dragon. . Dragonlances are artifacts first created at One day of above-freezing temperatures will the end of the early Dragon Wars and used to cause a frostreaver to become useless as a The mounted lance does 2d4 + 1 points o ~ weapon. . the decay defeat the evil dragons.g:. The ideal conditions for forging a lance require that it be forged by a man with the Silver Arm of Ergorh and the Hammer of Kfiaras. of damage against larger-than-man-sized t a r - Dragon of Ergoth. Legend says that only lances forged by these two artifacts can work properly.~rnsof k~ynn plating.macitcat t~. It is only granted to those . Against an~' ~ROSl.than-man.ica o. 10 each of the two types. Its abili- is most effective as a hand-held weapon. has So . Darkstar. more dragonlances were forged for to the hit points of the wielder plus those o f the War of the Lance. ties are primarily directed at countering mag- ic. The axe is only 33%. Each type is made of the same silvery metal that gives off a healthy silver glow. an additi0n~ ~ 2 bonus m h i t when ~ u n t e d How well the lance was made and under what conditions determines how the lance performs in battle. mounted dragonlance acts as a normal lance if since temperatures above freezing cause the Ouacionlance it is not mounted on a dragon. The knowledge needed to make a frost- rearer is held only by the Revered Clerics of mounteo ORaciontance the Ice Folk--the barbarian tribes competing These suits are only available at a Circle o f with the thanoi for control of Icewall Glacier. Each is engraved damage to man-sized foes and ld8 ag with the symbols of the Knight's order and. The head is sharpened to a fine edge. A forged by both artifacts has a + 4 bonus to h i t and damage~ These bonuses are in addidonto man oo h IZootman'sORaqonlance This potent sword looks to be an ordinary The footman's lance is eight feet long. and even then the chance for a working is ineffective on mounts smaller than dragons Weapons because of the heaviness of the lance.RC~3NCR the case of Sword and Rose Knights. helmet. . and shield +1 .

Within this area. sword might be able to sever a magical thing that he knows well. the Icon o f Troth can b e ~ . He is said Not just good wizards built weapons. What is not known. and the object is To cast the spell. double damage. however. location and cannot be moved about. the wielder WyRmslayeR This mighty blade was the weapon of the ancient elven hero. instantly knows how to activate this function. They contain the cessful saving throw vs. at least. Any Manrooth is a long sword 4-I/4. If a dragon. it inflicts triple its usual d a m a g e and illusions cannot exist! The sword does not become stuck in the s t a t u e on. or untit a cure blind- Special maGicaL of vast and dangerous power.fixed ~ t e d when a Baaz draconian dies and pet~ 95 . and then dragons and draconians. essences of evil dragons and ate magical items ty to the toll. Against black dragons a n d (such as those created by the mmdweb spe!l~ sea dragons. spell or become blind for 2d6 turns. the need for this Gilean that symbolizes all the knowledge of These legends are common throughout the potent weapon was great. So it was that Nightbringer was created in bane. Finally. hunted by the church. This buzzing is loud enough to be heard cle'~ly and always awakens a sleeping throw vs. Wynnslayer ks immune to the evil weapons in the days when their kind were imprisoning effect of a dying Baaz draconian. summon the dragons with the orbs. ORB of OR cionkmO character of good alignment tries to pick up Three of these powerful artifacts are known Nightbringer. unless characters have learned by experience. who received it In addition. etched crystal globes that are 20 inches in diameter when in use. Wynnsbane is a two-handed sword is that the orbs' actual purpose is to summon Once per day. When used a g a i n ~ to cast a dispel illusion at 21st-level i n a 30.2 vs. carved into the surfaces of the orbs. It is jewel encmsted The orbs were employed long before the sword was forged during the Age of Might and and has a magical aura. the gods. Failure means that the character is blinded permanently. evil ones knew far better the need for a strong arm and exercised that might more quickly than their good brethren. civilized lands of Krynn. dream cteatu~s destroy them with powerful magic. Wyrmsbane can also locate objects thre~ magic-user or clerical PC who touches the Icon magic-users and enchanted creatures. Kith-Kanan. from other evil clerics. this into the shape of a book. brought within 3" of a true dragon (not a din. it i n f l i c ~ foot radius. They expand if the command words. The to have been buried with the sword. It was here that the ly functions as a two-handed sword 4-3. it can "'Tobril" firmly. To activate the latter ability. except that it is a little larger. The times per day. that character must roll a suc~ to exist upon Krynn. spell with a . Nightbringer fell into against any dragon or draconian. When the mace strikes tendency to buzz aggressively whenever it is a victim and the command word is uttered. which causes the spell to rebound against the caster. maci~cat items of kRynn ~ies. evil dragons. the PC must present the Icon barrier--it has a 1% chance for every point o~ Lnthe in a forceful manner and speak the word damage inflicted (cumulative). the orbs shrink to 10 inches WyomsBanE Icon of 1 Ruth in diameter. The sword does double the usual damage After the Cataclysm. Items of kRynn Dragon Orbs) are fragile.2 penal. Like power of the Black Robe wizards forged many Wyrmsbane. When dragons x 4" x 1". Powerful mages of old would against most creatures. arose after the Cataclysm. The mace also inflicts its normal damage. An artifact from the third Dragon War. are The Icon is a white marble rectangle carved spoken. the possession of Verminaard. This weapon looks very much like Wyrms. The Orbs of Dragonkind (also called nero spell is cast on h ~ . When not in use. Nigbrbtinget is a footman's mace +3. the victim must make successful a saving conian). The person who carnes this be used to turn a spell cast against the wielder. It was forged in Silvanesti during the second Dragon War and remained in the royal house until Kith- n cihtBmncicR Kanan led his people to Qualinesti. ITS:' Wyrmslayer does have the disconcerting a powerful tool of evil. It is the book held by the god dragons according to the legends. It normal- the Tower of Ergoth. If the user desires to find some. a character holding Wytmslay. The Icon measures 6" Cataclysm for the purpose of destroying evil then lost later in that age. er by the hilt gains a + 3 bonus to all saves against dragon breath attacks and spells cast by dragons or dracomans.

~ i t s abilities. an evil dragon of randomly deter- mined age. for a full If the character saves against the charm. It functions. and pure tinual light at will. He must act normally The Hammer of Kharas is a mighty artifact. unless told otherwise. If the current gaming situation does not speci. serious wounds three times per day. cast con~ erly forge dragonlances. page 7. Only with the Hammer. evil. Detect magic and detect evil spells The hammer acts as a mace of disruption show a positive result if cast upon the orb or a against undead and creatures from the Abyss. at the 20th level of magic use: * Detects evil as a paladin * Gives wielder immunity to fear. character charmed by the orb. It cannot be lifted by a character with a ing throw to avoid being charmed. khaRas during the recent war against the Dragon ter has been charmed. * Cures serious wounds once per day ly roll this saving throw. hit. the charmed charac. and anyone w i t h a is successful. It was used to create Inform the player. Any character who gazes into an orb and The Silver Arm acts as a ring of regeneration speaks the command word knows of these The Hammer of Kharas is + 2 to hit. that his charac. so t h a t war hammer. elves. hammer was given to him by the Kaolyn common tasks. characters to swing the balance in their favor. size. This is done as subtly as possible. These dragons automatically attack The hammer chooses when to activate any any non-evil creatures they find near the orb. This artifact is intelligent (Int i i . the Arm. not informing the * Inspires magical awe in all dwarves and players of the roll or the result. ing the First Dragon War. both nor- mal and magical ~4th 96 . ~ ~ fy the location of nearby dragons. men. and detect magic at will. ter might suddenly throw in with the evil dwarves in recogmtion of his deeds on their When used with the Hammer of Kharas. Whenever it is used for any of these inflicts 2d4 + 2 points of damage on a normal things. for the heroic his right shoulder. The hammer's motiv~i- dons are to preserve the security of the dwar- yen race and to further the cause of good. the arm grafts itself to the in a desperate batde with an evenly matched deeds he performed prior to that time. and dwarves dur- charmed by the evil dragon within the orb. when you can speak to him the original dragonlances. For example. the check must be made m seeif Strength of tess than 18/50 suffers a . Silver arm of CRqoth If the character fails the saving throw~ no The SilverArm of Ergorh was created by the dragons are summoned. and was used again alone without being obviom.2 pen- any evil dragons arrive. Its name comes from the great least 17 Strength who does not have a right the controlled character's companions should dwarven hero Kharas who fought in the arm. derro (see Legends and Lore.maqtcaL t cms oi: kRynn * Casts prayer once per day A character attempting to use an orb must * Provides protection from normal missiles gaze into it and speak the command wordsi once per day This character must then make a successful * Acts as a potion off'fie giant strength once saving throw vs. the silver arm has the power to prop- Each orb has the secondary abilities of cure The Hammer of Kharas is needed to prop. suspect n o t h i n g until a critical point is Dwaffgate Wars after the Cataclysm. however. any explanation of this effect) evil dragons within ld4 x 10 miles hasten :to the orb. and color shows up. behalf. alty to hit with it (cancels out the + 2 bonus). Kharas is When a proper wearer places the silver arm to reached. but the character is good dragons. hammer ol. The DM should secret. charmed character so as to further the cause o f The hammer is twice the size of a normal The arm must be attached to a human of a. erly forge dragonlances from dragonmetal. Tl4e Hammer o f Kharas has the following special abilities. spell or he is charmed by the per day dragon within the orb. According to legend. O n a I or 2. For purposes of It turns undead as a 12th-levet cleric. however. dragonmetal can perfect lances be crafted. the using character must make the sav. it is the only hammer The controlling dragon will steer t h e that can forge a dragonlance. if the PCs are engaged most remembered. If the save Strength of less that 12. Empire. Ego 1I) and can control anyone who touches it if the character's Intelligence and Wisdom scores do not total 22 or more. roll ld6. The cl~aracter and becomes a normal arm for all group of evil characters. The h u m a n must be of good alignment.

again in the world. the victim's soul departs to the gods. a legend sprang up that the emerald * 1s Fail: Each loses ld10 + 5 hit it portended the power that he would attain or appeared in the pocket of a gully dwarf about points. it * I f Victim Saves and Wizard Fails: The causes the attacker to be instantly overcome by wizard takes ld10 + 5 points of damage and its beauty to the exclusion of all else. tf successfihi then h~ ard retains any of his scores that are higher receives 2d20 points of damage. * I f Both Save: Both are locked in mental ly. Magius was a wizard of legend who aided Huma in his quests. Anyone 97 . but Bupu's EmcRalO The use of this device requires a l O . air.onc of [ . his hand with a simple movement of his wrist. this silver dagger is carved Its primary use. it seems to be of gully dwarf. His body is wielder. no effect on poison damage. Raistlin's laboratory as a monument to his fol. however. while those in the second p a r a g r a p h emerald has only the standard value of that inhabited by the wizard's soul. It can be used to cure wounds inflicted different properties depending upon when making. the wizard. etc. he ge~a~(~ es the wizard's score in that category. While this can be beneficial (giv. It is set in a plain silver device was given to Caramon by Par-Salian. the staffwas given to Raistlin is unknown. maG. The wizard's alignment conc~trating. gem flecked with red. seem to indicate that the staff is free dwarf. protection +3' It strikes as a +2 m a ~ c ~ Intelligence. It can be victim can take a free action this roun& magic-users~ The abilities in the f o l l o w i n g retrieved by its original owner. nondescript-looking pendant. Indeed. is to suck the life races--humans. tme JouRn ymq a valuable magical item he found in his early About three inches in diameter. of the person whose This jeweled scepter can fold down into a life he takes. in the ruins of Xak alignment tracking chart. to be killed by draconians. * 1s Wizard Saves and Victim Fails: The paragraph are immediately known to t h e In the hands of those of any other race. The wiz- saving throw vs. or he can try again (both High Sorcery in Palanthus--entombed in to purchase his life. defense in a life-threatening situation. this days of mercenary service. This emerald was given to Raistlin by the shift in the direction of e-allon the character's compared to other devices. the wizard er. If the victim had a The Staff o f Magius functions as a ring o f higher score for any of his abilities (Strength. the following results: Majere at the completion of his tests. The gully dwarf wizard can elect to stop and deal with the vic~ tle now. If the victim was of In the hands of a mage of 6th level or h i g h . Since the device was essential to the return of the person using it. and minds. the bloodstone is of evil alignment. This allowed the dagger to slip into upon the body by weapons (but it would have the player character encounters it. it is a green Made during the Age of Dreams. gaining the necessary htes the duration of spells that influence light :~ i~ experience points and powers of his new level. ger on his right forearm by means of a cun.b l ~ in honor of the mage who used it. dies if the saving t h r o w is failed: Treat higher level than the wizard. It also provides him with all the by one person only. The emerald killed the roll another saving throw). Following the archmage's death. magical properties before Raistlin acquired it wielder must roll a savLng throw vs.cat n:emsof k ynn the wizard is strong enough to retain his own Staff of macjJus identity. extending the life of time. the wizard's can be discovered when casting certain s p e l ~ type of gem on Krynn. it had several safeguards. The v i c t i m than those of his victim. and ogres--since all in the shape of a dragon with the tail as the out of a victim and transfer that life force to other races are prohibited from traveling in blade. spdl with In later years. His staff was one of the most revered artifacts. It was also originally designed to be used easily be hidden upon the person of the mage. He carried the dag.stanOantflus This powerful gem came into Raistlin's pos- session after he defeated the evil wizard in the Oac qeR of macitus mortal contest. Whether however. both victim and was more magic to the staff than met the eye. Bupu. The victim can make one attacL The the tragedy that would befall him matters lit. for instance). When used as a agaan. death. this score replac~ weapon and causes l d 8 points of d a m a g e : When the victim touches the gem. draconians and the gully dwarf escaped. little use. setting and worn about the neck on a silver DMs should be aware that the device will have ningly designed leather thong of his own chain. or kender. how. It d o u : I o ~ i o a ~ i ~ ~ gem ~ ~ ~ level charm !i attains that higher level. Wisdom. wisdom. (~CVICEO~ Raistlin Majere purchased the dagger from A powerful artifact from the early days of the Tower of High Sorcery. But many have suspected that there Tsaroth. giving in exchange magic. The staff remains sealed the Tower of gave the emerald to the draconians in an effort tim in another way. elves. not for its powers. The The Staff o f Magios can only be used b y emerald kills the attacker on contact. It also adds2 poLnts of damage should shift at least 10 blocks toward evil (on to everydie of damage done by a spell s Bloo0sl. Bupu's emerald can be used only by a gully combat and must roll their saving throws ever. memories.). old body disintegrates. the staff can enhance spell casting. the device's use was restricted to the major Six inches long. It is slender and lightweight and can the wielder of the gem. Originally. Whether or not the emerald had any When this device is used. The loses initiative in the following round. It maintains spells that require Absorbing another character's life force is concentration for one round after wizard s t o p ~ an extremely evil act. gnome. etc. Certain reports of Raistlin's nephew.

when Tasslehoff gave the device to Raistlin in OalamaR's BRacelet Each time the-character uses the devic6 the dwarven prison and was then discovered in there is a 5 % chance that his location is noted possession of the device once more. The Though across it you travel. and dwarves.h~ the hand. the a chain will drop down. As the sixth verse instructs. o1: maq c Res s nce by Lord Soth. The wearer instantly becomes a white anism. Moving to the location of bcohl. finger. The correct version of the chant and instruc. 20% against 6th. It can cur~ defense against the undead who stalk the Grasp firmly the end and the beginning.nmG jewel shines on his face and in his eyes. move ic. These rings were often used throughout the protects any who enter Shoikan Grove as long Thy time is thy own. It can protect against powerful m a g to create magical objects. this particular wand carries its own lump of coal. the bracelet was its owner. gnomes. completely and can heal a mortal wound suffi courage to touch the undead with the jewel if All that is loose shall be secure. Those of good alignment w ~ This ring is made of wkite ivory with two kender. ? ated by the Grove. ages as wizards' last defenses against death. given to Tanis by Dalamar to protect him from The properties of the device changed some. 98 . the dead Dragon Highlord unceasingly hunts for the wand and its current owner. was built (and f i n d a long drop t o t h e curse. From that point on. and cold to the touch. repeating the final verse. the jewel looks as black and ugly as a idea until you arrive there before ~ t o ~ lighming. and 1.to 7th-level spells Undoubtedly designed by some apprentice drops to form two spheres connected by rods. the The bracelet i s o f evil alignment and can device transported more than one person and only be worn by those of either evil or n e u t ~ maci c m o u s e R nq it also transported those of the minor races-. back instantly. touch it receive a jolt of electricity causing red jewels that resemble the eyes of a mouse. but must be held in within 10 feet of the device move to either t. ciently to prevent death (it brings the the undead attack. In order to return to his proper shape. imparts this magic resistance three times possibly eavesdrop on conversations). To all the treasure in a tower may seem like a goocl Though there have been many wands of others. The character who uses the jewel must desired time (the place is up to the DM) o e ~ the desired place(the time isup to the D M ) OalamaR's WanO remove helm and hood so that the light of the Unfortunately for the players. Lord Soth. but its duration is limited. hold the mouse. the magic of the death knight. itself at the rate of one charge for every week An example of this occurred in the novels in which there is a local thunderstorm. player characters ~ the neck on a silver chain. twist the top clockwise-. a light wound (less than 6 points of d a m ~ Grove. though it does not cancel k Whirling across forever. who comes to take the wand t o matically returned to the kender. If lost. device by each sphere and. high in the air. The fifth verse warns magic is activated by placing the ring on the to make certain the chain is clear of the mech. The Nigfirjewel can be used in Obstruct not its flow. recitation of the third verse. they canno~ have it both ways. ter up to1 hit point) It is activated by t o u c h used with the Nighrjewel. the device makes its way wand casts lightning bolrsat 15th-level power back to its owner through whatever means It normally carries seven charges and recharge~ necessary. This ring works only for magic-users ~ ! ~ completely. unlovely to look at. Thus they are rela- face up toward you. At the magic resistance against 3d. Kitiarai The death knight exists that can keep this artifact from finding High Sorcery in Palanthas. This light can be seen only by the undead. Because the wand was used by Dalamar ground): Moving to a certain time in h i s t ~ to kill Kitiara. No other weapon can be Destiny be over your own head. must be worn upon the right hand. what after Gnimsh--the only known gnome in the history of Krynn whose inventions sslehol:f's worked--altered it. No force An ancient artifact kept in the Tower of his mistress. At the second verse. the jewel and what time period you want to be there. repeat the first verse. Nightjewel helps to alleviate the fear gener- Its expanses you see. the back plate spells. alignment. The chain will wind itself into the body. It auto. when entering the Grove.to 5th-level little practical value. in order to help him escape observation (and At the fourth verse. rotate them forward. It can be worn about When the device is used. while reciting the the wearer merely wills it so. and 30% against 8th. Magical rings of this type are generally tions goes as follows: Holding the pendant in The bracelet can be worn by characters o f designed by apprentice wizards learning how your hand. 9 attempting to steal it (even a kender) immedi- ately feels a strong revulsion to it and puts it This device works only for magic-users. but the person using it must have the Turn them forward upon themselves.to 9th-level spells~ I. 3d10 points of damage. as they have the courage and will to use it.he nlqh1:jewel summon a clear vision of where you want to go of:hc Imq Black as an evil dragon's blood. Hold the device OatamaR's IInco over your head. seventh verse.rnaGEa[ l ems o1:kRynn ~--~-.~ . It offers 10% tively common (at least among mages) and of the face plate from the right to the left. turning the any dass. The Nighrjewel is black.

'S kml. Whoever climbed the post could claim these as prizes.he S w o R O olZ certain. The helm is of dwarven make and or a spell is cast. the Nigfirjewel instantly loses Ra~stlm's CuRse/) money is decorated with a horse's mane. hit ~. a subsequent saving throw.~ Caramon had the contest rigged so that the age and strikes with a +4 bonus to hit~ I t : dwarves and men had to work together to always returns to the kender within l d 2 0 reach the prizes. maqlcat ~[cms o1~k~ynn The Nightjewel can be used by anyone. Once a weapon is drawn Tasslehoff. Raistlin's army attacked. blessed by clerics of the mon raised a tall wooden post in a sea of mud. The free quality and workmanship of this sword mean that it once must have belonged to a nobleman. These coins were cursed. but This dagger inflicts ld4 4 points of dam-.hcRhooO Whether this was really one knife Tas man- anO aged to keep with him or simply a series of knives the kender picked up is not known for 1. Actually the dagger. Flint mercy of the Shoikan Grove. If a character fails.i~iph~ the Nightjewelmust be held high by the lead.the S~o~aoe~. however. was in the possession of the rest of the body until the victim dies.I. Thus victory for the griffon and thus the helm acquired its name. having been passed it. ~e a x e ol. ancient days. benefit of the Nightjewel until he succeeds in dwarves with a coffer of 100. He called it Rabbitslayet because During the Dwarfgate Wars. He insisted--to his may ignore the . Having all power. Cara. Tasslehoff always claimed it was the dagger he discovered in the ruins of Xak I:menOshlp Tsaroth. When a party of adventurers enters the Grove.000 steel coins. Raistlin (or always claimed he was allergic to horses. forged dur. ~ ~ n u s to ~ t and d a m a g ~ Gml. leaving the adventuring party at the During the Dwaffgate Wars. If the owner of one of these coins WaRBRlnGCR goes back on his spoken word..h i him. It modifies the fear roll for Discovered in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth. Caramon won the only when the money is actually part o f sword when he slew the half-ogre. value at the top. ing throws. dread curse spreads slowly and inexorably to ing the Age of Might. y C R . under the curse suffers !d4 points of d a m a g e from rotting each day until he eithejr goodon h~ Pr0m~ ~ceivesa xeraoYe~ e . of hill dwarves and plainsmen together.) A p e r s o n on to his eldest son.o~e~hooah~ a + 2 b o . the half-ogre bandit.SSlChoI. ~ ~. Caramon used Caramon once told him it would be of use a contest to bring the two quarreling factions only if they were attacked by ferocious rabbits. the flesh of hands begins to turn black and rot away. There was a catch of course. possi. The ~ oe~.10 penalty to saving throws gates of the fortress of Pax Tharkas open when dying day--that it was from the mane of a while in the grove but must still roll their sav.I. then the curse would claim him. has far more power than Tassle- placing an axe and a sword of rare and magical hoff ever guessed. The sword has a 4:3 ~ to hit and ~ : : ! I~aBBItSla. Fistandantilus) made a deal with the dark refused to admit that the long white tassel had Those properly presenting the Nightjewel dwarves to betray their king and leave the ever belonged to a horse. It remains in his family. Caramon promise. 99 ...e BRol. (Ifa character promised to guard y o u brought the sword forward into the future with in exchange for this money and then fled wit. The legendary effect of this money occursl bly a Knight of Solamnia. l. This This gigantic two-handed sword. to pre- vent the dark dwarves from double-crossing the wizard. he loses the wizard was assured.d damage. the everyone in the group so long as no weapon is helm was given to Flint Fireforge by his friend drawn or spell is cast.he helm ol. Steeltoe.on mane er of the party. Raistlin paid the dark The helm fits only dwarves. Not only was the post greased.

and washes the years and dust o f many stories from the High Tale o f the DRAGONLANCE.'" 100 .l~hc War~ olZ the I~ncc "Hear the sage as his song descends like heaven's rain or tears.

Enraged. The oath binds the good across the world and plague follows. and the sister is accidentally killed. Ergoth she casts about for a solution. The stone begins to grow into a twisted and perverted form of the Temple. The Thirteen becomes embedded in his chest. and ment in the stone. the eggs of the good dragons. of the newly formed Bloodsea. Fleeing with the eggs to of human. sister's soul is released from imprison. far from any center of tested. What few battles are to rest in the Abyss. the hold of the evil forces es the Foundation Stone on the barren put her plans into operation. The dracon- Ansalon. The gen- cyclones strike the Temple of the eration of draconians in the fiery under- 210 TakhisisReturns: The Queen of Dark- Kingpriest. ground regions around Sanction begins ness attempts again to enter Krynn mountains of fire fall from the skies. and is discovered tal once again. some power of the dragons. Battles for lost glories were a token of dragons. men set about gathering armies under only to Astinus. through the portal opened by the ravaging the landscape. stone. unharmed. Many villages and peoples of Krynn. hobgoblins are gathered into the evil &qe of OaRkness The man. Sometime during this period. their Queen. The lands of Nord- 300 to 320 Agents of Evil: Takhisis sends maar and Goodlund are swiftly over- towns. are created from brass dragon eggs. al Plane. themselves. 340 Humanoids Recruited: The ogres and ness. Her spirit. against the advice of his sister. in earnest. The first draconians. From among the most evil of the age. the Highlords encourage throughout the planes of the universe. while the humans of Khur ally clysm. They raid the Aurak (gold) draconians. Waters pour into cen. Eventually. Near the end 296 The Oath: Acting upon the orders of of 347. as it onarmies. but now lies far dragons' eggs. its pieces scattered volcanoes.). Walking among the creatures of 101 . To her great frustration. struggle. one per day. &sl. She grows increasingly fought are decided swiftly by the awe- by Takhisis. the embedded in his chest. (bronze). Little resistance is met by the Foundatioh Stone of the Temple comes this man is the key to opening her por. over their occupied territories is uncon- plain of Neraka. the Dragonarmies the land. 287 DragonEggs Stolen: The evil dragons. the following events lend per. and ogre forces from the sea. By the end 141 Stone Planted in Neraka: Takhisis plac. ately to stay alive. keep their pres. Famine spreads dragons. population. this aggressive behavior. seeking run. imbued with good. its Soon. massed armies. around Neraka. spective to that time. These Though the full tale of those days is known Stone. dragons to noninvolvement in the com. soon vanish because of disease or the man with the green gemstone themselves with the evil forces to avoid war. To the south. She then returns through the 332 DragonsAppear: The savage and war- The years following the Cataclysm were portal to gather her forces on the Abyss. She knows that conquest. the Queen of Darkness. where the good ians are formed into military units and and the water recedes. The Knights ing war. and steal the good trained for combat. On the thirteenth day. is cursed fold and trained as troops in the Drag- 0 Cataclysm: The wrath of the gods with the stone he has stolen. He 342 Draconians Created: Takhisis instructs Warnings strike. The Dark Queen enters the world through the portal opened by the stone. 348 War of the Lance Begins: with the True clerics are unknown. and his sister discover the Foundation Highlords and their officers. The Temple of the the Lords of Doom. The port city of dragons lair. me Krynn. ian creation continues. Berem Everman. Sivak (silver) and finally shrinking the formerly vast plains of ence in the world a secret. Trees weep blood. descends upon Krynn. Estwilde are allowed to discover the evil turies. frustrated at Berem's apparent disap. with Bozak tral Ansalon. the evil dragons continues. The opening campaign of the vivors of the Cataclysm struggle desper. presence of the sister's spirit. whereby draconians are created from fires die or rage uncontrolled. Yet all races of Krynn managed to 157 Berem Finds the Stone: A young man these men are recruited the Dragon find the courage to fight the darkness. while the training Tarsis is unscathed. Baaz. she dis- Istar is immediately destroyed. the evil dragons melting of the snows in the high passes of Solamnia are persecuted throughout promise to return the eggs. 343 to 347 Evil Armies Marshall: Dracon- is sundered from the mainland to form two great islands.he I Jve of 1. pour eastward upon the unsuspecting target for blame. initially untouched by the Cata- her agents through the world. the evil dragons exact the are ready. Periodic outbreaks of vio- Kingpriest is shattered with the hide their cache in the bowels of the lence occur among the Dragonarmies destruction of Istar. Takhisis judges that her forces 1 to 100 AC Chaosand Pestilence: The sur. the land rises Isle of Dragons. In return. like humans of Sanction. They the watchful eyes of the evil dragons. Neraka.mnus's ScRoll: t. and filled with horror and despair for several cen. The man pries a gemstone loose. preceding cannot gain the peace of death until his the Highlords in the corrupting process the end of the year. she awakens her evil dragons . inhabits the Foundation Stone. as people find them a handy at the conclusion of the war. pearance. she decides to of the year.c~eof ORaGons h stoRy and prepares them for the work she has in mind. forming the New Sea and awakened by Takhisis. hobgoblin. Oath of Neutrality from the good war is planned for the following spring. copper dragon eggs are used to covers that the portal is closed by the remnants sinking far below the surface create Kapak draconians.

. ~. . ~..kl -. .

~ \ .ii~i!i. i- /' ~i~~.

Evil turns upon itself. The the dwarven fortress of Thorbardin. Although a series of High Clerist Tower that blocks the sharp skirmishes cost each side some mountain pass leading into Palanthus. Takhisis's troops now the arrival of Theros Ironfeld. the green gemstone. first time. spearheaded by the Shortly after the battle. Carrying mounted dragonlances geously. the armies that seriously deplete the evil forces. The council is decMed by and retraining. Surging eastward Dragonarmies into a series of ambushes amphibious attack across the New Sea with violence and purpose. the Whitestone forces are at last able to edge of the terrain. evacuated with many refugees. the capital is Finally. the army is still laying beginning of the end for the Dragonar- journey to Southern Ergoth. King western coastline and western islands. and intimate knowl. As The recapture of Kalaman spells the elven fleet sets out on the dangerous winter sets in. the fleet sails through. resist much more effec. strikes across the Plains of of heroes penetrates the deepest tem- attack into Silvanesti. and the costly invasion of Silvanesti. the Tarsian Plain from Silvanesti. campaign with the coming of spring. and the reach and occupy Tarsis by the end of legions of the Abyss behind her. Additional evil troops strike across determined to pass through the portal On the last day of the year. with the onarmies close upon Silvanost. but the Dragonarmies make little forces. Gunthar Uth Wistan and Laurana laying waste to the once-beautiful for. but the dwarves of Kaolyn pro. homeland. The barbar. the Dragonarmies surge westward in a massive offensive. of the defenders. Lorac attempts to use an Orb of Dra. and the dragons set about system. utilizing their Solamnia. are recruited to the evil cause and belat. elves. Losses are heavy on both threat. the Dragonarmy rolls against ing the long summer. All of Ansalon. their cousins on Southern Ergoth. on persing the remaining elven fighters in Sancrist Isle. 104 . discovers the treachery being wrought elves. Vin. and much of Solanthus. the elves evacuate their on the backs of the good dragons. ples of the Highlords in Sanction and effective air and land combination. Although they fight coura.he IwveR 1. reaching Rallying at last. magic. for the Council of White- chaos. the war. est and slowly advancing toward of Qualinesti. upon Neraka. now lies under the heels of the Yet the armies of Whitestone close gonkind to work the destruction of the Highlords. her minions seek the man with desperate effort to turn the tide. The perfidious orb seizes in her attempt. Disor. With the coming of spring. while siege to the dwarven stronghold. which soon year. a Dragonarmy retreats from a field of battle.Astlnus's ScRoU: 1. progress into the dense forest. The War of the Lance Ends. In autumn. a small band onarmies commence a three-pronged Blue Army. plunging the and the Dragonarmy alliance collapses. News is tively than the humans and kender to Solamnia are slow to respond to the swifdy returned to the Isle of Dragons. the Knights of Solam- Southern Ergoth near the end of the nia make a heroic stand and. control of Lorac instead. discipline. brings the Dragonarmies to the borders of Qualinesti lead armies of men. to the Plain of Abanasinia. the Red Army leads an take the offensive. the north. the Blue edly attempt to intercept the elven fleet Dragonarmy hurls itself against the sailing to the west. The battle marks the 351 Evil Turns West: Again starting the first modern use of dragonlances. ships. A huge force. In a the year. The scope of these attacks is far beyond anything that Takhisis's forces have yet attempted. Knowing that they can. and the Queen is foiled evil armies. absorbed by the onslaught. mies. except for the perately. Lemish sides with the evil and the good dragons join the war sides. however. Here an uneasy alliance is forged 350 Rearming Evil: Seriously weakened by between the elves and humans. stone. not withstand the might arrayed roles. 352 Whiresrone Council: Early in the year. nations meet at the Whitestone. the Knights of on the good dragons' eggs. for the year. fleeing w@stward to join Whitestone forces emerge victorious atically destroying the elven food stock. wears the Silver Arm of Ergoth and The minotaurs of Mithas and Kothas bears a dragonlance. Using vide a strong linchpin on the right flank With the aid of the good dragons. but the Queen of Darkness is many fighters remain behind. against evil with savage intensity. the Drag. Des- elves realize that the war is lost. who control all of eastern Ansalon. the elves are decimated by the against them. of good redaim the entire northern Takhisis sends her two remaining ian tribes of the plain are swiftly Solamnic Plain during the rest of the Dragonarmies to reinforce the attack. the they agree to save their fighting for the Dragonarmies spend a year rebuilding forces of evil. representatives of the surviving good land into a living nightmare and dis. ganized and bickering. overrunning Kalaman. from every engagement they fight dur- piles. and dwarves against the evil Dragonar- Silvanost. The gaard. me 349 TakhisisTurns to Silvanesti: The Drag. They of the Foundation Stone. the elves lure the Meanwhile.

These forces Plain is relatively dry most of the year. ily guarded) caravans back and forth. Minotaurs the great cities. Consequently. devastated by the war. There is a 10% here should be considered a rough guideline~ combat the influence of its rivals. Wars fought in led units in combat are almost always recog. and The lands of Solamnia. Factions that are and these regions consequently produce most Control of Ansalon following the War of of Ansalon's food. are treated to rel- Queen. unless Black Dragonarmy CE Red Army. an saton al:ge 1. border skirmishes areas where no controlling power is shown. but may be very vio- nized by troops from the same army. minates this area for only a few short hours every Instead. Entry into The westem islands of Sancrist. ful rainfall allows for a long growing season. war heroes are recognized read. the Lance has fallen to nine powerful factions. ~. and the surrounding areas. Only Palanthus. atively mild winters because of warm ocean cur- armies retumed home to plant crops or tend Strangers are viewed suspiciously. is a watched by bandits. Palanthus is now the center but these occur only rarely. is Ergoth. Areas outside the control of these dry and desolate region. Dwarves Solamnia have set up their central headquar- of troops. of all your campaign considerations dictate otherwise.XS OI. The remnants of the evil forces during spring and summer. most pleasantly temperate on the continent. Very possibly. Armed forces from nearby areas Wherever factions of the same alignment you intend to run an extended campaign in of control are often encountered here. including Estwilde. sweep across the area. its coldest For example. the sun illu- the area of Blue Army control does not exist. troops Ansalon is a continent in the southem hemi- tion to create the reality of your c a m p a i g n ~ of those allies fight side by side against that sphere of Krynn. Mercenaries are readily availableto work for heroes of note stand a 50% chance of being dian peninsula of Eastern Ansalon. In Wherever factions of good and evil align- ments control adjacent areas. and blizzards roar across the ice fields. v and intruders are accosted for questioning. an all-consuming war. however. 105 . troops of region lies to the south. and accommoda- territory. Southern forces of good. share a border with a common enemy. These areas receive much snow tration of good forces to systematically regain the ily by comrades in arms. yet little rain falls dur- factions are either independent city-states or The borders of factions that are unfriendly ing the growing season. During winter. Members of all factions worry about The map of postwar Krynn displays the areas Faction Align.much of As with any world that has just emerged from that begin early in autumn and continue far into ~. are frequent. The factions are listed below. if you played the Battle of Nera: enemy. as each that are not allies control adjacent areas. below freezing. and perhaps even villages. Many have spent most of recognized by troops of their alignment. ContRol factions. the area is in a dangerous state of anarchy. The areas Blue Dragonarmy LE Green Army who he claims to be. while the Tarsian still control much of the landscape. and small cities also common here. shown as controlled by a faction are controlled White Dragonarmy CE None Many of the cities of Ansalon have been solidly. the world of Krynn. these areas. Characters who have in winter and suffer very rainy springs. Icewall Glacier is a ka in the campaign and the Blue Dragonarmy one faction are never commanded by a leader region of constantly freezing temperatures and was completely destroyed and Kitiara killed. as well as the Lun- lent. These troops quickly quash any Elves CG Knights ters there. subject to flooding several times a year. They are lands held by the Dragonarmies. Plenti- skills or interests. The information given faction attempts to expand its influence and der guards are common. Severe winter storms tions for travelers are few and far between.cl. Green Dragonarmy LE Blue Army this good fortune. Green Armies and the Knights of Solamnia GeneRal ConOmons The region ranging from Qualinesti to Silvanesti (including Tatsis)suffers severe winters expand to fill the void. Minotaurs LE Black Army of civilization upon Krynn.h. There are no wars in these areas. frequent snowfall. occupied in fighting border wars or in garrison duties throughout the controlled territory. The Knights of Each of the factions includes a veteran force Knights of Solamnia LG Elves. or worse. All of the factions have achieved some degree fight each other as readily as they battle the of law and order within their borders. chance per month that the border erupts into DMs who want a more exact procedure f o r skirmishing.~e area ~sunder no factton s contro. most of the troops in the Whitestone observed by guards of the appropriate faction. Because of Isolated guerilla or bandit activity is possible.ions Communications between areas of control are primitive to nonexistent. by all means change the informa. ARe. bor. Troop movements and battles are Climate Bandits are common there. neutral territory currently contested by several toward each other are continuously patrolled. although such fighting usually determining weather are referred to the Wil~ stays well below the level of all-out war. but not very long. the regions controlled by the Red and day. Roads are each of which controls one or more tracts of Neraka. Some information on climate is necessary-~ ate environs. and Northern Ergoth. demess Survival Guide hardback. however. escaped damage. friendly to each other may send occasional (heav. Even among allies. The central plains. are the anyone who can pay. Kern. If your campaign has created conditio~:'~ Allies actively cooperate with each other in that are not consistent with the setting pre~ the pursuit of their objectives9 If two allies sented here. rents that keep the temperatures not too far thek shops and stores. and the Port of Palanthus still uprisings and maintain order.Allies spies and do not hesitate to use persuasive that are controlled by the various factions left at Red Dragonarmy CE Black Army methods to determine whether a traveler is the conclusion of the War of the Lance. this period are small-scale. No trade occurs through are struggling to gain control of their immedi. With the defeat of the Dark towns and cities. Thus there is no concen- Conversely. from another faction. conditions on Krynn are spring. their adult lives waging war and have no other Winters are snowy. The elven forests receive plenty of rain far from idyllic. They may be Dwarves LG Knights receives ships from all corners of Ansalon.

Noah he the tropics. many other idyllic and enchanted settings. Books Largest city on Ansalon. prospers Zhakar D/L(E) Gems.CI~ I. These tropical islands include the that nation in a campaign context are present- the setting for the War of the Lance. but a voyage of many months is perature is often too hot for more temperate South lies the icy vastness of Icewall Glacier. E = Elf. out to sea. 0 = Ogre 106 .. Travel by sailing ship in this direction is nearly impossible. carrying one storm after another into the western shores of Ansa- L-he Lan0s What lies beyond the horizons shown on the map? Sooner or later characters in an extended Ion. then you need to land of the kda is said m exist. largest kender community Icereach Thanoi(LE). was the location for all of the adventures in the remained until freed from thek Oath. Small bands Nordmar H/N(G) Horses. lies a huge region of tem- pests and typhoons. The racial makeup of each nation's popula- The answer is up to you. Steel :: Yery loya Kern O/CE Nil Mercenaries and bandits Khur H/N(E) Horses Warlike nomads Kothas M/LE Ships Pirates. ansalon campaign will begin to wonder about this. Hobgoblin race retreated Vingaard H/LG Horses. East lies an ocean of unspeakable vastness. small villages Hylo K/N(G) Carved wooden objects Port city Hylo. Chariots Small tribes. Ergoth H/N(G) Copper. Pirates. Ergoth E/CG Nil Different elven cultures slowly melding Tarsis H/N : ~ Furs. Winds blow from the BcyonO map west with steady intensity. Cattle Occupied during war--towns burned.h(~w a r The northern tip of the continent is the If your characters desire to travel beyond in this direction that the fabled and much feared land of Nordmaar. stone castles Lemish H/N(E) Timber~ Small ships . K = Kender. Certain crops can be grown Brief introductory descriptions are provided Strong winds aid sailors who wish to travel in this during the long summer season. Leather Devastated in war--slowly Sancrist Sanction Silvanesti E/CG Nil Forest twisted by king's nightmares during war--slowly recovering Solanthus H/LG Grain.. ent from those encountered upon Ansalon. since it involves moving oi. snowfall in winter. Hunters and Mithas M/LE Ships . central king N. required before reaching land. where the good dragons ed on the following table. The islands of Mithas and Kothas share The glacier coven the south polar region for creatures of the-lands to the east are very differ- this type of climate. It is The Nations of Ansalon Name Pop. As sailing time. dry Goodlund K/N(G) Maps. into the teeth of these savage winds.. Ansalon Isle of Dragons. store Neraka '~ : H/N(E) Sheep Wool :'. Armor Mysterious race of evil dwarves Abbreviations: AI = Alignment. H(LG) Nil Iceriggers Kalaman i H/N(G) Ships. Coral Vast forest. and any special notes required to run eral land masses on the surface of Krynn. : Fruits. Corn Blode O/CE Nil ~ergoth Ships Timber Estwilde H/N(E) Goats Barren. Gems... Navigators : Ravaged ~olyn D/LG Gems. Cattle Reclaimed from evil. long and humid summers and rarely receives a design the lands and locales that await them. which swelters through the boundaries of the maps. Steel. Iron. islands can be encountered after many weeks of nation. Brass Many ruins of ancient Ergoth Palanthus H/N Ships. several hundred miles in all directions. West.. for the start of the journey: direction. the primary resources produced by that The continent of Ansalon is only one of sev.~ Nil . Hob = Hobgoblin H = Human. Weapons " Beginning to trade w/hm ~rotyl Hob/LE I ~. center of good religions Qualinesti E/~ ~ . as well as DRAGONLANCE| saga.ansMon afl./AI Products Notes Abanasinia H/N ~ Fur. M = Minotaur. D = Dwarf. A scattering of pleasant tion. W a g o n s Road to coast started Thorbardin D/N(G) . Hones. but the tem. people slowly returning S. The peoples and crops.

_ ~J % I E m 0 . ~.~ -~.~..

eventually. Caramon. His admiration as spell components. one's relief!). queen of (b~Rkness Fizban often has an ancient gold dragon known as Pyrite as his companion.2 7 : tage by manipulating his twin and Crysania. Consequently he AL: Chaotic Evil Dark Warrior. return to the Red Robes. but real love for her death. and senile. enough and strong enough. even at the adine). a ings of affection for Caramon are all tangled dark passion that will lead him into plotting up with hatred and jealousy. &C: 0 good and evil to the world. Since he is a god (Pal. befuddled old wizard is a his feelings and those of others to his advan- wonderful character who can have players ~ . Raistlin is a complex experience a sense of awe and reverence. Raistlin has one consuming ambition--he the helm of a Knight as well. it often seems as if he is simply Raistlin will not. to use the history of the Knights of Solamnia. having a Knight of the Rose. ~. 10 17 14 16 10 15 needs. She can appear as the Dark Temptress. plus a one stand in his way. Crysania is drawn to him. He can be very STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR potential. the golden dragon STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR female. irascible. Even Pyrite is an ancient huge gold dragon. under any circumstances. He still speaks in a whispering voice. ~r play him effectively. not to make one triumph over the other. about themselves and developing their true though she can't explain why. This armor is blackened Fizban appears as a gray-bearded old wizard discovered that this gets people's attention. AC: . or dragon--depending upon her spends most of his time sleeping in the sun. She can appear as the clearly than recent times). He carries a plain wooden staff that to gain this goal. He it is on it. her and feels natural feelings of protectiveness seeming to come from far underground. He will use any means seen of his face is two flaming orange eyes. much less the White. she is one of the three crea.~!7'~! gasping with laughter even while they're Raistlin has a charisma that is very power. ful. and it AL: Chaotic Evil and does not interfere with their decisions. Any feel. s L Game statistics for Takhisis can be found in :7 [oR0 Sol. The beloved. He chose to be evil.peRsonabttes of the Aqc of 0Raqons l . and respect for Kitiara becomes. all those in her presence (including to make Raistlin an NPC character since he has those of good alignment) feel her power and gone beyond 18th level.h the section on Kr~m's gods (page 46). The dragon's great days were during the time the most beautiful. desirable woman a man of Huma (which he remembers much more THACO: 9 has ever seen in his life. Lord Soth wears the armor of FizBan t h e aBUlOUS lull his enemies into a false sense of security. charming. the spell he is searching for (generally to every. Thus Dalamar stays with him. however. Raistlin is cunning Lord Soth's tragic history is told in part in can be found in the section on Krynn's gods.2 she can transform into her favored shape.~et Manual. He desires they are in his presence. All that can be ed wizard's hat that is off his head more than wants to become a god. is only because of his final sacrifice that he is HP: 59 Fizban's purpose is to restore the balance of rewarded by the salvation of peace in death. (20th-LevelHumanBlack RobeWizard) The Dark Queen can take any form--male. he is proud and these are just as likely to contain his dirty socks feelings for only one person on this world and will fight an enemy honorably. blind. 108 . l a stlm majeRe (Knight of the Black Rose) Raistlin seems frail. and charred as if it had been in a fire. the DRAGONLANCE| Legends books need takes. Pouches hang from his belt. a fearsome warrior in black will fight when called upon. Descriptions of Paladine and his statisdcf his twin lives beneath. the statistics for such creatures from the Mon. He wears in mouse-colored robes with a beat-up. [OR0 goth ready to wring his neck. Usea character and this information Should help though she is evil. the fearless kender "feel a bit queer" when shabby spell book in which he can never find Raistlin does not love Crysania. DMs should keep this :iinmind when playing this character. he will let nothing and no is a frightening apparition who can even make appears to do nothing whatsoever. making the situation worse instead of better. but one is never really certain whether this frailty is real or feigned to Though a death knight (see the FIEND FOLIO~ tome). Deaf. ancient gold dragon and on a good day can DMs who are running Campaigns based on No matter what form the Dark Queen remember most of them. Fizban is interested in people learning (SolamnicDeathknight) peril of his own life. half. point. When Fizban tries to help charac. Raistlin has deep Although thoroughly evil. that is his twin brother. that Pyrite has all the spell-casting powers of an of the five-headed dragon. tors of the world. 2 7 :. but toward her but that is all.khtms pymtE RAis~lin l:h~. THACO: 12 Fizban always allows others freedom of choice Raistlin is truly evil. but only if he can HP: 44 armor with eyes of fire and a sword of flame or be convinced he is going to Huma's rescue. when it suits his purpose. Soth's voice is deep. 18/99 10 9 14 17 17 ters out of a fix.

if Raistlin fails. Raistlin. With him he carried the sense. Kharas was a handsome dwarf of serious. ly despite the various dwarven factions that Kharas fled the final battle when he saw his wanted to overthrow him. Duncan's The Thanes all fought to gain the kingship. He kl l Ra Thorbardin to the hill dwarves and plainsmen returned to King Duncan. Thus Kharas escaped Duncan waged the Dwarfgare Wars because the devastating blast that leveled the battle- 109 . Having con- sidered the odds.R IR. his plans to challenge the Dark dwarves would never be united until one arose Queen anger and scare Kitiara. carried them to a secret burial ground. and common pose except hatred. dwarves' only hope for survival. Kitiara is a gambler with fate. His other son died of heart of life for a dwarf. Approximately two hundred years old Such a thing is done only to those dwarves Reghar had one son who lived to adulthood when he died. Dalamar. Before he left.IIORCiG the mountain dwarves. He had dark hair and a luxurious beard worn in kIu. he foretold that the ambition. long. Kharas. She has never son~died in this battle and their father did not each seeking out Kharas and vying for his sup- admitted defeat and. beneath her calm exterior. been crushed. has managed to long outlive them. Although god Reorx. He had not horrified by Kharas's report--shut himself up Since her dreams of conquering the world foreseen the terrible loss of life that would in his home and refused to eat or drink. terrified that.~Ra long curls according to the style of his people. It is a pretty good bet. blunt. the idealistic Kharas shaved his beard as Reghar himself died in the Dwarfgate Wars. Her plans to rule the world include the dark elf ruling at her side. since she undoubtedly believes she could worm her way back into Raistlin's favor should he suc- khaRaS ceed. king ordered him to do so and that he went nearly everyone in both dwarven armies. Hale and hearty. weak- under the banner of the Dark Queen have occur when Fistandantilus's magic wiped out ening and eventually dying in Kharas's arms. The Knights were impressed stubborn and fiercely proud. They named him tucked into his belt in the fashion of the hill "Kharas" which means knight in Solamnic. bodies of the king's sons. He went to war against his cousins This is one of the highest honors the Knights because he'was convinced that the mountain can bestow on a member of another race. where She hopes Raistlin will help her gain her he died. dwarves. IeGha. Kitiara has a brave enough to seek out the Hammer and respect for the Queen born of fear and she is return it to the dwarves of Thorbardin. He was stoutly built with he was opposed to warring against his kins- disease (the same affliction that killed Flint).qS fought with the Knights of Solamnia in the Dwarfgate Wars. back-stabbing of his people. in fact. nothing anyone said con- vinced Reghar otherwise. he will drag her down with him as well. shame. Kharas took the Knights with their good dragons feel ready to body of his king and his magical hammer and attack. solemn mein. besides. Taller than average for a dwarf. Sickened by the greed and political make Sanction a haven that not even the the arms of his young friend. and gruff.~ciE oF ORaqons he knew that he could not open the gates of field and wiped out both dwarven armies. he grandfather) who led his people during the STR I N T Xv. dying of a broken heart in port. He accomplished kinsmen slaughtering each other for no pur- this with wisdom. in the days before the Cataclysm. dwarves had great wealth and stores of food Kharas wielded a huge hammer that he hidden beneath the mountain that they made himself. iron grey hair and a grey beard that he wore in men. Kitiara also has become enamored of the dark elf. Quick-tempered. peRsonallttEs oF the . What she has not counted upon is Lord (Dwarven Hero) Soth. He believed in this (King of the Dwarves of Thothardin) the time of the Dwarfgate Wars. diplomacy. When Kharas was Reghar was the elderly hill dwarf (Flint's (15th-Level Human young. Duncan was still in the prime who have performed a disgraceful act. Reghar was Goblin Wars. who--shocked and or all would perish of famine. Since (Flint's father). some say with the help of the refused to share with those in need. it was the hill shaved his beard--a shocking act for a dwarf. flowing curls according to the fashion of a sign that he fought this war only because his killed in the blast of magic that destroyed the mountain dwarves. (see page 96 for more info on the Ouncan hammer). Kitiara is frustrated and raging almost all members of both armies. He had gray hair with Kharas's skill and valor as well as his and a gray beard that he wore plaited and nobility and honor. Duncan was a shrewd old forward to kill his fellow dwarves in bitter dwarf who held his position as king tenacious. If the players meet Kharas during this is not true. she has decided to put her money on the Dark Queen instead of her half- brother. he will have for too long and.

honest face. while AC: . but he knows that he can his white beard is straight and inclined to be bide his time. (gth-Levd Hill Dwarf Fighter) in her quest. He is secretive and not inclined to trust age earlier than most. his nearest competitor for his early 70s at the end of the War of the the Head of the Conclave. STR INT WIS D ~ CON CHR HI): 52 10 18 15 17 9 12 AC: 4 CllS~ THACO: 13 AL: Lawful Good (18th-Level Human liP. however. adorned with runes of any type. It was primari. Raistlin Majere.. hope to remedy. pensating for his handicap. Par-Salian would like ful Temple in Palanthus. stances will Par-Salian leave the Tower of Way- edge from Paladine that if Crysania succeeds reth." 47 &rnothus pManl. ruling over the church with 17 10 8 12 14 12 wisdom and compassion. He (7th-Level Human Fighter) Salian is an elderly human male. the Conclave. spell book. He appears Justarius enjoys adventure and might be per- frail. Under no circum- RF. He has been given knowl. Amothus is an only The character of Elistan before and during considered by many to be next in line as Head child. but it is rumored foppish.. but will not attempt to dissuade her (or any other player ( 18th-Level Human White Robe THACO: 12 AL: Chaotic Good character) from seeking her own destiny. Justarius is neu- the important decision to allow the young tral in all things and is not overly compassion- (Cleric of Paladine mage. A that many mothers of daughters in Palanthus modules. probably in respects Ladonna. shallow. bility of a magical artifact. robust man with an open. At this point in his life. In his early forties.hus STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR AC: 0 (Lord of Palanthus) 13 14 17 12 12 16 As his name implies.. she will be a great leader--a STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR powerful cleric. He has many magical means of com- Elistan is the prophet of Paladine on that it was because of this decision that Fistan.1 the younger sons generally served in the A human male in his late 40s. he is evil. knowledge of the true gods and built a beauti. Justarius walks with a pronounced limp. Rulership of Palanthus HP: 61 (Head of the Order of Red Robes) was always passed on to the eldest son. Those who meet Elistan after the big. but his eyes are a bright. paR-Saltan that Justarius was exceptionally proud of his physical prowess when young and that his Test (Head of the Conclave) forced him to choose between physical &mothus p a l ~ t h u s strength or his magic./ and for Crysania. He knows that work here is complete. some of which can Krynn. THACO. with runes of warding and protection. but with a core of steel beneath. saying Raistlin's skill and power. Amothus xvar find the cleric dying of a wasting illness. His robes are snow white and are not the responsibilities as Head of the Conclave. Justarius likes and admires Par-Salian. Justarius is Knights of Solamnia. His is much like the people of Palanthus left leg was crippled during the magical Test. It was he who made Although an honest man.&I~IUS for hundreds of years. Thus Elistan will do paR-Sa|tan what he can to counsel Crysania. He has brought back Raistlin chose for himself the path he walks. glittering blue. the family of Amo. and How or why no one knows. suaded by an adventuring party to accompany His face is like that of a fierce old eagle. and is unmarried--a situation the War of the Lance has been described in the of the Conclave when Par-Salian retires. however. themselves appearing weak. (~lisl~n he obtained his high rank. Now. but he cannot while Raistlin's 110 .. the War of the Lance that the god had granted him life once and his would never have been won. however. that without to Paladine in an attempt to heal him. During the Dragonlance Wars he dantilus was able to seal a bargain with the be extremely startling and surprising. Elistan refuses to allow any to pray Par-Salian is aware. The archmage has long white hair and wizard is ambitious. Par. to take the Test at an ate.cjha~ IhRefoRc~ . them on a quest--particularly if they can Par-Salian is not a wizard of action. make it worth his while by offering the possi- ring to spend his time in study. prefer. The Red-Robed Lance..peRsonalmes oi: the Ac4c of ORaqons Elistan's greatest concern is for the church threat to the world exists. 10 thus Palanthus has ruled the city of Palanthus AL: Lawful Good ] UST. He is in no hurry to take over wispy. gravely ill. He now wants only very much to give up the burden of heading to die in peace. His ted brought the knowledge of the true gods back young mage and thus lead him into paths of robes are made of plain material decorated to the greater world. A powerful wizard of the White Robes. Some wizards believed anyone. or other ly because of his vast knowledge of magic that unusual item.

He STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR A very attractive black woman in her late helped her escape. brown eyes. Her black robes are rich and luxurious. bestial-looking Koraf. Maquesta comes from females he had ever seen (minotaurs feel that AL: Lawful Neutral the seafaring race of humans in Northern way about all humans). Ladonna is a powerful wizardress person she even considers trusting is Koraf. muscular body of a At the beginning of the Legends books. some in their faith.hon ~ ORaciontancc | intricate designs upon her head. and an extremely which are held to determine superiority. Despite her age--which she scorns to hide by means of magical arts--Ladonna is still a for her to admit this even to herself. Ladonna is well ing on their territory. (Killing. left Maquesta the humans long enough to believe that she is Perechon and a pile of debts. leaves them. (Head of the Order of Black Robes) worthwhile in this world. where Maq was being STR INrF WIS DEX CON has not done so is uncertain. under a sentence of death. HP: 55 . Maq and Koraf met Raistlin has never challenged her. for Ladonna has a weakness for their love. tempered and savage. a sailor.ARIUS maquesta kaR-Ulon Koraf met Maquesta in prison. brown hair. DMs devising affection and understanding between them. Owner of the Koraf at first thought Maq one of the ugliest THACO: 12" doomed ship Perechon. He had trusted beautiful and that he himself is hideous. 18/90 6 he considers it beneath him. She will do everything in her power. In their youth. But. She has iron gray hair that she wears woven in the most maquesta k -l. from 1. but believes that his love is [aOonna make money--wealth being the only thing hopeless since he is so ugly. Bitter at the betrayal of her father. we urge DMs and players to read the novels for ideas and descriptions of places and people. peosonatmes ol.3 mar is a very handsome elf with long. She was (Pirate) scheduled to die after having seen most of the (17th-Level Human Red Robe Wiza. but loves them and clave. which AL: Lawful Evil death in his homeland for killing another figures out to about 25 in human years. she has a guy in every port. Maq still has AL: Neutral (Evil) Order. ]USI.he. A AC: -2 . if somewhat quick- Maq's father enjoined her never to trust any. the Aq6 olZ Ooac~ons and he saw escape as the only alternative.. he would not hesitate to kill her. although it takes a lot player ChaRaC1:CRs attack him directly. Despite the fact that 14 17 14 16 13 12 lithe.uj rest of her crew being tortured to death. Maq fol- An extraordinarily beautiful human female lows his instructions to the letter. She prefers handsome men with sacrifice anyone or anything. Before he died. Just why he on the Isle of Mithas. to stop him--as few brains. lin more than any other member of the Con. Koraf is deeply in love one and to do whatever she had to in order to with Maquesta. she saved his life. She STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR The Legends series are stories about people wears many jewels. Koraf was also a pris- aware that if Raistlin did challenge her to the oner. Each has a les- fine jewelry. He is in Koraf's death would not have been pleasant 111 . strong body of an athlete.. woman of striking appearance. in a friend who betrayed him. Maq is fond of men. glittering with (8th-Level Half-Elf Fighter-Thief) leGenOsBooks runes of protection stitched in silver.. possibly because held prisoner by the minotaurs for encroach. Maq truly loves the ugly. nightmares about what she saw in the mino. The only Bas-Ohn kouaf in her 60s. THACO: 14 son to learn in life and sometimes the learning Salian were lovers and there is still a kind of AL: Neutral is very difficult and dangerous. Ladonna and Par.) charming and winning personality. some of which are magical 15 11 13 18 16 13 who are being tested. Dala- HP: 49 minotaur in a fit of rage. Her father. he has lived among HP: 48 Ergoth. Ladonna hates and feats Raist. flowing minotaur is sanctioned only in the Games. Once again. laOonna ~: (17th-Level Human Black Robe Wizardress) Bas-Ohn koRaf (Minotaur First Mate to Maquesta) OalamaR STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR 9 18 16 18 12 18 (Dark Elf Wizard) Although his face is bestial and ugly. Some are being tested in and others not. long as she herself is protected. THACO: 12 human in his late 20s. Because of this. Maquesta has short curly hair and the two became fast friends. truly noble being. Koraf was sentenced to Dalamar is a young dark elf of 90 years. He saved THACO: 10 ritual magical contest to gain control of the Maq's life and helped her escape. She will not deep in her heart. HP: 58 campaigns based on the Legends series should AC: 4 keep this in mind. (10th-Level Minotaur Fighter) who rules over the Black Robes only because her minotaur first mate.. taur prison. and the 20s. another AC: . the tall Koraf has the superb.

one who is cold to those who first meet her. the Master of the Tower OalamaR STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR of High Sorcery in Palanthus. Dalamar was driven in a cart to the borders of The daughter of an ancient. and grey demanding of all the characters. HP: 41 A member of a low caste. dedicated her life to her faith. sania's journey through time and entering the Like so many other men before him. view himself as a person of worth. He In much the same way as magic-users must Raistlin chose to be evil. Her face. She is a amon undergoes are meant to teach him that cast out of the light. managing the Inn of the Last Home. for example. and may come at any time. he must order must be maintained in the world. however.peRsonalttms of the AGEof 0RaGons excellent health and condition. and spiritual. eyes. mar is highly attracted to Kitiara. Dalamar THACO: 16 volunteered without hesitation. He admires Raist. The young woman wants something own life. so clerics are cannot change him. Hum Clericof Paladine i !!:' i" tice is to serve Raistlin. This was Palanthus. know how to love anyone. Caramon Silvanesti and there thrown out. Caramon has the archmage. heir. his own life. He needed lin. Her first and only love is her church. cleric. In a secret meeting. been destined for greatness and in her early in giving way to his twin's every whim. These are tests of life. hiding himself away fluctuating between self-pity and self- from his people. but also because of her people was returning to normal. Dalamar has just completed his Test. he is intelligent. The Dalamar's first love and loyalty is to his youth was frustrated and unable to find her truth was. The trials Car- Thus Dalamar became a dark elf. Dalamar made his way to the Tower of of husbands. Dalamar CRySanla Caramon is in terrible physical condition and turned from the White Robes that all elves wear and chose to wear the Black. a dedicated he has value as a person and that he must live Bound hand and foot and blind-folded. however. mental. and is fascinated by the power of covered her destiny. Even Tika had developed her Dalamar involved his lingering love and long. Dalamar's admiration and fascination however. She knows that she has brother. . she dis. he would have been AC: 0 allow. and that Caramon fears Raistlin as a renegade who would topple pass a Test in their arcane arts. when Elistan is gone. where he took the and attractiveness. and has gives him the understanding that balance and sion. His first task as an appren. One of the cleric's earliest Raistlin to feel heeded himself. But Dalamar is smart enough to know that Crysania is devout. that he respects Elistan as a cleric of Paladine. balance and order and throw the world into tested by their gods. chaos. a leader of men. appears colorless and " physical. Abyss with Raistlin is a test of her faith. and tolerance or she will follow ideas that are of value and worth. even with his dark master. they asked 16 17 t6 16 12 14 for a volunteer to serve as Raistlin's apprentice and to spy on him for the Conclave. Revered Daughter of Paladine.) Cry- SO. She knows that she has within her the involve three goals: he must free himself of his that only destruction can result from such vast strength and the ability to lead the church addiction to dwarven spirits and get himself in ambition. Cl~sAnla A skilled young wizard. ing for his elven homeland and people--a more from life. Crysania is cultured and extremely came home a hero. hungering for knowledge Twenty-eight years old and 50 pounds over- weight at the beginning of the Legendsseries. accept the fact that his twin is truly evil. in fact. than settling down Caramon had devoted his life solely to his matter he had to resolve within himself before and raising children. AL: Chaotic Evil The dark elf was originally from Silvanesti. Caramon's learning experience should man was not meant to challenge the gods and tious. was tested and he could truly destroy Raistlin if he had to do failed. that Caramon didn't magic and to the Conclave. more than once to seriously question whether (The Kingpriest. noble family of Following the War of the Lance. ued his studies in secret. haps even his life for it. no one need- Test and completed it successfully. white skin. He is a sodden wreck of a man. Dala. Thus he willingly risks his life converts. since it is then the new Speaker of the Sun and Stars. thus precipitating the Cataclysm. An attractive young woman in her late 20s. When she met Elistan. and the power that magic conferred. She could have had her choice should have lived happily ever after. He contin. which understand is that she must also have compas. once the war had ended and life for High Sorcery at Wayreth. Unfortu- Lance. Crysania has black hair. But eventually he was discov. Crysania left home and wealth and so little self-esteem that he doesn't really to study with him and serve as his apprentice. appearing noble and self-sacrificing he could be free to devote himself to magic. Dalamar is being tested in his devotion to his art and his 112 . 1 0 1 3 12tl 1 6 1 6 The Conclave of Wizards fears Raistlin (13th-Level Dark-Elf Black Robe Wizard) more than any other threat in the history of STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR c o : 14 their Orders. The Test for family's wealth. have led him when the cleric appears to be well-established. humility. to which Crysania is the only ed Caramon. but she is also ambi. (Cleric of Paladine) an alcoholic. calling in life. indulgence. Caramon's testing is the most ered and was cast out of his race by Porthios. of course. well-built and ability to sacrifice worldly ambition and per- muscular. Thus in the footsteps of the Kingpriest.ed to proceed only so far in his magical CaRamon majcRc arts and then forbidden by law to gain further power. he must learn that The dark elf has a high Wisdom. What she does not yet physical shape once more. however. Ambitious. not only because of her manners nately. He married Tika and about one year after the end of the War of the well-educated.

the but if he ever takes another drink it will imme. t ~ Waylan majene Primarily. Tika could have had her "put the world back together:' He doesn't unable to travel more than one mile and is choice of men. coupled with the disease of alco. famous have forced him to give up much of He cannot travel farther than two miles in a his beloved privacy and independence.. There is always in the back of Tanis'smind for one day. A heroine celebrated in legend and song also a great deal of pressure on Tanis to try to stands between him and getting drunk. assum... Tanis isn't. one. he suffers a .Xqe o1: Onace3ns .. Unfortunately.. passion. Tika never fully understood the fantasy of Kitiara--just as Kit knew there After this period.Handler) stop and get drunk.. AL: Neutral Gocat truly loved--Flint and Sturm--Tasslehoff is that Caramon will die unless he changes and probably a bit more serious-minded than therefore she throws him out. His Willpower will eventually reach 10.I0 penalty to hit and has an AC of 8 regard. He needs to learn that there is a seri. being the daughter of royalty. Much as Crysania is in love For every week thereafter that he remains mon into marriage following the war.. He Tika is a lovely young woman in her early and he resents the loss of his freedom. Tanis accompanying her as advisor. Although Tanis remains in the present in Caramon has a Willpower statistic in addi: adventure. He time Caramon passes a bar or any location at might also accompany Tika in a search for Cat- which drink is offered. though Tika loves Caramon dearly. with an ideal of Raistlin that can never possi- sober.1 ~ ~ ::!':i: that he teaches as well as learns.5 penalty to hit If there is any hint of dissatisfaction in and a .. THACO: 10 the War. 113 . Tika hurried Cara. however. can never need Caramon the way Raistlin needed him.. make him a fun companion. heedless kender (12th-Level Human Fighter) must learn to accept responsibility for his ( lOth-Level Hurnan Fighter) wis DEX c o n actions.... Both are highly respected and As long as Caramon gets drunk at least once A. the Legends novels. Temple at Neraka. This starts at I. the result is greater than his willpower he will Tanis is married to Lautana and is basically (12th-Level Kender Thief. This condition lasts during their adventures and perils together. Their love grows his willpower. If XassleholCI.. His natural buoyancy and good humor carry him through Caramon's problem is one ofwiU power a n d many predicaments.er. Although she can't express it. . telling him not most kender (which isn't saying a lot). but he is incapable of defending himself or engaging in she was a girl and her love for him grew deeper doing the best he can. He still doesn't truly know her. the thoughtless. When drunk. if it is equal to or less than living happily ever after. Tika is wise enough to know that this type of (12th-Level Half-Elf Fighter) relationship is poison anyway. knows himself.5 pen. Caramon's relationship with his twin and his would be when she aided his escape from the alty to hit and . Tassle- holism. He is throughout Krynn.5 penalty to his Armor Class. But. Cer. Finally. BURRfOO1.mamon r n H ] ~ do with it. his penalties to hit and Armor Class ing that she could take Raistlin's place in bly be.. Both are extremely busy--Laurana serv- passes by the bar.tka Waylan maj n tomed to life in the public eye. things get worse for him. independent. Due to his experiences in herself and tries to hide his worsening condi. ana. so Tanis is in love with an ideal of Kiti- drop by one and his Willpower increases by Caramon's heart. Laur- day before collapsing. although generally he doesn't know what to C. guide. STR INT WIS DEX CON C ~ ! : ! ! : i 18/63 12 10 11 17 15 ous side to life that must (on occasion) be 14 9 16 13 faced.. BunRfoot amon and Lady Crysania. He is Tanis's life. Each past--either with Caramon or on his own. There is becomes violently ill and attacks anyone who 20s.anls hMf-elvEn to day. to return to her as husband or friend until he tainly Tas has great insight into character.. com- self-esteem. getting drunk. in viewing each day as an exciting new of this slump. ing as a diplomat for the Knights of Solamnia. he must roll l d l 0 . he should learn tlmt evil isn't HP: 95 AC: . he suffers a !2 16 t~i .. ara. any combat whatsoever. for Caramon's slow descent 16 12 13:16 1 Even the merry-hearted kender is tested in into the bottle. finally. in three days.. he returns to his . She has loved Caramon since really feel adequate for the task. admired throughout Ansalon. pensonalmes o1: the . dependency on Raistlin. and less of his armor or other protections. it is that the demands of being either noisy and rude or sulky and blubbery..5 penalty to his Armor Class. he may return to the tion to his other statistics. and loyalty for his friends. Tika blames STR I N T W I S DEX D E X C( C O N CFLR "l~$$|ehofl. then he steels himself and STR I N T WIS DEX CON C ~ daily. herself. It will take a great deal to get him out hoff's sheer joy and pleasure in living from day T. as does his caring..L: Neutral . ts accus- Should he go more than three days without 1. Tika realizes. THACO: : bodyguard. strong-willed young woman diately drop by three. She is ashamed of him and of the Legends books. particularly in losing two people he tion from their friends.

[ koBolOs I ) :i .Ra.ransm~ I neutral I ~.+ I-.en+ I \I ShaOow people II ---I.| ] 114 . (ora~ons)~. ChaRacteR &l|c. Actions that are contrary to the character's professed alignment shift the character's posidon on this chart in the appropriate direction (toward good.~ pec~sus] an.+u~.E ---Im. S[~I+r OaRqonesl. The penalties the character suffers while his alignment is in a grey area are given on page 13.no--uo+l ] [ l~anol ] ------[ Glam.mals) Gmfi:ons] 2::' An|reals] ! .i.nSl~lOn I CVl[ I II I1 IIII]llll[lllillltllll[!lllll]lllllllllllllllllllll[illll[lll[[llllllll[lll DMs should use this chart to keep track of each player character's alignment as determined by his actions. The grey areas labeled "Transition" are passed through when a character's actions dictate a change in alignment.m--~ + :i \ I ~oJ ~:!(I..%. me~al.Rack|nq ChaRt qooO I 1. evil.~.s ~ m ~o.| ] Ii kaqonesl.t. A player character's initial position on this chart is the midpoint of his professed alignment. The DM must determine the number of boxes to shift in each case. or neutrality)..~ I /!O.1/I half-elves ] ~C~J3 ] Sllvanesl." --]--I ~~ i I hOBGOBlinSI "! .!.+nment 1.orne~I (humans) \ I s.c p----{ Oracomans] l~aces of kRynn x-i ChRomM.+ 1 --I ~176 I ~ maq~calcneatuRes]. Most shifts involve moves of one to four boxes..~.E + OwaRves] [ the|waR [ ///~ Gnomes ] kenOeR] t h~o I C.

3 ~ Dryad ...i~i~ Frog. Qualinesti Border Patrol 5 12" 2 +2 17 1 ld8 + 1 or ld6 no no LG 19 dll-8 Fighter 4 12" 3 20 1 l d 8 + 2 or l d 6 + l no no LG 17 d12-12 Magic-User 8 12" 5 13 1 ld4 yes no LG 20 d12-12 Warriors 5 12" 1+1 7 1 ld8 + 1 or ld6 no no LG 19 d12. 2 9 i ld4:: yes yes N: 16 d1129~ Dog Elf. . t ~ n te"r.e*r ~t/7 17 u :~+I -~" 1R Paralyze yes no N 16 Crayfish. Gelatinous Cube 8 6" 4 21 1 2d4 yes no N 15 M-43 Ghast 4 15" 4 22 3 ld4/Id4/ld8 yes yes CE 15 M-43 Ghoul 6 9" 2 11 3 ld3 / ld3 / ld6 yes yes CE 16 M-43 Giant... Giant 4 6"//12" 4+4 24 2 ld12/ld12 no no l'q l) M-I) Crocodile. Giant 4 6"//12" 7 35 2 3d6/2d10 or 2d20 no no N 15 M-15 Draconian: Aurak 0 15" 8 42 2 (ld8 + 2)x2 yes yes LE 12 DL-73 Baaz : 4 6" / 15" / 18" 2 12 ! ld8 no yes LE(C) 16 Bozak g" I1~" ~ 22 ld8 yes 15 Kapak Dragon (hatchling): Black 3 12"/24" 6 6 3 ld4/ld4/3d6 yes no CE 16 dll-31 Dragon (average adult): Black . Hill 4 12" 8 +2 45 1 2d8 yes no CE 12 M-45 Goblin 6 6" 1-1 3 1 ld6 no no LE 20 d12-30 Book Notes: M-X = Monster Manual.. page X DL-X = DRAGONLANCE* Adventures. jL---~ UntfmO AnsMon monster ChaRt Name AC MV HD hp #AT Dmg SA SD AL THACO Book Bat 8 1"124" 1/4 2 1 1 yes no N 20 ( ~ r r .. G i a n t : 7 3"119"! 3 16 1 2d4. 3 12"/24" 7 35 3 ld4/ld4/3d 6 yes no CE 12 Blue ~: 2 9"/24" 9 45 i 3 ld6/ld6/3d8 yes no 10 G r e e n : . no N ~ 16 M-4~. page X dlY-X = DRAGONLANCE Module #Y. 29"/24" 8 4 0 3 ld6/ld6/2d10 yes no LE 12 M~33 ~:~Red :~:1 9 /24 I0 $0 ld8/ld8/3d 0 M'33 White 3 12"/30" 6 30 3 ld4/ld4/2d 8 yes no CE 13 M-34 Dragon (huge ancient): Black (Khisanth) 3 12"/24" 8 64 3 ld4/1d4/3d6 yes yes CE 8 d11-26 Red -1 9"/24" 11 88 3 ld8/ld8/3dl 0 yes no CE 7 M. page X M2-X = Monster ManuM II. yes:. 9 1 2".~'n~'L. page X FF-X = FIEND FOLIO* tome. page X 115 .

ld10 no yes var ..100: ~q )d8 / l d 8 / b 3 ~ho no CG dli9 Rat.<. W h i t e -5 24" 10 77 3 ld12/ld6/ld6 no yes LG 10 dll-6 Troll 12~ 6+6 37 ~ 3 5-815-8/2d6 yes CE 13 M~ Unicorn ~ r e s t m a s t e r ) ~ 24 ~ 10 60 ~ ld8/ld8/ld20 _ nO C G !0 d l l ~ ~2~ I2~!18" id6+4 :.. Brown 9 0" na na 0 0 yes yes N na M-71 Mold.. Giant 7 12" / / 6 " 1/ 2 3 1 ld3 yes no N 20 M-81 Skeleton 7 12" 1 5 1 ld6 no yes N 19 M-87 Slug........ G i a n t 9 3" 4 18 1 ld4 yes no N 15 M-60 Ty 1 Gladiator 4 9" 2 11 3 ld3 / ld3 / l d 6 yes yes CE 16?? dl-14 Guard.. . Huge 6 18" 2+ 2 11 1 l d 6 + poison yes no N 16 M-90 Stag....15 Mold... ~:. ...7~ Pe~ ld6/ld611d8 .I : . ..~ 40 " . Yellow 9 O" na na 1 ld8 yes yes N Spc M-71 ldl0 no no : CE : i5 M. Id6 no nn NI ~a dl... 12 ~ t 4 . DL6~ Mobat 7 3" / 15" 4 19 1 2d4 yes yes NE 15 M 2 . G i a n t 8 6" 12 58 1 ld12 yes no N 9 d12-20 Snake :: " Spectral Minion Reveler 2 30" 5 22 1 ld4 + revel yes yes CE 15 DL-70 Guardian 2 30" 10 46 1 ld10 no yes LG 10 DL-70 Warrior 3~ ~ 9.10 Guard..la"~' Officer 3 9" 7 37 1 ld8+2 no no LE 12 dl-14 Refugees 8-10 12" 0-3 var 1 ld4 no no var vat d11-7 Slave 10 12" 1 3 1 ld4 no no N 20 dl-14 vat 20 ~ n o N ~ dl..!2 M. .. City 8 12" 2 8 1 ld6 no no var 20 dl 1. 12 DL-70~ ~ Searcher 2 30" 6 30 na na no yes LE na DL70 Spider...fmO AnsMon m o n s t e r ChaRt Name AC MV HD hp //AT Dmg SA SD AL THACO Book Gully Dwarf 8 12" 4 14 1 ld6 no yes N 15 DL-67 Hobgoblin 5 9" 1 +1 5 1 ld8 no no LE 18 dl 1-4 Leech.~ Wight 5 12" 4+3 27 1 ld4 yes yes LE 15 M-IO0 Witherweed 8 0" 3 16 ld12 + 12 Spc yes yes N 16 FF-95 Wraith 4 12" / 24" 5+ 3 26 1 ld6 yes yes LE 15 M-102 Wyvem 6#/24" 74-7 43 2 2d8/ld6 + ~ison yes no NE 12 dl2. . yes yes M2..~ yes . Un. Holy 4 12" 4 25 1 ld8 no no CG 18 d11-7 Laborer -~.~: 116 ...

10/. 8/. -/17 12/. -/9 -/9 6/. -/. -/. 8/. CL.P. 8/. 15/.R.9/16 -/. 10/.I.H. -/. 10/.H DL Adventures Mountain Dwarves 8/. -/16 C. -/. 7/.1-/ TG DL Adventures ~ i~'~: Silvanesti -/.T. ChARAc ( R CLAss ITIAStCR ST3tlS ICS Ranqe I BIC Proficiencies Character Class STR INT WIS DEX CON CHA Initial Added Book CAVALIER (CV) 15/.M. -/. 8/. -/. 10/.(16)/.F.H DL Adventures Gully Dwarves 6/. 7/. 3/2 1/1 per 2 Unearthed Arcana Paladin (P) 15/.T. F. 8/. 8/.H DL Adventures Irda 12/. R. 14/.W. 16/. 10/. 6/3 1/1per 2 Unearthed Arcana Ranger (R) 13/15 13/15 14/15 -/. -/.t 1 2 8181. -/. -/.CR RaCIM mm mum & maximum T BIc Character Race STR INT WIS DEX CON CHA Accepted Classes Book Human -/.H DL Adventures 117 .W.-/.P. -/. -/.R.-/. -/. 7/.A Player's Handbook Tinker G n o m e s 6 t : . Any* Player's Handbook Kender 6/16 6/. -/. 8/.A. -/. -/.H DL Adventures Dimernesti -/. 1/3 1/2 per 6 Player's Handbook Thief/Acrobat (A) 15/16 -/. -/12 -/9 F. 15/.A. 15/. -/. -/. -/. -/. 15/. 9/15 -/.B. 10/. . T. 14/. 15/. 3/2 1/1 per 2 DL Adventures Barbarian (B) 15/. 10/.F. 15/16 2/3 1/1per 5 Player's Handbook ChARAC1.W.A. -/. 5/15 10/. F. 6/. 17/. 12/16 -/. -/.H DL Adventures Gnomes (Mad) 6/. 2/3 1/1 per 4 Player's Handbook Druid (Heathen) (D) -/.F. 15/.A.B. 13/.T. 8/.A.F DL Adventures Kagonesti 8/.B. . 12/. C. C.T. 15/. 3/2 1/ 1 per 3 Player's Handbook MAGIC-USER (RENEGADE) (MU) -/. -/. -/.6/. 2/3 1/1 per4 Unearthed Arcana CLERIC (HEATHEN) (CL) -/.F. 6/. P. 10/. 8/. 3/2 1/1 per 2 Unearthed Arcana Knights of the Crown (KC) 10/. 6/. 3/16 8/. -/12 8/.T.P. -/.

0 0 ~C~ ~ ~ .~ ~ ......" ~: ~ ...~ ~ ' ~~ ~ ~'~ ~~''~~ ~ .~ I .. .. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "c~ ......~ -~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ = ~--.~ ~'~ D ~ 0'" ~'~ ~0 ~ o~ ~ r ~ .~ ~ "~ ~ ~-' ..~ ~--=~ ~ ~ 8 ..~ o ~ ~-~ ..- . 9 o.~ ~ ~. ~ =~ ~ ~ o o ~ ..~ ~ ....~ ~ e~ ~ 0 ~: r..~ ~ + ~. ~ ... . ..-~ '~ u~ ~.~ ~-: .N .. * -I-- 118 .-o 9~ ~ ~ ~ ~0 ~.. '~o .+ + ~ .-..~ ~ ~"~ ~-' ~ I : cl 0 ~ ~ ..~ ~ 9~ 0 ~ -= ~1 ~ . ~'~ ~ . ~:~ ~ r ~ o-~ ~'~-~ 8! 4184184184 o o o -8~:.~ -~ ~ o ~ ~..=...~ ~.~:~ ~'~' "~.i) . '- ~ = ~ ~.~. § .a ~ ~ ..-" ~ ' ~ ~ 0 ~ "~ ~1 ~ o o -~ ~ ~.~..~ ~ 0 ~1 0 ~ 0 .~ ~ ~ 0 0 ~ ~ O~ u~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 oo H .. ..._Vu ~-' . . ~ c ~ ": 44~ ..* u o ~... ..~ ~ ~ 1 ~. ~ . c ~ " ..~ ~. o ~ c.. ~0 "~'~ o ~ o ~~: o " o 0...... 0 "~ ~ ~ 0 ~ . ~ r ~ ~or~ -~ ~ . ~ ~ .... o o - :})) a .. : i :2X N .~ ~ ~ =_ o~ s ~ r ~ . ~"~ 9 . ~ ~ ~ ~ 222}? 2 . / ~ ~ 0 _'~ ~ ~ ~'~ u ~ ~. .... 2 ..~ ..... .~ o-~.~ N . .... ~ _ o ~ ~ ~.-~ E ~ ~-~. i ~....~ "~I .... .

5 attack penalty and a + 5 1-8 Needs Another Part: The device requires another device to be Armor Class penalty until the area is cleared. will do so badly at a level ld4 below its current complexity. Any Dexterity Checks are built before it can function properly. Exam- ples: Complexity 5 damage is ld10. 18 Reverse Direction. it heads for the sky. No other functions occur. the to its complexity and then fails. If 17 Moves Uncontrollably Upward: Regardless of the intentions for the the device was not meant to communicate. involved. it will function in unexpected ways at the discretion of the DM. complexity. trustworthy. complexity rating and remains there hntil turned off. substitute lowing bad ways at a level ld4 below its current complexity. with Damage: The device inflicts damage equal 10-11 Improper Alteration: If designed to alter an object. Other- course. then it would noise (deafening) in a number of lO-foot cubic areas equal to its size. Any who remain suffer a . then the device will get hot (50~ or cold (50 % )to a degree equal to its complexity. machine is blinded for 10 rounds. function + ld6 rounds thereafter. Options result #16 for this result. if a mishap occurs while building the can opener that requires wise. look on the Gnome Device Complexity Level Table. To find the magnitude of the specific effect burn it or even change the state of its components (solid to liquid). to its complexity and unerringly chases the operator for five + ld6 rent situation. 17 Moves Uncontrollably Upward 18 Reversed Direction.shap 1T ... Any who 13 Olfactory Malfunction remain suffer a . and the die roll result is 3. The gas 15 Horrendous Sound remains as long as the machine continues to function + ld6 rounds 16 Moves Uncontrollably Downward thereafter. Of move downward. reduces finished goods to their base elements. If not. The device flies upward a distance equal to its include: sends message directly to foes and enemies with perfect clarity.. with Damage 14 Unbearable Temperature Changes: If designed to create a certain 19 Machine Pursuit temperature the machine will have the opposite effect (ovens will refrig- 20 Explosion! erate. 119 .B|C D20 Roll Description of Occurrence state of the surrounding atmosphere. it can be used again. No directional control is possible. The 12 Unexpected Glow: The machine suddenly begins to glow so machine rolls to hit as though it were a monster with hit dice equal to its brightly that the operator and anyone within 10' times the size of the complexity. If a complexity 8 temperature 15 Horrendous Sound: The device makes a horrible complexity 10 (200 ~ may be reduced by ld6. The machine is then broken and must be fixed before it can be used again. doing damage equal to its 13 Olfactory Malfunction: If the device was designed to change the complexity over a number of 10-foot cubes equal to its complexity. device. 20 Explosion!: The machine explodes. tion with fixing this device. Example: a gnome who gets this result while attempting to construct a catapult now may declare that he must first 16 Moves Uncontrollably Downward: Regardless of the intentions for build an automated can opener before he can finish the catapult. If it is not designed to alter an object. machines to obscure air will cleanse 9 Communication Glitch it). It does so in one turn. If the device was designed to fly. k will create a complexity 9 tear gas effect in a 10-11 Improper Alteration number of 10-foot cubic areas equal to its size. it will do so in one of the fol. The noise continues as long as the machine continues to device on its own and have a demonstrated use other than in conjunc. Options include: does the reverse of its intention (takes knitted sweaters and 19 Machine Pursuit: The device attacks its operator for damage equal turns them into yarn). This may result in the destruc- Note: The effect level or damage caused by a device is often equated tion of the machine itself should the temperature reach the point to with its complexity. All in the area must 12 Unexpected Glow make a successful Constitution Check or flee the area at once. it will have the reverse effect 1-8 Needs Another Part (machines to clear air will pollute it. The new part must be a useful at a + 3 penalty. Any Dexterity Checks are at a + 3 penalty. melee rounds or until it is shut off. it suddenly takes offon its own. whichever comes first. The machine must be repaired before it machine will do it improperly. 9 Communication Glitch: If the device was designed to communi- cate. become a complexity 5 temperature (or + 30~ All in the area must make a successful Constitution Check or flee the area at once. If the device was designed to second device must be built using the same rules as any other device. only sends every second or third word. creates something absolutely useless in the cur. Gnome rn. The operator of the device must make a Dexterity Check to turn off the device. This the device. for example). The device continues to move down as it is running. Turning the randomly changes messages in such a way that their true intent is never device off results in a fall from that height. the device digs (or submerges) straight clown a distance equal to its yet another device be built . then substitute result # 17 below for this result.5 attack penalty and a + 5 Armor Class penalty until 14 Unbearable Temperature Change the area is cleared. If not so designed.

SpheRes of Influence--Lhe Gobs of QooO
S P H E R E / SPELL BOOK Lvl Pal Maj Ki-Jo Mish Habb Bran SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Pal Maj Ki0o Mish Habb Bran

All Divination

Atonement PH 5 A A A A A A Augury PH 2 Add A -- A -- --
Ceremony *UA 1 A A A A A A Commune PH 6 -- A -- A -- --
Combine UA 1 A A A A A A Commune with Nature *PH 5 -- A -- A Add --
Holy Symbol UA 2 A A A A A A Detect Balance *UA 1 SIX A -- A -- --
Purify F o o d a n d W a t e r PH 1R True True True True True True Detect/Obscure Cha~m PH IR -- A -- A -- --
Detect Evil/Good PH 1R -- A -- A -- --
Animal D e t e c t / U n d e t e c t a b l e Lie PH 1R -- True -- True -- --
DeteCt Life UA 2 -- A -- A SIX SIX
Animal Friendship *PH 1 Add A -- D e t e c t Ma g i c *PH 1 -- A SIX A -- --
Animal Growth *PH 5R -- A -- Detect Poison *UA 1 -- A -- A -- --
Animal Summoning I *PH 4 -- A -- D e t e c t S n a r e s a n d Pits *PH 1 -- A Add A -- Add
A n i m a l S u m m o n i n g II *PH 5 -- A -- Divination PH 4 -- A -- A -- --
A n i m a l S u m m o n i n g III *PH 6 -- A -- Find/Obscure the Path PH 6R -- A -- A -- --
Anti-Animal Shell *PH 6 -- A -- Find Traps PH 2 -- A Add A -- --
Call W o o d l a n d B e i n g s *PH 4 -- A -- Know/Obscure Alignment *UA 3R -- A -- A -- --
Charm Person or Mammal *PH 2 -- SIx -- A A -- Locate A n i m a l *PH 1 -- A -- A SIX --
Creeping Doom *PH 7 -- Add -- -- A -- Locate/Obscure Object PH 3R -- A -- A -- --
G i a n t Insect UA 4R -- A -- Locate P l a n t s *PH 2 -- A -- A -- Spc
Hold Animal *PH 3 -- A -- Magic Font UA 5 -- A -- A -- --
Invis. t o A n i m a l s *PH 1 -- A -- Penetrate Disguise UA 1 -- A Add A -- --
Messenger ILIA 2 -- A -- Portent UA I -- A -- A -- --
R e p e l Insects *PH 4 -- Add -- -- A -- Reflecting Pool *UA 2 SIX A -- A -- --
Reincamare *PH 7 - - A -- Speak with Monsters PH 6 -- A -- A Add --
Snake Charm PH 2 -- A -- Tongues/Confuse Tongues PH 4R -- A -- A -- --
Speak with Animals *PH I -- A -- True/False Seeing PH 5R -- True -- True -- --
S u m m o n Insects *PH 3 -- SIX -- -- A --
Air Walk UA 5 - - A - -

Astral Spell PH 7 A A A A -- -- Animate Rock *PH 7 -- A --

Plane Shift PH 5 A A A A -- -- Chariot of Sustarre *PH 7 - - A - -

Conjure/Dis. Earth Elem. *PH 7R -- A --
Charm C o n j u r e / D i s . Fire E l e m *PH 6R -- A --

Create/Destroy Water *PH 1/2R -- A --

Charm Person or Mammal *PH 2 A A -- A -- -- Dust Devil UA 2 -- A --

Cloak of Fear/Bravery UA 4R A A Add A -- -- Earthquake PH 7 - - A --

Command PH 1 A A -- A -- -- Fire S t o r m / Q u e n c h *PH 7R -- A --

Confusion *PH 7 A A -- A -- -- Fire T r a p *PH 2 -- A --

Enthrall UA 2 A A -- A -- -- Flame Blade *UA 2 -- A --

Feeblemind *PH 6 A A -- A -- -- Heat/Chill Metal *PH 2R Add -- A --

Hold Person PH 2 A A -- A -- -- Lower/Raise Water PH 4R -- A --

Imbue with Spell Ability UA 4 A A -- A -- -- Meld into Stone UA 3 -- A - -

Quest PH 5 A A Add A -- Add Part W a t e r PH 6 -- A --

R e m o v e / C a u s e Fear PH 1R A A -- True -- -- P r o d u c e Fire *PH 4 -- A --

Produce Flame *PH 2 -- A --
Purify/Contaminate Water *PH 1R -- True --

Pyrotechnics *PH 3 -- A --

Bless/Curse PH 1R Add -- A Add -- -- Spike Stones *UA 5 -- A --

Chant-- PH 2 A Add -- -- Stone Shape *PH 3 Add A - -

Flame Strike PH 5 Add -- A -- -- -- S t o n e Tell PH 6 -- A --

Holy I Unholy Word PH 7R True -- True True -- -- Transmute Metal to Wood *PH 7 -- A --

Insect P l a g u e *PH 5 -- Add A -- -- -- Transmute Rock to Mud *PH 5 -- A --

Magic Stone UA I A -- -- -- Transmute Water to Dust *UA 6R -- A --

Prayer PH 3 A Six -- -- W a l l o f Fire *PH 5 -- A --

Spiritual Hammer PH 2 A Spc -- -- Water Breathing *PH 3 - - A --

Water Walk UA 3 Add A --
Wind Walk PH 7 -- A - -

Animate Object PH 6 A -- -- Guardian
Create Food and Water PH 3 SIX A Add Add
H e r o e s ' Feast UA 6 Add A Add Add B l a d e Barrier PH 6 A -- A -- -- --
Glyph of Warding PH 3 A -- A -- -- --
Abbreviations: S i l e n c e 15' r. PH 2 A SIx A Add -- --
R ( a f t e r sp ell level # ) -- reversible; * = d r u i d i c a l ; A = c a s t a b l e i n a n y f o r m ; A d d ffi a d d i - Symbol PH 6/7 A -- A -- -- --
t i o n a l s p ell cleric can cast e v e n t h o u g h it is o u t o f h i s d e i t y ' s s p h e r e s o f i n f l u e n c e ; SIX = spe- Wyvetn Watch UA 2 A -- A -- -- --

cial p o w e r , a s p e l l t h e d e i t y g r a n t s i n a d d i t i o n t o t h e cleric's n o r m a l a l l o t m e n t o f spells; X =
e x c l u d e d , clerics o f t h i s g o d c a n n o t u s e t h i s spell; T r u e = reverse o f s pe l l c a n n o t b e cast; Rev
= o n l y r ev er sed s p e l l c a n b e cast.


SpheRes oi; Inl:l.uence--1;he Gobs of QooO
SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Pal Maj IG-Jo Mish Habb Bran SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Pal Maj Ki-Jo Mish Habb Bran

Healing Protection

Cure/Cause Blindness PH 3R Rev A -- -- Dispel Magic *PH 3/4 A -- -- --
Cure/Cause Critical W n d s *PH 5/6R Rev A -- -- Endure/Dispel C o l d / H e a t UA 1R A Add -- --
Cure/Cause Disease *PH 3R Rev A -- -- Flame Walk UA 3 A -- -- --
Cure/Cause Light W n d s *PH 1R Tree -- Rev A -- -- Forbiddance UA 6 A -- Add --
Cure/Cause Serious Wnds *PH 4R Rev A -- -- Magical Vestment UA 3 A -- Add -- -- --
Heal/Harm PH 6R Rev A -- -- Negative Plane Protection UA 3 A -- -- --
Neutralize/Poison *PH 4/3R X True -- Add Protection from Evil/Good PH 1R True True True True True True
Remove/Cause Paralysis UA 3R Rev A -- -- Prot. from Evil/Good I0' t. PH 4R True True True True True True
Slow Poison *PH 2 X A -- Add Pmrection from Fire *PH 3 A -- -- --
Protection from Lightning *PH 4 A -- -- --
Necromantic Remove/Bestow Curse PH 3R A Six -- --
Resist Cold PH 1 A Add -- --
Aid UA 2 A Resist Fire PH 2 A -- -- --
Animate D e a d PH 3 A D
Sanctuary PH 1 A -- -- --
A n i m a t e D e a d Monsters UA 5 A - - m
Spell l m m u n k y UA 4 A -- -- --
Death's Door UA 3 Add A m
Withdraw UA 2 A -- -- --
Feign D eath *PH 3/ 2 A m

Finger of Death *PH 7 Add A w
Invis to U n d e a d UA 1 A
Raise D ead/S lay Living PH 5R Rev A m
Continual Light / Dark PH 3R A A d d Add True Add Add
Regeneration/Wither PH 7R Rev A Light/Darkness PH 1R A A d d Add True Add Add
Restoration/Energy Drain PH 7R Rev A Moonbeam *UA 5 A A -- A
Resurrection / Destrucrion PH 7R Rev A Starshine *UA 3 A A -- A
Speak with Dead PH 3 A Sunray *UA 7 A A -- A

Plant Sn~oaing
Abjure/Implore UA 4R -- A . . . .
Anti-Plant Shell 10' r. *PH 5 -- A
Aerial Servant PH 6 -- A -- -- -- Add
Barkskin *PH 2 -- A Conjure Animals PH 6 -- A -- -- Add --
Changestaff *UA 7 -- A
Dispel Evil/Good PH 5R -- True . . . .
Entangle *PH 1 m
-- A
Exaction UA 7 -- A . . . .
Fire Seeds *PH 6 -- A
Exorcise PH 4 -- A . . . .
Goodberty/Badberry *UA 2R w
-- A
Gate PH 7 -- A . . . .
Hallucinatory Forest *PH 4R m
-- A
Golem UA 5 -- A . . . .
Hold Plant *PH 4 -- A
Succor PH 6 -- A . . . .
Liveoak *UA 6 -- A
Word of Recall PH 6 -- A . . . .
Pass Plant *PH 5 i
-- A
Pass W i t h o u t Trace *PH 1 u
-- A
Call Lightning *PH 3 -- -- A
Plant Door *PH 4 -- A
Cloudburst *UA 3 -- -- A
Plant Growth *PH 3 m
-- A
Control Temperature *PH 4 -- -- A
Shillelagh *PH 1 -- Add Control Weather *PH 7 -- -- K
Snare *PH 3 -- A
Control Winds *PH 5 -- -- A
Speak with Plants *PH 4 -- A
Faerie Fire *PH 1 -- -- A
Spike Growth *UA 4 -- A
Obscurement *PH 2 -- -- A
Sticks to Snakes *PH 4/5R m
-- A
Precipitation *UA I -- -- A
Transport via Plants *PH 4 -- A
Predict Weather *PH I Add -- -- A
Tree *PH 3 -- A
Rainbow UA 5 -- -- A
Trip *PH 2 -- A
Weather Summoning *PH 6 -- -- A
Turn Wood *PH 6 -- A
Wall o f Thorns *PH 6 u
-- A
Warp Wood *PH 2 -- A


R (after spell level #) = reversible; * = druidical; A = castable in any form; A d d = addi-
tional spell cleric can cast even though it is out o f his deity's spheres o f influence; Six = spe-
cial power, a spell the deity grants in addition to the cleric's normal allotment of spells; X =
excluded, clerics of this god cannot use this spell; True = reverse of spell cannot be cast; Rev
= only reversed spell can be cast.


SpheRes of Influence--Lhr qoOs of neutRaltty
SPHERE / SPELL BOOK Lvl Gil Sirr Reorx Chislev Zivil Shin SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Gil Sirr Reorx Chislev Zivil Shin

All Divination

Atonement PH 5 A A A A A A Augury PH 2 A m A --
Ceremony *UA 1 A A A A A A Commune PH 6 A - - A --

Combine UA 1 A A A A A A C o m m u n e with Nature *PH 5 A -- A --

Holy Symbol UA 2 A A A A A A Detect Balance *UA 1 A -- A --

Purify Food and Water PH 1R True True True True True True Detect/Obscure Charm PH 1R A -- A --

Detect Evil/Good PH 1R A -- A --

Animal Detect/Undetectable Lie PH 1R A -- A --

Detect Life UA 2 A A -- --

Animal Friendship *PH 1 A -- --
Detect Magic *PH 1 A -- A --

Animal Growth *PH 5R -- A n Detect Poison *UA 1 A -- A --

Animal Summoning I *PH 4 A -- --
Detect Snares and Pits *PH 1 A -- A --

Animal S u m m o n i n g II *PH 5 A -- --
Divination PH 4 A -- A --

Animal S u m m o n i n g III *PH 6 A -- --
Find/Obscure the Path PH 6R A -- A --

Anti-Animal Shell *PH 6 A -- --
Find Traps PH 2 A -- A --

Call Woodland Beings *PH 4 A Know/Obscure Alignment *UA 3R A -- A --

Charm Person or Mammal *PH 2 A -- --
Locate Animal *PH 1 A -- A --

Creeping D o o m *PH 7 A -- --
Locate/Obscure Object PH 3R A -- A Spc
Giant Insect UA 4R A -- --
Locate Plants *PH 2 A
Hold Animal *PH 3 A -- --
Magic Font UA 5 A -- A --

Invis. to Animals *PH 1 A -- --
Penetrate Disguise UA 1 A -- A --

Messenger UA 2 Add A -- -- Portent UA 1 A -- A --

Repel Insects *PH 4 A -- -- Reflecting Pool *UA 2 A -- A --

Reincarnate *PH 7 A -- --
Speak with Monsters PH 6 A -- A --

Snake Charm PH 2 A -- --
Tongues/Confuse Tongues PH 4R A -- A --

Speak with Animals *PH 1 Add A -- --
True/False Seeing PH 5R A -- A --

S u m m o n Insects *PH 3 A -- --


Air Walk UA 5 A -- w i

Astral Spell PH 7 A -- A -- Animate Rock *PH 7 A -- -- --

Plane Shift PH 5 A - - A --
Chariot of Sustarre *PH 7 A m _ _

Conjure/Dis. Earth Elem. *PH 7R A -- -- m

Charm Conjure/Dis. Fire Elem *PH 6R A -- -- --

Create/Destroy Water *PH l/2R A -- -- m

Charm Person or Mammal *PH 2 Dust Devil UA 2 A - - -- --
-- -- A
Earthquake PH 7 A m _ _
Cloak of Fear/Bravery UA 4R -- -- A
Fire Storm/Quench *PH 7R A -- -- m
Command PH 1 -- -- A
Fire Trap *PH 2 A -- m m
Confusion *PH 7 Add -- -- A
Flame Blade *UA 2 A -- -- --
Enthrall UA 2 -- -- A
Heat/Chill Metal *PH 2R A -- -- --
Feeblemind *PH 6 Add -- -- A
Lower/Raise Water PH 4R A -- -- --
Hold Person PH 2 -- -- A
Meld into Stone UA 3 A -- -- --
I m b u e with Spell Ability UA 4 -- -- A
Part Water PH 6 A -- -- --
Quest PH 5 -- -- A
Produce Fire *PH 4 A -- -- --
Remove/Cause Fear PH 1R -- -- A
Produce Flame *PH 2 A -- -- --

Purify/Contaminate Water *PH 1R A -- -- --
Pyrotechnics *PH 3 A -- -- --

Spike Stones *UA 5 A -- -- --
Bless / Curse PH 1R -- A A -- -- -- Stone Shape *PH 3 A -- -- --
Chant-- PH 2 Add A -- A -- -- Stone Tell PH 6 A -- -- --
Flame Strike PH 5 -- A -- A -- -- Transmute Metal to Wood *PH 7 A -- -- --
Holy/Unholy Word PH 7R -- A A -- -- -- Transmute Rock to Mud *PH 5 A -- -- --
Insect Plague *PH 5 -- A A -- -- -- Transmute Water to Dust *UA 6R A -- -- --
Magic Stone UA 1 -- A A -- -- -- Wall of Fire *PH 5 A -- -- --
Prayer PH 3 Add A A -- -- -- Water Breathing *PH 3 A -- -- --
Spiritual H a m m e r PH 2 -- A A -- -- -- Water Walk UA 3 A -- -- --

W i n d Walk PH 7 A -- -- --
Animate Object PH 6 A -- A -- -- A
Create Food and Water PH 3 A -- A -- -- A Blade Barrier PH 6 -- A -- -- -- A
Heroes' Feast UA 6 A -- A -- -- A Glyph of Warding PH 3 -- A -- -- -- A
Silence 15' r. PH 2 -- A -- -- -- A
Abbreviations: Symbol PH 6/7 -- A . . . .
R (after spell level #) = reversible; * = druidical; A = castable in any form; Add = addi- Wyvern Watch UA 2 -- A -- -- -- A
tional spell cleric can cast even though it is out of his deity's spheres of influence; Spc = spe-
cial power, a spell the deity grants in addition to the cleric's normal allotment of spells; X =
excluded, clerics of this god cannot use this spell; True = reverse of spell cannot be cast; Rev
= only reversed spell can be cast.

A Cure/Cause Serious Wnds *PH 4R Add A -. * = d r u i d i c a l . Gate PH 7 -. . Fire S e e d s *PH 6 -. A -. Control Weather *PH 7 A -. -. A -. . Exaction UA 7 -. Goodberty/Badberry *UA 2R -. A . . Obscurement *PH 2 A -. . Rainbow UA 5 A -. -- Transport via Plants *PH 4 -. -. f r o m E v i l / G o o d 10' r. . A Animate Dead PH 3 . -. A -- Regeneration/Wither PH 7R -. A . A . -. A -. A -. Rev = o n l y r e v e r s e d s p e l l c a n b e cast. P r o t e c t i o n f r o m Fire *PH 3 A -. -. . . -. -. A -. A -. Spell Immunity UA 4 A -. P r o t . . Control Winds *PH 5 A -. . . . Protection from Evil/Good PH 1R A A A A A A R e m o v e / C a m e Paralysis UA 3R -. A -. A Cute/Cause Light Wads *PH 1R Add A -. A -. A -. -. . A -. A Finger of Death *PH 7 -. 123 . A -. Conjure Animals PH 6 -. A -. . -. A -. A -. Endure/Dispel Cold/Heat UA 1R A -. Barkskin *PH 2 A -. . -. -. A -. *PH 5 -. -. A -- Light/Darkness PH 1R A A A A A A Resurrection/Destruction PH 7R -. -. a s p e l l t h e d e i t y g r a n t s i n a d d i t i o n t o t h e cleric's n o r m a l a l l o t m e n t o f spells. X = e x c l u d e d . . Resist Fire PH 2 A -. Predict Weather *PH 1 Turn Wood *PH 6 -. A -. PH 4R A A A A A A Slow Poison *PH 2 -. A -. -. A -. SpheRes of Inl. A -. -. -. A . A -. A . Entangle *PH 1 -. Call L i g h t n i n g *PH 3 A -. Weather Summoning *PH 6 A -. A Necromantic Remove/Bestow Curse PH 3R A -. . Liveoak *UA 6 -. A Death's Door UA 3 -. A . -- Sunray *UA 7 A -. A -. Faerie Fire *PH 1 A -. A . -- Trip *PH 2 -. A -. A Cure/Came CriticalWnds *PH 5/6R -. D i s p e l Ma g i c *PH 3/4 A -.P l a n t S h e l l 10' r. T r u e = reverse o f s pe l l c a n n o t b e cast. -. -- Snare *PH 3 -. Golem UA 5 -. -- Shillelagh *PH 1 -. Exorcise PH 4 -. A -. -- Wall of Thorns *PH 6 -. . A -- Moonbeam *UA 5 A -. A Aid UA 2 -. A -. A = c a s t a b l e i n a n y f o r m . -- Spike Growth *UA 4 -. A -. -- Plant S ~ o n i n g A n t i . . A . A . A -. A Neutralize/Poison *PH 4/3R -.luencr162 GoOs of n u Ral. . Cloudburst *UA 3 A -. -. -. A -. A -. -. A Heal/Harm PH 6R -. -. A Feign Death *PH 3/2 -. . A Cure/Cause Disease *PH 3R -. Weather Plant Growth *PH 3 -. Flame Walk UA 3 A -. Sanctuary PH 1 A -. . . . Forbiddance UA 6 A -. . . Precipitation *UA 1 A -. -. A -.ty SP~tSPELL BOOK Lvl Gil Sift Reorx Chislev Zivil Shin SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Gil S i f t Reotx Chidev Zivil Shin Healing Pmtection Cure/Cause Blindness PH 3R -. W o r d o f Recall PH 6 -. A -. . Pass W i t h o u t Trace *PH 1 -. -. A Aerial Servant PH 6 -. A -. A -. -- Tree *PH 3 -. A -. A -. A -. A -. S i x = spe- cial p o w e r . A -. "-- Speak with Plants *PH 4 -. Abjure/Implore UA 4R -. Dispel Evil/Good PH 5R -. Negative Plane Protection IrA 3 A -. Magical Vestment UA 3 A -. Resist C o l d PH 1 A -. A -- Abbreviations: R ( a f t e r s p e l l level # ) = r ev er sibl e. A -- Invis to Undead UA 1 -. A -. A -. A -- Plant Door *PH 4 -. clerics o f t h i s g o d c a n n o t u s e t h i s s p e l l . Pass P l a n t *PH 5 -. Succor PH 6 -. . A d d = a d d i - t i o n a l s p e l l cleric c a n cast e v e n t h o u g h i t is o u t o f h i s d e i t y ' s s p h e r e s o f i n f l u e n c e . A . Hold Plant *PH 4 -. Withdraw UA 2 A -. . -- Sticks t o S n a k e s *PH 4/5R -. . -. Control Temperature *PH 4 A -. A -- Continual Light/Dark PH 3R A A A A A A Restoration/Energy Drain PH 7R -. A -. A -- Starshine *UA 3 A -. Hallucinatory Forest *PH 4R -. -. . -. A Animate Dead Monsters UA 5 -. -. A -. . -- Warp Wood *PH 2 -. A -. Changestaff *UA 7 -. -- Speak with Dead PH 3 -. A Protection from Lightning *PH 4 A -. A -. Stellar Raise D e a d / S l a y L i v i n g PH 5R -.

A -. -. Stone Tell PH 6 -. A -- Astral Spell PH 7 A A A A -. A -. -. -. Transmute Rock to Mud *PH 5 -. A -. . -. Meld into Stone UA 3 -. Rev . A Reincarnate *PH 7 -. -. Add -. . A . A -- Imbue with Spell Ability UA 4 -. A Animal Summoning I *PH 4 -. Produce Flame *PH 2 -. A -- Detect Poison *UA 1 -. -. -. . A Call Woodland Beings *PH 4 -. -. . A -- Spike Stones *UA 5 -. -. A -- Elemental Astml Air Walk UA 5 -. A Animal Summoning II *PH 5 -. A Heroes' Feast UA 6 -. A . A -- Feeblemind *PH 6 -. Rev = only reversed spell can be cast. A -- Command PH 1 -. A -- Prayer PH 3 -. Chariot of Sustarre *PH 7 -. . A Animal Summoning III *PH 6 -. -. A Summon Insects *PH 3 -. A -- Insect Plague *PH 5 -. A Abbreviations: Symbol PH 6/7 A -. .. A Detect Life UA 2 -. -. -. -. Fire Storm/Quench *PH 7R -. Wyvern Watch UA 2 A -. . Stone Shape *PH 3 -. -. -. A -. -. A -- Locate Animal *PH 1 -. . U. -. A Know/Obscure Alignment *UA 3R -. -. . A Animal Growth *PH 5R -. Rev -.--. -.. -. -. Transmute Metal to Wood *PH 7 -. A -- Magic Stone UA 1 -. 124 . A -- Find Traps PH 2 -. A -- Enthrall UA 2 -.. . A Invis. A -- Spiritual Hammer PH 2 Add A -. -. . -. X = excluded. A -- True/False Seeing PH 5R -. A Giant Insect UA 4R -. . a spell the deity grants in addition to the cleric's normal allotment of spells. -. . -. A -- Bless / Curse PH 1R -. A Ceremony *UA 1 A A A A A A Commune PH 6 -. A Messenger UA 2 -.O-xr'v SpheRes of Influence--ghe Go0s of Evil SPHERE / SPELL BOOK Lvl Tak Sarg Morg Chem Zeb Hidd SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Tak Sarg Morg Chem Zeb Hidd All Divmatmn Atonement PH 5 A A A A A A Augury PH 2 -. A -. A . A -- Penetrate Disguise UA 1 -. A -- Hold Person PH 2 -. -. -. A -- Cloak of Fear/Bravery UA 4R -. A -- Flame Strike PH 5 Add A -. . Water Breathing *PH 3 -. -. . A =castable in any form. . A Combine UA 1 A A A A A A Commune with Nature *PH 5 -. Fire Trap *PH 2 -. A Holy Symbol UA 2 A A A A A A Detect Balance *UA 1 -. . -. -. A -- Magic Font UA 5 -. A Purify Food and Water PH 1R A A A A A A Detect/Obscure Charm PH 1R -. A -- Purify/Contaminate Water *PH 1R -. A -- Create Guardian Animate Object PH 6 Spc Add . A -- Plane Shift PH 5 A A A A -. Earthquake PH 7 -. -. -. -. A -- Find/Obscure the Path PH 6R -. Earth Elem. Produce Fire *PH 4 -. A -- Reflecting Pool *UA 2 -. True = reverse of spell cannot be cast. -. . . Rev -. A Creeping Doom *PH 7 -. -. Detect Magic *PH 1 -. -. A Anti-Animal Shell *PH 6 -. Glyph of Warding PH 3 A -. Lower/Raise Water PH 4R -. A -- Chant PH 2 -. . A -. A -- Dust Devil UA 2 -. Transmute Water to Dust *UA 6R -. A -- Detect Snares and Pits *PH 1 -. -- Flame Blade *UA 2 -. . A Detect Evil/Good PH 1R -. A -- Locate/Obscure Object PH 3R -. A -. * = druidical. -. A Repel Insects *PH 4 -. Rev -. Add Add -- Create Food and Water PH 3 Add -. A tional spell cleric can cast even though it is out of his deity's spheres of influence. A Hold Animal *PH 3 -. A Animal Detect/Undetectable Lie PH 1R -. -. -. . A -- Create/Destroy Water *PH 1/2R -. Add = addi. Blade Barrier PH 6 A -. A -- Divination PH 4 -. Spc = spe- cial power. A -- Holy/Unholy Word PH 7R Rev Rev -. . -. A Charm Person or Mammal *PH 2 -. . A Animal Friendship *PH 1 -. to Animals *PH 1 -. A -- Tongues/Confuse Tongues PH 4R -. -. -. A -- Remove/Cause Fear PH 1R -. A -- Confusion *PH 7 -. A . A R (after spell level #) = reversible. A -- Conjure/Dis.Add -. A -- Combat Pyrotechnics *PH 3 -. -. A -- W i n d Walk PH 7 -. A Snake Charm PH 2 -. A -- Locate Plants *PH 2 -. True . A . A Speak with Animals *PH 1 -. A -- Charm Conjure/Dis. clerics of this god cannot use this spell. A . Wall of Fire *PH 5 -. Spc -. A -. A . A -. Water Walk UA 3 -. *PH 7R -. A -. A Silence 15' r. Animate Rock *PH 7 . . . A -- Charm Person or Mammal *PH 2 -. -. A -- Quest PH 5 -. . Heat/Chill Metal *PH 2R -. A -. A -- Portent UA 1 -. -. A -- Speak with Monsters PH 6 -. . Fire Elem *PH 6R -. A -. PH 2 A -. Part Water PH 6 -.

A -- Transport via P l a n t s *PH 4 A -. -. -. -. A Barkskin *PH 2 Aerial Servant PH 6 A A -. A Liveoak *UA 6 A -. -- C u r e / C a u s e Disease *PH 3R -. -. -. -- Animate Dead PH 3 A -. Protection from L i g h t n i n g *PH 4 A -. -. Spell I m m u n i t y UA 4 A -. -.. Stellar Raise D e a d / Slay Living PH 5R Rev -. Rev Rev -. -. PH 4R Rev -. -. -. -. A A -. -- R e m o v e / C a u s e Paralysis UA 3R . -. Spc = spe- cial power. Golem UA 5 A A -. -. A -- Shillelagh *PH 1 A Cloudburst *UA 3 -. * = d r u i d i c a l . -. Abjure/Implore UA 4R A A -. A Entangle *PH 1 A -.. -. . Forbiddance UA 6 A -. -- C u r e / C a u s e Serious W n d s *PH 4R -. -. -. . m Control Temperature *PH 4 -. Endure/Dispel Cold/Heat UA 1R A -.. Gate PH 7 A A -. -- Regeneration / Wither PH 7R Rev -. A -- Turn W o o d *PH 6 A -. -. -. A Goodberry/Badberry *UA 2R A m _ Exorcise PH 4 A A -. -. . -. A .P l a n t Shell 10' r.- Invis to U n d e a d UA 1 A . Obscurement *PH 2 -. Conjure Animals PH 6 A A -. -. SpheRes of lnflucnce--Lhc qoOs o1: Cvll SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Tak Sarg M o r g Chem Zeb H i d d SPHERE/SPELL BOOK Lvl Tak Sarg M o r g Chem Zeb H i d d Healing Protection Cure/Cause Blindness PH 3R -. -. -. . -- Neutralize/Poison *PH 4/3R -. -. A -- Wall of Thorns *PH 6 A -. Magical Vestment UA 3 A -. A -- Sticks t o Snakes *PH 4/5R A -. -. -. Control Winds *PH 5 -. -- Slow Poison *PH 2 -. -. -- Spike G r o w t h *UA 4 A -. -- Heal/Harm PH 6R -. . -- Plant Door *PH 4 A m _ m Weather Plant Growth *PH 3 A m Call L i g h t n i n g *PH 3 -. A Pass P l a n t *PH 5 A -. -. Precipitation *UA 1 -. X = e x c l u d e d . A = c a s t a b l e in any f o r m . -. -. Continual Light/Dark PH 3R Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Restoration/Energy Drain PH 7R Rev -. . Prot. A A -. Protection f r o m F k e *PH 3 A Add . -. Rainbow UA 5 -. A Hold Plant *PH 4 A -. m Control Weather *PH 7 -. A A -. Withdraw UA 2 A -. A H a l l u c i n a t o r y Forest *PH 4R A -. A A -. Rev = only reversed spell can b e cast. -. Succor PH 6 A A -. True = reverse o f spell c a n n o t be cast. c l e r k s o f this g o d c a n n o t use this spell. -. m Exaction UA 7 A A -. Dispel Magic *PH 3/4 A -. 3 m m m Sunray *U-.. A A -. Negative Plane Protection UA 3 A -. -. -- Feign Death *PH 3/2 A -. m Faerie Fire *PH 1 -. -. -. -. Flame Walk UA 3 A -. -. A d d = addi- t i o n a l spell cleric can cast e v e n t h o u g h it is o u t o f his d e i t y ' s spheres o f i n f l u e n c e .. . Light/Darkness PH 1R Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Resurrection/Destruction PH 7R Rev -. -- Cure/Cause Light Wnds *PH 1R -. -. Rev Rev -. -. -. -- Finger of D e a t h *PH 7 A -. -. -. 125 . -. -- Necromantic R e m o v e / B e s t o w Curse PH 3R Rev -. a spell t h e d e i t y g r a n t s in a d d i t i o n t o t h e cleric's n o r m a l a l l o t m e n t o f spells. -. -. A Changestaff *UA 7 A -. A Fire Seeds *PH 6 A -. -. -. -. Predict W e a t h e r *PH 1 -. m Dispel Evil/Good PH 5R A A -. -. -- Death's Door UA 3 A -. A -- Trip *PH 2 A -. -. -. -. . . Rev Rev -. -. 5 _ _ m m Speak with D e a d PH 3 A -. -. -. -. A -- Speak with Plants *PH 4 A -. -. W o r d o f Recall PH 6 A A -. -- C u r e / C a u s e Critical W n d s *PH 5/6R -. -. A -- Warp Wood *PH 2 A -. -. Weather Summoning *PH 6 -. -. Moonbeam *U-. -. -. Resist Fire PH 2 A Spc . A n i m a t e D e a d Monsters UA 5 A -. A Pass W i t h o u t Trace *PH 1 A -. A -- Tree *PH 3 A -. A -- Snare *PH 3 A -. 7 m m _ _ Plant Summoning A n t i . -. Protection f r o m E v i l / G o o d PH 1R Rev -. Sanctuary PH 1 A -. -. -- Abbreviations: R (after spell level #) = reversible. Rev Rev . -. -. Starshine *U-. q Resist C o l d PH 1 A -. -. *PH 5 A -. -- Aid UA 2 A -. -. f r o m E v i l / G o o d 10' r.

Conjuration / Summoning Salt UC Weird 7I (Il/P) Knot RC Bee PC (S only) Scratch PA Mute LC Bluelight PC (C only) Sour RC Enchantment / Charm Polish UC Bug PC (S only) Sneeze PA Creak HC Present LC Gnats PC (S only) Spke UC Curdle RC Ravel RC Mouse PC (S only) Sweeten UC Distract LC Shine UC Spider PC (S only) Twitch PA Flavor UC Spill RC Tweak PC (C only) Warm UC Freshen UC Sprout UC Unlock PC (C only) Yawn PA Smokepuff PC Stitch UC Armor 1M (C only) Alarm 1M Tap HC Tangle RC Bed~on 5M (RevAvoidance) Astral Spell 9M Whistle HC Tarnish RC CAmodemon 7M Banishment 7M (Ab) Wik RC Tie UC Conjure Elem 5M Bigby's Clench Fist 8M Wink PAC Untie RC Death Spell 6M Bigby's Crush Hand 9M Anti/Sympathy 8M Wrap UC Drawmij's Ins Sum 7M Bigby's Force Hand 6M Bind 2M (En & A) Aft Norm Fires 1M Enchant An Item 6M Bigby's Grspg Hand 7M Binding 8M (En & E) Airy Water 5M Ensnarement 6M Bigby's Inter Hand 5M Charm Monster 4M Animal Growth 5M Evard's Blck Tent 4M Binding 8M (En) Charm Person IM Avoidance 5M (Ab) Find Familiar 1M Chain Lightning 6M Charm Plants 7M Bind 2M (En) Flame Arrow 3M CloudkiU 5M Confusion 4M Blink 3M Gate 9M Cone of Cold 5M Deeppockets 2M (En .Abjuration. I = Illusionist. as follows: A = Alteration. S = Summoning. A) Burning Hands 1M Invis Stalker 6M Contingency 6M Demand 8M (En/Ch & E) Cloudburst 3M Leomund's Chest 5M (Ab) Delay Blast Fball 7M Dolor 4M Comp Languages 1M Limited Wish 7M Demand 8M (En/charm) Eyebite 5M (En/Charm & II/F Cont Light 2M MagicJar 5M Dig 4M Fabricate 5M (En & A) Control Weather 6M Material 3M (C & E) Energy Drain 9M Feeblemind 5M Crystaibrittle 9M Maze 8M Fireball 3M Fire Charm 4M Dancing Lights 1M Monster Sum I 3M Fire Shield 4M (A) Forget 2M Darkness 15' r 2M Monster Sum II 4M Fire Trap 4M Friends 1M Deeppockets 2M (En) Monster Sum III 5M Flaming Sphere 2M Fumble 4M Dimension Door 4M Monster Sum IV 6M Force Cage 7M Geas 5M Disintegrate 6M Monster Sum V 7M Grease 1M 'Guards & Wards 5M (En/Ch & A. P = Phantasm.. I = Invocation. Ch = Charm. E = Evocation. N = Necromantic. Il = Illusion. D = Druid. En = Enchantment. Ab . the second entry is the level and magical type of the spell (C = Cleric. Combination spells have parenthetical third entries that list the other spell type involved. C = Conjuration. E) Distance Distort 5M Monster Sum VI 8M Guards & Wards 6M (A & En/Ch) Hold Monster 5M Duo-Dimension 7M Monster Sum VII 9M Ice Storm 4M Hold Person 3M Enchanted Weapon 4M Mord's Hound 5M Incendiary Cloud 8M (A) Leomund's Belab 5M (E) Enlarge 1M Mord's Mansion 7M Leomund's Belab 5M (En) Leomund's Shelter 4M (En & A) Erase 1M Mount 1M Lightning Bolt 3M Magic Mirror 4M (En & Conjuration' ExplosiveRunes 3M Power Wd Blind 8M Magic Missile IM Mass Charm 8M Extension I 4M Power Wd Kill 9M Material 3M (C) Mord's Disjuurt 9M (En & A) Extension II 5M Power Wd Stun 7M MeWs Acid Arrow 2M Otiluke's Irr Dance 8M Extension III 6M Prismatic Sphere 9M (Ab) Meteor Swarm 9M Ray of Enfeeb 2M Fabricate 5M (En) Push 1M Morden's Sword 7M Run 1M (En only) Feather Fall IM Sepia Snake Symb 3M Otiluke's Frzg Sph 6M (A) ~are 2M Fire Shield 4M (E) Symbol 8M Otiluke's Res Sphere 4M (A) Sink 8M (En & A) Firewater 1M Trap the Soul 8M Otiluke's Tele Sph 8M (A) Sleep 1M Flaming Sphere 2M (E) Unseen Servant 1M Sending 5M Succor 9M (En & A) Fly 3M Wish 9M Shield 1M Suggestion 3M Fools Gold 2M Alter Reality 71 (II/P) Shout 4M Taunt IM (En only) Glassee 6M Conjure Animals 6I Spiritwtack 6M (Ab) Truename 7M (En & A) Glassteel 8M Maze 5I Stinking Cloud 2M Chaos 5I Guards & Wards 6M (E & En/Ch) Prismatic Spray 7I (Ab) Tasha's Laughter 2M Confusion 4I Gust of Wind 3M Prismatic Wall 7I (Ab) Tenser's Transf 6M (A) Emotion 4I Haste 3M Summon Shadow 5I Torment 7M (A) Hypnotism 1I Hold Portal IM Wall of Fire 4M Magic Mirror 51 (En & D) Incendiary Cloud 8M (E) Invocation / Evocation Wall of Force 5M Mass Suggestion 6I Infravision 3M Belch PA Wall of Ice 4M Shadow Walk 71 (En & II) Irritation 2M Blink PA Wall of Iron 5M Suggestion 31 Item 3M Chill UC Wall of Stone 5M Jump 1M Color UC Web 2M Alteration Knock 2M Cough PA Whip 2M Change LC Leomund's Chest 5M (C/S) Dampen UC Write 1M Fire Finger PC Leomund's Hut 3M Dirty RC Zephyr 2M Gather UC Leomund's Shelter 4M (En) Dusty RC Chromatic Orb 11 (A) Hairy RC Levitate 2M Nod PA Death Fog 6I (A) Light 1M 126 . D = Divination. M = Magic-User). the first entry is a somewhat abbreviated version of the spell name. spell Summaoy In the following spell lists.

Spell SummaRy Lower Water 6M Colored Lights MIC Phantasmagoria 6I Magic Mouth 2M Dim MIC Illusion / Phantasms Phantasmal Force 1I MeWs Meteors 3M (E) Haze MIC Footfall HC (II only) Phantasmal Killer 4I Melt 1M R~nbow MIC Groan HC (II only) Phantom Armor " 11 (11 only & A) Mending 1M Chromatic Orb lI (E) Hide LC (I1 only) Phantom Steed 3I (P & C) Message 1M Color Spray lI Moan HC (II only) Phantom Wind 3I (P & A) Mord's Disjunct 9M (En) Cont Darkness 3I Palm LC (II only) Programmed lllusn 61 Mord's Mansion 7M (C) Cont Light 3I Rattle HC (II only) Project Image 5I (A) Move Earth 6M Dancing Lights II Thump HC (ll only) Rainbow Pattern 4I (P & A) Otiluke's Frzg Sph 6M (E) Darkness II Audible Glamer 2M Shades 6I Oriluke's Res Sph 4M (E) Death Fog 6I (E) Eyebite 6M (En/Ch) Shadow Door 5I Otiluke's Tele Sph 8M (E) Delude 3I Fear 4M Shadow Magic 51 Parx Water 6M Dream 5I (II/P) Halluc Terrain 4M Shadow Monsters 4I Passwall 5M Fog Cloud 2I Invisibility 2M Shadow Walk 7I (II. & En) Permanency 8M Gaze Reflection lI Invis 10' r 3M Spectral Force 3I Plant Growth 4M Light lI Leomund's Trap 2M Spook 1I Phase Door 7M Magic Mouth 2I Mass Invis 7M Tempus Fugit 5I Polymorph Any Obj 8M Major Creation 51 Massmorph 4M Vacancy 4I (P & A) Polymorph Other 4M Minor Creation 41 Mirror Image 2M Veil 6I Polymorph Self 4M Phantom Armor lI (II) Nysml's Mag Aura 1M Ventriloquism 2I Project Image 6M (ll/P) Phantom Wind 31 (P) Phantasmal Force 3M Weird 7I (E) Precipitation 1M Project Image 5I (II/P) Project Image 6M (A) Whispering Wind 21 (P & A) Pyrotechnics 2M Rainbow Pattern 41 (P) Sequester 7M (Ab) Wraithform 3I (Il & A) Rary's Mnem Enhan 4M Rope Trick 3I Simulacrum 7M Reverse Gravity 7M Solid Fog 4I Ventriloquism 1M Abjurations Rope Trick 2M Ultravision 2I Mask MIC (I1 only) Clean UC Setten's Sp Immun 8M Vacancy 4I (P) Mirage MIC (Il only) Dry UC Secret Page 3M Walt of Fog 11 Noise MIC (II only) Dust UC Shape Change 9M Wraithform 31 (il) Two-D Illusn MIC (Il only) Exterminate UC Shatter 2M Whispering Wind 2I (P) Advanced Ilium 51 Anti-Magic Shell 6M Shocking Grasp 1M Alter Realty 7I (C/S) Avoidance 5M (A) Sink 8M (En) Necromantic Alter Self 2I (Il only & A) Banishment 7M (E) Slow 3M Animate Dead 5M Audible Glamer lI Dismissal 5M Spider Climb IM Clone 8M Blindness 2I Dispel Illusion 4M Statue 7M Feign Death 3M Blur 2I Dispel Magic 3M Stone Shape 5M Reincarnate 6M Change Self 1I Globe of Invuln 6M Stone to Flesh 6M Deafness 21 Imprisonment 9M Stoneskin 4M Divination Demi-Shadow Mort 5I Mind Blank 8M Strength 2M Clairandience 3M Demi-Shadow Magic 6I Minor Globe Invuln 4M Succor 9M (En) Clairvoyance 3M Dispel Exhaust 4I Preserve 2M Telekinesis 5M Cont Other Plane 5M Fascinate 2I Prismatic Sphere 9M Teleport 5M Detect Evil 2M Fear 31 Prot/Cantrips 2M Temporal Stasis 9M Detect Illusion 3M Halluc Terrain 3I Prot / Evll 1M Tenset's Transf 6M (E) Detect Invis 2M Hypnotic Pattern 21 Prot/Evil 10' r 3M Time Stop 9M Detect Magic 1M Illusion Script 31 ProtJNormal Miss 3M Tongues 3M ESP 2M Improved Invis 41 Remove Curse 4M Trans Rock/Mud 5M Identify 1M Impr Phan Force 2I Repulsion 6M Trans Water/Dust 6M Know Alignment 2M Invis 10' r 31 Spiritwrack 6M (E) Truename 7M (En) Legend Lore 6M Dream 5I (A) Sequester 7M (II/P) Ultravision 4M Locate Object 2M Invisible 2I Volley 7M Vanish 7M Read Magic 1M Massmorph 4I Dispel Illusion 3I Vocalize 2M Detect Illusion 1I Mirage Arcane 6I Dispel Magic 4I Water Breathing 3M Detect Invis II Mirror Image 2I Non-Detection 3I Wind Walk 3M Detect Magic 21 Misdirection 2I Prismatic Spray 7I (C/S) Wizard Eye 4M Read Illus Magic lI Mislead 6I Prismatic Wall 7I (C/S) Wizard Mark IM True Sight 6I Paralyzation 3I Wizard Lock 2M Vision 7I Permanent Illusn 6I 127 .

128 .s Cmcle l Ble ld6 + modifier Coin" Equipment Healing Ranking Authority 1 or less n/a n/a n/a No Circle Present 2 1d4 stl dagger / none n/a Knight of the Crown (Crown 3rd) 3 ld6 stl spear / none n/a Knight of the Crown (Crown 3rd) 7 ld12 stl battle axe/ring 4/1/.. O rir kmGhl. made with one of the artifacts (10-11) or with both from ancient times (12). Merely finding and getting in touch with such Circles can often be difficult or impossible.2 Major Constructions Village.<----. If that same Knight is going to a Circle that can only pay 2d4 stl because of its small size.. Small +1 Small Castle present +2 Town. The type of lance is determined by a roll of ld6. Small . the universal equivalent of gold pieces in Krynn.. It does not represent how much money the Knight may draw from the Circle. knlcohts Cmcl6 ITlO(blfleOS Description Modifier Description Modifier Society Community Size Capital of Region +2 Village..9).. Knight of the Heart (Rose 5th) 9 2d10 stl long bow/chain 6/2/1 Shield Knight (Crown 5th) I0 2d20 st] long sword/chain & shield 7/3/1 Bladeknight (Sword 5th) 11 ldl00 stl crossbow/banded ~ 8/3/1 Knight of the Rose (Rose 6t 3d20 shield '~ ~ 9/4/1 Lord o f Shields (Crown 7 ~ ' 13 4d20 stl lance (light)/plate 10/4/2 Elder of Sword (Sword 8th) 14 5d20 stl lance (heavy) / plate & shield 11 / 5 / 2 Keeper of the Rose (Rose 9th) 15 2d100 stl sword + 1/Solamnic armor 12/5/3 Lord Warrior (Crown 10th) 16 3d 100 st] sword + 21Solamnic armor 13 / 5 / 3 Master Clerist (Sword 17 .. If he is attending a large Circle (with modifiers the Circle turns out to be an 18) then he would still only be able to draw 20 stl from the Circle even though the amount listed is 5d100 stl.t -10 City.. Medium +2 Large Castle present +3 Town. Srl stands for steel pieces.. 19 6d 100 stl Dragonlance +/plate + 2 17 / 7 / 5 Lord Clerist (Sword 12th) 20 or above 10d100 stl Dragonlance/plare +3 18/8/6 Lord of Justice (Rose 14th) * This represents the amount of coin available to the Knight from that location on a given day.. Medium .. are maintained and operated clandestinely by the Knights. For example: a 10th-level Knight of Solamnia could draw no more than 20 stl from a given Circle on a given day. This could be made without the use of either the Hammer o f Kharas or the Silver Arm (1 . when they are present. 14/6/3 Lord of Roses (Rose 12 5dlO0 artifactt /plate +1 Lord Warrior (Crown 1 0 t h ) . ' .1 Small Keep present +1 Village. Large none Large Keep present +2 Town... Circles in these areas. The quality of the lance is deter- mined by a roll of 1d 12. Knights may draw from any Circle no more than the amount listed for their level... It would be a footman's lance (1-4) or a mounted lance (5-6). t" This artifact is a weapon or magical device of combat value found either in the Dungeon Masters Guide or in this DRAGONLANCE| book. who should exercise discretion. 4all00 s t l sword +3/Solamnic a r m o r . then 2d4 stl is all he will receive.. Medium +5 Inside areas controlled by Dragon Highlords. Large +6 * This would include mainland Solamnia and Sancrist. Knight of the Sword (Sword 4th) 8 ld20 stl short bow/ring & shield 5/2/. The exact device is up to the DM. Small +4 Inside traditional Solamnia borders* +4 City. Large +3 Major Fortifications +1 City...

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