Free Response

Question 1: One proportion test
*complete significance test
-Nationally, the proportion of red cars on the road is 0.12. A statistically-minded fan of the
Kansas City Chiefs wonders if fans who park at Arrowhead Stadium are more likely to drive red
cars. One day during a home game, he takes an SRS of 210 cars parked in the lot while the game
is being played and counts 35 red cars. Is this convincing evidence that Chiefs fans prefer red
cars more than the general population? Support your conclusion with a test of significance at the
alpha= 0.05 level.
Question 2: One proportion interval
*construct and interpret confidence interval
-Some boxes of a certain brand of breakfast cereal include a voucher for a free video rental
inside the box. The company that makes the cereal claims that a voucher can be found in 20
percent of the boxes. However, based on their experience of eating this cereal at home, a group
of students believes that the proportion of boxes with vouches is less than 0.2. This group of
students purchased 65 boxes of the cereal to investigate the company’s claim. The students
found a total of 11 vouchers for free video rentals in the 65 boxes. Suppose it is reasonable to
assume that the 65 boxes purchased by the students are a random sample of all boxes of this
cereal. Based on this sample, is there support for the students’ belief that the proportion of
boxes with vouchers is less than 0.2? Provide statistical evidence to support your answer.
Question 3: One sample mean
*find sample size necessary for given margin of error
-You want to estimate the mean fuel efficiency of Ford Focus automobiles with 99% confidence
and a margin of error of on more than 1 mile per gallon. Preliminary data suggests that ∂=2.4
miles per gallon is a reasonable estimate of this standard deviation for all cars of this make and
model. How large of a sample do you need?
Question 4: Paired t-test
*complete significance test
-See sheet attached
Question 5: One sample mean
*construct and interpret confidence interval
*interpret confidence level
*evaluate a claim based on a confidence interval
-Pauly’s Pizza claims that the mean time it takes for them to deliver a pizza to dorms at Nat’s
college in 30 minutes. After a long wait one night, Nat decides to test this claim. He randomly
selects 15 dorm residents and ask them to record the time it takes Pauly’s to deliver the next
time they order pizza. The resulting times (in minutes) are listed in the table below. Construct
and interpret a 97% confidence interval for the mean delivery time for Pauly’s Pizza.
31 38 39 25 26
45 42 32 23 38
42 21 40 37 28
-Does the confidence interval support Pauly’s claim that the mean delivery time is 30 minutes?
Question 6: One sample mean
*Define parameter of interest

-Which error--Type 1 or Type 2--would be a more serious problem in the particular situation and why? -(Consequences): See 9. you are responsible for ensuring that the company providing gravel for a new road puts as much gravel in each truckload as they claim to. Each truckload is supposed to have 20 cubic meters of gravel. It has been estimated that it will take 500 truckloads of gravel to complete this road. You are the supervisor of quality control at the bakery and you are concerned that new personnel are producing loaves that have a mean weight of more than one pound.*Describe types of error in context and give consequence of each *Pick appropriate alpha based on errors -The mean weight of loaves of bread produced at the bakery where you work is supposed to be one pound.05 level. so you plan to measure the volume of gravel in an SRS of 25 trucks to make sure that the company isn’t delivering less gravel per truckload than they claim. so you will test the hypotheses Ho: µ= 20 versus Ha: µ < 20 a the alpha= 0.1 Day 2 Homework Answer Key for how to word them . -(Errors) as a construction engineer for Olathe. Describe what a Type 1 error would be in this context.