Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I am ( I’m) singing. I am not ( I’m not) singing. Am I singing ?
You are (You’re) dancing. You are not(You aren’t) dancing. Are you dancing?
She is (She’s)playing. She is not(She isn’t)playing. Is she playing?
He is (He’s) coming. He is not (He isn’t) coming. Is he coming?
It is (It’s) running. It is not(It isn’t) running. Is it running?
We are (We’re) sleeping. We are not (We aren’t) sleeping. Are we sleeping?
You are(You’re) sitting. You are not (You aren’t) sitting. Are you sitting?
They are (They’re) lying. They are not (They aren’t) lying Are they lying?

Ex. 1 . Add + ing to the given verbs

leave - leaving stand - standing live - living swim - swimming
cook - cooking fly - flying study - studying read - reading
write -writing try - trying put - putting lie - lying

Ex. 2. Give the infinitive from the given forms.

helping – to help dying – to die lying – to lie arguing – to argue
snowing – to snow raining – to rain enjoying – to enjoy building – to build
shining – to shine crying – to cry wearing – to wear preparing – to prepare

Ex. 3 . Make short forms from the given sentences.

John is going to school. John’s going to school.
His dog is biting my leg! His dog’s biting my leg!
They are laughing loudly. They’re laughing loudly.
I am not sleeping. I’m not sleeping.
We are not watching TV. We aren’t watching TV.

Ex. 4. Make full forms from the given sentences.

Mike isn’t listening to music. Mike is not listening to music.
Sara’s not doing her homework. Sara is not doing her homework.
You aren’t reading newspapers. You are not reading newspapers.
I’m not going to school. I am not going to school.
My parents aren’t going to the cinema. My parents are not going to the cinema.

Are you listening to me? Yes. Are you watching a new film? No. . Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb “to be” My sister IS writing a letter. Sara and Tom are not playing squash together now. Is Jim going to school on Monday? I am reading a book and listening to music. Her dogs IS barking. 5. she is not. Theyare eating. Ex. they are not. Am I thinking about you? Tom’s sister is studying Japanese at the moment. The woman IS looking at me. 8. they are. Are your cousins singing? No. Are your parents cooking dinners? Yes. dog. Is Tom’s sister studying Japanese at the moment? Ex. Make negatives from the given sentences. The mice ARE eating cheese. Bob playing rugby? Yes. he is. Is Sara doing homework? No. Jim is not going to school on Monday. Make questions from the given sentences. Those women ARE dancing. His brothers IS playing golf. Ex. I am not reading a book and listening to music. My hamster IS running. I am. Tim and Tom ARE sleeping. I am not. My best friends are going to Spain next year. Is. 6. Look at the pictures and write what the people are doing now. Bob is walking with his Matt is having a bath.Ex. Our friends ARE singing. Ex. Sara and Tom are playing squash together now. Are my best friends going to Spain next year? I am thinking about you. 9. Give short answers to the given questions. 7.

She is watching NO. it isn’t. Laura is listening to board. 11. He is playing the No. she isn’t. No. he isn’t.She is writing on the Kim is swimming. Example: Is Sara sitting? Yes. it isn’t. soccer. He is reading. 10. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences in Present Continuous. They’re Yes. Look at the pictures and give the correct answers. TV. ? / Sandy’s / studying / brothers / French / at / are / university / Are Sandy’s brothers studying French at university? Ex. . having / party / Sunday / I / on / am / a / I am having a party on Sunday. they aren’t. He is running. dancing. Are the bees sleeping? Is Oscar eating? Is the rabbit running? No. Ex. Is the monkey playing the piano? Is the woman cooking diners? Am I playing rugby? No. he is. Sara / playing/ Tom/ ball / are/ ?/ the / ball/ with/ Are Sara and Tom playing with the ball? not / my / living / nice / friends / are/ flat / a / nice/ in/ My friends are not living in a nice flat. music. You are playing guitar. Or Is Tim sitting? No. she is. you aren’t.

No. games. Is Nathan doing his homework? Are they cooking? Is the baby smiling? No. He is crying. they are. . He is playing video Yes. he isn’t. he isn’t.

10) Our class is visiting a museum. a) am a) am b) are b) are c) is c) is B . a) am a) am b) are b) are c) is c) is 3) Tom is cleaning the shop.Test 1 . b) are a) am c) is b) are c) is 4) They are doing an 1 . 7) George is wearing a pullover today.Which answers are correct? 1) Which verbs forms are in the Present Progressive? a) infinitive + -ed b) infinitive + -ing c) infinitive + -s d) am + infinitive + -ing e) are + infinitive + -ing f) is + infinitive + -ing g) to be + infinitive + -ing 2) Which verbs forms are correct? she is puting a) she is putting b) she is runing c) she is running d) she is siting e) she is sitting 3) Which short/contracted forms are correct? a) I'm singing b) he's singing c) she´s singing d) we're singing e) your singing f) you're singing g) their're singing englisch-hilfen.Test 1 A .de – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Present Progressive . englisch-hilfen. a) am a) am b) are b) are c) is c) is 2) I am sending a text message. 1) We are making sandwiches. 8) Ronny and David are running out of the a) am house.Put in the correct verb forms. 6) My friends are watching a new – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Present Progressive . b) are a) am c) is b) are c) is 5) The teacher is checking the homework. a) am 9) My baby brother is playing with his toys.

e) Are you listening to the radio? f) We are painting the walls. You aren't listening to music. we're playing he is repairing . The girls are riding their bikes. they're asking you are sleeping . she's wearing D . 2 .Negate the sentences. b) He is 13. c) I am watering the flowers. you're sleeping she is wearing . He is taking out a book. The dog is running after the cat.Test 1 . The baby is not crying. The dog is not running after the cat. The baby is crying. he's repairing I am dancing . englisch-hilfen. I am washing my – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE 4) Which verbs forms are correct? a) we are makeing b) we are making c) we are writeing d) we are writing 5) What are typical signal words for the Present Progressive? a) Listen! b) always c) Look! d) at the moment e) now f) often g) yesterday 6) Which sentences/questions are in the Present Progressive? a) She drives a taxi. C . He is not taking out a book. I'm dancing it is raining .de – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Present Progressive . d) She isn't helping her mother. I am not washing my hair. we are playing .Form short/contracted forms. it's raining they are asking . You are listening to music. The girls are not riding their bikes.

(to come) The cat is climbing through the window. b) He is going to read a – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Present Progressive . My mum is preparing lunch now. My mum is not preparing lunch now. Dennis is swapping comics with Peter at the moment.Test 1 . 3) In which sentence is the Present Progressive used correctly? a) Andrew am washing the dishes. c) He is reading a book. (to shake) I am having a bath right now. ( to collect) Listen! Angela is coming home. (to have) We are collecting Stan from school. d) He read a book. (to swap) Listen! Pete and Joe are screaming. (to pack) Look! They are shaking hands. F . (to climb) Look! The robber is stealing a bag. b) Andrew are washing the dishes. c) I'am reading a comic now. E .de – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE She is sitting on the chair.Which sentences/questions are correct? 1) Which sentence is in the Present Progressive? I am reading a comic now. e) He reads a book. b) I ´m reading a comic now. We are carrying buckets. c) Andrew is washing the dishes. We are not carrying buckets. a) I reading a comic now. 3 . The teacher is not opening the window. She is not sitting on the chair. The teacher is opening the window. (to steal) I am going to the pet shop.Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. 2) Which sentence is in the Present Progressive? a) He has read a book. englisch-hilfen.(to scream) Timmy is packing the picnic basket.

c) We don't writing a test. c) Eric is not doing his homework. 5) Which negative sentence is in the Present Progressive? a) We aren't write a test. b) Eric is not do his homework. 6) Which question is in the Present Progressive? a) Does he sing in the bathroom? b) Is he singing in the bathroom? c) Singing he in the bathroom? – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Present Progressive . – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE 4) Which negative sentence is in the Present Progressive? a) Eric does not doing his homework. b) We aren't writing a test.Test 1 .page 4 .