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Meridian M2250 Attendant Console
On line with customer service

In business, the first point of contact If telephones are not answered, is used to guide attendants through
with customers is often your tele- callers can automatically be returned the operation, making it quick, easy
phone attendant. The ability of the to the console, ending long holding and cost-effective to modify features
attendant to efficiently and effectively times, cutoffs and abandoned calls. as business needs change.
guide callers through the organiza- Programmable feature keys sup- With the Meridian M2250,
tion can often mean the difference port up to 20 features, such as Busy message-taking can be centralized
between a lasting customer and a Verify, Call Park, Auto Dial, Paging at the console, freeing secretaries
lost sale. and more. for other duties. Employees can be
The Meridian M2250 is a powerful, An “Options Menu” permits notified by an indicator on their tele-
fully digital attendant console that attendants to customize several phones that messages are waiting,
delivers efficient, high speed, call console features, such as contrast and lost or delayed messages are all
processing. It transforms the atten- adjustment, volume settings and but eliminated.
dant position into an efficient call choice of 15 languages.
answering/message center with The Call Party Name Display Easy-to-use
advanced capabilities to help manage feature provides the name and The Meridian M2250 has been
and streamline attendant services. extension number of each caller designed to be easy to use, and allows
within your system. Attendants attendants to function at maximum
Advanced feature capabilities know if the call is internal or exter- efficiency without fatigue.
Meridian M2250’s advanced feature nal, and can respond accordingly. It features large, easy-to-read
capabilities give attendants the flexi- Multiple site businesses can take indicators and a built-in 4-line by
bility they need to handle calls most advantage of Meridian 1’s Integrated 40-character liquid crystal display.
effectively and features can be easily Services Digital Network (ISDN) The display presents the essential
configured to support your company’s capability, which extends the Call information required for prompt
unique requirements. Party Name Display throughout the call processing and professional call
Incoming Call Indicator Keys Meridian 1 network. answering and screening.
and Loop Keys allow the attendant With the Attendant Administration Both the display and the angle of
to either handle calls in sequence feature, the attendant can modify the keyboard are adjustable allowing
or prioritize answering for specific certain features assigned to the tele- attendants to choose the most com-
types of calls. phones in the office. A plastic overlay fortable viewing and operating angle.

and an alternate extension (1-954) 851-8000 䊳 Buzz volume/pitch control to call for immediate assistance. Meridian and Meridian 1 are trademarks of Nortel Design Summary Optional handset or headset operation Networks Corporation.A return date. without notice.5 in. in information: groups of 100. for example the reason for 䊳 Display screen contrast control Nortel Networks CALA Inc.5 in. Nortel Networks tion Keys with LCD indicators Corporation reserves the right. – Routing Control – Speed Call DSS-9000 Direct Station Select Unit – Stored Number Redial 䊳 100-button combined busy/idle sta- tion status and direct station select Supervisor Capabilities 䊳 Three function keys: 䊳 Monitor attendant calls in progress – Release 䊳 Override attendant position busy – Release Destination . illness). How the World Shares Ideas. please contact your local – Number of calls waiting Nortel Networks representative. some of 4. The module may be programmed to display a wide range of vital infor.nortelnetworks. – Time/Date The Busy Lamp Field/Console – Call source and destination Graphics Module (BLF/CGM) takes including alphanumeric busy/idle status indication a step fur.com mation on the availability of each Console Options Menu In the Caribbean and Latin America employee. as progress in engineering or 䊳 8 Function Keys provide full 䊳 Height (front): 1 in. (65 mm) 䊳 10 Programmable Keys support up Copyright © 1999 Nortel Networks Corporation 䊳 Height (with display panel up): to 20 additional features.40 mm) manufacturing methods warrant.S. – Call Party Name Display For more information. backlit LCD 䊳 Busy/Idle station status extending calls with just one or two 䊳 Contrast adjustment 䊳 Supplementary employee status keystrokes.15 kg) – Call Park Color – Charge Account Code 䊳 Chameleon Ash – Display Source/Destination Power – Do-Not-Disturb 䊳 Loop powered by the Meridian 1 – Message Indication/Cancel 䊳 Meets or exceeds applicable CSA. Nortel Networks. The 100-button unit may be 䊳 Tilt adjustment information display programmed to display the status of up 䊳 Scrollable to 128 characters (source 䊳 Lithium battery included – to 150 consecutive Directory Numbers and destination information) stores supplementary information (DNs) in the Standard mode.M2250-EN 8/11/99 9:57 PM Page 2 Meridian M2250 Attendant Console On line with customer service – Shift/Lamp Test Modular Options 䊳 RS232 connection to Attendant Con- Display sole – 24V AC transformer required The DSS-9000 Direct Station Select unit clearly indicates the busy/idle status 䊳 Built-in 4-line by 40-character display 䊳 Optional 2-line display mode enlarges Busy Lamp Field/Console of each telephone. (245 mm) 䊳 6 Loop Keys with LCD indicators make changes in equipment design or 䊳 Width: 16. (425 mm) components. the Nortel Networks 䊳 Call waiting format logo. ther. an employee’s absence (business 䊳 Time and date format 1500 Concorde Terrace trip. Larger size 䊳 The display provides valuable call and start DN businesses can use the DSS-9000 in the Enhanced mode to display all DNs. vacation. FL 33322. http://www. throughout the DN range. attendant console functionality 䊳 Height (back): 2. (24.75 in. (115 mm) P0739721 which include: Weight – Auto Dial – Busy Verification 䊳 7 lb (3. 䊳 Fifteen language selections * Nortel. LCD indicators 䊳 Up to 20 Incoming Call Identifica. the expected 䊳 Key click control Sunrise.6 in. Using DSS-9000. characters for optimal viewing Graphics Module the attendant can maximize speed by 䊳 Non-glare. UL – Paging and EIA specifications. to 䊳 Length: 9. All other brand and 䊳 Up to 20 Trunk Group Keys with 䊳 Right or Left Side product names are trademarks or registered 䊳 Carbon or Electret trademarks of their respective holders. Dimensions Information subject to change. U.