Name Field Known for Created/Published Influenced/Influenced by How their work affected history

Michelangelo Art Le Pieta NA He was influenced by Revealed the great wealth of the
ancient Roman and Greek Catholic Church and provided some
sculptures and Catholic of the best artwork and sculptures

Martin Luther Humanism 95 Theses 1517 Indulgences Responsible for the split up of the
Catholic Church

Donatello Art Sculptures 1386-1466 Roman empire Created life size Roman sculptures

Leonardo Da Art Sciences Study of Human 1503 (Mona Lisa was Human Body Revolutionized how portraits were
Vinci body and Mona made) drawn with 3d images

Nicolaus Sciences Heliocentric 1473-1543 NA Contrasted church beliefs

Tycho Brahe Sciences Astronomy 1546-1601 Copernicus Observed the heavens with a
telescope and expanded upon
Copernicus’s work

Johannes Kepler Sciences Astronomy 1571-1630 Copernicus and Brahe Found that the other planets and
stars moved and that Earth rotated
360 degrees every 24 hours

William Art Theatre 1564-1616 NA Wrote many different plays that
Shakespeare explain different strong emotions in

Rafael Art Painting 1483-1520 Leonardo Da Vinci Used different types of backgrounds
Michelangelo to his advantage

Francis Bacon Science Scientific Method 1561-1650 Artistole Revolutionized the way experiments
are made