Colombian Exchange Bistro

1. Avocado Toast
Lightly toasted bread of choice with sliced avocados ontop
2. Juevos Rancheros
Eggs with chilies and slow roasted pork

1. Chicken Sandwiches
Lightly toasted bread with chicken lettuce and tomatoes
2. Olive Tasting Dish
Dish that has many different types of olives from all regions of the Mediterranean

1. Shepherd’s Pie
Potato and sheep dish
2. Steak and Sweet Potatoes

1. Banana Bread
Light fluffy bread that is made with bananas to enhance flavor and sweetness
2. Sweet Potato Pie
Pie made with sweet potatoes
3. Tropical Fruit Dish
An assortment of tropical fruit from the Americas Beverages
1. Coffee
2. Wine
3. Beer