Bass Summary

Tyler Coffman

In setting up someone on the acoustic bass, it is important to set someone up

for success. It is all about developing the sound. Basic equipment that you need to

have on the bass is an adjustable bridge, cable, nut, and a decent set of strings.

Professor Jordan said that a solid set of strings usually cost around 120 dollars.

In the left hand, it is important to keep a rounded position, like holding of

coke and keeping all of the joints straight without collapsing them at all. In the right

hand, is where the sound is produced. Make sure to have the thumb on the side of

the fingerboard and create a bridge shape. For plucking strings, Professor Jordan

advised that students start by learning the one finger technique, made popular by

Ray Brown. It is supposed to stabilize the student and give them a solid foundation

to build off of. There is also two finger technique, made famous by Paul Chambers,

giving you an alternative option to play if you get tired. In developing the two beat

feel, it helps to listen to other players such as Ray Brown when he was in the Oscar

Peterson Trio.

What I found the most interesting about the presentation is how to walk a

bass line. He gave many examples of bass lines using songs. An easy way to start is

using chordal movement. Using the root, third and fifth of the chord over and over is

an easy way to get started on the walking. Scalar movement is one good way to start

learning how to walk. Adding chromaticism helps add color to the bass line as well.