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Page 1 of 12 . Presenters can also control their own recordings with the easy-to-use Recorder interface or a Crestron® or AMX® room-control touch panel. DVI/VGA capture provides high resolution content recording from laptops and tablets as well as whiteboards. depending on the Recorder model. delivering and managing video content for various applications in the areas of webcasting. Recorders record. Recorders can be pre-scheduled to automatically start and stop recording without presenter interaction. available as an on-premise or hosted/SaaS offering. Mediasite Recorders are appliances used for recording content generated in rooms. document cameras. education and training. My Mediasite is used by content owners to upload video or record their desktop. Mediasite installations will also include Mediasite Recorders and/or My Mediasite. Recorders can record up to four inputs concurrently. The workflows include recording. webcasts and manages live and on-demand presentations captured by Mediasite Recorders. Inc. which includes:  High resolution video and slides  User-controlled navigation  Keyword search  Custom branding  Interactive polls and “ask a question” capabilities  Links to additional reference materials  Closed captioning support Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform. audio and DVI/VGA devices. Depending on the application. USB or zipped folder for playback without Internet access Audiences watch Mediasite presentations from any PC. and digital instrumentation. training portals or any web page  Create podcasts for on-the-go playback  Publish presentations to a CD/DVD. making it unnecessary to author content. A Mediasite installation includes the Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) that powers the workflows. Recorders capture in real-time. The recorded desktop is synchronized with the presenter’s narration. Mediasite provides control over how and when recorded presentations are delivered and can be used to:  Stream presentations live or on-demand to any computer or mobile device  Automatically publish presentations to searchable Mediasite Catalogs.Overview This document provides an overview of the workflows supported by Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform (formerly known as EX Server). encode and synchronize content from video. Mediasite Desktop Recorder can be used to record a user’s desktop as slides or a video (screencast). Mac or mobile device using the Mediasite Player. My Mediasite allows users to upload videos of any media format and download Mediasite Desktop Recorder for recording the desktop. It Sonic Foundry. course and learning management systems. which may be audio or video. and specialized briefings. pre-upload slides or devote time to post-production.

video and high resolution presentation graphics. Automatic Sync Technologies and 3Play Media)  Manage and remotely control Mediasite Recorders  Reliably scale webcasting across any organization  Create custom metadata fields Mediasite Applications and Workflows Mediasite components work together to support a range of workflows for videos in an enterprise that include recording. a web interface to control Recorders  Mediasite Editor to edit recorded presentations  Mediasite Control Interface Protocol (MCIP). customize.264 or Microsoft® Windows Media®  Automatically submit Mediasite presentations for closed captioning with third-party providers (e. publishing. track and search recorded webcasts. Page 2 of 12 .g. secure. search and analytics. The web applications include: Sonic Foundry. metadata extraction.. Mediasite Recorder Mediasite Recorder is a purpose-built appliance for capturing and synchronizing audio. when and for how long  Provide powerful content search capabilities to viewers and system users  Integrate or embed content in other learning. organize and index content in online catalogs  Secure presentations for authorized access through Microsoft Active Directory® and LDAP directory integration and support single sign-on using SAML 2. With Mediasite you can:  Automatically archive. course or content management systems and portals (Building Block™ for Blackboard Learn™ and Moodle™ Module are available)  Automatically import videos of any format and convert them to H. Inc.Technical Planner Introduction to Mediasite simplifies video content management by providing all the necessary tools to schedule. Some of the modules can be installed on one or more workstations that work cooperatively in a “farm” to balance load and provide faster processing. uploading. managing. a serial communication interface module Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform (formerly EX Server) Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform includes web applications. web services that support third- party application integration with Mediasite and modules.0  Brand presentation content and incorporate audience interactivity tools  Track viewing activity to see who is watching what presentations. This section explains various components of Mediasite and supported workflows. organize. The hardware is powered by the Mediasite Recorder software that includes:  Mediasite Scheduler to automatically control recording sessions based on a schedule  Mediasite Recorder Control Center.

 Voice search settings include user credentials.  Keywords present in a word list are identified at specific points in time in the audio track.Technical Planner Introduction to Mediasite  Mediasite Management Portal to customize. media files are posted to Sonic Foundry’s data center for processing (similar to how files are posted to a Captioning Provider with Mediasite). resources and personnel My Mediasite Module My Mediasite Module enables additional functions in My Mediasite and includes the following applications:  The enhanced My Mediasite. Voice Search Voice Search is an optional hosted service that automates metadata extraction from the audio track for use by the Search Service:  With voice search. which enhances all Transcoders allowing them to import additional media formats Customers must purchase a My Mediasite module license. and a word list. used to manage user generated content  Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform can be installed:  On-premise in a single site configuration. Sonic Foundry. Inc. suitable for enterprise-wide deployment  On-premise in a multi-site configuration. downloaded by users from the My Mediasite application and used to record the desktop  Additional Mediasite Transcoders  A Media Upload interface that allows users to upload videos created from other applications  Multi-format video import. an SFTP drop box location. manage and configure access control for Mediasite content  Mediasite Catalog to publish Mediasite presentations to the web  Mediasite Player to play back Mediasite presentations  Mediasite Search to search Mediasite presentations and catalogs  Mediasite Configuration Editor to configure system settings  My Mediasite for light-weight presentation management  Web Editor for editing presentations Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform also includes the System Manager. which is used by system administrators to manage security and system policies and to import presentations. Page 3 of 12 . suitable for a service provider deployment  As a hosted/SaaS deployment. suitable for deployment with minimal upfront investment in infrastructure.

The legend below provides a description of flows: Sonic Foundry. they are posted back to the presentation by the Sonic Foundry Voice Search Service. is used to manage user accounts and word lists. Workflows This section includes diagrams that explain some of the most popular Mediasite workflows. NOTE: Keywords identified via voice search are never displayed as captions. hosted at Sonic Foundry’s data center. The workflow diagrams include flows. Inc.Technical Planner Introduction to Mediasite  Once keywords are identified.  Voice Search Portal. They are only used for search. Page 4 of 12 . The keywords are then indexed by Mediasite Search. scenarios and Mediasite components.

Inc.Technical Planner Introduction to Mediasite Sonic Foundry. Page 5 of 12 .

Technical Planner Introduction to Mediasite Sonic Foundry. Inc. Page 6 of 12 .

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Inc.  Recorder Communication Security: Explains settings for Recorder naming. security and TCP ports to facilitate operating and monitoring the Recorder remotely.  Network Setup and Firewall Considerations: Explains issues most commonly encountered when installing and running Mediasite in an existing network.  Understanding Mediasite Security: Explains access control in Mediasite and the manner in which an external directory can be configured to work with Mediasite in an enterprise.Technical Planner Introduction to Mediasite Mediasite Technical Planner Series The following technical planners are available to assist IT administrators and AV integrators as they plan their Mediasite implementations:  Mediasite for the Enterprise: Explains how to plan a Mediasite deployment on your network.  Mediasite Content Accessibility: Explains how Mediasite Player addresses accessibility for both visually and hearing impaired users and how Mediasite Catalog addresses accessibility for the visually impaired.  Mediasite—Enterprise Video Platform: Explains how Mediasite is used as an enterprise video platform for content management and delivery. Page 12 of 12 .  Designing AV Automation for the Mediasite Recorder: Explains how to integrate the Mediasite Recorder into an AV-controlled environment using Mediasite Control Interface Protocol (MCIP). Sonic Foundry.

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