Inglés I Mg. Nancy león Pereyra.



Se utilizan para indicar a quién pertenece el sujeto u objeto de la oración.

Example: This ismybook

That ishercar


Su cellpone

Complete the dialogue with the correct possessive adjective:
1) Hello. My His Your name is Peter....

2)What is my / her/ your name? ''I m Paul''

3)Is Cintia my his your sister? ''Yes, she is my oldest(hermana mayor)sister''

mom.We are Italian 8 Mara is from Russia.Her His Their name is Tom.. We have got a big house. (2) MY house has got two rooms and a balcony. Hello (1) MY name is Mike.I have got a dog..How about you? Hope to hear from you I LOVE YOU MIKE.I have got a big family. it is my his her case'' 7) Our /Your / Its family name is Capellini. What is your name? MY name is Sofia . I’m ten years old. (9) THEY are all students. She sweeps home and cooks everyday..Marry. 4) What is his / her/ its name? '' Gloria'' 5) I have(tengo) a brother. (8) THEIR name's are Joe. dad and my brother'' Who is your best friend? '' My His Her best friend is Simeon. He IS English. Complete the Mike’s letter with the correct Possessive adjective or verb to be: LOVE Dear JACK MIKE.I love my dog too much.Tom..Inglés I Mg. I’m a student at 19 May ELEMENTARY School. Complete with : my – his – her – your .. (5)HIS name is Bill (6) mother is a housewife. 1. (10) HIS favourite food is meat. (3) MY father is an English teacher. (7) HER name is Amy. I have got two brothers and one sister. 6) Is it your case? ''Yes.. Nancy león Pereyra. His/ Her/ Its flat is in Moscow 9) this a photo of his her your family? ''Yes.

What is YOUR name? My name is Frank 5. What is HIS name? his name is Bruno .2. What is his name ? HIS name is Paul 3. What is her name? HER name is Lorena 4.