Initial State


P1 P2 P3 P21 P22

Organization A

There is an organization A and there are 22 projects are linked to it. All these Projects are closed and are
migrated ones.

New Application Form Upload

New Application Form with new
organization B Organization B

Now Organization B (Age Concern Isle of Wight) has a similar name as Organization A (Isle of Wight
Council) due to which a Duplication DV task is created.

Organization A ?? User than instead of verifying/validating accepted Organization B as a duplicate of Organization A. Because of which the Organization B did not get created only and was replaced by Organization A. Duplicate Verification task which Organization B gave Organization A as duplicate of B. Organization A Organization B . New Application is not connected to Organization of A instead or Organization B. Now user went ahead and changed the name of Organization A to look like Organization A.

Now this didn’t only happen once but further for two times. Current State: Project 1 (In Progress) Total of 22 migrated Project 2 project Organization A linked (In Progress) which are currently in closed status. A total of three projects are linked to Organization A instead of Organization B. . Project 3 (Closed) Actual Data File: Please refer another attached file in the mail.

Issues under discussion: 1. 2. To find out a method or suggest the impact for creating a new organization and segregating the respective 22 projects to Organization Isle of Wight Council and 3 projects to Organization Age Concern Isle of Wight. (We have already provided Business with needed extracts and DQ&V team is currently analyzing the extracts to find out if any more such cases exist). 3. Remedial measure to avoid any such re occurrence. To find out if any more such cases are there. . If such cases exist. then can we use the same approach discussed in point 1.