Baldomero Garza [baldogarza@yahoo.


Please find my formal request to inspect books and records
for Texas LULAC for which you have a duty to maintain.

In LULAC fellowship,

Baldomero Garza III
LULAC District XVIII Director

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Baldomero Garza <>

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Dear Mr. Garza and board members

Thank you for your input and the encouragement for more
discord. I'm not sure what is your intent but instead of
addressing your misguided information I'm just going to
direct this email to the entire board.

I know the rest of you read my email and understood the
advise of meeting directly with the accountant during the
convention next week instead of engaging on a email chaos just
as Mr. Garza is trying to achieve.

My advise to all of you is to get the information directly from
them and avoid exactly what Mr. Garza is attempting to
instigate by his email. I'm confident that you all will agree to
conduct this board meeting in Corpus and bring the issues with
the taxes into an end now that the accounting group has
completed the taxes for the years in question.
We can avoid the continuous confusion that some members
may create. Please keep in mind that the accounting group is
independent from the individual interest and personal gain
that some members may have and it is your best source of
information in order to take an educated decision.

Thank you all


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On Jun 7, 2017, at 10:56 PM, Baldomero Garza
<> wrote:

Dear State Director Torres and Board Members:

Let me be clear, LULAC is a public entity we are
charged with the stewardship of dues, corporate
and personal donations that must we must take care
of with greater care than our owe money.

This has not happened. Not to file taxes for the last
several years, produce no records for $65000.00
and lost the lulac non profit status is gross
mismanagement. The entire board of directors can
be held personally liable for the money and
mismanagement of the organization.
You have a past state director and sitting past state
director who cannot produce records for monies
spend without proper authorization from the board
and has not been asked, told or removed form the

Now you have a legal adviser who is telling you to
shut up and do not speak about this to no one.

You are being told not to leave a paper trail both in
discussions with each other, which you have a duty
to do, or in conversations with the current state
director Lupe Torres.

What every action you take, write it down and take
action as soon as possible.

Again, you are told to wait for after the convention
per Mr. Ortiz. The same person who failed miserably
on keeping LULAC complaint with Texas and Federal

Mr. Ochoa, the current state treasurer who has
shown tremendous courage in his duty will be voted
out and we can continue business as usual. Mr. Ochoa
is needed even more in LULAC, those who are party
to the unauthorized spending of the $65000.00
want him out.
This matter is heading to the Texas Attorney
General for investigation.

Why has no one taken the step of demanding the
Current State director immediately resign.

State Director Lupe Torres you should resign
immediately. You were given a task to correct this
matter and failed. The problem you inherited is
worst for your inaction. You are now an active
member in this conspiracy to defraud public money
that Lulac is charged with.

Why is this so confidential. It needs to go out to the
general membership to purge the parties who have
failed the membership get the ship in order at the
next election.

The board shall vote to issue the appropriate
1099's, or they will be liable for the debt for
breaching their duty to LULAC.

Why we need to consult with the legal adviser on
this matter is beyond me. This is the reason we have
a board of directors.

What the national legal adviser has to do with this?
Board members you are held to a higher standard on
this matter, you must act!

Vote to remove the Current state director if she
does not immediately resign.

Vote to remove the Past State director if she does
not immediately resign.

Vote to authorize the state treasurer to file the
taxes immediately,

Vote to issue the 1099 and file with the IRS.

You have a duty to inform your councils on this

email you vote on the above to the entire board, to
have a written record. So you can CYA.

In fellowship,

Baldomero Garza III
LULAC District 18 Director