DWB1-UP, SXC1-UP, MED1-UP, WDR1-UP Contents for
Service Manual RENR9970

Note: This form lists the Service Manual modules available for this product. These items listed can also be
ordered separately. When items are updated or supplements are added, they will be announced in PREVIEW and
should be ordered as they become available.

Section Title Form No. Rev. Dlr. IC
Binder SENR2910 01 6.90
Binder Label RENR9969 .30
Safety SENR2995 .30 .00
Service Manual Contents RENR9971 01 .30 .30
Torque Specifications SENR3130 3.40 2.00
Engine Index Tab SENR2870 .30 .30
Specifications C32 Generator Set Engine RENR7167 6.50 0.00
Systems Operations, Testing & Adjusting C32 Generator Set Engine RENR9968 9.90 0.00
Systems Operations, Troubleshooting, Electronic Module Control Panel II+ KENR8601
Testing & Adjusting Paralleling (EMCP II+P)
Disassembly & Assembly Index Tab SENR2875
Disassembly & Assembly C27 and C32 Generator Set Engine RENR9716
Troubleshooting Index Tab SENR3987 .30 .30
Troubleshooting C32 Generator Set Engine RENR9348 26.00 11.00
Maintenance Index Tab SENR2874 .30 .30
Operation & Maintenance C32 Genset SEBU8088 01 16.22 0.00
Operation & Maintenance C32 Power Module SEBU8219 96.12
Schematic Index Tab SENR2902
Schematic C32 Generator Set Electrical System RENR9855
Schematic C27 Generator Set Electrical System RENR7952