AART to Revitalize Aarhus Port District

with Terraced, Mixed-Use Complex
 14:10 - 6 February, 2017

 by Patrick Lynch

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AART to Revitalize Aarhus Port District with Terraced, Mixed-Use Complex

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© AART Architects

AART Architects has won a competition to design a significant new residential and
commercial complex in the heart of Aarhus Ø, the newly developed port district of Aarhus,
Denmark. The winning proposal, dubbed the Nicolinehus, focuses on “injecting life and
authenticity into the new port district and [paving] the way for the unique opportunities the
setting provides.” Its design draws inspiration from the old residential blocks of the city
center, rethinking the courtyard block typology into a “hybrid of classic residential block and
terraced landscape.”

” explain the architects in a press release. +5 Save this picture! © AART Architects Partnering with property developer Bricks and landscape architect Schønherr. AART Architect sought to merge the function and aesthetics of the two different architectural approaches to create a whole that creates a sense of community and vibrancy. where people will live their lives in courtyards and roof gardens. and with views aplenty. Save this picture! . “The encounter between the rigid structure of the square and the staggered surfaces of the terraced landscape creates a visionary architectural work – open and vibrant. and on balconies.

Roof gardens provide residents and workers with platforms to take in these these vistas. Save this picture! © AART Architects . the old marina and the historical city centre. which connect the building to the nearby marina and harbor swimming pool.000 square meter (430.© AART Architects The approximately 40. shaping views to important city landmarks including the verdant woodland of Riis Skov. Nicolinehus is organized around two courtyards.000 square foot) complex is divided into separate residential and commercial sections.

utilizing a textured red brick which has been “processed in different ways to invest the façade with life and personality. Save this picture! © AART Architects “This is modern architecture with a flair for craftsmanship. It is resilient and tough and will withstand the weather conditions on the waterfront. Nicolinehus draw from the material tradition of the historic housing blocks. it protrudes to create bay-window-like openings.” . In other locations. the brick has been perforated to bring in daylight and to project an imprint of the circulation on the building’s facade.” Along the stairways. “This is architecture created to look as beautiful in the future as it looks today.In addition to the building form.” state the architects.