1 What did you do?
After talking with my friend we decided to travel near Lima.disaidet

2 When did you go?
I went on Easter week, we leave on Thursday morning and arrive Sunday
afternoon.livi dorstay orraid

3 Where did you go?
I went to the capital of hospitality: Huacho jospitalidy

4 With whom you were?
I went with my friend Karla. She has uncles and cousins over there. ancols casins

5 Where you stayed?
in the house of Carla's uncles, they rent rooms,so that we stayed there. ancols der

6 How long did you stay?
In total there were 3 days and 2 nights.naits

7 How was the weather there?
The weather was good, there was sunshine so we used a blocker.weder sanshai iust

8 You had fun? If you say yes / why? Not because?
Yes, I liked the Lagoon the Enchanted one where I could fish. I also liked the food
that is very good.lagun inchanted kud olsou

And that would be all. wuld
thank you