by Olgarth1 (VG_Marechal_Bessières).


P PR&HS is a summer line up for the mod Persistent Frontier2. Persistent mods are old and their
functionality too. On this server, each players should think more battle than classical persistent
gameplay. To help that, i gathered the most roleplay and respectable officers/regiments of the NW
community. I worked on economy, map and implemented modern/progressive rules. Each head
officer of each regiment is an admin of his own nation. It is his job to manage and keep
behavour/disipline in check.



• Each members of the server should come on the teamspeak before
joining the game.
• No global chat. Only Officers may communicate using this
• No outlaws. If you're outlawded, join your nation fort.
• Everyone except Colonials can halt. But halting could cause diplomatic
• Random3 doesn't exist. There are just diplomatic incidents. Unarmed
players may not be killed by any faction except Natives. A faction can
however imprison or escort the person to a specific location. The
prisoner must comply to orders otherwise he may be killed on sight.
• Warzones: Any area where two factions are engaging in is considered a
war zone, you travel through there at your own risk.
• Combat logging: You may not log out during a hostile situation or
directly after one. Logging out on mass after a war is declared, is not
permitted under any circumstances. Whilst the admin team continues to
accept that players can, abiding by the above rule, log out individually
during a war: mass logging of a faction in a castle under active siege is considered Combat-
Logging. The High-Command responsible for the Mass-Logging will be held responsible for
the actions of the entire clan and will receive the punishment for them.
• War rules: War rules: You will have to make 3 steps to declare war:
1. Change faction name to British Empire || War with France

1 Steam profil of Olgarth :
2 To found the mod :
3 Random is attacking with no reasons.
2. Send a horsemen to the enemy faction to declare an official state of war.
3. On your Teamspeak channel | War | you must give the reason for the war
• Exploiting glitches/bug abusing:
-Abusing scripts to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
-Carts may not be used to obstruct or inhibit other players. For example, using a cart to
obstruct movement in a siege scenario.
-Horses may not be used to block spawns.
-Carts may not be used to block/hinder access points.
-When the server population reaches high numbers people staying in spectator will be
-You may not kick a player from your faction while they are spawning in. You may kick
spectators who have failed to spawn in after a reasonable period of time.
-To avoid class glitching, you may not log out while dead.
• Captures : If an officer dies in a Melee (Shooting is OA) , he is confined to his fort for 1
hour. He cans flee from the melee taking at least 1 personal Guard in order to
escape from Battle. If the officer is the last man standing of his team he cans
decide to keep fighting or surrender, whenever the enemy team is at least 3 p
people. If they are 4 or more, the officer is forced to surrender and become a
prisoner or be properly executed without the 1 hour wait. (This is done to make
captures interesting). You can try to capture men of the troop but they can defend themself.
All officers can be captured. At the end of a siege, only the head officer could be capture.
• ONLY lords can do diplomacy.


The rules for soldiers who are out of their forts follow rules of the VG sunday Event4 or the Whigs
and Tories saturday Event5. Out of their fort, all nations should respect modifications on next rules.
And don't forget : NO LOOT6 like on the VG event.

• General Staff : 4 members maximum (guards, officers and superior officers). (Rules of this
class on the VG sunday Event thread).
Items : Swords, all type of pisols. Guards are dragoons.

• Line infantry : 9 members minimum ; 2 column of 8 and his
officer. (except 5 members to protect carts. These 5 guards
should move with it and can't join cart' position from the
fort. They are not forces to use the column).
Items : Infantry musket only for troops. Infantry
sword and all pistols for officers.

• Light infantry : 4 members maximum out of the fort
for each nation. Other lights members can stay on the
fort to protect this one and be ready to continue the job of
the last died. They can't move as an indépendant regiment
and should move with the infantry. In battle, they should stay
with the infantry except for the melee. Light can't protect

4 Thread of the event :
5 Thread of the event :
6 Except for pick up weapons from losers. But you should use your own weapons to fight.
carts as the infantry.
Items: No melee weapons like bayonets or swords etc.Officer can take infantry sword and
all type of pistols.

• Cavalery : 10 members maximum, 5 members minimum. They can have carabines to play
Items: Carabine, curved swords. Officer can take all type of pistols.


• Infantry : 9 members warriors minimum ; 8 and the chief.
• They can FIC, OA and they don't have to be in double column.
Items : axes, mace, tomahawks, and 4 old muskets/bow maximum per infantry.
• Cavalery : 10 members maximum, 5 members minimum.
Items : Ranged weapons are forbidden.
• No light infantry.


• Line infantry : 9 members minimum ; 2 disorderly column of 8 and his officer.
(except 5 members to protect carts. This 5 guards should move with it and can't
join cart'position from the fort).
• They can FIC.
• No cavalery
Items : axes, old muskets, tomahawks, and 2 rifles (light men) maximum fo all the


• If a members disconnect during a movement and regiment pass, for example, from 9 to 8, it
shoulds go back to their fort to refound effectif.
• From the moment a battle is finish or a regiment leaves, a regiment who doesn't have an
objective should seek melee or go back to the fort to regroup and plan next objective.
• If a nation captures a fort, the victors can loot the goods and return to their original fort, the
victor should give the defeated enemy their fort back in the end. (Can capture highest
officers at the end of the battle, but not after a peace/truce is called.)
• And each soldiers detachment should have an sous-officier/officer/lord/noble(fr) to
command and administrate it.


• Carts may not be used to obstruct or inhibit players in a siege scenario.
• When the castle is taken, defenders should stop fighting. Winners can take what they want
on the fort, even the head officer for ransom.
• Winners should give back the fort after the last point. If the mission needs deplacement, it's
the job of the General Staff.
• Nation can't attack forts after 1 am (2 am gmt+1) to 8 am (9 am gmt+1).
• Imagine a siege is a conquest on NW and it will be ok.


There are 6 nations on the mod. The ROYAUME DE FRANCE, The CROWN, the CORONA ESPAÑOLA, the
The ROYAUME DE FRANCE and The CROWN are always in war but they can do truces. HURONS are in
military alliance with the ROYAUME DE FRANCE. IROQUOIS are in military alliance with THE CROWN. The
CORONA ESPAÑOLA and COLONIALS are independant. Each member can creat 2 count.


This nation follows the rules of european troops7. His head officer is the Marquis de
Montcalm (Olgarth). Second officers are (Le Coz8) for the infantry, (Odrimo) for the light
infantry, and (August Kerleau) for the cavalery.


This nations follow Native rules9 Native americans are indépendant nations but they are kept
on military alliance of beligerants nations. Iroquois are allies of The Crown and Huron of the
Royaume de France.
(Lorenzo) leads Hurons


This nation follow the rules of european troops. His head officers are Alistair 10, Kincaid11
from the 33rd Regiment. Hugo12 and Gurudennis13 from the 32nd Regiment.

7 I, b.
8 Steam profil of Le Coz :
9 I, c.
10 Steam profil of Alistair :
11 Steam profil of Kincaid :
12 Steam profil of Hugo :
13 Steam profil of Gurudennis :

(Blacky) cavalery
(Zedize) for all the infantry


III. Map his fonctionnement.

IV. Conclusion.