EE - 222 Section - 01

Experiment - 03
Half Adder and its Applications
Instructor Name: Selman Fatih Avsar

Name of Group Members:
 Gökalp Fırat ID: 51241416082
 Abit Emre Fıçıcılar ID: 19696636028

Date of Submission: 04/05/2017

TRUTH TABLES AND DESIGNS OF CIRCUITS IN THE EXPERIMENT 1) In the first part of the experiment. we design a half adder using “AND” and “OR” gate. .

2) After design step we convert half adder circuit to a symbol and implement circuit to Development Board so we can find it’s truth table. .

. But this time we design “Full Adder” with help of half adder symbols.3) In the second part of the experiment we do the same things for “Full Adder”.

Note: Truth table values start from 1 such as A1 and B1 but in out circuit we start inputs from 0 such as A0 and B0 . 4) In the last step we construct a “4-bit parallel adder” with full adders and find it’s truth table via Development Board.

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