[b]Craaa, Aspect God of Emotional Extremes[/b


Many miles ago, sentient swatches of spacetime worshipped a God of Curves. Their
ceremonies involved ritually driving themselves to the edge of consciousness, until
they entered a mad sort of religious ecstasy, fury or despair, known to them as
Craaa. Eventually, Craaa began to be worshipped in and of itself, until they could
nowhere again enter Craaa, for the capricious state had, through their worship,
become a God in himself and had walked away.

[b]Fervour +6[/b] - Craaa inspires beings to extremes in any direction of emotion,
and of him is generated great art, religious fury, and terrible madness.
[b]Metamanifestation +4[/b] - Craaa manifests within followers through ritual,
can't be envisioned by one who has not met him directly or been in his favoured
state, and has no form of his own - he is not easily communicable for worship.
[b]Divinity +2[/b] - Born himself of holy ritual, although necessarily secondary to
the Curve God, Craaa is nonetheless a powerful God indeed.
[b]Capricious -2[/b] - Craaa is unpredictable, inconsistent, and terrible - his
followers love, hate and fear him, for he could instantly and eternally alter them
on a whim.