1057-INSITE 7.

2 Update
Active Faults A fault that is currently out of range or that was out of range the last time the
engine was operated
Backbone The communications harness used for J1939 communication
Basic The INSITE password that provides read-only functionality
CD-ROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Check Box A box displayed on the computer screen that corresponds to a specific option.
After clicking the box an X, or a checkmark, displays to indicate that option has
been selected. Clicking a second time removes the X, or checkmark, and
deselects the option.
Click and Drag The technique where a Windows compatible pointing device is used to grab item
on screen and move it to some other location. When the cursor is over the object
to be moved, the mouse button is clicked to grab it. The button is held down
while the object is moved, or dragged, to its new location. The mouse button is
then released.
Cursor A symbol that is used to point to some item on the computer screen.
Datalink 1) The electrical connection that allows an external electronic device, such as
INSITE, to be connected to the ECM. This connection is used for communication
and data transfer.2) Communication system that allows a vehicle control ECM to
communicate with other devices.
Docked The positioning of a window in a fixed location on the computer screen
Dongle A protection device that plugs into a computer port. The device helps to prevent
the duplication of software.
Double-click A technique where a mouse button is pressed twice in rapid succession.
Drop Down Box A user entry box from which the desired response can be selected from a
predetermined list.
ECM A computer portion of the electronic control system that is responsible for engine
(Electronic control, diagnostics, and user features. This component receives signals from
Control engine sensors and OEM switches. It contains software based control
Module) algorithms and diagnostic algorithms. These algorithms process the input
signals and transmit signals to the appropriate output devices.
ECM Image A recording of all of the settings and readings from an ECM at a specific moment
in time.
ECM The security passwords used to protect data and settings stored in an ECM
ECM Template A recording of all of the settings for a particular ECM. This template can then be
transferred to another ECM to configure it in the same way.
Edit Box A user entry box in which the desired response can be entered directly in the
EURO3 and European emission standards.
Fault Code A Cummins specific 3 or 4 digit number that indicates a specific fault condition.
FIS Fault Information System
Gigabyte One billion bytes.

F3 = Find Next. Ctrl-X = Cut. Ctrl-C = Copy. Shift+F1 = What's This Hover The technique of allowing the cursor to remain over a particular item for a short period of time without depressing either mouse button. This tool is used to diagnose and troubleshoot engine problems. Minimize The hiding of a specified window to keep it active but not display on the computer screen. Icons A small picture displayed on a computer screen that represents a routine or function.Hot Keys ("list Keyboard commands that launch specified routines within INSITE. Mouse The most common Windows compatible pointing device. MPEG A standard for compressing video Multiplexing The transmitting of multiple signals over a single circuit. usually in the form of a red glow. Delete = Clear. Lite Password The INSITE password that provides functionality to modify all of the features and parameters but not to calibrate an ECM Maximize The enlarging of a specified window to fill all of the available space on the computer screen. Ctrl-V = Paste. Pop-Up Menu A menu that is typically accessed by a right mouse click and displays a menu from which functions can be selected. Ctrl-A = Select All. Ctrl-F = Find. Ctrl-O = of all hot keys") Open. Ctrl-P = Print. Emitting Diode) Left-click A technique where the left mouse button is pressed. . J1587 An SAE software communications standard J1708 An SAE hardware communications standard J1939 An SAE hardware and software communications standard LED (Light A device that emits light when charged. Pixels consist of one or more dots of color. retrieve current or recorded data about an engine and modify an engine's operating values. MDAC Microsoft Data Access Components Menu Bar The list of functions and routines that are available in a program. store and analyze historical information about an engine. Pro Password The INSITE password that provides functionality to modify all of the features and parameters and to calibrate an ECM Radio Button An on-screen selection similar to a checkbox but where only one option from those available can be selected. Inactive Fault A fault that was out of range at one time but is currently within range INSITE A Windows software application that works with Cummins electronic control modules. Right-Click A technique where the right mouse button is pressed. RSGR The INSITE password that provides functionality to modify all of the features and Password parameters except maximum road speed but does not allow the ECM to be calibrated. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer Operating The basic operating instructions for a personal computer Systems PC Personal Computer PC ID The unique personal computer identification number that is used to register INSITE Pixel The smallest unit on a computer screen. Alt-Enter = Properties. Ctrl-E = Connect to ECM. F5 = Refresh. Ctrl-S = Save.

. Security Key A diskette based method of maintaining software security. Wizard A group of screens and/or instructions to help guide the process of performing a specified task. Viewbar A column where the most commonly used functions in INSITE are available through the use of icons.Scroll Bar The Window tool that can be used to move through a window when more information is contained than can be displayed at one time. Software A series of instructions for the computer. Toolbar A group of buttons displayed on a computer screen that are used to activate functions. Spin Box A numerical user entry box in which the desired response can be entered directly in the box or can be scrolled though using arrow icons. Windows The most commonly used operating system for personal computers. Status Bar A textual display indicating the current status of the program.

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