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Earth Dragon Style
Earth Dragon is the most nakedly brutal of all the Fivefold Dragon Paths. It centers around
strengthening the body, using its natural muscles to their absolutely greatest effect and inuring
the skin and mind against pain of all types. Acolytes train by enduring the worst hardships their
masters can conceive, from standing on the slopes of the Imperial Mountain during a blizzard to
sleeping on beds of nails and suffering brutal beatings willingly. The style is slower by far than its
fellows. Its motions are measured and deliberate, and students take no step or strike with- out
knowing its result beforehand. Despite the pace with which they prepare for their actions, their
follow-through is as fast and thunderously unstoppable as a falling mountain. Earth Dragons
use the tetsubo as their signature weapon, a huge war club studded with iron. They
often make their own upon mastering the style’s Form-type Charm, and no two Earth
Immaculates’ weapons look alike. The artifact version of the weapon is a great
jade-laced steel club (a grand goremaul) that is usually too heavy for a mortal to even
budge. Masters of the style encourage their students to study Craft and Occult so that they can
more easily make their own. When wielding a tetsubo or a grand goremaul, Immaculates of
Earth add one point to the Overwhelming quality of such a weapon. Earth Dragon Style may
be practiced in armor.

Force of the Mountain

Cost: 2m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental Keywords: Combo-OK, Leader
Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: None

Pure inward focus and slow, deliberate movement precedes this attack. Many onlookers are
surprised by the great damage such a sluggish blow manages to inflict. The Immaculate adds an
amount of damage equal to his Essence on a single Melee or Martial Arts attack. He cannot use
this Charm with weapons other than the Earth Dragon’s signature weapons—the sledge, the
tetsubo or the grand goremaul.

Unmoving Mountain Stance

Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive (Step 10) Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: (Martial Arts) minutes Prerequisite Charms: None

Like the Imperial Mountain and the Realm’s impervious War Manses, those who emulate Earth
are eternal. Steadfast, they study the art of stillness. Invoking this Charm allows the Immaculate
to stand stock still for the duration. Beyond its meditative use, an Immaculate using this Charm
adds a number of automatic successes equal to her Essence to any attempt to resist being
moved or knocked down, as from knockdown or knockback. Her ability to lock her joints and
make her muscles as steel also adds these successes to any opposed check to maintain a
grapple, as long as she is not attempting to break the hold. Remaining perfectly still can also aid
attempts at concealment. As long as the Immaculate has an appropriate hiding place, she adds a like number of automatic successes to her Stealth attempt as long as she does not move. Being able to remain perfectly still
might come in handy at other times, as well—such as resisting disarms or holding on for dear life—at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Stone Dragon's Skin

Cost: 2m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 7) Keywords: Combo-OK, Leader Duration: Until next action Prerequisite Charms: None

Dragons of Earth spend months training their bodies to ignore pain and resist harm. After thousands of punches made into tuns of gravel and many hours spent lying between two massive sheets of rock, they learn to channel
their Essence into their skin, hardening it against misfortune. The Immaculate adds his Martial Arts rating to his natural lethal and bashing soak until his next action. Furthermore, hard- ening his skin in this way allows him to
also parry weapons with his bare hands.

Earth Dragon Form

Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple (-0 DV) Keywords: Form-type, Obvious Duration: One scene Prerequisite Charms: Force of the Mountain, Unmoving Mountain Stance, Stone Dragon’s Skin

Taking a wide, low and very stable stance, the Earth Immaculate fi nds her center and uses her Essence to ground herself in the earth. Successful activation of the Earth Dragon Form adds the Immaculate’s Martial Arts to his
bashing, lethal and aggravated soaks. This soak cannot be circumvented by any Charm. The monk also gains an equal amount of Hardness.

Shattering Fist Strike

Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple Keywords: Combo-OK, Leader Duration: (Martial Arts) actions Prerequisite Charms: Earth Dragon Form

Immaculates of Earth have an affinity for the inanimate. In many ways, they use objects as one facet of their ideal emulation: a propensity toward stillness, enduring construction and a long- term outlook. This unique
perspective gives Immaculates an advantage when taking the inanimate apart. For the duration of the Charm, double the raw damage the Immaculate inflicts on objects (but not living things). This effect stacks with others that
increase damage done to objects.

Weapon-Breaking Defense Technique

Cost: Special, +1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive (Step 9) Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Shattering Fist Strike

Hidden stones shatter plows, and striking a mountain breaks the blade. Immaculates learn similar tactics. After the Immaculate has activated this Charm, attacking him with a weapon becomes a risky proposal. When the
martial artist successfully parries a weapon with this Charm, either barehanded or wielding his form weapon, destroys the attacking weapon. Mundane weapons are destroyed while artifact weapons lose their attunement and
all powers for one day. Whether or not the Immaculate fails to destroy the weapon, its bearer’s player must make a reflexive (Wits + relevant Ability) roll opposing the Immaculate’s roll or be disarmed (as per the disarming
rules). The Essence cost of this Charm is equal to the difficulty to destroy the weapon and must be paid before the attempt. If the Exalt does not have enough Essence to use this Charm on a weapon (i.e., he thought an
artifact weapon was an unremarkable sword), he spends no Essence and the Charm does not activate.

Earthshaker Attack

Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Earth Dragon Form

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which requires a miscellaneous action at -2 DV. gods or demons using Materialize). For one additional mote each. Stackable. the attack draws her all the way into the ground. Mins: Martial Arts 5. and he must prevent it from pouring out. though the attack behind it can still inflict damage. the Immaculate can target multiple enemies with a single use of this Charm. He cannot target more victims than double his Essence. Essence actions. and the players of everyone within a number of yards equal to the martial artist’s (Essence x 5) must make a (Dexterity + Resistance) roll at a difficulty of the Immaculate’s Essence to avoid knockdown. She adds her Essence to the Accuracy. If the Immaculate’s net successes exceed the target’s Strength. 1wp. When the target does not have enough Essence to use that power. On a tied roll. Once material. Neither gods nor demons are fond of this Charm. the at. Ghost-Grounding Blow does not provide the means to strike an immaterial target. On a successful attack. 1wp. trying to take other actions while maintaining contact with a single. and the difficulty of the (Strength + Athletics) roll doubles. Obvious. In addition to the normal damage inflicted by the attack. A target affected by the Charm cannot take Move or Dash actions until her player succeeds in a (Strength + Athletics) roll at a difficulty equal to the Immaculate’s net successes. This Charm cannot effect beings of higher Essence than the martial artist and petrification includes nonmagical possessions in the victim's person. Hungry Earth Strike Cost: 5+m. Falling to her hands and knees. Essence 5. Crippling Duration: Special Prerequisite Charms: Stillness of Stone Channeling the heaviness of earth into his opponent. Damage and Defense values of her unarmed attacks. When he releases someone made completely immobile. Essence 3. Multiple invocations of this Charm on a single target are not cumulative. Treat this as limited teamwork (adding one die to the escape attempt for each person helping). If the target’s player wins the opposed roll. the Immaculate’s player makes a re. Type: Supplemental Keywords: Combo-OK. Mins: Martial Arts 5. When the target need spend no Essence to become corporeal (such as an elemental or Eclipse Caste Solar using Dematerialize). Ghost Grounding Blow Cost: 5m. This Charm's bonuses are dice added by a Charm. the Charm forces a route check among the character's own forces.wikia. as it forces them into a weaker position and often precedes the Immaculate’s attempts to destroy them. Categories: Add category [ VIDEO GAMES ] About Community Central Careers Advertise API Contact Wikia Terms of Use Privacy Policy Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Crippling. Only the most effective application counts.mental Keywords: Combo-OK. the Immaculate’s player makes an opposed roll of (her Wits + Martial Arts + extra successes on the attack) against the target’s permanent Willpower. Her skin ripples and petrifies. Obvious Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Earthshaker Attack The Immaculate’s hand seems to swell and grow before he strikes the earth with an open palm. Touch Duration: Special Prerequisite Charms: Earth Dragon Form By interrupting a target’s normal Essence flows with immobile earth Essence. Perfection of Earth Body Cost: 10m. At the very least. The victim endures a number of inactive actions (including the first) equal to the levels of damage inflicted. If the net successes exceed the target’s Stamina. 1wp. Mins: Martial Arts 5. Touch.Canvas of Dreams Wiki http://codreams. the Charm immobilizes her completely. At the Immaculate’s discretion. cannot be affected by this Charm. making her into an Immaculate warrior of living stone. This Charm doubles the Immaculate’s Strength and Stamina and causes his hand-to-hand attacks to inflict lethal damage. immobilized individual is awkward. If the target must spend Essence to don a physical form (such as ghosts.aspected Dragon-Blooded. She ignores all wound penalties and Crippling effects for the Charm’s duration. she still suffers the Charm’s internal penalties until the Immaculate uncommits the motes spent on the Charm or she leaves his line of sight. the Charm forces it to spend that Essence immediately. Creatures with permanent Essences higher than the martial artist’s are immune to this Charm. Weapon-Breaking Defense Technique. Mins: Martial Arts an immaterial target. 1wp. Obviously. Type: Supple. the Charm can last indefinitely. If the Immaculate wins or ties. Stillness of Stone Cost: 5m. the Immaculate must supply the rest. Once she escapes the Immaculate’s line of sight. she paralyzes and renders him inactive. Holding multiple such victims increases the penalty commensurately. he successfully pours earth Essence down on her. Essence 3. each net success on the opposed roll inflicts a -1 internal penalty to all physical actions on the victim as long as she remains in the Immaculate’s line of sight. the Immaculate stomps her foot onto the ground. Type: Simple (-2 DV) Keywords: Obvious. If the Immaculate successfully harms a target with a barehanded attack. Avalanche Method Cost: 5m. the Immaculate tries to bury her beneath his massive attacks. it turns his body to stone. the target must remain material for a number of hours equal to the Immaculate’s Martial Arts Ability. not an enhancement to the character's natural ratings. Mins: Martial Arts 5. Type: Simple Keywords: Combo-OK.tack has no effect at all. As long as the Immaculate maintains the proper eye or physical contact. Finally. If not. Finally. This Charm requires an expenditure of 5wp to resist. leveling a -1 external penalty on all physi. both lose all their Essence. Anyone who falls takes bashing damage equal to the Immaculate’s Martial Arts. the Immaculate uses his connection to the Elemental Dragon of Earth to draw this victim into the corporeal world. so the monk must fi rst activate Moment of Daana’d or another Charm that allows her to strike immaterial targets. She can take no actions but to attempt to escape. If this attack kills a target. opposed (Strength + Martial Arts) roll against the target’s (Stamina + Athletics). the ground beneath his target opens up beneath her feet and to engulf and immobilize Standing on a surface of earth or stone. it happens immediately. Essence 3. but the target remains immaterial. Leader Duration: One scene Prerequisite Charms: Ghost-Grounding Blow The pinnacle of Earth Dragon Style. by trying to pull her from the grasping earth or prying at the stone over her head. Video Games Entertainment Lifestyle Grab a Block N Load Beta Code 2 of 2 12/15/2014 3:23 PM . she must hold her breath. Compulsion Duration: Special Prerequisite Charms: Avalanche Method. His body petrifies completely. She must take only inactive actions. A shock wave ripples outward from her. and immediately after. Hungry Earth Strike Earth is the element of stability and physicality. he forces her to assume an inferior fighting posture. If the two parties combined do not have enough. Touch. apart from those that would dematerialize her. a permanent and frightening tribute to the Immaculate’s martial prowess. Earth. the entity becomes material as normal but may dematerialize again (if she has that ability) on or after her next action. the martial artist touches her head to the ground to be fully in contact with the body of the Elemental Dragon of Earth.fl exive. both the Immaculate and any targets must be on the same earthen or stone surface. assuming she has the Essence to do so. unarmed Martial Arts attack. the weight lifts.Earth Dragon Style . completely unable to move. The ground shivers. this Charm lets the Immaculate truly become one with the exemplar she emulates. but only as long the Immaculate maintains physical contact with her—her form overflows with earth Essence. Type: Supplemental Keywords: Combo-OK. This Charm is incompatible with armor. being made from stone deadens the Immaculate’s senses and strengthens her joints. If this Charm is used while leading a complementary unit. the Immaculate can freeze her foes in place. She is in no way prohibited from using any Charms or powers. On a successful. already replete with earth Essence. If the Immaculate wins. the target might not have any air in her earthen prison. soaked as normal. Each net success for the Immaculate adds one to the difficulty of all the target’s physical actions. She soaks lethal damage with her entire Stamina and adds her Essence to her bashing and lethal soak and her Hardness. The Immaculate’s player rolls (Strength + Martial Arts) against the target’s Dodge DV—this attack cannot be parried. Allies may help to free a victim of this Charm. her blow inflicts no damage but she instead forces the target into material form.

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