March 6, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a professional recommendation for Mrs. Sherry Breeden for her during her time at
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory. She has proven her dedication to our students by
coming to work daily and being prepared. She is forthright in her encounters by always
seeking understanding for her students and surroundings. She works hard to ensure that
all students are successful by differentiating instruction to ensure that students have
multiple opportunities to engage in learning.

This is my 37th year in the field of education and admittedly she is one of the most
outstanding teachers I have ever witnessed. I serve as principal with her at Cesar Chavez
College Preparatory and in a short period of time I have watched her create a classroom
of thinking and inquiry. She differentiates the classroom by using directed whole group
instruction, instructional centers, small content/skill groups, technology and
individualized instruction daily. She infuses technology into the classroom by constantly
investigating various internet instructional resources for the classroom and student
management tools Mrs. Breeden is adept with working with diverse populations and
urban school districts. She does not hesitate to take time to think methodically about what
she needs to do and how best to serve each individual student in the classroom. In
addition, she creates a classroom where students understand her high expectations, clear
rules and consequences, therefore students need little redirection and transitions are
seamless. Thus, students learn that “learning” is important and they can be successful. As
important as all the aforementioned skills are, I must also illuminate the fact that Mrs.
Breeden is a team player. She understands the importance of consensus building and
being able to put the goals of the organization to the forefront when decision making
becomes difficult. Upon arrival in this building she selflessly shared her outside
resources, materials and ideas. She has a strong work ethic and does not require prodding
to complete important tasks. Furthermore, she is a self-starter who is able to take a task,
job, or a situation, and figure out what needs to be done and then make it happen. Mrs.
Breeden also possesses interpersonal skills needed to be successful with a range of people
of various personality types and cultures. She uses good judgment and is very ethical in
her dealings. Not only is she ethical, but she is kind and respectful to students and adults.

Mrs. Sherry Breeden would be an outstanding candidate for any classroom or supervisory
position. You will not be disappointed! I am so pleased to have an opportunity to share
about her talent and expertise, please do not hesitate to call me if you need additional
information. I am very much interested in Mrs. Breeden and her continued success.
Please feel free to contact me at 614.216.2993.


Dr. Linda L. Gibson