Taylored Tutoring, LLC

9958 Banbury Court, Powell, OH 43065

January 30, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I have never been more disappointed, yet proud to write a letter of recommendation for an
educational associate. Disappointed, because in writing this I know we are losing the single
greatest asset our company has had since its founding in 2004. Yet I am proud of the
outstanding four year working relationship that our firm has had with Mrs. Sherry Breeden.

As a teacher no one could ask for a more dedicated, compassionate, or skilled instructor. Mrs.
Breeden has consistently performed her duties in a most conscientious manner; always placing
her students’ learning at the forefront of whatever she does. In addition she has been an
exemplary team member. Sherry will always find time to help other colleagues with technical
solutions or organizational suggestions. She has never refused to spend her time to help train a
new associate. Her value to our company as a contributor of new ideas and innovative ways to
complete our instructional assignments will be greatly missed.

I consider losing Sherry Breeden as an associate as a failure on the part of our company to grow
enough to accommodate an educator of her immense talent. Adding Mrs. Breeden to your staff
would be the single best hiring decision you make in 2015. We are thankful she has worked with
us for so long and will miss her tremendously, but are grateful that she will always remain a
trusted friend.

Feel free to contact our office if we can be of any further assistance to you.


William L Taylor; Founder & President
Taylored Tutoring