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Sartre (not Spade), looking unusually suave.

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There is a surprising lack of material on Sartre available on the Web. Here are some small
contributions to fix that appalling situation:

Serious stuff:
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 Jean Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness: Class Notes, Fall 1995. (sartre1.pdf =
1,147,027 bytes).
This is a set of class notes for a graduate-level course I taught in the Fall semester,
1995, on Sartre's early philosophy. The main work, of course, was Being and
Nothingness, but we also discussed Husserl's The Idea of Phenomenology, Sartre's
Transcendence of the Ego and other works along the way. (Some of them we
discussed at length.)

outlines of Husserl's The Idea of Phenomenology and of various sections of Being and Nothingness. for your viewing pleasure." recently discovered and published.) A Ukrainian translation of this site may be found here: http://www.stoodio. Not So Serious Stuff:  Jean-Paul Sartre's famous " Indiana University. I have personally tried some of these recipes.906 bytes).792 bytes).org/pvspade- sartre by Getbookee. Return to my Home Page. They include a list of relevant primary and secondary books. dissertation. . a fairly extensive discussion of "Existentialism Is A Humanism. and they're "authentically" delicious! (HTML format. 1993) (Vaughan. Pure Reflection: Self-Knowledge and Moral Understanding in the Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre (Ph.  Christopher Vaughan." and other things. (sartre2.  Jean Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness: Course Materials.pdf = 404. This is a set of class materials going with the course described above.D.pdf = 664. notes on Transcendence of the Ego.