11492 Vangelis 35Casablanca 69Here, there and every where

2Abrázame 36Cavatina 70Hey jude

3Across universe 37Cinema paradise 71Hijo de la luna

4Aguila negra 38Claro de luna 72Hojas muertas

5Alfonsina y el mar. 39Close to you 73Hotel California

6Aline 40Charada 74How deep is your love?

7Always in my mind 41Dalí 75I can’t falling love

8All by myself 42Danza hungara 5 76I dreamed a dream

9Amarcord 43Days of wine 77I just call

10And I love her 44Don’t cry Argentina 78I will

11Angie 45Don’t let me down 79I wish your love

12Anónimo veneciano 46Dr. Zhivago 80I,me,mine

13Año vivimos… 47Dust in the wind 81I´m in the mood for love

14Aquellas pequeñas cosas 48El álamo 82I’ve seen your face

15Aranjuez 49El bardo 83If

16Arrivederci Roma 50El padrino 84If I feel

17Arthur’s theme 51El padrino 2 85If you leave me now

18Bailando con lobos 52El reloj 86Il mondo

19Bailar pegados 53Elvira 87It´s was a very good year

20Balada para Adeline 54Englishman New York 88 Jardín prohibido

21Barry Lyndon 55Enmanuelle 89Jealous gay

22Because 56Europa 90 Johnny guitar

23Bella cubana 57Every break you take 91Killing me softly with this ..

24Bésame mucho 58Every time you go 92Korgis

25Bilitis 59Feelings 93La misión

26Blackbird 60Fool’s overture 94La playa

27Bohemian rhapsody 61Forrest gump 95La quiero a morir

28Bridge over trouble water 62Ghost 96Lady in red

29Canción gondolero 63Girl 97Lady Jane

30Candilejas 64Girl from Ipanema 98Lago de como

31Canon D 65gladiator 99Lago de los cisnes

32Careless whispers 66Gone with the wind 100Last Mohican

33Carros de fuego 67Greenlevees 101Last waltz

34Caruso 68Gwendolyn 102Lawrence

2 103Les patineurs 137On my own 171Summertime 104Let it be 138On the beach 172Tea for two 105Let’s face the music 139Out of Africa 173Tears in heaven 106Leyenda ciudad sin nombre 140Over rainbow 174Tema 1 blade runner 107Long and winding road 141Para Elisa 175Tema 2 blade runner 108Los girasoles 142Penélope 176Tema Bramhs 109Love is many splendor… 143Phantom opera 177Three coins 110Love me tender 144Pinocho 178Titanic 111Love story 145Piu bella 179Tosca 112Love theme out Africa 146Por tí volaré 180Traviatta 113Maria 147Preludio Chopin 181True love 114Mash 148Put your head … 182Turandot 115Me cuesta tanto olvidarte 149Radetzky march 183Twin peaks 116Melodía Clayderman 150Raindrops 184Último emperador 117Memory cats 151Recuerdo Alhambra 185Un hombre y una mujer 118Michelle 152Release me 186Unforgettable 119Minuet Bocherini 153Romance anónimo 187Vals Chopin 120Mio babino caro 154Romeo y Julieta 188Venecia sin tí 121Misty 155Sailing 189Vivaldi 122Mme. 167Spanish eyes 134Nights birds 168Strangers in the night 135Nocturno 169Strawberry fields 136Nothing gonna change 170Summer 42 . Butterflay 156Santa lucía 190When I’m falling love 123Moldau 157Schindlers’list 191While my guitar gently 124Monalisa 158Sealed with a kiss 192Windmills in your mind 125Moon River 159Shadows of yours smile 193Winners take it all 126Mull of kintray 160She 194Without you 127My love 161Shine on crazy diamond 195Woman no cry 128My way 162Smile 196Wonderful world 129nabucco 163Something 197Words 130Ne me quite pas 164Something’s stupid 198Yesterday 131Never on Sunday 165Song for gay 199You are the sunshine 132Night in white satin 166Sound of silence 200You’re so beautiful 133Nightingale sang in B.