Msgr. Gutierrez Trinity Sunday (June 11) Most Blessed Trinity: The Divine Mystery — p.

Balintataw Virginia Ferrer: Tulad Ka Rin Nila — p. 11
Advocacy Rudy Liporada: Duterte’s Martial Law and Peace Talk Cancellation — p. 13
Entertainment Toast of the Coast Wine Festival pours winners at 2017 San Diego County Fair — p. 15
June 9-15, 2017

Pentagon: China used coercive force to enforce maritime claims
Resorts World admits by Patricia Lourdes Viray, Phil- | MANILA, 6/8/2017
security lapses — Beijing has used its growing
power to assert its sovereignty MANILA, there were some lapses in secu- claims over features in the East
6/8/2017 - Lapses in security rity,” Stephen James Reilly said. and South China Seas, the US
enabled a gunman to enter Re- Department of Defense said in
sorts World Manila casino hotel Three House committees jointly held
hearings yesterday on the RWM tragedy its 2017 China Military Power
last June 1, terrorizing guests that claimed the lives of 37 hotel guests Report.
and employees, torching gaming and employees and lone gunman Jessie “China has used coercive
equipment and leaving dozens Carlos. tactics, such as the use of law
dead from smoke inhalation, the At the hearing, the lawmakers also
found that there was lack of coordination enforcement vessels and its mari-
RWM chief operating officer between the hotel’s security personnel time militia, to enforce maritime
admitted before a House hearing and the police at the height of Carlos’ claims and advance its interests
yesterday. rampage. in ways that are calculated to fall
“I say there’s lapses in security. Part of the CCTV recording of the in-
cident was presented during the hearing
below the threshold of provoking
When we played the first videos, held at the NAIA 3. conflict,” the report read.

I pointed out there should have One of the hotel guests who died in the The Pentagon reported that for
been security personnel posted incident was the wife of Pampanga Rep. the past year, China continued

on certain points and they were Aurelio Gonzales Jr. construction of its military out-
Through a colleague, Gonzales asked
not present. We admit openly ( Continued on page 6 ) posts in the Spratly Islands in the
disputed South China Sea, part of
AFP verifying 1,200 IS agents which the Philippines claims as
the West Philippine Sea.
in Philippines Chapter 18 of “Destiny: A Continuing Philippine Story” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. China can now deploy military
asserts to the Spratly Islands

M | MANILA, us because, as was mentioned by as it is nearly finished with the
6/5/2017 - The disclosure of senior defense officials, in truth, ona knew she had to pick up her ward from school. But Darren had given her construction of infrastructures on
Indonesian Defense Minister Ry- we don’t have those numbers,” the shocking news in an overseas phone call in the Philippines: his mother Subi, Mischief and Fiery Cross
amizard Ryacudu that there are Padilla told a press conference Maura, her sister, had perished in a fire that burned down their home in a slum Reefs.
about 1,200 foreign Islamic State yesterday at Malacañang. community. Her son Freddie, was nowhere to be found. She turned off the phone and The report also noted that
(IS) members operating in the He said the Philippine military tried to get up, but her knees were still weak. She remained seated and rested her head Beijing was able to land civil-
Philippines caught the military would ask Indonesia about the at the back of the chair. No matter how hard she tried to move on and pick up Sayeh, the ian aircraft on its airfields on the
by surprise. source of the information. “Big Three” artificial islands.
Armed Forces spokesman Brig. Presidential spokesman Ernesto
six-year-old daughter of her Saudi Arabian employer, she simply lacked the strength.
The Pentagon took note of the
Gen. Restituto Padilla said they Abella refused to comment on After resting for fifteen minutes, she forced herself to get up and go to the school. July 2016 of an arbitral tribunal
are still verifying the information the specific number, but stressed ruling which invalidated China’s
as Malacañang affirmed the need the need to work with neighbor- Sayeh was waiting for her at the almost empty pre-school. Mona held her hand tightly to assure her nine-dash line claim in the
to work with Asian neighbors to ing countries in flushing terrorists everything was okay and she was safe. But the tragedy kept nagging her mind as they walked to her disputed waters, which Beijing
combat security threats. out of the country. employer’s luxurious apartment across Central Park. They passed by Tariq, the Pakistani doorman, rejected.
“The revelations of the Indone- “But it is clear that the violence who as usual cheerfully greeted them. This time, Mona ignored him as her mind was somewhere else. “Among other things, the tribu-
sian defense minister are some- in Marawi is being waged by Tariq was taken aback. He noticed Mona’s red eyes and realized something was amiss. He decided to nal ruled that China’s ‘nine-dash
( Continued on page 6 )
thing that came as a surprise to ( Continued on page 11 ) line’ cannot represent a lawful
maritime claim to the extent that
Filipina San Diego becomes Dr. Estela Matriano: A brilliant, prolific, caring any of the claims it reflects would
exceed the limits of China’s
Woman Int'l Chess Master professor and her legacy maritime entitlements under the
Convention,” the Pentagon said. | MANILA, in the ninth and final round. He by Dr. Miles Beauchamp, PhD tion (WCCI) in the California The report added that the United
6/5/2017 - Novendra Priasmoro scored 7 points for a one-point School of Education. Nations-backed tribunal did not
of Indonesia won the East Asian winning margin against country- It is always bittersweet when a I have had the rare honor of rule on sovereignty claims to
Junior Chess Championship in man Yoseph Taher, Cuizon and valuable – and valued - colleague working with Dr. Matriano and land features which is an issue
Tagaytay City on Sunday, June Stephen Rome Pangilinan of the retires. Dr. Estela Matriano an- I value every minute of it. From outside the scope of the Conven-
4 as the Philippines ended up Philippines. nounced her retirement recently her I have learned and I will tion on the Law of the Sea.
with consolidation prizes with Pangilinan, a 16-year-old from Alliant International Uni- always be grateful President Rodrigo Duterte
breakthrough performances from Philippine Science High School versity where she is Professor, Below are thoughts and memo- did not attempt to advance the
two players and a new Woman student, had a chance to tie Pri- Cross Cultural Studies; Adviser, ries about Dr. Matriano from her Philippines’ position based on the
International Master in Marie asmoro at first place but his bid International Students Asso- colleagues at Alliant International ruling, easing tensions between
Antoinette San Diego. was spoiled by Paulo Bersamina, ciation (ISA); Chair, San Diego University: Beijing and Manila.
Priasmoro, shaking off an upset who was expected to contend for I-MERIT; Executive Director of Dr. Shirley Baker, System “China publicly welcomed
from 13-year-old Daniel Quizon top prize but could not get going The Filipino School; and Execu- Director, Educational Leadership improved relations with the
in the eighth and penultimate in this event. tive Director of the World Coun- and Management: Philippines, signing $24 billion
round, defeated Kyz Llantada San Diego salvaged Philippine chess' cil for Curriculum and Instruc- May 31, 2017 will be noted ( Continued on page 7 )
( Continued on page 7 ) ( Continued on page 6 )

一䔀圀 一愀琀椀漀渀愀氀 䌀椀琀礀 氀漀挀愀琀椀漀渀 漀昀

Save the Date:
June 13, Tuesday
一伀圀 伀倀䔀一
Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm
with the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm
㄀㔀─ 伀䘀䘀
倀爀攀猀攀渀琀 琀栀椀猀 挀漀甀瀀漀渀
with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Way 昀漀爀 愀 ㄀㔀─ 漀昀昀 琀栀攀 
of the Cross 琀漀琀愀氀 挀栀攀挀欀⸀

㄀ ㈀㔀 䠀䤀䜀䠀䰀䄀一䐀 䄀嘀䔀 一䄀吀䤀伀一䄀䰀 䌀䤀吀夀Ⰰ 䌀䄀 㤀㄀㤀㔀 
吀䔀䰀㨀 ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀ 㔀㄀㈀ⴀ㄀㔀㐀㤀 䘀䄀堀㨀 ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀ 㔀㄀㈀ⴀ㄀㐀㌀ 

Jesus I Trust In You!
Centennial Celebration
of 100th Year of Fatima (1917-2017)
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

Bulacan farmer’s son headed to Harvard,
Life and Other Matters cop’s daughter off to Columbia
Two scholars of the Internation-
A parents’ journey to sending al School Manila are bound for
fully funded study at Ivy League
their kids to college schools.
One of them is Romnick Blan-
co, a farmer's son who has been

admitted to Harvard University
ike your first mort- Sad moment biggie!”
in Massachusetts, US, on full
Among her classmates were Filipinos
gage, you would not One sad moment during Lily’s gradua- from the Philippines. scholarship.
know at first how to tion convocation was when the audience He told her: “Do you know that for a Blanco, seventh of nine kids,
pay the college bills was asked to observe a moment of family in the Philippines to be able to used to walk two hours every day
silence in memory of a student who died send their kids to college in the United
Sending one’s kids to college a year ago while on a volunteer trip to an States, they must be super rich?”
to attend school in Sierra Madre,
is just like buying one’s first Asian Country. She died during a freak Filipinos who study abroad usually turn Bulacan, where his father, Re-
home. Suddenly one will have a accident as she tripped, fell on a live, out to be the cream of the crop, ending nato, works as a vegetable and
mortgage to pay. One would not exposed electric wire and got electro- up mostly as the heads in big corpora- rice farmer.
cuted during a ceremony she attended. tions, if not in the government. But it His Harvard scholarship will
know how he would pay it, but Some of her friends in the crowd during was these members of the Philippine
he would take a chance, leave the graduation ceremony cried and one elite class who taught his daughter, born cover tuition, accommodation,
things to fate and plunge into could just imagine the grief and sorrow and raised in the U.S. with Filipino par- flights, and even wardrobe.
mortgage debt. Somehow, he will of the girl’s parents as they watched ents, the Filipino culture. At the Bonita Meanwhile, Jessica Cuadro, ship. graduating students of ISM who are
their daughter’s friends graduate. She Vista High School in their neighborhood daughter of a policeman, will be
be surprised that things would go could have been receiving her diploma where there is a lot of Filipino-American Jessica Cuadro and Romnick Blanco headed to Ivy League schools. — Rose-
all right and he might even have attending Columbia University in are heading to Ivy League schools. An Jessica Dioquino/BM, GMA News
with her classmates. students and teachers, she never joined
New York, also on full scholar- Blanco and Cuadro are among the 13
some family vacation money or “She had lots of things, talent, intelli- the Filipino Club. But at Georgetown,
two. gence, wit, charm, passion and industry, she learned to dance the Tiniklingand

Seaside Buffet
except time,” were the words of the Pandanggo sa Ilaw, two popular Filipino
speaker that rang in the ears of all who dances whose names she could not even
came. They just could not imagine an pronounce. She claimed that the Filipino
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. exceptional, talented and hard work- Club at Georgetown, an organization
Publisher & Editor ing girl like her making the grade at Adam later found out to be co-founded
San Diego Asian Journal an exclusive university only to fail to by a son of a former classmate of his
Published in the San Diego fulfill her dreams because of a freak from elementary to college, is the most 8998 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
accident. In contrast, a lot of young popular in the campus.
Asian Journal people waste their lives and face a bleak “Everybody could join, even if you are Tel. 858-566-1888 or 858-566-6188
August 10, 2007 future because of drugs, teen pregnancy, not Filipino,” she said. One reason for 10%
First in a series of articles petty crimes, lack of ambition and the this is the enthusiasm and dedication of 10%OFF
CITIZENS(65(65 +)+)
likes. (A few months after the gradu- the Filipino members from the Philip- Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
San Diego, California Banquet
ation, another batch mate, this time, a pines to promote the culture. Of course, BanquetRooms
August 10, 2007 close friend of their daughter, was hit the delicious Filipino dishes served at
by a lighting while on a beach in North every opportunity to hold a function,
Carolina and died. He was about to start also helped attract new members.
Moving their daughter Lily’s working for a bank after four years in While Adam and his family were on a
things from her apartment in college). vacation in the Philippines in July of last
Georgetown in Washington year a Georgetown classmate of Lily,
Nation’s capital Jed Punongbayan invited them for a
D.C. to their cousin’s place in
Long Island, New York was a
cocktail with his parents at the pent- Brazilian
BBQ Beef
After showing their guests around the house of the PhilAm Life Center, one of
hard, arduous task. For almost nation’s capital, they bade them goodbye the tallest and newest edifices in Makati. Teppanyaki
Teppanyaki Chicken
a week in March, Adam and his at the airport. They were on their way It was a small world indeed as Jed’s Pork
back to San Diego together with Irene parents turned out to be alumni of their Noodle
Soup Pork
wife, were staying at a dorm in Soft
Georgetown University, which
and her husband. Adam and his wife had
to stay behind a few more days to move
school, the University of the Philippines,
like his wife and him. Adam liked the
Seafood SoftServe
was opened for relatives attend- Lily’s things to New York. Months be- fact that Jed, privileged that he is, calls Sushi
Sushi Cream & Yogurt
Cream & Yogurt
ing the school’s graduation rites. fore she was about to graduate, she got him “uncle” just because he is a Filipino. Chocolate
a job as a financial analyst at a boutique ChocolateFountain
Each day was full of activity. Cotton Candy
One was the school convocation,
financial firm in Wall Street, and would Glad Cotton Candy
start working two months after her
another is the Tropeia, a ceremo- graduation. Adam was glad that he and his wife Beer
Beer& &Wine
ny for honor graduates, of which Adam always tell his kids not to mea- were able to send their daughters to
Adam’s daughter is one, the third sure success with money, but he could college without any hefty student loans
not imagine his youngest daughter, burdening them as they launch their pro-
was the business school gradua- a wisp of a girl, slugging it out with fessional careers. Somehow, by God’s
tion ceremony itself, and the last the hardened, sometime heartless and grace, they were able to pay their bills
was the Baccalaureate Mass for cold-blooded warriors of Wall Street. To as they pursued their studies. Sending
the graduates, Georgetown being him, she will always be the baby in the one’s kids to college is just like buying
family, the toddler Adam was carrying one’s first home. Suddenly one will have
a Jesuit-run university. around with ice cream on her face, an a mortgage to pay. One would not know
image preserved in a photo taken dur- how he would pay it, but he would take
Like them, their eldest daughter, Irene ing her sister Margie’s third birthday. a chance, leave things to fate and plunge
flew all the way from San Diego to Occasionally, however, he could see her into mortgage debt. Somehow, he will
“D.C.” to attend the event together with tough character and why she was the be surprised that things would turn out
her husband, John. Three close relatives, firm’s top choice among the applicants all right and he might even have some
all from San Diego, came as guests for the job, as she would argue her point family vacation money or two.
-- the East Coast trip being a token of with her dad until he is forced to quiet Adam always believes that God has Dinner Buffet Items:
the family’s gratitude for their relatives’ down. provided them with the extra money Hot and Cold Crab Legs,
valuable help in raising their children, Adam could not help but express his that would enable them to fulfill their
especially when they were kids. The amazement at the way she would fix the financial responsibilities to their kids.
Raw and Cooked Oysters,
second of their three daughters, Margie, problems in his computer and their other He is reminded of a passage in the Bible Sea Snails, Sea Cucumber, Crab,
is in the midst of her two-year teaching electronic gadgets. that says, “work and God will provide.”
stint in Japan and was not able to attend. “How did you learn all these things,” Otherwise, if not for God and prayers,
Frog Legs, Clams, Crawfish,
Adam remembers the moment when he asked incredulously. how could he explain the blessings he is Sashimi, Shrimp, Beijing Duck, Roast Beef
his daughter was about to go up the “Remember, Dad,” she replied. “I had receiving in life?
stage to receive her diploma. He been working as a ‘techie’ in our school He always tells friends that some of the
Ribs, Fish Maw Soup, Shark Fin Soup,
positioned his self behind a wire fence, for three years.” happiest moments in his life were the and much more.
on which he rested his elbow to help For ten dollars an hour, she had a part- times he had been able to scrape enough
make the video camera he was hold-
ing steady. As he began to tape the
time job at Georgetown’s student ser-
vices department solving the computer
money to pay for the lodging and allow-
ances of his children when they were
once-in-a-lifetime moment, the camera Dine In Buffet Only
started shaking, ruining his shot. It
problems of other students. in college. Whenever he would deposit Dine In Buffet Only
At one time, she fixed the laptop funds in each account of his kids during Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other
turned out that one of the guests, who computer of the son of real estate mogul the last week of the month, the Filipina offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time. offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
was leaning on the same fence, became Donald Trump. “The Donald’s” scion teller at the Wells Fargo Bank branch May not be used for split checks or tables. May not be used for split checks or tables.
overwhelmed with the same excitement was one year ahead of her in school. near their home would ask him: “For the Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
and started clapping his hands, causing “How was he? “ he asked. accounts of your daughters, sir?” Sales Tax Not Included. Sales Tax Not Included.
the wire fence, his elbow and his camera “He’s cool,” she replied simply, as if He would flash a smile as he would
Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 6/30/2017 Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 6/30/2017
to shake. telling her old man to “get over it; its no ( Continued on page 7 )
June 9-15, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3


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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

Health & Wellness
Timing meals later at night can cause weight The brain detects disease in others even
gain and impair fat metabolism before it breaks out
Findings provide first experi- energy, and hormone markers -- such as fasting glucose, cholesterol, and triglyc- -- ScienceDaily
mental evidence of prolonged higher glucose and insulin, which are eride levels.
implicated in diabetes, and cholesterol The human brain is much bet-
delayed eating versus daytime and triglycerides, which are linked Conducting a 24-hour hormonal
eating, showing that delayed eat- with cardiovascular problems and other profile, they also found that in during
ter than previously thought at
ing can also raise insulin, fasting health conditions." daytime eating condition, the hormone discovering and avoiding disease,
glucose, cholesterol, and triglyc- ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, a new study led by researchers at
eride levels In the study, nine healthy weight peaked earlier in the daytime, while Karolinska Institutet in Sweden
adults underwent two conditions, one leptin, which keeps you satiated, peaked reports. Our sense of vision and
of daytime eating (i.e., three meals and later, suggesting that the participants
— ScienceDaily two snacks between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.) received cues to eat earlier, and eating smell alone are enough to make
for eight weeks and another of delayed earlier likely helped them to stay sati- us aware that someone has a
New findings suggest eating late at
night could be more dangerous than
eating (i.e., three meals and two snacks ated longer. This suggests that eating disease even before it breaks out.
eating from noon to 11 p.m.) for eight earlier may help prevent overeating in And not only aware -- we also
you think. Compared to eating earlier in weeks. There was a two-week washout the evening and at night. As sleep-wake
the day, prolonged delayed eating can period between conditions to make sure cycles were constant, melatonin levels act upon the information and
increase weight, insulin and choles- there was no carry over effect. The sleep remained constant in both groups. avoid sick people. The study is
terol levels, and negatively affect fat
metabolism, and hormonal markers
period was held constant, between 11 published in the scientific journal
p.m. to 9 a.m. "While lifestyle change is never easy, Proceedings of the National
implicated in heart disease, diabetes these findings suggest that eating earlier
and other health problems, according to Participants visited Penn's Center in the day may be worth the effort to Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
results from researchers at the Perelman for Human Phenomic Science to get help prevent these detrimental chronic
School of Medicine at the University of developed the classic symptoms of should be a basic behavioural repertoire
metabolic measures and blood drawn at health effects," said Kelly Allison, PhD, The human brain is much bet- disease -- tiredness, pain and fever -- for that assists the immune system. Avoid-
Pennsylvania. the beginning, after the first eating con- an associate professor of psychology in ter than previously thought at a few hours, during which time smell ance, however, does not necessarily
dition, after the two-week washout, and Psychiatry and director of the Center discovering and avoiding disease, samples were taken from them and they apply if you have a close relationship
The findings offer the first experimental after the second eating condition. This for Weight and Eating Disorders, and
evidence on the metabolic consequences a new study led by researchers at were photographed and filmed. The in- with the person who is ill," says Profes-
allowed the team to measure changes senior author on the study. "We have an jected substance then disappeared from sor Olsson. "For instance, there are few
of consistent delayed eating compared to in weight, metabolism and energy used, extensive knowledge of how overeating Karolinska Institutet in Sweden their bodies and with it the symptoms. people other than your children who
daytime eating, and will be presented at and made sure the two week washout al- affects health and body weight, but now reports. Our sense of vision and
SLEEP 2017, the 31st Annual Meeting Another group of participants were you'd kiss when they have a runny nose.
lowed all measures to return to baseline we have a better understanding of how smell alone are enough to make then exposed to these smells and images In other words, a disease signal can en-
of the Associated Professional Sleep So- before the next condition. our body processes foods at different
cieties LLC (APSS), on Sunday, June 4. us aware that someone has a as well as those of healthy controls, and hance caring behaviour in close relation-
times of day over a long period of time." asked to rate how much they liked the ships. With this study, we demonstrate
The team found that when participants disease even before it breaks out. people, while their brain activities were that the brain is more sensitive to those
"We know from our sleep loss stud- ate later, compared to the daytime Similar yet much shorter previous And not only aware -- we also
ies that when you're sleep deprived, it measured in an MR scanner. signals than we once thought."
negatively affects weight and metabo-
condition, weight increased. Respiratory studies have suggested similar results, act upon the information and They were then asked to state, just by
quotient, i.e. the ratio of carbon dioxide but this is the first long-term study look- avoid sick people. The study is looking at the photographs, which of The research has been carried out in
lism in part due to late-night eating, but produced by the body to oxygen con- ing at the timing of eating patterns that the participants looked sick, which they collaboration with several parties, espe-
now these early findings, which control sumed by the body that indicates which also controlled for sleep-wake cycles, published in the scientific journal considered attractive and which they cially with the Stress Research Institute
for sleep, give a more comprehensive macronutrients are being metabolized, exercise, macronutrient intake, etc. to Proceedings of the National
picture of the benefits of eating earlier might consider socialising with. at Stockholm University.
in the day," said Namni Goel, PhD, a
also rose during the delayed eating pinpoint the effects of prolonged eating Academy of Sciences (PNAS). "Our study shows a significant differ-
condition, indicating later eating led at different times of day. ence in how people tend to prefer and Journal Reference:
research associate professor of psychol- to metabolizing fewer lipids and more
ogy in Psychiatry in the division of Sleep The human immune system is effective be more willing to socialise with healthy
carbs. The researchers also found that Materials provided by University of at combating disease, but since it entails people than those who are sick and Christina Regenbogen, John Axelsson,
and Chronobiology, and lead author a series of other measures reflecting Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Note:
of the ongoing study. "Eating later can a great deal of energy expenditure dis- whose immune system we artificially ac- Julie Lasselin, Danja K. Porada, Tina
negative metabolic profiles increased in Content may be edited for style and ease avoidance should be part of our sur- tivated," says Professor Olsson. "We can Sundelin, Moa G. Peter, Mats Lekander,
promote a negative profile of weight, the delayed condition, including insulin, length. vival instinct. A new study now shows also see that the brain is good at adding Johan N. Lundström, Mats J. Olsson.
that this is indeed the case: the human weak signals from multiple senses relat- Behavioral and neural correlates to
Heat Safety for People and Pets in Vehicles brain is better than previously thought at
discovering early-stage disease in others.
ing to a person's state of health."
This he sees as biological confirmation
multisensory detection of sick humans.
Proceedings of the National Academy
Moreover, we also have a tendency to of the argument that survival naturally of Sciences, 2017; 201617357 DOI:
Heat Safety in Vehicles - Look tips from the National Highway tively, place your phone, briefcase, or act upon the signals by liking infected entails avoiding infection. 10.1073/pnas.1617357114
Before You Lock. Don't Leave Traffic Safety Administration to purse in the back seat when traveling people less than healthy ones. "Common sense tells us that there
with your child. "The study shows us that the human
Children or Pets in a Vehicle. remind yourself and others to A Routine Check. If someone else is brain is actually very good at discover-
check the back seat before walk- driving your child, or you alter your ing this and that this discovery motivates Divine Mercy Shrine
With the summer months upon ing away from a vehicle. Chil- daily routine, always check to make sure avoidance behaviour," says principal in Encinitas, California
us, now is the time to learn about dren mistakenly being left in hot your child has arrived safely. investigator Professor Mats Olsson at
the dangers of heatstroke and A Key to Safety. You know to keep Karolinska Institutet's Department of
vehicles make up many of the your vehicle locked, but also keep Clinical Neuroscience.
being trapped in a hot car. Learn tragedies reported each year. your keys out of reach; nearly 3 in 10 By injecting harmless sections of
how the temperature outside may
affect the temperature inside your Look Before You Lock. Get into the
heatstroke deaths happen when an unat-
tended child gains access to a vehicle.
bacteria, the researchers activated the
immune response in participants, who
Be part of the story.
routine of always checking the back seat

Caesar Natividad, Esq.
of your vehicle before you lock it and Learn more extreme heat prepared-
Heatstroke is dangerous and can walk away. ness at If you
be deadly. Never leave children, A Gentle Reminder. Keep a stuffed would like to help spread the word about
pets, or older adults unattended in animal or other memento in your child’s extreme heat safety, visit the Extreme
car seat when it is empty, and move it to Heat Social Media Toolkit for resources.
a parked car. the front seat as a visual reminder when Download the FEMA App for heat advi-
your child is in the back seat. Alterna- sories and safety tips. Serving the Filipino Community since 2000
Use the following life saving

• Wrongful Termination
• All Kinds of Harassment • Whistleblower Cases
& Discrimination & Others
• Retaliation • Unpaid Wages & Overtime
• Violation of California • No Meal Breaks &
Family Care Act Rest Breaks Given
• Motor Vehicle Collision • Dog & Other Animal Bites
• Premises Liability • Catastrophic Injuries
• Administrative Hearings - Appeals of termination of
employment from govt. agencies.
• Contract Disputes/ Caesar S. Natividad, Esq.
Business Disputes JD, Western State University
• Family Law (cum laude), MBA,
Drucker School of Management
Recipient of
American Jurisprudence Award

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June 9-15, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

California Communities
Palomar College Seeks Volunteers 12 San Diego New Medicare cards offer Team WLSL™ set
for the Proposition M Bond County Students greater protection to more to make a global
Independent Citizens’ Oversight lands Sunflower than 57.7 million Americans impression on
Committee (ICOC) Scholarships New cards will no longer con- Security and U.S. House Committee June 22
from Chelsea’s tain Social Security numbers, on Oversight & Government Reform
Subcommittee on Information Technol-
to combat fraud and illegal ogy, addressing CMS’s comprehensive Be part of the fun on Thursday,
Palomar is seeking to immediately side County line to Poway and Rancho
State law requires that the ICOC mem- Light Foundation
Penasquitos. use plan for the removal of Social Security June 22, as tens of thousands of
fill five vacancies on the ICOC numbers and transition to MBIs. kids and adults at aquatic facili-
bership include at least one (enrolled) The Centers for Medicare & ties around the world unite for
SAN MARCOS (May 31, 2017) student who is active in a community SAN DIEGO, June 11, 2017 – A Medicaid Services (CMS) is Personal identity theft affects a large
the eighth year in a row to send
-- Palomar College is seek- college support group, such as student “service over self” ethic coupled readying a fraud prevention
and growing number of seniors. People
age 65 or older are increasingly the the message that swimming les-
ing to fill five vacancies on the government; one member active in a with academic drive earned 12 initiative that removes Social
business organization representing the victims of this type of crime. Incidents sons save lives. The global event
Proposition M Bond Independent San Diego high school students Security numbers from Medicare among seniors increased to 2.6 million
business community; one member active for the World’s Largest Swim-
Citizens’ Oversight Committee in a senior citizens’ organization; one a Sunflower Scholarship award cards to help combat identity from 2.1 million between 2012 and ming Lesson (WLSL), will take
(ICOC). These are appointed member active in a taxpayers’ associa- from Chelsea’s Light Foundation. theft, and safeguard taxpayer
2014, according to the most current
positions which require an ap- tion; one member active in a support statistics from the Department of Justice. place at 1:15 p.m. at Loma Verde
organization for Palomar College, such The Sunflower Scholarship Class of dollars. The new cards will use a Identity theft can take not only an Aquatic Center, located at 1420
plication, and approval by the unique, randomly-assigned num-
as the Palomar College Foundation and 2017 represents a wide geographic emotional toll on those who experience Loma Lane, in Chula Vista. Par-
Palomar College Governing President’s Associates; and two mem- ber called a Medicare Beneficiary it, but also a financial one: two-thirds of
swath from Vista to San Ysidro, and an ticipants must register at least 30
Board. The following positions bers of the community. array of colleges including Stanford, Identifier (MBI), to replace the
all identity theft victims reported a direct
financial loss. It can also disrupt lives, minutes prior to the event’s start
are available: a member active in A majority of the members must Emory, and the University of California,
Social Security-based Health
possess expertise in one or more of the damage credit ratings and result in inac- time. This is a free swimming
a business organization repre- Los Angeles. To date, the Sunflower
Insurance Claim Number (HICN)
following areas: large-scale construction Scholarship Fund has awarded over curacies in medical records and costly lesson open to those six months
senting the business community currently used on the Medicare false claims.
operations, municipal/public finance, $450,000 to 75 deserving students. Ap- old and over. Children ages six
located in the District; a member expertise with agency/entity budgeting, proximately 250 students from 69 San card. CMS will begin mailing
representing the community at- and project management. The committee Diego County high schools submitted Work on this important initiative began months to two years old must be
may not include any employee or official new cards in April 2018 and will many years ago, and was accelerated accompanied in the water by an
large; a member active in a senior applications, which were personally
meet the congressional deadline
of the district, or any vendor, contractor reviewed by Kelly and Brent King following passage of the Medicare Ac- adult, and all children under age
citizens’ organization; a member for replacing all Medicare cards cess and CHIP Reauthorization Act of
or consultant of the district. along who established Chelsea’s Light four must wear a swim diaper.
active in a bona-fide taxpayers Under the ICOC bylaws approved Foundation in honor of their daughter by April 2019. Today, CMS 2015 (MACRA). CMS will assign all
association; and a member active by the Governing Board in September Chelsea. kicks-off a multi-faceted out-
Medicare beneficiaries a new, unique Since its inception, more than 195,000
in a support organization for 2008, terms of service are generally two “Just as Chelsea was unique and cared MBI number which will contain a children and adults have participated
years, with a maximum of two terms. about the world around her, these inspir- reach campaign to help providers combination of numbers and uppercase in WLSL generating more than half a
Palomar College, such as founda- ICOC members are not compensated. get ready for the new MBI. letters. Beneficiaries will be instructed to
ing students are visionary Changemak- billion media impressions about the
tion or advisory council. The college anticipates that the ICOC ers® that value making a difference in safely and securely destroy their current vital importance of learning to swim.
will meet quarterly. their communities,” said Kelly King. “We’re taking this step to protect our Medicare cards and keep the new MBI The 2016 WLSL event included 40,298
The ICOC oversees how the college The ICOC bylaws stipulate the group Winning the outstanding “Sparkle” seniors from fraudulent use of Social confidential. Issuance of the new MBI participants from 24 countries!
expends Proposition M, the facili- will receive and review the district’s scholarships of $8,000 are Ilona Ma- Security numbers which can lead to will not change the benefits a Medicare Tragically, in the United States, drown-
ties bond measure voters approved in annual independent performance audit linovska of El Camino High School identity theft and illegal use of Medi- beneficiary receives. ing remains the leading cause of unin-
November 2006. The committee is and annual independent financial audit; (UCSD) and John Stewart of Gompers care benefits,” said CMS Administrator tended, injury related death for children
responsible for ensuring that bond inspect college facilities and grounds High School (Cal). Seema Verma. “We want to be sure that CMS is committed to a success- ages one to four, and the second leading
proceeds are expended only for the for which bond proceeds have been or Other scholarship winners include: Medicare beneficiaries and healthcare ful transition to the MBI for people cause of accidental death for children
purposes described in the Proposition M will be expended; review district efforts • Lexy Bouras / Mt. Carmel / Cal State providers know about these changes with Medicare and for the health under 14. Research shows participation
ballot measure. to maximize bond proceeds; inform the Fullerton well in advance and have the informa- care provider community. CMS has a in formal swimming lessons can reduce
Individuals interested in this appointed public and Governing Board about the • Yareli Cervantes Perez /Preuss/ Uni- tion they need to make a seamless website dedicated to the Social Security the risk of drowning by 88 percent
position can obtain an application on district’s bond expenditures; present an versity of Californa transition.” Removal Initiative (SSNRI) where among children ages one to four, yet
Palomar’s website at http://www2.palo- annual written report to the Board; and • Reagan Cloutier/ Del Norte/ Univer- providers can find the latest information many kids do not receive formal swim- or by calling provide other input. sity of Michigan Providers and beneficiaries will both and sign-up for newsletters. CMS is also ming or water safety training.
Shawna Cohen in Employment Services The Proposition M measure allows • Kimberly Cuevas / San Ysidro / Cal be able to use secure look up tools that planning regular calls as a way to share To participate in the free World’s
at; her phone Palomar to carry out its Facilities Master State Fullerton will support quick access to MBIs when updates and answer provider questions Largest Swimming Lesson on June 22
number is 760-744-1150, extension Plan. A 15-year building and re-building • Sydney Geisinger / Steele Canyon / they need them. There will also be a before and after new cards are mailed in Chula Vista, please register online
2608. Applications must be submitted program it approximately three-quarters UC Santa Cruz 21-month transition period where pro- beginning in April 2018. beginning June 12, at
by 4:30 p.m. on June 30, 2017. complete for Palomar’s San Marcos • Josiah Rodriguez / Cathedral Catholic viders will be able to use either the MBI WLSLChulaVista. For more informa-
Candidates must be at least 18 years campus; in addition, land has been pur- / Stanford or the HICN further easing the transition For more information, please visit: tion, go to http://watersafety.chulavis-
old and must reside within the Palomar chased for a center in the Fallbrook and • Naya Sawah / Westview / Whitier CMS testified on Tuesday, May 23rd, or
Community College District, which in the southern part of the District (both College before the U.S. House Committee on index.html
stretches from Camp Pendleton and part sites are scheduled to open in summer • Joshua Segal / Southern CA. Yeshiva Ways & Means Subcommittee on Social
of Oceanside in the west, to Borrego 2018). /University of Maryland
Springs in the east, and from the River- • Sewit Tesfamicael / Monte Vista /
University of California, Los Angeles
• Kaeli Thompson / Grossmont /
The Sunflower Scholarship Fund was
established to reflect the attributes,
which Chelsea King embodied as
a young citizen and student at Po-
way High School. She was extremely
diligent, involved in a variety of school
activities, had a passion for volunteering
in her community, believed in the power
of change and dreamed of making the
world a better place.
The Chelsea’s Light Sunflower Schol-
arship Fund is powered by the success of
the annual “Finish Chelsea’s Run” 5K.
This year more than 8,000 participants
ran and walked to support these scholar-
ships. Additionally, financial sponsor-
ship from Bridgepoint Education, Clark
Companies, and Wells Fargo Bank
provided the Foundation the ability to
recognize these amazing students.
Based in San Diego, Chelsea’s Light
Foundation was created in 2010 by
Kelly and Brent in honor of their
Thirty-eight years established mobile closing business with daughter Chelsea King. The mission of
client customer base servicing major metropolitan cities the volunteer-driven organization is to
unite and lead people who are passionate
throughout San Diego County. We provide merchandising about protecting children and inspiring
such as Dickies and other industrial clothing including shirts, positive change in their communities.
pants, work shoes, jackets, mechanic belts and more to about Chelsea’s Light Foundation is commit-
ted to expanding Chelsea’s Law to all
20 different shops. states, and to awarding college scholar-
ships to service-minded high school
students throughout San Diego County.
We provide a vast $25,000 inventory in a large capacity van About Chelsea’s Light Foundation
for convenient delivery, specializing in Regular Men’s sizes In honor of Chelsea King, the Chel-
sea’s Light Foundation was established
as well as Big & Tall clothing. in 2010 to unite and lead people who
are passionate about protecting children
Direct phone: (619) 660-0299 - Ask for ARMAND and inspiring positive change in their
communities. For more information,
We can negotiate price for serious inquiries visit

We provide service to over 20 different businesses such as
in Chula Vista this
PAIR SHOPS. weekend
Construction of the Willow Street
ARMAND CLOTHES Bridge Replacement Project in Chula
Vista requires the total closure of Willow
Store on Wheels Street this weekend, June 9-12 to safely
relocate the existing storm drains. The
road will be closed on Friday, June 9,
Lowest Prices in Town beginning at 9 p.m. and will reopen on
Monday, June 12, at 5 a.m.
Specializing in Regular, Big & Tall Sizes
Foot Wear Detour signs have been placed and
residents are advised to use Bonita
Wholesale & Retail Road and Sweetwater Road around the
619.660.0299 construction site.
619.632.2326 cell Thank you for your cooperation.
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

UP remains top The minefield Resorts World
can get a better job. In the meantime,
make sure you find your cousin Freddie

PH university, where there were more wars than years. why hotel guests who crowded a small
and tell him to call me. Where was the ( Continued from page 7 ) ( Continued from page 1 )
last place you saw him?”
“At the burned neighborhood. “
“Do you think he is still in school?”
“School is over. The students are on
according to QS Because Europeans have this attach-
ment to remembering the past, they
remember the wars. There were simply
pantry on the second floor when Carlos
fired shots and torched gambling tables
were not told there was an exit nearby
“I will give you extra money and place | MANILA, too many not to know of them and not through which they could have escaped.
ads in the newspapers until you find him. to be directly affected by them. Wars
6/8/2017 — The University of were led by emperors and kings, by the RWM president Kingson Sian said at
Put his name in the ad with instructions
to call you so you could meet him. And the Philippines remains the top great warriors whose names we may the time, thick fumes and smoke had
be a good boy. Take care and I love you. university in the country, ac- still be familiar with. By category, these already disabled the hotel’s CCTV
Pray for the soul of your mother and cording to the latest QS World were usually known to be conquerors, cameras.

Destiny: Forgiveness
don’t worry, as she is in a better place in University Rankings, after its or defenders. Kingdoms rose and fell He said hotel personnel manning the
Heaven.” by the prowess of these conquerors or CCTV system could no longer see if
“What about my dad?” ranking improved to 367th this defenders, by the kind of inspiration and there were still hotel guests and employ-
Mona paused. Rodney was the root of year from 374th in 2016. leadership they exercised. Because wars ees trapped inside “after we have safely
( Continued from page 1 ) constant fear and uncertainty in the land their family’s woes. He impregnated her UP, which got an overall score were often happening simultaneously, evacuated more than 12,000 of them.”
of milk and honey to provide for their sister Maura, forcing her to quit school. and seemingly endlessly, there was an Congressmen noted that while Carlos
respect her privacy. He knew he families back home was a daily torment. of 32.9, is the only Philippine
Once he learned they inherited their par- overview of a world in violent conflict. entered the hotel at about 12:10 a.m.,
would later know what happened “I can’t” she told her employer. ent’s money, he moved in with her and
university that improved its Which means that the spirit of competi- responding policemen pursued him
as they confided in each other. They understood, as they were familiar gambled away their fortune. This had ranking after the placements of tion drove and defined societies. only at past 3 a.m. to a fifth floor hotel
with her situation. caused Mona to quit school, give up her Ateneo De Manila University, The Second World War brought the room where he shot himself after setting
ONCE INSIDE THE APART- “How about taking a vacation?” dream to become a doctor, and stay in a scale of human destruction to a new himself aflame.
Mona shook her head. Getting away De La Salle University and the
MENT, Mona gave Sayeh slum area where an evil Peter Sangalang level so frightening that the world of na- During the nearly three hours that he
physically would not shake the tragedy lurked, raped and ruined her future.
University of Santo Tomas slid. tions tried to take the first global step to roamed the building, no one pursued
chocolate chip cookies she had from her mind. The surest way for her to “UP Diliman is not only the home of avoid another conflagration of the same him, except two hotel security men who
“Continue bribing the guard.”
just baked and a glass of milk. be happy was to look at the face of the After all the harm done against her
diverse colleges, offering 94 gradu- or worse magnitude. This is what my engaged him at the basement.
She sat on the sofa in the living little girl Sayeh and attend to her needs. ate and undergraduate courses, it also generation experienced – this first global Sian said responding policemen “took
by Rodney, Mona could not help but runs several centers of research, many
room, closed her eyes, and leaned forgive and forget, just like what God experiment to avoid another world war. over the situation at about 12:30.”
AFTER A FEW DAYS, Mona realized of which have been declared by the After seventy years, the effort continues. National Capital Region Police Office
against the back of the chair. would want her to do. Commission on Higher Education as
she had to take the bull by the horn. She It has not been perfect as these last seven chief Director Oscar Albayalde said he
called up her nephew Darren who was National Centers of Excellence,” QS decades have seen conflict after conflict, and other policemen were not informed
“What’s wrong, Mama?” Sayeh asked. (To be continued) said on its website.
still afraid to talk to her. Darren knew he but universal peace more than universal that the hotel was using two CCTV sys-
“Nothing,” Mona smiled. She held the committed a grave sin by pretending to It added: “UP Diliman affirmed its own violence has been the dominant atmo- tems, including a backup network that
little girl close and caressed her hair. be her son Freddie so he could get the commitment to modernizing its facilities sphere. Despite the unfortunate devia- they could have used to track Carlos.
She was almost a daughter to her. She money she was sending to the Philip- and services. Many of the libraries are tions, the pockets of violence that erupt He maintained that the RWM carnage
had been taking care of her since Sayeh pines. already computerized and are providing every so often, the struggle to contain was a botched robbery attempt on the
was born. In fact, she had spent more “Listen, Darren,” Mona told the boy. automated services. It has also identified violence remains a consistent policy of part of Carlos, reportedly a gambling
time with her than her parents. Mona “I am not mad at you. I am sorry about specific growth areas, foremost of which the world of nations. addict.
would take care of her even if she were your mother and I am also hurting are in engineering education, interdis- Technology has been a powerful tool Despite this, Speaker Pantaleon
not paid as she considered her as her because she was my only sister. I love ciplinary programs such as Material for containment. By connecting people Alvarez insisted that what the gunman
own child. She looked at the beautiful her very much, and now that she is gone, Science, Technology Management and and nations, by introducing the wealth committed was an act of terrorism.
face of Sayeh. Mona admired her milky, I will take her place in your life as your Archaeological Studies and International of discovered science, by the attendant Sian said his security people provided
flawless, and porcelain-like complex- mother and take care of you. You are Studies.” empowerment that knowledge naturally the police real time information on the
ion, her dark curly hair, beautiful eyes, my son, and your cousin Freddie is now ADMU ranked second to UP among brings to human beings, technology location of the gunman because they
sharp nose and thin lips. Her face was your brother. We are the only family local universities although its ranking undoubtedly can be the most powerful monitored him through their backup
like those of the beautiful cherubs in we have. We must take care of and love slipped to 551-600 from 501-550 last instrument in bringing people together. system.
religious paintings. If she were in the each other.” year. And in a reality of togetherness, the Andrea Domingo, chair of the Philip-
Philippines, her exotic beauty would be Darren was surprised by her affection. DLSU is still within the 701-750 range, propensity for violence will have found pine Amusement and Gaming Corp.
enough to land her in the movies. Although she had been very caring be- the same as its ranking the previous year. a counter force moving towards peace (Pagcor), informed congressmen that
She wondered how ironic for her fore, he did not expect this reaction after UST’s ranking also fell from 701-750 and cooperation. RWM had voluntarily suspended gam-
parents to work hard only for Mona to what he had admitted. to 801-1000. However, UST is the only Before togetherness can find that level ing operations after the carnage.
enjoy raising their little girl. And since “How are you doing?” Mona asked university among the four from the of power, however, the propensity for Her statement prompted Majority
she already had raised a son in Freddie, him. Philippines on the list to have obtained violence must necessarily be restrained. Leader Rodolfo Fariñas to tell her that
taking care of a little girl was doubly He told her he gave part of her money four QS Stars. The same technological discoveries, Pagcor should have been more “proac-
fulfilling. to his jailed father Rodney so he could “QS Stars is a rating system which though, offer the opposite potential. tive” and should have issued a suspen-
That evening, she told her employer get protection in prison. The rest he allows students to get a wider picture As much as they can bring us together, sion order.
what happened. would keep for himself. He had rented a of an institution’s qualities, looking at they can destroy us, too. Conventional “They voluntarily suspended their
“Are you alright?” Bushra, her em- bed space in a boarding house and spent everything from the employability of weaponry was gory because of the blood operations. That means that they can
ployer had asked with concern. “Do you days walking around aimlessly. graduates, to sports facilities and com- it splattered as much the time it took to resume anytime,” he said. Domingo said
want to go to the Philippines?” “Why was your dad jailed?” munity engagement. It is designed to kill and wound – a torture because it she is awaiting the results of their own
Mona was doleful. Yes, she wanted to “We were hungry and needed money reflect the nuanced mission of universi- can seem like forever. Ask the Syrians, investigation. “By Friday, we will know
go home and look for her son herself, until your next remittance, so he robbed ties, and the needs of students who may the Iraqis, the Afghans. But when the what punitive actions we will take,” she
but she knew it would be impossible to a cab driver and got caught.” be interested in things other than those level of technology is raised to what it said.
return to America to seek the opportuni- “Okay, don’t worry. I will continue to which traditional rankings are neces- can possible deliver today, there may
ties and good future for her son. Millions sending money, this time in your name, sarily limited,” QS said. be few people we can ask after the fact. The House leadership, meanwhile, is
of Filipinos in U.S. with illegal status but use it well. Go back to school so you ( Continued on page 13 ) We used to be afraid of a nuclear war. contemplating making Congress take
like her suffered the same fate. Living in
But we were afraid of this seventy years over the regulatory powers of Pagcor
ago. I fear we have no idea yet of what over casinos.
and Executive Director of The benchmark and pinnacle of all that's it can do today. And I pray we will never “Under the leadership of Speaker
Filipino School. right with humanity. discover it. Alvarez, we will review Republic Act
It is difficult to fully communicate the Amazingly, with all these fine attri- The struggle, then, to contain violence 9487 with the view of amending it and
vast influence Estella Matriano has had butes, it is her ability to lead not only by must not relent. We know that there repealing altogether Presidential Decree
on students, faculty, staff, and commu- example, but likewise by a determined remains the instinct for an eye for an 1869,” Fariñas said.
nity members as she served on com- will that her student will indeed succeed, eye, and that is such a dangerous real- The Ilocos Norte congressman pointed
mittees, taught, mentored, advised, and that I had admired most. She is one ity we must overcome. It is the same out that Pagcor’s mandate should not
chaired dissertations while also creating tough cookie. I have seen her strike fear human frailty that terrorism is hoping include granting franchises to casino op-
numerous cultural opportunities reach- in the hearts of students who had not to manipulate, to provoke. Nothing like erators on the basis that it has complete
ing across the globe. performed up to the level of Estella's fear and vengeance can trigger retalia- regulatory powers over them.
Her work in the Philippines and expectations. Simply the suggestion that tion and the escalation of violence. And “Gambling is prohibited here, but by
recently in Hungary with WCCI are just we would ask Dr. Matriano to follow- only an equivalent determination for a presidential decree, the power was
small indications of the greater work she up with a student who was getting a bit peace and prosperity can overcome this delegated to Pagcor to have the sole
accomplished. Because of the countless behind the power curve was enough to threat. I included prosperity with peace authority to authorize, license, regulate
efforts of Estella Matriano and Carole be sure they would make it to finish-line because peace needs an extra motivation gambling. That should not be allowed.

Dr. Estela Matriano: A brilliant, Caparros, the San Diego campus hosted in excellent shape. when it is not yet appreciated. Prosper- That should only be a congressional
professors from Hungary. The Filipino ity multiplies the chances of peace. grant of franchise,” Fariñas said.

prolific, caring professor and School is certainly a landmark achieve- Rodney L. Lowman, PhD Distin- Inversely, poverty enhances the chances The House official suggested that
ment. The multi-ethnic community of guished Professor and Program Director, of violence. We already know about the gambling operators obtain their licenses
Organizational Psychology Programs:
her legacy
San Diego established the only special poverty, its power to marginalize, and instead from the House of Representa-
Filipino School. Estela and Carole are its capacity to foster anger and violence. tives, just like other huge companies.
proud and happy to present to the Fili- I first became acquainted with Estela We must know more about prosperity, The Marcos decree laid out Pagcor’s
pino community, and the community in not long after she arrived at Alliant after induce more people to experience it, charter while the Arroyo administra-
( Continued from page 1 ) Campus I-Merit Community general, our Filipino School. "retiring" from a long tenure at the Uni- flip the pyramid of values where the 1% tion’s RA 9487 in 2007 extended Pag-
Award), Program Director for It was an idea, a dream and finally versity of Cincinnati and before that at controls the 99%. cor’s franchise for another 25 years and
as the day that an Alliant icon Cross Cultural Studies, Professor a reality of one person, Tony Olaes, Staten Island University and University The most dangerous enemy of the gave it the power to operate and issue
retired. Dr. Matriano has in- of the Philippines. She grew up in the times is the provocateur. Technology can license to casino and similar gaming and
for Educational Leadership and the Founder who “courted” Estela and
Philippines and came of professional age
fluenced the entire San Diego Carole for about five years urging them make the work of provocateurs viral, entertainment clubs nationwide.
Management, Executive Director in the era of the then-dictator Marcos directly or by influence. We already
campus and Filipino communi- that this dream for a Filipino School
of the World Council for Cur- must come to reality. We finally believed and was a prominent activist against his know about traditional provocateurs and The Resorts World incident also killed
ties as she served as the I-Merit riculum and Instruction (WCCI), it could be done. Mr. Olaes said he has oppressive regime before she was ad- we must learn about the new ones. Fake Cliff “Bobby” Reynera, consultant of
Chair (recipient of the San Diego the funds and we have the educational vised to leave the country if she wanted news provokes because it intends to Malabon City Rep. Ricky Sandoval.
background and capability. Together we to stay alive. spread conflict. Trolls are provocateurs Sen. Grace Poe, meanwhile, called on
decided to build it with dedicated ser- At my request, Estela gave on short because they intend to sow conflict. Pagcor to suspend the issuance of per-
vice, sweat, efforts and love. It became notice a "kick off" presentation to the The goal of provocateurs is to activate mits or franchises to new casinos until
a reality, A Filipino School for some Organizational Psychology faculty partisanship and unbridled competition security protocols and programs to ad-
200,000 plus Filipino Americans in San around the system who were then part of because these guarantee conflict. And dress gambling addiction are improved.
Diego. In the words of one of the Found- the California School of Organizational this is the minefield of our lives today. “I believe that we should have a limit
ing Instructors, A Filipino American Studies, of which I was the dean. Since in issuing permits or have a moratorium
born and raised in San Diego: “I waited then I've worked closely with Estela and evaluate the cost and benefits of
for this school for 35 years. Now we and her colleague Carole Caparros on having many casinos,” Poe told the
have it!” With a team of eight award a number of occasions including in Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum.
winning Filipino educators/teachers, her longstanding role as a leader of the Estela's many years of selfless service. “We have to consider not only the
Estela and Carole wrote the curriculum WCCI (World Council on Curriculum We have been blessed by it and are a financial and economic benefits but also
for four grade levels: elementary, middle and Instruction). As Provost/VPAA I had better university than we would other- the social and cultural implications, like
school, high school, and college/uni- a number of occasions to seek Estela's wise have been. broken families, crimes,” she said.
versity levels for a special course title: wise counsel and advice and attended She said Pagcor and casino operators
On Being Filipino, Filipino 101. With several international conferences and got Tracy L. Heller, Ph.D. Provost and should implement “what responsible
respect and deep appreciation for all to know some of her extensive network Senior Vice President for Academic gaming is really all about.”
you have been to Alliant International of prominent educational and political Affairs:
University, Dr. Estela Matriano we wish leaders, including in the Philippines. She The senator also asked authorities to
you great happiness. and I also worked closely on our mutual I am both touched and in awe of the push for a review of security procedures
investment and love for the I-MERIT beautiful remarks provided by your for casinos and gaming establishments.
René M. Naert, Ph.D., MBA, Califor- initiative at Alliant/CSPP. colleagues. Let me join in expressing Poe, who is also vice-chair of the
nia School of Management and Leader- As generations advance and new ones my deepest appreciation that you have Senate committee on public order and
ship (CSML): arise, there is often a loss of the sense of shared your leadership, wisdom, knowl- dangerous drugs, said there should be
history and with it appreciation for those edge, mentorship, dedication, humor, clear-cut guidelines in both private and
Although words can't adequately de- who preceded us. Estela's personal and warmth. Our Alliant community government establishments for address-
scribe the meaning of the many acts and history is well documented in a book I is privileged to have been part of your ing incidents like the one that transpired
contributions generated by our beloved edited called Internalizing Multicultural- professional life and your legacy. Your at RWM.
Estella, Dr. Matriano blessed us with her ism: Expanding Professional Compe- contributions to Alliant’s mission and
vision, energy, and in-depth involve- tencies in a Globalized World. If you pillars and your commitment to student “I think what we need to pick up from
ment, in all the projects she adopted. want to know more about Estela and her success and to collegial development this is how our security protocols are,
Her level of caring for all her students, personal history, read it. You'll surely be have made each of us who have had the both in private establishments as well
colleagues, and just about everyone impressed. opportunity to work with you and know as public spaces,” she pointed out. –
else with whom she interacted, was the Alliant has wonderfully benefited from you, better for it. Paolo Romero, Delon Porcalla
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The minefield
by Jose Ma. Montelibano

For over thirty years, I have
marveled at the way technology

The Wicker Basket
has asserted itself as the most
important development of our
era. I am part of a fast fading
generation, fortunate enough to The story is told of an old man who can do this.
lived on a farm in the mountains of east- You're just not trying hard enough,' and
have missed the Second World ern Kentucky with his young grandson. he went out the door to watch the boy
War and to have witnessed Each morning, Grandpa was up try again.
radical changes of mindsets and early sitting at the kitchen table At this point, the boy knew it was
lifestyles along the way. I better impossible, but he wanted to show his
reading from his old worn-out grandfather that even if he ran as fast
understand why many countries, Bible. His grandsonwho wanted as he could, the water would leak out
especially in Europe, are so at- to be just like him tried to imitate before he got far at all.
tached to history. Truly, by just him in any way he could.. The boy scooped the water and ran
remembering, our appreciation One day the grandson asked, 'Papa, I hard, but when he reached his grandfa-
of what is current and the new try to read the Bible just like you but ther the basket was again empty.
I don't understand it, and what I do Out of breath, he said, 'See Papa, it's
patterns emerging can be greatly useless!'
enhanced when viewed within its understand I forget as soon as I close the
book. 'So you think it is useless?' the old man
overarching context. What good does reading the Bible do?' said.
The Grandfather quietly turned from 'Look at the basket.'
It is not that technological advances putting coal in the stove and said, 'Take
have slowed down; in fact, it sustains its this old wicker coal basket down to the The boy looked at the basket and for
explosive pace and introduces greater river and bring back a basket of water.' the first time he realized that the basket
speed, greater power, greater potential. looked different.
But today, there is an overcast hovering The boy did as he was told, even Instead of a dirty old wicker coal bas-
over human existence, over the planet though all the water leaked out be fore ket, it was clean.
we inhabit, that is affirming the principle he could get back to the house. 'Son, that's what happens when you
of the opposite potential – meaning that The grandfather laughed and said, 'You read the Bible.
power is neutral, that it can be used for will have to move a little faster next You might not understand or remember
the negative or used for the negative. time,' and sent him back to the river with everything, but when you read it, it will
This principle covers not only technol- the basket to try again. change you from the inside out.'
ogy but more fundamentally character- This time the boy ran faster, but again Moral of the wicker basket story:
izes man. We, you and I, we are the final the old wicker basket was empty before Take time to read a portion of God's
determinant of good and evil. It is not he returned home. word each day; it will affect you for
somewhere out there, it is centrally in Out of breath, he told his grandfather good even if you don't retain a word.
each one of us. In other words, good and that it was 'impossible to carry water in
evil is our choice. a basket,' and he went to get a bucket Thought for Today:
If there is an overcast over human The old man said, 'I don't want a bucket God's Love is like the ocean, you can
life and the planet Earth, therefore, it is of water; I want a basket of water. You see its beginnings but not its end.
impossible that we have no participation
in it, even for what most of us may not
understand in its technical terminology
called climate change. I know by now
that the human race and our planet are
but specs in vast and limitless complexes
of universes, arguably mostly undiscov-
ered by man and his knowledge up to
today. That context tells us that man is
not in total control, and that Earth is not
the center of the universe. Yet, what we
know from experience and our current
level of science is that mankind has its
Brilliant law student
A young Law student, having failed agreed, and the student goes away, very
own capacity for manipulating not only his Law exam, goes up to his crusty pleased.
our material environment but our im- old professor, who is renowned for his
mediate climate as well. razor-sharp legal mind. The professor continues to wrack his
brain over the question all afternoon,
It used to be that societies all over the Student: "Sir, do you really understand but still can’t get the answer.
world defined themselves by sustained everything about this subject?"
violence, as expressed by a history So finally he calls in a group of his
Professor: Actually, I probably do. brightest students and tells them he has a
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Otherwise I wouldn't be a professor, really, really tough question to answer:
would I?" "What is legal but not logical, logical
but not legal, and neither logical nor
Student: "OK. So I’d like to ask you a legal?"
question. If you can give me the correct
answer, I will accept my marks as it is. To the professor's surprise (and embar-
If you can't give me the correct answer, rassment), all the students immediately
however, you'll have to give me an "A". raise their hands.

Professor: "Hmmmm, alright. So "All right" says the professor and asks
what’s the question?" his favorite student to answer

Student: "What is legal but not logical, "It's quite easy, sir" says the student
logical but not legal, and neither logical "You see, you are 75 years old and mar-
nor legal? " ried to a 30 year old woman, which is
legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 22
The professor wracks his famous year old lover, which is logical, but not
brain, but just can't crack the answer. legal. And your wife's lover failed his
Finally he gives up and changes the exam but you've just given him an "A",
student's failing mark into an "A" as which is neither legal, nor logical."

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A parent's
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in potential economic agreements hear her say, “You’re kids are lucky!”
and pledging to settle territorial Particularly rewarding for him were the
disputes through dialogue, and times when his daughters would thank
them for sending them to school debt-
it also characterized President free. Most of their friends have hefty
Duterte’s approach towards loans to pay before they could even start
China as contrasting with that of earning a salary. - AJ
his predecessor, former Philip- (To be continued)
Next issue: Community colleges have
pine President Benigno Aquino their own special reasons, and advan-
III,” the report read. tages!
Earlier this week, US Secretary of State

Prayer to
Rex Tillerson accused China of using its
economic power to “buy its way out” of

St Michael
problems including the South China Sea
In a joint statement after the Australia-
US Ministerial Consultations in Sydney,
Tillerson and Australian Foreign Minis-
ter Julie Bishop called for the demilitar-
the Archangel
ization of disputed features in the South
China Sea.

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honor by tying for first with China's
Cuo Ruotong in the girls division.

Cuo and San Diego had 7.5 points
each. San Diego became the country's t. Michael
newest Woman International Master, a the Archangel,
rank which Cuo also obtained. Azman
Hisham Nur Najiha finished third with defend us in battle.
6 points.
By winning this tournament limited to Be our defense against
players under 20 years old, Priasmoro
also got a grandmaster norm. He needs the wickedness and snares
two more norms to become a grandmas- of the Devil.
ter. May God rebuke him,
Quizon, who hails from Dasmarinas we humbly pray,
Cavite, shocked Priasmoro by con-
fronting him in a tactical battle and the and do thou,
Indonesian lost his way against the fast- O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
moving Filipino. by the power of God,
Cuo lost in the second round but then thrust into hell Satan,
won 6 games and drew one game to
keep pace with San Diego, who lost to
and all the evil spirits,
the Chinese in the fifth round. – Rappler. who prowl about the world
com seeking the ruin of souls.Amen..
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Housing & Real Estate
Realtors® Survey: Freddie Mac May 2017 Outlook Housing Housing experts kick off National
Led By China, gets off to a good start Homeownership Month
Foreign Invest- MCLEAN, VA--(Marketwired our revised outlook for mortgage rates, the spring homebuying season a pleasant Panel of Housing Experts Kick ton at the U.S. Department of Housing

ment in U.S.
- May 24, 2017) - Freddie Mac expect a slight increase in home sales in surprise. Mortgage rates started March Off National Homeownership and Urban Development’s event, “A
2017 to just above 6 million home sales. just above four percent and have mostly New era of Homeownership.”
(OTCQB: FMCC) today released Recent data indicate first quarter drifted lower since then, even falling MonthPosted in Being a REAL- NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun

its monthly Outlook for May, mortgage originations were about $60 below 4 percent. With home sales, hous- TOR®, Homeownership Educa- joined HUD Secretary Ben Carson
which analyzes why the U.S. billion higher than expected primarily ing starts and home values up, 2017 is tion & Counseling, by Adam and his colleagues Kevin Kane (HUD)

Real Estate on housing market is on track to due to resilience in refinances. Expect shaping up to be the best year for housing DeSanctis on June 1, 2017 and Matt Ammon, Joel Kan (Mortgage
2017 mortgage originations to increase in over a decade." Bankers Association), Jonathan Spader
eclipse last year despite weak
the Rise
over $200 billion. (Harvard Joint Center for Housing Stud-
economic growth. In the first quarter of 2017, 49 percent Freddie Mac makes home possible for There are few financial ies) and Christie Peale (Center for NYC
of refinance borrowers took cash out, millions of families and individuals by achievements and personal Neighborhoods) to discuss the aftermath
Outlook Highlights up from 44 percent in the fourth quarter providing mortgage capital to lenders. accomplishments greater than of the recent housing crisis and its im-
WASHINGTON (June 6, 2017) of 2016.This is the highest share since Since our creation by Congress in 1970, pact on consumer behavior.
Since March, mortgage rates have owning a home. It’s where
— One-fifth of surveyed Real- the fourth quarter of 2008, but still we've made housing more accessible and Secretary Carson started the event by
declined about a quarter of a percent- below the peak of 89 percent in the third affordable for homebuyers and renters in memories are born and families promoting the economic and financial
tors® practicing in commercial age point to about four percent with quarter of 2006. communities nationwide. We are building establish their roots. benefits of owning a home. He remarked
real estate closed a sale with little change. Expect rates to head only a better housing finance system for home- that the housing market is the founda-
an international client in 2016, slightly higher by the end of the year. Quote: Attributed to Sean Becketti, buyers, renters, lenders and taxpayers. In celebration of National Homeown- tion of the economy and spark for vast
and as foreign investors flock to Existing home sales in March were the Chief Economist, Freddie Mac. Learn more at, Twitter ership Month, NAR and America’s 1.2 investment, lending and finance. It’s
highest since 2007 and new home sales @FreddieMac and Freddie Mac's blog million Realtors® will be touting the also a place where memories are made
smaller-sized commercial proper- beat expectations as well. Total home "Despite weak economic growth, endless wealth and personal benefits of for individuals, families and pets. “Four
ties in secondary and tertiary sales for the first quarter were the highest housing got off to a good start in 2017 being a homeowner. The timely discus- thousand new homeowners today will
markets, many Realtors® are since 2007. Based on recent data and because low mortgage rates have given sion kicked off today here in Washing- be assisted in their closing by FHA
confident that increased sales programs,” he said.
and leasing activity will occur in made by Realtors® during 2016. ing commercial real estate in 2016, and and the strengthening U.S. economy – al- property investors." Much of the panel discussion centered
Florida was the top destination of choice beit at a modest pace – makes commercial Added Yun, "Forty percent of Real- on the reasons why the homeowner-
2017. Most Realtors® who specialize ship rate is near a 50-year low and what
for international clients. NAR's 2017 property a safe bet for global investors tors® expect an increase in foreign
This is according to the 2017 in commercial real estate reside Profile of International Activity in U.S. looking to diversify their portfolios and buying clients this year. The healthy la- can be done to reverse the trend. Yun
Commercial Real Estate Inter- in smaller commercial markets Residential Real Estate is scheduled for generate returns outside their country bor markets and lower property prices discussed how the lack of homebuild-
national Business Trends survey where the typical deal is less than release this summer. of origin," he said. "While Class A as- in smaller markets are poised to make ing has contributed to a severe housing
$2.5 million. Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, set prices in many large markets have up a larger share of activity." shortage that is driving up prices far past
released today by the National incomes. As a result, many would-be
Similar to NAR survey findings on says the appetite for U.S. commercial surpassed pre-crisis levels, Realtors® in Of the 69 percent of Realtors® who
Association of Realtors®, which real estate property was strong from for- many middle-tier and smaller markets indicated they completed a commer- millennial buyers have limited selection
foreign purchases of residential real
analyzed cross-border com- estate in recent years, China was the top eigners last year and shows little signs stand to benefit from the increased inter- cial real estate transaction last year, to choose from in their price range. This
mercial real estate transactions of slowing in 2017. est from foreign and domestic commercial 20 percent reported closing a deal unfortunately reality is helping to keep
country of origin in both buying and sell-
"Multiple years of steady job growth for an international client. Realtors® the homeownership rate subdued.
completed a median of one buyer-side “Rising prices are hurting affordabil-
international deal and two seller-side ity. A four-to-one ratio in price growth
international transactions. The typical vs. income growth is really squeezing
Attend a free presentation on Philippine buyer-side sales price was $1,000,000,
and the median seller-side price was
potential buyers,” said Yun. “Increas-
ing housing supply will help return
properties (houses and condomiums) by $550,000.
Additionally, 22 percent of Realtors®
the homeownership rate to a safe and
sustainable level.”
Vista Land, one of the largest and leading said they completed a lease agree-
ment on behalf of a foreign client. The
During his remarks, Spader stressed
that stability is one of the core benefits
of homeownership. His research and
housing developers in the Philippines. median gross lease value for interna-
tional lease transactions was $105,000, others show that a majority of millenni-
with most space typically under als do eventually want to own a home. A
2,500-square-feet. combination of a lack of a credit history,
Nearly two-thirds of commercial saving for a down payment, student debt
You can use them as your residence, foreign buyer and seller clients were
non-resident foreigners. The top coun-
and insufficient income are challenges
that are also holding them back.
vacation homes and/or income tries of origin for buyers were China
(17 percent), Mexico (14 percent) and
According to Kane, one significant
development so far this year is that new
generating rental properties. the United Kingdom and Venezuela
(both at 7 percent), while sellers were
owner households outnumbered new
renter households for the first time since
typically from China (17 percent) or 2006. He said with millennials getting
Brazil, Canada, France and Mexico (all older and having children, it’s possible
we may be moving back towards a
The projects are all over the Philippines at 10 percent).
Florida and Texas were the top two higher homeownership rate in the near
states where foreigners purchased and future.
including in Boracay, a world-famous sold commercial property last year, Moderator Diana Olick from CNBC
asked Kan about the current status of
with California being the third most
tourist spot where you can buy a condo unit for only $70,000+ with popular buyer destination and Michi-
gan ranking as the third top state where
GSE reform. He said there are three
main things that must be guaranteed:
a monthly payment of about $400; Tagaytay; Baguio City; Makati business area; and in foreigners sold real estate.
The survey also found that foreign
protecting the taxpayers, private funds
to keep markets running and access to
several cities and towns all over the Philippines (including, maybe, your hometown). buyers of commercial property typi-
cally bring more cash to the table than
credit. “There needs to be a balancing
act between the three to ensure a safe
those purchasing residential real estate. housing finance system.”
Sixty percent of international transac- On the topic of access to credit, Yun
tions were closed with cash, while said 40 million adults in the U.S. don’t
Call (619) 746-3416 to reserve a space for the scheduled presentations in San Diego, NAR's 2016 residential survey found have credit scores. Alternative credit
that exactly half of buyers paid in cash. scoring that factors in monthly pay-
Temecula, Orange County and Los Angeles or to get more information or brochures. For those not using all cash, 34 percent ments, such as for cellphones, should
of commercial deals involved debt ( Continued on page 12 )
financing from U.S. sources.

So you want
equity loans or trying to speculate in an
unstable market. But for most people in
most circumstances, owning a home is a
( Continued from page 9 ) smart long-term strategy.
minus what you owe. So in addition to
building up your assets, reducing your Invest in yourself
debt over time helps you build your net
worth. Other couples talk about the kids, or
That doesn’t mean you should avoid the boss, or the neighbors. We do, too,
debt entirely. Few of us could swing but also you’ll catch my husband and I
a home purchase without a mortgage, talking about “developing new revenue
and many people need student loans streams.”
to finance their educations or business We’ve discovered that it’s easier to
loans to expand their companies. meet your goals, and have money for
It also doesn’t mean you should fun, if your income is rising. So we’ve
race to be debt-free at all costs. Most invested in education, launched our own
people, for instance, will be much businesses and looked for new ways to
better off if they use extra cash to beef generate cash. In today’s ever-changing
up their retirement savings rather than economy, you have to be ready to learn
paying down low-rate, deductible new skills and take new directions.
mortgage debt. My husband, an artist, has retooled
But it does mean you should avoid several times as technology transformed
high-rate debt and be cautious about his field of commercial illustration and
your total debt load. Keeping your animation. I went to night school to
housing expenses to 25% of your gross complete the Certified Financial Planner
pay, for example, will help ensure training program and watched my pay
you’ve got enough left over to fund double and then double again in a few
your other goals and have some fun years.
once in a while. Our businesses, which we’ve both
We chose an old-fashioned, 30- year, started as sidelines to regular W-2
Own a beach property in San Felipe, Mexico fixed-rate mortgage because the low
payments allowed us to gradually pay
employment, also have added to our
income. Running your own show can
off our debt. I’m not saying it’s the be risky, but done right it can be a great
best mortgage for everybody, but it’s way to build wealth. Indeed, most of the
Attend a free dinner presentation on beach properties in San Felipe, Mexico, working out for us. people interviewed for “The Millionaire
Next Door” owned their own compa-
Own a house – and don’t waste it
just four hours drive from San Diego, California. nies.
Finally, and maybe most importantly:
There’s no question that owning a
Learn how you can own a vacation and/or retirement home for yourself home in Southern California got us to
the million-dollar mark a few years
My husband and I don’t live just for
tomorrow. Our long-term goals are im-
portant to us, but we also want to enjoy
and your family which you can share with your friends. earlier than I’d predicted.
But I’ve lived through a couple of
life today. The fattest bank account in
the world wouldn’t be worthwhile for us
You can retire in Mexico for half the cost of living in America. real-estate recessions and know that
home prices can drop as well as climb.
if we didn’t have a chance to enjoy each
other, our daughter and our lives. So we
Call (619) 746.3416 to reserve a space in the next free dinner presentations That’s why I’ve valued our home
conservatively for our net worth state-
appreciate the financial mileposts when
we achieve them, but we know there’s
in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties. ments, and why we’ve avoided tapping
our equity for frivolous spending.
more – a lot more – to life than money.
Homeownership isn’t a no-brainer.
You can always mess up by buying
more home than you can afford, drain-
ing your wealth away with home-
June 9-15, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

Gambling addiction: How the Philippines prevents,
handles ‘problem gamers’ | MANILA, For instance, the name of the Resorts pushed after local authorities were not lations and programs on responsible
6/8/2017 – The allure of big World Manila gunman was registered able to trace the exact location of the gaming. The legal age for gambling
in the database last March 27 after his $81 million stolen from Bangladesh across the US ranges between 18 and 21
payoffs, clicking sound of chips, family filed an exclusion form. Bank’s account, citing the Philippines’ years old.
and perks like free drinks entice Another measure mandated by Pagcor strict bank secrecy and weak AMLA as States and operators, such as MGM Re-
many people to gamble. For is the training of management and staff. hindrances to reach a meaningful probe. sorts International and Las Vegas Sands
some, that seductive environment All licensed casinos should conduct (READ: Hard lessons learned as Senate Corporation, are guided by the American
training programs, symposia, refresher ends bank heist probe) Gaming Association (AGA) Code of
can be dangerous, leading to courses, and/or seminars on problem Conduct.
depleted savings, huge debts, and
So You Want to be a Millionaire?
gambling for their employees. Is PH on par with global standards? The Code of Conduct includes prac-
jeopardized futures. Management and staff are taught how tices such as employee assistance and
to spot a problem gamer, what to do Although local casinos are adhering to training, access to helplines and support
By Liz Pulliam Weston it much easier to make dinner at home Take the case of Jessie Carlos, a former when confronted by one, and how to Pagcor standards, the Philippines seems centers, basic standards, as well as the
(MSN Money) when we’d rather eat out, or to opt for Department of Finance (DOF) employee respond to queries pertaining to the to be just catching up with the rest of the provision of casino games and casino

a camping weekend with friends rather who was sacked because of issues with casino’s responsible gaming program. world. advertising.
his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Attendance at seminars is a requirement For instance, Macau’s tight regulations
o you want to be a mil- than a trip to Hawaii. We still go out
and have nice vacations, just not as Net Worth (SALN). Past midnight on to maintain the validity of an employee’s and scrutiny – in contrast to Manila’s The AGA also funds research efforts
lionaire? often as we might if we weren’t also June 2, the 42-year-old “longtime guest” gaming employment license. lax money laundering laws – made the and public initiatives of the National
Me, too – in fact, I’m focused on our futures. of Resorts World Manila in Pasay City Pagcor also requires casinos to estab- Philippines an easy destination choice Center for Responsible Gaming.
fired gunshots, set ablaze gaming tables, lish gambling-related complaint resolu- for dirty cash. (READ: How Bangladesh Self-exclusion programs are also in
already there, and so are a lot of attempted to steal P130 million worth tion mechanisms to address gambling Bank dirty money easily got into PH) place and may vary from state to state.
folks who shun lightning-strike Live within your means
of casino chips, and then committed concerns, through helplines (landline or
fantasies about wealth. You can I bless my Depression-era mother, suicide. The fires he triggered killed 36 mobile) and internet (email or website). Macau Europe
do what we did. who grew up poor, knew how to pinch people, who were trapped and suffocated
a penny and put a high priority on sav- inside the casino complex. What are casinos doing? Macau’s casino industry, another major European responsible gaming standards
The day my husband and I became mil- ings. She understood the importance of Carlos was one of the gamers enrolled gaming hub in Asia, is supervised by are among the most comprehensive in
lionaires was a lot like any other day. He “paying yourself first,” so from my first in an exclusion program of the Philip- Casinos must maintain a responsible the Gaming Inspection and Coordina- the world – ranging from research to
went off to work, grumbling about the job I’ve been in the habit of saving at pine Amusement and Gaming Corpora- gaming incident record to ensure that tion Bureau there and other concerned treatment referral.
commute. I was fretting about our utility least 10%, and often 20%, of my gross tion (Pagcor). situations are acted upon and that corre- government departments. The minimum age for gambling in
bill and decided to check our personal pay. His family turned to Pagcor, asking sponding actions taken by staff to assist Macau had implemented measures to Europe is generally 18, though some
financial software to see how much more She taught me to use credit cards as a the gaming regulator to ban Carlos from people are according to rules. promote responsible gaming as early as countries require gamblers to be at least
we were paying than the previous year. convenience, not an excuse to buy stuff casinos after he incurred about P4 mil- Resorts World Manila, City of Dreams, 2008. Every year, it conducts a series 21 years old.
I couldn’t afford. She viewed people lion in debt to banks, and several other as well as Solaire Resort and Casino are of activities that promote responsible
While I fiddled with the numbers, I who carried credit card balances with non-bank debts. He and his wife, Jen already practicing their own respon- gaming. Self-exclusion systems and practices
told the software to update our account the same suspicion and displeasure Carlos, separated as his gambling addic- sible gaming programs, which include Casinos there have long been under are also in place to ensure responsible
balances. Lo and behold, the net worth with which she regarded people who tion took its toll. information dissemination, assistance to anti-money laundering regulations. gaming.
column showed seven figures where didn’t keep a tidy house. Carlos fits Pagcor’s description of gaming members seeking professional Additional laws also mandate that adver- One of Europe’s noteworthy steps is its
before there had been six. Even if you weren’t raise by a parent a problem gamer – a person who has help, and an exclusion procedure. tisements do not directly market gam- game design measure. Before launching
There was no popping of champagne like that, you can still incorporate those gambled to the “point of no longer hav- These 3 casinos have partnered with bling activity. Only other entertainment any new product or service, licensed
corks, no trips to the Continent, no quit- two lessons and be miles ahead finan- ing normal control or rational judgment, Life Change Recovery Center, a profes- and leisure services may be marketed. gaming providers should conduct social
ting of jobs. The fact that the experience cially in a few years. The thousands leading to problems in other areas of the sional counseling and treatment facility Macau also observes exclusion policies impact assessment using a structured
was so mundane speaks volume, both of dollars you’ll save on credit-card gambler’s life.” for persons with psychiatric conditions, where persons under the age of 21 and assessment process to examine risk
about how millionaires are really created interest can be redirected toward your From 2013 to the 1st quarter of 2017, addictions, or psychological and/or individuals who have applied for exclu- factors.
and what it means to be one. investments and speed you to your a total of 699 problem gamers were behavioral problems. sion are banned from entering casinos. Licensed casinos in Europe should
We didn’t, for example: win the lottery, goal. banned from casinos. At present, there Pagcor’s minimum requirements for in- Moreover, the Social Welfare Bureau implement effective strategies to
score a big win in the stock market, in- We’re also big believers in automating are 398 who are still part of Pagcor’s tervention are addressed on a number of there has a resilience center where minimize the negative impact of these
herit a huge pile of cash, or appear on any financial decisions whenever possible. exclusion program, but these only repre- fronts, including financial transactions. research efforts are carried out and risk factors. The risk factors should be
reality shows. We do, however: make Money is transferred like clockwork sent documented cases in the country. Credit is not extended to players where problem gamers are given access documented so these can be reviewed by
a financial security a priority, spend less from paychecks to retirement accounts When it comes to responsible gaming without premium accounts and who are to treatment. the regulator.
than we earn, save and invest regularly, and from our checking account to our measures, local casinos are following not VIP customers. Banking services While Macau has been adding new Although regulators around the world
pay down our debt, own a home, and savings plans. If we can’t see it, we the minimum standards mandated by located inside gaming areas are limited measures, which include keeping daily set up comprehensive measures, it is
maximize our incomes. tend not to spend it, so we don’t have to Pagcor. to providing foreign exchange services records and hiring compliance officers, also up to casino patrons not to let their
If you want to be a millionaire someday, constantly make decisions about where Pagcor, the Philippine government only. Automated teller machines are also Philippine authorities just recently gambling spiral out of control, like what
I hope that our experience – and those of our money should go. arm that regulates authorized gam- strategically located to foster responsible included casinos in the AMLA. happened to Carlos, the Resorts World
millions of others who have achieved this ing establishments around the country, gaming practices. Manila gunman.
goal – might provide some insights and Invest regularly and don’t stop expects gaming services provided by its The latest addition is casinos’ inclusion United States As Pagcor chief Andrea Domingo put
inspiration for getting there. licensees to be delivered in a responsible in Republic Act 9160 or the Anti-Money it, “The state can only do so much.” –
First, though, let’s deal with the obvi- I’ve talked to a bunch of folks who, manner. Laundering Act (AMLA). This was only States in the US set their own regu-
ous: a million isn’t what it used to be. in the late 1990’s, insisted they were The gaming regulator ordered licensed
But that’s nothing new. Except for brief risk-tolerant investors with a long- casinos to abide by rules and guidelines
periods of deflation, such as during the term view who but nonetheless bailed on responsible gaming to prevent addic-
Great Depression, the generally rising out of their stock holdings during the tion to gambling.
level of prices has always chewed away 2000-2001 bear market. Some of them “The responsible gaming program
at the value of the buck. started to dip their toes in the markets includes training of gaming employees,
I’m confident, though, that the habits again as stocks strengthened, but I’ve limited access, probity measures, and
and strategies that got us to the million- no doubt they’ll be scared off again by advertising guidelines, among others,”
dollar point will get us the rest of the the first big downturn. Carmelita Valdez, Pagcor assistant vice
way, regardless of what happens in the Weaving in and out of the market president and head for corporate com-
short-run to the economy, the markets and like that is a great way to buy high and munications, told Rappler.
real estate. sell low – the exact opposite of what
successful investors do. These flighty When and how do casino operators
You’ve got to want it – and plan for it folks would have been much better provide intervention?
off staying the course with a balanced
There are few accidental millionaires in portfolio of stocks and bonds – which First on the list is the probity measure.
the world. Those who achieve financial is what we did and do. It establishes integrity, financial sound-
independence, however they define it, Again, automated investing plans ness, business ability, and suitability of
make getting there a priority in their really help. We invest regardless of an individual to be part of a licensed
lives, according to Thomas J. Stanley and whether the market is up, down, or casino’s board of directors. Single pro-
William Danko, authors of the book “The sideways. We know that, in the long prietors and members of board of direc-
Millionaire Next Door.” run, a well-diversified portfolio of tors should file pertinent documents like
That doesn’t mean you have to live for stocks beats out every other invest- income tax returns (ITRs), certificates of
money, but you need a clearly defined ment, even if there are some bumpy non-filing of ITR, and passports.
goal and a plan to achieve it. Having a times along the way. Second is the limited access measure.
long-term goal, and a long-term view, are Another key: Don’t cash out your Some people are prohibited from play-
essential to keeping your balance. 401-k when you leave a job. About ing in casinos, pursuant to Presidential
If you haven’t got a plan, it’s way too half of all workers do, and that’s nuts. Decree 1869 – also known as the Pagcor
easy to lose your way: spending money It’s not just the taxes and penalties Charter – as amended by Republic Act
on stuff that isn’t important, taking on that eat up a quarter and a half of your 9487 and Malacañang Memorandum
debt that’s toxic rather than helpful, withdrawal. More importantly, every Circular No. 8.
giving in to despair when markets turn $1,000 cash-out costs you over $10,000 Third is the exclusion program, which
against you. or more in future retirement income. prohibits problem gamers from all gam-
I started planning for retirement in my So roll the money over into an IRA or ing venues or sites. Relatives of problem
mid-20s by signing up for my company’s your next employer’s plan. gamers or they themselves apply for the
401-k plan. Every year or so since then, program in an attempt to go cold turkey.
the plan gets reviewed and adapted to Be smart about debt Pagcor has set up a national database of
suit changing circumstances: marriage, persons who are restricted from playing
new jobs, new house, and a new baby. Net worth equals what you own in gaming establishments. This database
Knowing where we’re headed has made is accessible online to authorized repre-
( Continued on page 8 ) sentatives of gaming operators.
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

Spiritual Life
Half My Life:
The Testimony of a Father and his Special Needs Child”
by Joseph Lim
41st INSTALLMENT other kids, I would probably have mixed described all throughout this book— back then. But now as a father myself,
emotions. some more fun than others. What I’ve I can honestly say that I see a lot of my
Just the Way He Is I may even be a tad apprehensive
because that’s not the son God gave me
realized though is that the joy is not in
the activity itself; it’s in who participates
dad in me.
Growing up with him reminds me of a
originally. The boy that God has blessed with you. Hence, through progress and phrase I heard before, which I, in turn,
I’ll confess, one of the questions me with all these years happens to be au- setbacks, I still cherish every waking have repeated multiple times since.
Trinity Sunday: June 11, 2017 that comes up in my mind the tistic. He has temper tantrums. He’s very moment I have with my son. Such that if “Anyone can have a baby, but only a

Most Blessed Trinity:
hard to control. He’s almost impossible I could somehow magically snap my fin- real man can be a father.” Very true
most is this: “If you could change to figure out. He’s moody and unpredict- gers to alter the situation, I can honestly indeed. With all the deadbeat dads out
Jordan’s condition this instant, able. He’s extremely difficult to teach, declare that I probably wouldn’t change there, it’s nice to know that there are still
The Divine Mystery make him a regular kid right
now, would you do it?”
and the list goes on. I’ve already ac-
cepted that wholeheartedly.
a thing. The way I see it, let’s leave the
miracles to God. He gave Jordan to us,
some good ones to take after.
I can say similar things about my mom.
Joke of the week: An irate husband eternity. She writes: Honestly, that’s a tough one. Despite all that—the way he acts, good and I love him just the way he is. Her influence on me was different than
disgusted over his wife’s action ad- The God who does not need nor care or bad, easy or hard, the way he is, he’s that of my dad’s of course, but positive
dressed her reproachfully, “Believe me, for the creature, or who is immune to
Many would think that the still my son. He is the same newborn Fatherhood—A Whole New World nevertheless.
I certainly would give anything to know our suffering, does not exist....The God answer would automatically be baby I held in my arms just a few mo- Another person who played a vital role
why God made you women so beauti- who keeps a ledger of our sins and “Yes! Of course! Let’s do it!” ments after his birth. You don’t have to be the most obser- in the way I am as a father is my wife. I
ful and yet so dumb.” “Well, I’ll tell failings, the divine policeman, does not But I hesitate with my response He’s the same toddler who I watched vant person to figure out that there are had mentioned earlier in this book that
you, my dear,” answered the wife, “God exist. These are all false gods....What take his first steps and slowly develop a lot of deadbeat dads in the world. Just my wife brought me back down to earth
because you see, I love Jordan his coordination. He is the same child read the news, watch TV, or simply look in the midst of my arrogance and hy-
made women beautiful so you men we believe about God must match what
would love us, and he made us dumb so is revealed of God in Scripture: God the way he is. I always have. I helped take care of all those times he around. Chances are, you personally pocrisy—that is, when I was expecting
we could love you men.” watches over the widow and the poor, Special needs or typical child, got sick. He is the same boy who I cried know some broken families yourself, others to be more sensitive with Jordan
Scripture: First Reading: Exodus 34: God makes the rains fall on just and it doesn’t matter. I loved him about when I first heard the news of his ones where the dad (or the mom or both) while I myself remained impatient with
4-6; 8-9. After the debacle of the golden unjust alike, God welcomes the stranger special conditions. He is the same kid has abandoned the kids. Sadly, this type him. The words she spoke to me years
before I learned of his conditions, who we struggle with every day with all of tragedy doesn’t discriminate. It af- ago still linger in my mind today. “You
calf and Moses breaking the original and embraces the enemy.
tablets of the Commandments, God The images of a punishing, legalistic, and I still love him today, more his habits, fears, anxieties, and learning fects the rich and the poor, all ethnicities know what, if you can’t even try to
ordered him to come to the mountain vindictive, and arbitrary God, who than ever before. obstacles. Yet at the same time, he is the and all creeds. It is truly heartbreak- understand your own son, then how can
alone. In reverence to God’s presence records every sin and who applies the I’m not saying that I don’t want same young lad who continues to amaze ing. Fortunately for me, I never had to you expect others to?” That hit me with
Moses bows down in worship. In rewrit- lex talionis, an ounce of suffering for an me with his strength in getting through experience that. pinpoint accuracy, and I believe it was
him to get better because I really, the trials and challenges associated with My dad stuck with us while we were actually a turning point for me. I always
ing the Commandments, God renews the ounce of sin, must be once and for all be
covenant with Israel and symbolizes a put aside. However, there are some who really do. However, I want him to his circumstances. growing up. He loved his children and loved my children more than anything,
new beginning for the people of Israel to still suffer from this equally unhealthy improve through the procedures, Sure, I’m curious what it would have showed it the best he could. He’s gone but the words of my wife brought me to
start afresh their relationship with their and unrealistic fear of God. Today we treatments, and resources that are been like to have a typical son. Every to be with the Lord. Yet in many ways, another level.
God whom they had offended. At the should realize that God is no longer the available to us. That is to say, I dad thinks about raising a boy who he I attribute my fatherly instincts and at- It’s amazing what words can do if they
same time God gave Moses his name great watchdog in the sky. can play sports with, ride bikes and titude to my own dad. I have noticed a are the right words, said the right way,
which Israel would use in worshiping Love, not fear of God nor atonement,
want him to get better in God’s bumpers cars with, talk about guy stuff sense of corniness in my jokes, like he with the right motives. Certainly, my
him. Israel should call on God as their punishment, sacrifice, retribution and time. to, the birds and the bees, and more. I had. I am willing to work as much as it children themselves have defined my fa-
“Lord.” Second Reading: 2 Corinthians damnation, is the right motive “for hav- can still do some of those things with takes to support my family, just like he therhood. Holding my oldest in my arms
13: 11-13. A true believer should not let ing offended Him who is so good and If all of a sudden I woke up one morn- Jordan, but not all. did. I would sacrifice my life for those for the first time after her birth took me
any suffering hinder his faith in God. deserving” of all our love. ing to find Jordan completely free of However, those missed activities are I love, just as he would have. I was a to a whole new world. It was sort of sur-
Paul’s own experience of suffering The basic and fundamental truth about his autism, now acting just like all the replaced by other things that I have horrible child, so I wouldn’t admit it ( Continued on page 13 )
strengthens his own faith and he wishes God’s love is that primarily God loves
the Corinthians to do the same. Paul mankind and secondarily man loves
endures greater pain when he found out
that a group of Corinthians believed
God: In this is love, not that we loved
God but that he loved us. (1 John 4:10). Direction for Our Times: Anne's June 2017 First Thursday Talk for lay
him to be weak and a poor preacher. In
response to his critics, Paul admonishes
them to test their faith whether it is true
Because God loves us, everything else
follows, especially man’s gift of loving
him: We love, because he first loved us.
apostle prayer groups and personal reflection
or not. Gospel: John 3: 16-18. God’s (1 John 4:19). My friends, we gather here you knowledge so that you, too, can and we are determined, as Jesus Christ sus Christ, truly present in the Eucharist.
love for us motivates him to send his Biblical revelation gives precedence tonight because of all that we make good choices and know wonder- is determined, to offer what is healthy We believe this. We are consoled by this.
Son as an incarnate Love to save the to the first meaning: to the love “of” ful things. A good teacher is like Jesus. and balanced through solid formation And every time we visit Jesus Christ
have in common, our beliefs, He was the best teacher. Someone who programs. in the Eucharist, he is consoled by us.
world. Salvation does not occur in a God, and secondarily to the love “for”
vacuum. Belief in God’s incarnate Love God. Aristotle said that God moves the
our commitment to God and our focuses only on the rules of our faith So God is with us and Jesus says He Why? Because it means that His sacri-
coupled with good deeds assures one of world “in so far as he is loved,” that is, desire to be become holier. This and who is breaking which ones with will remain with us even until the end of fice mattered. He worked hard and gave
salvation. in so far as he is the object of love. In craving for goodness, all by itself whom, is like a policeman who doesn’t time. In our Catholic faith, we have Je- ( Continued on page 12 )
quite get that he is there to serve people

Present in Its Fullness
Reflection: Love is the life (1) the his view, God’s actions are motivated is evidence of God’s presence in
Trinity (2) the Incarnate Son, and (3) the by the effect (our love) not by the cause in the name of something bigger. He
Sanctifying Spirit. This love revitalizes itself (God’s love). But revelation says
us and around us. And this should thinks he is there to catch people making
our relationship with God and fellow exactly the contrary, that is, God creates give us joy. God is with us. mistakes. But that is the smallest part of Meditation: My Prayer Response:
human beings and transforms us for and moves the world (the effect) in as what a policeman should be doing. Good
better worldview! Love, not suffering much as primarily he (the cause) loves When we say God is with us, no doubt policemen make people feel safe and What you see in reality, these Jesus, I do believe, but increase
and sacrifice, comprises the nucleus the world. others wonder what that belief is about. protected.
Jesus Christ says he will be with us even God is like both, the good policeman souls see through faith. Oh, my faith that I may please You
of authentic Christian spirituality and Quotation of the week: So vast, so
morality and not, at all times, remorse, penetrating and all embracing is this until the end of time. This is hugely who reminds you to stay safe and helps how pleasing to Me is their even more in each reception of
guilt, and superstitions. active and possessing love of the Trinity consoling to us. Have you ever tried to you to do so and the good teacher who is great faith! You see, although Holy Communion. May I see
The teaching that God’s sharing of that in its presence the silence of the imagine what that really means? I often so excited about his subject that teaching there appears to be no trace of with the eyes of faith that You are
his love with us in an exclusive and creatures is absolute.— John of Ruys- think about the Truth that God is every- is joyous and a desire for knowledge is
where. We are told this and we believe contagious. Jesus was excited about his life in Me, in reality it is pres- truly present in the Holy Eucha-
perfect manner is the sole purpose of the broeck
Incarnation. God assuming humanity is it. He is omnipresent. To me that means Father’s love. He felt so sorry for the ent in its fullness in each and rist.
that we are in God. I do not think any- Pharisees because they were distracted every Host. But for Me to be *Diary passages with bolded words are
not meant to repair the damage caused

Prayer for the
one can escape God, meaning, if God from love. And he hated the distortions Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
by original sin. Incarnation is God’s able to act upon a soul, the soul Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987
fundamental design for all creation. The is everywhere then he is in between the they were putting on people. Jesus
looked at people who were making must have faith. O how pleas- Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-

control of the
Incarnation is the realization of God’s spaces and places of all particles. When tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
love as it diffuses itself into creation. you look at the universe, it is mostly mistakes and he felt so sorry for them ing to Me is living faith! (Diary, Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
Can a loving and just God, the origin space. And this space is filled with God, because they did not know how precious 1420). Jesus’ Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
of life, demand the offering of life? Can
he be pacified by the death of his only- tongue the Holy Spirit. And then you look at the
earth and you see people, trees, water
and also the things we have created. And
they were, how important, how loved.
They didn’t know that often they were
getting it mostly right instead of mostly
by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010

begotten Son? Why did he spare Isaac’s “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
life and not that of Jesus? Is God really Dear Holy Spirit, My God. Teach me God is in and through all of those things, wrong. And that is how Jesus sees any
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
that blood-thirsty? All these misconcep- to speak wisely. Let me avoid useless too. So we are all rather in God. of our family members who are away
tions about a loving and just God are thoughts and useless conversations. Sometimes we worry about children from the faith. As they become aware of CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY
due in part to theological affirmations Help me to speak often for You. Grant or people who do not know God. But God, over time, they will love him. Even
about the notion of atonement that make that my words may never hurt men here is the way I see it. I think He is if they only become aware of him at the Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
us feel guilty or remorseful. God is not of goodwill. May My words always totally with them, even though they lack last moments, they will be disposed to Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.

an unkind or cruel God to be placated by bring consolation to those in sorrow awareness of that fact. And I think what choose love if we have loved them. So
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
the suffering and death of Jesus as a ran- and guidance to those in need. Take happens is that we grow in awareness love your children and focus on all that was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
som. God is perfectly cordial in sharing of God’s presence and His goodness. they do that is good and right and kind.
my lips and make them Yours. Take
his life and love in creation and in the Certainly the more we get to know God, Always reflect back their goodness, Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
possession of my mind and make it where you agree. And remember that
Incarnation. Writing about God’s love, the more we love him and want to help and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
an instrument of Your goodness and others become aware of his great affec- most people on the planet are not prac- Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
Keith Ovenberg, SJ cited theologian a channel of truth. I hope to become
Catherine LaCugna’s book, God For Us. tion and support. People cannot resist ticing Catholics and we believe that they the whole world.
a lover of silence, who prefers to talk love. We are built to respond to it. And will also be welcome in heaven.
According to Ovenberg, LaCugna uses to God then to men. In my human On the Hail Mary beads say:
and expands the Cappadocians’ wonder- God is love. So if we offer love from If your children have seen a distortion
conversation, may I always bring God, people will be attracted to that idea of the faith, someone behaving badly
ful image of the Trinity as divine dance For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
them closer to You and You closer to and with grace, they will become aware in the name of God, agree with them
to include all persons. Borrowing themes on us and on the whole world.
of intimacy and communion from John’s them. I ask this through Christ Our of God in their own lives. that it was wrong. Do not defend bad
Gospel and Ephesians, she affirms that Lord. Amen When we offer rules, on the other behaviour. We have here, at this place, a In conclusion say three times:
humanity has been made a partner in the hand, or a legalistic version of our faith, legacy of an abuse of power. We are rev-
divine dance not through our own merit Our Father* . . . Hail Mary* . . . we are like immature religious police- erent about the pain that was caused by Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
but through God’s election from all Glory Be* men, not teachers. A good teacher gives those who abused power to hurt people have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at or check for updates on, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA
Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google “Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas” for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit
June 9-15, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Arts & Culture
Malagos chocolate shines in 1st Filipino Master Carver of
Chocolate Awards 2017 Spanish Iberico Ham
MALAGOS unsweetened cleaned without unnecessary odors as
chocolate wins silver once again these would greatly affect the taste of
the product.
for the plain hot chocolate cat- Sharing the same silver spot for the
egory of the coveted Academy plain hot chocolate category is Akes-
of Chocolate Awards 2017 after son’s Organic (Akesson’s Choc Drops
Brazil 75 percent Cocoa Organic and
Tulad Ka Rin Nila
competing with other chocolate
Akesson’s Choc Drops Madagascar
companies in the entire world. 100 percent Cocoa Organic) and The
Chocolate Quarter (Tetteh Drinking
This award is the 5th interna- Chocolate). Isa, tama ka, minsan lamang kung tayo ay mabuhay
tional award of Malagos Choco- na ipinagkaloob sa ‘tin ng Dakilang Maykapal
late in fine chocolate competi- There are no gold winners in the cat-
egory this year. mahalin mo, ingatan mo, at dapat pahalagahan
tion. Previous awards include panatiliing malinis, laging tunay at dalisay.
Academy of Chocolate (Bronze Bronze winners were Co Couture (Co
for 2015; Silver for 2016), In- Couture Organic Hot Chocolate Mix 70 Dalawa, ang mga matang ipinagkaloob sa ‘yo
ternational Chcolate (Silver for percent and 85 percent), Creo Chocolate
(Midnight Truffle), Dick Taylor Craft nang ang tatahaking landas ay agd na matanaw mo
2015); and Great Taste (2-star Chocolate (Dick Taylor Chocolate Be- nangakong kang iiwasan ang masasamang bisyo
awardee). lize Drinking Chocolate), Idilio Origins at iukol ang panahon sa kapakanan ng mundo.
(Idilio, Drinking Chocolate, Carenero
Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation Urrutia), and Taste Artisan Chocolate Mark Lester F. Escaño, Good News of Iberico ham is “like playing a violin
sales and marketing Head Rex Victor (Palo Santo 75 percent drinking choco- Pilipinas and every parts of the ham has different Tatlo, ang dami ng anak na saiyo’y ibinigay
Puentespina told SunStar Davao in a late). techniques in cutting.” sa pangakong bubusugin sa ligaya’t pagmamahal
phone interview that their company Puentespina said they are waiting for The first Filipino master carver The Inquirer reports about how Teves’ at may hangganan din nang hindi sila magkasungay
owes the award to the cacao farmers the result of another category that they business card proudly reads: MCF
who toiled hard in order to get a good of the renowned Spanish Iberico nang walang pagsisihan sa darating na mga araw.
participated in, the Tree to Bar Category Maestro Cortador Filipino, “the first
quality of cacao beans fit to be hailed as (85 percent, 72 percent, and 65 percent) ham was showcased at the recent Filipino master carver of Iberico ham in
one of the best Hot Chocolate globally. that is scheduled to be released within Madrid Fusion Manila Interna- the history of the world.” Apat na taon kang nangibang bayan ng maayos
“We attribute this to the effort and ded- this week. tional Gastronomy Expo. The Marikina City native shared to mawalay sa pamilya at makapag-ipon ng maayos
ication of the cacao farmers in Davao media his pleasure at presenting the art
City. The way these are prepared is a Professional Maestro Cortador sabi mo’y nais mo silang lahat ay maitaguyod
of slicing in front of his fellow Filipinos
huge factor why we won. We give Michael Lopez Teves prepared at the Madrid Fusion Manila. mabait ang kapalaran at dininig ka ng Diyos.
huge importance to the prepara- thin slices of the Iberico Ham

tion of the beans. Also of course inside the Spanish stalls of the Limang taon ka niyang pinagsilbing alkalde ng bayan
it is also partly because of the way
the beans were fermented,” said convention grounds as he talked madama ng sangkatauhan tunay na pagmamahal
Puentespina. about how an Iberian pig became ( Continued from page 1 ) sa abot ng makakaya ang sila ay matulungan
He added, aside from the thor- a high quality ham by having the both Philippine and international pangako ay napako, nawaldas ang kaban ng bayan.
ough fermentation and drying breed feed on acorn. criminals, and the southern part
process that their cacao beans went
through, the genetics and the cacao of Mindanao has long been used
The Madrid-based Filipino works at Philippines are from Indonesia. clashes in Marawi City as of 6 p.m. Sun-
variety that they used is also a winning Cinco Jotas, an authentic Iberico Ham as a refuge by fugitives from
Last week, Defense Secretary Delfin day. Nineteen civilians have been killed
factor, as much as the perfect climate of producer in Spain where he started as a Indonesia, Malaysia and other
Lorenzana said eight foreign jihadists by the terrorists while 1,467 others have
Davao City in growing cacao trees. waiter back in 2000. The Maestro Cor- locations,” Abella said.
were killed in separate clashes between been rescued.
Puentespina also shared that the way tador there found potential in his skills government forces and Maute terrorists The military could not say how many
they ripen the cacao fruits naturally in and trained him as an apprentice.
“That is one reason why, as the In- in Marawi City. Maute members are still in the conflict
the trees and not harvesting them during Teves talked to DZRH News about
donesian defense minister pointed out Of the slain foreign militants, two were area.
pre-ripening stage is also a huge factor

Asian Journal
teaching the correct slicing technique

Asian Journal
over the weekend, regional and global Saudis, two were Malaysians, two were “We have not paid particular attention
for producing quality cacao beans. He to people who buy the Spanish ham.
anti-crime efforts must be stepped up. Indonesians, one was a Yemeni and to the exact figures of the enemy on the
also said that their storage is thoroughly He says that slicing paper thin slices
Criminals and rebels do not respect one was a Chechen. Officials believe ground, except that we have general
national boundaries,” he added.
Dobol B Sa News TV, RiteMed team up in
the foreigners entered the Philippines estimates and our commanders on the
rst Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most WidelyFirst Asian WeeklyAsian-Filipino
Circulated Newspaper inNewspaper
Southern California &Ryacudu
San Diego’s Most
relayed the Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino
information Newspaper
through backchannels in the Sulu and ground have shared this repeatedly,”
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 •550
(619)8th during
Street, Suite 6, National City CA
474-0373 the Shangri-La
91950 • Tel. (619) Dialogue in • Fax (619)
474-0588 Celebes Seas.
474-0373 Padilla said.

bringing quality service to Filipinos Singapore last Sunday. According to
him, 40 of the 1,200 IS militants in the
A total of 120 Maute members and 38
government troopers have been killed in ( Continued on page 13 )
Two of the most trusted names "Maraming Pilipinong hindi makabili ng
gamot, maraming Pilipinong hindi maka- NOTICE TO BIDDERS
in their respective eldsBIDDERS
come to- afford ng decent health care. RiteMed’s
gether as GMA Network’s morn-

advocacy is to make the day come when all
NOTICE IS HEREBYpro- GIVEN Filipinos will be able to do so. We saw how NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
ing news
thatand commentary
the City of San Diego (City) that the City of San Diego (City)
great of an advocacy this is, and we will sup-
gram, “Dobol
is seekingB toSareceive
News Electronic
TV’” port RiteMed in this," he affirmed. is seeking to receive Electronic
and theBids for the below
country’s most named
trustedPublic “Dobol B Sa News TV’” sees the power- Bids for the below named Public
Works project. Works project.

brand of medicine, RiteMed Phil- house tandem of GMA’s flagship AM radio
The solicitation, including station DZBB and the country’s leading local The solicitation, including
(RiteMed) team up
specifications, may be news channel GMA News TV. It is headlined plans and specifications, may be
to further provide quality service
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to Filipinos.
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ever-changing referoftothethe solicitation
listening Nationwide, Sino?, and Dobol A sa Dobol B. Please refer to theTWO solicitation
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and viewing public, bringing to free for instructions.
Project Name:INBrown ASIAN FieldJOURNAL
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RiteMed, Runway
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JUNE 9 Runway
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in DZBB’s Rehabilitation Phase III.
Project Number:sourceK-17-1575- Project Number: K-17-1575- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
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fact, RiteMed Value:
is the $
that the City of San Diego (City) DBB-3 Estimated Value: $ that the City of San Diego (City) PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557
first company to give its full support to is seeking to receive Proposals 5,461,000.00 is seeking to receive Proposals
“Dobol B Mandatory
Sa News TV’”. Pre Bid Meeting for the below named Request Mandatory Pre Bid Meeting for the below named Request
To formalize 6/21/2017,
strong and meaning-at 10:00 for Proposal (RFP). Date: 6/21/2017, at 10:00 for Proposal (RFP).
A.M. the representatives of
ful partnership, Contract Number: H176935 A.M. Contract Number: H176935
both parties have DueinkedDate: 7/11/2017, RFP Title: As-Needed Con-
a Memorandum E-Bid Due Date: 7/11/2017, RFP Title: As-Needed Con-
at 2:00
of Agreement
Hotel Grand
(MOA)P.M.on May 4 at the B
Ballroom in Quezon City. A
struction Manager - Treatment at 2:00 P.M.
License Requirement: A
struction Manager - Treatment
Plant and Facilities
Plant and Facilities To: Elwyn Johnson To:Elwyn Johnson
It iswas theledpolicy of the City of The RFP may be obtained It is the policy of the City of The RFP may be obtained
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Asian Journal
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taglines CNS-3017021#
nila, right price. Ang gusto ng CNS-3019244# CNS-3017021# CNS-3019244#
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Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

Classified Ads
( Continued from page 10 )
aware of God’s presence everywhere.
I think awareness is a key word. We
want to know God. God doesn’t change.
the mysteries of both God and the uni-
verse. I am convicted about our way and
the more I have become aware of God,
tion, a learning difference, a wound that
they cannot get over, then we must go
to work to restore them so that they can
everything so that people could have We simply learn more about him and the more convicted I have become. But offer their voices and co-create with
what they needed most and when He become more aware of His nature. And people can get a little confused about the God in the way they were created to For only $75,000, you can own a Condo in the
sees them being blessed by His sacrifice, the more aware we become aware of Church, the institutional Church, that is, contribute.
He is joyous. As an earthly example, we His nature, the more we understand how meaning the structure. The structure is You may have heard about a tribe beautiful Boracay island in the Philippines as
think of a good father, who works hard everyone should be loved by us. And there to provide a pasture within which of native people. I cannot remember
to provide for his family. When he sees how we should hold the highest hope we all serve and receive the Sacramen- where they live but they share the planet
them resting safely and comfortably for everyone around us. Sarcasm melts tal graces that we need to be consoled somewhere. And when one of their
a vacation home for yourself,
in their home, he should feel joy and away. Cynicism looks ridiculous in front and to grow in our awareness of God’s members makes a mistake or commits
gratification. His sacrifice is valuable. of the Eucharist. The people who really presence in the world and in us. And I a crime, they take him out of the village family, relatives and friends, which you can
His family is safe because of him and know God do not talk a lot about rules. believe our obligation as a faith commu- to a certain place and they surround him
God is pleased with him. I think Jesus Or factions in the Church. They take nity, as a Church, is to protect the voices or her and remind the person of all of also rent out as an income-earning property.
feels like this in the Eucharist. He knows care of other people. Think about that. of all of God's children on earth. the things they have done right. They, it
when we adore Him there and recognise We must make sure we are helping oth- What do I mean by that? Every person seems to me, remind the person of their Only $400+ a month installment for 3 1/2
His presence, that we are disposed to ers to recover from their wounds. is here to create with God. Every person essence. They are restoring the person’s
receive the huge amounts of grace he We are blessed to be Catholics. There brings something, a gift, a strength, a accurate voice. They’re saying, this is
offers. And He knows we are spiritually is no question in my mind that the perspective, an opportunity for others. really who you are. My friends, our years!.
safe. And if we are close to the Eucha- Catholic faith and the sacramental life And when people’s voices are silenced, Sacrament of Confession does that same
rist, we will become more and more she provides offers the greatest inroad to through addiction, abuse, lack of educa- thing, I believe. It restores us to our Attend our free presentation.
essence, our factory settings that God
started us off with, our goodness. And Call 619.746-3416 for reservation!
I believe that each Catholic should be
doing something, over and above their
vocational obligations, to help someone
else to heal.
We must work hard, as Catholics, to
protect the voices of those who have
been silenced. Many, many people
today are on anti-depressants or anxiety
medicine. And while we could all agree 9011 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126
that this is a shame, we also thank God (Behind McDonald’s in Seafood City Plaza)
for modern medicine and we begin to Tel: (858) 530-3005
ask the right questions. Why are people
so anxious, especially our youth? Why
are people so sad? And afraid? Why do
they prefer to be numb? We have an PASSPORT

epidemic of social anxiety. People have
the greatest difficulty with eye contact.

That has to be because of the over use EXPRESS
of technology. Internet pornography is
hijacking minds in the same way that SERVICE
heroin hijacks minds. Why are people 5 Min. Official Photos-Passport
so lonely that they are trying to console U.S. Passport Philippines Passport
INS, Visa, ID & Citizenship
themselves in these ways? Those are the
questions we must ask and then we must PHILIPPINES CONSULAR SERVICES
listen carefully to the answers. Because Passport Renewals * Dual Citizen * Report of Marriage * Red Ribbon
if you want to know about how to help Authentications of Notarized Legal Documents including Special Power of
prisoners, you must listen to prison- Attorneys, Waivers, Certifications, Extrajudicial Settlements, Deed of
ers. If you want to know how to help Absolute Sale, PVAO/GSIS, Affidavit of Support & Consent
addicts, you must listen to those who at a reasonable fee with Full Service.
were addicted. And if you want to know
how to help people who are lonely, you
must listen to the ones who were once or NOTARY SERVICES - Available On Premises
remain lonely. Special Notary Discount for Living Trust,
We live in a time in the West when the
number of priests has radically declined Escrow & Loan Documents
and is about to decline even further, fast.
The need will be vast but I think there is
an answer. I think we could find it in the
FedEx Express to the Philippines
presence of mother, woman, modelled 2-3 DAY DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY
after Our Lady. And I think if Our Lady Guaranty Lowest Shipping Rate for all FedEx International
has her way, there will come to be a
logistical presence for women in the in
Church. It must be so that we need dioc- San Diego County
esan mother, along with diocesan father.
Any discussion of such a role for women Travel VISA & EXPRESS Service
in the Church usually starts with what
she cannot be, father, ordained to priest-
hood. But I think that is a distraction.
We should start the conversation with
what she is, mother. And take it from
there. You see, in a healthy family, the Work for the San Diego’s
children do not ask who is boss. They
know that mother takes the lead in some Top Home Care Agency!
ways and father takes the lead in others
and between them there is harmony. It is

Now Hiring
not a competition or a power struggle. It
is a mutual total giving of self.
If women are welcomed into a logisti-
cal, active, committed role in each
diocese, I think we will see an explosion
Exerienced Caregivers
of wellness, services and programs. And for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
I believe then that the heavy burden that
our priests carry will be both shared and
lessened. I do not say that women should Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
be ordained to the priesthood and, to
repeat, I believe those conversations are
a distraction from the urgently needed,
correct development that must come. I • 3 professional references
believe that a diocesan role for women,
alongside the diocesan priesthood is the • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
answer. And while the problem is about
to be a big, vast problem, I believe that
developing a role for woman in each Call for an appointment
diocese will bring a solution that is also Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
So please continue to pray for this
apostolate, and help us wherever you La Jolla Apply Online!
can. The going is not always easy and
we do not expect it to be. We know that 858-842-1346
God is with us and that we serve in His
name, with His constant direction and

( Continued from page 8 )
be considered to help minorities build
credit and eventually get a mortgage.
Addressing some resources to help
prospective buyers borrow responsibly,
Peale said housing counseling is a very
cost-effective way to invest in a com-
munity. She highlighted the need for
clear language for homeowners seeking
mortgages and how the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau has helped
the process.
As Yun simply put it, with nods from
the panel and crowd, “We need to
promote safe and sustainable homeown-
Members of the media are invited
to attend the upcoming Sustainable
Homeownership Conference on June 9
at University of California’s Memorial
Stadium in Berkeley. In celebration of
National Homeownership Month, the
conference brings together experts to
examine housing trends and real estate’s
positive impacts. NAR’s Brown and Yun
and Berkeley Hass Real Estate Group
Chair Ken Rosen are among the promi-
nent experts scheduled to speak. Contact
me ( to register.
June 9-15, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

As the National City Chamber of Commerce invites South Bay residents to the
South Bay Sustainability Fair, Saturday, June 10th from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Bamboos (National City, CA) – May 20, available to help you be more by sustainability. The goal is to positive- Passion Fruit will be offering healthy

by Rudy Liporada
Sway 2017. The National City Cham-
ber of Commerce (NCCC) is
sustainable; saving green while
going green.
ly contribute towards the achievement of
California’s Climate Strategy to reduce
greenhouse gases and move toward a
and sustainable lunch options so bring
your appetite, and many organizations
will be showcasing what they are doing
excited to host the South Bay clean, sustainable future. in our community to help us be more
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada Sustainability Fair on Saturday, The NCCC is bringing this fun, educa- sustainable!
at tional event to our South Bay commu- Among the many exhibitors, SDG&E
June 10th, 11 am -4 pm, at the nity residents, adults and children; it’s and TechniArt will be on site offering “The sustainability fairs build on
National City Chamber of Com-
Duterte’s Martial Law and Peace
never too early or too late to learn how an 8 pack of LED light bulbs for only the collective strength of Community
merce Courtyard (901 National to make a positive impact on our envi- $10 (limit 5 packs per customer)! Two Partners to provide regional resources
City Blvd., National City, CA ronment! We also encourage businesses

Talk Cancellation – Diversionary
lucky winners will win one boy and one that support San Diego’s sustainability
and professionals to come learn about girl bike as part of the Safe Routes to goals. It is critical that our communities
91950). ways to save money by implementing School campaign from Rady Children’s continue their commitment to protect the

and Admission of Fear and Failure
sustainable business practices through Hospital, children of all ages can partici- viability of our homes, businesses, and
The South Bay Sustainability various programs and rebates. Most pate in the Play and Learn area hosted our environment.” - Jacqueline Reynoso,
Fair is a free community event importantly, this event is a platform to by Mundo Gardens, businesses will be President/CEO of the National City
As the Bamboos Sway programs toward economic and social that helps promote various showcase the many benefits of reducing able to sign up to take advantage of a Chamber of Commerce
By Rudy D. Liporada reforms should have been outlined. our carbon footprint by living a clean, no-cost energy and water evaluation, De
Since land reform would be inimical to
programs, products, and services healthy, and conscious lifestyle driven

Carmen Legarda is 1st Filipina UK MP candidate
President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ the landlords and industrialization would
be inimical to the bureaucrat-capitalists,
Duterte’s martial law and Peace Digong’s capitulation shows that he
Talk cancellation divert atten- could not fight them head on. In this
tion from his failure to fulfill his course, he blames the National Demo- The Green Party in the United The British-Filipina Legarda rather than unites.” monitoring that identifies parts
promise to win his war against cratic Front (NDFP), the Communist Kingdom has fielded human stands on a platform of human The University of the Philip- of Hendon with air pollution at
Party of the Philippines (CPP) with its rights advocate Carmen Legarda rights, stating that as a woman, pines graduate has facilitated double the legal limit.
the drug lords, graft and cor- armed New People’s Army (NPA) for
ruption, and criminality in the scuttling the talks for not rescinding the
as its candidate to be a member an ethnic minority of Spanish- equality and diversity seminars
Philippines. They are also, order for the NPA to step up their attacks of parliament for Hendon- the Filipino heritage, and as a human worldwide, and is a Chartered The Green Party candidate is
especially the cancellation of against the government forces. He does first Filipina to be given the resources worker in 30 countries Fellow of the Chartered Institute also proposing better community
peace talks, an admission that he not consider that it was his defense distinction. she “experienced firsthand how for Personnel and Development coordination with police about
secretary said that in the declaration of our society labels and segregates, (FCIPD). She is currently a crime in Hendon, more afford-
could not push for genuine land martial law in Mindanao, he included
reform and industrialization in the NPA as targets of the military. consultant for immigration and able housing and university
employment law advice. tuition for students.
the country, much less alleviate Furthermore, his martial law declara- 10 is open to the public and features
the downtrodden situation of the tion is a total disregard of his promise award-winning wines during the annual
during his campaign that there will be San Diego County Fair, presented by Consistent with her political Legarda is running for the Brit-
marginalized Filipinos. They no martial law during his term because ( Continued from page 15 )
Albertsons|Vons. The San Diego County party’s Green Politics, Legarda ish general election which will be
also reveal his fear against the it is “useless”. He, however, fears the Toast of the Coast double-gold, Fair is the largest county fair in the Unit-
landlords and bureaucrat capital- bellicose elements in his AFP. Due to his gold and silver medals along with ed States, drawing more than 1.6 million
espouses ecological concerns held on June 8, 2017.
ists who have more control over rants against the United States which ex- Best of State, Best of County, visitors annually. For more information, citing the Barnet Green Party
erts influence on the AFP and has impe- visit
the Armed Forces of the Philip- rial economic interests in the Philippines Best of Variety and Best of Ap-
pines (AFP) than he and which is
influenced largely by the United
and due to his aligning himself to China
and Russia, one could feel the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) pushing the
pellation awards are reserved for
the finest wines worthy of the U.P. maximum score across all categories,
including research, employability,
teaching, facilities, internationalization,
States Armed Forces through judge panel of a winemaker, wine ( Continued from page 6 )
innovation, specialist criteria and inclu-
buttons for a coup if Digong does not
the Balikatan and the Enhanced behave. writer, professional sommelier American and British universities siveness,” according to QS.
Defense Cooperation Agreement So, so much for a strongman president and a wine marketer. “Best of” continue to dominate QS rankings as It was followed by Stanford Univer-
(EDCA). for the people of the Philippines. As he awards refer to where the grapes they got nine out of top 10 slots. Only sity (US), Harvard University (US),
was described as a “butangero” by Jose the Swiss Federal Institute of Technol- California Institute of Technology (US),
used to make the wine were ogy was able to break the dominance of University of Cambridge (UK), Univer-
Despite his braggadocio stance, Digong Maria Sison, consultant to the peace
is fearful that more and more Filipinos, talks, Digong’s brave pronouncements grown, not the physical location universities from these two countries. sity of Oxford (UK), University College
including within his 16 million voters, against US imperialism, drug lords, and of the winery itself. Massachusetts Institute of Technology London (UK), Imperial College London
are realizing that he has not fulfilled his oligarchs are empty saber rattling in (MIT) is the best university for this year, (UK), University of Chicago (US) and
promises during his campaign trail – that front of awed listeners during glorified About The Toast of the Coast according to QS. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
in six months, he would have eradicated drinking sessions around sari-sari stores. (Switzerland).
the drug menace, graft and corruption, With him caught between not able to The Toast of the Coast Wine Competi- “Rated 5+ QS stars, it’s achieved the
and criminality in the Philippines. Over fulfill his promises and fear of those who tion is produced by the 22nd District
8,000 poor suspected drug users had control the socio-economic stronghold Agricultural Association in conjunction
been reported to have been executed in the country, he lashes instead at the with the San Diego County Fair. 2017
marks the sixth year of The Toast of the
in extra judicial killing manner during
his watch while known drug lords had
people who had promised to serve
during his campaign. The bombing in Coast. The competition is open to bond- 13th of the Month Fatima Devotion
been set free. Oligarchs still abound with Marawi had already ruined the city to ed wineries throughout the United States
him having Marcos, the father of all
oligarchs, buried at the Libingan ng mga
where those who had been displaced
will have nowhere to return to. He had
and Mexico. The TOTC Festival on June Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas
Bayani. With the peso sliding further not supported Gina Lopez as Secretary 2017
down, crime is on the rise. of the Department of Environment and pray with us. america!
pray with us. america!
The declaration of martial law in Natural Resources and had replaced and all-out war. Digong does not have a
Mindanao is an over-reaction to the her with a former general. Thus, the concrete plan for the better future of the
military situation in Marawi City. With environmental destruction will continue Philippines.
it and the looming martial law over the to displace more indigenous people and
whole country is gripping the people
to a bogeyman situation where the
deprive them of economic resource and
safety. Most of his cabinet members are
President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ will just
flail along, might not even finish his
Divine Mercy Shrine in Encinitas, CA.
fear of terrorism is covering the fact of
Digong’s failures.
now former generals which give a strong
shade of a military junta.
term, as the people will rise up against
his regime or a coup is stage to topple Are you part of the story?
Moreover, the cancellation of peace him.
talks buries his promise of genuine land There is no more talks of land reform
reform and industrialization to oblivion. and industrialization, the keys to the His growing unpopularity will be his
The last meeting was supposed to be economic and social upliftment of the demise as Mayor President of the Philip-
the meat of the peace talks where the Philippines. There is now only bombing pines.

Half My Life you had known me as a spoiled child, a He’s brought me unparalleled joy. For
mean older brother to my poor sister, a all these things and more, I am grateful
( Continued from page 10 ) rebellious teenager, or as a cocky young beyond words.
adult, you would appreciate the weight
real for a long while afterward. I knew of that statement. Fatherhood has really (To be continued)

Divine Mercy Shrine grounds Thank you to all our volunteers!
this day was coming; I had prepared for changed me. The classmates of Jordan
it for nine months. But I never expected at school, soccer, martial arts, and other (To read the previous installments, visit APRIL 13, 2015 MAY 13, 2014
April 13, 2015
the suite of emotions that engulfed me activities are amazing in their own right.
that moment. It was a mixture of ecstasy These kids are such a joy to know and To read the complete book, go to:
and apprehension and auspiciousness to watch grow. I get genuinely excited
and worry. For the first time in my for every one of their accomplishments. book-half-my-life-the-testimony-of-a-
life, there was actually someone else At the same time, I feel for them, and I father-and-his-special-p14359-95.htm what you will see: the 20-footSolemnity
cross of Christ mercy
divine the Kingprayer
2014 warriors juliet

out there, another human being, who empathize with their parents too because on the hill top. (the stations of the brandell and ronald sarte are
would be totally reliant upon me for her I know what they’re going through. Ev-
survival and well-being. This is someone ery situation is different, but for the most cross and the grotto of our lady of among the many volunteers who
who would watch my every move, listen part, I get it. Last but not least, above ( Continued from page 11 ) the rosary are also on the site but come to pray at the site every month.
to my every word, and follow my every everyone else, of course, all the credit He added that the entry of sympathiz- not visible from the street.)
example. Knowing all this encouraged goes to God. By no means am I a model ers and the release of some prisoners
me to do my best as a dad because I father or a perfect person in general. from the city jail increased the number Join us on the 13th of each Month at front of the San Dieguito Unified
didn’t want to let her down. And this Not only am I not perfect but I’m also of Maute forces during the first few days 2:00 pm to pray the Rosary, the Chaplet District (between Westlake St and
cycle of emotions repeated itself with downright bad in some areas. Despite of encounters. of Divine Mercy and the Way of the Delphinium St).
the birth of my other kids and continues my flaws though, I know that God will Padilla claimed that the number of Cross at the Divine Mercy Shrine Remember:
to do so with every new experience with never give up on me; He never has in terrorists “continues to dwindle by the
them. While many of these experiences the past. Thus, using Him as the perfect day.” grounds (vacant land with 20-ft Cross 1. Park on street and walk up to the
are joyous indeed, others are very trying, example, I will never give up on my Meanwhile, at least 17 Indonesian across from San Dieguito Unified site.
especially the ones involving Jordan. son either or any of my children for that missionaries or “tabligh” were able to School District) in Encinitas CA. 2. No restroom facilities on site.
This entire book is about him, so you matter. Through Jordan and other kids escape from Marawi City and return When: 13th of the Month 3. Dress for the outdoors (jackets,
know what I’m referring to—the stress, like him, God has made me realize how safely to Indonesia over the weekend.
frustration, pain, heartache, etc. There truly blessed I really am. Recalling some Armed Forces Eastern Mindanao Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm hats, comfortable walking shoes for
have been times when I literally felt like words from my poem at the beginning Command deputy commander Gilbert Where: 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas uphill trek)
dying. It was so tough to deal with. Yet of this book: Gapay told The STAR that the Indone- Ca 92024 (not an actual address; for We hope you can join us every month.
through all that, I believe he’s made me But as hard as it is on his mom and me, sians were in an international Islamic driving directions only) or Google Thank you and God bless! - DMHFSC*
a better person. He’s helped me under- I could barely begin to conceive, What conference in Marawi City, considered
stand what real strength is like, what true the child himself must be going through, the Islamic capital of the country where “divine mercy shrine encinitas” JESUS, I trust in you!
resolve is about, and what being a father Many would struggle to believe. conferences or meetings of Islamic
really means. He has tested my deter- But through all the limitations, he still missionaries or preachers are often held, Take I-5. Exit Encinitas Blvd. Go east Zarina (619) 890-2789
mination, raised my patience, and grew presses on, Through roadblocks and when the Maute group attacked the about 1.4 miles. Site is on vacant land Rowena (619) 962-8185
my compassion to levels I never thought obstacles, he still remains strong, And town.
possible. Before I knew of Jordan’s he doesn’t even know this, so innocent “We processed them and checked on with cross on hill along Encinitas Blvd in Gen (619) 851-9547
condition, I was indifferent toward those is he, But Jordan Christian Lim is an everything about them before they were
with special needs. I wasn’t rude to them inspiration to me. turned over to their consulate here,” said * The DIVINE MERCY HILLS FOUNDATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (DMHFSC) is dedicated to the design,
(intentionally) or anything like that, but That pretty much says it all. When I put Gapay, who is also the spokesman for development and maintenance of a DIVINE MERCY SHRINE for the purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine
I wasn’t interested either. I could pass things in perspective, Jordan has taught the Eastmincom on martial law. – With Mercy message and devotion. This shrine will draw people of all nations, cultures and beliefs to a vessel with which they are to
by one of them obliviously without so me more than I’ve taught him. He’s Edith Regalado keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy — the image of Divine Mercy. The Foundation is a 501(c)3
much as a glance in their direction or more important to me than I am to him, non-profit organization. Visit the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California website at
a second thought afterward. Remark- whether he realizes it or not. He’s helped or email for more information or if you would
ably, all that changed with Jordan in my me grow more than he’ll ever know. like to donate time, talent or treasure to this project.
life. I actually care now. I really do. If He’s inspired me. He’s changed me.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

UP remains top Philippine university,
according to QS YOUR Pasok po kayo! May
FREE GIFT! LIBRENG regalo, palinis at | MANILA, year. they got nine out of top 10 slots. Only
the Swiss Federal Institute of Technol- Just for coming in! inspeksyon ng alahas!
6/8/2017 — The University of
DLSU is still within the 701-750 range, ogy was able to break the dominance of
the Philippines remains the top the same as its ranking the previous year. universities from these two countries.
university in the country, ac-
cording to the latest QS World UST’s ranking also fell from 701-750 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University Rankings, after its to 801-1000. However, UST is the only (MIT) is the best university for this year,
university among the four from the according to QS.
ranking improved to 367th this Philippines on the list to have obtained
year from 374th in 2016. four QS Stars. “Rated 5+ QS stars, it’s achieved the
maximum score across all categories,
UP, which got an overall score of 32.9, “QS Stars is a rating system which including research, employability,
is the only Philippine university that im- allows students to get a wider picture teaching, facilities, internationalization, SKU
proved its ranking after the placements of an institution’s qualities, looking at innovation, specialist criteria and inclu- 543-02807
of Ateneo De Manila University, De La everything from the employability of siveness,” according to QS.
Salle University and the University of graduates, to sports facilities and com-
Santo Tomas slid. munity engagement. It is designed to It was followed by Stanford Univer-
reflect the nuanced mission of universi- sity (US), Harvard University (US), • FREE
“UP Diliman is not only the home of
diverse colleges, offering 94 gradu-
ties, and the needs of students who may
be interested in things other than those
California Institute of Technology (US),
University of Cambridge (UK), Univer-
Ring Cleaning
ate and undergraduate courses, it also to which traditional rankings are neces- sity of Oxford (UK), University College and Inspection
runs several centers of research, many sarily limited,” QS said. London (UK), Imperial College London
of which have been declared by the
Commission on Higher Education as American and British universities
(UK), University of Chicago (US) and
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
• Full Trade-In Value
National Centers of Excellence,” QS continue to dominate QS rankings as (Switzerland). on your Old
said on its website.
Diamond Jewelry
There is no
It added: “UP Diliman affirmed its own
commitment to modernizing its facilities
and services. Many of the libraries are
( Continued from page 16 )
already computerized and are providing
automated services. It has also identified speakeasy saloon. It’s part of the Where
You Will Be Approved!
Apply online or instore.
specific growth areas, foremost of which the West is Fun theme, featuring a less-

are in engineering education, interdis- known element of that time period that
ciplinary programs such as Material is sometimes misunderstood. During the

Science, Technology Management and California Gold Rush, people arrived
Archaeological Studies and International from Southern China supporting the
Studies.” miners and provided the labor to build
the railroads. They formed tight-knit
ADMU ranked second to UP among communities and at the center of these
local universities although its ranking communities was a Joss house. The
slipped to 551-600 from 501-550 last house provided a center of culture and
a place of devotion and repose, it was

GMA News On-
a link between the New World and the
Old. Daniel’s Jewelers is not an authorized dealer nor

line’s SciTech
affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Rolex
This year’s Fair has merged this Watch USA Inc. and none of the watches are
untraditional element with the modern
editor receives
sold, distributed, offered and/or certified by
interest in the mysterious speakeasy. Rolex Watch USA Inc.
Decorated in Chinese motif, The Jade

Fulbright schol-
Peacock is partnering with the San - that’s candy popcorn infused with
Diego distilleries that won medals in the nitrogen!
Pwede kayong mag
arship to MIT
Distilled Spirits Competition and serving
When it’s time for dessert and the
their craft cocktails in this exclusive bar.
It will only be available to those who get summer sun is getting hot, Shave Ice is
TRADE-IN ng inyong mga
GMA News Online's Science
word of its secret location. Specific Fair ready with new, cool shaved ice treats. lumang alahas para sa bago nyong bibilhin.
bars, including the Painted Pony, Spurs New flavors from Shave Ice include
and Technology editor Timothy and Spirits and Into the Sunset, will Mango and Chamoy, Strawberry or
Mango with Coconut Milk and Toasted
Sa Daniel's nagbibigay kami ng madaling kredito
James Dimacali has been official- hand out a card with the daily password
ly admitted to the Massachusetts and directions to your escort. It will be Coconut Shaved Ice, or Watermelon and at siguradong maaaprubahan kayo!
open only from 7-10 p.m. on Fridays Lime.
Institute of Technology (MIT) and Saturdays of the Fair. Distilleries
Graduate Program in Science represented are: Copper Collar Distill- The Fair presents a beer brewed espe-
Writing as a Fulbright scholar. ery, Henebery Spirits, Cutwater Spirits, cially for the Western Theme -- “Into
Liberty Call Distilling, Malahat Spirits The Sunset,” a special Blood Orange
"The application process was IPA, in partnership with Mike Hess
Co., Tequila Fortaleza.
pretty straightforward: I was Deep-Fried Octopus can be found at Brewing, one of San Diego’s premier
asked what I wanted to do and Reno’s Fish and Chips, but if that is not craft breweries. This brew is featured
where I wanted to go. My re- your cup of tea, their signature dish of at the new Into the Sunset bar and other
Fish & Chips and spectacular deep-fried bar locations around the Fairgrounds.
sponse was just as frank: I wore
my geek heart on my sleeve! I
zucchini are always favorites. This Blood Orange IPA is brewed with 90 locations in California! 15 in San Diego!
told them that I love science and
Popcorn fanatics are going to love the
Candy Factory’s Nitro Pop Popcorn ( Continued on page 15 ) (800) 819-8000 or visit
I want to pursue science commu-
nications," Dimacali said.
TJ Dimacali speaking at theWee Kim

Dental Implant Centers
Wee School of Communication and In- TM
formation in Singapore in October 2016.
He added, "I honestly didn't think I
would get in, because my grades and test
scores, though decent, weren't particu-
larly stellar. All I really had to show for DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
myself was my passion for science and
love of the written word."
Dimacali received assistance from
the Philippine American Education
Foundation (PAEF), the Institute of
International Education (IIE), and a
few generous benefactors who wish to
remain anonymous.
The help is not unwarranted, as Dima-
cali's accomplishments are an assurance
that he is committed to excellence in his
Dimacali, a graduate of Creative Writ-

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI
ing from the University of the Philip-
pines, joined GMA News Online in 2009
and has been in charge of the Science
and Technology section since 2010.
He is a recipient of the Department of
Science and Technology's Gawad Scriba ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Award for Science Communicatiors and
an alumnus of Asia Journalism Fel- Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
lowship, the Netherlands Fellowship
Program, CERN School Philippines, the
❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
Silliman University National Writers
Workshop, and the Iligan National Writ-
❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
ers Workshop. ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
With the launch of the space program
and the exciting discoveries of new spe-
cies in recent years, Dimacali expressed
his enthusiasm in telling more stories
from the new frontiers that the country

UE Graduate 1987 Manila
is exploring.
He hopes to use what he learns from
the graduate program to help build on

the science classes and courses in his
alma mater.
"My commitment to the Fulbright
program means coming back to the
Fluent in Tagalog
Philippines to help develop our still-
nascent science communications field,"
he shared.
The MIT Graduate Program in Science
Two convenient locations
Writing is one of the most eminent
science communications courses in
the world, with fewer than 10 students ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
accepted per year. It counts among

866.469.7645 •
its faculty physicist and novelist Alan
Lightman, author of the best-selling
book "Einstein's Dreams." — Aya Tan-
tiangco/BM, GMA News
June 9-15, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

“FilAm Comedy Slam Brings Laughter to the Muramid Museum Toast of the Coast Wine
and Art Center!” Festival pours winners at 2017
May 1, 2017 (Oceanside, CA)
– The Muramid Museum and Art
San Diego County Fair
Center is thrilled to welcome the
FilAm Comedy Slam to Oceans-
ide at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday,
June 10th. It will be an evening
of continuous laughs with rising
stars Eli Nicolas, Oliver Bascos,
Randy Villarba, Barbara Thoma-
son, Vince Royale, a special ap-
pearance from Bruno Barz, music
from DJCY, and hosted by the Pi
Nu Psi Sorority.
Barbara Thomason fits well in Oceans-
ide’s military town, as a “half-Filipino,
half-Hillbilly”, performing improv and
stand-up comedy from San Diego to
Portland. Randy Villarba is seen at vari-
ous Western US comedy clubs, bars and
hosts a stand-up comedy night at JP’s
Pub in San Diego. The FilAm Comedy
Slam host Oliver Bascos is an upbeat DEL MAR, Ca. (June 7, 2017) and food pairings with the winemak-
comic powerhouse, having hosted the -- Many top-performing wines ers and chefs on hand. Afterward, more
“Comedy Grit/Comics Battle” and took than 100 of the best-of-the-best wines
1st place winner at the Kumite Comedy.
will be served at the 6th Annual are available in unlimited 1 oz. pours
Toast of the Coast Wine Festival during each session. $105 includes Fair
All-star standup comedian Eli Nicolas clown” has an uncanny talent for creat- ance as the Filipino rapper who migrated are also available at www.FilAmCom- (TOTC) in two sessions from admission.
will delight comedy enthusiasts with his ing world class jokes from everyday to the United States as a teen from; or you can get noon-3 p.m. and 4-7 p.m., on Fair Tripper Tickets: Fair Tripper tick-
energetic stage presence, unique voice, life. Royale is down-to-earth with the Manila, Philippines, and perfected his them directly from the host, Pi Nu Psi ets include admission to the Festival and
Saturday, June 10, in the Paul the Fair, as well as a round trip voucher
amusing tales of global travels and cul- charm of a “salesman-turned-standup- English through gangster rap with the Sorority, a local San Diego nonprofit
tural family diversity. Nicolas connects comedian” performing nationwide in the "Thrilla from Manila." organization.
Ecke, Jr. Garden Show during the for public transportation. Cost is $115
audiences from all walks of life with hottest venues and night clubs from Los Audiences will enjoy one special night For more information on the FilAm San Diego County Fair, pre- for the VIP Winemaker’s Tasting and
his cleverly woven comedy material, al- Angeles to New York. He is known for and only one show on June 10th with a Comedy Slam, tickets, sponsorship, and sented by Albertsons | Vons. Find $75 for General Admission. For more in-
lowing him to grace international stages appearing on the reality Logo/MTV’s star-studded standup cast at the FilAm vendor opportunities contact Joanne formation, visit
tickets and more information at The 2017 Toast of the Coast (TOTC)
including the Laugh Factory, Comedy show “Bad Sex” and appeared on FOX’s Comedy Slam at the Muramid Museum Rullan with the Pi Nu Psi directly
Store, Improv and a national television "Laughs", and Nonvote’s “Stand Up and and Art Center in Oceanside’s Artist at 619.855.1883 or send an email to Wine Competition has named 2007
debut on FOX's show "Laughs." Deliver”. Bruno Barz, Royale’s zesty Alley. Tickets are available for $15 or 4Art- Sodaro Estate Winery Estate Blend from
Multitalented Vince Royale, “the class Quickly becoming a favorite wine Napa Valley as Best of Show, earning 96
character, will make a special appear- to $25, and “2-For” special discounts lover’s event, last year more than 2,000 points and placing it in the top spot from
people attended the Festival to celebrate 775 entries submitted by 252 winer-
winemaking, one of the fastest-growing ies from throughout United States and
There is no
( Continued from page 14 )
tain Morgan Spiced Rum. Find it in the
all-new Painted Pony Saloon inside the
theme exhibit or at the Into the Sunset
for everyone to enjoy. There is a new
Sheriff in town and it is you! Pull on
your boots, grab your cowboy hat, and
industries in San Diego County. There
are several ways to enjoy the TOTC
Festival at the Fair:
Described as a remarkably youthful
wine with considerable complexity
Bar on the Main Avenue. ride on into Del Mar for some fun this General Admission: More than 100 thanks to nine+ years of positive devel-
2-Row, Vienna and Wheat malts and summer. The Fair opens at 4 p.m. on of the best award-winning wines are
a combination of Centennial, Citra, opment, this winner shows thorough
About the 2017 San Diego County Fair Friday, June 2 and runs through Tuesday, available for an unlimited number of 1 integration, but remains very energetic
Nugget and Simcoe Hops. The Hess Ride ‘em cowboys! “Where the West July 4; it is closed the first four Mondays oz. pours during the three-hour session.
Brewery, with locations in Miramar and and fresh. Marked by medium-plus body
is Fun” is the theme for the 2017 San and the first three Tuesdays. The San Festival admission price of $65 includes and very good depth with no extrane-
North Park, says the brew is based on Diego County Fair, presented by Albert- Diego County Fair is the largest annual Fair admission, live music, a Cypress
their award-winning Batch #42 of their ous weight, this wine punches above its
sons | Vons, remembering the rough and event in San Diego County and one of Grove Cheese Station and more. weight with dark berry fruit and very
experimental IPA brand, Solis Occasus. tumble Wild, Wild West and celebrating the top 10 Fairs in the United States and VIP Winemakers Tasting: The wine subtle wood edging. The Best of Show is
how the West is fun today. The 2017 Canada, drawing more than 1.6 million tasting journey as a VIP begins with a selected from the Double Gold winners
The Fair will also debut a new signa- Fair will feature a Wild West saloon, visitors annually. For more information sparkling wine reception 30 minutes
ture cocktail based on the theme, “Rooty showing the highest point score.
numerous Western-themed educational visit prior to the three-hour session. The VIP
Tooty,” a blend of sarsaparilla and Cap- and historic exhibits and country music tasting includes award-winning wine ( Continued on page 13 )
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 9-15, 2017

“We can help you save
30% or more on your bill.”
“There is no more sincere love than the love – Joanna, SDG&E® employee
of food” at the 2017 San Diego County Fair
DEL MAR, Ca. (May 25,
2017) -- Every year it seems
impossible that food concession-
aires at the County Fair could
think up some new concoctions
of fantastic flavors and fragranc-
es. This year, fairgoers have a
plethora of options at the 2017
San Diego County Fair, presented
by Albertsons/Vons, where they
will be tempted with numerous
new tasty treats because this is
Where the West is Fun.
As always, Bacon A-Fair always offers
plenty of … bacon. But this year, you
can indulge in bacon, and have your
veggies at the same time. Bacon A-Fair
is going to serve up Bacon- Wrapped

Charlie dreams up new delicacies for Sandwich.
fairgoers every year. This season, he of- Who doesn’t love the comfort of grilled
fers a twist on an old favorite so you can cheese sandwiches? At Grilled Cheese
have dinner and dessert at the same time A-Fair, you can devour their Jalapeño
-- the Krispy Kreme Chicken Ice Cream Popper and Bacon Grilled Cheese,
sandwich. loaded with applewood smoked bacon,
If you love peanut butter and you love crispy jalapeño cream cheese poppers,
meatballs, be sure to taste Chicken Char- double cheddar cheese, and chipotle
lie’s marriage of those foods - Peanut aioli on grilled sourdough bread.
Butter Meatballs. He also has discovered Grilled Cheese A-Fair also debuts their
flavors from two very different regions Animal Style Patty Melt, featuring a
of our country. From Hawaii, there’s grilled all-natural Brandt beef patty, dou-
Fried Pineapple with Ice Cream, Pineap- ble american cheese, caramelized onions
ple sausage with Maui Sauce, Hawaiian and secret sauce on grilled sourdough.
Pupu Chicken Wings and Kilauea Beef! There is a new restaurant at the Fair,
Or, perhaps you would like a traditional the Iron Skillet and Smoke, in the Paul
Taste of New Orleans - Beignets on a Ecke Jr. Garden Show next to Spurs and
Stick. Spirits. The menu showcases hickory,
Grantburger has some of the best alder and oak smoked ingredients,
burgers at the Fair. This year, their Maui reflecting the modern West. Iron Skillet
Cowboy Burger unites many different and Smoke offers healthy, fresh and
Brussel Sprouts and Spicy Sweet flavors with an Angus beef patty on a satisfying entrees including Smoked
Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus. Luau Kabob ciabatta or telera roll, cheddar cheese, Brisket Nachos, a Smoked Chicken
- that’s pineapple on a stick wrapped in fried SPAM�, marinated veggies Banh Caesar Salad in addition to a Sarsapa-
bacon, grilled and then rolled in parme- Minh style, and lettuce with spicy sauce. rilla Float for dessert, and more. There
san cheese combines favorite flavors for Grinders has created two new sand- will be Bradley Smoker demonstrations
a great indulgence. For the adventurous wiches keeping with our Western theme. every Sunday at noon and 2 p.m.
eater, why not enjoy a succulent with Cowboy Pastrami, features pastrami, There is a secret at the Fair this year
your bacon? Bacon A-Fair introduces: barbeque pork, onions and cheese. -- a hidden speakeasy called The Jade
Bacon-Wrapped Cactus! The Sloppy Chicken, brings together Peacock, where fairgoers can get
Chicken Charlie’s is always the in- chicken, chili, onions, and cheese. For away to experience an Asian-inspired
novator when it comes to Fair cuisine. the vegetarian, there’s a Cauliflower ( Continued on page 14 )

connected ….. to savings
Rancho Costa Verde When you aspire to provide the best for your
family, sometimes you can use a little help.
You are invited to dinner on us…
That’s what we’re here for. If you’re on a limited
We have a guest speaker that will bring Baja to you. The
presentation will have amazing aerial photos, updates on the income, you may be eligible to receive a discount
Baja real estate market, and what’s new in San Felipe, Baja
Mexico. Enjoy an evening of great dining and learn about of 30% or more on your monthly energy bill.
some of the breakthroughs in green technology, how Amer-
icans can own beach view property in Mexico and Baja’s You could also qualify for free home improvements
best-kept secret: Rancho Costa Verde.
We conduct no business at the free seminar; it is strictly in-
that can help reduce your energy costs.
formational. If you fall in love with what we share with you,
we will invite you down to experience it first hand, and the Call 619.746.3416
weekend is on us. It’s a great way to learn about all the RSVP to attend a free Let us help you start saving today. To see if you
exciting things happening in Baja, and discover why Rancho dinner presentation in
Costa Verde is the home of “Yesterday’s Prices, Tomorrow’s Los angeles, san diego qualify, call 211 or visit
Technology, and Timeless Views.” or orange county CA

Master Green Beauty of
Planned Technology Baja
Rancho Costa Verde is a 900 plus Solar Powered custom homes The breath taking beauty of Baja
acre master planned real estate com- that provide all the luxuries and California, Mexico. One of the
munity just south of San Felipe that conveniences of ‘traditional’ elec- many unique features of Rancho
offers breathtaking 180-degree sea tric homes. Solar technology is ad- Costa Verde is that no matter where
and mountain views from every vancing almost daily, with break- you are on the development, or how
home site. Rancho Costa Verde is a throughs such as solar powered air far you go back… you see water.
self-contained solar powered green conditioners, and inventions such And lots of it! This is because Ran-
community that takes advantage of as solar powered water makers that cho Costa Verde is located on a
the advances in solar power and green produce up to thirty gallons of wa- gentle slope that begins at the beach
technology, as well as the unique, ter a day out of thin air. People can and recedes back up towards the
breath-taking natural amenities that enjoy this new technology with the mountains, providing sea views all
only Baja California provides. Our knowledge that they are being re- along the way. This is just one of the
1/4-acre home sites start as low as sponsible, both financially as well reasons for our building height re-
$22,500.00. as ecologically. strictions, CC&R’s and construction
A master planned development that Rancho Costa Verde is a shining
makes maintaining the natural beauty example that proves “Going Green Our home sites are an average of a
that is Baja California a top priority. no longer means going without.” quarter of an acre, with 180 degree
Our master plan was designed with Over 40% of Rancho Costa Verde mountain and sea views, in what is
our amazing views in mind. We’ve is designated as an ecological pre- arguably some of the most beautiful
created communities that have stag- serve, never to be developed or dis- land in Baja California. And because
gered lot lines so your neighbor will turbed. That means that the views we are a self-contained solar pow-
never impact your view, buffer zones that you fall in love with today, ered community there are no power
and green belts to maintain that “open your children and their children lines or wires overhead to detract
feeling,” and the beauty that is The will be able to enjoy. from our amazing views.
Sea of Cortez.

ING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE CONDITION OF TITLE, THE STATUS OF BLANKET LIENS ON THE PROJECT (IF These programs are funded by California utility customers and administered by San Diego Gas &
ECT MANAGEMENT, RACIALLY DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES, TERMS, CONDITIONS AND PRICE OF THE Electric® under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.
OFFER. CONTROL OVER ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS (IF ANY), OR THE AVAILABILITY OF WATER, SERVICES, ©2017 San Diego Gas & Electric Company. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.