Interview with Katie Lafferty, A fifth grade teacher at Wolf Canyon Elementary School. May 25
it was a sunny day and it was about to be lunch time at 12:15 the students were getting out of the
classroom. My mentor was walking them to their lunch table and getting her lunch at the staff
room. I was in the classroom waiting for her to come back I grabbed my lunch on the corner
where her stuff was at then I sat down in her big table in her room waiting for her to come back.
When she came back I was about to finish my lunch and she was about to eat I waited until she
was done we talked a little bit then when she finished her lunch I asked her if we can start the
interview she said yes. Here is my interview with my mentor katie.

Angelica Garcia: AG
Katie Lafferty:KL

AG: ​I am here with my mentor Katie and I’m gonna be asking her a couple questions.
My first questions is how like to work with the 5th graders?
KL: I love working with kids. I really enjoy working with the upgrade students they get my
jokes, they get sarcasm, they are more responsible and they can work independently, there a lot
of fun, they have different personality’s it's fun to work what they are doing I really like working
with 5th grade.
AG: I was working with the kindergarten you know how I was with them, I like both I prefer the
5th graders I feel like I am older and they would probably get me. At first working I thought uh
fifth graders they would be mean to me. (KL laughs) Now realizing it coming here I was glad
working here.
KL: I was really afraid working with 6th grade until I thought them and then I realized there just
big kindergarten (AG laughs) that's all they are (KL laughs) they are goofy, fun to play, and they
like to be kids it's the best part about it.
AG: I was with the little group this morning they talked a lot with me and they were like how is
it like at high school I said it's so (KL Laughs) different than other high schools.
AG: My second question is why did you choose to be a teacher?
KL: I thought I wanted to be a teacher and then I did a class where I had to kind did what you are
doing where I have to observe and help her out kinda get a feel what teaching is like and that first
week this is what I want to do this is for me. So I just knew once I stepped that class room and
saw what she had to do that's what I wanted to do. I always thought maybe I wanted to be a
teacher but I also thought about doing other things as well.
AG: Yeah me too thinking about someone saying oh you should be a teacher I don’t know if I
want to do it but doing this right now I want to be a helper or teacher assistants more than being
a teacher I feel it is harder for me (KL laughs) that's for me I really like social media as my
career. I would want (pauses for a second) something to involve with that but I like to work with
kids I have five siblings I love being with them even with my brother he fights with me
sometimes times I still get along with him.
KL: Good!
AG: How long have you been a teacher?
KL: I been a teacher for 11 years now I started in 2006 but I first started subbing and I had a long
turn sub passion which turn into like an actual passion. I actually started out an a after school
program stretched I started out doing that as well has subbing then I quit to do my long turn and
then my first passion but often on taught in the classroom or I taught just subbing or I part time
teaching science which is why I do science here ( KL laughs)
AG: Yeah my teacher is a biology she is kinda the same cause we have fish in our class now we
have animals we have dory from finding dory (KL laughs) we have so many fish we have a big
tank that petco donated to us.
KL: Cool!
AG: We had to feel it in. It took forever but we got it done on time and we are about to get
KL: Thats so rad!
AG: What did you do before teaching?
KL: I worked at Marshalls (KL laughs)
AG: I think my grandma worked there too!
KL: ( KL still Laughs) I worked at retail (Repeats) I worked at Marshalls and Office Macks at
the copy center then I worked at Sally's beauty supply while I was going cause I worked in those
retail jobs while I was getting my degree my libro studies degree then when I got my credential I
had gotten married in the middle of college then when I moved in with my husband I decided to
go to another college to get my teaching credential and that's when I worked at Sally’s Beauty
Supply the joke was always in retail to help me stay in college because I hated it (KL laughs) I
was like this is definitely what I want to do for the ress of my life (AG laughs) it kept me going
in college for sure.
AG: Now thinking of it I am about to be a senior and all of these colleges like which one to
choose? and it's so frustrating sometimes. I don’t know where to go I might just go here cause
my mom actually worked at miramar college and she is going to transfer back because they're
not the same I will just go there were my mom works I think it would be easier and I think they
have programs I would like over there.
KL: See I did a junior college first then I got a lot of credits done before I went to the four
university which is Cal State bakersfield when I transferred from the junior college to Cal State
bakersfield I got a lot of I mean it saved me a lot of money and saved me a lot of time. Then I
end up going to a different college Cal State Channel Island to get the credential but that was
because I was already married and had to move.
AG: My dad actually works at UC (pauses) here UC something I don’t know what's it called.
KL: San Marcos maybe? San Diego
AG: San Diego yeah I guess I can go there because I am his child and my brother too.
KL: Ohh cool
AG: Beside those too but I really wanna do is go to LA they have a lot of social media over
there I know of and if I step up my game I can go there. Just first year I want to stay here and
then I wanna move to LA. That's really loud (KL and AG laughs)
AG: My next question is what is your favorite grade to teach?
KL: I like 5th grade I really like 4th grade as well I like the curriculum, I like the kids, I like the
upper graders. I thought second and third grade combo a couple years ago and it was okay I liked
my third graders more but I really enjoy the upper graders because.
AG: There more to handle.
KL: Independent
AG: Yeah
KL: No tattling or very little tattling I don’t do tattling (KL laughs)
AG: haha yeah
KL: But I really like the upper graders
AG: When I was over there so many tattls in the kinder (AG laughs)
KL: Yeah, I get it we get it here too.
AG: yeah
KL: Like I don’t care if that he told so and so to shut up (AG laughs) just tell him maybe we can
use nicer words
AG: yeahhh
AG: I hear oh my stomach hurts the kinder so I am just like okay there more to handled.
KL: Yeah
AG: Upper grade is just deal with it.
KL: Yeah basically (KL laughs and AG)
AG: Where there difficult times with the students?
KL: Always!
AG: I can tell
KL: I have difficult students just sometimes the mash personalities doesn’t work I have kids that
really grave on each others nerves and you put 30 people together for a year and they're gonna
have problems.
AG: Ya
KL: And their personalities don’t always mixes that's my biggest challenges making sure
everybody gets along and that no one kills anyone (KL laughs) cause got a little hairy a couple
weeks ago ( KL keeps on laughing)
AG: I feel like they do get along some of the students but I don’t know if there just like that
because i am here.
KL: No for the most part there I mean I like all of them individually when they get together
sometimes they get a little goofy but individually they're all great kids. Together sometimes the
dynamics is a little funky. I mean for the most part the support each other and they take care of
each other. You know they're not out to get each other they do care for each other there just get
tired of being around people all the time.
AG: Yeah, when you are at high tech you see the people everyone the same day.
KL: Right
AG: The same faces don’t there is no new people there is a lot of people get on there nerves but
you gotta deal with it. We are almost out of high school
AG: Okay, is there a student that stands out to you?
KL: I always have great students I think the type of students that stands out most to me would be
you know they don’t necessarily be the smarts student but the ones that try the hardest. The ones
really you know they have a good head on there shoulder you know they care about others, they
focus on their work, the care about you know what they're doing, they care about what others are
doing, they try to help others. I have a couple in here franmar and alyssa who you know they just
want to help and yeah they are bright that's not what makes them so special. What makes them
special they really go above and beyond to help people.
AG: I remembered the first week they wanted to help you.
KL: Yeah, fernanda she is amazing, she has grown so much since the day she stepped foot in my
classroom where she knew almost no english at all and now she’s really worked her butt off to
get where she is. She really you know you can tell she’s a good worker that she's caring and she
trys she is a great kid.
AG: Yeah, I talked to her I asked her do you speak spanish? Cause of that accent she said oh
yeah I do. This was her first year I was like ohh she probably just came here.
KL: Yeah, but all of my kids are really good kids those are the ones that stand out to me.
AG: When I leave I am probably gonna be sad because they're so sweet (KL laughs)
KL: They are cute!
AG: When you were growing up what did you wanna be?
KL: I remembered my grandma was a teacher and she actually became a teacher the year I was
born. She became a teacher later and I remembered playing teacher at her house because she had
all the stuff.
AG: That's so cool!!
KL: I used to play teacher a lot I would grade papers, I would give my brother test, and things
like that but I wanted to be a teacher for a while and I also wanted to be a firefighter because my
dad is a retired firefighter and I got to see that side of life i mean I think I would enjoy that. I also
wanted to be a geologist because when I was going to junior college I took geology and I really
got into it but the only geology occupation in that area where in oil and that was not interesting
whats so ever. I also thought becoming a park ranger I like physical stuff I like to be outside
between being a firefighter or a park ranger those were two things I really wanted to do but
maybe when I retire I will be a park ranger (KL laughs)
AG: My mom was actually talking about that I think my brother would want to do that but I
don’t know he’s kinda lazy. (KL laughs)
KL: Maybe he will figure it out.
AG: yeah, okay when you started out as a teacher how was it like?
KL: I thought I was a great teacher, now I look back and realized I did not teach those kids
anything! (AG laughs) I was also in a really rough school I worked in a school on the west side
of chula vista that was you know that struggled a lot and they had a lot of family problems, a lot
of issues going on. I know I wasn’t a good teacher I didn’t know what I was doing (KL laughs) I
grown a lot since then. I mean just in a different position that I held I really learned a lot about
teaching it was tough I mean I would go home crying a lot because you know I was struggling
and I didn’t realized I was struggling. We had bits provider which is begging teaching training
type of program and I felt it was waste of my time. (KL laughs) because it’s everything you do in
your head you have to write down but I needed somebody like a mentor to really push me along
and fortunately I had strong teachers I learned a lot from them.
AG: Did you had to pay? Or was it just free?
KL: It was payed
AG: that's good
KL: yeah
AG: My last question is do you think being a teacher is being hard? What qualities to be a
KL: I think it's a very difficult job but it's really rewarding it's a lot of fun specially when you
seen the kids doing science how excited they get about it that's what keeps me going seeing them
really get excited about doing things and I know they went home and told their parents DUDE
know in fact because one of my parents told me. “Hey so and so came home and told me for
30mins about this owl pellet thing like what is this?” (AG laughs) so that really keeps me going
is seeing how much fun they have it’s a lot of work I feel like I have ADHD because I am
running around in hundred different directions (AG laughs) all the time I constantly I have kids
coming up to me and asking me for things I am literally pulled in a million different directions
and it's a lot of work this year has been hard with my husband being deployed having the kids
getting them to different places but its the only thing I ever wanted to do it's probably the best
thing and the pay is not terrible (AG and KL laughs)
AG: I was telling the kids how I dissected a cow eye and the boys were like “Ew I don’t want to
do that” well if your teacher is cool like mine then yeah cutting it was so weird but it was so cool
how we had to open it up and how they had to show us it was amazing (KL laughs) how we got
to go ocean institute we spend the night for a day it was really fun.
KL: Thats cool
AG: I like how we go to a lot of field trips at high tech this year we went to so many like we
went to the zoo, Sea World, The safari park, ocean institute, and yeah we went to a lot of places
this year.
KL: Really cool
AG: Last year was okay but I really enjoyed this year I feel like this year was better than last
AG: Thank you so much!
KL: For sure no problem!