History of Rock

Week #1 homework assignment
Sara Spasojevic
1. Name the artist, song title, release date, and record label of what
you would consider to be among the earliest rock n’ roll records
ever recorded.

- The song is called “Dangerous Woman”. It was recorded by
Mississippi Jook Band, but consisting of the legendary Blind
Roosevelt Graves. It was recorded in 1936 in Hattiesburg when
Paramount Records talent scout located the Graves Brothers
whom he had already recorded playing “rocking and reeling”
songs in 1929 in Indiana.

2. Give a specific explanation of why you consider this record to
be a good example of one of the earliest rock n’ roll recordings.

- Although there are a lot of recordings that can arguably be “the
first ones” considered as rock, as well as many recordings
containing the term “rocking and rolling” even in the spirituals like
"The Camp Meeting Jubilee" by the Haydn Quartet, “My Man
Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)” by Trixie Smith, "Rockin' In
Rhythm" by Duke Ellington or many more; the song that I
mentioned above, “Dangerous Woman” is dating as the first one
that actually sounds like rock. It is the blues but now up-tempo,
and it had a stomping rock and roll beat. It also had fully formed
rock and roll guitar riffs there were to be used later on in all rock
and roll songs of the beginning.

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