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10  Match your credentials to the requirements of the scholarship advertisement (P1T1 Form II).  Exchange your motivational letter (draft) in class and proofread your 12 friend’s letter using the prepared checklist. UPM-CALC/SEM2/2016-17/CEL2106/PORTFOLIO 2 PORTFOLIO 2 10% Overview of Portfolio 2 This is an individual project which requires you to research and apply for a scholarship and to write an accompanying motivational letter. Portfolio 1 Timeline WEEK TASK  Begin Task 1: Conduct a background research on the given scholarship advertisement (P2T1 Form I). 13  Submit Portfolio 2: Task 1 and Task 2.  Complete the application form given. you should have a compilation of: 1. Task 2 This portfolio must be submitted in WEEK 13.  Amend your letter based on the comments and produce a final copy.  Complete Task 2. At the end of the project. This portfolio is divided into Task 1 & Task 2. Task 1 2. 2 .  Begin Task 2: Write a motivational letter (cover letter for a scholarship 11 application) to accompany your application form.

Application Form For this task.uk/forms/Merdeka%20Scholarships%20Form%202016. P2T1 Form II c.uk/merdeka.html). 3 .  Read the advertisement and do a research on the background of the company/organisation/governmental or non-governmental body which provides the scholarship in P2T1 Form I.  You are required to apply for a scholarship from the following website: (http://www.ac. P2T1 Form I b.oxcis. P2T1 FORM I Provide brief details for each of the required aspects.ac. you will be assessed on your ability to conduct a background research and to match your own credentials to the scholarship requirements.  Complete P1T1 Form II.  Fill up the application form in the following link: http://www.oxcis. UPM-CALC/SEM2/2016-17/CEL2106/PORTFOLIO 2 PORTFOLIO 2: TASK 1 (P2T1) Scholarship Research and Application (5%)  This is an individual task.pdf  Compile these documents and submit them with Task 2 (Motivational Letter) in Week 13: Portfolio 2: Task 1 (P2T1) a.

Genomics and Bio-informatics. HRH The Prince of Wales is the Patron of the Centre. established to mark the 50th anniversary of Malaysia's independence. Awards will include University and College fees. Beyond Oxford. accommodation and subsistence allowances. Micro-Electronics. Investment. and how scholarship) their study will make a contribution to the future needs of Malaysia. Bio-technology. Actuarial Science. 3. The Centre provides a meeting point for the Western and Islamic worlds of learning. Law. (important details of the required to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement. It is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of scholars and statesmen from different parts of the 1. are intended to enable outstanding Malaysian students to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Oxford. Overview of the scholarship Subject areas may be drawn from a range of fields. Brief profile of the organisation world. At Oxford it contributes to the multi-disciplinary and cross- disciplinary study of the Islamic world. Molecular Biology. UPM-CALC/SEM2/2016-17/CEL2106/PORTFOLIO 2 NO. d) The fields of study covered by the Scholarship Programme include the following: 1) Business: Economics. Candidates are 2. 2) Bio-medical Sciences: Bio-chemistry. Food Technology. who must be: a) citizens of Malaysia b) should have an excellent record of academic achievement c) Have leadership potential and ability to communicate. It was established in 1985 to encourage the scholarly study of Islam and the Islamic world. alongside representatives of the University of Oxford. 3) Engineering: Electronics. Awards are renewable annually throughout the duration of the programme of study. The Khazanah-Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Merdeka Scholarships. and return air fares. ASPECT DETAILS The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford. Finance. its role is strengthened by a developing international network of academic contacts. Scholarship requirements Candidates. Nano- 4 . Bio-engineering.

UPM-CALC/SEM2/2016-17/CEL2106/PORTFOLIO 2 technology. Materials Science. 4) Other fields may be considered. 5 .

Micro- Electronics. achievement Was a head of food for Srikandi Carnival 2016 and Vice 3. trainings and qualities advertisement) 1. Food Technology. The fields of study covered by the Awarded with Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Scholarship Programme include the following: Engineering from UPM – 2018 a) Business: Economics.401 CGPA in Bachelor’s Degree in 2. Bio-technology. Excellent record of academic Chemical Engineering. Nano-technology. Scholarship requirements (based Evidence of applicant’s qualifications. Law. Bio- engineering. Investment. c) Engineering: Electronics. Materials Science. Leadership potential director for 11th College’s Mighty Minds 2016 Was an informal MC for annual dinner “A Night To 4. Finance. on the given scholarship publications. PORTFOLIO 2: TASK 2 (P1T2) Motivational Letter (5%) 6 . research and No. b) Bio-medical Sciences: Bio-chemistry.: 950627065406) Achieved 3. Actuarial Science. Ability to communicate Remember 2017”. Genomics and Bio-informatics. UPM-CALC/SEM2/2016-17/CEL2106/PORTFOLIO 2 P2T1 FORM II Complete the form. Molecular Biology. Citizens of Malaysia A citizen of Malaysia (I/C No. 5.

 Write a motivational letter (scholarship application letter) and include the following information: o state the purpose/objective of your letter o summarise and highlight your salient points o request for an interview  Use Arial 11 font with 1.  Compile the following documents and submit them together with Task 1 in Week 13: Portfolio 2: Task 2 (P2T2) a. grammar usage c.15 spacing. you will be assessed on your: a. UPM-CALC/SEM2/2016-17/CEL2106/PORTFOLIO 2  This is an individual task. Motivational Letter (Final) For this task. ability to write persuasively b.  Exchange your letter (draft) with a friend and proofread it  Write the final copy of your Motivational Letter based on the feedback. letter format 7 . Motivational Letter (Draft) b.